L.A. Wants to Fine Companies That Ask About Criminal History

A Los Angeles City Council committee has voted in favor of a new regulation that would slap businesses with a $500 fine if they ask any applicant about their criminal history. The regulation, if passed by the council later this year, will be part of a new law that bans companies with 10 or more employees from probing an applicant’s criminal background before making an offer of employment. It’s part of the “Ban the Box” movement, an activist effort aimed at putting ex-cons back to work.

The ordinance would provide exceptions for employers who work in law enforcement and child care sectors.

To be sure, a criminal conviction should not – must not – come to mean that an individual can never again find gainful employment. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize how this situation leads to increased recidivism rates, increased government dependency, and all-around unfortunate effects.

At the same time, though, this is a problem that should be addressed through an awareness campaign – not through government coercion. Provide incentives for employers who choose to hire ex-cons. Publicize statistics – if they exist – that show how former felons do not necessarily represent an employment risk. Strike down laws that actually prohibit ex-cons from working in many professions.

But don’t force private employers to go into the hiring process blindly.

Not only is this another example of government – local and federal – sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, it’s part of a disturbing trend to decriminalize…crime. It’s part of this blanket belief system that blacks and other minorities are being arrested and convicted for simply not being white – a belief system that is spreading despite a regrettable lack of evidence. It’s part of the new liberal propaganda that basically says that minorities are not responsible for their own choices.

If there are fair, effective ways to put ex-felons back to work, we should pursue them.

But if that means forcing employers to carry out the will of a liberal, oppressive government, count us out.

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  1. A couple of years ago I was taking an HR class which required my interviewing various managers. When asked about ‘background checks” 3 of 5 didn’t do any checks and 2 told me “If you are subject to a background check for an employer then withdraw your application” one added, “then run !” ….NoBODY’S BUSINESS ! I was 57 at the time and after a lifetime of employment I had always done just that, its a fear based act, discriminatory act; like the old neighbor lady with her nose in the curtains. Cops shouldn’t have knowledge of priors either, only active warrants, its not their job to judge but to protect and serve. I submitted to one check because I really wanted to teach, I felt invaded but love teaching; protecting minds from small right wing thought and small people who want them to conform. This message sponsored by Indianapolis/(not L.A.).

    • <.

    • Hillaryoncrack

      So, to cut to the chase, you are an admitted criminal?

      • You might need to reread , I stated that I submitted to a fascist background check to teach at a college . I’ve been teaching ever since.

        • Hillaryoncrack

          You never said “fascist”. You are a typical liberal instructor with your own agenda and hell bent on indoctrinating our children with deceit and lies.

          • Please read my post to the ignorant facist.

          • Oh yes indoctrination is the very first thing on the department’s lesson plans. If a student like you were in my class would it matter if I tried to ‘indoctrinate’ you? Hell no, students like you are so closed mentally that even facts are rejected these days . Challenging students to think is not indoctrination its the point of education. Excuse me but your Saul tin hat theories are bull shit. Its impossible to teach a pre-indoctrinated concrete block to be a free bird. Not thinking has become a generational affair through indoctrination. What you want is teachers to teach what you believe and if we don’t there must be an evil agenda. Bending minds is not my job, just opening them to think and how to assimilate research and information . I have 4 degrees and in that process not one professor offered to bend my thinking in a particular direction, that behavior is frowned upon. 80% of education happen outside of the classroom and mostly between peers not between faculty and students.

          • Oh boy do I read judgemental and speculation into this post! Now, back to the subject; the background check you took really missed the most salient characteristic of an educator, tolerance. Guess your 4 degrees didn’t even begin to impart any of those you pompous ….
            Educators have degrees, so what! Some of us learned something while earning them.

          • Yes, a bias toward opening minds to every side of every thing not just yours.

          • Hillaryoncrack

            4 degrees huh? Are they above or below zero? I ask because right now I’m thinking you are a zero. Be glad I’m not putting you in the negative. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. However, be advised that you are dangerously close to the line.

        • Teaching is not conveying your prejudiced ideas to others, in fact it is the process of giving learners the tools; read critical, thinking, problem solving, higher order analysis to develop their own conclusions. In order to attain those conclusions students must hear a wide range of material and opinion. I can assure you that I’ve forgotten more about education than you have ever learned. Get out of the business you so smuggly have been polluting ever since your background check!!! You are not a teacher you are a person who indoctrinates; please learn the difference. You are a disgrace to our vocation and there are way too many of you loafing in it!

          • Your idea of teaching is exactly the same as you describe, the rest of your post is unfounded judgment and speculation.

          • If you can, do. If you cant, teach. Sounds about right for you.

          • I already ‘did’, my teaching is my choice after retiring. Most teach as a chosen ‘doing’. Professional educators. Your little saying must have been started by someone who never had a teacher, you can’t be a hitting coach if you can’t teach and if you don’t knw the science that creates hits; you can be a great hitter and not be able to teach. Even in schools where the focus is to obtain a job(vocational)especially need to be able to do …and acquire the ability to teach.

          • Bullshit

            You never had a real job in your whole commie life.

            I MIGHT believe you are a “teacher” though. – NEA- No saleable product in over 35 years.

        • At which college do you teach?? I want to make certain none of my grand children go there. So called “educators” like you are the reason we have so damned many problems in our “indoctrination centers” now. Liberalism is a mental disease and needs to be irradicated.

        • Hillaryoncrack

          Yes, at Ho Chi Minh University. You are lower than fecal matter.

    • George L Smith III

      Ah the typical liberal mind. Uninformed at that. The POLICE don’t have access to the results of that investigation.
      Lol, let’s let pedophiles have jobs watching children, thieves become bank tellers.
      Im sure your against eliminating background checks when purchasing a firearm. But really it’s nobody’s business, right? Always a double standard

      • Like denying abortion to a rape victim and supporting the death penalty?

        • Like supporting abortion, which is actually murder at will, but opposing capitol punishment for murderers and child killers. You mean like that?

          • Get ’em born, not give a shit about the mother’s trauma or the quality of the child’s life, sit back in your comfy chair and complain about having to feed that child and pay for his later incarceration and then bitch about crime and hit that child with a judgmental background check, suffer humiliation, fail and then murder the child at a legal age. Like that .

          • Adoption, human life, trauma of knowing you helped with killing an innocent, not being able to live a life. Murderer, killer, takes another persons life, personal gain, no remorse, drain on society, wont rehabilitate. You automatically assume child will be useless and unproductive (guilty until proven innocent, no due process). You sound the same as other liberals, you cant have or use that because you could use it against the law (guilty until proven innocent, but we will not give you the chance to prove otherwise, no due process). No responsibility for your actions, it is the worlds fault. Do not do the crime if you cant do the time. Liberals should not be allowed to teach anybody with their unregulated bias.

        • Hillaryoncrack

          I would not deny abortion to a rape victim. Or anyone for that matter. I do support the death penalty. In fact, it is not exercised enough.

        • George L Smith III

          Abortion? Death penalty? There’s now background checks for issues? Your reply was a typical progressive liberal response, jump around to a whole range of different issues when your hypocrisy gets exposed. Nice try though. So when background checks become a part of the abortion or death penalty argument then you can use that argument, until then that statement was nothing but a fallacy to avoid the truth.
          Next tool in your box would be to correct me on my spelling or grammar…

          • Perhaps you should read the post to which I replied . There is no hypocrisy to expose, I’m true to my beliefs, and my words and actions are aligned . Your spelling and grammar don’t interest me, its up to you to set your persona.

          • George L Smith III

            WOW, you just set your own “persona” as a complete moron.. I WROTE the post that you replied to…

          • Like I read names. It would like remembering at a glance 1 pig from a litter of 20.

          • George L Smith III

            Just proves your a dumbass

    • I can and do background checks on every employee.
      In your case I am going to find out where you are an instructor and make sure that I don’t hire anyone that went to your school.
      I sincerely hope one of the criminals that you didn;t check on robs you and leaves you needing hospitaization.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Gerald, Really, I think you misunderstood his message. Please re-read it. ?

      • Hard to do a check like that without my name. I do feel empathy for you, your fear and your hate, it will only make you more sick.

        • NJot hard at all, $50 will get me your name and address in 24 hours, $100 will get me your name and addressin less than 3 hours

        • Why don’t you use your real name?,,,,,I do

          I’m not ashamed of my name, Or the Western Reserve Electric Works and the W.R.E.W. Gp that I owned since 1980 or the fact it took me 10 years as a Cleveland Policeman going to school part time to get to be an Engineer.

          You sure seem to have a lot to hide, though.

    • Nonsense, h m. Typical liberal, confused and uninformed. Just to be clear, you were taking the class and YOU had to “interview various managers”, right? And after a “lifetime of employment” you decided that background checks were discriminatory, based on their answers to those interviews, right? And now you think that anybody should just be able to diddy-bop into any job without a background check, right? Even aerospace engineers applying at a job with NASA, too, I suppose, no background check necessary. And you saydoing this is “protecting minds from small right wing thought,”right? Damn, we’re in worse shape as a nation than even I thought we were. And you teach at which liberal university, rowland?

      • I don’t educate with a bias. Teaching students to think and research and decide is protection from the indoctrination of the ‘dumb ’em down’ right.

    • You went into “teaching” at age 57 because “you really wanted to teach,felt invaded by the background check but love teaching; which you then go on to describe as protecting minds from small right wing though and small people who want them to conform. Your reply to me was that I was judgemental and my comments unfounded? Reread your own post and see who fits those accusations to a “t”. You are a pathetic fool with illusions of grandeur and power. The love of education you found after you had “learned all there was to know” that led you to embark on a crusade to save the young minds is questionable, at best. Your motives are clear not speculation, on my part, my churlish friend.

  2. I wonder how many thieves have been hired and got screwed for doing so? I think any company needs to know what type of person they might be hiring. He could be some violent asshole that can’t keep a job or just loves to beat up on people. Maybe he’s a woman hater. Who knows unless there is a background check. If you have nothing to hide then what the fuk is the damn problem?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Problem? Ummm, Bob, one word could be your easiest answer – – GOVERNMENT! ?

      • Not government, as we the people are the government. What we have are hired employees in this administration, legislatures, etc. We need to rein them in and fire 99% of everyone top down. That is why the RNC finally caved to partially!! support Trump’s run for the WH, because both DNC and RNC are privately owned corporations and don’t want to lose all those donations! Well, we are sick and tired of being told what to do an for whom to vote, and we want Trump rather than ANY DNC
        candidate as all are communists and I sure don’t want my America going to the One World Government (thank you Heidi Cruz and I would suppose Ted as well)/New World Order which is what the published 1963 DNC Commuist Manifesto coming to that final or near final step to America’s takeover. Vote to save America and the only viable skilled, business success and who loves America Trump! Remember; UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL so let’s get it together and save America, even if you have to pinch your nose. No 3rd party will succeed and if they did, it would be win for Shillary because Romney, McCain, etc. have shown they hate America by even thinking of doing this.

    • Would a transgender bank robber sex offender be ok?

  3. Dorothy Foster

    Just another stupid thing about California!!

  4. James in Texas

    The typical way of the Liberals, “Yeah, we know…………we’ve tried this 325 times before, and Yeah, it failed every single time and it cost the dumb-ass voters a mountain of money. But, they are so dumb that we can just keep on skinning them, they will never catch-on”! Living in a place that welcomes illegals, supports the largest welfare society in the country and has the highest cost of living I know of, what else would one expect? Keep on electing these folks, all of you Californians can afford to be “skinned” every Friday payday.

    • If they can fine companies for doing background checks then the city ought to be able to fine the city for being stupid.

      • Sorry THAT’S allowed.

      • voters need to take responsibility and not vote for total idiots, throw the out of office and replace
        them with someone who will do the job to which they are elected that applies from the President
        of the Nation down to any and all elected officials regardless of position, no exceptions.

        • Absolutely right. It should be a no brainer but when liberals are involved….

        • Hillaryoncrack

          Voters will vote for total idiots when they themselves are total idiots.


          • Absolutely Granny! And it’s a damn shame too! It’s a beautiful state, I used to live there. Now ruined by libtards who are trying to spread their trash east. But we will not let them, will we?!

        • The very reason this has happened is the balance of power has shifted from the responsible to the irresponsible. That happened when a large group of voters acquiesced to the white guilt trip placed on us by liberals and allowed extra-liberal nanny state permanent welfare dependent policies to actually grow the liberal voter base by millions. That we looked the other way when illegal immigration ballooned because “we need them to work the fields” (I asked, why not use prisoners and was told it would be “too hard” and my thought was to remain positive that we could find a way) and now we have many, many cities that are reproductions of the worst slums in Mexico. Yet, we throw more money at that.

          This is why Donald Trump is so popular among formerly silent conservatives. He has brought front and center the remedy to many of our problems: deportation of those who are here ILLEGALLY. I’m sure he will force the highest court to justify the reasoning behind allowing such a laborious process to get these miscreants out of our once-fine nation. It should be simple: if you do not have papers, you are delivered to your country’s door. And billed for the trip. If you have US-born children, they go right along with you and may return at age 18. In the meantime, have the highest court strictly interpret the 14th to see if it is even legal to give children of foreign nationals immediate citizenship. If proved to be wrong, rescind all former automatic citizenship gifts and require them to apply for citizenship like any foreign national. Those who have committed crimes? Sorry/not sorry. Goodbye.

      • graceeellissvb


    • It’s the same old story, they keep.putting it up for a vote that costs taxpayers money and they think if it’s up one of these times they will get it to pass! The Socialists in Californifaction are rampant and look where it’s gotten them as you described!

      • California doesn’t belong in the United States. They should elect Obama president , Brown VP, Nancy P. AG, Hillary head of the Treasury and skip any common sense activities.

        • Don’t forget to make Senator Diane Feinstein their Minister of Finance.

          • With the “bunch” listed, California would be a gun-FREE state and the thugs would have a “SOFT-TARGET” state, and the crime rate would be like Chicago.

          • Well, since we have the 2nd Amendment, they do all they want, but we do not have to comply but they think most of us don’t know this or as dumb as they are. They can’t even identify types of weapons like cars, hammers, knives, stone, and hunting rifles.

          • wildone502001a

            Beware. If Killiary wins in Nov. Your second amendment rights may be gone quickly. Only she will be allowed to have guns. She will be the Queen and all of us will be her little worker bees.

          • We are going to need a BIG fence.

          • Oh, no, Feinstein for the Intelligence Dept., as she has it now and knows nada! Finance to Pelosi who rips us off frequently to enrich herself and hubby.

        • Absolutely! If the rest of us grab a shovel and we all start digging at the Sanandreas Fault can we also separate them from us?

        • We, in No. CA, want to secede and it may be happening sooner than later. We would go with the west part of OR who thinks as we do, and let the idiot democrats here have it and then whine about everything they can’t have or do because no money, honey. Which by the way they usually spend with cronies and ignore us.


        • I agree. But, does the world really need another Venezuela?

    • Under Democrats who abandoned ‘trickle down’ ‘which always fails, and raising the tax contribution of the wealthy the state is the sixth largest economy in the world and cost of living is down.

      • Hillaryoncrack

        You are a liar.

        • …forgot…facts carry no weight for baggers.

          • You are full of s**t. Homes prices are still out of proportion to wages. CA is running out of money to support their social programs and businesses are leaving that state.

          • Interesting considering the state’s huge surplus.


            While Mr. Brown called for an 8.5 percent spending increase, he also proposed spending $11 billion on debts and liabilities, including a “$6 billion deferred payment to schools and roughly $4 billion to pay down economic recovery bonds” issued by his predecessor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


          • Hillaryoncrack

            What is a “bagger”? Did you mean Badger? I am not from Wisconsin.

        • And on drugs too….

          California was broke as all hell with higher energy costs then just about anywhere the last time I heard any reliable info. (Not like the BS from rowland)

      • Ever work for a poor guy? Me neither. When you tax corporations and businesses you end up paying for those taxes.

        • Yeah that’s what FOX said, they laughed. California now has a huge surplus instead of a deficit and green energy has them paying lower electric bills in the country . Laugh FOX, laugh!

      • bull s hit

        • Rowland, which planet do you live on? CA is not longest the richest of anything except the Democrats who spend our money on their cronies and junk but never fix the roads or bridges, and when they do, they got the cheapest response from China and the Bay Bridge is still a DANGEROUS bridge after so many fixes. You get what you pay for. Cost of living has risen quite a bit over the last 16 mos., along with rents and houses, and people can’t afford any of this and are leaving if they can, or forming again homeless camps!

        • Facts offend you ? Brownback and Jindal both chose to feed the rich and starve the middle down with trickle down and Kansas and Louisiana are in economic chaos. California has erased a deficit and has a huge surplus. Check it. Trickle down is a trick, a gag to fill already full pockets .


            The city of Detroit, Michigan, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy on July 18, 2013. It is the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history by debt, estimated at $18–20 billion, exceeding Jefferson County, Alabama’s $4-billion filing in 2011.[1] Detroit is also the largest city by population in the U.S. history to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, more than twice as large as Stockton, California, which filed in 2012. Detroit’s population has declined from a peak of 1.8 million in 1950; recently, the New York Times called the city “home to 700,000 people, as well as to tens of thousands of abandoned buildings, vacant lots and unlit streets.”[1]…….MOST OF DETROIT CITIZENS ARE ON WELFARE. THEY HAVE BEEN CAUGHT LYING ABOUT THEIR NUMBER OF CHILDREN, WHERE THEY LIVE, AND WHY THEY CAN’T WORK…………..WORKED WITH ONE BLACK WOMAN THAT HAD 9 CHILDREN AND NOT EVEN 1 FATHER. THEY KEEP SPITTING THEM OUT FOR THE ADC…..

          • Yes we need to limit births to 1 per person.


      TRUMP IN 2016……………….PRISON FOR BO & HC IN 2016

  5. meangreenMarine

    L.A. Used to stand for Los Angeles. It now stands for Liberal Asses.

    • The real joke is what the Spanish translation is; City of Angels !! The only “angels” that city has is the innocent children that get killed from the gang bangers and their disregard for human life of any age.

    • Hard to say who is first or second… L.A. or S.F.

      • LA truly first, with SF a close follower. We live about 1hr+ from SF and since 1960 it has fallen apart with filth, panhandlers, grifters, elected idiots to office in city, state and federal positions. Good restaurants have closed or left (thanks to a big raise to no experienced and sometimes brainless or snotty employees) and food costs more in a restaurant or a store. Unfortunately, I hear San Diego, where I lived and married, is also going down the wrong track. Egads! I can’t wait to move out of CA.

    • Right on, MeangreenMarine.

    • Spot on as the Brit.’s like to say!! 100% plus correct by the way!!

  6. I don’t want to hire a thief to work with me as my helper in a handyman business. We go into peoples homes to do work. I will get sued if he steals something from the homeowner. What if he steals my tools for some crack? What am I to use for work? This is ridiculous, and anyone that goes along with it is a complete MORON. They obviously haven’t been a business owner before, and are the one that is going to rob you. I can also lose my bond, which also puts me out of business completely if a felon is caught working for me. Doesn’t L.A. realize this could shut down many businesses? I guess not. I was born and raised in L.A. It was great as a kid and young adult. But I left in 1988 because I saw the state going BAD back then. Now it’s horrible. I recently bought a semi-auto 9mm handgun where I live now. On the side of the case, there is a sticker that states…”Not Legal in California.” Really? As of Jan. 1st, 2016, you can not even buy a handgun there anymore. I think you might be able to buy a 6 shooter or a gun where you have to load powder in it manually and have 1 shot, a small ball. What a joke. This country is going downhill fast. I never thought I would live to see it’s downfall. Now it is right around the corner.

    • crapafornia and new dork are going first….

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Florida’s not really much better Alan. Because some spic was tearing my wooden fence apart, I grabbed, of all things, a BB gun and told him to stop. Everything escalated to the point that the neighborhood was filled with cops. When the dust had settled, I WAS THE ONE ARRESTED AND JAILED! I just got home last night! Sooo, be advised people, EVEN IF YOU’RE STANDING ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY, TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR OWN DAMNED PROPERTY, you’ll be the poor slob going to jail, NOT THE FRIGGIN CROOK!! ??

      • Did you actually shoot him with the BB Gun ? Was it loaded, ? Technically a BB Gun is not a ‘Firearm’ the pellet is not shot by the expansion of combustionable gasses, but by compressed air.
        A good lawyer who knows his definitions should get this action thrown out in a couple of minutes. Did anyone charge the goon who was destroying private property ? Florida must be a place to avoid inhabiting.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Nope! Only aimed it at the yard, ON MY PROPERTY, DEFENDING MY PROPERTY, while he came at me with a ten foot two by four…

          • That 2X4 would have done way more serious business to you than a B B gun to him!!!! This is totally stupid!!! It should be thrown out!!!


          • Michael Dennewitz

            Granny… with God as my judge… I’M a 72YO Vietnam vet and I HAVE NEVER, EVER BEEN ARRESTED FOR ANYTHING. I have honestly, NEVER even gotten a ticket for ANYTHING!!


          • Michael Dennewitz

            Granny, in my 72 years, I have NEVER been arrested for ANYTHING! Matter of fact, I have never gotten so much as a “ticket!” ?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          WAS’NT LOADED. Ran out of BBS months ago. Didn’T shoot it at him, the trigger was jammed. It’s just against the friggin law to defend and protect your own property!
          You’re now supposed to say, “But of course sir, by all means, destroy my personal property. I’ll go back in the house and pretend it didn’t happen. If you need a little coffee, let me know! ” ??


            Augusta area man fined for shooting BB gun in his backyard …
            Jan 10, 2013 · Augusta area man fined for shooting BB gun in … was fined $291 for shooting a BB gun at a cup propped up in a tree in his backyard that borders the …



      • A BB gun is NOT a “Firearm” by legal standards – NO “fire”. It is classed as an air rifle, or air pistol.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          AND this is what my attorney will argue in court. But the joke of it all? The deputy that did ALL the talking, did ALL the writing, and MADE THE ACTUAL ARREST was, of all things, IN TRAINING – A DAMNED “STUDENT!” ?



      • Florida laws are some of the worst and goofy in the country.

        I know a guy, who will remain anonymous , with NO criminal record what so ever at the time that did 3 years in Black Water Prison plus an additional 2 on parole for taking a pistol away from his wife, which she was pointing at him.

        They were having a heated verbal argument when she went into the bedroom and came out brandishing a pistol. She pointed it at him and he then got the weapon away from her, without getting shot. He then cleared it, removed the magazine and threw it and the weapon int to the woods adjacent to the house. At no time did he point the weapon at any one and upon taking control of it he immediately unloaded and made it safe and threw the weapon away. It also should be noted, his wife’s 2- children (by another marriage) who were present and his now ex-wife all testified to the facts exactly as stated above.

        Because he used force to take the gun he was charges with assault with a firearm without intent to harm. — Never mind the only force involved was that used to disarm his assailant and the fact she purposely got the weapon and was pointing it at him or anything about self defense, or anything else for that matter. The only thing considered by the prosecution was he took the pistol by force and it was in his hands during the altercation for 10 or 15 seconds. (She was striking and kicking him after he disarmed her.

        To add insult to injury now he cannot get his electrical contractor’s license (in another state) for a year after he completes his parole is completed. . – 6 years of productivity taken from him for defending himself.- Thank God he has a good parole officer that helped him obtain employment after he was released from Florida.

        Yet another example of the victim going to jail and the perpetrator going free.

        – Now if had not disarmed her and she had shot him it could have been a whole ‘nother ballgame. – He could have had nothing to worry about if he got killed, right? – Screw Florida.

        Florida should have a sign at the Ga border – “You are now leavening the American sector. Enter at your own risk.”

      • billdeserthills

        They will take away your rights now, unless you cough up some big money for a real attorney.
        If this is your first conviction you can likely walk with probation and restoral of your rights in a few years. If you insist on your right to a jury trial, prosecutors may back down, they will at the least offer you a better plea bargain, as the state hates to pay the money for a jury trial.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          In all my 72 years, I have never been arrested for anything. I have not even so much as gotten a ticket..?

    • I’m with you Alan. I left way back in 1970 and haven’t been back since except to visit my daughter and her family.. Even then I only go as far as Palm Springs.
      As the Boy Scout motto goes, “Be Prepared” because that stinky brown stuff is about to hit the rapidly revolving object.

    • We lived in California many years ago; it was a great place to live with access to a lot of fun activities, the beach, the mountains, but the political scene has tainted the quality of life and the atmosphere of freedom. If it falls into the ocean it will be good for the country.


  7. In the last 2 years Ca has lost 2500 companies and 2.5 billion in taxable income.
    Not to worry though, Moonbeam is replacing them with criminal aliens.

  8. Michael Dennewitz

    But of course, if it has to do with government (run by soros), you can’t expect anything less! I was going to say that companies could still secretly “check” one’s background, but knowing the government, they’re most likely monitoring every company’s computer systems too. Either way, YOU’RE screwed and the damned crooks win! WOOHOO for communism, huh?? ??

  9. Liberals are delusional and they’re turning this once great nation upside down. We know they favor criminals, illegal immigrants, all non-christians, anyone who claims to be a white privilege opposition activist, and an over zealous welfare system that seems to prefer sloth over hard work as exemplified by this goofy Los Angeles Council committee which is likely made up all the foregoing. It’s time we create a massive Employer Rights Union with enough support and clout to tell these liberal weenies to stuff it. We begin by NOT voting for Hillary Clinton and democrats anywhere and this crap will be snuffed out.

    • It’s gonna take more than votes.

      • True, but getting rid of the Hildebeest and her dopey husband is a beginning…

        • Know that Hilllary has a very serious clot formation problem – that is may clots, and with God’s grace, she will screech and get that blood pressure up high enough to conk out of this world.

      • Perhaps, riva, but that is why OUR Constitution gives us the right to overthrow rogue governments and remember too that we have more weapons in America than many country all together. Plus, never forget that The Tree of Liberty must be nurtured from time to time. We would rather than spill blood, but if push comes to shove, we must act.

        • Fully aware of Jeffersons quote about the necessity to periodically “refresh the tree of liberty”. IMHO, one on those times of necessity is imminent. Semper Fi!!

        • I hope not Rosech, but it looks like things are going that way.

          Many of us have already shed a lot of blood for this country. Let’s pray that it can be done peacefully and today’s patriots don’t have to bleed and die to get the country back the way it was designed to be,,,,It sure looks, bad though, doesn’t it?

          God help us all.

  10. Here we go again, more liberal BS. The companies will move out of LA, then what will LA do! Where will LA get jobs, food, taxes to run government, I guess LA will not exist any more.

  11. What assholes California government has ,they want gun background checks for the people but don’t want you to know if your hiring a criminal , All I can say is ESCAPE FROM LA . I guess the movie had it right.

  12. BunkerHillLightMan

    I feel that if this is their desires, let them be the test vehicle for this abusive social engineering process in a very small test group with nongovernmental oversite so the panty waste bureaucratic keeps their hands off the process.

    I am so sick and tired of this liberal socialistic environment trying to save the world by creating another phony bureaucratic union government machination that solves nothing. I am a retired HR profesional of 30 years and in both government and the private sector social experiments cost tons money with almost zero return on the investment.

    There are more pressing issues to solve like the reduction of petty government wackos trying solve how they keep their unless jobs on our dime.

  13. Though not a supporter of Big Brother do understand that sometimes felon could be someone who smoked/sold pot.

  14. Try telling trucking companys they cannot ask about criminal history, as it is required by the DOT. Also if a truck driver needs a hazmat license it requires fingerprinting and a background ck. repeated (as if fingerprints change) every few years which the drivers have to pay for (last time it was around $80).

  15. George E. LeFebvre

    This must be something that the Dumbocrats are behind like, Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer. No sane person would try to force employers to hire people they haven’t been able to check out.

  16. City of LA is going to have a lot of businesses moving out, bankruptcy is sure to follow.

  17. So the nut jobs want background checks for guns but not for employment? I think an employer has enough sense to evaluate a person’s criminal history.

  18. Archie Cogollos

    Tuff question…however if they picked up a skill in prison….they should be given a chance…but no way do I see employer not knowing…not when there are background checks for all new hires…my opinion and surely opinions vary…

    • Especially if the skill acquired is how to not get caught next time, so technically, no longer a criminal.

  19. Try getting a L.A. city job and complain if you are asked about or they say they will do a criminal background record check. Fireman, police, treasurer office, jailer or even janitor job.

  20. Just think about it
    A convicted child molester being able to get a job in a child care facility.
    A person convicted of hate crimes able to work as an armed bank guard.
    A convicted drug dealer able to work in a pharmacy
    A criminal not born in the U.S.A. able to criminally claim the position of president .
    Lets just Mexico have Cali and end all of the stupidity coming from there.

    • The Mexicans can have Kalifornicate from about southern Sacramento to the Mexican border. The northern portion of California as pretty much all conservative and a pretty nice place. However, the major cities with all the LGBT, liberal ass wipes, communists and other assorted trash have the votes to override the north. At one time there was a movement afoot to separate California from Kalifornicate. What happened to it ???

      • Hillaryoncrack

        The derelicts in southern California suddenly realized there would be no one to pay the bills if they let ya’ll leave.

    • But that doesn’t mean that their bad people. Right?

  21. California is the most foolish state when it comes to common sense and law making . Their laws or propositions cross the edge of reality and display lack of decent thinking and security. Who in their right mind would not want to know the criminal background of the people they intend to hire. Jerry Brown has totally lost his frigging mind!

    • Hillaryoncrack

      Jerry Brown contracted VD from his illegal immigrant girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt, and it has turned his brain to mush.

      • Actually, Linda was an is a legal citizen, so get facts straight and she wasn’t a slut, so maybe he go in college after dropping out of the seminary.

        • Hillaryoncrack

          “so maybe he go in college” ?? WTF does that mean? You are one illiterate bastard, did you know that?

    • Ah, but moonbeam wants his legacy to the train to nowhere and whose cost is rising exponentially as we blog here. Yep, he is insane and one would think he too have a choom fried brain as he tries to copy the one in the WH.

  22. Let’s see RAPIST working as security in a women’s clothing store, wife beater working as a janitor in a battered women’s shelter, child abuser working at Chucky Cheese, nope no problem here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. There is a simple answer. Vote with your feet and get the hell out. Just getting out of the city and moving to the county would work, However moving out of the state is the real answer. There is not much in Kalifornia for the honest people, Just socialism and illegals, high crime and gun control.

    • …and the 6th largest economy in the world having recently surpassed India at #7.

      • So a large economy is worth losing your business, and possibly your life? I was born in LA, raised in San Diego. I watched with both eyes fully open the destruction of the entire state. One month after I retired, I moved to a nearby state with very low crime and which respects the Constitution. It was well worth it to me and my family.

        • I just stated a fact, there was no issue raised, but thank you for sharing your personal experience. To answer the question that you pose is ‘no,’ for you and most but I’m not money motivated so I don’t have a business and life is something that I don’t cling to. So my answer really is ‘ I don’t care’, I mean I’m not effected by the outcome of either. For those like you who understandably value both i say ‘no’ a good economy is not worth losing either.

      • Clay Fitzgerald

        So what?

        • Wow the bloggers here bite at everything; like hittin’ on a nest of spring crappie. I just stated a fact…period.

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            You may have stated a fact, but failed to show relevance to… well, anything!

          • I completed Matry’s sentence .

          • Clay Fitzgerald

            Marty’s sentences were complete, he needed no help from you. No matter what, your post is irrelevant to the subject or Marty’s comment… unless you want to try to demonstrate the relevance that the economy of the entire nation of India is behind that of the state of Californication.

          • Duke Ellington is America’s greatest composer. Anyone who misses even one pitch of the baseball season is deficient. So take the A train and listen to the game on the radio and perhaps get a pappya king with mustard.

          • Ever hear of a guy named Gershwin,,, How ’bout Porter, or or the count, for that matter.

            Typical libertard….Rigid, inflexible, and one dimensional thinking. If you heard something once it becomes God’s law.

            It’s why these snotballs can’t understand dynamic thinking and how Trump can think on his feet and take a pragmatic approach. (rowland- “pragmatic” means do the thing that works the best – Don’t think that talked about things like that in the 3d grade)

          • Yes I picked up on the definition of pragmatist on the road to a few degrees, I also put it into action working for all those items you listed selfishly about our tax contributions that serve the all.

          • Ellington, every musical anybody knows its the Duke. Basie, he was great though. I have ’em all on vinyl.

  24. Great stuff, just wait until the potential Employers find themselves at the paying out end of a major civil suit for
    criminal actions taken by such un-screened employees for their possible or probable criminal actions that will more than likely be taken against their other unsuspecting employees and customers. Liberals never think things through.

  25. Be smart about it – just ask the applicant in a different, indirect way. An inquiry into past “residences” for the past five years is a common question. A residence can be defined as a prison or jail. Providing a false or misleading answer would be legal grounds not to hire. You can still answer the question if you are smart about it. You have a right to protect yourself and your company and these LA council idiots cannot take that right from you.



  27. This is as crazy as Killary, The WickedWitch.

  28. Makes perfect sense if you enjoy living in the people’s state of Kalifornika. Just because people have served time for multiple counts of fraud and embezzlement is no reason for a financial institution to inquire into their past fiduciary proclivities.

  29. In other words, a security company must hire a felon thief to “protect ” the assets of their clients, and a car dealer must hire a past car thief ? A can see where it is best to give a person the benefit of the doubt, but it is stupid to hire a repeat criminal for any “position of trust”, as this proposed law dictates. ALSO, that would “delete” the background checks for firearm purchases. BOTH of those laws to together for the SAME REASON.

  30. Having been born in Los Angeles County in an era of growth and prosperity (decades ago), I am ashamed of what it has become — a haven for half wits, criminals and perverts of all kinds. It has been overrun with liberals from the entertainment world and illegals sucking our treasury dry and gov brown just goes with the flow, keeps on giving our monies away to people who do not deserve it and who did not contribute to our system. Thos IS the liberal wet dream!

    Then there are the Pot Farms run by the Mexican Cartel that cover acre after acre of our Northern Cali forests…no Law officer will even invade those lands. Here’s the kicker: we now have the Chinese Cartel competing with the Mexican Cartel, buying up mass acres of wildlands to grow more pot! Innocent hikers and deer hunters have accidentally hiked to close to those properties and have been shot at. The locals know not to travel in certain wildernesses because they are controlled by the Cartels…opportunist criminals!

    My guess is that gov brown is getting kickbacks from both the Mexican and Chinese Cartels. Why else wouldn’t he send in big guns to remove these foreign criminals?

    California sucks so much and the people have been repeatedly raped by both the state and federal govts, that unless the Native citizens have left to live in another state, they don’t see how screwed they really are. Thank God we left and lived in AZ for 12 years! Big huge eye opener!

    California with all its twisted ideologies and corrupt govt needs to disappear…a once great state full of potential turned into a pile of crap with liberal worms slithering through it. Sad…

  31. Who cares what LA californication wants to do or ban! Their state is so run amok with progressive socialism that it really wouldn’t matter. With what businesses and jobs, all the ABC trade deals, unbelievable taxation, out of control cost of living and obama administration have KILLED; who cares when more businesses move out and move away! Very soon the state will be so overrun with illegal aliens from south of the wide open border that it really won’t matter one way or another. All I ask is simple, remember what your progressive socialist ways of thinking did to your last state. It cost you your home, your job and you had to leave. Just don’t come to my state and screw it up!

  32. We’ve had a felon in the White House for eight years and look how that turned out

  33. I don’t imagine that liberals can see the relationship between rampant, unfettered crime in the streets, and their “soft on crime” policies. It’s SO much easier to blame guns than to actually be tough on the criminals themselves.

    • These libs/dems are like children… someone might not like them, or they may actually have to TAKE SOME REAL RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions… if they actually choose to punish someone for breaking the law, and government should always be able to control WHO/how much they pay/what they offer someone they wish to hire and NEED TO TRUST??

  34. It’s the same mentality judges use demanding occupants abandon their resident if someone is breaking and entering their domicile. They will question why the victim didn’t run out the back door as the perp was coming in the front door or window. And, if one stands their ground, defending themselves and their family, judges will self-righteously advise the perp or his/her estate, or surviving family members to sue the defendant victim civilly, Especially if the perp suffered death or injury.

  35. Liberals are plain stupid, if I, as an and employer, hires someone with a criminal record and I did not do due
    diligence in investigating the employees back ground and a crime was committed and the trail led back to my
    employee I would be sued out of business and face possible jail time. You must always run a background
    check on employees before you trust them to represent your company to the public. That included and all
    employees regardless of their position in the company. Failure is just plain out stupid.

  36. michael schimanski

    Leave it to the democrats , more and more costly government regulations , and more and more government control . Just what , if hillary should get elected this will be just the beginning .

  37. A thief is one of the lowest forms of life and I sure as hell won’t have a thief working for me. After 22 years of running a court system, thieves are very hard to reform. When a person decides to become a criminal they know that their record follows them where ever they go. I’ll bet liberals would approve of the question, “Have you ever flown a confederate flag.”

    • Bob,

      I was a Cleveland Policeman for 10 years in the 1970s on the East side in a very high crime area. – In other words the people I dealt with were not in hand cuffs with their tail between their legs. Sure, some I would see more then once but others I saw come out, get jobs and even become victims of a crime. In other words I couldn’t disagree with you more. Not every person that has committed a crime will be a repeater.

      Let’s get to basics,,,,Are you telling me you never took pencils/pens/carbon paper, copy paper or whatever home for personal use ? If you try to tell me you never did I won’t believe you. (And neither will anybody else) Did you ever do someone coming through your court a “favor” ,Not asking you to rat yourself or admit you are just like the lowest scum on the planet but you get the picture. . Hey steeling is steeling and corruption in office is corruption in office so by your definition there are one hell of a lot of people that :”decided to become a criminal (and) know that their record follows them where ever they go.” – BTW that’s over 4 out of 5 people according to most studies.

      Just because somebody screwed up once doesn’t mean they should pay for the rest of their life. I don’t know what court system you were involved with but here I saw hundreds get suspended sentences and have signed off on kids that have gone onto productive lives to have a single conviction expunged. When I saw people like that I felt that I did do my job and the rest of the BS was worth it.

      The way you were talking you seem to have never heard of rehabilitation and feel it would be better to just take a suspect out behind the court house and put one behind their ear before his trial. – I kind of doubt that is what you actually feel because nobody should ever be an officer of the court with such a meedevil attitude. Not everybody with a record is incapable of going straight and becoming a productive member of society. (Ever hear of a kid named Ben Carson and his juvenile antics)

      As an officer of the court, though I think you know, or should know that amateur internet background checks can be very inaccurate and all background checks need to be done by professions and must be subject to review by the person being investigated and even by their expert or legal council. (Being confronted by your accuser, huh?) Besides better free 100 guilty men then convict 1 innocent person. – To me the power of depriving an American citizen of his liberty is far more serious then taking their life.

      If the Cali-wackos want to do something constructive a law that allows a voluntary revelation of any arrests and convictions that would be subject to verification by NCIC through the local police department and the review by the applicant would be in order. – If you get caught hiding any arrests then that is grounds for not hiring and maybe put the $500 fine on the liar, and not the prospective employer. —-

      Just want to hip you up, though. – Your post sounded like a pompous sanctimonious , hypocrite. I’m sure you are not and didn’t want to come out that way.

      Lets follow the constitution and look out for each other.

      Duty, Honor, County

  38. Well, LA, you will see a LOT of businesses leaving you for being sooo stupid to think we business people do not have the right to check backgrounds. We have enough criminals in your city, along with many, many dead voters because you never clean out your files. Enough already with the stupidity of liberal brainlessness. We are also against having any invaders in this country, but you accept them and now more crimes, rapes, stealing, etc. than every before. Couldn’t happen to a nastier city. I live in No. CA where we still have brains.

  39. Just another reason why the only way I’ll ever set foot in Kaliforniastan again is for family weddings or funerals.

  40. Francisco Machado

    I take it the L.A. City Council extends this $500 fine to any dealer in firearms that asks for a background check? Given what I hand over for a grocery cart not even half full, $500 is just a cost of doing business and – for L.A. – an insignificant revenue source, not a significant penalty.

  41. Los Angeles City Council committee motto: “Leave your common sense at the door.”

  42. At one time in this country, when you had a criminal conviction, you understood that it didn’t just mean jail, it meant you lost rights, it was the price you paid for a crime against society. There was shame associated with being a convicted criminal and there were lasting implications, like having to work menial jobs that paid badly or not being able to find work at all. This was a deterrent to crime.

  43. Archie Cogollos

    You’re right about criminal schooling…but not what I had in mind…machinist mechanic……plumber, carpenter…etc etc …a skill that is a marketable one….that he/she should have acquired prior…..think Val Jean…….however murder with malice and forethought…the murderers…death penalty…the money to keep them alive is better used elsewhere….anywhere else…

    • Come on Archie

      Teachers have no concept of marketable anything. The kids they are putting out today are not useful for anything. They think a full time job is 3 out of 5, 2-with a hangover. I have been a union man in my life but screw the NEA.

      – Basically we do not hire anybody that has not been in the military or believe it of not, in prison. Have had 6 X-cons on our team over the years and only had to fire one. All others left to better paying jobs (wish I had them back) …. And yes we do ask for employment history and either a DD 214 and/or a voluntary criminal history which I personally check. — No one who told the truth was not hired.

      Don Trump and me agree,,,,,
      Men come in all sizes, colors and backgrounds.

  44. Archie Cogollos

    Chuck Manson and his roommate… Shirhan Shirhan …what’s the purpose of keeping them alive….to what end..

    • The question is why is Shirhan still incarcerated ? According to the L.A. coroner’s autopsy the shot that killed Robert Kennedy was fired within 3″ behind his right ear . Of course Shirhan was in front of the Senator.

  45. More LIBERAL BULLSHIT from the state of NUTAFORNIA….led by Governor Moonbeam !!!

  46. What more would one expect from the land of “Fruits and Nuts” aka Californication!! While NOT all are extremely “STUPID” the majority seem to be just that!! That state gives new meaning to “Totally F’d Up”!

  47. As CRUZ stated recently, “Have we gone stark raving mad”? Sure looks like in in LA and california.

  48. Archie Cogollos

    Probably the same people or types…that investigated the 46/47 suicides surrounding the Clinton’s



  50. Their is an easy way around this very stupid law. Q

  51. Archie Cogollos

    teachers in trade schools to be specific….our public schools are ajoke…Florida has been ranked in the 30’s out of fifty since 1967 when I came here….come on???…Not sure of your point….but no matter…I’ll be dead in 10-20 years…and it won’t matter to me…the ones that need to worry will be my age or approaching it…and they are screwed….no skills or meaningful edication that is marketable and computers will replace all those or most food service jobs….and the government will not be able to take care of the mountain and never ending rise of the irresponsible…think 1984, Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged…think John Galt….

  52. Christians teach that everyone is redeemable. Does that not mean that everyone deserves a second chance?

    When someone (who might not even have been correctly charged and convicted) pays his debt and is released, the slate is wiped.

    The state is asking employers to do exactly what their churches told them to do. Is it self-titled saints or self-titled patriots who are complaining?

    Apparently, the same statement must be true if a preacher says it but false if the government does.

  53. The Liberal Boogeyman is definitely out to get you.

  54. The CA Council Committee is infested with brain damaged folks, crack heads, kick-back/Payola crooks, or were born stupid…..SELECT any TWO !

  55. Suggest we pay Mexico to take over LaLa Land and be responsible for the fruits, nuts & flakes and build a fence.

  56. It is very alarming that this country has so many blind people as to vote for Clinton. It is depressing.

  57. So… It’s OK to ask about criminal history if you’re buying a gun, but not ok to ask about criminal history if you want to work beside me? If we’re assuming in the former case that a criminal history means you will mess up again, then why are we to assume in the latter case that it is irrelevant? Just another example of gov’t hypocrisy (as well as gov’t over-reach).
    Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in second chances, but employers ought to be able to make that choice themselves.

  58. The LA City Council can’t find the bathroom…shame since they are so full of it.

  59. Just wait til CA has more San Bernadino type episodes. Stupidity runs rampant in this state. Maybe it would be best if it just dropped off in the ocean.

  60. Dennis B Anderson

    Have you noticed rentals looking like $cheit? Obama is forcing the owners of property to rent to these sacks of scheit. I have personally been ripped off by the criminal element. I have had police tell me not to knock on my own properties front door to find out if the persons who broke in are still there. Its going on all over our country. They were going to take me to jail and I told them to get busy.Grifters will rent a place with first & last months rent ect! Then it takes 6 months with all the paper work and court costs. What I end up with is a torn up house Its time for good people to lock and load. People are getting out of the rental business because of this. Theres no jobs out there and I have heard it all. Hitler-y Clinton gets away with giving our countrys secrets away and gets paid for it? Obama gives China all our Cash for Clunkers with 30 years to comply with the clean air act. They have shut down our coal for USA use and selling it to China. He also gave China all of our countrys patents.
    Now if this isnt tearing down ourt country I dont know what is. This is why Obama wants your guns and he should be put under ground with the rest of them who are selling us out.

  61. wildone502001a

    Outrageous. The Liberals are friggin crazy people. I can’t even think about this it’s so damn STUPID.

  62. The truth of the matter is that we really don’t care one wit about ex-cons. They are branded for life and it is almost universally assumed that they cannot be trusted. Our criminal justice system should be renamed at our revenge system, since that is what it’s all about.

  63. So, if you’re hiring someone for a bank teller, you can’t check their background to find out if they’ve every been convicted of larceny, grand or otherwise. Or a car dealership hiring some who has auto theft on their record. Makes perfect sense to me. After all, it IS California. . .. . . .

  64. I have a suggestion. Try this out for two years with city hirings only. Maybe the mayor would like his security detail full of ex-cons. Of course, they could not carry weapons.

  65. Tell those idiots where to go.

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