Kim Kardashian Schools Hillary Clinton

Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton seem to be going head-to-head in a test of legal knowledge during an episode of Clinton’s upcoming Apple TV+ documentary series. The story was posted during a recent interview with People magazine.

The former secretary of the state competed against Kardashian a reality TV star and criminal justice reform advocate, in a short pop quiz discussing criminal law issues. Kardashian who last year passed the baby bar exam after she finished her one-year law apprenticeship program, beat the Yale Law graduate 11-4. Reportedly, Clinton found the loss “heartbreaking.”

The Contest is going to be part of an episode of “Gutsy,” a new Apple TV+ series that is hosted by Clinton and her daughter Chelsea. The Show is based on their book called “The Book of Gutsy Women.”
Chelsea Clinton, who was the quizmaster had said that her mother would have had better odds if she had responded quicker by pressing the buzzer to reply.

Hillary Clinton also noted she was impressed by Kardashian’s ability to test well in this legal test, which she hoped would showcase her abilities and knowledge in the legal field.

Kim Kardashian is also a legal legacy as she is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the defense attorney for O.J. Simpson in his 1995 murder trial.

Kardashian however, has mainly made a name for herself as the creator of the shapewear company Skims. She is also an advocate for criminal justice reforms. In 2018 she also lobbied for clemency for Alice Johnson who had been serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug conviction.

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