Kim Potter Found Guilty of Manslaughter in Killing of Daunte Wright!

Soon after ex-police officer Kim Potter shot Daunte Wright mistaking her handgun for her taser she said, “I’m going to jail.” Her words turned out to be prophetic as the former Minnesota cop was convicted of two counts of manslaughter.  

Potter was convicted of manslaughter and she is now facing up to 11 years in prison for pulling her gun instead of her Taser and killing Wright at a traffic stop.

Jurors began deliberating Monday Dec. 20 on the first- and second-degree charges Potter was facing for the fatal April 11 encounter.

The jury was comprised of six men and six women. One of the jurors is black, two are Asian American and the other nine are white.

Potter, 49, shot Wright after he tried to flee cops seeking to arrest him on a weapons warrant during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. His death sparked national protests that happened alongside the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd. 

Bodycam footage shown multiple times throughout the trial depicts the distraught officer, who has insisted she accidentally pulled her gun instead of her Taser that day.

“Oh my God!” Potter said as another cop tried to console her, according to the footage released by police. “Holy s–t! I just shot him!”

The ex-cop was cuffed and taken from the courtroom into custody and will be held in jail without bail until her sentencing on Feb. 18. While notably emotional on the stand, often testifying through tears, Potter was stone-faced during the reading of the guilty verdict. 

Her lawyer Earl Gray argued she should be able to return home until her sentencing, saying “Her bail right now is $100,000, she’s got that posted. She’s not going to run.”

Judge Regina Chu refused the request. “I cannot treat this case any differently than any other case,” the Hennepin County judge said.

When Potter took the stand during her testimony, she wailed an apology and struggled to maintain composure.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried. “I’m sorry it happened … I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

Prosecutor Erin Eldridge, also a member of the prosecuting team in the Chauvin trial, said in her closing arguments that Potter’s actions were “no little ‘oopsie.’”

“This was a colossal screw-up, a blunder of epic proportions. It was precisely the thing she was warned about for years and she was trained to prevent it.” In her opening remarks, she said Potter “betrayed her badge.”

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison — who successfully got a murder conviction against Chauvin — took over the prosecution in the case.

Defense attorney Earl Gray said what happened was a mistake, and blamed Wright for his own death, saying if he had complied with the officers’ demands, he would still be alive today.

“She made a mistake, and, my gosh, a mistake is not a crime,” Gray said.

Wright, who was just 20 years old at the time of his death and the father of a young child, was unarmed during the traffic stop.

His girlfriend was in the car at the time of the fatal encounter, testifying at the trial that she frantically tried to help him from the passenger seat. 

Wright’s family commended the jury for its guilty verdict, saying in a statement through their civil attorneys that they feel “relieved that the justice system has provided some measure of accountability for the senseless death of their son, brother, father and friend.” 

“From the unnecessary and overreaching tragic traffic stop to the shooting that took his life, that day will remain a traumatic one for this family and yet another example for America of why we desperately need change in policing, training and protocols,” the statement said. “We must now turn our attention to ensuring that Kim Potter receives the strongest and most just sentence possible.”

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  1. This cop will live with this the rest of her life. It was a mistake. Nonetheless, if the person had simply had respect and complied, the officer would not have reached for a firearm or taser or whatever. Still he didn’t deserve it.
    Why is justice inconsistent and so unfair though? Look at the actor who accidentally killed a woman on a movie set. He is free and doing talk shows. What is justice anymore, but punishment determined by politics.

  2. Now prosecute the dead criminal that caused it all by violently running away from the police

  3. The guilty verdict for Kim Potter is a travesty of justice! The young man’s death lie at the feet of the so- called victim; Wright!
    Her verdict will definitely be over ruled and set aside by the appelalate court.
    The jury was fearful of the worthless democrat protestors and didn’t do the right thing. SAD!!!

  4. Yes there needs to be better training of police officers. Each person applying to police academies needs to be thoroughly tested physiologically and background checked including their childhood. This officer made a tragic mistake but to throw the book at her is wrong. People need to learn how to Forgive and move on with their lives. Criminals are taking over our country bc they know they can get away with their actions and the courts will side with them. Defunding the police has caused this problem. Time to wake up liberals and progressives. Children need to be taught to Respect those in authority over them. It’s a parent’s job to teach good morals to their young.

  5. Nonsense! This boy would not have died if he had complied.

  6. Why is police always convicted of a crime when they were doing there job if Daunte Wright didn’t resist arrest nothing would have happened and the true criminal would be alive and in jail wake up America 🇺🇸 shit is going to hit the fan real quick

  7. What are you stupid people going to do next when a criminal does something to one of your family members he was a criminal trying to get away again. I don’t wish any bad luck but everyone that convicted Kim Potter does not deserve any police protection ever it is so sad America has come to this it is so very wrong and yes everyone is watching your sorry asses

  8. As far as I know, a workplace accident never is a crime. I guess when the Burn Loot Murder gets ready to peacefully protest by destroying millions of dollars in property- justice goes out the window

  9. There is no reason she should never have been tried. She had an accident and is being convicted for a chime she did not committe! That is just the way our society has been as we consider all WHITE PEOPLE RACIST! NO put the shoe on the other foot as how would the BLACK RACE feel to be considered RACIST!

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