King Obama Wants to Make Everyone Vote

This guy’s arrogance knows no bounds. I would love for him to explain what the word “freedom” means to him. Isn’t that a fairly important concept to have down pat by the time you swear the Oath of Office? Isn’t that somewhat relevant when you’re the president of the United States? What, exactly, does Barack Obama think we should be free to do?

Well, if you thought you should be free to sit home and watch TV on election day, that would be one of many areas where you disagree with the fraud in the White House. You see, Obama thinks it’s time we make voting mandatory. Speaking to a civic group on Wednesday, he said, “If everyone voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.”

He said all you had to do was look at Australia where citizens are legally compelled to cast a ballot. There, he contended, you didn’t have the kind of problems with money as you did in the U.S. He thinks it would be “fun” if we drew up an amendment to the Constitution changing the way money influenced our elections. And though he benefited from the ruling as much as anyone, he reiterated his disagreement with the Citizen’s United ruling.

A Big Mistake

Mandatory voting isn’t a new concept. It gets floated every so often, usually by someone who is upset with the way the last major election turned out. Naturally, it’s more of a liberal idea than a conservative one. It’s anti-freedom, which automatically puts it in that category. Moreover, studies have shown that the people who stay home are usually poorer, less educated, younger, and erm, more racially diverse. Sounds like the Democrat demographic, all right.

Personally, I think we should be making it harder to vote, not easier. ID laws are a given, but we should go even further than that. What about a current events quiz you have to pass before you can pull the lever? Or a citizenship test. Maybe before you vote for a presidential candidate, you have to name at least one of their campaign promises. Prove that you have some business voting.

Okay, I’m being facetious, but I would sooner support that kind of initiative than one where we force citizens to their polling place. You can conceivably force everyone to vote, but you can’t force them to be informed. Why would we want a bunch of idiots using the Christmas Tree method to fill out their ballots? How does that serve the country?

Let’s leave voting to those who are willing to inconvenience themselves a little for the privilege. Take an hour off from work. Find your polling place. Get a driver’s license. This extraordinarily low barrier of entry is just enough to keep away the riff raff. It ensures that we only have people voting who actually want to vote. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any more informed, but at least it’s something.

And it lets people who don’t want to vote do something else with their time. And isn’t that the beautiful thing about freedom? Once we make voting mandatory, isn’t the whole thing kind of tainted?

Let’s ask the president. I’m still waiting for that definition.

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