Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Trump Leads By 1 Point

Hillary Clinton’s post-convention bounce hasn’t just evaporated, it managed to take some of her pre-convention poll numbers down with it. According to Friday’s Reuters/Ipsos national poll of likely voters, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton 40-39. In just a few weeks, Hillary has squandered an eight-point advantage over her Republican rival. If only to have been a fly on the wall when she awakened from her August hibernation and saw these numbers staring her in the face.

The new poll doesn’t quite mean we can start celebrating victory. Like all elections, this one won’t be decided by the popular vote. It will be decided, effectively, in less than ten states, and Trump is still trailing Hillary in most of those areas. The new numbers are, to be sure, a dramatic step in the right direction, but Trump and his supporters can’t afford to indulge in any arrogance at this precarious stage.

We can, however, breathe a sigh of relief and appreciate how masterfully Trump recovered from the disastrous Khan Family weeks. For a little while there, it looked like the previously-unsinkable U.S.S. Trump had run into an iceberg. Once again, Trump has shown us that he’s not done until he’s done.

Wouldn’t that be a terrific quality for a president to have?

For her part, Clinton has emerged from hiding with a brand-new paint job on her campaign jet, ready to spend the closing weeks traveling with the press corps for the first time. This should be interesting; the more Hillary shows up on TV, the less people generally like her. At the same time, the media is starting to get impatient with her lack of transparency and she’s allowing a number of troublesome questions go unanswered. She might prefer to sleep until November, but she doesn’t have much choice.

Of course, she wasn’t just sleeping the month away. In her spare time, she was hitting up the rich and powerful for some of that green. $143 million worth of it, according to Newsweek. And she barely had to spend any time with the peasants! Does life get any better?

Alas, you can’t get to Washington by camping out in Martha’s Vineyard.

For the last couple of weeks, the usual pundits in the media have started to talk about this election as though it were already finished – Clinton’s victory, all but in the bank.

Careful about that “all but,” guys. Trump isn’t ready to quit just yet.

Neither are we.

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  1. Hillary has never finished an election with higher poll numbers than when she started. Her numbers always go down as people get to know her. The woman is unfit and incompetent. The only reason she wins anything is because she cheats. I do not even believe she beat Bernie.

    The election process is RIGGED… NONE of our votes are being counted. The communist elites in the MEDIA, and both political parties count the votes…

    Do you know who counts the votes???? I mean really, who counts the votes???

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

  2. Oh please, these pollsters are all paid for by good ole geo soros and this one is just meant to tease our imaginations.. ?

  3. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Where does author get info? in battlefield states, trump slightly ahead within margin of error or behind slightly outside margin of error.

  4. Hillary is White Collar Crime’s answer to the Gambino family.

  5. Please do NOT believe any polls – if they say Mr. Trump is behind, they want us to give up so we don’t go to vote; if Mr Trump is ahead, they want us to feel it’s not necessary for us to vote because he is so far ahead. No matter the polls, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. The only poll that counts is Nov. 8 (earlier if you have early voting) – wear red and VOTE TRUMP/Pence!!!

  6. All polls are lies created by the dishonest biased media. They want We the People to believe that a sickly old woman sociopath who is a certified FBI liar has a chance against a person who is accomplished in the real world. All nonsense! Vote Trump-Pence on November 8th!

  7. I cannot understand why Hillary the beast, and after all of her scandals is still competitive in these polls? In any presidential cycle she should be at least 10 points down! She’s physically debilitated, she’s corrupt, she’s a congenital liar, and a “murderous” hag.

  8. Call me senile or whatever, but I could never understand. If I’m going to the mailbox and there’s a pile of dog shit in my way, the ONLY sensible thing would be to walk around it, right? This bullshit with the Benghazi Bitch isn’t much different. I challenge anyone to make up a list of all the good this bitch has done for this once great country! Seriously! ! Everything about her is lies, deceit, manipulation, you name it. How anyone in their right mind could vote for this bitch is beyond me! My dog would be better…

  9. Where are all the highly trained SNIPERS when we really need them! ! ?

  10. The only people voting for the Rag Queen are those so completely stupid they would even vote for Scrooge McDuck because he had $$$$. Anyone with half a brain knows Hillary is just about lies and manipulations to get her way. She doesn’t mean any of those promises — just ask the Black population. They know exactly what kind of “Promises” the Liberal elitists give…those without substance…full of hot air…nothing but lies.

    What needs to happen here is all the Black votes transfer from the Rag Queen to Trump. Not only would that give Trump the election, but it would thrust the final dagger into the Liberal party to lose all of the Black vote!! Couldn’t happen at a better time nor to a more deserving Natzi Party! Why Natzi you ask? Talk to the “actual” leader of the Liberal Party, Gorgy Soros, Natzi in body, mind and Soul! There is the person you need to dissect. Don’t worry, he won’t get blood all over your things…he doesn’t have any running through his veins, just hot lava from below!

    • In November we will find out if America is a nation of patriots or a nation of moochers.

      • Having a huge, and I mean enormous amount of “hunters” in the U.S. that love their sport and guns, you can pretty much count on them to vote for Trump for various reasons. They wouldn’t vote for killary because she wants to take the hunter’s guns. So when you count in the great “Silent Majority” that hasn’t made its voice heard yet plus add in the 500, 000 hunters all voting for Trump, that doesn’t leave many voters for the rag queen.

        Also, please know that the poll numbers are always colored to make the libs think they are winning when in reality, the libs are far behind. The media is just as guilty in changing up the numbers to show killary leading, even when she’s not. Also, don’t believe the Poll numbers because when they take the polls, they choose households in a strong area of Democrats or liberals to get the numbers they want. Yes, there isn’t one place that isn’t corrupt any more…except at Church!

        If Trump doesn’t win, you can bet Soros has his dirty hands in the mix at which point all the hunters have a new prey!

        • I read once that there is a block of voters who vote for whoever they think is going to win regardless of what the issues are. So being ahead in the poles wins you those voters. I feel that Trump is probably going to win but that is not a sure thing. There is nothing that the Clinton people wont do to win.
          As to Soros, I just wish that old bastard would die already.

          • Ditto on soros.

            My spouse was born in Hungary (where that snake was born too). The Hungarian people will have nothing to do with that slime. They don’t even recognize him as being Hungarian nor let him in their Country.

            Americans should listen to the Hungarians!! They banished soros and they wouldn’t let those fake
            young fighting age muslim refugees into their country by bringing tanks and blockades. The Hungarians were the smartest of all the European countries that allowed thousands to enter their borders. You do understand that Soros had a hand in that migration of the killer culture, right?

            If people actually knew how much damage soros has caused America and the smaller countries he forced to default financially so he could rake in millions of dollars, they would prosecute or imprison the worm. But unfortunately most Americans just aren’t that smart. Sad…

            Remove Soros and a huge part of the issues plagueing America will disappear. He wants us to fail so he can step in and rake in millions…and control the most powerful country in the world. This snake needs to be decapitated… That’s why Trump needs yo win. Trump isn’t afraid of Soros nor his money and Trump would push Soros out of our Nation so he can’t hurt Americans. Soros hates Trump…

          • Yes, the Hungarians are smarter than us. Somehow the decent folk haven’t minded our American Government very well. We have been too trusting.
            As to soros, nothing would surprise me that his doing and has done.

          • Watch out for soros. Most Americans do NOT know abt this sadistic sociopath who sold his own parents to the Natzis at age 14 for a pocketful of coins. He lost his Soul then and lacks empathy like hillary – no wonder they are friends.

            If hillary gets in office, soros will call the shots, not hillary. Who do you think has directed obama’s destructive moves and who do you think wants America “gunless” — soros. His One World Order people can’t take over a country full of guns. That’s why the libs have been trying to remove our guns, but Americans.won’t let them. If killary gets in office, our Nation will be torn apart and our Freedoms trashed…all with soros’ blessings!

          • Amen!!! Amen!!!! Way too long on Earth.

        • First I know quite a few hunters who won’t vote for Putintrump, among them, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson. Second, what matters is how many votes where. Also a 9 member SCOTUS may be required to complete an election coup such as Scalia in 2000.

          • A few Hunters is only a few when the majority will vote for Trump.

            Remember when the Fraud King said he was going to change America? Yeah, why didn’t the Libs find out how those changes were going to happen BEFORE electing an inept fraud that Geory Soros actually paid to get in office? Our votes had nothing to do with that election…nothing. It was bought and paid for…a bigger plan than any clueless liberal could ever devise.

            So now “We the People” are going to put someone in our Presidency to correct bho’s sad attempts of socializing America…and make her strong and powerful again!! It’s coming…and the libs can’t stop it!!

          • Have you noticed there is no respect between hillary and Putin; however, there is some kind of mutual respect between Putin and Trump? Why is that? Because Putin and Trump are powerful men and powerful men have an unspoken understanding between them? OR is the lack of respect from Putin to hillary because she told the American people she would “nuke” him and not open any discussions beforehand? Hmmmm?
            What do you think it is?

            I think Putin is a dangerous adversary that doesn’t need his fuse lit by some political pundit trying to score points from people by making stupid statements.

            Hillary has a big mouth and smaller brain to ever say something so irresponsible for the whole world to hear. It’s almost like she wants to start a war with Russia. But wait “ye of little gray matter hillary” — bho has cut down our Military to a skeleton crew and has destroyed the majority of our missile power, not to forget he cut our Military leaders to just a few numbers. So what are you going to use to fight the war with Russia killary? SPIT BALLS?

            Any American who is ignorant enough to put an egotistical woman with no discretionary abilities in the highest office of our Nation is definitely a masochist, willing to throw our Nation into the worst war ever…Nuclear holocaust. God, I hope Libs see what she is doing!


          • What’s the matter? Got your panties in a wad braindead? Your time is coming and everyone can’t wait to see a grown man cry, suck his thumb and fill his depends!! Scared yet? How fast can you run? Hunters everywhere…

          • WHAAAAAAAAAA!

          • For a lib you’re pretty damn funny!
            This is all fun and games to many people (including you), but when this election is over, ALL our worlds are going to change — no matter who wins! I truly think no one will be laughing then — Libs nor Conservatives.

            There are bigger dynamics involved in our once “incorruptable” Federal Govt and they will be wheeling and dealing to make “their” agenda happen. What we do as a people will blossom then depending on those dynamics. It definitely will be a new day dawning in America whether we like it or not.

          • got ya SCV, I wondered where you had been.

          • AHHHHH! You found me! Don’t tell Trump, they’ll round me up!

          • Here’s one for you my friend!

          • Which one is Soros??

          • Why is a Liberal Democrat on a Conservative website? Actually, why are both you and Jazzbutt — both known LIBERALS doing on a Conservative website? Neither of you has the brains to debate yourselves out of a paper bag, so WHY? Or are you both just losers – masochists- who love being put down time and time again until you’re stomped gut deep in the mud?

            Do you know how many people have “blocked” your pathetic rhetoric? More than you can count on your fingers and toes! What a sad existence to have to belittle yourselves just to get some attention…that’s YOUR life?????

            Time for some introspection dudes, because you aren’t accomplishing jack sh*t here…we’ve heard it all and there’s nothing more you can say that is earthshaking or interesting. So go take a hike to and suck on someone else’s hind teet.

        • Let’s see, he’s got the Vets, he has the Military, he has the Border Patrol, he has the Evangelicals, the NRA, more Blacks are coming on, and just plain old Americans are going to vote their brains out for him, so try & convince us he’s going to lose. Their “Dog” ain’t gonna to hunt.

      • You’re right! Will the cons continue their mooching ways, or will the true patriots of our nation, the LIBERALS prevail?

        • We just want this government off our backs. Hillary’s handling of Benghazi shows that she is totally unqualified to be president. I would vote for her for dog catcher because I am on the side of the dogs and I want the dogs to get away.

          • Wise up and be intellectually honest. 60 deaths occurred at embassy’s on Bush’s watch and you fucks whine about Benghazi!?!

          • OK I’ll make you a deal. If you will promise not to vote for Hillary, I will promise not to vote for Bush.

      • We have to get out so large of a Crowd that we overcome the “Santa Claus” Voters. Their “Tea House” will be torn down by a leaner, more accountable America.

  11. All TRUMP signs in yards of the small eastern coastal town in FL where I live. Saw two new ones today down my street. NOT even one Hillary sign yet.
    It is difficult to understand this unless the Hill’s fans are staying very quite. When I talk with folk in other towns–it is the same.

    • Same thing in NE Ohio. The on;y Clinton signs I have ever seen say “Hillery for Prison” How in the hell can anyone say she is ahead in the polls?

      • No Clinton signs to place, they harm the environment from trees to ink finding a home in your water. Signs don’t sway voters they are indictments of support so this year count the houses without signs as Clinton voters, environmentally conscious ones.

      • Good to hear that.
        I hope that Trump wins by such a landslide that the political crooks wouldn’t dare cheat him of the election!

    • No Clinton yard signs=no personal attacks by red necks, under educated rubes slobbering hate, no crosses flaming in the night ignited by men in Halloween garb. While transporting my 89 year old aunt on Monday we stopped at a light she looked out her window and said, “they’re even too stupid to be embarrassed”. I asked, “who is?” She pointed at a home with a Trump/Putin, uh Pence sign in the yard and said “first time I’ve ever voted for a Democrat but I can’t be a fool at my age.”

  12. .
    The conservatives had better watch the polling stations.

    As Stalin says “he who counts the votes wins the election”.

    NaNa has a lot to loose . . . .She is headed for either the jail cell or the white mosque and she is desperate . . . .How many close confidants are in the skeleton closet from this election alone?

  13. THE TEAM

  14. Conservatives = Predators

  15. Does anyone remember when Al Gore was ahead in the polls and got more votes than George Bush but the Supreme Court handed the election to Bush? A win for the party can be a disasterous loss for the country.

  16. clintorus is going to win folks- the 2nd ammendment is history in january
    i’m stocking up on things the government doesnt knows exist now.
    the law allows for the direct purchase of a cap and ball black powder revolver-
    no registering it- unregulated-(for now anyway) and the purchase of what is called
    a conversion cylinder– take out the original cylinder that is cap and ball-
    and replace it with a conversion cylinder to accept modern ammunition-
    when the conversion cylinder is put into the revolver it technically becomes
    a firearm- but when it is taken out of the revolver the revolver reverts to a
    non regulated non-firearm.

  17. TRUMP is gonna need at least a 10 point poling lead to even have a chance against NaNa and soros ballot box packing tactics.

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