The Dumbest Congressman Has Spoken

Hank Johnson had something to say recently. No, it won’t add any value to your life, but given that Hank Johnson makes Joe Biden look like a competent politician, we thought it could bring you some levity. The Georgia Rep. decided to take a shot at Justice Clarence Thomas. Luckily for Thomas, Johnson shoots with pellets. He doesn’t have full clip (with big boy bullets), nor does he have a full deck. You might remember him asking the Navy admiral if Guam would tip over if 2,000 more troops were to move there. Well he has more imbecilic statements on his record.

How is it that suburban Atlanta votes this guy back into office every election? Well here he is with yet another incoherent “point”. Putting on his alarmist hat, he accuses Justice Thomas for something he’s never suggested — that he’ll look to overturn Loving v. Virginia. That’s the case behind the federal legalization of interracial marriage — settled in 1967. Even though interracial marriage is an all-time high in this so-called “racist” country, he thinks that’s Thomas’ next move. Of course Thomas himself is married to a white woman and this somehow supposed to make him a “self-hating black man”; or an elitist judge who enjoys the exclusive luxury of marrying somebody he loves (as the host suggests). Well, this guy is the dumbest politician in Congress. You almost wish Justice Thomas would give him some of his brain cells.

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  1. I have been casting my vote for the “other” guy ever since Hank Johnson became my representative. Unfortunately, there have not been enough votes cast to oust him from office. If anyone should be recalled, it is Hank Johnson.

  2. Proof that you can’t fix stupid.

  3. Bemused Berserker

    Yep, Johnson is up there with Mad Maxine Waters and Shirley Jackson-Lee competing for “Who’s the Biggest Dumnba$$” award. So Far, they may have to spilt the title three ways.

  4. I thought the subject of title of the article had to be AOC, but then I got to considering other possibilities. I’m not sure the title is correct but then I realized what a large field there was to choose from. I have to admit he’s low key on media but when he shows up he shows why he could hold that title.

  5. Where do these people come from and how do they get reelected?

  6. At least he is entertaining. Imagine all the other people in the room having to listen to him. Kinda like Archie Bunker when it comes to logic.

  7. A whole lot of people in America vote by name recognition. Instead of doing their homework, they just keep on voting the same people in election after election. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. People need to wake up and study the platform of politicians who are on the ballot. If this doesn’t happen, our country will continue the slide downward. We need to do everything humanly possible to correct the horrible mess Biden and Company has caused. We need to help ourselves and God will do the rest.

  8. How do these people get re-elected u ask? Have u looked at the human condition of this country? See our schools are failing miserably and also the makeup of students attending schools do not have the IQ to learn what was learned back in schools in the 50s and 69s. Do u understand what I mean ? Another point to be made is kids are not being taught what should be taught. Advanced mathematics and chemistry cannot be learned by the genetic makeup of a lot of students

  9. And we as a Nation wonder why the congress elects people like Pelosie to run the Clown show??????

  10. Maybe it’s time to go back to the old voting machines. Seems like the dumbest of our politicians on the left started getting into office and devoted in every since the electronic machines were pushed by the left to replace what really wasn’t broken. Maybe the real problem was the old manual machines with paper ballots couldn’t be as easily manipulated to throw elections.. just an observation from then to now.

  11. It’s called dem rigging elections!

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