King Obama Wants to Make Everyone Vote

This guy’s arrogance knows no bounds. I would love for him to explain what the word “freedom” means to him. Isn’t that a fairly important concept to have down pat by the time you swear the Oath of Office? Isn’t that somewhat relevant when you’re the president of the United States? What, exactly, does Barack Obama think we should be free to do?

Well, if you thought you should be free to sit home and watch TV on election day, that would be one of many areas where you disagree with the fraud in the White House. You see, Obama thinks it’s time we make voting mandatory. Speaking to a civic group on Wednesday, he said, “If everyone voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country.”

He said all you had to do was look at Australia where citizens are legally compelled to cast a ballot. There, he contended, you didn’t have the kind of problems with money as you did in the U.S. He thinks it would be “fun” if we drew up an amendment to the Constitution changing the way money influenced our elections. And though he benefited from the ruling as much as anyone, he reiterated his disagreement with the Citizen’s United ruling.

A Big Mistake

Mandatory voting isn’t a new concept. It gets floated every so often, usually by someone who is upset with the way the last major election turned out. Naturally, it’s more of a liberal idea than a conservative one. It’s anti-freedom, which automatically puts it in that category. Moreover, studies have shown that the people who stay home are usually poorer, less educated, younger, and erm, more racially diverse. Sounds like the Democrat demographic, all right.

Personally, I think we should be making it harder to vote, not easier. ID laws are a given, but we should go even further than that. What about a current events quiz you have to pass before you can pull the lever? Or a citizenship test. Maybe before you vote for a presidential candidate, you have to name at least one of their campaign promises. Prove that you have some business voting.

Okay, I’m being facetious, but I would sooner support that kind of initiative than one where we force citizens to their polling place. You can conceivably force everyone to vote, but you can’t force them to be informed. Why would we want a bunch of idiots using the Christmas Tree method to fill out their ballots? How does that serve the country?

Let’s leave voting to those who are willing to inconvenience themselves a little for the privilege. Take an hour off from work. Find your polling place. Get a driver’s license. This extraordinarily low barrier of entry is just enough to keep away the riff raff. It ensures that we only have people voting who actually want to vote. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any more informed, but at least it’s something.

And it lets people who don’t want to vote do something else with their time. And isn’t that the beautiful thing about freedom? Once we make voting mandatory, isn’t the whole thing kind of tainted?

Let’s ask the president. I’m still waiting for that definition.

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  1. Obama is a socialist b@stard and should be excommunicate from this country ! Although he is a citizen of Kenya, I bet they don’t want him either!

  2. Give me somebody, anybody, to vote for.
    Ballots should actually be formatted to vote AGAINST a candidate instead of FOR a candidate.
    Or none of the above.

    • TeaParty Patriot


      There should be both a NONE of the ABOVE on all ballots AND require the winning candidate to garner 50+% of the votes cast or better yet 50+% of the registered voters. ( 50+% of the registered voters would mean you could vote none of the above without leaving home) With a runoff for the leading vote getters.

      • Good idea except 50%+ of “registered” voters still gives them the right to force people into the polls.
        How do you justify 1 million voters losing their jobs (sneakily) by an upset boss. They weren’t fired because they took time off to vote, they were fired because they left their tray on the break room table. OKKK!? Sure!

  3. Bullshit.. and more Bullshit.. when is this going to END

    • It will end when he is removed from the White House.

      • TeaParty Patriot

        No it won’t, The RINOs are nearly as bad as the corruptocrats. take a look at boehner and mcdonnel.
        I don’t want either of them in the white house. in congress or come to think of it even in my state.

      • WVF..It doesn’t look like he is planning on leaving…as soon as he finds a “solid” base to declare martial law or turns us over to the UN for receivership for debt(look at the UN panel) using our tax system to do it…(take a hard look at who sits on the UN and meet our lenders)…our debt is too big to take the route smaller nations have taken…and just about everyone wants our land mass and natural resources..they just don’t want ‘we the people’ occupying it…

        • I agree, Phyllis, this creep of a Muslim Islamist sympathizer is going to try to injure America mortally if there is any way possible to do it. He knows he has no elected officials to worry about, so he is going to give it his all over the next 22 months. If he does call for Martial Law, I don’t believe the 900,000 police across the country are going to respond to him, and I don’t think our military will pay him any attention.

          • Sir, I truly hope you are right and myself wrong about the police standing as they stood together in New York but decimated themselves in Ferguson. As for the military, Ob has released over 20,000 officers and our military down to approx. 450,000. And I watched an interview with a sort of ‘new type’ enlisted man who sounded absolutely nothing like our forces in the past…hope i am wrong….and I don’t believe he is a sympathizer but rather aiming for headship of a caliphate here and has a good head .start with no one to stop him…There is a point of no return and we are rapidly approaching it…thanks for responding and again..I hope you are right..

          • Don’t you think, though, that those he’s dismissed will stand with the people when the SHTF?

          • I spent six years living about 9 miles from a major fort and no I don’t think the dismissed or retired will stand with the people..many may want to but they have some pretty good retirements that would be jeopardized…if, however, they see the people actually have to fight on the ground, they might crawl out of the woodwork…do all feel that way..of course not…we shall see…

          • I pray your right , But he has the agreement with the UN that they will supply him with UN peace keepers . They want him to turn us into a NWO country !! If we survive him we need to express to the next canidates that we want out of the UN . We supply them with the most money and have the most to lose by them wanting this unarmed NWO !!

          • merle, U.N. stands for utter nonsense. There is not enough of those cowards in the world to overrun America. Bring them on! We have millions of armed vets, hunters, and rednecks just waiting for an opportunity to whack a blue & white helmet.

          • But WVF, among those waiting to fight you failed to mention, congress, wall street, WH spokespeople, mainstream media,etc, brahahahaha..just pulling your leg a bit…oh, and Pelosi constituents, the muslim political party, and of course the Hillary’s, and no doubt Josh Earnest will be a hero type…I have a vivid imagination…

          • Phyllis, you have a great sense of humor! Don’t forget, we now have only 669 days left of Obamanation’s Reign of Terror. I am keeping track on my “short-timer’s” calendar.

  4. we have an angry anti-American, Islamic-sympathizer in the White House with no character whatsoever… he lies, he obfuscates, he imposes his will not the people’s will on everyone, he’s narcissistic, a thug, a racist, and has no love for America. I say try the arrogant child and toss his ass and his wife, Moochelle, in jail for crimes against our great nation…. America was not founded upon the pillars of a despotic, tyrannical dictator! We’re a free country and our freedom is being eroded by this evil man.

    • You’re being too kind to him, he doesn’t deserve it, he deserves time in the ‘Big House’ not the White House, as he has shown to all, except those who refuse to see.

    • Florence Millard

      GITMO! And throw away the keys!

    • They aren’t the only criminals. All but a few sitting in the House and the Senate are enabling this lawless behavior. They could shut him down in a heartbeat if they wanted to. They have the evidence. For some reason they refuse to do it. Arrest them, too.

      • Amen LogicDefined!

      • If you have watched C-Span it is to see where the problems are at. The left votes one way and the right votes the opposite. That’s why the last Congress could get nothing accomplished. What bills passed in the house were stopped in the Senate by Reid and his misfits. Now that the house and Senate are controlled by the GOP, you would think something would get done—no because it takes a 2/3 majority to override anything Obama vetoes. The second major problem is .the GOP rhinos and speaker who refuse to bring bills to the floor and who are in reality socialist claiming to be Conservatives. We need to vote all who fail to follow their oath of office out and that would get rid of the socialist, communist left and about 80% or more of the GOP.

    • One last vacation with a trip half way back to Kenya or hang his ass and save the rope for reuse.

  5. Here is the model of government we are moving towards.
    Fidel Castro, leader of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), was in power, first as Prime Minister and then as President, from 1959 until 2008.
    Castro’s brother Raúl Castro was officially designated Fidel’s successor at a Communist Party congress in October 1997.
    Fidel Castro officially retired on February 19, 2008, leaving his brother as the SOLE candidate for president.

  6. King Obama want the country to Socialist-Communist and change our believes NO WAY TRAITOR

  7. Sorry, king obola, but you cannot tell me what to do…. I will vote if I want to and will vote for whoever I want to. duh…..

  8. Francisco Machado

    If voting were to be made mandatory I should think that would also make it mandatory that there’s a ballot entry for “Not any of the above” since that is the choice made by those who currently have the option of not voting for any of the above by not voting. One difference here, though: If “Not any of the above” gets more votes than any candidates, the election is voided for that office and must be held again – with some different candidates.

  9. Obama is a bitter fool who has disenfranchised himself from America all of his life – its his own fault! Now he is in a position to take his “revenge”. What more revenge than to “own” every American – and do with them as he pleases! Our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is predicated by the unalienable right that…

    • TeaParty Patriot

      Don’t fool yourself. The 0webomb is a multi millionaire and there are plenty of fools that will kiss his ass for some of that millions. Take a look at jassy jackson not so sharpton and write and faracon.

    • He smirks and laughes at us all the time . he hates the citizens of this country . Why i don’t know except his slut mother was a communist as was his maternal grandparents and yes folks he is a MUSLIM! He said in a 2012 interview when asked what religion he was he said I am of muslim faith . when he realized that was not a popular thing to say before an election he never mentioned it again .

      • Obama said not long ago he stood with the Muslim until the end and we all know he hates America and the people and that is why he is trying so hard to destroy it. If the elected bastards would do their job they would have had him out of office long ago.
        He does no good for the country except make the race war wider and spend money he is not qualified to spend because he is an illegal gay American hating Muslim and the way I see it he has nothing coming but a long long term in prison and not a federal boy scout camp. Make him do time in a state prison where they do hard time, get nothing and let all happen to him that big bubba does because he loves the big stick.

  10. Stop referring to Traitor Obama as King Obama.

  11. More rules and law put on his subjects time to dethrone the king

  12. Skinny little rat must have been molested by his mother and hates everyone because of it

  13. It is a responsibility not a requirement to vote. All US citizen’s should take the time to be educated, NOT indoctrinated. They should voice their opinion with a well prepared knowledge of the issues of which they vote on.
    ALL voters should have VALID ID proving they are US Citizens. Fraudulent voting should at minimum be punishable with jail time and/or deportation!

    • Florence Millard

      Sorry, but some people are too stupid to be educated. And, how are you going to stop the ‘dead’ from voting?

      • You stop them by putting honest responsible people at the polls to monitor and especially in ‘absentee voting’, which is where a lot of it takes place…I know, I personally challenged the head of the dem party in my county…it took 20 years before he was finally arrested and never spent a day in jail, he died of old age….then there is the big problem of finding ‘honest, responsible’ people to do this…you see, everyone wants to be a star not a patriot…volunteer to work the polls…put your action where your mouth is…(don’t take this as a personal affront because it isn’t, it’s just statement of fact}.

        • Florence Millard

          Where I live, I have to show a picture I.D. and my registration form (signed by me) to vote. So now they have your signature twice to compare them.Why not make that mandatory at ALL voting sites in ALL of the states? Works here. Once you show your I.D. your name is crossed off the list. Your name is listed only at your place of voting, which makes it impossible to go to another site and vote again.

          • That methodology does not fit BHO’s way of doing things.

          • Florence Millard

            I know………if we can just get past the next 22 months, we may have it made.

          • Don’t count on it. Muslims believe he is the 12th Imam.

          • That’s what I’m praying for!

          • How about having to do what you said then after you’ve voted, dip your index finger in blue/black permanent ink?

          • It is the same most places, but there are ways around that in absentee…and there were several instances of 15 people listed at one address…the man I mentioned openly bragged about it and the dems all knew it….the other side of the coin, the repub head was nutty as a fruitcake sometimes and paranoid….voting at its worst…

          • which is the way it should be !!

      • National Voter ID with biometric readings?

        • Florence Millard

          I remember the grocery store I shop at used to scan your eye for I.D. I wonder if it was too dangerous to the eyesight as they stopped it almost as fast as it was started.

          • Palm scanning would be quick and painless. You can’t change your print pattern while photo IDs have become useless with all the quick changes a person can make (wigs, color contacts, makeup)

            We don’t have the current technology for quick and accurate full DNA, nor would I want an Optical scan of my Retina BUT many changes NEED to be made to secure that only living, breathing US Citizens whose brains are alive and tuned in to the current elections and state of the Nation as a whole are actually voting. People NEED to there knowing who they want NOT which party they want, and knowing exactly what whatever State Initiative MEANS even though the words are twisted to make it sound like it is the opposite of what it reads.

            Americans NEED to remember that NOTHING is FREE, it is paid for by either Military blood or Taxpayers income. Politicians better remember THEY work for US, they are supposed to represent US.

            I’d love to have a few thousand ETHICAL volunteers leading our Nation than any of the top bloviating political savvy idiots from BOTH parties and many of the smaller ones from sea to shining sea!

          • Well. ladies, that is definitely coming…I believe it is referred to as the mark of the beast…I find it unnerving that the new technology is a perfect fit to bring about something mentioned two thousand years writing…you won’t be able to buy or sell anything without it…that includes rummage sales and bartering…Obama has left no stone uncovered in those 3200 mandates that are available to read but no one does…This man in the WH is probably the closest to evil our nation has ever been exposed to….I don’t think I have ever referred to an individual as evil but this one is really hard to ignore…

          • It does concern me that it (biometric readers) appear to align with the Mark of the Beast, though I also heard that reference to the UPC codes that are scanned at check out.

            I also agree he wants to hit/control garage/yard/rummage/swap meets/flea markets BUT believe that bartering will continue to exist between small and trusting groups, without his interference but only because they’ll carefully make sure no one they deal with is involved with him in anyway.

          • The UPC codes were probably the starting point…obviously when it comes it will be very subtle at first because most were taught a little about it as kids in Sunday school to not ever take 666, however, that is not the number listed, it actually says, six hundred, three score and six…clue.. to pay attention as it is written it would look like this…600-60-06, more computerized looking wouldn’t you say? And if that were the only thing showing at this time mentioned in the scriptures I wouldn’t feel much concern but it isn’t…as for the rummage, swap, barter bit, the way the govt has set it up, example: if you need a minor roof repair and your neighbor needs a week’s worth of babysitting and you exchange services and no money changes hands, you will both be charged taxes on earned income…so much for the young mothers or widows having a way to supplement their income….the widows, orphans, poor, were allowed to glean in the fields after the reaping of the crops, that was God’s law(not Moses)..when a nation stops allowing the poor to find a way to feed themselves and their children(and its not talking govt welfare) then the nation falls…people used to be able to frequent rummage sales and such to acquire things they couldn’t afford retail, many agency’s are grabbing up these things and selling them in stores, hence, the poor are deprived..even charities are doing this…and patting themselves on the back as they do their depriving…so much for keeping your alms secret….clear up until recent years, widows could rent out rooms and provide a meal for a reasonable rate to low income people, now we have public housing that robs a person of initiative and dignity…what a trade off…but according to God’s Word..a remnant…will survive…I do not believe Ob and probably most politicians will be among them…

          • He is a demon !!

    • THey have now gave illegals in California drivers license so they have ID . If they can’t speak english then they shouldn’t be allowed to vote .

  14. Well maybe we should make it law anyone running for president must show real birthcert.

    • We were supposed to when the imposter was elected.

      • Can’t even get a drivers license without your birth certificate unless you are one of bo’s illegals or his fraudulent running for POTUS or is that OK to be a wannabe dictator of the U.S A. … ?

    • And any other papers we want to see !!!

      • I agree .. I come from school were there used to be right from wrong and if done wrong had pay price.. I find it clear off charts what we are letting Obama get away with .. Wish we could go back to about 1964-65 would love to see Eric holder and Obama along with Al sharp pull race card

  15. Kenneth Van Antwerp

    Does he even know meaning of the word Democracy? Or that we have choice to vote or not vote?

    • More importantly- does he understand what a Constitutional Republic is, what the three branches of government are and HOW they were designed to work? Does he know about the checks and balances given to those branches?

    • Isn’t freedom wonderful! It’s one the few place in the world you can actually vote dictatorship!

  16. Have always been in favor of a reward for voting…..Like $50.00 off of your Income Tax……but you should only be allowed to vote ONCE per election and the dead should be excluded completely. Bet that sets the Liberal-TARDS off on a rant?

    • I think the requirement to vote should be that you pay taxes. Otherwise, we have the same yokels voting themselves a paycheck for doing absolutely nothing.

  17. the nigger is nuts

  18. Michael Dennewitz

    The AIC (asshole in charge) is living in his own little, kingdom seeking bubble! First of all, this asshole wouldn’t know “truth” if it smacked him right in the face, like his low flying aircraft that hit the towers! (yes, they were HIS) But be forewarned people, martial law is next, and by the time he’s finished, you won’t be able to take a shit without permission!

  19. Lawrence Proctor

    While voting is a privilege. Anyone that does not SHOULD not be eligible for any and ALL Benefits such as WELFARE. But there are some idiots that don’t have the MENTAL CAPACITY to vote, The can’t even make an “X”! And Illegals would have the ability to vote! COULD THIS BE WHAT OBAMA WANTS?

  20. Mr. Obama’s definition of “freedom” is easy enough to discern. He is free to do whatever he wants regardless of what some pesky, outdated, 225 year old document says. I can name a couple of Kings of England who had the same idea. Charles I and George III. Things didn’t turn out too well for either one of those guys….

    • Now don’t get back on you high horse, the Christians had a chance to stop the jihad but couldn’t bring themselves out to vote for a Mormon born and bred in the USA!

      • If Mr. Romney would have been a real conservative instead of a “Democrat Light”, I may have voted for him in spite of his Mormon faith. IMHO the Republican’s dream of regaining the White House will remain just a dream until they decide to nominate a real conservative.

        • Hopefully if they do, its one of the newer ones that have a little fight in ‘em and not one of the older corrupt Republicans.

        • This is why the American people deserve Obama, they can’t tell the difference between a rotten egg and a classic?
          Hopefully if republicans get elected it’s one of the newer ones that have a little fight in ‘em, and not one of the older corrupt Republicans.

  21. You can bet theres more to it. If you don’t vote you will pay a penalty.And if you don’t vote the way he wants you to Who Knows,wouldn’t put nothing past this racist muslim.WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE LAND OF THE FREE.This has to stop,someone please show this moron the door.

  22. Does Hitler Obama have all his Marbles? He must have studied Hitler is school; He did not study America He has to be dumber then Hell. He sure did not go to a Chicago school I lived their. No wander he took Hitler’s name

    • The jokes on us! He’s smatter then the whole Republican caucus, or their in on this scam!

    • he was well schooled in the communist manifesto teachings of Saul Alinsky! As too, by the way, was Hilary Clinton! Ever see the picture of her college dorm with her standing in front of a poster of Saul? She will be worse!

  23. Yes Obama Is Hitler.

  24. On the other hand, getting the “silent majority” to vote might be surprising. Just like unemployed are taken “off the rolls” to help appearances, the disgusted voters have given up electing the same party using two names. [‘Less Freedom by Bigger Government Party’ named as both Democrats + Republicans (with few exceptions)]

    AKA swords cut in both directions, and loss of freedom can be used to get more freedom.

  25. Dexter L. Wilson

    All of America did vote, either by choosing a republican or democrat, or refused to vote at the poll rather than vote for a Muslim Sympathizing Collectivist Socialist Barak Obama. I promise you, Yellow Dog Democrats would rather not vote than vote for a Republican since they did not care for the Democrat Candidate.

  26. I suggest before you can vote that you must pass a basic American civics test and promise to adhere to the Constitution.

  27. Have you figured out that you ARE JUST A SLAVE yet ????

  28. Are our elected officials going to allow this imposter to continue to pretend that he is the President of the United States? Are We the People going to have to deal with him and them directly? He has to go!

  29. Obama is an arrogant burr head socialist communist muslim bastard who is non-American and is illegally sitting in the Presidents chair. He supposedly studied and taught Constitutional law, doubtful, he has no respect for America, for the Constitution, our flag, or our people unless they are ass kissing liberals. He says life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness but has no idea why he says it. He has the socialist abilities that put him into office and that is to lie, deny, point the finger, and place blame everywhere but where it belongs. Obama thinks he is the smartest person in the world and he doesn’t need Congress or advisors —he is in fact a dictator and our Congress doesn’t have the balls to slap him off the thrown. The only way Obama could force people to vote would be to do away with the Constitution which he is working on. This no good S.O.B. places himself above the laws of this country, he committed fraud when he finally submitted what was supposed to be his original birth certificate. He has two social security numbers, neither legal, and has committed acts of high treason against this country as well as many, many, impeachable acts. It is unfortuniate that we have so many other corrupt politicians in office who kiss up to Obama instead of standing on their own two feet. The word bipartison is a real hoax and neither party should use it. Everything is party line and all the talks in Congress are virtually useless unless they want something together like raises, are recess to go home. They are not representing. “we the people.” Wake up America, if it is not already too late, lets throw out the liberal, no morality democrats, and the Rhinos in the GOP, and all who do not take their oath of office seriously. We need a bill that will not allow any bills to be presented that go against the Constitution. We need a bill the will not allow the President to by-pass Congress just because he thinks he knows all the answers, We need a bill that will fine and or remove any and all government officials who violate their oath of office and the Constitution.
    We need men like Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Gov. Perry. Gov. Jindal, Rand Paul, or women like Sarah Palin who say.what they mean and mean what they say. We need to restore America and the Constitution that was founded by our forefathers upon Christian principles

    • Florence Millard

      I read once that he had 27 Social Security Numbers! Can’t beat that. Remember his mother worked in the Courthouse in Honolulu.

    • Absofrickinlutely! But please add Scott Walker’s name to your impressive list of 2016 hopefuls! We need a strong, patriotic, INTELLIGENT commander in chief to get in and undo all the onerous crap this big-eared no brains-to-speak-of nitwit in the WH has put America through in the last 6 1/2 years!! Huge task, but it CAN be done -we have to believe, or all will be lost. I just hope and pray that his ISIS buddies don’t destroy us before we can get rid of this poisonous dictator. God Bless America!

      • I think Scott might drop out. I like the guy and what he did to get Ws out of the red. He stood up to the Unions and bus loads of aggitators sent by obama to get him removed from office. He did a great job in his speech given recently by Presidential hopefuls. However, he was been too wishy washy on several issues and has changed his stance on some issues. I would definitely pick Walker over Jeb Bush, Trump, Huckabee, Rubio, or Christie. If he were nominated I would definitely Support him.

  30. he left all the illegal’s in our Country & now he wants to force them to vote in his favor, anything that involved with voteing fraud he loves, but there’s a few words he hates, freedom, rights & the best one is CONSTITUION

  31. TeaParty Patriot

    Does that mean the imperial majestic afirmative action impostor sitting in the white castle Has pulled in his horns and agreed that photo ID is necessary to assure that EVERYONE votes?.

  32. The dead already vote for democrats so I guess by this he means to force the illegals to vote and vote democract

    • That is why he is bringing them in He also wants all prisoners to be able to vote . and look at how many he has let out since he has been in . I am OK with low level violence but some of these guys were murderers !!

  33. The next step in the socalist/communist agenda wil lbe to mail your already boxed checked ballot to you for your signature. Or when you show up at the polling place you get one ballot with one name on it to vote for.


    • Marcia Schweisthal

      I like that very, very, creative idea, to VOTE TO HAVE HIM IMPRISONED…most innovative thought I’ve seen posted for quite awhile…

  35. Let’s make it simple, a ten thousand fine if you fail to vote, an extra 5 thousand dollar fine if you fail to vote liberal Democrat!
    See we can still keep our freedom and republic in tack, all we need is an executive order! I’m sure the Republicans will be on board with it as long as they don’t have to stand up to the president!

  36. TeaParty Patriot

    Most people do not realize how deceptive/devious the 0webomb is. Look back over his 5 plus years in office. The owebomb would initiate a minor scandal and while the voters were distracted he would sneak in a major change/violation to the constitution.

    His latest is the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from Mexico, central america, and the ISIS smuggled into the US. To form a distraction he imported thousands of children with diseases that had all but been eradicated here in the US and then secretly distributed them throughout the US then refused to let the people know where they were. These children infected the local population and started minor crisis. He tried this diversion with ebola only ebola did not spread fast enough. He then used this cover of childhood diseases to import hundreds of thousands of adult illegal aliens from Mexico, central/south America, and the ISIS. He is currently involved in fast tracking their applications for citizenship. Again bypassing legal immigrants to fast track his voters.

    Now he is revealing his real objective. Everyone knew he was trying to pack the ballot boxes with democrat votes, It is gonna be much harder to vote multiple times and Voter ID is gonna make it more difficult. but how was he gonna get them to come out from under cover to vote EUREKA! ! ! abandon the fight against voter ID and make voting mandatory. His recent speech revealed that he believes that lower income, lower educated and minorities will be the ones to target to require them to vote. Wonder of wonders these lower income/lesser educated voters predominately vote democrat. Some even need a picture of a jackass next to a democrats name so they can recognize he is a democrat.


  37. Bull puddles Oshame-a want’s to give convicted felons the right to vote He can’t make anyone vote just like he can’t make you buy Obummer don’t care insurance

  38. boris yasdnilkov

    After enduring over 6 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, even after initially hoping against hope that he would be a success, it is very difficult for me not to absolutely despise him and his ilk. Instead, I attempt to hold him in the complete scorn and disdain he deserves. “Out damned spot! Out I say!”

  39. King Hitler Obama is full of crape No Mind no cents Got marble for brains. Screwing with America and its Constitution By the people and for the people of the United States Construction was written by wise men for the people of the united states with god in mind. Obama is no king he is a none American ass the leader of the Democratic party of asses that love their head ass. I think they all are crooks with Hilary taking money for her self from other countries. now that is call a political legal crock. It fine for me but not for a citizen that is a no no. Now is that a correct thing for her to do? I think Obama must have O.K. this is just fine. What the hell has happened to this Dam country when we have noting but legal crooks running it just like Hitler done years back. Now tell me is this America I would say not. America we the people believe in our Constitution an the bill of right granted to all. In modern times this is called protecting your ass.

  40. Anyone that refuses to vote, will be turned into a mindless Mulatto at midnight of the voting day!……………………………..:o}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Then King Obammy, will have lots of company!

  41. Voters not required to have I D so how do you know who voted???

    • That is a good question I would say your tax return but look how many don’t work . Hopefully he can’t come up with something in 22 months !! But he probably has a couple thousand people working on it !

  42. 0bama has found a way other than open borders to ensure he has enough uninformed voters to make himself king.
    Suppose he should include a tax on everybody for voting or not voting.
    0bama must be stopped.

  43. Plain English Fuck obama, he is a lying, anti-American, racist pile of shit.

  44. So tell me please how you will have mandatory voting without mandatory photo ID . Don’t think they thought this one out well .

  45. POTUS just wants all those liberals and Demons to stir this story and get their feedback to make this happen. If he wants to present such an insane idea, then we need to demand Voter ID! How else could he track who voted and who didn’t. Just another way of getting rid of Amendment 1! He’s chipping away at our Amendments, one at a time.

    • Nancy, I think if you take a harder look you will find Ob chopping on more than one amendment at a time…he’s hewing on several as we write…

    • Well I guess if there is no voter Id we can all vote numerous times then can’t we ? The republicans have too many morals to be such cheaters but to get rid of him and the animals he has in his cabinet we do what we must do

  46. There is nothing this Islamic terrorist does that has to do with freedom, it is only to further his power grab over the people who he feels are his pawns in a game, and he has got to be the winner and the hell with everyone else in this country.

  47. Sambo needs his ILLEGALS & Tar Babys to vote Dem, or they LOSE is 2016 …..

  48. So hypocritical on so many levels, Obama is such a lying idiot!
    How come a mandatory “voter I.D. law” is deemed racist by the ‘fool-in-chief’ yet mandatory anti-Constitutional voting isn’t?

    Thanks once again for ‘speaking up for us’ you cowardly, do nothing, limp wristed RINO Congress and John “Boner” Bohner their fearless leader who are all perpetually ‘stuck’ in fetal positions sucking each others thumbs….just the thought brings tears of joy to the “Boners” eye!

  49. unconstitutional IRS forced Obama Care on your tax return= more Big government control of the American people

  50. Mandatory vote fixing is probably what he wants but has to hide his dictatorial whims with his B.S. violating the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights in line with his other criminal E.O’s & law breaking actions bypassing congress ..!

  51. Of course and if you don’t vote democrat you will get sent to Mexico to replace one who came here illegally ( to vote ) .A Demon is what he is !!!

  52. they force people to vote in Australia.

    its not Democratic to force people to vote for a candidate if they feel they are all not worth supporting.

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