Latest Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Trump Leads By 1 Point

Hillary Clinton’s post-convention bounce hasn’t just evaporated, it managed to take some of her pre-convention poll numbers down with it. According to Friday’s Reuters/Ipsos national poll of likely voters, Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton 40-39. In just a few weeks, Hillary has squandered an eight-point advantage over her Republican rival. If only to have been a fly on the wall when she awakened from her August hibernation and saw these numbers staring her in the face.

The new poll doesn’t quite mean we can start celebrating victory. Like all elections, this one won’t be decided by the popular vote. It will be decided, effectively, in less than ten states, and Trump is still trailing Hillary in most of those areas. The new numbers are, to be sure, a dramatic step in the right direction, but Trump and his supporters can’t afford to indulge in any arrogance at this precarious stage.

We can, however, breathe a sigh of relief and appreciate how masterfully Trump recovered from the disastrous Khan Family weeks. For a little while there, it looked like the previously-unsinkable U.S.S. Trump had run into an iceberg. Once again, Trump has shown us that he’s not done until he’s done.

Wouldn’t that be a terrific quality for a president to have?

For her part, Clinton has emerged from hiding with a brand-new paint job on her campaign jet, ready to spend the closing weeks traveling with the press corps for the first time. This should be interesting; the more Hillary shows up on TV, the less people generally like her. At the same time, the media is starting to get impatient with her lack of transparency and she’s allowing a number of troublesome questions go unanswered. She might prefer to sleep until November, but she doesn’t have much choice.

Of course, she wasn’t just sleeping the month away. In her spare time, she was hitting up the rich and powerful for some of that green. $143 million worth of it, according to Newsweek. And she barely had to spend any time with the peasants! Does life get any better?

Alas, you can’t get to Washington by camping out in Martha’s Vineyard.

For the last couple of weeks, the usual pundits in the media have started to talk about this election as though it were already finished – Clinton’s victory, all but in the bank.

Careful about that “all but,” guys. Trump isn’t ready to quit just yet.

Neither are we.

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