Kooky Drew Barrymore: Earth is the “Unhappy Wife” of Mankind

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is hardly the only left-wing celebrity taking a certain morbid joy in the way the coronavirus is cleaning up air pollution in some countries, but she might have the most bizarre take on it. In a new blog post that we’re pretty sure would even have Greta Thunberg rolling her eyes, the former child star says that Mother Earth is like a jilted wife getting ready to leave her husband – Mankind.

Sure, Drew. Whatever you say.

“What if one day, you had been married for many years, and your wife comes home and tells you she is unhappy. That it had been a long time since she was happy. She is thinking about leaving,” Barrymore said. “You don’t go back to business as usual. Your whole life just changed. You are shaken to the core. This news haunts you everywhere you go. You are uncertain. This has completely invalidated your reality.”

Barrymore said that it was essential for mankind to wake up to Mother Earth’s threat. We must not give up on the “relationship,” she warned.

“This is worth fighting for!” she wrote. “It won’t be easy but what is? Run to her! Run like the end of a movie when you realize you can’t live without her!”

Right. Drew must be spending her quarantine time getting acquainted with some pretty strong Los Angeles marijuana.

“Your wife’s name is Mother Earth. And she is worth it!” Barrymore concluded. “You will live out your days knowing you have to work at it. She is not a sure thing. But if you take care of her, she will love you back. And you can live realistically Ever After.”

Okie dokie.

You have to love how leftists – and Hollywood celebrities are the worst about this – use every crisis as an opportunity to lecture the American people on how they should live their lives. For as much as they like preaching about “privilege,” they never seem to recognize their own. They never seem to recognize that not every American has the money or resources to retrofit their home to meet the latest green standards. That working-class people have bigger things to worry about than whether their showers are too long. That people are worried about how they’re going to feed their families without a damn job right now – not about whether or not Mother Earth is getting ready to fly the coop.

We don’t expect someone like Drew Barrymore, who comes from Hollywood royalty, was a star before she started kindergarten, and has never worked a day in her life, to have a firm grasp on reality. But damn, doesn’t she know anyone who can nudge her and tell her not to post stuff like this?

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