La Raza Warns Republicans: No White House Without Amnesty

Republicans are still celebrating their dominance in the midterm elections, but La Raza President Janet Murguia was quick to throw a wet blanket over the festivities. She jumped back into the press last week, warning the GOP that they would not be able to take the White House without supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.

“If they continue on this trajectory,” Murguia said, “Republicans will have elected their last president for the foreseeable future. Latino voter priorities must be reflected in Republican policy priorities.”

Yes, but…what about the rest of us? You know, the dominant majority of Americans who oppose amnesty for illegals? What about our priorities?

Murguia also had strong words for Democrats. She warned them to “not take our community for granted” while imploring Obama to “act boldly to bring relief to the millions facing deportation and family separation.”

The debate rages on, but it’s certainly discouraging to know that many establishment Republicans are taking her warnings seriously. While true conservatives like Ted Cruz are steadily banging the drum against amnesty, so-called moderates like John Boehner seem all too willing to concede this one to Democrats. Obama has promised that he will deliver an executive action on immigration before the end of the year, but he’s been somewhat silent since the election. One wonders if he didn’t have hopes for a different outcome, though it’s hard to imagine how he could have foreseen a Democrat House. Then again, he’s been on the golf course for most of the year.

The Voters Spoke

It’s hard to take seriously Murguia’s threats coming so soon after an election that was at least partially a rejection of Obama’s immigration plans. Certainly, there were many other factors in play – the economy chief among them – but there’s no question that amnesty was one of them. Republican candidates spent a lot of money on TV ads surrounding immigration. Scott Brown came very close to closing the gap between he and Jeanne Shaheen when he started attacking her on immigration. And Oregon’s Measure 88 – an amendment that would grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens – was defeated in a landslide.

While Murguia claims that a changing electoral demographic will spell doom for anti-amnesty Republicans, she fails to consider how passing amnesty would play for non-Hispanics. Is it possible that Democrats would lose support amongst voters who think they’re out to lunch on this one? Is it possible that Republicans could see their base stay home – or even switch sides – if they betrayed the public trust in such a way? Of course those things are possible. Certainly as possible as an election where pro-amnesty Hispanics determine the next president.

Either way, the political ramifications should be secondary, if not irrelevant altogether. Republicans were voted into office by Americans sick of Obama’s lawless disregard for the will of the people. They owe it to those same Americans to represent the interests of the country. If standing firm on amnesty means paving the way for President Hillary Clinton, so be it. What does it matter if Republicans are in charge if they’re just going to act like Democrats anyway?

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  1. When obama said he also heard the millions of voters who did not vote. He was NOT speaking to Legal citizens. Jerry brown has sold California to the Mexican drug cartel he was re-elected by them not legal citizens. Until we take care of brown and pelosi and the corruption in California we are doomed……

    • Never fear! Thousands of expert snipers are honing their skills every week, with hopes that faggot Ovomit goes down SOON!!

      • Caution Mike…..please

        • You’re right. I’m watching how I word things, but yeah, I probably need to shut my mouth!! 🙂 Thanks! I needed that.. Happy Veterans Day!!

          • We are all pissed off at this lying renegade of a president who is a fraud and crook.
            Obama has perpetrated traitorous acts upon the citizens of the USA. (Obamacare etc)
            Once someone lies to deceive you can NEVER NEVER NEVER TRUST THEM AGAIN !
            e.g. you lie in school over testing…your expelled, cheat on your spouse, divorce time,
            this human being named Barrack Hussein Obama is very EVIL….and if in the old West era….he would be hung as a horse thief was for stealing which OBAMA has/is doing NOW TO US…………and look at him on cable news….still arrogant and lying….just wait !

      • with that kind of threat, michael, i fear that the FBI and some other federal agencies are probably working to trace you down.

        • There was no threat made by Michael, he was simply stating a fact. I’m sure those agencies already know who he is and where he works, lives, and does his shopping, hell they probably know when he uses the bathroom.

          • as a journalist who has covered the FBI and other federal agencies for 40 years, i can tell you that when an anonymous person uses words like ‘sniper’ and the President in the same paragraph, and warns him not to come down South, that somebody in the federal government is going to be interested in finding out a lot more about him, where he is and his background. that is a fact.

          • HOG SHIT!!

          • If anything ever came of it Miss Marcello, it would only be because your sorry ass keeps the subject alive and taking great effort in injecting falsehoods into the line of talk. Isn’t it about time for your mommy to teach you how to use a Kotex. Don’t wanna miss that do you. Maybe you’ll screw up and jam it in the wrong end. Sheesh! Where the fuck do some of these asswipes come from????

          • IT isn’t ‘Miss Marcello,’ donkey dung. I am a rodeo cowboy who happens to be a journalist. I tried to do you a favor in giving you a chance to explain your explosive connection of trained snipers to the President of the United States in a public forum, but you chose to ignore the warning. Now you can bear the consequences.

          • OOPS, you just used those two words in the same sentence, let alone paragraph 😉

        • Excuse me? Threat? I didn’t threaten ANYONE! I only made”an assumption” that my attorney is already aware of. It’s called “Freedom of speech and Freedom of opinion.. Get real with YOUR wording, NOT MINE!!

          • who are you kidding? you never cleared your remarks with any ‘attorney.’ you probably never had an attorney in your life. i am not saying that you shouldn’t have a right to criticize anyone, including the President. i am just saying that there is criticism and there is going overboard. ,after the assassinations of JFK and Bobby Kennedy — both off which I covered for major daily newspapers — the FEDS have adopted certain cautionary standards that they live by. Your path, Michael, if you continue making such statements, is fraught with danger.

          • Marcello, you’ve obviously sustained some kind of injury when you fell out of your damned tree. It’s evident as hell that you’re looking to peak the subject with some kind of grandeur. Since it appears there’s no reasoning with you, could you at least consider doing me a favor??
            GO FUCK YOURSELF ??

          • Only a fool disregards a sincere warning and blames the messenger. Michael is a fool. And as I said, his path is fraught with danger.

          • Are you finished asshole? Would everyone give a huge round of applause so Marcello will STFU? Geese..

          • if you are worried about your remark regarding trained snipers, michael, you probably should be.

          • I’m only worried about the good clean air you’re breathing, that someone with brains could better use. Aren’t you missing your 3rd grade reading class or something??
            Would someone run this bitch to school or something, PLEASE???

        • I think he meant that as “wishful thinking” as many of us would.

      • Shame on you…..he needs to be tried and convicted. We are not savages

    • Maybe we need to send illegals to california and get them to jump up and down in protest and it might break off faster and end the problem!!!!

    • YOU mean California Is doomed .. THE people who live there need to start mopping UP.. FIRST the GOV.and then the UNIONS>>

    • Obama’s statement about hearing the 2/3 voters who didn’t vote is the stupidest statement I have ever heard from any politician anywhere! It was so stupid it sounds as if it could never have been spoken by even a MORON! Yet…it is a moronic statement made by a person who does not know how to lose. Yet, I guess there are some goofs with high IQs who don’t know how to act as a president. May God grant us grace and power to be able to survive the next two years and to unravel all the damage Obama and his minions have done. We most certainly need a man in the White House who has a high IQ and a lot of common sense…which is sorely lacking in the White House now.

      • When he was “elected” to the office he along with every one else that is elected to become president they are given acting lessons so they know how to act as president. I have always wondered if they did that to Reagan too, since he was an actor & I am sure he may have been given a script that portrayed him as president

  2. LA RAZA if you think your little group has enough pull as to threaten a party with votes go ahead and see how fast the rest of us legal citizens jump on your case and have your organization audited for the past 10 years and looked into for whatever we can find to file charges against you!!! How ya like them peppers huh???

    • VERY NICE Teedoff. I despise Assbama too. He is a PUNK. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. No getting around it. Say what you want but these people have to be STOPPED at what ever cost.

      • these people will be stopped and whenever there is 1 good person still standing in the faces of evil then there is a chance to overthrow them, remember everyone thought Goliath was too big a challenge for little David too!

        • Yes but David was selected by God to fight Goliath and he was serving God with a pure heart at the time. Finding a righteous man might be a bit touchy because if you remember your story, the people selected Saul to lead them and God unseated him. However I like your comparison. The only David type that has emerged up to this point is the retired marine who, on his own, went to guard the war memorial in Canada and I felt proud to be an American again.The US marine has dual citizenship but he did the right thing, No cowardly bones in his body and no hidden political agendas.

          • we have good people that are in elected positions that would do the right thing and have shown they will like Tom Tancredo and Steve King and they need our encouragement to run for president and vice president.Pass the word on and on and on .Check them out you will see they are worthy and trustworthy!

        • I have already got my sling shot and marblesready

      • Agreed, what ever the cost. Lets start the deportation proceedings ASAP

        • Cut off the welfare, under-the-table jobs, and other tax payer funded percs and they’ll self deport!

          • Sheriff Joe hasn’t had much trouble convincing the unwanted illegal aliens to self-deport

          • I know, unfortunately he’s only in one county. Sheriff Masher follows simiar tactics, as do a few others, but not even all AZ sherifds do , and there are forty- nine other states!

          • What county is Sheriff Masher? Then, there is Paul Babeau, who is VERY good at his job! The sheriff in Yavapai is rather iffy in my estimation, and I am not sure who is sheriff in Coconino, Navajo or Apache Counties! I have also lost touch with friends in Graham County, but they have Sheriff Richard Mack who will keep an eye on things!

          • Sheriff Mack has actually taken a job in another state’s law enforcement, about a year or so ago. Paul Babeu is doing a good job. And Scott Masher IS the sheriff in Yavapai, just re-elected. Are you thinking of some of our past “prizes” at YCSO? Curly Moore, or Buck Buchanan, perhaps? Far as I know, it’s still dammed. But that’s courtesy of the EPA, who ordered it, the FS just carried out the order.

          • Most likely I am! I lived in Prescott during the 1930s on up to 1948 when I moved to Flagstaff. The sheriffs in Yavapai I remember the most were Buck (something) when I was about eight, and Sheriff Bosarth during the middle to late forties. Poor Sheriff Buck was in the Grand Entry Parade at the old Fairgrounds, carrying the American flag. His horse spooked at something inside the arena, and began bucking. Now, Sheriff Buck was one of the best bronc busters in the county, but, in trying very hard NOT to let the flag drag on the ground, he got thrown! He got rousing cheers from the cowboys and the tourists in the grandstand for his valiant effort!

          • Must be a different Buck, Buchanan was later, ’90s, Moore was in office CE when I moved to the county in ’79. Masher is a good man, strong on LAW enforcement, and that means the ones Constitutionally enacted.

          • Oh stop the nonsense right now Sheriff Paul Babeu and his Illegal alien boyfriend are the joke in Arizona if not the entire USA! Babbling Babeu is only out for himself not for
            Arizona or the USA! Stop drooling over his phony endless press conferences stupids!

          • Which Sheriff either died, or was killed in your state?

          • How about Sheriff Dopey Dupnik!

          • According to Obummer, there are fifty-six other states!

          • I think he stated 57. I’m still trying to figure that out. Even if you count the territories and possessions it still doesn’t come to 57. Someone took into account the Muslim countries and that came to 57. That makes me shudder. He wants to make us the 57 states of Islam. Crap, I need more bullets.

          • Yeah, I was referring to the “56” states other than the one he happens to be in currently.
            I’m not sure if he has a sinister and illegal plan like you say or if he is just plain ignorant, oblivious or indifferent . I think the truth is a little of both!

          • 57 is the number of MUSLIM states, not American states! O was educated in Indonesia, in Muslim classes. Here, he was too stoned to learn!

          • Barack Hussein Obama must have graduated Summa Cum Laude in Destroying America!

          • If you need 5.56 mm ammo good finding any now that Obama and his BATFags have bought it all up!

          • Nope Lord Kenyan Wonder Barack Hussein Obama told us the USA has 57 states!

          • Yeah, I know 56 + the one he happens to be in at that time (poor people) 😉

          • LOL! Yeppers Banjo they must not teach things like geography in Kenya huh?

          • if the liberals would keep their nose out of Sheriff Joe’s business long enough, he would have plenty of success at taking care of business.

          • but those panty clad ass—s don’t know how to keep their sniveling, pittances to themselves.

          • they all have to take turns kissing Obamas ass.

          • Madam lord marshall Obuttfucke would like that and more !

          • It’s not the liberals, it’s Obama and the Dems in Congress.
            Why do you think we voted the Dems out of Congress.
            Wait until 2016 to see what the Repubs do for the next
            two years………………..

          • Too many RINO’s, real conservatives need to be in power and Boehner needs to be gone!

          • If the candyazz yellow coward Goofy Old Party fails to make good on their promises then
            out all you go as well starting with Sour Owl Face Chinless Mitch McConnell, Speaker John Bonehead,Loud Mouth Evil Teddy Bear Ted Cruz,Marco Polo Rubio,Baby Bush Jeb. Amnesty John McCain, and all the rest of these yellow coward Republican losers!

          • So tell me, who would you like to see run for President in 2016? Another Clinton, Biden is a jerk, McCain is being challenged now in Arizona.
            The only one I would even think about voting for is Ted Cruz. I would like to turn the country over to younger people with new ideas.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Ted Cruz is Constitutionally ineligible to hold the office. He can be a senator or state governor, but not legally run for the WH, either as POTUS OR VPOTUS.

          • Unique please see my earlier reply! None of the Above!

          • Hey phil112 so have you bought your very own pair of Sheriff Joe Pink Underwear so you can support Sheriff Joe efforts to clean up our Maricopa County of illegal aliens,drug dealers and other unwanted lowlife varmints! Sheriff Joe Toughest Sheriff in all America!

          • Bill: Ya gotta love Sheriff Joe. He is a real American!!

          • Amen! Amen! Amen! Thank Almighty God for blessing us here in Maricopa County Arizona with our Toughest Sheriff in America Sheriff Joe and again thank God we don’t have that phony motormouth punk Paul Babeu as our Sheriff! Anybody heard lately how Paul Babeu and his Illegal Alien Lover are doing these days?

          • So lets all support Sheriff Joe & .elect. him as the U S atty.. gen.

          • If it will get him to quit abusing prisoners in his crappy jail then I’m all for it! We should just send him on over to take over for Holder, obama could use one real legit helper in his cabinet

          • What !! you don’t approve of tent city, pink undies, and green bologna sandwiches?? As the man has said in the past, Jails are not suppost to be a country club, you are there as punishment for violating the law..

          • I think Shurf Joe is a rare kinda guy and this country could put him to far better use in DC. People who have eaten 3 square meals a day should not hafta survive on 2 lousy bags of crappy food that poor folks won’t eat. However my agreeing or disagreeing with the shurf’s methods have no bearing on his “get it done” manner. The fact is he makes change happen in almost unchangeable conditions which is sorely needed in our present political circumstances.

          • I have seen the sandwiches at the jail, and they were NOT green–they were better stuff than I could afford! As for tent city and all that—those men are in far better health than most of the inmates at fancier prisons!

          • Besides had they not broken the law then none of them would even be in Tent City!

          • Triple AMEN!! Anymore prisons are, with the exception of prisoner on prisoner crimes, a holiday compared to what they used to be! Put them to work stamping out license plates or something!! Whatever happened to the chain gangs of old whereby the picked up trash or dug ditches! Work their tails off and they would be to tired to cause trouble in the prisons!
            I saw a article/ or maybe it was on one of those TV shows like Jail whereby one prisoner actually got arrested again for a vacation from the streets and could learn new criminal skills for when he got released!! Damn it’s like the prisons are becoming the college for crime learning!

          • Hi old codger got news for you Sheriff Joe has both Male and Female Chain Gangs!

          • Amen! Thank you Sheriff Joe! Keep your bologna sandwiches coming along with the pink undies and black and white stripe jail uniforms as well! Joe you the Greatest!

          • He doesn’t abuse his prisoners. If you can’t obey the law then you get what you deserve.

          • The jails are full of folks who have committed “victimless crimes” while murderers, rapists and other violent felons walk our streets. How many people died in the “restraint chair” before that program was stopped. The shurf is not perfect but he has what our society needs to get better.

          • i gave you an up vote, but i do not agree with your first sentence. discouraging people from not caring if they go to jail, because they are taken better care of than the working class, if their inside. do a little research and see just what the liberals have gotten for the scum of america, while they are behind bars. you will be in for a shock, and dont forget, you help pay for it all. special diets, education, and the last i heard they were trying to get the taxpayers to pay for faggots to get sex changes.

          • Yes. Our criminals are well taken care of while our VETERANS go homeless, hungry and mainly forgotten!

          • That may be true where You come from, but You won’t find much of that in any of shurf joes prisons. Fact is any inmate who has money to spend gets a bill for the lousy food the lousy medical and the lousy accomodations. I know the last time I had a friend in jail it was costing me half of what I put on my friend’s books, every month because the jail kept stealing the money.

          • Sheriff Joe “abusing” prisoners?
            Well, I guess getting them to grow their own veggies, go to college or high school through a program the sheriff put in out of HIS OWN POCKET, and other things he has done FOR the prisoners, as well as the Citizens of Arizona–yep–he’s a real abuser!
            You sound as if you have been a “guest” of Joe’s once or twice! I had two sons who were “guests” more than once, and, yes, I have argued with them about the baloney sandwiches at the jail! Funny thing, that–they both were sitting at MY kitchen table, eating the SAME kind of sandwiches, yet dissing the sheriff with each and every bite! I told them both that if they didn’t like it at the jail, then quit drinking and getting into trouble! I was on the sheriff’s side!

          • Sounds like when the shurf feeds people green baloney it’s just business as usual, unfortunately when You try it they call it “child abuse”. Any of You folks who think the jails are full of “well cared for people” need to shut up right now. I’ve been in the jail and nobody in the jail is “well treated” unless they are in tent city and have a large supply of quarters for the vending machines. Trust me on this, no veteran has the slightest interest of trading places with an inmate in the shurf’s jail, unless he misses the treatment he had from a prisoner of war camp. Folks who haven’t experienced the conditions should really not be making comments about things they do not know about.

          • LOL Hey maybe next time they can get sent to one of our Arizona State Pens or visit Club Fed or Super Max up in Colorado!

          • Sorry but that is never going to happen under Golfer in Chief Kenyan Obama!

          • Great gain for the country; great loss for Arizona. Besides, he’s not an attorney, but I really don’t know whether or not that’s an eligibility criterion; besides, one of the best contemporary questions out there is: “WHAT’s an ‘eligibility criterion’, anyway?”

          • Amendment 13 Removed

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            Of profound concern is President Clinton, who is violating Constitutional law by holding the office of President. A strict interpretation of the law will strip Clinton of his American citizenship. Both Clintons are attorneys. They could have known and they should have known.

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          • HFS! Did I instigate ALL THAT? But, humor aside, you certainly did bring up some very interesting points. It’s just nauseating that the rogue regime that PRESUMES to be our (SO-CALLED-) “government” simply doesn’t give a rat’s patoot whether or not anything they’re doing is legal. They do it because they “can”, just like that dog (yuck!).

          • That’s very interesting! And describes what we have in the white house perfectly!
            However, I greatly doubt if Obama was a real citizen of the U.S. in the first place! In that case, we have had a foreigner sitting in OUR house, eating OUR food, dispensing laws and rules to OUR people without ANY propriety whatsoever! He MUST be removed–either by resignation (highly improbable), impeachment (might happen), illness (if he has very many more middle of the night hospital visitations, there IS that possibility), or military coup (which is iffy, but could happen) — no matter what, we MUST get him out!

          • Neither is holder, he is a despicable P.O.S. racist!

          • holdeR isn’t an attorney? Glad I didn’t pretend to know what the job requirements are. Better by far to reveal my own ignorance at the beginning than to have someone else do it FOR me later on!

          • If one takes the time to look at Sheriff Joe’s resume–it reads like a who’s who in law enforcement—from starting out as a local cop in his native Massachusetts, on through U.S. Marshalls, and onward/upward! The man has forgotten more about law than Eric Holder will EVER know!

          • You’re certainly correct, and never once did I question whether or not Sheriff Joe could do the job; my question was more along the lines of “can he GET the job”. There is another sticky little problem here; Attorney General (please correct me if I’m wrong) is a position acquired through Presidential appointment. A horrible “P”resident will never appoint a GOOD person like Sheriff Joe to that position. A new, NON-CFR, Republican President on the other hand… one can only hope.

          • If in fact Eric “The Terrible” Holder EVER knew anything about law!!

          • Amen! And, as Sheriff Joe likes to point out that he is “An Equal Opportunity Law Enforcer- You Break The Law in my Maricopa County You Go To Jail!”……..

          • A baboon as AG would’ve done a better job. Wait a minnit…hmm.

          • Did you just insult baboons?

          • Yep, yep I did. Maybe pond scum would’ve been better, they aren’t all warm, cuddly and don’t have big red swollen asses. ; )

          • 🙂

          • Then let Joe go after Eric the Dick Holder and HANG his PUNK ASS.

          • Sorry michaelcain but our Maricopa County Sheriff Joe would rather simply remain Sheriff of Maricopa AZ and you forget Sheriff Joe is not a stinking lawyer! (Thank God!)

          • Sorry to tell you michealcain but the US Attorney General is not an elective position!……
            Besides Sherriff Joe is very happy doing what he does best right here in Arizona and which is enforcing our ARS State Laws, running the Maricopa County Jail System including Tent City among other things especially those that Democrat Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and
            his Phoenix Council Clown Shop and Whichever clown Phoenix Police Chief that Mayor Stanton tells to not enforce!….Let me point out as well Sheriff Joe is also 80 years old!

          • He is a special man and deserves a commendation for his adherence to the law despite the interference of the DC pols. He deserves a medal for the way he runs his jails.

          • Amen and your right on there joanc!

          • Sorry, they didn’t deport, they just moved to other states or to the more communist part of AZ

          • It is true, but they left my general area and that was all I needed. If the Fed left him alone he could fix the illegal immigration problem just like cartman gets rid of hippies on SouthPark. At the time shurf Joe got rid of them I was a gun dealer and let me tell you, sales to illegals fell drastically. I was real glad to see it too.

          • Sheriff Joe does a hellofajob! That is just one grain of sand on the beach. Repubs are stupid and keep reelecting RINOs

          • For THAT, you can thank your “friendly” Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. The “MYSTERY COMPONENT” of RINO’s is their relationships with these anti-patriotic, anti-sovereignty, SUBVERSIVE organizations. That’s the CORE of it, and if a VOTING MAJORITY would just KNOW this, we would get MUCH better results from the electoral process. What ALSO needs to be understood by a much larger group of voters is that those subversive organizations I mentioned HAND PICK the candidates of BOTH PARTIES, even BEFORE the names of ANY of them appear on the PRIMARY ballots. In PLAIN ENGLISH, this means that BEFORE THE ELECTION CYCLE EVEN STARTS, NEARLY ALL OF THE DESIRABLE PEOPLE ARE ELIMINATED. BIG WHOOPEE! We get to “choose” between a CFR Republican and a CFR Democrat. Kinda’ like choosing between CHOCOLATE-FLAVORED ARSENIC and VANILLA-FLAVORED ARSENIC. I simply do not see any way we can bring this nonsense to an end UNTIL AND UNLESS we PURGE those subversive organizations from our land. But one thing we CAN do is to NEVER DONATE ONE THIN DIME to any political party without FIRST getting them to sign a CONTRACT that OBLIGATES them to ABSTAIN from fronting, promoting, or running for office ANY PERSONS who are in any way associated with the aforementioned or similar organizations, AND which contains remedy provisions for PUNITIVE DAMAGES in the event that they fail to “PERFORM CONTRACT”.

          • Yepper the Goofy Old Party is clearly as stupid as the Dimwit Democrats!

          • Maybe he should head to Washington and do a seminar for our Republican Congressman since they seem to have no clue how to stand up and be men/ladies with some gumption.

          • Sheriff Joe might not have very much luck educating that bunch of pondscum losers both Goofy Old Party and Dimwit Democrats we now have in Congress today!

          • He’s trying to get Obama deported. Best of luck with that.

          • The ones that don’t like Arpaio are the ones that are illegal, have illegal families, or are into illegal activities. I’ve been stopped several times but as soon as they talk to me they realize I’m not a criminal, thief, drunk, or illegal undocumented alien. I cringe the day he isn’t there to protect us. I pray that we get someone tough and patriotic and not some passive illegal loving sympathizer.

          • Oh what we would give for ten thousand more Sheriff Joes.

          • Right On there!….They would cut crime and ,make America safe for Americans again!

          • Have you been to phoenix ? The new frontier with Mexico.

          • And it damn well is too. Signs in spanish everywhere you look and even in the grocery stores the spanish names are in large print with occasional english translations below in small type. The typical businesses you might expect are gone, seems like mexican nationals don’t need those things, in their country.

          • And even the big retail stores like Target, Wal-Mart not only have their signs in Huge Letters in Spainish but the ones in English are almost too small to even read!

          • I closed my account at wells fargo, they keep putting up posters in spanish and when I complained they tried to tell me I was discriminating against mexicans! I told them They were discriminating against every other person in the world!

          • Thank you billdeserthills! ..Glad you took action on wells fargo and their Spanish posters inside the bank! Why not start a national campaign against any bank or store that puts up
            these Spanish Signs? I’m in anyone else in?…We have at least one Wells Fargo Bank
            in Sunnyslope that every bank employee is a Mexican!…Hope to start a Boycott of it!

          • Oh si si guy Obama and Holder would just love to give the State of Arizona back to Mexico!

          • Nope Maricopa County Sheriff Joe sure knows how to deal with illegal aliens very effectively! God Bless Sheriff Joe and his MCSO!

          • You mean, he used to. Now his hands are well tied by the feds. Joe has a new babysitter, one who spends the day at his side, to make sure he follows more of the law (as they see it) Putting cameras on the mcso appears to be next on the horizon.

          • Don’t go bet your Bippy that pondscum Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama and their
            DOJ will stop Sheriff Joe from still being able to use our ARS 1070 to stop these Illegal Alien Criminals and their Supporters!….While Sheriff Joe can no longer use his Federal 287e Authority that doesnot mean he can’t use his ARS 1070 one,in order to do so!

          • Leastways Shurf Joe is stubborn to the core, I’m hoping the Convention of States can do something too about taking back Our country

          • Sheriff Joe recently bought a nice full size custom bus to use in transporting illegal aliens back to the US and Mexico Border,but guess what the illegal alien loving Maricopa County Board of Supervisors tried to fund Sheriff Joe money to operate it!…Thanks a lot LARAZ
            Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox!….Time to Recall the lot of them!…Mary Rose Wilcox is a Mexican married to an Anglo!…..Hope the Voters remember this one come the next election!…Should read “Refused to give Sheriff Joe money to operate it! ..Sorry!…..

          • Agreed Sandra

          • Agreed. At my age, I am having to repair brickwork on my home that is only 5 years and 2 months old. The brickwork was done by a crew of “bricklayer specialists” from south of the border, down Mexico way. Hey, that sounds like the title to a song. The builder explained to me that the reason he uses Mexican labor is because all of the Caucasian bricklayers are “meth heads”, which makes me question what the Mexicans were high on. LSD perhaps? Shortly after my last cordial conversation with the builder, he found a sudden need to retire. I’m reasonably certain that I had nothing to do with his decision. Sometimes retirement is a good thing. A side note. The builder and his real estate agent wife sold their multi-million dollar home and refused to pay the commission due the real estate agency she worked for. I have a sneaking hunch that they were going to try to sell me the Golden Gate bridge that spans the Colorado River between Arizona and California. I didn’t have the cash on me at the time, thank the Lord. ;<)

          • That was a song, Sons of the Pioneers sang it when we were little nippers. And you do have to wonder… whacky weed and tequila maybe? Not sober, hard working, or knowledgeable, just CHEAP! Watch out for those deals on bridges. Those folks sound like a pair. Shame a conscience didn’t figure into their bottom line.

          • Very true Sandra. I can rest easy though, knowing that there is a payday, someday.

          • Amen, and thank God we can know and hold onto that. The surely did. They sang real “country /western”. I still do enjoy them. Pandora has a lot of their and like recordings available.

          • i find it highly amusing and if you can remember that group and other things from that time, think back when the colleges started telling their students, that our generation had screwed up the country, and had ruined our standing in the world. and how much smarter and talented they were, compared to us and the generation before us. and when they graduated, they let us know how bad we were for the country. and they were going to bring new greatness to america. well, look what they have done, they will never have the great life we had. it will take generations to rebuild america, if america survives. now those brilliant students and their off spring, have succeded in not only ruining our relationship with our allies, we have enemy countries all over the world. and with their grand ideas not only do we have enemys worldwide, the liberals have imported the enemy into our country. the borders are a joke, now anyone can just walk over the border and disappear. nice job by the liberals. so do we fight the next war overseas or in our streets?

          • Do you remember how the “race card” really got started? Angela Davis, Black AND communist, had been stirring up trouble at the California university where she taught. The administration of the university made a monumentally stupid series of tactical errors:
            1) they fired her “for being a communist” (which would have been perfectly OK if they hadn’t ALSO made mistake #2:
            2) they did NOT fire THE REST OF their communist professors, SO , … Angela Davis, being SMARTER than THEY (the admins, that is) were, came up with… THE RACE CARD. She just said that she was not fired for being communist, but in reality for being Black. (Now I’d be the LAST person to say that she shouldn’t have been fired [for stirring up trouble], but the admins stuck their own stupid necks on the CHOPPING BLOCK that time!)
            3) although they might STILL have successfully fired her IF, IMMEDIATELY UPON HEARING HER DECLARATION, they had fired ALL OF THEIR OTHER communist professors EN MASSE, THEY DID NOTHING OF THE SORT! Therefore, the RACE CARD was established AS A TRADITION and a VIRTUAL PRECEDENT!
            STUPID UNIVERSITIES can be the RUIN of some potentially fine citizens; much of the problem is: COMMUNIST PROFESSORS!

          • Yes, I recall that as well. Our borders have been a joke for decades. I live in AZ. But there IS good news in it too; Satan may well think he’s won this time, but he hasn’t! God’s plan is unfolding right on schedule too, and neither he nor his NWO/Lib/ Progressive/Muslim/Communist followers will appreciate the outcome. As to where we fight the next war: everywhere, including the spiritual realm.

          • However there is also more bad news again here in Arizona in the form of our new Republican Governor Dopey Doug Ducey!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know. God tells us when we fail to follow His laws, He’ll give us women and children to rule over us. Doesn’t necessarily mean females and juveniles. Psychology recognizes a condition known as “adult-child”, such as the illegal squatters in our WH. They’re emotionally arrested chilren living in adult bodies. Slick Willie was also such a one…

          • Not LSD…Heroin. and that builder and agent are using some other “front” or they packed up and headed south…where the US govt. can’t [or won’t] do a thing…sorry…but I’m SURE you’re not the only one taken.

          • Oh yes, the list is long but the truth is getting around this city. Unfortunately our 20/20 hindsight didn’t kick in until after the deal (?) was signed. It is a good thing that I am a do it yourself type of guy.

          • Thank you for telling the Truth about this current mess our current Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton and City Council pals are turning Phoenix AZ into nowdays and not to even make mention of the recent now fired total incompetent Imported from Dallas Texas pathetic Phoenix Police Daniel V Garcia too boot!

          • Should have fired him when he showed up with a bunch of mexicans.

          • Judy if you meant the crooked greedy illegal alien employer Contractor you called it right as the various construction trades are full of them nowdays!

          • Hello Clint, remember me?

          • Yes, where ya been Kemo Saby? Or ever how you spell that “Indian” word.

          • So, guess all of us are going to simply learn how to repair our own brickwork as well! The so-called Affordable Housing Apartment Complex for Senior Citizens and Disabled was RICO’d by the City of Phoenix and remodeled using a Contractor that employs Illegal Aliens and is already starting to fall apart! Thanks a lot (Democrat) Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Phoenix City Council for remaking the Sunnyslope area a crime infested drug dealers and hooker slum again! Time to Recall Stanton and useless City Council!

          • the crime rate will go up SUBSTANTIALLY, and they’ll just enjoy three hots in the cot.

          • The crime rates already HAVE risen, because those criminals are HERE! Keeping and rewarding that has only led to rising crime rates. 30% of the prisoners in my rural AZ county’s jail, as of 2 years ago, were illegals, in jail for OTHER crimes; they do not constitute 30 % of our population.

          • A few years ago I sat on a jury for the trial of a young mexican man who had shot two girls (15 and 16) through the head while they were riding in the back of an SUV. This was a gang jump-in. He said he was sorry he shot the girls, he was aiming for the guys. We threw the book at him!

          • So it should be, including permanent deportation as an undesirable! Unfortunately, that’s not happening in far too many situations.

          • Thank you for throwing the book at him!

          • YOU ARE RIGHT SANDRA, That’s the solution!

          • for starters, the Congress can manifest its legal authority to legislate by passing a law making it impossible for any Non US Citizen to receive any benefits from the us GOVERNMENT or any of its states. No way should the taxes of hard working Americans be spent on supporting citizens from another nation. Maybe it is time for many a posse to be legitimized by the sheriffs, allowing these deputies to round up and escort to the border, those illegals they come across. The Federal government claims it is impossible to send illegals back, use this citizen approach and the citizens will do the work of the government. God, Bless America – please. We need your intervention more than ever before.

          • who would pick the fields, certainly not white folk.

          • You must be one o those filthy Mexicans that snuck into our great country, looking for a free lunch! YWPOS!

          • Wow, how presumptuous and incompetent to assume my race. Clearly your vision is messed up as well as your logic. See the pic of my avatar? That’s me and my brother as kids. We had our own farm, picked the produce, canned it, etc. We also had horses, chickens and rabbits. Show me a video of whites picking fields today, by the way I am sure you have a better comeback that doesn’t make assumptions of others with out facts to back up what you think. Of course this is giving you the benefit of the doubt. Now about who would pick the crops. Have you any evidence that white folks would do it? I am not for this latest amnesty push either, but you comment was off the charts.

          • Hey Roger Iam sure Maricopa County Sheriff Joe will be glad to provide free baloney sandwich for them just as long as they pay for them! Go Sheriff Joe you rock! lol

          • William Michael Stone

            Excuse me, yes, white,black, and, Hispanic Americans,(the legal ones), would pick the fields. Don’t be an idiot, just because your a Mexican doesn’t mean your the only ones that know how to pick.

          • Not sure if you are speaking to my post, but out in the central valley of CA, only Hispanics pick most of the crops. I’ve asked elsewhere here of Roger to show me video footage of others doing that same job. You mention blacks and whites, but I don’t see any of that out west.

          • William Michael Stone

            When the wet backs leave, you will have rhebfarmers, and workers come to an agreement on money, the wet backs are trying to strike for more money…..good, when they succeed, kick em out, and put Americans to work. And don’t tell me they won’t, because they will. Or, in some cases, our criminals will….I like sheriff Joe, He’s got the right idea, make em work to pay back society, and make it rewarding enough, that, when they get out, they have a decent used car, and enough money to get three months rent on an efficiency apt. I have nothing against Hispanics, I was married to a beautiful Hispanic woman that, came here legallylegally, with her family, she despises the illeagals, because she knows what they really are. They are not the innocent people that the democrats try to make you believe. They are here to exploit this country, and, take their money to mexico(it goes ten times further down there).why would they want asylum from their own country, and still fly the Mexican flag?

          • Here in Phoenix AZ the illegal aliens and supporters and run around waving Mexican Flags all the time and seem to still think Arizona is still part of Mexico yet today!

          • Absolutely,,,There are Americans right this minute living on the streets that would love to have a job harvesting crops…..

          • Well if you make it a work furloh for the young thugs that are in need of training any way they could replace all those illegals that cost us much more in freebees . and now Laraza is warning of boycotting those farmers if they do not pay $ 15 per hour minimum wages.

          • Alice-Annette Schultz

            Guess you haven’t been in the south lately during picking time. Your comment is way off base and unenlightened.

          • Out west in the fertile central valley that isn’t the case. (This area used to feed a large portion of the nation) Even the canneries are filled largely now with latinos. I did live in in Oklahoma as a young boy on a farm and we did pick and can our own crops. My point is every time I go by a local farm it’s field workers are Hispanics. They trim the trees, vines, hoe the fields, pick the fruits (cherries, apricots, peaches, tomatoes, grapes, etc.) When I was a teenager here, white people did these jobs out west. I asked Roger below to show me some video proof if whites, blacks, etc are doing these jobs. Thus far he has offered no proof, just assertions that I must be a “filthy mexican”.

          • Are they here on work permits?

          • Alice-Annette Schultz

            I’m white, from Oregon, and I did those kinds of jobs for extra money. So did some of my friends. Now, today, it may be a different story, but when I was growing up you “learned” how to work by doing. – something sorely lacking today! I can remember helping my grandpa sell things at Market Street in Chicago when I was 6 and 7 – he even had all us kids do piece-work in his factory, which he paid us a penny a piece for each deep fryer handle we put together. Back then, 25 cents got you into the movie!

          • When I was young they had the Bracero Program. Mexican people came here to pick the crops and then they were required to return to Mexico when the work was finished.

          • That’s what i was about to say. DM needs to take a drive south and see who really picks the fields. Mexicans don’t come to America to work in our fields anymore. They haven’t for many years now. Only a few will until they can find other employment. Illegals come in and get on our welfare system now because they know they can. They don’t have to work in fields anymore. Plus now other business’s will hire them all tho they know they are illegal.

          • Those of us who were in business were fined $1,000.00 for each illegal we hired. The catch 22 was we weren’t allowed to ask for proof that they weren’t here illegally. Civil rights you know.

          • Besides a stupid federal judge recently ordered Sheriff Joe and his MCSO to stop doing employment checks for illegal aliens!…But we did stop the biggest employer of Illegal Aliens here Danny’s Car Washes and even put him out of the car wash business and forced him into taking out bankruptcy! See there is Hope America! Thanks Sheriff Joe!

          • NO AMNESTY

            F0R ILLEGAL

            ALIEN LAW


          • Amen! Bring back “Ikes’ Mass Deportation of Illegal Aliens again!

          • You hit the nail on the head. Who says that the people must provide for illegals? No benefits, no schooling, no medical for free babies to go on welfare, no jobs without proper documentation, and definitely no automatic citizen just because they were born on American land. MUST close the borders for America’s protection. Then we can resume the proper way to enter America!

            “In the first place, We should insist that if the immigrant Who comes here in good
            faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on
            an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate
            against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is
            predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing
            but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he
            is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room
            for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here,
            and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty
            and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

            Words of: Theodore Roosevelt


          • Double Amen! Amen! Here in Phoenix AZ as well!

          • That’s a rough one. We will really have to catch up to the government issuing out food stamps etc. The illegals have been taught well how to use our system. Then with our compassionate brainwashing … they are able to get all they need. Our local “Food for people is now 75% Mexican with four kidsMy wife and I have now stopped our 1/2 day of time contribution to distribute. It isn’t going to all the citizens that need. yep they work our system well.

          • And that is pretty much the case at the local food banks here in Phoenix AZ as well! ….
            However here it is now a case both Mexicans and Somali cab drivers and drug addicts and drug dealers thrown in!

          • The King the Feds already have something called 187e that allows local area County Sheriffs the legal means for use in Illegal Alien cases!…However Obama and Holder also
            revoked Maricopa County Sheriff Joe’s Federal 287 authority….Seems Sheriff Joe & his MCSO were doing a better job of using it then Holder and Jeh Johnson of Obama Version of DHS were and so Obama and stooges Holder and Jeh Johnson got mad at Sheriff Joe and took his 287 authority away from him…..So,anybody want to bet if GOP Illegal Alien Lover Baby Bush Jeb was elected President Baby Bush would abolish 287 next as well!

          • Tell them that the rich American Companies are moving their factories to mexico and thatb they must be there to get those jobs.

          • They did that in the ’90s after Clinton signed NAFTA; now they’re moving to China, India, and Indonesia.

          • Yep, just bought a new pair of Reeboks that were made in China and are falling apart and I still haven’t been able to wear them before they did so! Thanks Bill Clinton!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Truth be told this mess started under Wilson, if not before. Every POTUS has contributed to it since then, including Ike and Reagan. Ike signed treaties that opened out borders, his last year or so in office. Reagan, signed the first amnesty, back in ’86, instead of doing anything to reverse the problem.

          • No tell them that their asses will be lined up and shot if they’re still in this country in 48 hrs, and you’ll see them spilling over the border like rats leaving a sinking ship…..!

          • Oh how I wish that was true! Phoenix Arizona now looks like Mexico and Somali!

          • Just explain to them the big money people are planning to open up more factories in Mexico and that they need to be there to get the jobs

          • But they’re not; they’re moving to Asia, and those will only come back in when they learn the truth.

          • solet these illegals go to china, asia , Tiwan , philipines et al

          • Exactly!!! Take the sugar off the table and these illegal alien ants will leave in a heartbeat.

          • We definitely need E-Verify on all companies in the U.S.
            If these companies hire illegals (like the farming industries), they need to be shut down.

          • then they will need cab fare to get to the border

          • Nope some of them even get flown back home at US taxpayer expense!

          • Let the IRS investigate the use of charity status, jus as they did for the Patriotic Tea party members> Obamas brother a Kenyan resident ran a ch501 charity in memory of their late father, but that was a fact well hidden with the aid of Tea Party foe Lois Lerner.

          • find and arreset people who hire them and pay them under the table. in California , all they have to do is watch all of them on street corners and outside doenut shops and wait for a guy to pick one up. then arrest his ass and call ice for the bastarrrds standing around for tax free jobs.

          • Ask Sheriff Joe how well that works out; he’s been sued by the Feds repeatedly for trying to enforce those laws on our books!

          • And that I can affirm it as Sheriff Joe & his MCSO can no longer do that type of law enforcement without getting another Federal Level Lawsuit and Sheriff Joe can longer even make his routine workplace inspections for illegal aliens!

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know. It’s a challenge everywhere in the state, for that reason, too. The Feds keep suing the state, every time we try to take back our power or clean up their mess.

          • Yes indeed sandraleesmith46 I hope and pray that you don’t live in Pinal County and have that phony baloney publicity seeker clown Paul Babeu for your sheriff do you? I will pray for you and everyone in Pinal County! Did Lover Boy Paulie and his illegal alien lover ever kiss and make up by now???……..

          • sandraleesmith46

            No, thankfully I live in Yavapai County. I don’t follow the “social pages” , so I have no idea what that status is.

          • Thanks again sandraleesmith and Iam very glad your not living in Pinal County with Paul Baboon as your Sheriff!….Last I heard Sheriff Paulie and his Illegal Alien Lover were having a lover’s quarrel!… Don’t know who won it!…..So who is your county Sheriff up where you live in Yavapai County and how is he doing at enforcing the law?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Scott Masher is our Sheriff, and he’s doing a good job here. He believes in and stands for our Constitution. He and our city chief Gerald Monahan, work well together, too. Not much for photo ops, but they do the job.

          • to do that, they have to know who’s illegal and who’s not. thats’ near impossible. they get phony birth certificates.

          • Forged documents are identifiable , and illegals are rarely fluent in English, ignorant of the laws. Police can usually tell, as can those who are aiding and abetting.

          • Not in airplanes. We heard-em-up and move em out on foot. They walked here, they can walk back.

          • If we cut off the welfare, free medical care, education, and low cost housing, as well as access to off the record jobs, we won’t need to round them up;they’ll move themselves out.

          • Roger that sandraleesmith46. SEMPER FI

          • Semper fi, from an old Navy nurse, Jyrine.

          • Been here-n-der. Hav-n puter problems
            but I’ll be back full-o-p&v soon;o )

          • Lot ofcomputer problems going around, some from “routine” Mcrosoft updates. Others from hackers or deliberate viruses and malware.

          • Thank you for your service as US Navy Nurse as well sandraleesmith46!…..Combination of
            US Army,Army National Guard and Inactive Army Reserve here as a Sr Medical Aid Man Section Chief and Operating Room Tech here!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Then I thank-you for yours as well, Ralph. Seems like only fellow vets or active duty, and families appreciate that.

          • jyrine clearly you must not live here in Arizona and have never even heard of the Coyotes that pick them up as soon as they cross the US Mexico/USA border and drive them all over USA for a few bucks! …These low life scumbags get rich doing it!

          • Ralph, “clearly” you don’t live here in Colorado where the “Coyotes” and un-documented workers add un-licensed,
            un-insured, drunk drivers to the roads that cause accidents and raise resident driver insurance rates.

          • And so, as former VP Dick Cheney might say, “So?”…I once lived in Denver CO 1960 to
            1964 and was born in Cheyenne Wyoming but have lived here in Phoenix Arizona since
            1983! Yep I still remember when Laramie County Sheriff Dennis Flynn and LCSO used to
            use roadblocks to apprehend tons of Illegal Aliens that had slipped thru Colorado enroute
            to Chicago or Points East!…And,nowdays you can thank King and Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama and former Denver Mayor Now Governor of Colorado John Chickenscooper for your own increase in Illegal Aliens!….It is too soon to know which way
            our pathetic new AZ Governor Dopey Doug Ducey the Doucebag will stand on the Issue
            of Illegal Immigration and I add Dopey Doug is a Republican Loser!…Enough said!

          • Same in California!!!

        • Especially all the unaccompanied “children”!

          • What kinda of parent would allow their child to cross thousands of miles unaccompanied, and go to another country with out them. I’ll tell you. A real shit bag, that’s who.

          • Child endangerment which we would be convicted of but it is entitled to allow this!!

          • How about a parent who is terrified of the “children” with the gang affiliation? Over half of those “children’ who showed up here were wearing gang tattoos. Most of them were in their teens and even some in their twenties with children of their own.

          • Look we all know he is a scumbag, what has to happen is we drag his ass out of the White House and deport him and the rest of hs family along with all these illegal scunags, and call it a day. What do you think.

          • Independant Thinker

            You’ve got my vote

          • Thanks Independant Thinker

          • You have my vote

          • Alice-Annette Schultz

            Ever think the Mussolini treatment might do a better job?

          • Now that would be nice! So John are you going to us doing it?

          • And, of course they are all just “looking for a better way of life” right?

          • John, I said the same thing when these little basta*ds were coming over the boarder. I have no feelings for them, they belong with their parents.

          • Excuse me unique201 you did mean “Border” not “Boarder” right?……

          • That is their belief ,have them and let some one else raise them

          • Do you mean those sweet little tatted up, gangster ‘children’ ? Yes, what an asset they would be to this country.

          • Yes especially,,, and you too if you’re in the group..ass munch,,,!!!

          • Terry Rushing thank you for bringing it up and have you heard Obama even has our US Border Patrol and ICE changing their dirty diapers as well!

          • Aka as Vacationing Anchor Babies in some cases and Basic Border Jumper Juniors Training as well! Thanks Obama and former Obama Sec of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and current Sec of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson!

        • Right John but must include liberals too, get off US Citizen and take out USA forever.

          • Okay Nutty Nancy Pelosi and hubby start packing your and your illegal alien employees in your family businesses and we will even be using RICO on them and your Starkist Tuna Outfit as well…..Sorry Charlie the Tuna and good luck finding a new job as well!

        • STARTING with obamA!

        • can two US citizens, who come across an illegal person make a citizen;s arrest and escort that person to the border to go back to Mexico or wherever? Curious. If it is legal this would be one way for the US Citizens to have the illegals deported. Suggestions anyone?>

        • Start with the Muslim in chief sitting in the White House!!!!!!

        • And then make it a death sentence to be caught crossing illegal again,,,,!!!

        • The cost of deportation being something we cannot afford is a lie. First the US government says they cost the US a trillion dollars a year…. is deporting them going to cost that no…. fact every time you deport one an American gets his job back and is off welfare or unemployment or some other program…. every time you deport one you have less tax evasion, more taxes paid and less illegals on government assistance….. every time you deport one…. you are reducing crime … if we punish the employers and those assisting them as conspirators they will be without jobs or cash and start leaving

        • Begin the deportations with John Beihner, he is refusing to enforce the law and sent a reply to my berating email stating that immigration reform is necessary. Raise hell with the RNC, Beihner and your own representatives. Make the RNC understand that traitors like McCain and the Bush family aren’t welcome and never have been. McCain used up his POW equity long ago and is now just an indoctrinated Communist like his good friends, the Democrats.

        • agree! then who’s going to help you find them and deport them. our own government can’t even do shit with Obama’s Hinch men in the wings.

      • Check it out obama is a ILLEGAL ALIEN ,, He came Here under the name of Barry Soetoro as a foreign student & went to school at tax
        payers expense ..That is why he is working so hard to let them all in.

        • Soetoro is an Spanish name…Now, you know why he’s wants the Illegals to cross over the border?…

          • No, Lolo Soetoro, his adopting father, is Indonesian, and so is Barry!

          • So, this means, that he lied about everything..So, this mean, that his mother remarried after she divorced, Obama Sr.?..Got married again, and this guy adopted Obama and moved to Hawaii at the age of 6 and his grandparents raised him?…So, he did came here Illegally…He lied 4 different times on his Law Application and resigned from Law…This guy is a real Tool…Barry was born in Kenya where his mother met his father Obama Sr….

          • Well, her marriage to Obama Sr, IF there was 1, was never legal, since he had a living wife and kids in Kenya (bigamy). But she did marry Soetoro, and move, with Barrly to Indonesia, where he attended school for several years listed as an Indonesian citizen, Barry Soetoro, then came to HI to live with his maternal grandparents as an early teen, apparently. He never naturalized in the US, and Indonesian law forbade holding dual citizenship, so whatever he’d had before was forfeit. He attended Occidental listed as an Indonesian citizen. He lied on his IL Bar app, declaing he had gone by no other name than BHO, and they caught him. So, yes, he’s an inveterate liar, and truth only passes his lips as Freudian slips on occasion.

          • We both have something right…:)

          • Yep; he’s an ineligible alien usurper!

          • Dawn Doran. Obama’s grandparents were Communists from Kansas, they moved to Hawaii in order to introduce their daughter Ann(Obama’s mom) to foreign communists studying Marxism and Russian Language in Hawaii. Ann started to study the same at Hawaii College, there she knew the muslim-communist Kenyan Obama Sr, they never married. At the same time she had a secret affair with Frank Marshal Davis, a close friend of her parents. (Frank Marshal Davis was an african-american-communist (black panther) living in Hawaii, separated from his wife and 20 years older than the teen Ann). She gave birth in Kenya, return to America with the baby Obama and separated from the father. Later married to the muslim-communist Soetoro, moved to Indonesia with him and little Obama. There she had a girl. In Indonesia foreign can not assist to school (like in Mexico and Ecuador), for that reason Soetoro legally adopted baby Obama, he became Barry Soetoro. There he learned Koran and assisted to a muslim church with her stepfather. At 12-13 years her mom travel with him back to Hawaii and leave the son with her parents under the condition “to take the boy to Frank Marshall Davis house at least twice a week”.
            If Koran and muslim learnings in Indonesia damaged him, it was not good in Hawaii with his mentor. Frank was a porno photographer and writer, who had great influence in Obama, teaching him marxist ideology…
            Go online to see “Dreams from my real father”

          • You got it quite straight…Good report !

          • I wouldn’t bet Soetoro is even his father. They don’t even look alike at all…
            If you saw O and FMDavis side by side…You’d see the resemblance. Fact is…the PTBe didn’t want a communist as his father…

          • FYI…No one ever said the Soetoro was his father. He was however his STEP father! No blood relation whatsoever! Can’t say the same for F. Marshall though, he is quite possibly the real father!

          • He also looks a lot like Malcolm X.

          • The whole family is trash…………

          • Yep, they don’t call Barack Hussein Obama the Kenyan Wonder for nothing you know!

          • And the worst President that ever came around…

          • You’re right!!!

          • He is a racist, he hates Americans, he hates Jews, he hates Christians, he hates Hispanics. The only reason he wants to legalize illegals is to get fraud vote for demonRats.
            My GOD, I never will understand this. What a big mistake. America voted for a muslim, muslim-communist after 9/11, why??? This was an evil plan!

          • He is a true “Manchurian candidate”. He was literally groomed for this from birth, and yes, it is evil, part of an overall global evil that’s taken hold.

          • Hi again sandraleesmith46 however wasn’t his real birth father from Kenya and a black man?….And,his mother a white woman? …And it was never proven she ever married his birth father the African black guy right?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Allegedly; he as born in Kenya, and allegedly Stanley Ann was “married” to Obama, Sr, but since he was already married to a Kenyan woman, that was bigamy at best. However, turns out Stanley was also involved with some Indonesian guru, friend of Soetoro, before she met Obama, and he may actually be the father.

          • Strange for a Kenyan.

          • How about the entry of the antichrist? 666

          • There in the black house I mean the white house.

          • He was not born Kenyan, he was born Subdit of England. Kenya did not exist in that time. Barrack Obama Sr. was not Kenyan, he was Subdit of England. They travel with England passports. All his life is a lie… When he describes his father in his book “The Dreams of My Father”, he is describing his menthor, Frank Marshal Davis. He never talks about his stepfather, Soetoro. If you want to be amazed, look at the pictures in the book “Dreams of My Real Father” LIKE THE FATHER IS THE SON

          • He don’t care about illegals, his main goal is to get illegals a right to stay so we can’t prosecute him for his crimes as being illegal himself.

          • They can still prosecute Obama for lying, but, I think that they will let it slide…

        • Actually, if record has it correct, three Eastern terrorists put him through college. It was no fluke he was elected. It was a set up and they did cheat at the voters booths and the elections to get him there. I have shirts that are orange and black that say on the front, BUILD THE FENCE, with a drawing of a fence and then, NOW. Close OUR BORDERS to ALL. No Prejudice, No Bias. PERIOD. On the back, it says, No Impeachment for Obama. How about arrest, try convict and EXECUTE? Period. What do ya think about that??

          • I am sometimes told that I am too blatant about how I approach things when it comes to politics. WELL, you have to be aggressive with these IGNORANT people. I am 69 years old and have worked since I was eight with my dad during summers. I took three summers off to play A ball and should have pursued that but I worked instead. I have 19 grandchildren and just had my first great grandchild. I had seven children, five girls and two boys. My oldest son died two year ago on June 14 th 2012. A great son, he was. I love OUR country and it galls me to see PUNKS try to take it from us. I will fight to my death to stand up for my and YOUR rights as LEGAL CITIZENS of this GREAT country. PERIOD. SCREW THE Mexicans, Islam, the Russians, Iran, China and any other country that thinks they can take us down. When WE get rid of that LYING TYRANT and PUNK, Assbama, WE can take back the country. As Laura Ingram says, CLOSE THE BORDERS and start DEPORTATION of ALL of them. Not thousands, ALL who are ILLEGAL. By the family if that’s what it takes. PERIOD. WE CAN DO IT. Sure, some may get killed but in the end the GOOD OLD LIFE will return to OUR country and for our children and grandchildren. Let’s DO IT.

          • In January 2014, Dominican Republic retroactively voided birthright Citizenship to children of illegals and deported ALL them with their parents. Why don’t we do the same?

          • IT’S GREAT, he is a shame for America, a president who hates America and Americans. He is a traitor to all our Judeo-Christian values, to our Constitution.

          • It’s really refreshing to see people are starting to speak out and are learning what kind of person they elected. Time to arrest,try,convict and EXECUTE the EVIL ONE. Barry Soetoro Hussein.

          • I never voted for him, I cried when he was elected in 2008. My Lord, AFTER 9/11, America voted for a muslim-communist. Instead of read or look for information, the people were watching games or soap operas. Now you have the consequences. Lord, have mercy, save America!

          • I would relish that day

        • He is said to have been granted a Fullbright scholarship, which is available to American citizens only for study abroad. Since he was studying in California, he must have claimed foreign citizenship.

        • yes and this is why he is so wanting to establish immigration reform! That would end our investigation into his reign of terror as he is illegal too!!! Don’t fall for it. He should be deported. Can you imagine what would have happened to this imposter during the Washington presidency?? OMG!!!

        • You mean Barry Soetoro?

      • Obama IS A THUG – according to a leftist writer rand article I just read, that is equivalent to calling him a nigger.

        • let us cease calling him Obama; instead let us address him as Barry Soetoro… outlets also. If we all refer to him as Barry perhaps some court will want to investigate why the citizens refer to him other than Obama????

        • No, he is a “NEGRO”. Not the N word. Oh, he is an ASS, for sure. AND, a LIAR, TYRANT, Hypocrite and EVIL. PERIOD. YES, he should be arrested, tried, convicted and HUNG or EXECUTED in whatever manner. All of the about is TRUE. He is, for sure, a PUNK ASS BITCH.

          • NO he is not negro – he is bi racial-you forget his mom and grandparents were WHITE and his dad was not BLACK but an ARAB and they do NOT think of themselves as Being Black….but I agree he is a PAB!!!

      • use the red neck army and their coon guns to protect the border . they would have a party

    • I’m with you too Teedoff I agree with what you’re saying and i feel they will use scare tactics to do just that….scare people. I hope we will stand strong in respecting the Constitution and apply it the way it is meant to be for the American People. We are defeated if we cave in as DemoRats will run all over us from now on. Stand strong and we will receive blessings from God that we never thought we would see. We have to trust in Him and do what is right for our Country. Mexico isn’t doing a thing for America to allow us to even consider amnesty. Mexico needs to take care of their own instead of expecting America to do it.

      • I have been to Mexico more than once and to different places in it and I have witnessed firsthand what their government does to it”s people.They use the poor as expendables like they would use a burro or pack mule.They don’t want their poor to be educated because that way they control them from birth to death .This is what our country would become if we don’t stop it NOW!!! If the Republicans don’t honor their word then they are worse than the Democrats and we shall have to elect a 3rd party that represents the people and does what is needed to insure our safety and well being first!

      • Not just Mexico, the world’s refuse is coming HERE to be supported in style, by their standards.

    • Audit them like hell they Illegal and im not saying a sick bird. Jut tell them to fix beaner land then maybe they can come here as my Grand parents LEGAL. If they don’t leave do what you do with vermin kill them all

    • Send them all back and add LA RAZA and obama right in there with them.

    • LA RAZA — make GOOD on your threat to “chain yourself to detention centers and deportation vehicles.”

      I’m sure we can find PLENTY of room for you on those vehicles!!

    • Love what you said about auditing that group. They are not the only ones that need it though.

      • thanks here’s some more facts and truth about them you didn’t know

        A Judicial Watch investigation reveals that federal funding for a Mexican La Raza group that for years has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars has skyrocketed since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House.The influential and politically-connected National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has long benefitted from Uncle Sam’s largess but the group has made a killing since Obama hired its senior vice president (Cecilia Muñoz) in 2009 to be his director of intergovernmental affairs.Ignored by the mainstream media, Judicial Watch covered the appointment because the president issued a special “ethics waiver” to bring Muñoz aboard since it violated his own lobbyist ban. At the pro illegal immigration NCLR, Muñoz supervised all legislative and advocacy activities on the state and local levels and she was heavily involved in the congressional immigration battles that took place in the George W. Bush Administration.She also brought in a steady flow of government cash that’s allowed the Washington D.C.-based group to expand nationwide and promote its leftist, open-borders agenda via a network of community organizations dedicated to serving Latinos. Among them are a variety of local groups that provide social services, housing counseling and farm worker assistance as well as publicly-funded charter schools that promote radical Chicano curriculums. Judicial Watch published a special report on this a few years ago.This week a JW probe has uncovered details of the alarming increase in federal funding that these NCLR groups have received since Muñoz joined the Obama Administration. In fact, the government cash more than doubled the year Muñoz joined the White House, from $4.1 million to $11 million.Not surprisingly, a big chunk of the money (60%) came from the Department of Labor, which is headed by a former California congresswoman (Hilda Solis) with close ties to the La Raza movement. Since Obama named her Labor Secretary, Solis has launched a nationwide campaign to protect illegal immigrant workers in the U.S.Just this week Solis penned declarations with Guatemala and Nicaragua to preserve the rights of their migrants.The NCLR also received additional taxpayer dollars from other federal agencies in 2010, the JW probe found. The Department of Housing and Urban Development doled out $2.5 million for housing counseling, the Department of Education contributed nearly $800,000 and the Centers for Disease Control a quarter of a million.Additionally, NCLR affiliates nationwide raked in tens of millions of government grant and recovery dollars last year thanks to the Muñoz factor. An offshoot called Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) saw its federal funding nearly double to $18.3 million following Muñoz’ appointment.A social service and legal assistance organization (Ayuda Inc.) that didn’t receive any federal funding between 2005 and 2008 got $600,000 in 2009 and $548,000 in 2010 from the Department of Justice. The group provides immigration law services and guarantees confidentiality to assure illegal aliens that they won’t be reported to authorities.

        • cut them off….not a dime of taxpayer money

        • it is time to stop the diverse governmental agencies from giving away our tax dollars as mentioned above. This includes the white house. No way should these agencies decide how much and to what agencies they will give away our tax dollars. Congress MUST STOP these give away programs and take back their authority to control the funds.

    • Using the IRS for a weapon is surely not a new idea. We could call it “Operation Wetback Gone”.

      • no AMNESTY TO ANYONE HERE ILLEGALLY! We have to put those and their children at the back of the line because if they have been here long enough to have rbirthed children and have them in college , they have wasted all those years doing wrong and should have corrected their trespassing mistake instead~!

    • La Raza should change its name to El Stupidos Pendejos…


    • THey do not know that their peppers are taxable ???

    • You can only do that to conservative organizations, the liberal ones are exempt.

    • I have an advertisement that has a quote on it by a congressman Gutierrez (who was on O’Reilly tonight and who O’Reilly just gushed over) wherein he (Gutierrez) said to the effect that if the gringo does not comply with LaRaza’s demands that they might have “to kill them”. Nice! These freeloaders think that America belongs to them … their arrogance is only exceeded by their lawlessness. And, LaRaza is not a small group. They are growing – not unlike the muslims – and I believe America is in deep trouble because of the hordes of foreigners that have been allowed to come here. I don’t know where the leaders of our country have gotten such stupid ideas, but they do not closely supervise entrants into our country. I suspect one day soon, we will have a dirty bomb or worse hitting us. Maybe when thousands of us, and hopefully some of their loved ones will be included in the devastation, they will WAKE UP!

    • Hot peppers too !

    • That’s right,,,,Brother/Sister They have forgotten their asses were kicked below the border before and can just as easy be done again ,,,,,Remember the Alamo,,,!!!

    • File charges my ass! Take these stupid bastards out, period!

      • the way to do it is through legal means otherwise it gets thrown out and has no meaning.First elect the right people then they will cut off federal funds to them and investigate their past

    • Right, pretty soon the IRS will be controlled by the Republicans.

      • LOL Hope you got got a red rubber nose on to go with that clown act you’re portraying! Just for your info I’m an Independent so party affiliation don’t matter to me!

    • Remember – those illegals vote (multiple times) in the large cities and nobody disqualifies them.

    • laraza go kiss my ass.your as illegal as the half breed in the WH

    • A great start would be to prosecute every illegal alien that has registered to vote in any United States election. That leads to immediate deportation! I know, then they will come back and kill the legal voters.

    • They have no right to threaten anybody. What is it that they do NOT understand. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL and they should be deported. The US is NUTS if they bend to their threats.

    • Isn’t it supposed to be chili peppers? hahaha

    • What La Raza fails to see is that a great majority of Native Latino/Hispanic Americans DON”T want amnesty and are vying for many of those same jobs that are going to illegal aliens. As a presidential/vice presidential candidate New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez would ensure a majority of Hispanic support while strongly supporting border security and resuming deportations. On the same ballot with Ben Carson or Allen West would guarantee a Republican win.

      • why do you or others place any name in front of American if you consider yourselves one and only an American? The whole idea is to leave your old ways behind if you become a legal American through our immigration system or you are born one to a legal American mother

        • Actually my ancestors were here before yours got here, they didn’t come from Mexico they were here when this WAS Mexico and they didn’t ask anyone to “assimilate” and leave their old ways behind. I simply put the prefix on there so people may differentiate that these aren’t your run of the mill Irish immigrants, the people I speak of are NATIVES which it seems you failed to notice ORIGINAL AMERICANS

          • way back then there was no name for this country! the natives living here did not own the lands even according to them and they wanted open ranges to just wander from 1 place to another.IF this is the America you would like to go back to, go ahead! Oh by the way my wife is native herself so stick that in your taco salad!

          • So what does your wife, eat buffalo sandwiches. I was trying to give you a reason for the prefix because you wrongfully and (foolishly) assumed as many do, that I am an illegal alien and you want to get racial…I pity your wife.

          • I didn’t “‘ assume”” anything of your citizen status at all ! I took from your own words to make my statement which is true and told you if you place any name in front of American you are making it secondary and showing your allegiance to the other name or country first! As for your pity my wife thinks more so like this than I do! Buffalo sandwiches?? Was that a cheap stereotype remark to try insulting one of the food groups the natives ate?

          • We were initially talking about a voting bloc if you go back to my original post. As for me, I never put a prefix before American. As a matter of fact I take offense when “friends” ask me to bring them back a bottle of tequila “next time you go to Mexico”. I have to ask them, “what makes you think I know anybody in Mexico”. They then ask “what NATIONALITY are you”? I say “I’m American”. They then stutter…”no I mean..uh…uh”. I say “I KNOW what you mean, you mean my ETHNICITY, MY CULTURE, MY ANCESTRY”…but you ask what my nationality is…it’s American. Why don’t they ask that in the first place. I don’t know anybody in Mexico neither did my parents and their parents before them. They were here when this was Tejas (Caddo Indian for “friend”) not Texas. I served two tours in Vietnam for this country, always have been always will be an American. But when speaking of a voting bloc one may differentiate from Irish, Italians and Jews….even though they may all be WHITE Americans who don’t historically vote for the same party. As for the buffalo thing it was just a tit-for-tat on your “taco salad” dig.

      • Nice idea but frankly after Kenyan Wonder Golfer in Chief Barack Hussein Obama there is no way in Hell that a Black Man or Black Woman will ever even get elected Town Dog Catcher let alone President! So, forget Ben Carson and Allen West as well!

  3. La Raza – ASking for Amnesty is akin to asking for Criminals to be set free out of all prisons. I understood that you were created to help the American Hispanics and you are turning out to be nothing more than a Government Grant hungry entity out to help any Illegal get on the Obama Train. A social leach if there ever is one.

    • Intimidating bullies!!!!We need to bully back!!

    • La Raza has been around since the early 20’s. They were not formed to help the hispanics but instead to take the Louisiana purchase back for Mexico.

      • You don’t know history to well do you the Louisiana purchase was not Mexico it was France that we got this from not Mexico.

        • Richard, I do know history very well and yes the Louisiana puchase was bought from France. However, LaRaza has been saying they will take it back to Mexico because they did not approve of the sale to us. Google up the history of LaRaza, They hate U. S. Citizens.

          • History in Mexico’s schools teaches its people, that a large part of our South Western U.S. rightfuly belongs to Mexico, that we stole it from them. Shalom!

          • The only thing those folks deserve is the heal of our boot on their necks.

          • Mexicans are very racist and have hated white people for many, many generations.

        • He must mean the treaty of Hidalgo….all the same Mexico took the 15 million so why cry foul now?

      • Except that land wasn’t ever Mexico’s; it belonged to France, ‘ til Jefferson bought it for the US! Only TX, NM, AZ, and CA belonged to Mexico before 1848, when we won, then paid too, for them! The nearest connection was that Maxmillian Bonaparte ruled Mexico FOR France before their war of independance in the early 1800s.

    • LaRazza “The Race” is a racist organization who is attempting to take over the southern portion of the US.

  4. This has been the democrats plan all this time; 11 million new grateful voters

  5. I figure the reason for amnesty is to reduce issues that might be facing obama and his illegal cronies, therefore eliminating the ability to prosecute obama for being illegal himself. He won’t be illegal anymore! slick huh? He surely don’t care about others. Muslims dont. So he will eventually turn on them too, especially with all their money leaving the USA. Americans are getting smarter too, and their money is leaving too. Wonder who will pay for all their hand outs when the money is going out faster than coming in!!!

  6. Does she know a good portion of legal Hispanic immigrants don’t support amnesty?
    Boehner will wet his pants in worry. He and McConnell would rather have fifty illegals than millions of conservatives. Go Figure?

  7. Oh, La Raza warns? Allow me an American citizen to warn La Raza. “F” YOU!

  8. Time to send LA RAZA back to Mexico or wherever…….

  9. The la raza b –ch needs to suck on a chili pepper

  10. Who the hell cares about the Raza…. bunch of criminals who have come illegally.. we need to get EBOMA out of office quickly so we can get back the USA, where it ‘s suppose to be. Everyone back to work and no more freebies.. I’m a hard working individual and enough of taking my taxes to give out handouts.. Now enough protesting about amnesty, and wet foot dry foot no one gets in for free… my family has suffered enough so off to work everyone nothing here to see… The republicans need to repel everything EBOMA has done for 6 years… Obama Care is a joke.. Please there is nothing but a thousand pages of ruins… GOD Bless The USA…

  11. First off, La Raza is an overt racist organization – the title La Raza translates to “the race”. The impetus behind their threats is nothing other than the fear they will not get their way & they won’t!! If/when the obamaliar tries to pull off his unConstitutional EO to legitimize the illegitimate, he’s going to get it jammed up his well used anal port & broke off!! America is sick & tired of this wannabe dictator & the new congress, to be seated on January 3rd will block anything & everything he tries to advance his bull$hit……Hey, La Raza….. Chinga su madre!!!!!

  12. Senorita, perhaps the republicans would authorize an “open season” on foreign of the hispanic diversion???

  13. Tell that “GREASER” Janet Murguia to STUFF it. ALL ILLEGALS should be DEPORTED, PERIOD. SCREW the Mexicans. I happen to be Hispanic and I am totally against what the Mexicans are doing. REMEMBER, WE fought them for California. They LOST. So, maybe WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should have another war with Mexico. WE would beat them again. Only this time we will bury them. PERIOD. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. What the HECK don’t they understand about that?>?. BUILD THE FENCE NOW and find ALL eleven million of them roaming around the U.S. and pronounce whatever sentence on them they deserve. No EXCEPTIONS. PERIOD. DO IT. Then, DUMP THAT PUNK ASS Obama.

  14. what are we to do with the illegal folks??? we do not have enough working Americans to support them, feed them, house them and provide medical care for them….LaRaza tell us how to do those things….Welcome to American but come the legal way…

  15. Hey LaRaza – why don’t you go just back to Mexico or whatever Latin hell hole you and your members came from and fight for equality THERE! How dare people who are breaking the law demand ANYTHING of that country’s CITIZENS! What’s the matter? Too gutless to talk that talk in any Latino country where you could get shot, huh? What a bunch of POS’s!

    • Is this Murguia person an American Citizen? If not, DEPORT her! Since when do we respond to threats? especially to pacify illegal action?

      • Since Obama became President – remember HE’S the one the traded FIVE of the most dangerous terrorists for ONE DESERTER! At least he traded scum for scum, but at a ratio of 5:1 ????

  16. No Amnesty without due process of LAW. Immigration, YES, Illegal immigration and amnesty, NO! What is it that these people don’t understand? We do not want a UNITED ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, WE are AMERICA that’s OK! If you don’t like it leave.

  17. Send this stupid Bitch back to Mexico withe rest of the worthless pepper bellies.


      • Racism is as Racism does, and la raza is TOTALLY racist, Hey asswipe, how do you define ILLEGAL??

      • What makes his comment racist & not La Razza, Hmmmmmm ? He is speaking his feelings & the truth, NOT Racist at all , just commenting back to ILLEGALS that want to intimidate us Americans, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, sooner we let them know where they stand , the better ! GET A LIFE !

      • Can you define racism without looking in a dictionary? I doubt it. Look it up. You may be surprised. You probably think America is a democracy also. Surprise again.

        • being a published author with 3 books and more than 2,000 articles in print, i doubt that i have to examine a dictionary to define racism or any other word.

          • Then you should know how to use the word in it’s property context.

          • I actually covered La Raza in Southern California and Arizona while working for two major daily newspapers. While I occasionally disagreed with their positions on some issues, La Raza is no more racist in its views than the Tea Party or some other far-right conservative Christians.

          • Well, Marcello, does that mean you can speak and not be wrong? The Tea Party is a lest VERY pro-America! But it doesn’t sound as if you understand their senseless demands. You had better make your patriotism to America before you wind up to far on the wrong side!

          • A published author? What have you published? Being published means nothing and neither does your 2000 articles.

          • of course not. all those published articles in 150 magazines and newspapers — NOT on the Internet — wouldn’t mean anything to an illiterate. by the way, what are your credentials?

          • Did you know?: – if you forget to secure your Tinfoil hat with Duct-tape,
            the “Voices” can still get inside and talk to you? .. Like NOW?

          • Mr. Sancheen wasn’t the one who casually threw his credentials in the ring to the lions, you did that all by yourself.

          • You need help to wipe ……

            Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
            the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

          • You need more then a Dictionary… You are NOT impressive at all, even though you claim to have written books, a lot of people write books but are NOT accomplished AUTHORS, So that tells us nothing, other then you come across as an Obama Lover & are for Amnesty… Just hate TRAITORS , don’t you ????

          • True hitler wrote a book.

          • And he is dead, did nothing but KILLED thousands of innocent people,etc… he surely was NOT an Accomplished person. more of a MADMAN, like we have now ! RIGHT

      • No he is saying what most TRUE AMERICANS think and feel. It isn’t racist if it’s true. Illegals need to go back to where they came from and either stay there or try to come here legally, it isn’t our responsibility as hard working American citizens to support the illegals and their kids and families.

      • UP Yours, LIB … You’re the Anti-American here …. You love the Beaners so much,
        …… MOVE to MEXICO !!! …..


    • ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, deal with it as we start sending ALL ILLEGALS back where they came from, go reform your own country, we don’t need or want you here! Get the message???


        • Marcello: Hell, yes “WE” does!! A recent poll showed that 60% of Americans do NOT want amnesty for people who are here illegally!!!

          • Well, Larry, I am a Christian and a conservative American who served in the military. I do not subscribe to your racist brand of Americanism. I am a journalist who lived in the Caribbean. I knew people who were living there illegally, without papers, who had come to the islands of St. Kitts, Nevis and St. Maarten from their homelands where there were no jobs and where police officers and government officials were corrupt. PEOPLE NEED TO LIVE, LARRY. None of those children or adults who crossed the border into Texas or Arizona are threats to your job or your family. That is the reason I know that you and your pals on this website who are violently opposed to anything like amnesty are not only wrong — you are dead wrong.

          • BUT, we do not care to support them… we have our own family to take care of,& be able to live… there is NO END to all this BS, come to America ,land of the free, sounds great, BUT, nothing is free, we worked hard for what we have, paying too much tax for crap like this… I am an American of Italian nationality… My parents came here LEGALLY at Ellis Island with papers & became citizens, sooo, the question I ask, why is it for them to do that & NOT all these Illegals from all over the world, WHY, because of this Administration & Socialist Democrats, that is the reason all this CRAP is going on ! Where have you been the last 8 years ? AND YOU ARE DEAD WRONG, Period !

          • STFU Lib Licker !! – ILLEGALS are swarming with sickness & disease —
            spreading in our schools & day-care ….
            You feel so strong, open YOUR garage door and take in 10 or 15 of the vermin …AND FEED THEM !!!

          • Hello Marcello, I truly appreciate that you are a Christian, a conservative, and a vet. I also appreciate your service. However, I have heard similar thoughts from a good friend I worked with. I reminded him that “the need is not the call.” If we reward illegality with work permits and amnesty, we will get more illegality! Just watch and see! Following your reasoning, we should abandon our borders, north and south, and also open up our Atlantic and Pacific seaports. You are doing what my good friend does: Confusing your admirable Christian concern for your neighbor with the responsibilities of our government to protect our citizens, our borders, and our territory. WE CAN”T TAKE CARE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! We need to remove that “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” from the Statue of Liberty. Other countries (THEIR countries) must take their responsibilities toward their own citizens!!! It simply is not the job of the United States!!

          • Larry, your email is one of the few responses to my position that I respect. However, I must respectfully disagree with you in one regard; America will not be taking care of the world if we create a program that will keep families together and allow them to become naturalized citizens. We have plenty of land in the United States owned by the Bureau of Land Management where people could settle, homestead, and find or create jobs so they can become useful taxpaying U.S. citizens. Immigrants to this country are not spoiled. They are no strangers to hard work. In fact, most immigrants shame Americans by their work ethic and their willingness to take the worst jobs in order to support their families and pay their bills. I AM NO FAN OF BARACK OBAMA. I HATE HIS WAY OF USING EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. But with that said, I have to agree with La Raza that if the Republican Party simply tries to shut down Obama without coming up with a decent bill and a fair program to try to accommodate immigrants, the GOP is in danger of losing millions of votes to the Democrats. This, in my opinion would be a disaster. That is my position and again, thanks for your respectful reply.

          • Your argument holds no water. We had immigration reform in the ’80s under Reagan. He agreed to it and signed the bill. The Democrats and RINOs failed to followed through with securing the borders and got us to where we are now. We don’t need immigration reform. We need our government to follow the law, secure the border and deport all illegals. Maybe you are having a difficult time understanding illegal. It means they broke the law to get here. That is a deportable offense. You are saying they should be rewarded for breaking the law. So, by your standards, we should reward all criminals and allow them to roam free with no consequences or worries of being punished IAW standing laws. By your standards, we should let all criminals out of jail and prison because we have separated them from their families.

          • PLEASE! STOP even USING the phrase “immigration “reform” “! You tend to discredit your own (otherwise very well-crafted) argument when you call “that thing” a “reform”! PLEASE look up “reform” in the dictionary. The word means “change FOR THE BETTER”. The REASON why we got STUCK with that phrase “immigration reform” in the first place is that some despicable POLLUTE-TICIANS (who KNEW from the GET-GO that it was in reality a plan that would amount to a CHANGE FOR THE WORSE) figured out that if they gave it THAT NAME, it would SOUND like a good idea, and people would rally behind it. A MONUMENT to our NATIONAL STUPIDITY is the fact that it seems to work the way they planned. Allow me the temerity to suggest using another name; for example, “immigration SO-CALLED “reform” “.

          • If the United States really wanted to improve the lot of citizens of other countries, we could DO it much more effectively IF:
            INSTEAD of INVITING them to cross our borders illegally, we would CLEAN UP OUR OWN NATIONAL ACT, so that we could be a SHINING EXAMPLE to ALL OTHER COUNTRIES of how THEY could live if only they’d do it the way WE DID; of course, many of them would still CHOOSE NOT to do so, and we should respect their own freedom of choice: let them be free to choose how they live, ON THEIR OWN TURF.

        • FU Beaner lover !!!

    • Hi Marcello, It’s me again. thanks for your courteous reply. I do wish you would read this news item. It is not posted in a mean-spirited way, but only to show what I’m predicting.

      Border Patrol: Obama Amnesty Talk Fuels Illegal Immigration

      Monday, 10 Nov 2014 03:08 PM

      By Melanie Batley


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      President Barack Obama’s insistence that he will sign an executive order that will allow as many as 6 million illegal immigrants to stay in the country will only create a new surge of illegal migrants across the U.S. border, says the National Border Patrol.

      “We definitely see increases in illegal aliens coming across the border when there is national talk of an amnesty,” Shawn Moran of the National Border Patrol Council told Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

      He said that Mexican and Latin American smuggling cartels seize on messages from the administration to recruit people who may be desperate to escape poverty and violent crime in their own countries.

      “Under President Bush there was talk of immigration reform, and they would say, ‘we’re coming here for the amnesty,'” Moran said, adding that changes in the administration’s immigration policy will create a new surge.

      Moran used as an example the recent influx of minors from Central America.
      “That was largely fueled by the idea that we were not enforcing our immigration laws, and if you got to this country, you could stay here,” he said, according to WOAI.

      President Barack Obama told congressional leaders at a meeting on Friday that he intended to take executive action on immigration even though he had been warned against the move by the GOP in the aftermath of their electoral victories.

      Before the announcement, House Speaker John Boehner said the president would”poison the well” if he changes immigration policy without waiting for Congress to act, and incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said executive action on immigration would be like “waving a red flag in front of a bull.”

      On Sunday, Obama defended his decision to act and said he was not trying to circumvent Congress, but that he had waited long enough for it to take action.

      “The minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, I will sign it and it supersedes whatever actions I take,” Obama said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

      “And I’m encouraging them to do so . . . on parallel track we’re going to be implementing an executive action.

      “But if in fact a bill gets passed, nobody’s going to be happier than me to sign it, because that means it will be permanent rather than temporary.”

      Just days before the election, the chairman of the Republican National Committee,Reince Priebus, promised that if the GOP won control of the Senate the party would do “everything we can do to stop” executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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      Urgent: Should Obamacare Be Repealed? Vote Here Now!

      • The news article doesn’t mean that much to me, since its source is the U.S. Border Patrol. I covered the Border Patrol out of Deming and Columbus, NM for over a year and do not have respect for the Border Patrol agents, many of whom are power-hungry gun-carrying types who patrol the U.S.-Mexico border like they are operating a Police State. Just read some of the posts on this website. You have total illiterates who do not understand humanity or what they are supporting giving full power to the Police State mentality that is turning America into a Third World Nation. The people who detest Barack Obama and his dictator qualities and I happen to be one of them — are playing right into Obama’s hands and don’t even realize it.

  19. Illegals should never be given amnesty. If people want to become legal, then they must go to the back of the line. Any amnesty that Obama is wanting to give to the illegals should never be allowed to vote in the United States and that goes for any person that is here illegally. We have laws that must be enforced by this country and any person (regardless of the position of power i.e. Obama) should be aware that they are NOT above the rule of law and the US Constitution and should be compelled to obey or face the consequences.

  20. Hey Janet Murguia, take your illegal self and ALL your ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS back to wherever you came from!
    This is a nation of LAWS and you have ALL broken them! la raza SUCKS, PERIOD!


  22. Extortion is what it is. And how will it play out if amnesty is granted to 11 million illegals? With chain migration it will be 30 million by 2016; and how will the Hispanics vote? DEMOCRAT! They know that the Rino Republicans can’t be bought this time for 30 pieces of silver. They’ll up it to 60.

    • That number is more than 20 million! They have been coming here for many years and have managed to get false credentials to help them remain in I was in California and Texas, and there were many Mexicans (Called “wetbacks” in those days). who crossed over into America through the river, hence the name “wetbacks.” Perhaps only God knows how many are here, but we MUST STOP THE FLOW!! Obama won’t do it, and neither will the Democrats after he is gone. It means votes for Democrats who provide them with all kinds of benefits and wants their votes. Why shouldn’t they come, even illegally, because so many of them get those benefits?!

  23. this type of statement PROVES we live under the tyranny of minorities!

  24. smell the jes u i t?

  25. I am Latina women but I am a USA Citizen. How could be this possible? Ah yes the current immigration Law ITS WORKING for all that FOLLOW THE LAW. La Raza its just an organization create by people that are illegals because they did not follow the LAW in the beginning. When you cross the border in the wrong way you know that soon or later you face to be deported…if its late and you claim that you have kids here and a life, that was the risk that you took it. American People citizen is the vote that it is countable.

  26. another organization that needs extermination, much the same as the communist party USA, aclu, and of course the scum rags over at cair…

  27. La Raza Take a HIKE preferably over the edge of a CLIFF !!

  28. Fuck this communist cunt!

  29. If we reward illegality with work permits and amnesty, we won’t have enough troops to guard our southern border. Like ancient Rome, the barbarians are at our gates. If America is also weak and rotten on the inside, the opportunity to re-take our country from a proper constitutional perspective will be lost. Please stand firm for the rule of law!! Obama wants the ever changing rule of man! Don’t give in!!!

  30. There are Hispanics who have came here legally. Does she think they would agree with her?

    • the polls taken last Tues. most Hispanics that are here LEGALLY are against Illegals, they say it increases animosity towards them as they are seen through the same lens as illegals. I agree we have laws and they need to be enforced, the first one to be returned to his country lives at 1600 Penna, Ave, N.W. Wash. DC 20001

  31. La Raza, maybe you need to watch what you threaten… YOU may be deported also along with your people that have NO business here… what is it you do not understand, THEY ARE ILLEGALS, WE HAVE LAWS HERE, YOU as well as them have to abide by them… What makes you think you will stop the Republicans from office ? Who in hell do you think you are ? TRY us Mr. Smarty & see what you will have to answer to… how do you like them ” HOT TAMALES ” Hmmmmm ????

    • We don need no stinking badges … we’ll just yank you out of your garage & put your Sorry brown a$$ on the next Greyhound to Beanerville (Mexico) !!

  32. They are bullies and promoting illegal entry. A lot of us have or had close family members who came here from all over the world LEGALLY, to allow illegals amnesty is a slap in the face to those who did it the right way.

  33. LA RAZZA! You can be sent home too~ You don`t help your Countrymen` by insisting that WE Taxpayers that are contributing 95% or more of the TAX Monies in the USA continue to subsidze your ILEGAL, and IMMORAL Shakedown of others that have contributed so much to the Mexican population here in the STATES. YOU do NOT an our tax rates are getting to an unbearable POINT~ YOU SHOULD BE FORCED TO PAY your way, just like others. IF you don`t LIKE IT> GO back to MEXICO sand organizeaREVOLUTION tO get rid of your EVIL MEXICAN POLITICOS THAT ARE STEALING YOUR COUNTRYMEN BLINF!!

  34. I’m thinking this is a threat to our Governmental system to use foreign Nationals to tamper with our Sovereign election system . So since it is a threat it is also illegal and based on a terrorist style of overthrow . I demand as I hope you all will to your legislators state wide local and National that La Raza be declared a terrorist organization , and all support of any kind with our tax dollars cease immediately . Plus they need to be removed from this country NOW!!

  35. LA RAZA: Any cooperation you might have had with the American people was just thrown out the window when you found it necessary to threaten us. Wrong move, lady. When a rattle snake is threatened, it rattles its tail. We are very much like this snake. Understand?

  36. the united states does not submit to terrorists threats, bitch.

  37. Today is Veteran’s Day. How many homeless, hungry Veterans do we have in the

    And, this groups thinks they should have some kind of amnesty deal? BS!

    Deport, close the doors to foreign refugee free-loaders (defund the refugee
    resettlement program), get these illegal lawbreakers out of OUR COUNTRY.

    These illegals have no rights. They are lawbreakers who live off of
    American taxpayers – “anchor baby” moochers to the system, fake ID’s,
    etc., etc. And, do not believe the bs that they pay taxes, because they
    have numerous “anchor babies” and therefore have not tax liabilities.
    They are moochers.

    Deport them Republicans. Do not let Obama continue to destroy the fabric
    of our once great country. Obama is for non-Americans, and against Americans.

    Get them out of the US – all of them – close the doors completely.

    Americans and our Veterans first and foremost.

    We are over-populated as a nation, and until we care of Americans and
    our Veterans, we have no business allowing unskilled, uneducated,
    diseased foreigners into our country. CLOSE THE DOORS.

  38. No amnesty for undocumented democrats!!! How stupid do you think Americans are? La Raza is a terror group!!!!

  39. This La Raza lady has a heck of a lot of gall. If she tried this strong arm tactic in ole Mexico the drug cartel would have her head hanging from an over pass with in a week with the rest of her body never to be found. Who in the hell does she think she is threatening our political system for her obvious special interest. Latinos along with blacks have to forget the color of their skins and wake up to the fact that being an American is an idea, a feeling, a state of mind. Forget where you or your parents came from and grab an oar and start rowing for the country of America LEGALLY.

  40. Any La Raza push me, I will push back harder with a chunk of lead!

  41. Silly people.What we need to do with immigration, is shoot them at the border crossings, Pick them up in country, and escort them to the border and show them what happens if they come back. Say, that would make a great game. Call it ” Illegal crossing”,. and it doesn’t have to be mexicans, just any border. La Raza has no standing.

  42. Traitors and spies are usually shot…..this permanently stops the lies the traitor(s) keep telling the American people !
    Now it’s being reported that Obama and his so-called architects of the monstrosity Obamacare

  43. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    Oh, like “The Race” could *guarantee* that the Republicans will take the White House if they *do* support Shamnesty? Give me a freakin’ break.

    The criminal alien insurgents need to be sent home along with a swift kick in their backsides as payment for Murguia’s threats. These little Communists need to be sent home with a note, telling them and their compadres that future border crossings will earn them a one-way plane ticket to Liberia, and not to the fun part of that nation.

    Janet Murguia
    Janet Murguia

  44. these insignifciant asses think they rule this country,,,,threat after threat this sort of attempted take over of our country should even p-ss of the democrats,,,if it doesn’t they dont need to try and lead this country

  45. We need to fix this debacle at home before we flood the market with millions more unskilled, needy foreign nationals. Sorry Marguia the responsible people of America need to keep this in mind. There are thousands of homeless veterans, that deserve to have a roof over their heads before you worry about the needs of people that aren’t even suppose to be here in the first place.

  46. Send la razor and all her ‘charges’ back. The hell with you! This is not latin america yet.

  47. SCREW LaRaza

  48. “Latino voter priorities must be reflected in Republican policy priorities” – really!? This only proves that the people of La Raza are not familiar with the U.S. Constitution. Our Congress – Republican and Democratic – is elected to represent the PEOPLE! – that is, the legal citizens of the United States who reside in their districts. The Constitution was written to protect the citizens of the United States from themselves and from agents of other countries who would like to take over our country, which includes any illegal aliens – Soviets, Iraqis, Cubans – yes, even Hispanics. If they wish to have representation in our Government, they need to go through the legal process of becoming legitimate citizens of the U.S. Then they can share in the voting process with the rest of us. We have no problem with who they are or where they’re from – just with the methods they’re using to try to gain power in this country.

    • I’d take it one further and say NO Voting for legal immigrants who might have ulterior motives. And NO more anchor babies. The illegal who came here to have their kid can take it back home with them.

  49. La Janet and El Luis need to be put in place. There are a lot of latinos that resent this invasion of illegals. They know these are trouble makers, trained and sent here to create more havoc and more discontent, they are coming in here to demand, steal, kill, and depend on our tax dollars, that is what they were trained for. The unaccompanied children sold or stolen from their addict parents, some picked from the streets, and others sent in desperation. Is not a family reunion, are they doing DNA test on the children to make sure that those that claim are family are really their family? This children will get lost in the system. Like puppy mills they will be sold into prostitution and some other perversion, slavery. Very few will find a good life. Liberals don’t care. Luis Gutierrez and Janet Murguia are building their base, with eyes in the White House. Most of this people have no idea of hygiene, lived in huts, and if they get a crummy filthy apartment rented by a democrat fat cat, they will feel they are living in a castle, add to that the magic cellphone and a TV with a few crumps for a meal and the debit card to drink all they want, they will be in 7th Heaven. This is too tragic to be accepted by the American people. We will be raising enemies, rabid dogs that will turn against us. Liberals have lost face with the blacks, now they know them, is time to bring new victims into the picture, they want power and control.

    • Maria, that is right on the nailhead and I couldn’t agree with you more. Sounds like you know it from the inside out.

      • Shellie and did you see how they sent Michael Brown’s mother, who is in trouble for assaulting her elderly mother in law to bad mouth the USA before one of the United Nations committees? I don’t want the United Nations degenerate thieves involved in anything in this country.

        • If the UN building should ever burn and crash to the ground during a full General Assembly, I shall kneel and pray to God, “Lord please forgive me for being so JUBILANT!”

  50. F U Laraza just who do you beaners think you are anyways

  51. Illegal is Illegal and Legal is Legal what don’t t you understand about these terms. Or don’t you understand the English Language????

  52. Just go home to Muxico where you belong and stop threatening America.

  53. The actress on Modern Family is a big supporter of La Raza and amnesty. Heard La Raza threaten that they will breed us out of our country. Why? Do they want the same conditions that they ran from to come here?

    • No surprise on that foreign actress. Breeding the Whites out of existence has been going on for yrs. now and they’re gaining ground.

  54. Republicans, let me be crystal clear, if you fold like democrat lite I and many other VOTERS will remember on election day.

  55. Take your card carrying members back to where they came from. We don’t need or want you!.

  56. Hey La Raza there is a thing called IMPEACHMENT and now that the Republicans have the House and the Senate the only reason I can see that there will be NO White House is because Obama will NO LONGER BE IN IT and if Joe Biden takes over as President it will be the same thing as an EMPTY White House !

  57. The first step here is to insure that in each State, illegals are not allowed to vote, that takes the wind out of the sails of Ms. Murguia Ingrate.

  58. There is a question of character and integrity here. If Congress folds on immigration we will see many, many more illegals coming in! But between now and January 20, 2017, Obama may be able to push things through with deceit, questionable promises and anything he can do to get what he wants done. Our presidency and Congress are in a quandary trying to settle the immigration without too much damage. Of course, Obama doesn’t care what happen to America as long as he can bring us further down to the level of a third world nation, which is his original promise to his backers::Soros… Obama is a Muslim and, of course, he is anti-American!

  59. FUK La Raza!! – Fuk the ILLEGAL Beaners!! – FUK Mexiko !!
    Seal the border with US Vets!!………..

  60. La Raza is a racist group for Latinos. Their ONLY motive is to receive special treatment for themselves while being able to bypass our laws. They have NO idea of the meaning of the word ILLEGAL. And yeah, I’m sure they’re worried about the Republicans regaining the White House! This midterm election proves that both Republicans AND common-sense can prevail. So piss on your threats La Raza!

  61. “Yes, but…what about the rest of us? You know, the dominant majority of Americans who oppose amnesty for illegals? What about our priorities?”

    This may be true right now, but these unlawful invaders of our sovereign Nation multiply like rabbits, and leave the American taxpayers paying their maternity bills to where we can’t afford more than one or two children ourselves. It’s a strategy called conquering via displacement, and has proven itself historically successful.

    The only way to deal with this problem is to first pass a Nation wide E-verify mandate, and then a voter ID. Force them to deport themselves due to the inability to obtain employment. Shalom!

  62. Yes, but…what about the rest of us? You know, the dominant majority of Americans who oppose amnesty for illegals? What about our priorities?”

    This may be true right now, but these unlawful invaders of our sovereign Nation multiply like rabbits, and leave the American taxpayers paying their maternity bills to where we can’t afford more than one or two children ourselves. It’s a strategy called conquering via displacement, and has proven itself historically successful.

    The only way to deal with this problem is to first pass a Nation wide E-verify mandate, and then a voter ID. Force them to deport themselves due to the inability to obtain employment. Shalom!

  63. I am also Hispanic (Spanish-American) and am disgusted by these flood of illegals who have contaminated our country. They are not really of Spanish blood but actually mostly the native populations, non-Spanish, who have poured in. They are users and takers and don’t give a damn about our culture, language and laws.

    We the people need to bombard Congress constantly to let them know we are not going to lie down in front of these illegal hordes and have them take over our country. This is an invasion, this is war! they multiply like rabbits and most of them are ugly as hell to boot.

    Why do the Rino’s think they have to placate the Hispanics? True Hispanics have been here for generations and don’t have family to export from Central America. That is who we are fightling…Mexicans and Central Americans. La Raza should indeed be investigated. It is ripe with corruption and voter fraud and is just as evil as the people who control the countries they have abandoned for the US.

    AND, we also have to fight the AMERICANS who employ them. I see Americans who are standing on street corners begging for money because they have lost their job, and on the same corner I see Central Americans working on construction sites, It is the AMERICAN PEOPLE who give jobs to these illegals, and these Americans are guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy because they are think they are going to save a few bucks off the bottom line. If you go into companies like Target a lot of people there can’t speak English! Don’t tell me they have green cards.

    If we really want to get rid of the unwashed hordes let’s first start with the Americans who enable them to work in this country. Fine these companies, shut them down and make it so hard for the illegals to work here that they have no choice but to return home or starve.

    • They probably do have green cards and social security cards. Counterfeit ones they can pick up easily and cheap. It really shouldn’t be up to the employers to decide if one is legit or not, maybe they could call Immigration to come and check instead 😉 If they made that a law, maybe there would be much fewer illegals applying for our jobs 😉

      Thanks for saying it like it is from a true Hispanics point of view by the way. You’re right, much of what is invading us are the Mexican indians, along with their impoverished ways which can include crime as a way of life.


  65. More commies turning defeat into fantasy victory for themselves.La Raza[which is Spanish for the race] is working against the interests of American born Hispanics and legal immigrants in this push to legalize criminality.Like it or not,that is what this is about,criminals breaking into our country. Try this in any other country,especially Mexico!

  66. That is one of the main problems, every group thinks that America should bend to their will. This is AMERICA< not Mexico North. Get over it ! If ya like Mexico so much, cross back across the border.

  67. Hey La Raza Beech – Try spewing your CaCa in East L.A., San Fernando, or Compton …..
    They’ll find your sorry A$$ in the L.A. River !!!

  68. What part of the word ILLEGAL do these idiots not understand? Illegal means a criminal act, as in sneaking across an international border. Criminal acts are punishable by law, these CRIMINALS should be arrested, tried, convicted and thrown into prison where they can pay for their crimes with hard labor and absolutely no rights.

  69. Mexico threatens America or else.? WOW crazy =.With all the children they are having ,and voting at age 18, some still in high school, we will be sorry if this crap with rewarding them with citizenship is decided on who our president will be 10 years from now. How can America keep making a fool out of it’s self. The president cheers our turning loose 5 terrorists for an army deserter but won’t make one phone call for our marine being held in Mexico for a simple mistake. We should give California, with all its troubles, to them. Oh ,wait we already did,.. Over 25% of ALL kindergarden children in America are latino==if that doesn’t shock you nothing will. STOP THIS

  70. The threat of amnesty for illegals had a big part in creating the wave of wins for the GOP. This threat will also push the GOP to a win in 2016.

  71. Maybe this woman needs to review the vote breakdown in Texas. The governor-elect and other so the GOP ticket ran a stony campaign AGAINST illegal and got almost 50% of the Hispanic vote. They are smart enough to know that illegals being legalized would cost them money.



  74. La Raza, pack up and get the “F” out of our country and stay out you useless a-holes. You folks are a pimple on the butt of humanity. You are useless parasites!

  75. La Raza won’t support the Repubs even if they supported amnesty, so this is simply a hollow threat.

  76. La Raza President Janet Murguia chupa peni de puercos

    frigg the racist sow

  77. Hey Janet… shut up! Look up the word “illegal” in an English dictionary and digest it. You will not intimidate the majority of Americans who oppose illegal amnesty. File your papers like all immigrants do and wait your turn, AND, NO FREEBIES!! Who the hell do you think you are? AND, tell your people to bring employable skills with them so they WORK and contribute to American society.

  78. LaRazza is not only a fool, but is also running scared, amnesty or not it is not the Republican party that has seen or will see the last republican president for sometime to come, it is the communist party (a.k.a.) the democratic and their associates that has seen the last of their kind in the white house fot at least the next 30 years.

  79. La Raza is a terrorist organization and should be banned in America! They represent our enemies, therefor should not have a voice in this Nation!

  80. We have immigration laws. We don’t enforce them. The law (theoretically) enables us to “filter” the applicants, not admitting criminals and undesirables and to quota those admitted relative to our capacity to absorb them, which is clearly now being exceeded. What’s the point of all the fuss and bother about making new laws not to enforce? – I’ve seen the argument that we’d be “breaking up families” if we deport illegals – but never an explanation. Does this mean that their country of origin will re-admit some members of the family but not others? And are they not also guilty of “breaking up families?” Can’t the U.S. bring diplomatic pressure to bear on them for this?

    • The ORIGINAL “family breakers” are those who decided of their own volition to come here alone illegally. If they go back home, problem solved.

  81. When Reagan was President over one million illegals were rounded up and returned to their country of origin, worked then and there’s no reason for it to not work again. If LaRaza was so concerned about Hispanics why are they not involved in their own country trying to make Mexico a more just place for the people instead of the shit hole that it is. Please don’t tell me how proud you are of being a Mexican when you desert your own to come here to suck off our welfare system instead of staying home and trying to bring about positive change.

  82. Screw LA-RAZA!

  83. talk of the tail wagging the dog

  84. Seems La Raza is IGNORING the significant Latino population JUST as opposed to amnest as the rest of us; but who happen to be legal citizens, and who happen to oppose it for the same reasons as the rest of us!

  85. Amnesty is an insult to every American who ever came to this country LEGALLY. Write to your reps, flood them with snail mail, as well as email and phone calls – NO AMNESTY!

  86. La Raza, you don’t belong nor do you run our Country. Go back where you belong and take your illegals with you.

  87. when is our congress senate and the house going to arrest this POS?


  88. Folks, there’s no choice. If we buckle on amnesty, the light will be bright green and we’ll have that much more next year and every subsequent year. The tide has to be turned, or we will drown in it. We have to take a hard stand. Seal the border. Deport all illegal immigrants. No work permits, no driver’s licenses, no social security, no healthcare. Return to prior historic levels of immigration, but legally only, and use the criteria that were used prior to Obama to determine who can enter. Additionally, reduce or stop Muslim immigration.

  89. Sounds like her allegiance is to Mexico. Deport her and the rest of that bunch first.

  90. Note to laraza….

    If you don’t like it, go home.

    We have your number and will call you if we need you.

  91. Now if the ‘republicans’ will grow a spine and shut off ALL funding for illegal support and start throwing employers of illegals in jail, the illegals will go home.

    As it is, mexicans want to be mexicans living in the US.

    mawzslums want ot be mawzslums living in the US, kill off any hope of getting sharia law and requiring strict adherence to Constitutional Law or strip their naturalization and deport them immediately with no more than the clothes on their backs.

    10 years and the democrats will never hold a majority anyplace again.

  92. la raza should be classified as a hate group…just like cair, hazbullah, naacp, kkk…and members as enemy of the State!! and a nice comfy cell at gitmo for ms murguia!!

  93. No Amnesty… Not now… not ever……

  94. F this stupid puta Murguia…anti American hag needs to go live in Mexico and make that vast and very corrupt, uneducated country a viable and superior place for her countrymen to be proud of. She is too intent and consumed with supporting felons from Mexico who use and abuse America, snd with her anti American agenda of RECONQUISTA, she is nothing but a pathetic self impressed bully!

  95. The United States Military recruits Hispanic people every day. I served with Hispanic Marines during the Vietnam War 1968-1974. They were good marines and excellent friends. They saved American lives when the Embassy in IRAN was attacked by IRANIAN Assholes. The Hispanic Marines were, and still are, damn good Marines and they deserve a little respect for defending American interests in every war since WWII.

  96. douche bag

  97. IF I were the Republicans, I would warn La Raza that under the RICO statutes, ALL of them can be prosecuted for the leaderships TREASON against the US because of their provision of “aid and comfort” to the FOREIGN INVADERS that THEY call “undocumented workers!” IF THAT doesn’t scare them, then simply ARREST them all and “disappear them into GITMO under the NDAA Section 1021 for “Domestic Terrorism because of them “threatening” the Republicans!

  98. This woman needs to shut up. Why oh why, are people like this getting face time on any media?

  99. The republicans have to secure the border or nothing is going to happen. Laraz, our taxes support your organization and paid for your education like Heurado (sp) on fox news. We paid his law school then he turns around and bashes the white people. He makes me sick……everytime I see that cute little mexican attorney on fox news telling us we need to change to accommodate the illegals I want to throw up on him. They will all be sorry for pushing us around when we have so many other scandals and national security issues, and we have to stop everything for these guys……

    • Also…..a quick digression ….Geraldo Rivera….at 70+ yrs old is still taking almost nude selfie’s and posting them on internet….reported recently on cable news etc……..early democratic dementia showing up in his brain cells.YET, he’s said on FOX news recently he’s a Republican……which way is it…..pseudo pundit?

  100. All I have to say to La Raza is Mamma Becha madycoun

  101. For a organization that is openly for the ruination of the
    United States La Raza makes a lot of demands. I want to
    see Republicans in Congress and throughout the nation
    enforce the current laws on the books and then strenghten
    the border enforcement and then look at and possibly
    change the existing laws for LEGAL Immigration in to the
    United States. Everything needs to be legal and run
    through CONGRESS not the Presidents PEN and PHONE.

  102. First you have to get rid of the illegal immigrant in the white house

  103. This crap of illegals having drivers license needs to stop, they NEVER NEVER have insurance !!! And nothing happens to them…..but let a citizen not have insurance and they lower the BOOM on THEM !!!

  104. Several influential folks in my county Republican committee and in the State Party have bought into this crap. The Pew Trust has issued reports predicting the dominance on Hispanic voters, but the Pew Trust is dominated by lefties and will say anything to confound conservatives. My guess is that these GOP turncoats are either in the Chamber of Commerce’s pocket, or have suffered a mental lapse. The bottom line is that Hispanics do not heavily vote Republican and having lots more of them as voting citizens will mean the death of the GOP.

  105. You voted for a President who can done nothing he promised but a few dollars for education that you have to pay back. He threw you a bone by giving amnesty to the children born here who anyone would have done. I think Republicans should have a program but it is a U. S. law a lot tougher than any other country and you have it made it here. I know how hard you work here but you should not be in a position to demand anything. You should ask for amnesty. It was offered and many didn’t come forward but they were afraid of getting arrested. I know because I am a Latina who encouraged them to do so. You want amnesty but you want it on your terms. My family was born here before Texas was a state. I have taught Illegals and many were great students but when I retired the Central Americans many were not interested in an education they were interested in recruiting for selling drugs and had no respect for teachers or authority. I am in favor for those who were here for a while but not those who just crossed over. Those problems in Central American have been there before the cartels with the dictators and the U.S. sent millions that never got to the people. From what I have seen I don’t trust what the President has done without the knowledge of the people that threaten Latinos who are here already and struggling not to mention legal citizens.

  106. Murguia can take your commie outfit and go back to Mexico. What we need is a civil war to destroy these mindless illegal talk Mexicans.

  107. I’ll translate what laraza meant to say:

  108. Arrest, send to jail, all those people in North Carolina who schooled illegals on how to register and vote Democrat. Then reach back one step and charge the people who set up the encouragers, send them to jail. I hear many were from LA RAZA.

  109. To trim the illegal votes, you just trim the illegal voters to the MAX! That should solve a lot of problems, like less economic burdens on us taxpayers who have to support the freeloaders with education, housing, healthcare and all the welfare entitlements. Secure all the borders, deport any and all who have not been in the U.S. for at least ten years, halt all issuing of visas. Round up all who have overstayed their visas, regardless of nationality, race or creed. Illegals GO HOME! To PLUG the HOLES you have to Ban the abusive Immigration Laws!

  110. Actually, the responsibility lies with the employer to make sure the person they are considering hiring is eligible. Here is a link:
    that explains all.

    However, I just heard on Fox News a preview of what the President is planning in his amenesty plot and it ain’t pretty folks! Work permits all around. Supposedly employers are supposed to e-verify people but everything is so lax these days employers probably don’t bother and really, who is going to report them? These people have fake ID’s (my husband used to work with one illegal who used to flash his passport around) as you have surmised, but if PO gets his way, they won’t need fake ID’s anymore, and the first people who apply for these work permits will get a discounted rate, or some such thing. First work permits, then driver’s licenses, then voter ID! It’s as clear as day what PO has in mind.

    And here is the kicker…all these illegals who get valid work permits if the amenesty plot goes through as planned..they will come out the shadows and demand to work for much higher wages, and all those companies who rely on them for cheap labor are going to have a BIG surprise. Why should they work for peanuts if they are now legal? Congress is already going to raise the min. wage and then what? Retail prices are going to soar.


    • I totally agree. Such common use/abuse of counterfeit green cards, social security cards, fake id’s, etc. are why I think it would be a great idea to have to clear the illegals thru Immigration before hiring them, rather than expecting the employers to have to know if their id’s are legit or not. Not many illegals would follow thru with applying for the job if they knew they would have to be cleared by immigration first. Then follow thru and deport their criminal asses.

  111. Maybe one of the quickest ways to have them self-deport is to cut off ALL medicare, food stamps and Section 8 housing if they are in possession of a work permit which would mean they admit they are capable of supporting themselves. Make them go on Obamacare (if it lasts that long). The work permits should be reviewed every year to make sure they are paying taxes, submitting Federal and State tax returns (yes, make them pay taxes, and also make them play catch up, say an additional 5% up and above what they owe the government to pay back the American people for all the years they have leached off of the complacent fat cash cow that America is for these people).

    Then, Congress should change the law to end birthright citizenship. Also, each time they send money back to their country they should be taxed a HUGE fee that is so staggering that they will think twice about doing this. Why should Mexico and Central American profit from all this? Let the money stay in this country.

    That’s for starters.


  112. Illegals are lawbreakers that don’t deserve any kind of special consideration.

  113. So what the hell is la razza? Anyway, I live in South Texas and have several Mexican friends. One is a painter here now for 30+ years. Has had a Green Card every one of them. Another owns an auto body shop. His family lived here before the Alamo. I could go on but the point is this. They are all legal American Citizens, or have gone through the proper procedure to be able to work here within the law. They pay taxes contribute to Social Security and all have done so for thirty or more years. They all share one thing in common as regards Mexican illegals. They don’t want them, like them and feel the same as all us white and black folks about it. They don’t want them taking jobs away from men and women who want to work. One of these men told me this joke. It was the night before the final day of the Alamo. Dave Crockett saw Col. Travis up on the walls inspecting the cannons and fighters for the coming battle. As Davey walked up he looked out into the night. He saw Santa Anna’s 5000 Mexican Soldiers, turned to Travis and said I didn’t know we were pouring concrete in the morning.
    This brings me to my next point. These illegal workers fill a void in our economy. I grew up working in the construction business. Most of my work as a teen was in tending Masons. Brick layers, block layers and on some occasions when my boss lost his mind temporarily, doing the back breaking work of prepping a site, forming, hand grading, laying vapor barriers and hauling and tying re-bar. All to get ready for the pour. Then came the endless concrete trucks. Getting it out on the ground, screeding, jitterbugging and bull floating all in preperation for getting out the knee boards and spending hours on your knees floating and hand troweling to a perfect finish. Trust me when I say there is nothing in that job description that ever made me think I would want any part of that as a lifelong work. Now being I was doing this work in the late 1950s to early 60s, how many of todays kids do you see who are chomping on their bits to pursue a career in concrete work? By the way that goes for any manual work from construction to the food industry and God only knows what else in between.
    But Amnesty! Start up the registration centers. Sign them up and give them their Green Cards. If they want to become citizens great. Give them their Green Cards and they can pursue citizenship after work. But Amnesty. The last time some politician had a brain fart on that level, we ended up with eighteen year old voters. Let’s do whatever it takes to stop this foolishness before it becomes another one of obama’s dead deeds that we will pay for until an Act of Congress can do away with it.

  114. Screw RACIST, un-American La Raza. This is the United States of America and we will NOT be bullied by a group of Illegal Aliens who DO NOT belong here to begin with. Who are these people to come here illegally and DEMAND their rights ? They DO NOT have any rights here.

  115. Who in the F–K does this b—h think she is? Sure ,the latino vote is needed, but it doesn’t necessarily dictate which party or candidate will win. She should try her extortion tactics south of the border in HER COUNTRY where they work, if you also have the cartels backing!

  116. La Raza DOESN’T represent Latinos here!!! They don’t mention that amnesty will hurt ALL including those already here. Their ultimate goal is to basically take over the country and their position here should be an indication. They also are typical in the sense that ONLY those in/close to LaRaza will benefit.

  117. Gov Greg Abbott got 50% of the male hispanic vote ….perhaps La Raza is out of touch with American Hispanics
    Nobody likes lower wages and higher taxes

  118. La Raza, where was Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his Democrat whores in Congress when he had overwhelming majories in both houses? He had the chance to easily pass what you seek, but did what he usually does, NOTHING!!

  119. Pray California doesn’t drop of in the ocean like they say some time in the future it will . There is room in this country for Americans only . What ever your your race .

  120. LaRaza, you’re wrong. If the GOP caves on Amnesty there will be no whitehouse, and possibly no congress in 2016. The mid terrms was a referendum on Obama’s ‘failed’ policies.

  121. Need toreach the Christians as they seem to bellargely ssitting on thesidelines wwaiting for Jesup instead of doing what He said, “occupy or stay engaged till I come.”

  122. Another loud mouth group that is blowing smoke out their razza. Lawful, Legal
    Aliens and American citizens do not what legalization of the Criminal invaders
    who are storming our borders daily and stealing form those who worked hard to
    get to the United States and become Citizens. They are in the same category
    as the other RACE Baiters in the Black community who whine, howl and scream
    while they are destroying everything they touch. You do not help your cause
    by making useless threats to Americans or those who have worked hard to
    assimilate into American socket and be accepted on equal terms.

  123. Hmmm they still do not seem to get message … America is tired of Obama .. america is tired of Amnesty… America is tired of Democrats .. America is tired of Obamacare to hilt ..America is sick and tired of Democrats trying to bend 2 nd amendment. America want new Jobs ..America wants oil pipeline NOW ..Number 1 i believe most America would like to see Obama step down and go back Kenya we had had it with LIE’s and scams

  124. La Raza is a radical group that doesn’t speak for the majority of American Latinos (not Hispanic, which means of Spain). I have been around the Latino community most of my life and married a couple Latinas. La Raza might speak for the some of the illegals and the brainwashed Latinos, but most of the Latinos just want the same things the rest of us want. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So, I say screw La Raza. Let them go back to Mexico and take all their illegals and radicals with them.

  125. *comes storming in like yosemite sam* Try it! I don’t like threats and I’ll tell ya, I am more then fed up with others coming to my country, telling me what I have to do, how I’m supposed to live and things and traditions they don’t like…well go “F” yourself! GET OUT, if you don’t like it. grrrrr…

  126. A terrorist group warm? she are out mind, eventualy her group be will close down forever. Be will NOT any break and all illegal be will deported. that kind of enemy must set down.

  127. Screw the wetbacks! Deport them and their bastard anchor babies!

  128. What a bunch of scumbag thugs. Deport them ALL. Stop ALL welfare and we won’t even have to deport them. They’ll leave on their own or starve.

  129. I don’t take to threats and you can’t stop us anyway but —you are not helping your cause and LaRaza can stick it where the sun do’t shine___GB

  130. The Republicans should tell LaRaza to kiss their ass. Who do these Illegal Thugs think they are? All you employers
    who use Illegal labor, do you think its worth it to have to listen to all the hate and discontent they spew. They hate America and our citizens and they would love to overthrow our government and turn this country into another Mexico, the worst part Is there are plenty of Socialist Democrats and Rinos who want to help them do it. 2016 is coming remember the politicians who support these leftist groups and vote them out of office. Don’t let them take your God given rights away from you.

  131. deport la raza with the rest of the illegals problem solved this is America! it an American thing you wouldn’t understand!

    • and if you think I’m racist piss on you! this is America and pay your own taxes and your own way F*ck You get out of my America! I don’t owe you nothing!

  132. It’s way past time to start fighting back against these Mexican invaders with a vengeance. What they’re doing is no different than an organized invasion by a foreign enemy.


  134. Well Spark, glad to see another senior here. I am 73 so I am under Obama’s death squad. Should that bother me? I have 20% of my heart, occasional kidney failure, a non working thyroid but it’s ok, I don’t look to Obama as my last line of defense or help. I work full time at a strenuous job and it is hard on me but I do it anyway and like you I intend to fight this garbage in the white house along with his cronies and I will ;include Reid and Pelosi in that. Frankly Pelosi acts like a demented person at times and I don’t really know how Congress handles it when one of their own is nuts but handle it they should. Her meltdown on the Senate floor was a real eye opener. As for Obama, look up sociopath in as many textbooks as you like, he has all the symptoms but he’s not like Gacy and that batch of killers, Obama will be more likely to be like Hitler and take a whole nation down with him. The night of his first election acceptance speech, one of the newscasters stated(after they had lauded him for months) “we know absolutely nothing about this man except what he has told us.” As I watched Obama taking in the worship I turned to a friend of mine and said the only time i have ever seen anyone pose like that is Hitler and she didn’t believe it till she looked at a lot of old photographs. I said all that to say this, this man AND his pals are dangerous and very intentful.. Let us fight together as a nation while we are still somewhat intact.

  135. Ah, excuse me Ms. Murguia, but do you know what the word ILLEGAL means? Is it ok for YOU to break the law? If so, than it’s ok for me to BREAK THE LAW right? It’s ok for ALL OF US to break the law. That is how little RESPECT people like YOU have for this nation. Screw YOU and your PATHETIC EMPTY arguments about letting people BREAK OUR LAWS ! Fix Mexico and all the other PATHETIC CORRUPT countries that cause their citizens to want to get the hell out of there. THEY are the ones with no COMPASSION. NOT THE U.S.A.

  136. La Raza[the race] is a communist,racist group that does not represent the views of American Hispanics to any large degree. Some mis-guided people who feel that they must support any organization that SAYS that they represent them are swayed by their racist rhetoric.Organizations which purport to represent the”White race” are regularly deemed to be racist,without any proof of any kind.

  137. Did someone die and leave you Boss? NOT going to happen.

  138. Something for you to chew on, We don’t care what La Crappa thinks. The shithole called Mexico is beckoning.

  139. Has anybody checked to see if La Raza President Janet Murguia is an illegal? What’s next out of her mouth that ISIS and Humas should be allowed into the US without any controls!

  140. The title should say “LA RACISTA” warns…

  141. LARAZA is not pro-American. They are a group who believes that the Southwest still belongs to Mexico and they are colonizing it with illegal immigrants who are not willing to assimilate into America but are instead trying to use our laws to destroy us from within. There are plenty of LEGAL immigrants who are not buying the “sob story” as they see themselves as the true victims here. Legal immigrants follow our laws and work hard to become American citizens. They don’t look for a handout as soon as they get here. These new citizens are voters too, and they don’t appreciate being lumped with law breakers. These are the people the Republicans need to bring on board. LARAZA, should they get what they want will have a hard time figuring out how to keep the money spigot flowing for all their programs when the takers outnumber the givers. Let’s see how that works out for you.

  142. La Raza- GO HOME! Who do your little band of unwashed people think they are, coming here illegally and making threats and demands! . You have not won anyone’s hearts or minds – just another loud mouth group of malcontents. go back to your own country and make it better.

  143. La raza didn’t get the message that we, the “Legal Americans” of every race and ethnicity said HELL NO, to illegal criminals on Nov.4, 2014!

    So la raza, take your threats and shove them where the sun does not shine.

    America has spoken and you are IRRELEVANT!

  144. I wish to point out that many Latinos who came here legally don’t support amnesty for illegals. Also, if the illegals are facing deportation, maybe they should have come here legally!

  145. If they are illegal, they are not eligible to vote. If they are not citizens, they are ineligible to vote. How dare illegals demand rights when they so blatantly ignore our laws.

  146. These people we have sent to Washington might as well wear dresses . Its 78 ad and
    Mt Vasuvius is getting ready to blow. The aliens are as numerous as the slaves back then. We are the new Rome and these tuti -fruity politicians think its all about themselves. You cant keep printing money and throwing it at problems. Obama has done everything within his power to throw up his hands and let the enemy walk right in. Hes a traitor, and its time for him to die.

  147. Cut the snakes head off.

  148. If You don’t like what will or won’t fly over here then swim over there and find out how your, woops scratchthat, how everyones rights and lives are trampled on or beheaded and laid in your streets. Just tell La Raza to practice their asses off on thecartel’s, military, and the government. Stay the hell in their country or we might exile our establishment to you so you can certainly have your way with them there. They would reduce unemployment there, the needs to establish a utopia, you know !!!!!

  149. Hey, La Racista! In what possible world would your spanish KKK Klan EVER vote for Republicans.


    Hispanics vote for both parties, but your little boutique group, known for its racial animous to all outside Mexico, are an embarrassment to the Hispanic community.

    The Republican Party does not HAVE to appeal to illegal aliens, since we would rather see the current Hispanic public have jobs, homes, and a place at the table in the actual Republican Party with real power, instead of being just vote slaves for the Demcrat plantation.

    In case you have not noticed, there is a huge group of Hispanics that live here, and have for generations, and they are rising in the ranks of Congress, Governorships, and the State legislatures, and not just token power positions.

  150. amazing how they think they can threaten anyone with their radical views. one reason not to give amnesty. why should we pay for illegals housing, food stamps, obumercare, welfare and education when millions of Americans are out of work and struggling

  151. we will crush you if you think any group must be catered to because you have a gang mentality,just vote and remember your a minority,meaning,small potatoes,we work to make america better join the club you’ll like it

  152. La Raza? Meet the Tennessee Volunteers, were the Patriots who descend from another group of Patriots who when asked by Sam Houston to come to Texas and defend citizens against another group of loud mouthed Mexicans lead by a Tyrant who murdered our citizens we responded at San Jacinto Battle field. Shall we again voice our opposition to FOREIGN INVADERS from Mexico threatening our Liberty and our Rights as Americans?Damn Straight we have responded,its called an election and you lost. LEAVE and take your invading misguided people with you back to wonderful Mexico.And before you spew your BIGOTRY I;m American,thats my race.My home, and my Government,so take your threats and remember where you come from,your Heritage,your past. You do not even speak your own language or print your own language in your paper? Spanish? What your from Spain? No so get out of our Nation,all of you.Leave,stay gone,do not return.

  153. No way will Americans be bullied by a bunch of Illegal Mexicans.

  154. No body with any brains give a damn what these people have to say because they are all here illegally and no body wants them here taking out jobs away anymore. We are tired of them bidding against us for a job with real cheap money, and no benefits because they go to the clinic for free medical care at our expense anyway. They all need to be sent packing back where they came from….hell. That is where this mud-slime terrorist needs to go as well….HELL. He can take his take over ideas of the government with him to and write a book about his failed ideas to take away the American government from us, that no one will ever read anyway.

  155. Why should we disregard our laws for people who are here illegally. We don’t do it foe our own citizens and we should not do it for others. Stop trying t threaten us with you illegal attempts to vote.

  156. La RAZA is a hate group that hates America and is backed and full of racist Hispanics. They say let us violate your ;laws or we will use our racism against you. I say we need to go after them as a hate group, publish the names of members and supporters and boycott all of them, boycott all Hispanic businesses until they fall in line as Americans and promote the rule of law, equal enforcement, and assimilate to our culture, our language.

  157. Confiscate all assets of any employer and those whom subcontract them and give out 10 year provision sentences per illegal hired to all management and especially executives and you will see the jobs dry up and self deportation. If the offending companies want to contest it in court then also freeze all assets and let them try to fight it.
    As far as separating the families, that is just another scam. Send the children back with the parents and once the child is emancipated and self sufficient it may return with the understanding that it can send no money back to help their family. If the money is earned here, it must be spent here or be subject to a 75% additional tax.

  158. I say anyone that wants to them to stay may give up their US citizenship and assets and be deported to the country of the person they ask to be allowed to stay. Let v them take the place of you supporters and your family.

  159. You here the Hispanic Congressman say they will not get healthcare, food stamps, welfare etc… if we let them stay. If you believe that I have beach front property for sell on the sun. Heck let us not forget the cost of educating their children which is pushed down on local municipalities and is on average more per student than Americans draw in social security. They are already getting these things and it is already illegal. Since when does the government enforce laws against illegal invaders… they don’t.
    Do not forget Obamacare and how they will get to use that now. These invaders have raped up several trillion dollars in cost to the tax payers and American people, it is time to get rid of them and their supporters or hit them up withy all cost including past cost.

  160. The states need to bill the federal government an addition trillion dollars a year for all their cost of dealing with illegals, the crime, the job loss, unemployment, etc… This is another unfunded mandate to the people. I actually believe the states should not educate the children of illegals and tell the feds to keep their school funding and stop taxing our citizens so much and using our own dollars to extort us into doing what they demand.
    Soon as the Feds threaten to cut off funds for not following the mandates, then sue the feds for selective enforcement. They have not enforced immigration, drug laws, gone after sanctuary states and cities, etc… They will lose this battle for it can be proven that the US government is using it’s agencies as tools of intimidation and violation of equal protection laws.

  161. So this La Raza, which is founded and run by illegals is threatening our country? Isn’t it time we declare war on La Raza? How about a bounty on the heads of all La Raza members starting with her? Then let’s start a campaign to nationalize any and all businesses that willingly employ illegals, stop all federal aid of any kind to illegals and amend the Constitution to read “Only the children of natural born or naturalized citizens will be considered Americans”. Put a date on that of January 1st of the year it is passed so they cannot say their children were born before the law was voted in! Then we can do like Truman and send troops door to door to deport the illegals. Make them come here legally. Then, and only then, will they be welcomed with open arms!

  162. So, it would seem that after the islamics, we have another un-American group to contend with.

  163. Stupid beaner!…………………………

  164. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    Just require photo identification that demonstrates US citizenship to vote.

  165. When one is granted amnesty for their illegal actions, the result is often more continued illegal actions for which they expect additional degrees of amnesty. Amnesty is simply turning the other cheek while you wait for another violation of the laws.

    I, for one, want my grandchildren to live in a country based on laws and respect for the earned rights of others, not in a country overweight with law breaking illegals and their families.

  166. you can’t threaten someone and get by with it!!!!!! the GOP will cut off all federal funds to your nasty group and have you audited inspected regulated and if they find 1 shred of evidence take you to court and prosecute you to the full extent of the laws!

  167. La raza is run by communists and why are they allowed to have a voice in our country? They should be deported back to their cartels in mexico.

  168. LaRaza get a grip the legal american people really don’t give a rats ass about your hot air threats. When your illegals go through the process the legal way then your little group may have some clout. Sit down and shut up until the process is vetted through legal means.

  169. What part of Illegal does she NOT understand?????????? ILLEGAL = DEPORTATION SIMPLE MATH.

  170. The Republicans should tell La Raza to kiss their ass. Who are these Illegal A-holes to tell our government representatives what to do. American Citizens from all over the country Should tell Republicans to not pay attention
    to these Marxist boobs who just want our Economy to collapse under the weight of government programs that they will be able to use, such as Welfare, Long Term unemployment there are not enough jobs for American Citizens let alone Millions of Illegal Aliens. All Illegals in this country should be deported immediately. Republicans in office have sworn under oath to support The Constitution and The Laws of the United States of America. Call their offices, Email them, Demand that they do the job they were Elected to do. NO MORE AMNESTYS period no matter what name they call it. There are ways to enter this country Legally not by making some back door amnesty, kind of reminds of the way Obama care was passed, now we find out from the people who wrote it that it was all Lies and that’s what this Amnesty is, all lies to buy votes or cheap labor. It will drive wages and benefits Lower while raising
    Taxes to pay for the Illegals Social Programs. Isn’t almost 18 Trillion in debt not enough?

  171. OOOOh we are so scared. How about NO COUNTRY for you because you refuse to obey the law. You are not a very bright bunch of folks, are you.

  172. FDR imposed the Internment “CONCENTRATION CAMPS” for Japanese “AMERICAN CITIZENS” at the beginning of WWII..& Many were NEVER allowed to get back their properties after the war…even tho’ still citizens…Here in the Kent, WA. valley farming area where so many resided & raised their families & ‘crops’ for sale at their farms or in the Seattle Food Market..Passage of Amnesty via ‘Executive Order’ is TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL..& will create another ‘TIPPING POINT’ for our country..similar to April 15th, 1775, Dec. 7th. 1941 & 9/11..View Article V , 2nd. clause, for the REALITY ANSWER TO GETTING OUR COUNTRY BACK..OTHERWISE..the 2nd. Amendment may be necessary!

    • The Second Amendment, continuously from the moment of its inception right up to this very minute, has been, without interruption, necessary.

  173. LA RAZA can go suck it, pussy.

  174. Janet: Hop back on the turnip truck and buzz off. There are people, good people, who have done all the required paper work and background checks and paid the fees to come to this country. They deserve priority, not illegals. If you were standing in a long line at a store and a group of others came in and pushed you out of the way to take your place in line, what would you do? Just say ‘Oh, please take my place and I will go to the end of the line for you’? I think not.
    So, why not look at this realistically. If you have not received permission to be here, you are trespassing. Trespassing is illegal. People who break the law need to go to jail or be deported. It’s as simple as that.
    No, Janet. You will not intimidate me or the rest of the American People. Threaten all you want!

    • The ACID TEST is for an American to trespass on Mexican soil! We should by all means show them just how Mexican we ARE, by treating THEIR trespassing EXACTLY the same way they would treat OURS, if ever we were stupid enough to even WANT to trespass their third-world Hellhole.

      • It’s the same in most third world countries. Trespass and get shot! The mexicans and other useless people will continue to flock here for the freebies until the pos muslim in chief is taken out of OUR White House. They got rid of Caligula…we can do the same.

  175. Who cares what Janet Mierda says, thinks or does. Her threats should be published for all to see, so that her mendacity is known by all people of all races. If the RNC backs down for these slugs, they DESERVE to lose the next election. If we could get rid of all the RINO’s in the Republican Party, we could get BACK to having a TWO-PARTY SYSTEM. So far, they’ve done very little to convince me that they’re not merely a faux-adversarial, co-equal branch (the other branch being the Democrat Party) of the New World Order Takeover Syndicate.

  176. Well then I guess it’s WELL PAST TIME to deport all these LA RAZA Fags back to Mexico so they can become headless victims of their own crimminal underworld … Don’t DARE threaten our Nation’s electorial, that “The Race” (bigots) has presented their position, and NOW it’s time to send every single frijole eatin’ illegal mexican OUT of this country and back to the Motherland…. Beat it Beaners

  177. Wow, how many real Americans – how many Republicans are now shaking in their boots because LA RAZA has spoken. Unbelievable how egotistical to actually any Republican would listen to a word they have to say. I say to LA RAZA: there may not be a Democratic Senate, House or President if they keep breaking the law and trying to destroy our Constitution and denying our freedom of speech, religion, what we wear, what words we choose to use, how we must accept all the sexual perversion the Progressives can invent. Shut Up LaRaza, you sound so ignorant!

  178. To: La Raza
    From: A latina
    I would like to inform you that I arrived in this country with not a penny to my name. 1 baby and 1 toddler. No Medicaid, no welfare, no food stamps, no housing. I was a political refugee and went immediately to the right channels to obtain a green card and stay here legally. I never needed a barking rabid complaining dog to defend me or find me a job. I actually KNOCK doors to be given an opportunity. Many of us, and many of your new arrivals are not in accordance with your actions, you are defying the law, flying your flag like if this was your country, intimidating those that are not in accordance with you. Learn to speak the language and stop making those guttural sounds that no one can understand what you are saying. Some of you have been in welfare for 3 generations and your shield are the children for whom you couldn’t care less. Does it make any sense that the government bleeding hearts give you custody of a child, whose grandfather and great grandparents are well off and have an impeccable record, to someone that has never been married that has a new young boy friend with a police records almost every week, your boy is a bump and your daughter a drunk? No, the socialist could not care less about the welfare of the child, they will condemn her to a life of misery in an infested building of government housing without hope and without receiving the education love and care that she is entitled to, just because you are the scum and they need to get your vote and who knows what will become of that little girl. Dam the bleeding heart lawyers, they deserve to rot in hell, they are selfish and irresponsible.

  179. I have thought of mexicans as being mostly catholic and welcoming children that God gives them. If that were true, why would they align themselves with a president who encourages abortion. Do they not know that obama is the abortion president? Or are they in favor of killing children?

  180. LA RAZA needs to stop their threats.
    We Americans have been too good to these Illegal Aliens.

  181. LA RAZA is one of the reason’s why we should not give illegals Amnesty! This is not Mexico. They cannot threaten our WH or our way of law! LA RAZA needs to be defunded and those who threaten us and our way of life…should be deported. Enough with these people who live off of our tax dollars and expect to be taken care of!

  182. La Raza, you sure are stupid–most Americans know the illegal is illegal and giving amnesty to illegals is not constitutional. Most Americans know that there are no free rides and we DO NOT WANT AMNESTY

  183. and she forgot that a lot of latino,s what this shit stop too. they know this can,t keep happening or they won,t have work ether. ya dumb ass

  184. It will be a mute point if they end up securing borders and deport illegals and especially those with arrest, offenses and maybe prevent the Calif killing of 2 deputy sheriffs after having been deported at least 2 times? Oh, LaRaza, what does Mexico and any other latin american country say about being there illegally and getting most everything free?? The other issue is if needed a convention of states and reintroduce voting for only citizens and registered voters with ID’s like we have to do and make it unilateral in all states, you might find that those that have followed the rules, worked their butts off to be in this country legally means a lot to them!

  185. don’t let the demos run a bluff on you, we can out vote those rats any day of the week, he is breaking the law and you let him get away with he will push even more on other bill that he wants, impeach and any thing else you can do to him, Joe Biden will be more easyer to get along with once he sees you mean business

    • Very true. Not only that, but bideN can be impeached TOO; in fact, our government is long overdue for a PURGE. EVERY person in government who KNEW about the FRAUD of obamA but did NOTHING to STOP it should be terminated immediately WITH NO RETIREMENT PAY.

  186. La Raza does not speak for all Hispanics. Is a matter of fact, I would venture to say that they speak for a very small minority. They are like Jackson, Sharpton or the Rev Jeremiah. They don’t speak for the entire black population. I am a 4th generation American of Hispanic descent and I will vote against any politician who votes for amnesty. There are many more like me and we are the ones politicians should worry about keeping happy. Unlike illegal aliens, we do not only have the right to vote, we take it as a responsibility not to be ignored. So remember, who would you rather make happy, legal voters or illegal aliens who cannot legally vote?

  187. The problem for La Raza is, they are not the majority of Hispanics, nor are they the majority opinion. As the New York Times discovered this week, when they surveyed Hispanics, nearly one-half opposed amnesty.

  188. Hey LA RAZA – Que te jodas!

  189. la raza no W.H. for you ever why dont you go back to mexico you racist bastard?

  190. Concerning La Raza Warns Republicans: No White House Without Amnesty, an interesting proposition. Shall we see if the tail wags the dog?

  191. Thank you LA Raza for threatening us exposing yourselves. Now we have a name to come up against. This is our land we are keeping it. We will have peace or you the whitehouse and the rest of you leatches can go somewhere else. We the people in order to form a more perfect union Union UNION. We come against you in the name of our GOD which happens to be the only one there is. The republican that are there on a trial bases better watch out. We know the name that is above every name yes Every name and we are not afraid to call on HIM. Amen and amen. Lavish yourselves hurry up because the American citizen is long done with your socialism communism and political correctness propiganda. Gone are the days you can convince us. We have observed you load of dung with our own eyes and pockets.

  192. Don’t threaten US! Payback is a bitch.

  193. Extortion. Nice! Just what I’d expect from wetbacks. No Amnesty. Go back below.

  194. La Raza and other agencies that support illegals coming into the uS and remaining are catering to a bunch of illegal, non US citizens who have no rights in our land. They are here illegally have broken our laws and the acts of Obama will put them ahead of those going through the legal process to get to America. Not Fair. At least 20 times, Obama stated he did not have the authority to do just what he did tonight. In effect, Obama has told the citizens of the US and our congress to stick it up your nose; I am the Monarch and I will do what I want, NOT what the American CITIZENS want. It is time for millions of Americans to bombard our white house demanding Obama cater to the US Citizens and not the illegals. He acts as though his primary concern is to accommodate the illegal, non citizens, rather than enforce the laws of the US Citizens and our constitution. He has told America to go to hell, I will run this country as I see fit. Well, that is impeachment talk and this should be a sure thing comes 16 January 2015, even if it costs the GOP the presidency in 2016; they must get our country back and rid it of a dictator.

  195. Republicans need to go full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. La Raza is not going to influence the entire Hispanic vote. It’s time for the winners to realize why we gave them this win again. Stop Obama! I am one of the Hispanics in my avatar and I will not vote for any politician who pushes amnesty.

  196. No amnesty without the whitehouse! You are very arrogant La Raza! Go home! We don’t want you!

  197. Christopher Chance

    FUCK YOU LA RAZA! GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY>>>THIS ISN’T IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  198. Heck, La Raza has been threatening all kinds of crap since the 1970s. Back then they thought they were running the US Army and we had to send non-English speaking soldiers to get a high school education a half day, every day. That was more accommodation to illegals. Then we had to help druggies. Then the Mexicans demanded to serve together. Then the Puerto Ricans. Time to take these buttholes out behind the shed!

  199. NO BORDER WALL ???

    Up YOURS, La Raza … We don’ need No stinking Beaners !!!!

    pinchhe cavrone

  200. I happen to be Hispanic and I am for getting RID of la raza and groups like them. Also, Obama should be HUNG. PERIOD. Oh, of course we would arrest him, try him, convict him and then HANG HIM. The Beast Meeshall can keep the rope. PERIOD

  201. I think La Raza should have a thorough and complete investigation into their activities.

  202. SCREW THESE JERKS! They have no power and most NOW are just Druggies and Inmates from prisons all over the COUNTRY1

  203. Maybe it’s time they were investigated by FBI, first if they are not citizens, why do they think they should dictate to the rest of us. This is USA, not So. Amer. or Mexico, don’t like how things are down there, Well go home and use your mouths, etc. to change them, We DO NOT want to be like that.

  204. Well maybe MsMurguilA and her leftist LaRaza should pay the way for the 5 to 10 million illegals who will burden our system instead of the middle class tax payers!


  206. just what we need,a sordid group of illegals trying to blackmail their way into this country,they might try the old fashioned way,do it legally,I just find it hard to believe that we just have to have them all at once,and now…we should not take their threats lightly

  207. Seditious racist BITCH; one that should’ve been jailed for sedition a long time ago.

  208. ArizonaMilitiaDotCom

    Murguia, like the Democrat party, continues to struggle against Reality.

    The Fudderals would not have to catch every single criminal alien and deport them. They would make a lot more headway by just simply making it a felony for any foreign national. to be physically present inside the USA without the proper permissions and paperwork. Get caught inside the USA without those, and they spend a year inside the Fudderal slammer. Get caught again, and they spend five years there.

    Make it hurt to be here, and they will start to leave.

    Groups like La Raza need to be subjected to the same kind of scrutiny and investigation as groups like the American Nazi Party and the KKK. These enablers for the criminal alien insurgents are of the same racist ilk, and deserve only our scorn and contempt. Start investigating them heavily, uncover their dirt, and put them into the Fudderal slammer for a couple of decades.

    Failure to reduce the number of these future soldiers of the American Communist Revolution will not make our nation any safer. The more of them that there are inside of our nation, the bloodier our future becomes.

    Buy More Ammo. Support your local Militia or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, America.

    • Exactly right-one year on the farm. Juan Illegal wont enjoy working for free and soon he’ll realize maybe Mexico is a better option. Then word gets around that they really mean it and poof they all kind of fade themselves away. Its a dream at least. And youre right about the soldiers of the future commie surge – Mexico is commie thu and thru and the surge of Mexico into this country is just importing that red element and ideology-very bad stuff.

  209. La Raza, another racist group like the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, KKK, ISIS, ISIL, is daring to threaten the Republican Party? Go to Mejico, Guatemala, etc. and threaten there and see how quickly you are disappeared!

  210. It would be easy enough to round up all immigrants legal or not and throw all illegals including La Raza back where they belong

  211. I see Ted Cruz never fails to do the right thing ,,,Best man in Washington to lead America back to her once great standing in the world ,,,Ted Cruz For President 2016,,,!!!

  212. All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHA we don’t give a red blooded patriotic American rats rear end what La Raza thinks. Be legal or get the fudge out!!! Period!!!!

  213. LA PUTA you hurt American-born Hispanics more than anyone else, ask any American-born Hispanic who has to complete with illegal aliens.

  214. sounds like mass blackmail.

  215. Please stop the invasion., Please ,,, Please ,,,, Arizona and California are becoming “little Mexico “

  216. This is another BS article when the gop passed amnesty in 1986 not many of them voted for gop candidates but rather choose the dems of course the democraps took credit for it but it was signed by Reagan who was definitely a Republican so their words are meaningless & the gop should know this passing amnesty will not get the beaner vote & the gop will go the way of the wig party with all the newly made democraps the white race also had better wake up & appose amnesty by voting gop & finally coming together we are still the majority in this country maybe for a few more years but we don’t breed like dogs, where as Hispanics have very large families & pay very little in the way of taxes but love those government hand outs. With the economy in shambles & jobs hard to get & Millions still unemployed they want to bring millions of illegals into our society subsidized by our tax money. I think it is outrageous that they would want to do this to American citizens, at this time.

  217. La Raza, most Americans do not listen to illegals except our illegal President and his henchmen. So go back to where you came from. Impeach Obama and deport him.

  218. Tell “La Ratso” to take a flying leap back over the border, if you want to come to
    America then do so in a lawful and legal manners. We will welcome you with
    open arms. Sneak in like a Criminal in the middle of the night and get sent back
    home to the slum you came from. America has opened it arms to lawful and
    legal immigrants from around the world, all we ask is when you come here
    do so legally. Is that to much to ask from anyone. If I go to Mexico or any other
    nation I must do so legally or wind up in jail for a very long time. Why should you
    expect any different treatment in the United States of America?

  219. If the price Republicans must pay to get the votes of Hispanics who are legal citizens is to offer amnesty to illegal aliens, then the price for Hispanic votes is just too high!! If the USA rewards law breaking, we will simply get more of it! Keep on threatening, La Raza; we’ll see how it all turns out!

  220. La Raza seems to have forgotten what happened in Texas elections already. The governor and lt. gov elect ran on strong immigration law enforcement and got around 50% of the Hispanic vote. Maybe this pres of La Raza needs to rethink her position.

  221. The first thing that needs to be done in America is CLEAN OUT the white house ,one way or another! Get rid of the muslims the fraud turd that was placed in the white house, then do a thurough cleaning of the old communist political leeches who have served 4 terms any dam way possible!!

  222. NativeAmericanMan

    Okay, Let me get this right, a group that CAN NOT legally vote on ANYTHING in America is threatening the Citizens of America about the outcome of elections of our President. Did I get that right? Tell you what, let’s fix their separation problems for them, ARREST EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, put them to work on public projects till they have paid for their ticket home and send them back where ever they cam from! They are NOT citizens so they do NOT have ANY rights! GET OUT! Illegal means UNLAWFUL, so yes Virginia they ARE CRIMINALS!

  223. People of America it is time to stand up and take these radicals called la razza (no caps intentional) out! They are nothing but misplaced monkeys with pea sized brains!

  224. La Raza should be told by the WHITE HOUSE and the GOP – VETE AL TOMAR POR CULO. Get the hell back to Mexico or wherever you came from and stay there. Improve your own country before sneaking across our borders and trying to change our way of life. Go back home you putas.

  225. “The Race” can get the phuck out of ” MY COUNTRY ” !

  226. I agree with all of you that this La Raza “threat” is a bunch of crap. But knowing how each of us feel is not the answer unless we do something about it. Make sure your senators and representatives know and be damn sure you vote appropriately. The only way this empty threat begins to gain significance is if the progressives make it possible for the vast number of current, and probably future illegals to become voters, a privilege typically reserved for citizens. Turn your anger and frustration loose on those who can do something about it…your state and national congressional representatives. If the RINOs think they should be afraid of La Raza’s votes, let them know that your votes are both considerably greater in shear numbers AND they are legal. Our system was designed for your input to matter. Make it so!!

  227. Can you imagine what they will be demanding next, if they are made legal! They need to be sent back from where they came from, we don’t like threats! La Raza is a dangerous organization. Adios



  229. The Hispanics that went the the process set up for all immigrants is the ones I am concerned about. What illegal amnesty does is tell these people that we do honor the process that they took, which is the legal one. If the Republicans do not call a halt to illegal amnesty and close our borders, your threats will be small potatoes.

  230. Laraza needs to go back to Mexico where it may mean something. it is mostly run and paid for by drug cartels. so go back to mexico. this never was Mexico it was conquered by Spain and evolved in land grants to the people. so stop the Mexican claim to our land. Go home illegals

    • Why is La Raza even a factor? Take away her microphone and podium. It’s foreign policy trying to influence our government. And I’m not sure our representatives are smart enough to realize that.

  231. F U La Raza BEANER beach!!
    The Pepper-Belly ILLEGALS Don’t tell US What to do !!!

    NO WALL, NO AMNESTY!! Eat it taco benders !!!

  232. La putitah cupa colo

  233. Open season all illegals. Throw any legal immigrant in prison that has helped any Illegal. DEPORT ALL of the know and unknown immigrant that have come here in the past 10 years.

  234. The only way there can be a significant impact by Hispanics at the voting booth is to grant amnesty and citizenship to all those who are here now. That has not happened and with any luck that will never happen. Just because you sneak into someones home in the middle of the night does not make you a member of their family.La Raza and all of it’s members have no justifiable claim to be in this country. They are not citizens and they don’t really care to be, they just want the benefits of citizenship without having to go through the actual process of becoming a citizen. Our jails are full of Mexico’s worse and more keep pouring in each day. We need to close those borders and put an end to the flood of potential new Democrats, we have more than enough freeloaders already, thank you very much.

  235. La Raza is an organizaation supporting criminal illegal immigrants with threats and intimidation. What they really need is to learn that this is the United States and not some third world bana republic. Enforce our existing laws and secure our borders. We do not need people here who do not want to come here legally and be a real part of this country. The only power La Raza really has is to intimidate gutless politicians.

  236. I believe LaRaza is wrong. I think if we deport enough Illegal Immigrants the American Citizens will prevail and the Democrats and Liberals will have to start all over at bringing Illegals into this country to stuff the ballot boxes.

  237. LA PLAZA get your little brown asses back to Mexico and have your community friends come here the legal way. Obama is so full of el toro poopo (BS) that it is time the republicans bring the country back to reality and not pussy panty whining where the girlygrats have taken us.

  238. this is what a true bully is

  239. Isn’t this considered a threat? Ms. Murguia has an abundance of unmitigated Gall and nerve for advocating that Illegal Alien Lawbreakers should NOT be subjected to US Laws of Immigration as others do, and have done for many years! By whose authority does she speak? Her group deserves no reward or recognition due to their total disregard for our long established law of entry, if they can’t follow US law to enter legally, then what can we expect next? Her group uses US tax money to operate as a charity, which is acceptable when used to uplift her group, but to push their illegal status is an outrage especially when it is used to DEMAND special treatment in a blatant move override US Regulations. Note to Janet, we all have friends and relatives waiting per the law to come here, why do you think people who broke the law, should be given preferential treatment they have not earned. As far as coming out of the shadows, that is odd, when they have the temerity to march on US streets while carrying Mexican Flags and refusing to speak English. America welcomes new comers who follow the law, but not those who demand special attention.

  240. Ia Raza, whose motto is “for us, everything, for the others, nothing”, has no moral standing to ask, or demand, anything. And, it is not clear to me that Americans of Hispanic background support Amnesty or open borders. Many of these folks have served in the military, and want what is best for America. That may well not include the entry of a bunch of folks who are illiterate in their own language.

  241. LaRaza GO TO HELL. NOW that place should suit you well..

  242. How can the Republicans be afraid of LA RAZA….send them “a pakin” and the cost be damned. Between the illegals and muslims the politicians are always caving in. Stand up and take them on head on!

  243. Deportaion is the only answer for these American haters!

    They come to the U.S. to escape their oppressors and the crappy way of life they had there, yet they want to turn America into mexico. Then they vote (some legally) for those that would oppress them. Go figure!

  244. I don’t want to see their faces constantly whining, I don’t want to see their flag, and they better remember they cannot make demands, they came here illegally and we don’t need to put with them. There are a lot of qualified people, NOT TROUBLEMAKERS, that have been waiting to come in legally to this country. So I will tell them STOP IT or pack.

  245. LA RAZA = THE RACIST known to make terroristic threats to Americans. They should be locked up by Homeland Security.

  246. Murguia and La Raza are nothing of nothing, who represent?not Latino, not me and I am Latino, represent all criminals Latino illegals come and invade here, in especial Mexican. But reality can’t change. is will take White House, all fucker illegals be will massive deportation and no surprise Dem be will prosecute all. Dems are terminate like illegals.A only what are doing are convince American no more illegal here.

  247. Thing why real won legalize all illegals and let became USA Citizen? what be will happening in a future all that voting against American, that are a complot from MEXICAN Gov and dems, more Mexican more vote and easy control we life. Thing about.

  248. Well, now, that threat just has me quaking in my boots, considering how much support that bunch of illegal wetbacks has already given to the republican party. The biggest threat to a 2016 presidential campaign is the Republican “Leadership” who refuse to stand firm and shut down Obama’s illegal actions. Stop worrying about a bunch of Spanish babbling illegals and run down and get a ‘nad transplant before you screw up everything boys.

  249. The Republicans need to stand strong against Obama’s Immigration Reform and definitely any kind of “stay of deportation”. Come 2015-2016 all the Republicans need to campaign on to the BLACK communities is that any kind of amnesty or Immigration Reform will hurt their communities even worse than most and will take jobs that all our children so badly need. If they think the Dems are going to “F” them, they will either not vote or will vote for Republicans.

  250. The politically correct crowd is bowing down to this Laraza thing. we must corral those in the white house to maintain a decent social life for the rest of us

  251. This group has been given the big head by this current bunch of Democrats who have pandered to them believing they will be able to force their own agenda with support of Mexican immigrants. News Flash La Raza, you don’t have that authority and you won’t get it. Obama has not got that authority and neither does this administration of Democrats so let it go and Understand that America will not be intimidated by illegals- nor will America be made to comply with illegal amnesty.

  252. I live in a small town in South Texas. We have families here since the mid 1840s. I know and talk with many Mexicans who have lived worked retired and died here as citizens. I also know many who cross the Rio Grande and come up here for work. They make their money and send it to their families in Mexico. Eventually when the need is no more, they go home. A good friend I have known for 36 years has a painting business. He has a green card. He pays taxes, lives in a nice new home, owns rental properties, employs local workers and has absolutely no intention of becoming a citizen. When he retires he will sell out and go home to Mexico. One thing these two types men have in common is they don’t want the illegals. They don’t want them and we don’t want them.
    The only people who want them are politicians and businesses who exploit them for cheap labor. That’s if you call 12.00 an hour unskilled labor cheap. There is a reality that underlies some of this. I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here, the average kid getting out of school sees construction work as driving around the bosses air conditioned pickup bringing things to workers on jobs around town. This is the niche these workers fill.

    As a resident of Texas I’m sick and tired of politicians playing with and OPEN border that allows drugs, illegal workers and now we are hearing terrorists into my back yard. Deport everyone of them in mass. Parents and kids. The only money that needs spending is to print and issue Green Cards.

    This is so simple. Let them in legally with work permits. They can bring the wife and kids! Just stop jerking the American Tax Payers around.

  253. Hey Republicans, tell LA RAZA to shove it where the sun don’t shine ! These LAW BREAKING PUNKS would not vote Republican anyway. I don’t care if you gave them free everything. You are SUCKERS if you fall for their empty threts. So don’t be STUPID like you have been in the past.

  254. I believe that without photo ID’s in force , the Democrats are planning to stage the largest voter fraud in history of the United States, millions of undocumented, past family member, deceased, million’s of mail in or absenty ballets, guess who will gaining from this?

  255. These wetbacks can threaten all they want. The Republicans know their success will be short lived if they cater to Obama and the illegal invasion of this country by Mexico. We elected them to put a stop to the systematic destruction that has been going on since 2008. If they won’t stand up to Obama and the illegal Mexicans we’ll get somebody who can.

  256. Send him to Mexico where he belongs,He has no rights to make demands,sounds like blackmail to me.why do the White House even let this turd make demands?

  257. laraza the hand of the greedy mexican government can be seen here its time all of the legal immigrats that love this nation and will defend her to stand up and send these filth back

  258. It is going to be interesting to see how La Raza reacts
    when they see the majority of the people in this country
    come to there senses and stand up for the LAWS of the

  259. Hey la raza wetbacks take your tacos and go back to mexico all 12 of you

  260. This maybe the dumbest racist organization on the plant. La Raza 20% of the 20% of the US population . Attempting to threaten, The representatives of the other 80% of Us population.Lets see that’s Five million against what 300 million; I’ll take those odds everyday even on Sunday. Hey La Raza hop back up on the jackass you road in here on ride back to the cesspool you came from .

  261. LA RAZA is a racist anti-American organization and I am tired of the threats from the Hispanic invaders that say ignore our crimes, treat us special, and meet our demands or we will do …… they are the ISIS of America. Fact is for every dollar these criminals may pay in fines or taxes they will take $100 to$1000 out in entitlements. Government estimates are they have already cost us several trillion dollars.

    I ask where are the politicians or news media that care about all the American victims of illegals. I guess if your an honest hard working American, you just no longer matter…. the only people they care about are the criminals, liars, thieves and parasites on the rest of us. The illegals have spit on us, our laws, our Constitution, our culture, our flag while they have looted us.

    I say if the Republicans do not act to stop this they already won their last presidency. As a life long conservative and Republican, like millions others across this country we have given them one last chance to act or their done. There will not be just one more time for this was it. I would rather see the Dems destroy it all than assist in sellouts in the Republican Party. It is time for them to act or pack up and go home. For every Hispanic vote they may get they will loose dozens of life long Republicans.

  262. Holder and Obama started a war on guns by implementing Operation Chock Point to make it impossible for those in the industry, especially ammo industry to get loans, credit card cards or do banking…. they do this for a legal industry to undermine the Constitution. But they do northing to the same banks when it comes to assisting illegal immigrants get loans, etc… and send money outside the country… this is money they have obtained illegally as a result of working here illegally. So the government under Obama has supported this criminal activities while attempting to stop American legal activities…. this just shows how immoral and lawless this administration really is.

  263. Republicans warn la raza…no green cards without the GOP….

  264. Tell LaRaza to suck a big one!

  265. Re LaRaza’s threats, is the tail still wagging the dog?

  266. Rep Boehner is no “moderate” — He is a RINO! He has completely blown his cover.

  267. La Raza President Janet Murguia Go back to your familys country of origin and change their world and leave America alone or you will raise the anger of those who would love another mexican-American war here in our homeland and illegals won’t be the onle hispanics that get killed. After all it isn’t printed on their for head now is it. You could be hurting and killing millions with your threats.

  268. need to deport all of you stinking taco benders,with obuma as well

  269. No true American cares what Laraza thinks.
    The republicans we’re voted in to STOP amnesty NOT go along with it.
    If you’re here illegally you should be automatically deported as soon as you’re caught, no judge or trial needed. Just automatic deportation and a lifetime ban on ever entering the country again.

  270. if people that are “here legally” living in the USA don’t like our fair and just laws they are free to leave the USA and find them another country to live in of their choice! No races or groups will be pandered or tolerated to threaten either party with votes or non votes and get by with it!

  271. The entire nation pulled behind conservative candidates and won this election overwhelmingly. THE DEEP SOUTH WENT SOLID CONSERVATIVE. Where were the hispanics. Voting for the loser democrats, of course !!!

  272. Hey Murguia!!! We will deport your sorry butt! Your thugs do not run our country – nor do we take kindly to terrorist threats. Hon – you just bought your ticket outta here!

  273. Hey La Raza (the race), there is no America WITH la raza! You are fixing to be a faint memory! Wouldn’t wanna be ya! Wanna fight? You got it! Here we come! Lock and load/ Molon Labe!

  274. Maybe we ought to be like all these other races and start us a group called La Caucasico Raza! I’m sure that would go over real well. Ha Ha

  275. You cannot reason with people who say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours in mine too gringo,,,!!!!

  276. The idea of no White House is an interesting idea of an opportunity to restore a government that serves the UNITED STATES of AMERICA

    Compared to the ongoing treason destroying our nation hiding under a feeble redistribution of assets trying to incite racial war so madam lord marshall obuttfucke can attempt to declare martial law and extend her control over our nation indefinitely.

    Watching the dem o rats destroy our independent nation starting with Clintons NAFTA, Then Free Trade which deported our middle class society while resurrecting slavery most of our manufacturing infrastructure sent into slave nations, small family businesses shuttered creating the missing 100,000,000 jobs….followed up by O BUM ER installing her homosexual manifesto on our christian nation, removing crosses from military chapels, acting like a faggot adding a golden frilly rim arpind our flag, changing dress codes, lowering salaries for what remains of our military after he dismantled our nuclear defense shield, deactivated 2/3rds of our military, knowing a mass of near starving nations are arming up to invade us as oblowme leaves our agriculture industry which grows 1/3rd of world food supply without a defense to keep them from massing our shores by deactivating 184 of the 285 deep water naval vessels our pentagon find to be less than the 317 we need to defend our shores. NASA Sciance team that managed our space exploration combined with advanced military capabilities were replaced with an affirmative action aging astronaut CZAR, while giving satellite launches to a political donor Elon musk, combined with unknown billions given to his bankruptcy artist scamming effort with spacex, solar city, and tesla motors. Doubling food stamps as PACKY corner store FOOD STAMP redemption centers skim nearly as the dem o rats have left for our military defense—-the packy’s buy food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar then turn them in for a dollar. One corner store in west palm beach FL turned in 4 million.

    The idea of no White House gives me a glimmer of hope for our nation. If the political arena change and return to the times when politicians acted in our nation’s best interest compared to the way they are now enacting laws lobbies bribe into enactment.

  277. Let’s just have another Mexican/AMERICAN WAR. WE kicked their asses once, WE can do it again. I am Hispanic but tired of all the Mexican Bull Shit. So, BRING IT ON.

  278. Stupid ho, Hispanics won’t march lock step onto the Democrat plantation the way blacks did. They know the Democrat Party represents atheists and Communists which is something everyone in Central and South America understand very well. Now, someone beat her silly ass until she stops breathing.

  279. Not ALL people of latino ancestry are MENTALLY RETARDED….La Raza…”the race”…who is the racist here?

  280. If we, the people, don’t enlist our friends, neighbors, families to vote 2016, we will have the gubment. that we deserve. Don’t bitch about the thugs in the “fergusons”, Shitcagos, congress, assholes in D.C. etc..

  281. If the blacks, who are losing out to these ILLEGALS, joined the whites in voting, the chicana vote would mean squat….and the money being funneled to groups like la raza to defend their illegal clients to get them lawyers to help them lie their way into the U.S. , get on SSI, and receive free medical services would dry up.

  282. I know good hardworking people who have spent years going through the painful process of legally obtaining citizenship. It is unfair that those who have come here illegally should be given a place in line ahead of those who have played by the rules. Many Hispanics who have come here legally, resent amnesty for those who haven’t.

    Nevertheless, even though many Hispanic Americans hold conservative values, they have come to think of Republicans as their enemies, because the Democrats and the media have managed to create the impression that Republicans are against minorities. Republicans must redouble their efforts to correct this mistaken impression.

  283. Screw LaRaza. If they don’t like the way America is suppose to be, they can damn well go back to that hell hole of a country (Mexico) they came from. We don’t need their schette here.

    Semper Fi

  284. OH I get it…Hold the country hostage because your illegal cousin wants in…well I say call their bluff..

  285. LA RAZA intends “Reconquista,” NOT citizenship nor even being American! They are out to completely destroy America as a free, independent nation—desiring only to turn it into another failed Mexican, Central American and South American dictatorship! By allowing amnesty, drug cartels, terrorist organizations and increased illegal immigration would mean the total destruction of both America and Canada—and ONLY the Latin-Americans would remain!
    The best solution would be to shut down immigration on ALL levels forever! Systematically deport ALL foreigners!

  286. That this tells me is the rest of Americas population needs to get off their asses and vote. They believe we will sit home and allow the Hispanic population control who rules this country. If we do, it is the citizens of the country who are to blame. When a minority of ILLEGAL INVADERS can put who they want into office it is a sad day for those of us who were born here or immigrated here legally. We have gotten lazy and complacent. We need to fight for LEGAL voters only…..we need to get out and vote every single election, always!!

  287. I think La Raza thinks like Gruber, but surprise we are not all stupid. We know that amnesty will LOWER the chances of a Republican President.

  288. I don’t think la raza has that kind of influence. Half of la raza is probably here illegally.

  289. LaRaza are nothing but a bunch of low life illegal aliens. Get out of America. Your not wanted here, slime buckets.

  290. Hey LaRaza, “UP YOURS”!!!

  291. Hey Marguia, swim back across the RG ,then.

  292. Shore up the southern border–and since oduma is so worried about keeping families together he should have no problem sending ALL those children, OH you remember, the ones who crossed our border this summer—he should have no problem send them all home to their families–and if he hurries, they will be home for CHRISTMAS–put up a fence, enforce the border and OUR COUNTRY’S laws–then we will talk–how is that for letting him know how WE THE PEOPLE feel

  293. Screw you LA RAZA.

  294. Obama is a national disgrace and so is La Raza.I have the greatest respect for legal immigrants but next to none for all illegals.

  295. Why do you think O is pushing for amnesty so hard? He knows those ILLEGALS will cast their votes for the Democrats….which is why LaRaza President wrote what she did about Republicans will not have a President in the White House after amnesty goes through. Too many ILLEGALS will vote the wrong way. It isn’t right that other people from Europe, Asia, Far East and Australia have to wait 5-7 years, plus $$$, to become an American citizen and these ILLEGALS will get it for being ILLEGAL!!! Go figure. That is O’s way of doing business.

  296. I wonder if they know americans don’t take kindly to blackmail of any kind and taking that position shows just how criminally minded this person is..hence, send them back lest we acquire anymore that think they can come and threaten their way to the top of the heap of welfare users.

  297. Arrest La Raza on grounds of premeditated rioting. then sentence them to labor camps ,in line with Mexico ,such as would Mexico would do to Americans

  298. I don’t cotton to threats little missy!

  299. La Raza needs to find out just who’s country this is and it isn’t Mexico. Seal the border, deport ALL illegals, dreamers included!


  301. BAN and disassemble LA RAZA and ship the MEXICANS BACK TO MEXICO with the Message cross the border again and you will be shot on sight.!!

  302. If GOP lets illegals stay they will not get reelected as there are not enough hispancis to vote in a Dem, what are they 2% at most of Americans. NO open borders like Obama and the others want.. This is a country of laws that the scumbag Obama could care less about, he makes up his own laws. Need the border closed and get rid of all Border Patrol who will let illegals thru border and who hide so as not to be seen by drug runners and other. Had way to much crap from Obama, Holder and Homeland Security not doing there job. Try crossing border you will be shot, to hell with capture, we dont do that in Korea and dont need to do here.

  303. Let’s just hope and pray the illegals don’t get voteing cards.

  304. Virginia M. Ellett

    To La Raza President Janet Murguia i will call my people and they will call their people and we will kick your ass you fucking idiot. bill said that

  305. Actually i think the opposite is true, if the republicans don’t override this amnesty bull they will not be going back to Washington to reseat themselves..In fact most of the people I know are watching the agendas and bills and potential pork etc to see exactly who is voting for what..I almost gagged when I saw Mitch McDaniels name mentioned on the list of potentials for prez..You should look up who he leased I69 to for 75yrs…I haven’t found any stupid decisions where Rand Paul or Huckabee are concerned. There are a few others running that seem clean but this next election is going to require a great deal of discernment where underlying motives are concerned..”discernment”–a biblical term–and we are almost to the level of biblical proportion when it comes to the wickedness in this country and what will happen if we don’t clean up our act. When the correction comes it won’t matter what color or race or religion you embrace..or which doctor..but it will matter who you serve as God.

  306. You know what you can do with La Raza! Back in the 70’s they were playing their games in the Army wanting all Spanish speaking crews in combat vehicles. We are Americans and we all speak English. If you don’t want to adapt we may have teach you a few new lessons. We are Americans, not La Razans. Time to outlaw you!

  307. Yes the voters spoke but no repub was listening. Here we sit with no representation they will do what they think is good for us like the dems are doing.Who can WE trust????

  308. All for reuniting families. In Mexico. As for the GOP promising amnesty to La Raza, I say go ahead, promise them. Then when they get into office deport them anyway. Welcome to American politics. They all lie to get elected and will all say anything to gain power. There is no honor in politics. Maybe if they figure out there is no honor in Mexican politics also with the added advantage that they all speak Spanish, they’ll go home and leave us the hell alone.

  309. The GOP has a problem. Cater to the La Raza crowd and stick its finger in the eye of many of the GOP’s base and long time supporters. Which will backfire and leave the GOP in the cold for many electoral cycles. Or, cater to the impractical demands of its most conservative base. Which will alienate many hispanics and make it harder for the GOP to win the presidency in the future. How the GOP squares this circle is anyone’s guess. However, demographics is destiny and the GOP cannot ignore the growing hispanic electorate. Besides, they and their friends in the US Chamber of Commerce effectively invited these millions of people into the country. Cannot expect to send them back after 26 years of a de-facto open border policy.

    The GOP has boxed itself into a corner and is fooling itself. Hispanics, other than Cubans, for the most part will cleave to the Democratic Party for at least a generation regardless of which party does amnesty. After which assimilation and entrepreneurialism will open up the hispanic community to the GOP. The Democratic Party has a much deeper ground game deeply entrenched in the undocumented hispanic community. They have been organizing them for decades. Hispanic new arrivals, or illegals, know that the Democratic party is better for them in terms of labor interests and government benefits. The leadership in the GOP is smoking dope if they think they can beat this in the near term.

    If there is one Republican family that can be thanked for this mess; it is the Bush family. They occupied the presidency for 12 of the last 26 years since the last amnesty and did nothing to secure the border. Do not forget the last Bush’s solution; open the borders to massive immigration along with amnesty. It should give you a heads up to where his brother Jeb will go.

  310. Tell La Raza to get on their donkey and head home. If you want to be Americans
    the come thru the front door and prove your intentions. Do not threaten, murder
    rape and then run back to Mexico for protection. If you want to be respected and
    treated as equals then earn your citizen ship the old fashion way and go thru
    the same process as others have done to help build a Nation of Free men and
    Women. There can be no Amnesty for criminals whose first act was to break
    the law and invade our Nation expecting to get all the benefits for free.

  311. Amnesty or a substantial donation to the “cause”?

  312. Conservative Republicans, patriotic constitutional Americans of other stripes and, perhaps, a few Democrats have a golden opportunity here. Poll after poll indicate that 80% of our citizenry wants illegal immigration STOPPED – with a slightly smaller % wanting illegals DEPORTED! In this matter, at least, we don’t seem to be so stupid. Taking the high ground to squash the joint Marxist/Chamber of Commerce cartel would fly like an FA18 with the citizenry! La Raza would be relegated to nothingness. La Raza – “The race”. It is hugely incorrect to claim racial dominance in our modern sterility. Imagine that our white population would advertise itself as “The Race” (blanco) or, for that matter, black citizens as “The Race” (negro) or Asians as “The Race (amarillo), etc…….The very fact that we even have this mess is caused by the prostitution of the “representatives” WE SEND to government to the money they and their PACs and party organizations take from corporate, financial , and voluminous special interest donors. WE are responsible for allowing this! Get on your Revere horse and scream “The whores are coming, “The whores are coming”! Know your senators and reps. If you don’t know who they are, look ’em up, damn it! Call. Write! Melt the freakin’ lines! Raise hell. There are some things for which decorum is long wasted and this sure is one of them. Raise hell!

  313. I heard on some news show that 2/3 of all jobs that have been created in the last 6 years has gone to illegal aliens.

  314. I don’t believe that a lot of Mexicans citizens want amnesty for illegals as they come and take their jobs away from them. If they come here they want them to come legally not just walking over.

  315. The only reason Obama wants blanket amnesty is because that would automatically make him legal. Without it he could be deported when they finally find out he isn’t a U S citizen. That is, after he gets out of prison for government fraud.

  316. I live in south central Texas. About 65 north of San Antonio and 45 miles southwest of Austin. Small town, settled first around the 1840s. I know Mexican families that have been US citizens since Davey died at the Alamo. They are hard working, fervent family loving people, I am proud to know. I also know plenty of wetbacks. They too are hard working young men, most of whom are sending money back to Mexico to support family members, pay for relatives in hospitals and dozens of other noble reasons. They don’t pose the crime risks some people think they do. They can’t afford the attention.

    I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but here the average American kid thinks working in construction, or other manual trades means driving around in the bosses air-conditioned pick-up delivering supplies and messages to workers somewhere lower on life’s social order than himself.
    In short, at least in this border state, most of what gets built, would not get built if it depended on American Youth to supply the labor.
    The second thing that needs to be understood is: the sons and daughters of the Mexican families that have been here since Davey died at the Alamo are American Youth. Their families see wetbacks the same as we all do, as illegal immigrants here to work for a wage and return to there families in Mexico. They don’t for the most part want to stay forever. They really only started thinking about forever when our politicians threw open the borders for future votes!!!
    But here is the deal. Refer back to the part about the children of those American citizens of Mexican heritage being American Youth. They see illegal immigration the same as we all do. So John and Mitch, for the love of God grow a pair. Act and vote with the convictions of Americans and protect our country!!! Who becomes the next President will take care of itself. The people will vote for the man who was TRUE. Not the one who’s party screwed over the American People worrying about a voting block.

    • part right….but parties that have no voters like most third party platforms will fail to reach elected positions and fail to be relevant..