Labor Unions Plan Increased Strikes in the Name of Racial Justice

Leaders from some of the top labor unions in the country told the Associated Press this weekend that they are in talks to organize strikes, protests, and walkouts in the hopes of forcing elected officials to pass police reform laws and legislation that will bring “justice” to the oppressive, white supremacist land that we call the United States of America. Clearly betting that their workers – to say nothing of the general public – have not had their fill of this nonsense topic, the union leaders warned that they will stop industry in its tracks unless their demands are met.

“The status quo — of police killing Black people, of armed white nationalists killing demonstrators, of millions sick and increasingly desperate — is clearly unjust, and it cannot continue,” says the statement, which included representatives from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union, and affiliates of the National Education Association. “They remind us that when we strike to withhold our labor, we have the power to bring an unjust status quo to a grinding halt.”

The statement continued: “We echo the call to local and federal government to divest from the police, to redistribute the stolen wealth of the billionaire class, and to invest in what our people need to live in peace, dignity, and abundance: universal health care and housing, public jobs programs and cash assistance, and safe working conditions.”

More from Fox News:

The Nonprofit Professional Employees Union, which represents several hundred workers at more than 25 civil rights groups and think tank organizations, told the AP it signed onto the union statement because “the fights for workers’ rights, civil rights, and racial justice are inextricably linked.”

The calls for justice include more police accountability; acts that would ban police use of chokehold maneuvers and end qualified immunity for police officers, among other reforms; and the reallocation of police money to address mental health, homelessness and education services in communities.

Meanwhile, police unions have rallied behind President Trump, with the Fraternal Order of Police and New York’s influential Police Benevolent Association among numerous state and local unions endorsing the incumbent.

We particularly enjoy the part where workers at “civil rights groups” and leftist think tanks are going to organize walk-outs. They’re so smart that they’re going to prevent progressive organizations from working to further progressive causes! Boy, and they say Trump is a master of 3D chess. This is a whole ‘nother level of Big Brain thinking.

We’d love to just take all of these leftists and dump them on an island somewhere. Not so they’d be gone (although that’s a nice side benefit), but just so we could place bets on how long it would be until they completely devoured each other.

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