Kids In Democrat States Are Getting Dumber

Photo by Ben Mullins on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that student achievement in an elementary school in the San Francisco, California district decreased following the $250,000 federal grant used to establish a woke teaching policy. 

As part of these efforts, teachers were trained by the for-profit company Woke Kindergarten on how to confront racism, oppression, and white supremacy in an effort to remove these learning barriers from schools. However, two years into the three-year contract, the Glassbrook Elementary test scores in math and English have hit a new low. 

In the 2022-23 school year, only 11.6 percent of students were found to be at grade level in English, while math proficiency was found to be at 3.8 percent of students. This marks a 4.5 percentage point decline in every category in the last year. The data was collected by the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.

On its website, Woke Kindergarten defines itself as a “global, abolitionist early childhood ecosystem and visionary creative portal” that provides support to educators, families, and children to promote queer, trans, and pro-Black liberation in early education. 

However, according to the Chronicle following these test results many of the teachers have started to question whether the money from the grant is spent in the best possible way, especially considering the needs of the students, as 474 students in the school are low-income. In the school, over 80 percent of students are Latino or Hispanic while another two-thirds are English learners. 

However, Hayward Unified School District officials have defended the program arguing that it has been a success in the areas that the program was meant to improve as attendance and suspension rates have improved. Glassbrook Elementary is also not on the state watch list anymore.

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