Kentucky Clerk Defies Court, Refuses Gays

Kentucky’s Kim Davis is quickly becoming a rallying figure for proponents of religious freedom. Davis, a clerk with Rowan County, decided that she would no longer issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. She insisted that she could not square that task with her deeply held religious convictions, a dilemma that thousands – if not millions – of Americans are struggling with. Unfortunately, Davis’s decision was not well met. Five same-sex couples have filed suit against her, and she was ordered Wednesday by a district court judge to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.

Proving that she has a steel backbone, Davis immediately defied the ruling. The very next day, gay couple James Yates and William Smith headed to the Rowan County in the hopes of getting a license. They didn’t. Davis turned them away, inviting a legal showdown that could have national implications. A spokesman for the clerk’s office said they rejected the couple on advice of counsel. Davis is represented by Christian law firm, the Liberty Counsel. Lawyers have vowed to appeal the district court decision with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

That decision, written by U.S. District Judge David Bunning, said in part, “Davis remains free to practice her Apostolic Christian beliefs. She may continue to attend church twice a week, participate in Bible Study and minister to female inmates at the Rowan County Jail. She is even free to believe that marriage is a union between one man and one woman, as many Americans do. However, her religious convictions cannot excuse her from performing the duties that she took an oath to perform as Rowan County Clerk.”

And you know what? He’s absolutely right. His logic is sound, and it’s consistent with the law. The problem is not Bunning’s ruling. The problem is the Supreme Court ruling that shoved us so far off the legally defensible map that the law is up in the air. The government has explicitly violated the Constitution, putting an undue burden on the free exercise of religion by inventing a new meaning of the 14th Amendment (to say nothing of the new definition they’ve invented for marriage.)

Mainstream coverage of this battle lends all of its moral sympathy with the gay couples turned away. One article actually related how the secretary at the court “started to cry” when she thought about the unfairness of the couple’s treatment. And it’s an easy enough target for sympathy. But it’s strange how there’s no sympathy for the woman forced to choose between her God and her job. No, she’s just “cruel,” as the couple put it.

Get a Kleenex for Miss Weepy Eyes over there. Back here, we’ve been crying for ages. Crying about what this country’s liberalism is doing to a place so special and so mighty. And we’ll cry again – tears of joy – if Kim Davis is the woman to finally put right what has been carelessly knocked so wrong.

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  1. The LGBT community is the new Fascist.

    • Well, obie had plenty of Marxists, socialists and communists, I guess he had to ‘include’ the gays so he could have his own fascist faction.

      • Socialist, Communists, Fascist , Pretty hard to tell the difference these days.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          Fundamentalist Muslim, Fundamentalist Christian pretty hard to tell the difference these days. There are some Christians around who do get up off their fundaments and feed the hungry and care for the sick, even on the sabbath as Jesus exemplified.

          • I can not talk about Muslims, but Liberals in the MEDIA have gone to great lengths to discredit Christians and Christianity in their attempts to take down Capitalism in America.

            For the most part, Christians do their good deeds in the shadows and do not seek publicity for their actions.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            One church in the town here does a lot to take care of the poor, within their financial means.
            Along comes some Republican and says seniors should turn to charity. Here, they already do, but we still need more money to take care of them.

          • God Bless you, keep up the good work.. Get help were ever you can.

          • And the Christians don’t go around cutting of heads !!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No, they collaborate with Jews and use hellfire missiles and predator drones. No need to behead someone after you blow him and his children to dust.

          • They, being muslim loving Barry does this, not your Christian family. Get over yourself !!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            The entire military chain of command from BO down to the contractor who pushes the button is responsible.

          • You pay for the equipment so I guess that makes you just as responsbible.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Actually, no, I don’t. I am not in congress. How that works is that congress allocates funds to provide profit for the military industrial complex Dwight Eisenhower warned us about. Since they don’t have the money, the Fed prints some up. Eventually the IRS takes some of the money out of circulation to hold down inflation a little. I am not a taxpayer, legally, since I am not a corporation and I do not do business in any U.S. territories. I have been exempt from filing a tax return for several years.

          • So the 16th amendment doesn’t apply to you?

            We spend far more money on entitlements than we ever have on the military. But I agree, we spend way too much on both. In fact, the Constitution allows congress to spend on the military but has no authorization for entitlements.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Are you talking about actual entitlements or Republican “entitlements?”
            Those are two different things.
            Your statement is, in general, entirely false.
            If by “entitlements” you mean money spent by the federal government
            “to promote the general welfare,” that is one thing. If you mean money which is being returned to people who already paid cash for a benefit, such as Social Security, that is something else. So, are you talking about public welfare programs or are you talking about Social Security?

          • When I say entitlements I’m referring to food stamps, corporate welfare, things not earned. While I don’t believe that Social Security is Constitutionally authorized those people who paid into are are entitled to that money. It’s theres.

            And no, tax payer money spent to “promote the general welfare” are also unConstitutional and it needs to stop.

    • Truer than you know my friend: people forget that the Nazi movement in Germany was rife with homosexuals from the very beginning, including Hitler’s close friend Ernst Roehm, who was the leader of the Nazi stormtroopers, as well as many of Roehm’s lieutenants, as well as Rudolf hess, Hitler’s right hand man and a closeted homosexual. These pigs nowadays are acting like thugs and are in this repsect no different than their spiritual ancestors in Nazi germany

    • You bigots make me laugh. You have been denying rights to the LGBT community for many many years and now that they have won some equality you get all up in the air and scream discrimination. Your a bigot at best.


        • Again you were the ones discriminating. Hope the bitch loses her job. The court needs to order her pay withheld since the court cannot fire her and put her ass in jail for disobeying a judges order.

          • you are such a drama queen enough already

          • Well, certainly the ‘queen’ part is accurate.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            That last sentence was not well composed. If she refused to do her job, of course she can be fired and if she is in contempt of court, of course she can be jailed.

          • Sorry but from what I understand she was voted into office and cannot be fired in a normal way. The judge can and hopefully will put her sad butt in jail. That is because of a legal jurist opinion.

      • You “Queers” make me Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sorry but I am not gay but do have some awesome gay friends. Been married to a fantastic woman for many many years. Just not a bigot. Guess with the new equality you are going to sick an awful lot. Awesome…

          • One good thing about “Gays” … is that they will eventually infect idiots like you along with others of their same kind with aids and that will take care of that total situation, someday!!!!!

            Let the Fluids flow … “In and On” Believers, Conjunctures and Sympathizers!!!!!!!!!!

            AND … You can Shove the “Bigot” Word Up Your Ass ….. God wasn’t a Bigot, Nitwit!!!!!

          • Your right God wasn’t a bigot you are.
            As for AIDS I hate to tell you about half of all new infections are with straight people. So if I were you I would be more careful about giving up your ass for others.

          • Homosexual men represents over 50% all AIDS cases while they are only 1.6% of general population, that puts homosexual in the #1 AIDS position ahead of everyone else.

            Health officials in Florida are seeing a resurgence in HIV cases,
            especially among adolescents and young adults

            HIV rates rise among young gay, bisexual men

          • You are pretty correct except what I was saying that still leaves fifty percent of new infections in the straight community. Oh and AIDS is not killing any longer for the most part. So Bill Senior seemed to think this was bigoted guys wet dream that gays would get AIDS and kill off the population of gay people. Sorry that will not happen but will happen more and more people will become infected (straight and gay). Oh your percentage of 1.6% is not the general consensus, it is more like 6-7 percent depending on the study.

          • You are still a small minority even at 7%, however you are lying about the number, the link below proves you are a big liar.

            CDC Survey Finds 1.6% of Adults Identify as Gay

          • Oh, please take it as bad joke if it ruined your day.

          • LGBT Study Finds High Rates Of Teen Smoking, Partner Violence – March 5, 2014 8:17 AM

            CBS Los Angeles Local- RIVERSIDE ( — A first-of-its-kind health report is providing new insight into the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Riverside County. Among the findings in the 108-page report (PDF):

            *Gay and lesbian teens smoke at a rate twice that of their heterosexual peers

            *Bisexual women report intimate partner violence at a rate nearly three times that of their
            heterosexual female peers

            *Nearly a quarter of lesbians and bisexual women report
            having an asthma diagnosis, a rate that is nearly double that of the
            general female population.

          • Of the items you list lets see. Gays and Lesbians smoke at twice the rate of straights. Might be true but I see a lot of young people gay and straight that smoke. Bisexual women report intimate partner violence. Note it does not say the partner violence was with a man or woman so not much info here. The third item I do not understand how they can come up with that statistic. Even if true are we asking straights and gays about all illnesses to see which ones straights are more prone to or which gays are more prone to or are we just cherry picking conditions to reflect badly on gays. I know my opinion.

          • That wasn’t my “opinion”, it came out of an official Riverside County Health Dept Report, your opinion is irrelevant.

          • That is a study of one county. Sorry but not relevant.

          • One county beats one little queenie’s opinion, like it or not.

          • Sorry but someone’s civil equal rights squishes another’s religious beliefs. Her religious rights do not give her the right to trample another citizens rights. Looking forward to the whiney bitch getting thrown in jail for contempt of court. Will give her lots of time to pray.

          • Since when is homosexual union certificate became a civil right? As far as SCOTUS, the decision is unconstitutional since it’s lacking the authority to create laws, it is a Congress duty from day one of this country.
            Btw, no one would stop you from homosexual union in this country, just go to Vegas and get a Elvis wedding.

          • First it is a marriage certificate which by law whether you like it or not is for any two persons of age that who currently are not married to receive in order to be able to marry. You can deny the Supreme Court all you want but they not you decide what is legal and what is not. If she snubs the law she can go to jail which I think is a good place for her. Guess what you do not determine whether or not a SCOTUS ruling is constitutional or not. The only way the same sex ruling can be overturned is by a constitutional amendment which will not happen. Votes are not there. So suck it up. You can cry and I will laugh.

          • What law on the book saying certificates are law?
            She failed her duty so be it, no different from Obama failing to enforces immigration law, let’s jail the Kenyan!

          • It is a legal ruling by the Supreme Court that lets same sex couples get married and they ruled that states could not impede the rights of same sex couples to get married. Legal rulings are the law. (i.e. You cannot block the issuance of a marriage license to those legally able to obtain the certificate). A Federal judge has ordered that the county issue the marriage licenses, period. To ignor it like she is doing can result in her arrest for contempt of court. Who knows she might get a girl friend. As for Obama a court has not ruled him in defiance of a ruling and until it does he is free to as he wants. Where as this woman has been ordered by the courts to do her job. This is going to be so much fun watching this get shoved down her bigoted throat.

          • SCOTUS ruling mentioned nothing of certificates, try again.

          • No the Supremes said states could not impede the marriage of same sex couples in addition to allow same sex couples the same rights as straight sex couples. You cannot get married unless you have a marriage license and that is what she is blocking. I will bet she will be doing time by the end of the week or be out of the job. Me and my friends are going to hold a party to celebrate.

          • “not impede”? Who’s stopping them?
            She isn’t the only one wanting to keeping her job by selling her soul, surprise?

          • She is stopping them. They cannot get married without the marriage license. Not only is she not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples she is making her staff also adhere to her religious views as well. Talk about bigotry. They pay taxes in this county and deserve the same respect and services as everyone else. Hope she gets fired and sent to jail as well. Time to show these bigots that there is a cost for their bigotry.

          • You are an ignorant queen, Justice of the Peace marry people not the county clerk.

          • Yes Justice of the Peace, Ministers, Judges etc. marry people not the county clerk. The county clerk is the one that certifies that the couple meets all the requirements of the law to be married. The certification is the issuance of a license that the Justice or ministers or judges can then marry the couple. So yes she is preventing this couple from being married and needs to be held in contempt of court. Her religious beliefs does not allow her to not do her job. Not doing it for religious reasons says my religion counts and your rights do not count. Courts say otherwise.

          • That’s pure bull, many many got married in Vegas without all the mumbo jumbo, obviously, only homosexuals cried over a piece of paper.

          • Nobody is talking about getting married in Las Vegas. They are talking about getting married in Kentucky where they live, work and pay taxes. They have the legal right to do and have the legal right to obtain a marriage license. It is this county clerk that has prevented them from doing so. A federal judge has already ordered her to allow same sex couples to get marriage licenses. If she does not she will be held in contempt of court and sent to jail. That quit or begin doing her job that she is getting paid for.

          • Gee, why don’t you petition to get her fired.

            I got some good news for you, Elvis would married you to your own mom, gives it a try.

          • I do not have to petition to get her fired. The court has already ruled on last Thursday that she has to follow the law and give this couple their marriage license. If she does not she will held in contempt of court and jailed. That is unless she quits. She complains that it her right to not do what she considers against her religion. Where is her responsibility to the folks that live, work and pay taxes in that county to receive the services she is being paid to provide. Her religious rights do not trump other peoples equal rights. That is the way it is. So grow up and grow a set. Too bad we cannot toss your sorry ass in jail along with hers. Hey maybe since she has had four husbands while in jail she could try out a butch woman. She may give up number four when she gets out.

          • Good for her, she wasn’t the only one will walk away, surprise?

            Why don’t you petition the court of “toss” me in jail? I dare you!

          • I would if there was a law against stupidity. You would serve a long long time.

          • Just tell the court that I offended you and all you homosexual lovers, they’ll take action based on the new trend……I dare you again!

          • offending someone is not against the law. Get real and get a life. You are out here jumping up and down about the rights of this clerk, but you do not speak at all about the legal rights of those who are being refused their right to a license. So you support bigotry pure and simple. Nothing else you can say. The law is against your wishes and I personally am thrilled about that. So if you do not like it move to another country that supports your bigoted ideas. The United States has already determined that same sex marriage is mandatory under the equal rights law. Does not make a dam if you agree or disagree, it is the law. The law is equal rights and the interpretation is that it includes the rights of gays to marry. So yes there is a law it has just been clarified as too what is included.

          • Homosexuals have all the same rights married to opposite sex like the heterosexual counter parts, comprende?

          • Yes that is true but it is also true that they have the same rights married to the same sex. It does not matter what you think that is the law. Just watch as you lose more and more of your bigoted rights. Unless of course you move to Uganda or Russia.

          • By repealing the 1st Amendment? LOL!

          • I do not want to repeal the 1st amendment. It is just that the first amendment while it lets you worship whatever religion you want and lets you believe whatever you want. What it does NOT allow you is to impose your religion on someone else which is what this county clerk is doing. Her rights to believe whatever she wants does not give her the right to force others to believe her views. I am sure even you can understand that.

          • This is where science and religion agreed, homosexuality is against the nature’s law of survival, like it or not!

          • Put you money (not just your homosexual lovers) where your mouth is, I dare you.

          • Again asswipe I am not gay. What would I be putting my money up on. The fact that you are stupid (we already know that), that you are a bigot (we already know that). Case closed.

          • Ohhh, you got upset for getting caught with your pants down in a compromising position like a little queenie, yeeha!

          • You are the one that seems so obsessed with gay sex. Must be because you have experience. Bet your a big bottom.

          • Says the pro homosexual closet queen.

          • I am perfectly comfortable in my skin and my being in love with my wife. I know you think I am a closet queen but again you seem to know so much about gay sex all I can think is that you have had a lot of experience doing that. If I were gay I would not be afraid but would be proud to announce it.

          • Say Hi to your male wife partner for me.

          • Ah, I think your statements show that you are nothing but an illiterate box of rocks. Not capable of making a rational statement or judgement. I am just going to love watching you bigots having same sex marriage shoved up your ass as the courts rule against you.

          • Home-mo sex is always on your mind, how revealing.

          • Think what you want. But if I were gay which I am not I would be proud to let the world know. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
            Oh while it may be on my mind I am sure it is in your butt (I am sure the bigger the better since you are a bottom queen)

          • You are in denial, where is your homosexual pride?

          • I guess I gave up my pride when I let you lick my asshole nice and clean, inside and out. All the slurping noises you made showed me you loved it. So be a good boy or I will not give another chance to kiss and lick clean my asshole.

          • So the health report was 100% correct, you homosexuals are living a pathetic purposeless life.

          • Thought you got me but we do serve a purpose. We are supplying you the nice dirty asses for you to lick clean so that there is a purpose in your life.

          • There you go again, homosexual’s nature in hi-gear.

          • again but I understand you are to dumb to understand that if I were gay it would not bother me and I would be out and proud. It is not something one chooses. But unlike your sexual orientation being not a choice being a dumb f..king bigot is a choice. So dumb f..king bigot I will say goodbye. I try and keep my conversations to people with IQ’s over 20. Before you go there mine is very high. Have fun explaining your bigotry to the Lord. With that this conversation is over.

          • The Lord won’t tolerate your homosexual behaviour, my speaking of the truth is nothing but repeating the “Word” which you are being offended, loser in the closet you are.

          • Oh and rather than this couple having to go to Vegas why not have this clerk move to Russia where she uphold her bigotry within the law. Sounds good to me. Get rid of the trash.

          • Uganda is better, trust me…….you trash.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            The difference might be that Obama has the ability to pardon himself. I am not sure about that, but I do know that there is only one person in the country who has the authority to arrest the President, and he has not done so.

          • The VP or after he/she became the President can pardon the former President.

          • Here is another one, states retain the authority on marriage certification.

            A state Senate committee has approved a bill to take Alabama probate judges out of the wedding license business following the U.S Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage.

            The Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee on Monday approved the bill to do away with state-issued marriage licenses. Instead, spouses would file a signed marriage contract at probate offices.

            Several Alabama probate judges have shut down marriage license operations rather than give licenses to same-sex couples.


          • Yes states retain the right to marriage certification but they do not have the right to have different rules for straight couples verses gay couples. They have to be treated equally. So if Alabama wants to make it hard for gay couples to receive a license then they have to impose those same restrictions on straight couples. I guarantee that straight will hang these turds if they cannot get married. Plus the supremes have ruled same sex marriage is legal and states have no say over that. No different then marriages between different nationalities. Son it will be over and the bitch will either be out of a job or serving time. It is great knowing the law is on my side. She might have had a chance if she provided other staff that reported to her to handle same sex requests. But no she had to up her bigotry by ordering her staff not to issue same sex licenses or they will lose their jobs.

          • Marriage certs are what you homosexuals going after, there won’t be peace and satisfaction without certificates for you homosexuals, you’ll never be an equal no matter how much you cried, yes, I’m laughing.

            Btw, explain how man man equals man woman?

          • First of all I am not gay. Just have great gay friends whom I support wholeheartedly. As for equality yes everyone is entitled to marry the person that they love be it opposite sex or same sex. That is the law as mandated by the Supreme Court. Yes they are equal and compared to you and some of your bigoted co-harts they are far superior human beings whom God loves. Like I told you before when your time comes me and my gay friends will look down and wave. So again love is what makes the same sex and opposite sex unions equal. Like it or not. So I am the one laughing. Especially once this bitch gets fired and hopefully goes to jail for contempt of court.

          • You are as sick as your homosexual friends……wow, so you are closet, lol!

          • Oh, and of course we know that every government “report” is the gospel truth.

          • Would you like it better if government reports homosexuals are immune to AIDS and “gay” blood is the natural vaccine to cure AIDS.

          • does their asthma come from eating each other, just asking

          • It’s quite possible, carpet particle alone could be hazardous.

          • Your post is the first time I’ve seen the claim that lesbianism causes asthma!

          • The news article says “First-of- its-kind health report”, may be you should spend a little more time reading news and away from rest stops.

          • And that right there is the sound rationale as to why faggotry and bulldykeism should be opposed, simply for public health grounds!

          • It also depends on what the definition of “is” is. A number of people who post here claim that homosexuality is strictly a “behavior.” If that were true, then gays could be around 30% of the population. I have read articles a number of years ago claiming that up to a third of males have sexual activity to the point of orgasm with another male at some point. (The number of males who are mostly-to-exclusively homosexual would of course be much lower than that.)

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Then we should definitely be encouraging them to get married. The traditionally promiscuous gay lifestyle promotes diseases which will eventually impact everyone.

          • They can do whatever they wanted and no one would stands in their way, we heterosexuals simply refuse to recognize homosexual union is same as traditional man woman marriage, that should not be a discouragement for their famous rest stop weddings.

          • “They can do whatever they wanted and no one would stands in their way…” [sic]

            Unfortunately for your premise, that has not been the case. The sodomy laws have only been gone nationally for a dozen years. Sodomy was illegal in all 57–sorry, 58–states until around 1960 or so. If people of your ilk had the ability to do so, those laws would instantly be reinstated in perhaps 20 or so states.

          • There is another law that will never change, and that is in the Bible.. “Thall shall not sodomize”

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            That is not in the Bible. Where do you people come up with these things? “Sodomy” was not used as a term for sexual misconduct until the middle ages and it means different things in different countries today. In Germany, it refers to sex with animals.

          • “sex with animals”? In US, Homosexual Gerbil Love is one of the most popular sport among Harvey Milk followers.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I guess someone could have sex with two animals at once, if the gerbil thing counts as “sex with an animal.”
            There was a situation a year or two back when a woman in Ireland found a website for people who had sex with animals. She wanted to be F’d by a dog, so a man there obliged her. She came over, met the dog, got naked and let him do it. Then she turned blue and died very quickly.
            It seems that she was very much allergic to dog semen and when so much of it was suddenly injected inside her body, without the skin to protect her, well, she died.
            The man who owned the dog was not charged with manslaughter. No. He was convicted of “buggery.” He lost his job and had to leave town, but wound up not serving any time.
            There is something wrong with the Irish legal system. He lets a woman who wants to voluntarily have sex with his dog, and gets into trouble for that, but the fact that she died is not taken seriously?

          • Yes, de-clawed gerbil according to urban legend, let’s you wouldn’t admit to it.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            While I am at it, what does the Bible say was the sin of Sodom? I posted this above, but it also fits here:
            “Ezekiel 16:49

            “‘Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.”
            So, if you want to find sodomites, leave the gays alone and go after the Koch Brothers.

          • Gee, you are living in the pass, aren’t you? Btw, sodomy law applied on everyone, not exclusively on your partners only.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            A marriage is contract between two or more people creating a state of relatedness and which provides certain benefits to all parties to it.

            All that is required is that both parties agree to the contract or that a third party responsible for a reluctant party consent to the union.

            Societies frequently create rules concerning who can marry whom. In some societies a person is expected to marry a cross-cousin. A woman must marry her husband’s sister’s son or a man must marry his mother’s brother’s daughter. In other societies, however, this same relationship
            is prohibited. In some cross-cousin cultures, marrying outside the
            plan produces unexpected relationships and people who are offended by this find a way to refer to the rule-breaker in the most insulting/ demeaning way possible. If there is a way to call an uncle a nephew, that will be his title.
            Among ancient Hebrews marriage was a domestic affair and not a religious ceremony; the participation of a priest or rabbi was not
            required. Some societies have traditional polygynic marriages and some
            have traditional polyandrous marriages.

            Some countries require that the civil ceremony take place before any
            religious ceremony may take place.

            So far, I have not necessarily said anything about sex. Just marriage.

          • So far, you are saying as long as you see fit, everything go, sounds like you wanted to married to your own mom, how interesting!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            What I see has nothing to do with the matter. This is just a description of the way things are in the world.
            Married to my mom? Not hardly, but I had these two first cousins. … I was from Pennsylvania where, I recently learned, it is not considered incest if you sleep with a first cousin, but you cannot marry one.
            Actually, I never had a real conversation with either of these cousins growing up, but they were both very beautiful. I would have done well to have married either one of them, but we lived in the wrong state for that. As far as the countries where you must marry a cross-cousin, yes, they were both cross-cousins.
            Anyway, mom was so beautiful that my classmates commented to me about it. Marry my mom? I do not think so, and there is no country in the world where that would be legal.

          • The warped minds of homosexual men are too often underestimated, yours ranked 1st in the universe, so you were sharing your mom with your classmates, the more the merrier, one big happy family in your own way, how nice!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            My mom was happily married to my father from around 1947 until he died in 1965. She was a virgin when they got married and he had been married once before. After he died, she was celibate for seven years and then finally agreed to marry the local dentist who had been courting her all that time. They had sex once, which upset her, and she moved out of the bedroom. He got his revenge. He refused to give her any dental treatments and after he died, she needed fifteen thousand dollars worth of dental work.
            His family tried to blame her for his death, but his doctor wrote the most verbose death certificate I have ever seen. I forget the intermediate diseases, so I’ll just use dots.
            “congestive heart failure caused by … caused by … caused by … caused by smoking.”
            In his hospital room he asked his doctor whether he could go out onto the balcony to smoke and the doctor said “It doesn’t matter. You have already killed yourself.”

          • You are good at writing novels or homosexual fairly tale to be exact.

          • And Obama wants to eliminate tests for blood donors to test for aids. But then again, he is gay as a three dollar bill. It’s no wonder he would want this, like his wanting to import people with the ebola virus.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You must be getting your figures out of a crackerjack box. Whatever you may choose to call them – QUEERS,, FAGGOTS, FUDGE PACKERS, BUTT HUMPERS, they suffer more from those diseases than anyone, and the maggot in the white house is one of them, only he likes humping goats!!

          • I have a buddy who calls them Rump Rangers.

          • I’m sure you have two or three buddies who are idiots, assuming you even have two or three buddies.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            There is no evidence that the thing in the White House is gay. He is just Bush Lite.

          • Larry Sinclair has a book on Bathhouse Barry and –

          • More disinformation. I feel sorry for you being so uninformed

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            All of that governmental stuff is selecting from a skewed population.
            A recent Gallup Poll indicates that the national average is 3.6 percent, but the gay population is higher in urban areas. Cities tend to be about five percent with San Francisco the gayest at 6.2 percent. Gays tend to claim that ten percent of all mammals are gay, and that is a little off, but it is more nearly accurate than the 1.6 percent you get from the medical people.
            Gay people tend to move to big cities. No surprise there.

          • It doesn’t matter how many. It is unnatural ( should you belive in evolution) and it is immoral (should you believe in creationism). Either way it is wrong.

          • Another LIE Maggot Mouth, Aids is spreading Fastest among the 18 to 42 yr old Homosexual population stinking liar !

          • Homosexuals make up about 40 to 50 percent of new HIV people. The others are straight and drug users. Fortunately the drugs today let most people with HIV live normal lives with load levels so low that they do not infect others although protection is recommended. Straights are spreading it also. So next time you go to bang some chick (oops I guess you cannot do that as you are a “Christian”. What a joke. For someone who knows so much about the LGBT community it sure looks like you are a closet gay person. Don’t worry as ugly as you are I am sure you could find a blind gay boy to bang your ass.

          • Quote your source on this otherwise, you are full of shit. 1.6% of the populace is gay, according to the US census. They are sexually perverted, mentally disabled sodomites who deserve only 1 extra right above what us nondefective folks get, a right to a cure for their sick perversion. You are as much a partt of the problem as your homo pals, the illegals, and t h e l eftist fascists.

          • You’re a hoot. The fact would be that 1.6% were willing to admit TO A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE WHO LIVES IN THEIR COMMUNITY that they are gay. I seriously doubt that any gay person in a several-county area where I live would do so.

          • That is not a fact, it is wishful thinking. These faggots are at best, a minor scourge, which can be eliminated by treatments which much more qualified doctors could develop. It won’t be too long before these poopy poker, terd herders, lap lickers, and carpet munchers push too far and awaken a sleeping giant which will ultimately push them back even harder into the closet of obscurity and shame.

          • (1) What is not a fact?
            (2) Sorry, but your “treatment” has been shown for centuries not to work.
            (3) You just gush with Christian love and charity.

          • You are still a hoot.
            The “doctors” tried your way for centuries, and your way did not and does not work. (Even if the reverse were true, you have no authority to even think about putting any of your fellow citizens through that.)
            If gays “are at best, a minor scourge,” then why in the world are your panties in such a twist over something so minor? Why on earth would you be so fervently on the side of the Nazis and the islamic jihadists?
            I’m not sure what in my post you are referring to as “not a fact….wishful thinking.” Please specify, along with why. Thank you.

          • ” fact would be that 1.6% were willing to admit TO A GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE WHO LIVES IN THEIR COMMUNITY that they are gay. I seriously doubt that any gay person in a several-county area where I live would do so.” This is what i was referencing. You are correct, I have as much authority as you do, but I do have an opinion on the matter. So I said it. Big deal. It is also a fact that every single nation who either legalized or openly approved of faggotry, shortly after doing so, fell to a conquering, out side force.

          • But Asswipe … Your the one spewing the liking and having Gay Friends – I have None, soooo your the real one “who would give their ass up to someone” You Faggot MF’er .. POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            FO and Die , You wanna be … Gay Fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            AND … Asswipe, FY Stupid Info … straight People with Morals don’t have or get infections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY … Low-Life MF’ers like “You” are acceptable to those diseases, period!!!!!!!!!

            Eat Shit and Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • That is not what you said last time when you sucked my dick an ate my ass. You said yummy last time. Guess your jealous that you are not getting enough dick. Oh, since it was you who ate my ass an sucked it clean I guess it is you who will die

          • Hey Richie, Get a Job and earn you keep yourself instead of being on Welfare, Food Stamps and spewing Your “Know Nothing” .. Little Mind on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            You and “Bud” should Hook-Up … your both on the same Level of Ignorance and Minus IQ!!!!!!!!! Learn how to read with understanding and you might respond with some Sense Attached!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hate to tell you asswipe that I get a very large pension (thanks to being an executive for a very large oil company) and my low IQ as you prescribe to has given me a 98.8 grade point average for my Masters Degree from George Washington University. So neither am I on the dole and my understanding I am sure is way above your ability to comprehend.

          • Yeah right, and your so “F’ing ” delude via dementia you must dream this shit up and also have to use other’s diatribe to make your idiotic points .. ya a “Real Smart One There,” well ……

            Congrats you Old “F^^ker” you want to spout off well … I’m 75 years Young, with a Master’s Degree in Engineering from UCONN, Retired VP of Quality for 15 years at age 59 from “The Largest Jet Engine Mfg’ing Co. in the World,” after 38 years of Service!!
            Pensions – I won’t even go there … my “Golden Hand Shake” was more than most People’s life time retirement!

            Abilities: Was a Football, Basketball, Baseball MVP in HS and College, I have shoot my Age in golf (23) times, (9) Hole in One’s and carry a 8 hdcp. today!!!!!!
            Have bowled (3) … 300 games – lifetime, and still carry a 202 weekly average!

          • You are so F’ing Dumb, Ignorant and Stupid … all put together, Your a Pitiful Spewer of the same!
            YoYo …. Your so F’ing Stupid … You actually think your smart, Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Digest that for awhile….. Bigot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • amen! it is not bigotry to oppose a wicked BEHAVIOR.

          • And, gay couples, for the most part, cannot procreate. The result: fewer loony liberals over the next several generations.

          • Lacking in numbers and selections are the biggest reason why homosexuals and lesbians reaching to recruit boy scouts and girl scouts by taking advantage of the young malleable minds (NAMBLA & Lesbian Avengers).

          • If you feel that people can be “recruited” to become gay, then your feelings need a reality check.

          • Why do you think NAMBLA and Lesbian Avengers targeting young victims?

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Hope, I suppose.
            If a kid is straight, he is not likely to be recruited. Some straight guys get “recruited” in prison, though, and we need to put a stop to that. It’s rape. Plain and simple.

          • Let me get this right, so you’re saying homosexual men are spending their entire life and the only purpose of their lives are “hope” for sex with boys. Sounds good!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No. You did not get this right but you were not trying to get this right.

          • You said “hope”, yes you did!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            You asked: “Why do you think NAMBLA and Lesbian Avengers targeting young victims?”
            That isn’t quite grammatical, but if they are doing that they are hoping to get something out of it. Or, I might have meant that they were thinking about voting for Obama. There is a lot of hop floating around.

          • You didn’t say “change” or Obama, your “hope” referred to NAMBLA exclusively and in man boy homosexual rampage.
            Your excuse stinks!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Obviously, gay men do not spend their entire lives looking for someone to sleep with. You might.You sound pretty ugly, but even you need to eat, sleep and go to work.
            There are some very attractive gay men out there, at least as far as gay men and women are concerned.
            Gaetan Dugas is described as being a charming, handsome sexual athlete who, according to his own estimation, averaged hundreds of sex partners a year. He claimed to have had over 2,500 sexual partners across North America since becoming sexually active in 1972.
            He presumably brought the AIDS virus out of Africa and spread it across the U.S.
            Henry Kissinger stated that it was in the strategic interest of the U.S. do depopulate the third world.
            Shortly thereafter the CIA approached congress and asked for money to create a virus which would directly cause cancer. They got the money.
            The variant of AIDS which was released for Japan causes leukemia directly.
            After it was created, the virus was included in a WHO vaccination program in Africa “by mistake” after the vaccine was incubated in green monkeys. It was subsequently and similarly introduced to the gay community in NYC in a vaccine for hepatitis.
            With the level of promiscuity in the gay community at that time, it was bound to create an epidemic, since it was a new disease, ever seen before

          • Obviously, they are living homosexual sex only, for the fact how they are pushing their agendas in military, schools, with BSA, wedding cakes, in the business world with job threats and trying to shut down Christianity with lawsuits. You can sugar coated LGBT but facts are against your side, the STD statistic alone is a wake up call.

          • Why do you think NAMBLA and the Lesbian Avengers are such tiny, inconsequential outfits?
            NAMBLA and the Lesbian Avengers may well succeed in seducing some young people. That will not change those young people into gays or lesbians.

          • You are define by your behaviour, ex-home-mo is still home-mo.

          • Wrong. We are defined by what floats our boat.

          • Oh my my, anchors away and the gay boat is on its way.

          • You seem to be saying that “the gay boat” is what floats your boat. Sorry, but that’s really none of my business. Unless you have something to say that actually pertains to the subject of the article, then goodbye.

          • Says Captain Ben Dover.
            Have a nice trip while your at it.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I see no evidence that Lesbian Avengers are targeting young victims and I just visited their website. Do you know something I do not know?

          • Read toward the bottom of this article (actual statistics linked to this
            dangerous behavior).

            Minnesota: A letter of indictment – Western Journalism

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No. They are not THAT “malleable” at that age.
            This orientation is first manifested at a very young age. I had a guy who tried to “recruit me” when I was a 17 year old version. It was so upsetting that I told my best friend and he got fired from his job.
            If the boy comes along at age three and wants to play with dolls or the girl the same age wants to play with guns, they are manifesting the symptoms.

          • In your opinion “They are not malleable at that age”, but that doesn’t stop NAMBLA targeting ‘boys’, or does it?

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I don’t know exactly what they do with boys, but I find some of their photos somewhat disgusting.

          • So, you are into boys porn, good for you.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            If newspapers post them online they must not be porn.

          • It’s Okay, you don’t have to admit it.

          • He tried to seduce you. Not recruit you.

          • You and ya lover #1948 makes such heavenly couple.

          • When you have something to say that actually pertains to the subject of this article, then please try again.

          • It’s all about you the flamer.

          • If all you want to do is project, then do it elsewhere. However, when you want to actually discuss the article, I’ll be around somewhere.

          • Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…….

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            So do you still go around claiming that your mom is still a virgin?

          • I’m just saying homosexuals are most disgusting gang ever roaming the face of the earth.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            You are obviously not familiar with Missouri policemen or Zionist Jews.

          • You must be one of them, with the inside scoop.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Was there a difference?
            I was a virgin and I was scared to death of him after that.

          • Yes, there is a big difference.
            The point is that he did not succeed in seducing you. Had he succeeded, and even had it been a one-time thing the fact that you had engaged in the dreaded “homosexual sex” you would have been branded for life as a homosexual by the “reasoning” contained in some of these posts,.

          • OK that last statement is just wrong. When I was a little girl, I did not like dolls – never wanted to play with them. Then my loving mom bought me a dart gun for Christmas, and I lined up all my dolls and shot them down. The only kids in my neighborhood growing up were boys, so I played Army, cops and robbers, and cowboys and indians. I’m now 55 years old, happily married, and have never had a homosexual thought. Ever.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            So, you were a tomboy? (drool) I had always thought that tomboys were hot, but I never really got to find out. I have learned that some lesbians can be a lot of fun in bed, but that does not mean that I can cure them of their preference for women.
            On the other hand, someone told me that every woman NoRINO has ever hit on immediately became a total lesbian for the rest of her life. It’s sad.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Please excuse me. I had no intention of offending you.
            I do not think it is mistake for you to reply to things. You seem relatively sane and honest. If you can ignore the lies from NoRINO, you might get to understand me eventually.
            I just had a fifteen year marriage end because my wife was tired of being a mother. She ran off and left me with the kids and everything.

          • You didn’t offend me. I just really didn’t get your first reply, and then I replied, and thought it sounded dumb so I deleted it. I just thought I’d leave our comments stand. I read most of these posts and feel I’ve kinda got a handle on who’s who… I guess that’s why I was a bit surprised by your first reply. For the most part, I like your posts – just not that one part – it doesn’t make me mad, it just isn’t true. That’s all. No worries!

          • I replied to this, but it’s gone away… Did you see it?

          • No but they can adopt and turn an otherwise ok kid into a homo.

          • No one can be “turned into” a “homo.”

          • Have heard where homos have turned into regular people so it stands to reason that people could turn into homo. There is probably someone on here that can vouch for this.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I know a “gay” guy who married a woman. I do not know how that worked out, and, of course, he is still whatever he started out as.

          • The infamous Jerry Sandusky, your dear friend no doubt.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Sorry, never heard of him.

          • May be he went by a different name whenever you two met up.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Wow, dude. I had to look Sandusky up on Wikipedia. Hmm. He sure sounds like a Republican.

            “After retirement, Sandusky hosted many summer football camps and was active in The Second Mile, a children’s charity he founded in State College, Pennsylvania in 1977….
            “President George H. W. Bush praised the group as a “shining example” of charity work in a 1990 letter,[29] one of that president’s much-promoted “Thousand points of light” encouragements to volunteer community organizations….
            “Through his Second Mile organization Sandusky would first approach potential victims, typically boys without a father living at home, when they were 8–12 years old. Subsequently, Sandusky employed classic child grooming strategies such as offering trips to football
            games or bestowing gifts, which would lead to incremental touching. …”
            No, sorry, I am not a Republican.
            However, George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were both Republicans and pimps for child prostitutes their buddy Lawrence King recruited from Boystown.
            Here’s a piece on that:

          • Absolutely, Sandusky was a closet and Republican, a homosexual man in your beloved NAMBLA team.

          • One of my former coworkers some decades ago did that. He thought it would “cure” him. He was able to very unhappily fool himself for something around 15 years or so.

          • Why do you need someone else to vouch for it? What about you? What are the chances that you could turn gay?

            That’s right, I thought so.

            It’s the same for everyone else, too. You’re either gay or you’re not. You don’t “turn.”

          • Well, “homos” ARE regular people. It’s simply that different things turn them on. At least the IRS seems to think gays are regular people. They use the same tax tables as those “regular” people you refer to.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I guess prisoners do it to some extent.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Homos are always regular people if they eat their bran and prunes.

          • “NO one”? try this – Undercover Investigation: ‘Gays’ Admit they weren’t ‘Born That Way’


          • People can be seduced into homosexual activity. That does not turn them into homosexuals.

          • If you do the home-mo, you are home-mo.

          • Oh, good grief.

          • Charlie “Bud” Brown turned “gay” right before our eyes.

          • Nor did I. You people are just a fount of information and knowledge.
            When you have something that actually pertains to the subject of the article, get back to me. Thanks.

          • Be brave, come out and show your pride.

          • People of your mindset are really a hoot. It is not gay parents who produce succeeding generations of gay people–it is heterosexual parents who do that.

          • If your statement had any historical validity then there would be no gay people today. Gays are not produced by gay parents, but rather by heterosexual parents.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Be sure to tell the log cabin Republicans.

          • No, God is not a bigot, nitwit; problem is that so many of His “followers” seem to be.

          • Hey Bud, who sodomized your Mouth and it went to your “Little Mind,” duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • His partner #1948, it’s all too obvious.

          • You got that right …”Spot On!”

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Wow. I haven’t had something like that tossed at me in about 40 years. Just because I’m smarter then you doesn’t mean that I’m gay. 🙂

          • Bi excuse from some one who is for homosexual, pro homosexual and probably act homosexual.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I have slept with two lesbians in my life. That does not make me a lesbian. One had been straight throughout a 20 years marriage, floated for a while and then became a lesbian. The other one had never been with a man before and thanked me for helping her become bisexual. I can understand why some women would prefer women. It makes a lot of sense.

          • Your numerous homosexual men closet encounters, no comments eh!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Numerous, eh? Probably since zero is a number.

          • Yes it is, you know it well.

          • Hey, Billy, why do you insist on doing so much projecting, only to confirm that you have an empty brain? duh!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hey Buddy – like in Dog, why do you even “Open” Your … Mindless “Shit For Brains” Diatribe and Spout in a Dog’s Breath – it showing badly….. DUH, DUH!!


          • You apparently really do enjoy talking to yourself.
            Get back to me when you have something actually relating to the subject of the article. Thanks.
            DUH, DUH!!

          • Subject You want eh: You must be the One/s defied by the Kentucky Clerk, that on subject enough for ya, Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Your Simple Rhetoric on here of repeating that about “Staying on the Subject” to Everyone is evidence that your a Simpleton, Duh = Dumbo!

            Please “DON’T” get back to me, Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • As usual, gays in the US are professional gsys fitst and whatever else second.

          • By your refusing the religious folks their rights that make you the bigot,

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No, sweetie, you have the right to BELIEVE anything you want to believe. That is your right. You do not have the right to invade some other country and take it over because you think you have a religious right to do so.

          • Who said anything about invading another country? I’m just pointing out that RichWS is a bigot for denying religious people their rights to practice their religion. But keep living a delusional life. Every major war this country has gotten into was started by a progressive.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            What is a major war? Vietnam was not a declared war and it went on forever. Who was president? Eisenhower when we first went in. Nixon was largely responsible for getting us in and then he also got us out.
            The war crimes against Iraq and Afghanistan were stared by G. W. Bush. Nothing progressive about that man.

          • Oh but look at what a great job obama has done in the middle east.its on fire and that pos cant even name the enemy.

          • It started with Eisenhower, however on a limited plateau, but when it escalated L.B.J. was in charge and he was the one that sent in the troops, and really promoted the conflict. Nixon was the one who finally pulled out the troops.

          • Your knowledge of history sucks. LBJ got us into Vietnam majorly and Nixon ran on a ticket of getting us out. Dems got us into WW I, Dems got us into WW II, both major wars. Truman got us into Korea.

          • I am not denying anyone the right to practice their religion. They can go where ever they want and worship whatever they want. However, that does not give them the right to force there religious views on others.

          • According to the United States Civil Rights Act of 1964, the government must protect Kim Davis’s strongly held religious conviction!

          • Again the government must protect Kim Davis’s religious conviction which is to be able to worship what ever and where ever she wants. It does NOT protect her from being fired for not doing her job. Her religious rights do not allow her to trample on others rights. That is the law and I cannot wait for the judge to throw her sorry ass into jail for contempt of court. Yes, it will be a glorious day indeed. As Clint Eastwood said “make my day” and once she gets hers it will make my day. Hey maybe she will find a female bubba to take care of her when in the clink.

          • You said practice her religon “wherever she wants”, up to including her place of work. Thats why we have a seperation of church and state, and 1rst Amendment free speech up to and including religious free speech. That there is no reference to marriage in the Constitution, means that the Supreme Court cannot abridge the two. The five that ruled in favor of it just interpreted the law to what they wanted not anyone else, using an add on Amendment, the 14th, while violating the 1rst, which is in the Bill Of Rights, the 14th isn’t. The first ten are guaranteed. And while the 14th has its merits, it was twisted by those five justices to fit their narrative and agenda. They basically tried to make law out of something that wasnt even there. They are supposed to interpret the law, not make it, this clearly violates the 1rst Amendment, shame on them for thinking they were above it.

          • Separation of church and state is just that. She has the right to worship in her church all she wants and believe whatever she wants to. What she does not have is the right to force her religion on others which is what she is doing by denying these gay folks a marriage license which they are entitled to. Her religious rights do NOT supersede the rights of others to their rights. Just like in business if the boss changes what he wants you to do and you do not want to it even for religious reasons you have a choice. Do what he wants or quit or be fired. Very simple.
            Now as for the Supreme Court ruling. They did not make a new law. All they did was say gays were entitled to the same rights as straights. Pure and simple but you want to make it something sinister. Remember that Jesus said Divorce was a definite serious sin and this woman has done it three times and has been married four times, yet she wants to prevent gays from getting married (Jesus never said a word about homosexuality) because of her Christian religion. What a joke. Also even worse she is not allowing anyone else in her office to issue same sex marriage licenses either or they will get fired. So again she is forcing her religious views on others which cannot and will not be tolerated.
            Now I am looking forward to seeing the courts start to force equality for gays and the hell with you extremist bigots. Your kind will suffer a painful death.

          • Nowhere in the article does it say she is forcing her religon on them, she simply refused a service because of her religous convictions. And if shes fired then that will be her price to pay. Yes the bible does say homosexuality is an abomination, so that covers that,and thats Gods law, and Jesus follows Gods laws. As for the courts forcing anything is a joke as people wont comply. Let them alk go ti D.C. to get married. And where in the article did it say she had been divorced four times, it Doesn’t. Alot of people didn’t have a problem with it until they started going outside of the confines of marriage and started pushing the envelope. All I was talking about was the legal standpoint of it, not the moral or social aspect of it. The 14th Amendment doesn’t trump the 1rst. I’m not a bigot at all, but you assumed that because I brought up the sense of fair play by the gay community. The only way anyone of us will die a painful death is if we are strapped to a chair and forced to watch reruns of Oprah. You are the true racist for trying to call out and force the LGBT agenda on people who don’t want it. So to Hell with you, you racist leftist, go away because the world wont miss
            you, and while your at stick your lower
            lip over your head and swallow, now theres your painful death.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            It is pretty simple. The woman refuses to do her job. A court ordered her to do her job and she still refuses. She is in contempt of court, so she belongs in jail. Apparently she was elected, so she can’t be fired, which would make things simpler.

          • Oh my we are getting touchy. Yes she is forcing her religious beliefs on the citizens who legally have the right to get a marriage license and her claiming her religious rights for not allowing her office to issue one. I am sure you are not condemning all the people including yourself that wear clothing from two different fabrics, eat shellfish, eat pork, have tattoos etc. all of which are abominations same as man lying down with man. But you pick and choose which bible verses to believe and follow. As for her being married four times that was reported on TV. So you do not condem her for getting divorced three times which Jesus condemned but you want to condem a homosexual person for wanting to marry the person they love which is Jesus’ commandment to love one another. And Jesus never said a bad word about homosexuality and neither did the Lord. So believe your fairy tales. Now based upon polls I wil be missed more than you so bend over and stick your head back up your ass so you can be at home surrounded by shit.

          • All your liberal dribble proves you know nothing about the bible, Christianity, God or Jesus, and especially about the U.S. Constitution. No you wont be missed and you know it, because the only fucktard on this site is you. But you would know about sticking your head in an ass, because your kind likes the taste of shit.

          • You mean your interpretation of the bible and Constitution. Sorry but your interpretation does not count with the vast majority of people including me. I know plenty about the bible and what is true and what is norms for the day. Too bad you are too ignorant to know any better.

          • You forcing them to abide by YOUR religion is bigotry. You can’t force the clerk to issue something against her will.

          • Sorry but that is her job to do so. If she does not want to do her job she needs to quit. It is not up to her to define the definition of the job and decide what she will do or not do. If in business the business would tell her either do as your told or quit or be fired. No different. No she does not have to issue marriage certificates to same sex couples but since the courts have ruled that her job requires her to do so and told her she has to or quit if she does not quit or allow the issuance of same sex marriage licenses then she can be and will be held in contempt of court. The gay couple who requested a license only did what they were required to do to be able to get married. There is no bigotry on there part only on the part of this woman refusing to do what she is getting paid for (by the way some of the funds that pay her salary come from gay people).

          • See, they you go ranting again. The courts have said nothing about what her job description is. The county does that. Have you read her job description is? I didn’t think so. Keep ranting. It’s all you have.

          • Her job description as county clerk includes issuing marriage licenses to people in her county. It is the only place in the county to get one. So by her not doing her job she is preventing same sex couples from being able to obtain a license to marry. They do not deserve to be told to go to another county. They live, work and pay taxes in that county and deserve the same rights as their straight brethren who have been able to get marriage licenses issued by her. Again you are the ones who are ranting about her rights not giving a dam about all the people who are being denied their rights by this person. I cannot wait for the Federal judge to rule her in contempt and send her ass to jail.

          • And they have all the same rights as everybody else. Marriage is not a right! Think it is? Show me where in the Constitutiona marriage is a right. Her 1st amendment right will be affirmed. Check mate

          • Sorry but a federal judge said this past Thursday that her 1st amendment right did not warrant the elimination of 14th amendment rights of gays and lesbians. Her religious rights are her right to worship whatever she wants and believe whatever she wants. What is does not give her is the right to discriminate against others which is in effect shoving her religion down their throats. So it has already been settled.

          • Might that be the same federal judiciary that support Drew Scott and Jim Crow laws? Her religious rights trump and illegal decisions by an out of control judiciary. Sorry but homosexuals get no special rights.

          • I agree homosexuals do not get special rights, just equal rights. Her religious rights do not trump the rulings of the Supreme Court or Federal Courts or other members of society. She does not get to pick and choose what rulings are legal and which are not. Like I said, I am going to love seeing her sent to jail.

          • Well don’t hold your breath because she isn’t going to jail. The president seems to think he can trump law and supreme court rulings. If he can then, We The People, from which they get their power can overrule them. This isn’t going to turn out well for the homos.

          • The only reason she is not going to jail is the judge today who ruled she has to serve gays as well as straights has put the ruling on hold pending her attempt to get the sixth circuit court to consider her case. If they do not take it she will either have to give out marriage certificates to all who legally are entitled to it, quit or go to jail. So no it is not over. I would not hold your breath that you bigots will be getting a break. It will be over in the not to distance future and you are on the losing end.

          • The only bigots in the room are those who refuse to let religious folks practice their religion as required by the 1st amendment. May God have mercy on your soul.

          • Sorry but she is not the only religious person involved in this debacle. Both gay people are members of a different religion then hers. Their religion allows for same sex marriage. Hers does not. Her religious view does not have the right to tramp down their religious rights. The first amendment does NOT give her the right to impose her religion on these two gay men. It allows her to worship whatever she wants and to believe whatever she wants to believe. It allows for her to practice her religion but within the confines of her church or where her beliefs are being imposed on others. No where and no way can it be interpreted to give her the right to discriminate and impose her beliefs on others. If she truly feels that she cannot service these men then she either needs to quit or risk being put in jail for contempt of court. Right now she is able to stay out of jail because the judge that said she has to allow for same sex marriage licenses has placed a stay on his decision until she is able to petition the sixth circuit. If they do not take it she will have to immediate either quit or allow people the right to get their marriage licenses. Or of course refuse and get sent to jail for contempt. I am glad you asked for God to have mercy on my soul. We all need all the help we can get.
            Not only as this person refused to service these two men but she is making other people on her staff not service them even though at least one is willing to. She is like a dictator.

          • To put it simply. Her religious rights do NOT have priority over my religious rights. Her job requires her to issue marriage licenses to everyone that legally can be married and includes gays. Again either serve or quit your job.

          • Once again you fail to recognize that HER rights are just as valid as YOUR rights. No where in her employment does it say that SHE has to give up HER rights. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

          • Marriage is not a right. No where in the US Constitution will you find marriage. Once again SCOTUS has applied their OPINION to confer a privilege. A privilege conferred can also be denied.Be careful what you wish for.

          • No marriage is a law. The constitution guarantees equal rights so you cannot give those rights to just one group. Plain and simple. Also the oath she swore to get this job requires her to serve all the public. I know, I know gays were not able by law to marry then but they are now and the vow she took now includes them like it or not. So do the job you swore to do or quit. No one is making you surrender your religious rights but they are saying the job you hold requires you issue marriage licenses to all legal applicants. She is free to decide but she is not free not to do her job. Even worse is that she has forbidden any of the other clerks who work for her from issuing marriage licenses to LGBT people. That is forcing her region on others pure and simple. So you are dead wrong.

          • See you continue to display your ignorance. Yes, the Constitution gives equal RIGHTs. Laws are not rights and marriage, under the 10th amendment is reserved to the states or the people. The 14th amendment only applied to the newly freed slaves. And a civil servant takes no oath to take their job. She has not forbidden any other clerk to do anything. Now you’re just making stuff up or worse, you might be lying. Keep drinking the koolaid

          • Sorry but it you who is showing his ignorance. Laws can grant rights no. 1. No.2 The tenth amendment gives the states the rights over marriage within the context of the other amendments. So that is why the Supreme’s rules that the 14th amendment (which was originally for slaves but it was written in a way to ensure equality for all people and as a result has been used many times for other equality decisions because it does not say just slaves) demands that if you are going to allow marriage in your state then you may not prevent any marriage using sexual orientation as a dis-qualifier. So the states still issue marriage licenses and recognize marriage. Only they cannot prevent same sex couples from also enjoying the rights and privileges associated with it or bi-racial couples from marrying. I see since the Supreme Court did not rule the way you want it, it is made up with activist judges who do not follow the constitution. Sorry but the court and the majority of people in the USA do not feel that way.

          • You call me ignorant? I suggest that you go read the Declaration of Independence. Rights come from out Creator. Not man and certainly not governments. Absolutely nothing in the 14th amendment pertains to marriage as marriage is not a right. Period. So states get to define marriage anyway they want to. That’s what privileges are all about. Some get them, some don’t.

            The road to tyranny is through mob rule.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I am sorry, AirFrank, but you lose.
            Marriage is very specifically a right.
            Human rights as a U.S. treaty right.
            Article VI of the COnstitution for the United States of America
            contains the paragraph:

            “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall
            be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

            Article II section 2 contains the language:
            “[The President] He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and
            Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of
            the Senators present concur….”
            The United States Sentate ratified the United Nations Charter
            on July 28, 1945 by an overwhelming majority.
            Fifty of the original 51 U.N. member nations had signed the
            treaty at the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts
            Center on June 26. Poland, the remaining original member, was not represented…
            The treaty came into force on Oct. 24, 1945, after being ratified
            by the then five permanent members of the Security Council: Britain, the Republic of China, France, the Soviet Union and the United States.”
            In ratifying the treaty, the United States committed (among
            other things)
            “3. To achieve international cooperation in
            solving international problems of an economic,
            social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in
            promoting and encouraging respect for human
            rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without
            distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”
            Since Human Rights was not defined in the treaty, a
            definitional document was added after the atrocities
            committed by Nazi Germany came to light. The Universal
            Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration
            adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on
            10 December 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot, Paris.
            The United States voted for this addendum.
            “While not a treaty itself, the Declaration was explicitly
            adopted for the purpose of defining the meaning of the words
            “fundamental freedoms” and “human rights” appearing in the
            United Nations Charter, which is binding on all member states.
            For this reason, the Universal Declaration is a fundamental
            constitutive document of the United Nations. In addition, many
            international lawyers believe that the Declaration forms
            part of customary international law and is a powerful tool
            in applying diplomatic and moral pressure to governments that
            violate any of its articles”

            Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:
            Article 16.
            (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to
            race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to
            found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage,
            during marriage and at its dissolution.”
            So, there is a very explicit right to marry. The courts have
            ruled that gay couples have equal rights in this matter.
            Point, set, match.


          • Oh if it was the same judiciary they would be a couple hundred years old by now. Pretty dumb huh.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Religious people have a perfect right to practice their religion. If that keeps them from doing their jobs, they have a perfect right to resign.

          • Clerks take no oath of office. You can’t impose your will upon them unless you are a bigot.

          • No they have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. They have the right to worship where every they choose and whatever they choose. What they do not have is a right to impose those beliefs on others. If you exempt this bitch from having to issue marriage licenses she can decide she does not want to serve Muslims, blacks, Jews etc. Also if you allow this then where do you draw the line. Can a fireman refuse to extinguish a home of a gay couple or black couple, can a doctor refuse even in an emergency to render aid, etc. If so this could go the other way. As more and more people become of other religions they could refuse service to people of her religion. If you are in business or work for the government you have to provide the same services to all and I mean all people that meet the legal requirement for that good or service. So in the case of same sex marriage the legal requirement is met but someone underage would not be. Like I said before if you worked for business and they changed the rules you would have to change or quit or be fired. No different from the government. With luck she will be held in contempt and sent to the slammer for a couple months to rethink her bigotry. Her bigotry extends beyond herself in that she has ordered all those who work for her not to issue any marriage licenses to same sex couples or be fired. Even if it did not offend them.

          • being gay is a choice-gender,color,heritage, not. That the difference in refusing a service to gays .the fate you want for her willl come around to you at some point,beause there will be something you believe in,but I doubt you’d have the balls to stand up for it.

          • Hate to tell you that being gay is not a choice. American Medical Association has come out and made those statements. So refusing to serve someone because of your bigotry is not acceptable. If you create a goods or service you must create that goods or service to anyone who requests it. That the only conditions to deny it would be that they cannot pay for it or are not legally able to do it. i.e. you cannot supply liquor to a minor or marry a minor. Same sex marriage is legal and the law. So she must supply the marriage license. By the way her supplying the license is nothing more than saying the information on the form is correct and the persons wanting the license are legally entitled to it. It is not an affirmation that she is sanctifying the marriage or agreeing to it. Believe me I have the balls to stand up for whatever I feel is right. Look at me right now standing up on a website full of bigots and could care less knowing they are wrong and getting great satisfaction knowing my beliefs are going to upheld while the bigots will not.

          • Your really are a “Gay Fuck” .. you POS … I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I’ll believe God’s Holy Word on the matter, not the AMA or any other man-made group! God’s Holy Word is extremely clear on the matter, being a homo or a dyke is a punishment from God for refusing to worship Him for who He is, the Creator of all. But no, antichrist filth insist on hating God and He in turn punishes them, it actually quite clear, hate God and become a faggot like satan!

          • I cannot believe that they let people like you with an IQ of a pig live in our society. Should be put in zoos so they can wallow in their own shit. Remember, if it looks like shit and smells like shit its shit. And you definitely fit the bill. Cannot wait to see bigots like you have to eat their own shit when they have to obey the law or lose there jobs or business. Oh so much fun this is going to be. Love having the law on my side. Jesus told me thanks for protecting his children from the bigots.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Nope. No gay would permit me to say this without challenging me, but it is a birth defect. They are born that way and it is a defect.

          • So what if it did turn out to be a “birth defect.” Their being gay does not affect your actual rights as a person.

          • So, when did you make the specific choice to not be gay? Since you claim it is a choice, then obviously you could choose to be gay if you so wished.

          • Will “Someone” please do away with this Idiot POS … and Stop his spewing of Ignorance .. hopefully aids will take this POS out, soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless the Ignorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Oh, talking about yourself, eh?

          • No, but “Idiot Re-pliers” like you should consider … “They” be included!

          • If God blesses the ignorant then you must indeed be blessed.

          • “What they do not have is a right to impose those beliefs on others.”

            Your premises are correct except as you apply them to private business owners. Yes, government cannot discriminate. Yes, those in private business have the First Amendment right to the free exercise of their religion, and if that entails their refusal to manufacture a specialty item celebrating an event which they disapprove of, so be it. Their First Amendment right supersedes your “right” to not have your feelings hurt.

          • You have some major anger issues and should seek professional help.

          • I have anger issues. You are the bigots denying the court rulings that says same sex marriage is legal and must be accommodated no different then male female couples. It is going to be so much fun to see the rulings shoved down your bigoted throats. I am getting my therapy by laughing at you bigots get your due by the courts. What a great country we live in.

          • Just listen to you rank. First off, courts have no authority to legalize anything. That’s the legislatures job. At the end of the day, you progressives are the bigots. Always have been, see KKK and Jim Crow laws, always will be, see same-sex marriage. I fell sorry for you and will pray for your soul.

          • STOP LYING Boy, you’re a Total Flamer !

          • well if you got gay freinds then you’re probably either a closet queer or you got family or kids that’s queer well enjoy it…it won’t last long they…then you all can go back in the closet where you belong …ps being married doesn’t make you straight and there no such thing as awesome gay anything …unless you’re a closet queer you’d no that

        • you mean the happy queers. they as muslim are destroying ever thing this nation stands for and as long as obama the queer in in the white house it will get worse.if the happy queers want to get married they can find a queer justice of the peace and do it. make their own happy queer bakery shop. start their own happy queer churches. that is if they can call it a church. their on happy queer clothing stores etc,etc, and leave every one else alone. but no they want to destroy every one else. and their business. just like muslims kill=aids, destroy=any thing not queer, rape= little boys and girls. this is both women and men queers. I have done wrong in my life and I alone will answer for but one thing I will not answer for and that is being a queer.

        • What makes you sick cannot be the basis for law in this country.

          • “offended” is a good base for lawsuit in this country, it’s a new trend. Homosexuality are offensive to nature’s law in survival.

          • Obviously homosexuality is not offensive to nature. Otherwise it would not be found in nature.

          • Homosexuality is a medical condition of Kisspetin switch malfunction, a birth defect like retardation, elephantiasis, dwarfism, psychosis……call it freak happens if you will.

          • OK, for the sake of not arguing, let’s say your diagnosis is correct. So what? We do not deny equal protection under the law to people with birth defects. If anything, we go out of our way to be sure their rights are protected.
            Or do you want to try again?

          • Homosexuals have equal protection of the law same as heterosexual. Redefining marriage by tearing down the age old marriage institution on over 95% of population in order to fit in an aberration out of mental illness is ludicrous, only an insane society on a self destruct journey in madness would be travelling down such hellish path.

          • “Redefining” marriage has no effect whatsoever on you, your marriage, or your rights.
            Sorry, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue responding to your mental aberrations.

          • Freedom of speech is out the window, homosexuals are demanding total agreement and endorsement or else, without it, the homosexual union narrative will not be accepted as normal, younger generation are indoctrinated to believing in homosexual fallacy disregarding science and the truth in laws of nature.
            Their first target was APA back in the 70′, they believe the battle is won by bullying APA into removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.

            *Homosexual Activists Intimidate American Psychiatric Association into Removing Homosexuality from List of Disorders

      • and that is with a capital B as in Bigot

      • RichWS — What can I say but you’re right. I, and others, are bigoted against anyone that is in violation of Gods law.

        • You mean your interpretation of God’s law. There are major Christian churches that disagree with you including Episcopalian, American Presbyterian, Evangelical Lutheran etc. Very major churches with very large congregations. I think you are one who is in violation of God’s law.

          • 1SuperObserver .

            The churches have been infected-co-opted with GAYS to change the doctrines as the gays have done with our GVOT> infecting our amll govt. just to change the laws to accept the sexual preference and want special rights because you desire the old dirt road vs Being Hetro. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU SCREW OR HOW! GO FORM YOUR WON CHURCH AND FORM YOUR OWN DOCTRINES AND GET MARRIED IN YOUR OWN CHURCHES.WHOSE STOPPINIG YOU FROM DOING THAT???? NO ONE!!! YOU JUST WANT TO INFECT CHRISTIANITY AND PERVERT IT INSTEAD. NO- OUR 10 COMMANDMENTS STAND! IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM- THEN GET OUT…DON’T COME TO A CHRISTIAN CHURCH!! WE DON’T FIND ANY GAYS IN THE ISLAMIC CHURCH….GO THERE MY FRIEND & SEE WHAT HAPPENS! THEY LIKE GOATS & LITTLE BOYS TOO!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Numerous Christian churches welcome gays. I used to belong to one of those, and it had gay clergymen. I left it for other reasons. My new church just passed a resolution that it is fine if ministers marry gays.

          • No one is forcing any church to marry a same sex couple. Nor did any church change its doctrines because the church leaders of the those churches had the permission and agreement of their parishioners to change what they considered wrong.
            You claim to represent Christianity but you do not. Like I said quite a few Christian churches do not believe your hatred or bigotry. Churches once were against freeing slaves or allowing different races to marry. The old testament for the most part is nothing more than a story of the norms of the day.
            So quit thinking you are talking for Christians when there is a lot of disagreement over the bigotry you espouse.

          • I bet before long you will see a lawsuit over some gay couple suing a church because they won’t marry them.They want to destroy everything thats good and holy.

          • The law is very clear. Religious organizations are free to marry whom they want as long as they meet the states legal requirements. So no law suit would ever happen. Plus no one would want to get married by someone who does not want to marry them. Now as far as getting a license to wed this is place in that county where you get your marriage license. You pay your taxes there and deserve the services that are supposed to be provided to all legal recipients. Churches are not all good and holy. Take a look at all the pedophilia that goes on, not just the Catholic church.

          • There are plenty of other County clerks in Kentucky that these homosexual and lesbian couples could go to to get a marriage license. The issue here is that these homos are not happy until they force this woman to violate her freedom of conscience and religious liberty that the United States Constitution protects! .This is just a matter of homosexuals and lesbians demanding, quit being disingenuous.

          • True, but why should these people have to travel long distances when they live and pay taxes in her county. Taxes that pay her salary. Not only will she not issue licenses but is preventing other clerks in her office who work for her for doing so. Hope she gets sent to jail.

          • Oh the constitution does not protect religious liberty where it discriminates or forces other religions to adhere to it. It only protects her right to worship whatever she wants but does not allow her to force her beliefs on others which is what she is doing. You try and make her out a hero where in reality she is a thief for stealing people’s money by taking her salary but not doing her job. Contempt of court. Hope she gets an indefinite sentence to either quit or do her job. Otherwise she can stay in jail.

          • Or other thing. If she gets her way then anyone in any business can discriminate against whomever they believe their religion disagrees with. Firemen, policemen, ambulance nurses, store owners etc. could decide they do not treat or sell to Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Divorced people etc. Nope, her job requires her to serve all legal applicants for marriage and if she cannot do that then she should quit. Other people’s legal rights trump her religious rights, period.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Er, actually one church did get sued, but all that church ever did was weddings.

          • The bible is very clear on the sin of homosexuality.It plainly says they will burn in hell.Just because some faiths decide to overlook that part doesn’t change it.

          • That is if you believe every word in the bible. I bet you wear clothing made of more than one fabric, eat shellfish, eat pork, might have a tattoo and on and on. You pick and choose which statements you want to believe in and disregard those you do not. Note: Jesus made it very clear that divorce is an absolute no no. Yet this woman has been married four times and expects to get divorce decrees and marriage licenses whenever she wants. Also note that Jesus never said one single word against homosexuality. Believe whatever you want. Fortunately it is not what the majority of people in this country including Christians believe. So take your fairy dust and go back into your cave.

          • Again you lie, Jesus never once did away with even one iota of the the Old Testament law! Under the Old Testament law, the sin of homosexual and lesbian sex was an abomination, and warranted death by either burning or being stoned alive. Jesus clearly commanded all men to be holy, and all men to love and OBEY HIM and His Father’s Holy and Perfect commands!!!

            Quit lying about God and His Holy Word!

          • Can’t handle the truth huh? Guess since you ate shrimp cocktails or wore clothing of two different fabrics or got a tattoo you are also an abomination worthy of death. Quit picking and choosing which lines in the bible to believe. Oh the Old Testament did not even exist in Jesus’ time.
            Like monopoly you will go straight to hell.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Er, there is nothing at all in the Bible about lesbian sex. There just isn’t. If a man lie with another man as if he were a woman is mentioned. Women are not mentioned.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            So, they might burn in hell, but that is none of your business.

          • You are a liar, less than 2 percent of those supposed mainstream churches you name accept faggot and lesbian unions. Quit lying!

          • Thats because they have all been threatened to lose their tax exempt status if they do not perform or comply to same sex marriage, what a person says when being quoted is totally different than what they do or say when there isnt a microphone or camera shoved in their faces. Equal marriage is one thing, but this has spilled into the private sector, which violates peoples private as well as private business rights, hence the right to refuse service to anyone, “Mellisa Klein” ring a bell.

      • You really need to learn the difference between “your” and “you’re”

        • I know the difference just typed too quickly. Did not know I was getting a grade from my english teacher. No one gives a crap.

          • Bitter much? You made the same mistake multiple times which doesn’t indicate that you,indeed, knew difference. Just trying to help you look a little less stupid.

          • Smart ass.Is that spelled right for you?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Spoken like a true commie!

      • Seriously, what “rights” are you referring to? Don’t heterosexuals and homosexuals have the exact same rights?

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          Do homosexuals have the same right as straight people to marry the person they love and have that marriage legally recognized? If so, they have the same rights.

          • Marriage is not a right nor in the Constitution, heterosexuals never asked for the creation of a new law to embraces same sex union, you are entitled to whatever is available under the same parameter, therefore, you are being treated equally home-mo or no home-mo. Btw, you queen? In “gay’ mid-life crisis?

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Marriage is very explicitly a human right.
            The United States ratified the Charter of the United Nations. We are a member state, and as such, we are also subject to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a supplement to the Charter which the U.S. also wrote, submitted and voted for.
            The right to marry is an explicitly named human right.

          • Again, homosexuals can married to whoever they wanted, no one cares, why don’t you try a Vegas “gay” wedding in Elvis style, however marriage recognition is under states authority not bounded by Federal or UN decisions, take your UN narrative and packs it in that “gay” love cavity.

          • (My post disappeared from 2 days ago) In US, marriage recognition is under states authorities not bounded by the Fed or the UN decisions and stretching your human right in marriage to covers homosexual marriage is not a universal acceptance by all UN members, duh.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Well as usual, your post is about 10 percent accurate, 50 percent inaccurate and 40 percent irrelevant.
            My post was in response to your claim that marriage is not a right and is not mentioned it the constitution. We have established that marriage is a right. This has nothing to do with homosexuality. Marriage is a right. Period.
            Now, in your new post, you mention that marriage is regulated by the states, and that is your ten percent right.
            Next comes your snot about being bounded by U.S. or U.N. regulations and you are completely wrong.
            Can any state refuse to recognize a marriage performed in another state? No.
            Article 4:
            “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State.”
            Does what happens in any other country matter to this conversation? No. You were just muddying the waters.
            Every person has a right to be married in any country he lives in within the laws of that country. If he MUST marry a cross-cousin, then he needs to find one. If he may not marry any cousin, well, in the U.S. he would need to move to another state and then move back.
            Now, since the U.S. has legalized gay marriage, it does not matter what some state thinks.
            You don’t like that? Get a new supreme court.

          • Marriage is not in the Constitution, the recognition of your homosexual union right is a non existent in US, you claimed UN homosexual union human right for UN members is a lie, try Russia, Uganda, and Mid-East countries among others, they are laughing at your face as of this second. Yes, the current SCOTUS got to go and the time will come and soon.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No, I did not claim that the UN authorized homosexual union as a human right. I pointed out that it recognizes marriage as a human right. If the country in question requires that you marry a cross-cousin, then you must do that if you have a cross-cousin to marry. You have the same right to marry as anyone else. So, you said that what I did not say is a lie, but as you phrased it, that makes you the only liar here.

          • Yes, you claimed it, you’re spinning out of controls.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            No, sorry. You will have to find yourself a gay partner somewhere else.
            A very talented and very experienced neo-Freudian psychiatrist once told me that the healthiest members of “both” genders were bi-sexual. That rather makes sense. If you love someone you express it the best you can. However, convenient as that might be, I am just not attracted to men. Sorry.

          • Let’s see, you are for homosexual, pro homosexual, think homosexual and probably act homosexual……if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you are one big rest stop duck!

          • homosexuality is not love, you insane psychopathic freak, it is lust, sin, it is the living of a lie!

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Did I say that homosexuality was love? Of course not. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. Love is a very complicated question. The Greeks had a bunch of different words for different kinds of love. Christians who are not stupid are aware of “agape,” or spiritual love. We also have storge, eros and famila.
            With all due respect, Jesusis, you have some mental health issues. I have a piece of paper here from a clinical psychologist which says that I do not have any mental health issues at all. Obviously you would not have such a document.
            Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find good, affordable psychiatric treatment. As a mere lay person, I would have no idea what kind of treatment you would need. I am sorry about that.
            There was a good, cheap treatment for some people back in the 1960 era called LSD.The drug was classified as an hypnotic but most people did not know that. Some people got rid of several minor neuroses all by themselves by using it. I met one man, though, who became a severe borderline psychotic from taking it and had to be hospitalized for a while. After he got out, his hands still shook.
            Then we had the anti-Christ crowd like Charles Manson and Paul Erdman. Paul called himself “Love,” and members of his little religion who participated in the “sacrament” of LSD in his presence “learned” that Love was greater than or equal to God and that they had to give him all of their money. So, even if that stuff were still available, I would not recommend that treatment for you.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            It has been scientifically demonstrated that the homophobes, the people who REALLY complain about gays, are latent queers themselves. O.K. We got it about you. You don’t have to prove it anymore.
            We also get your strategy here. You want us to believe that you think that the Bible is the eternal, unchanging Word of God. It is none of those things. It isn’t a book. It is a kind of one volume religious library, like the Viking Portable Faulkner. There are different versions of the Bible. The Roman Catholics have the apocrypha bound in with the rest of it. Those were “Hebrew” scriptures originally written in Egypt in the Greek language. The Mormons now have the Book of Mormon bound in the same volume in their Bibles.
            The Bible is in conflict with itself. Most of the errors are in different sets of “begats” in the Old Testament. If it were the Infallible Word of God, it would not contradict itself.

      • You have been denied no rights and have all the same rights as the morally straight people have.

      • No equality for abominable perverted gays?

      • you are the bigots. you anti christ!!

      • Where is it in her oath . That said she had to. Take

      • No where near as Disgusting as you Nasty-Mouthed Maggots !

      • You need to learn the dictionary definition of bigot. Because if there are any bigots in this matter, it is the rabid satanic LGBT antichrist demons, and there intolerant hatred of Christians. And by the way, the acronym BASTARDS is much more of an accurate and appropriate acronym that lgbt. Don’t believe me then see for yourselves!

        Trans*, transexuals, transvestites

        See, BASTARDS fits these scum perfectly!!!

        They are definitely not children of God, they are children of satan!!!

        • I love it. You think you are saved when in fact you are going to hell for the harm you caused the gay children of God who made them that way. I am also going to love watching bigots like you lose there jobs etc for not serving the LGBT community as required by law. Will love seeing you lose your businesses and hopefully all your savings. It is going to be a fun year, oh yes it will.

          • The true goals of LGBT brownie packers cum out of their holes long enough to sue anyone that doesn’t conform to helping the hole moles LGITLY pack brownie sausage!

      • Queer Logic is the absence of both logic and common sense… I am a bigot, Homophobic, Islamaphobic and proud of it!

      • We are not screaming discrimination.

        We are calling the LGBT community out for being Fascist…

        Do you understand the difference?

        • I do not need to know what bigoted definitions you are trying to make. All I need to know and this is fact is that bigots like you will soon be totally insignificant as the law takes over and gets rid of people like this bitch. At best you bigots will get a small mention in history books. The young people today are over whelmingly in favor of LGBT rights and equality. So bigots like yourself will wind up having to slink back into the holes they came out of. Meanwhile I will be laughing it up and celebrating your demise with my gay friends.

          • You are the one full of hate and bigotry.
            You are wrong, young people are not overwhelmingly in favor of LGBT actions of today.
            Less than 10% are, but take hope, Hitler only had 3% of the Nazis behind him and he was able to create a fascist state.

          • Guess you do not read the papers where they overwhelmingly approve of same sex marriage and gay equality. All the bigoted churches are losing attendance (Baptist, Catholic etc.) because young people do not believe their hate and prefer to go to a more inclusive welcoming church.

          • The Newspapers will report 2 people as being overwhelming number if it is a cause they support.
            Conversely they will ignore hundreds of thousands of people when it is a cause they do not support.

            So I guess your right, I do not read or even believe what newspapers say anymore.

          • Sorry but there have been numerous poles by numerous organization both left leaning and right leaning and everyone supports that the young people today support all LGBT rights including marriage and are opposed to the churches that deny LGBT people there equal rights. Get used to it. That is the future like it or not. For me I like it and have no sympathy for the bigots.

          • Sorry but polls are only used by people that do not have facts to support their position.

            Polls are manipulated, polls are not facts, and you using them as if they were facts just shows that you are applying Lenin’s axiom. I for one am not stupid enough to fall for this one….

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          • God made a mistake when creating woman he should have made her with a rod! And eliminated Adam altogether, the world would be a better place for it!
            I’m thinking intelligence is destructive enough without God in the picture “you can run away from the past, but you can’t out run your future!

      • and you are an idiot you ain’t won anything you queers have just been used for political reason the dem don’t care about queers either… they just want a vote …and what you all got will only last till the next election …so go and get some metal help while you can because being queer is a treatable mental condition and you no that’s a fact so go see a shrink ….cause you’re sick and most the u.s. don’t care about the 2% of queer population here so live with it or get help or leave the country we don’t care

      • Re: RichWS,

        Just curious, exactly what rights are you being denied. There’s no such thing as a Constitutional “right to be married.”

        It’s already against the law to deny a job to anyone on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, national origin or religion.

        The law can’t change peoples personal prejudices no matter how shortsighted they may be.

        It strikes me that some “gay rights” organizations have agenda’s that have nothing to do with rights, but with forcing the rest of society to agree with their agenda’s which often are at odds with “straight” society.

        Fred speckmann
        [email protected]

      • Same sex marriage is not equality, it is court enforced stupidity and all about spousal benefits

        • Your opinion you are entitled to. Fortunately the majority of people (various polls have in favor of same sex marriage between 58 & 60 percent). The Supreme Court did not create any laws. All it did was say the 14th amendment on equality included the right of anyone to marry the person they love as long as they met the states age requirements. So take a tissue and cry yourself to sleep.

          • Polls are only good for the way the question is put, and the area in which it is asked
            I always chuckle when I see that 3/4 thousand people are polled in a nation of 300 million.
            Oh well.
            As for the SCOTUS… time will tell why they are jumping through hoops and finding convoluted logic to use the 14th, affirm BarryCare is a tax, not a fine. and that ” where established by the state ” does not mean ” where established by the state.”
            Enjoy your day in the sun, no tears from me.
            This nation will rue the unintended consequences of the tail wagging the dog.
            Just remember, the wheel is always turning and once you are at the top, its a long way round again.
            Enjoy the ride, literally, if that floats your boat

          • There have been numerous polls and everyone including the fox poll comes up with numbers in 58-60% range in favor of same sex marriage. Each one I am sure framed the questions differently so that puts your theory to rest. It should also be noted that young people are of an even higher percentage. It is older people who oppose.
            As for SCOTUS they did not need to jump through hoops around the 14th amendment. It is clear gays are entitled to the same rights as straights regardless of past president.
            As to “where established by the state” it does not give the state to selectively deny gays equal rights. If they do not want marriage at all in their state that is their right. They can put criteria like age, not marrying blood relatives etc. but they cannot exclude a group of people namely gays as that is against the 14th amendment like it or not.
            I definitely will enjoy my day in the sun as I see the bigots get their asses handed to them.
            It has already become a non issue in the vast majority of states that have allowed it before the Supreme Court ruled on it. Even people who opposed it now say no big deal.
            That wheel to go around on this issue will take a very long time if ever. You and I will not be around to see it that is for sure.
            Yup it floats my boat and probably sinks yours.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          It should be about spousal benefits. A man is dying in the hospital. If he is married, his wife can come see him and talk to him before he dies. Two years ago, if he was in a “domestic partnership,” he would not be permitted to see his husband before he died. That certainly violates equal rights to spousal benefits.

      • RichWS,
        You obviously do not understand where Christians are coming from. But that is no surprise.

        • Hate to tell you definitely do NOT speak for all Christians. By the way I am a Christian but interpret the bible differently than you do. You pick and choose those statements you want to demand others follow like man shall not lie down with man while ignoring so many other abominations such as wearing clothing of two different fabrics, eating shellfish, eating pork, getting divorced, getting a tattoo. Sorry you do not get to pick and choose. These statements are norms of the time and are not endorsed by Jesus or the Lord. There are also a good number of MAJOR Christian religions that support homosexuality and same sex marriage. They interpret the bible differently than your interpretation. Some of these are Episcopalians, Evangelical Lutherans, American Presbyterian etc. So quit acting like Christians are being bullied when it has been the Christians, Muslims, Mormons etc. who for many many years have discriminated against LGBT members. Now that they are finally getting equality in their lives you act like you are being discriminated against. Lets see, there getting married effects your hetro marriage (zero), the expectation that businesses and individuals follow the law and serve all the public (not discrimination but the law). So take your bigotry and tears and go back into your church where you can preach all the bigotry and hate you want but do not try and shove your religion down the throats of others (that is not protected by the first amendment). This lady was given a little more time to try and get the sixth circuit judges to look at her lawsuit, if they do not she will either give out same sex marriage licenses, quit or go to jail. This woman is pure evil. She not only refuses to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples as required by law she forces her employees to also refuse to grant them or lose their jobs. Hope she gets some jail time.

          • Rich,
            There are Christians and then there are those who say they are Christians. If you want a Scriptural battle, show me your backup for the claims you make. I deal in Scripture. Besides, you do not know the whole of my position on issues. I have been a supporter of gay rights for many years and have supported gay state legislators on issues. I also have a daughter with homosexual leanings. I love her dearly.
            I am Baptist basically but also have some Pentacostal leanings. I am a Constitutional conservative. I support the Constitution above all else except my faith.

          • Ok I understand. What I do not understand is how you can support this woman’s right not to service everyone. If we were to grant this then could a cop not help save a gay person or black person because of his belief. How about a firefighter does he have the right not to extinguish a burning house owned by a gay person, or Muslim person etc. because his beliefs are threatened. What about a doctor. Can he turn away a person who is critical because they do not fit in his religious beliefs. Can a waiter refuse to serve me etc. etc. No Jerry they cannot give on this principal. If it was only this one thing I would probably say let her do her thing as long as she had someone to service the LGBT community who requested her services. But it is so much bigger and cannot be allowed to stand. If in all sincerity she cannot serve or allow others to service gays then she needs to change jobs. If she worked for any business other than the government this would not have even been an issue. If a business changes the rules and you do not want to follow the new rules you can quit or be fired. Gays have the right to be served. They live, work and pay taxes in her county and deserve equal treatment.
            Now as for your statement that “There are Christians and then there are those who say they are Christians” I am sorry but that is your opinion. I personally believe in the teachings as taught by the Evangelical Lutheran church. I guarantee you that you violate many of the scriptures. Clothing, shellfish, pork, divorce, tattoos are all abominations and I am willing to bet you have and still do gloss over adhering to those scriptures. All result in death. No I do not believe all the bible. I certainly believe what Jesus said and what the Lord said. The other stuff I subject to scrutiny.
            Now you say you support the Constitution. Well the 14th amendment demands equal treatment of all our citizens. All the court did was let it be known that same sex marriage is a matter of equality and therefore legal. They did not create any laws. Just interpreted the laws and amendments already in place.

          • Rich,
            No, I don’t think you understand me very much, which is because we are strangers to each other.
            On the Constitutional issue, the 14th Amendment is abused badly. It was produced in 1868 which means it pertains to slavery as that was the issue to get rid of slavery. That is the context of the amendment. But the First Amendment provides the real freedom of people because that is a part of the Bill of Rights, which are RIGHTS and not options that the judicial system can cry “intent”.
            As for my personal beliefs concerning the Bible, I do not reject any of it. and contrary to your thinking, I do not leave out the parts that pertain to the context of what is being said. I think you do more pick-and-choose than I do. I do not subscribe to the folks who pick and choose with their “proof” texts.
            Let me begin with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 18 and 19. We know that God was displeased with those two cities and He destroyed them. We know that one issue as homosexuality that had run rampant. We also know that other crimes were also present and running rampant. But what was the issue that caused God to totally destroy these cities? The lack of believers in God. He set a minimum limit on the number of righteous men in those cities and they did not pass. No other issue was considered. Why was that of primary importance? Because the overall population of those cities that were lawless and engaged in activities that were horrible. I bring this passage to you to make it clear that I do not rely on “proof” texts. This story covers al of chapter 18 and most of 19. No pick and choose. I also do not suggest that homosexuality was the prime reason. It was not. But it was a lawlessness that was a part of the lack of righteous people in those communities. That is the usual key to a lot of sinful issues.

          • Rich,
            In recalling what you said about not believing in parts of the Bible, here is a list of books in the Bible you would have to eliminate due to the topic of homosexuality and fornication:
            The last two books of the Torah -Leviticus and Deuteronomy
            I Corinthians
            I Timothy
            II Timothy
            Are you sure about that exclusion list?

          • I kind of stated that the wrong way. There are things I believe and other statement I do not. Like I said (and I am not gay) I do not believe for one second that God did not make people as homosexuals. I do not care what others have written about that. Just like I told you in another note that I am sure God could care less about clothing, food, would be definitely upset over slavery or the stoning of wives or children among many things. So I read the bible and make my own assessment if I believe that is what the Lord would preach. Where it does not I ignore it. And as far as books not belonging in the bible I would definitely eliminate Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Just my beliefs.

          • Rich,
            Really? Eliminate Leviticus and Deuteronom wedlock.

          • Sorry but they do not specifically include homosexuality. They talk about debauchery etc. but man with man is not among them except in a few bibles. Some bibles but definitely not most use the words about man and man sex in 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 most do not. So again Jesus nor the Lord has ever said a word condemning homosexuality. The Lord designed them as such and loves them as they are.
            Now I want to hear from you. You support this woman and her desire not to step on her religious views. Where is your sympathy for all the people she is harming by denying them the service they are legally entitled to and being belittled with her comments that they are not equal to her and gaggle of bigots. You support one persons religious views over the religious views of many others. Now that is bigotry. You support her because you believe like her and could care less the harm it causes others.
            There are so many interpretations of the bible. You can select which one you want and I can select the one I want.
            Leviticus is nothing more than the norm of the times.

          • Rich,
            Again, I stated scripture and not opinion. In Matthew 15:18-19 Jesus refers to Fornication. He did not mention homosexuality. I Corinthians 6: 9-11 specifically lumps fornication and homosexuality together. Both are in the same category – not approved by Jesus or His Father. I am using the Greek New Testament, period. I am reading it in the original Greek language of the first century.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Kentucky Clerk Defies Court, Refuses Gays

          • Again I am using scripture and you are using opinion. Matt. 5:18-19 Jesus refers to fornication. You are correct in that fornication is sex out of wedlock. The Greek word for fornication is porneia in the singular. In I Cor. 6:9-12 (three verses) porneia and drsenokoitai, the Greek word for homosexual. That passage lumps all of the sins together. Galatians 5:16-21 ( 6 verses) says that we shall walk by the Spirit and not by the flesh. That same thought is in many other places. I have not included the Old Testament references but they are just as numerous. There are also several negative references to the evils of Sodom and Gomorra in the New Testament in relation to the final judgment. Those are in II Peter:4-9, Jude1:7. It is clear that while Sodom and Gomorra we guilty of more than homosexuality, it was a part of the strikes against them that will sink them in the final judgment. But no Christian will suffer such a fate as none will be burned up. But non Christians will not miss the great judgment or complete annihilation. If that seems cruel, you better abandon the Bible. It is about love and eternal salvation for those who choose Jesus and eternal destruction for those who do not. That is why Jesus died on the cross. That is love beyond human comprehension.

          • Sorry but porneia and drsenokoitai are not Greek words for homosexuality. PORNEIA means “prostitution, unchastity, fornication,” and is used “of every kind of unlawful sexual intercourse”. Some people but definitely not all also include homosexuality as part of its definition. You are choosing to pick which definition fits what you want and claim it means what you think. Sorry the word is unlawful sexual intercourse. Note: homosexuality is lawful today and was many many years ago.

          • Rich,
            You have to be kidding me! I read Greek. Those are the exact words in the Greek New Testament that I have. I did not pick and choose them. That is what is there in black and white. Yes Porneia is the Greek word for unlawful sex acts. Drsenokoiitai is the Greek word for homosexuality. Both appear in the same passage of scripture, right from the Greek New Testament. I know what those words mean to Greeks. This passage is exactly what it says. Your effort to discredit that passage of scripture does not hold any weight for me or anyone else who can read Greek. I have also included the work of the Holy Spirit. I have also included the passages from the New Testament on what happens at Judgment time and what will happen to those who take the same road as those in Sodom and Gomorra. What God did to those two cities was the result of all of the transgressions of God’s laws including unbelief and refusing to stand up for God’s righteousness and it does include homosexuality. If there is no judgment, there was no need for Jesus to die on the cross. If there is no hell, He died for no good reason. That is the very essential lesson of the New Testament.

          • Yes Jesus died for us to have eternal salvation and for those who choose Jesus. Being a homosexual which is what God made them is not against choosing Jesus and I know they are not facing eternal destruction. Again, no where in the bible can you show that Jesus said or God said that homosexuality was immoral and a horrific sin. Yes there are passages from Paul and bunch of others but there are also different interpretations (see the various versions of the bible) of what they really said. You choose your version and I will choose mine.

          • Rich,
            I have different versions of the New Testament that I use besides the original Greek. I have the King James, New King James, the Amplified and the New American Standard. Since those are all in agreement with each other and with the Greek, I have no need for more.

          • Jerry,
            You can my version of the bible says X but you should not say the bible says X because there are versions of the bible that do not.
            Again you refuse to respond on why you feel this woman’s religious rights trump others legal and religious rights. Her religious views are no more important and or valid than the gay couple who came in to get a marriage license. Justify why the courts should allow her to discriminate and tramp on others religious views.

          • Rich,
            I do not know what version of the Bible you have. I sent a list of those I have.
            As for the woman who has refused to allow permits for marriage, she will have to be dealt with buy the courts for which she works. That story is so insignificant I have virtually ignored it. She does have a Constitutional right to refuse to issue marriage licenses as a Christian. But the court has a right to replace her with someone who will. And that is my argument for many of these kinds of incidents. People do have a right to refuse to be a party to something which they oppose on religious grounds. The LGBT community only has to go to another area of service. There are plenty of people who are not of any religious persuasion who will accommodate them. If I go to a business which chooses not to serve me or does not have the services I need, I simply go somewhere else. Why is that so difficult to understand? No one should be forced into doing anything they have no desire to do. That is totally Unconstitutional and devoid of any common sense.

          • If it was just this instance I would agree with you but it is not. First there is a person in her office who said he would issue the licenses but she has threatened them with getting fired if they do since they work for her. You say they could just go to another county. Why should they. They live, work and pay taxes in this county. Why not her just get a job that does not go against her religious beliefs. But the big issue here if we allow people for “religious beliefs” to not serve someone they consider against there beliefs others could cite this exemption and not serve blacks, Hispanics, LGBT, Jews, Muslims, Mormons or even Christians. Where do you draw the line. As for bakers who did not want to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, well they were sued by the government not for not serving the couple but for taking the couples names and addresses and publishing on their web site which led to the couple receiving hate mail and death threats. They let the couple sit down and describe what they wanted before telling them they would make their cake as they were gay and it was against the Lord to do. They in effect belittled them. It was that belittling that led the couple to inform the government about what happened. Note they did not sue the bakers. The flower lady refused even after serving this couple for years now saying they were going against God. If she had any guts she would have posted a sign on her business that stated she does not make wedding arrangements for gay couples, same with the baker. But if they did they know they would lose a lot of other business from gays as well loss of business from people who do not want to do business with bigoted firms. I guarantee you 99% of gays would go somewhere else than have flowers or cakes made by people who think they are going to hell. They want their cake and eat it to. Bunch of hypocrites.
            Like I said you cannot have people forcing their religious views on others period. If you cannot serve all the public equally you need to find another job not the person who is being discriminated against having to find other means for those goods or services. She has the right to her beliefs but definitely not to force those beliefs on others.

          • Note there is a “not” missing in the “they would “not” make their cake. Sorry.

          • Rich,
            The line is simply drawn. Discrimination is one thing. Requiring someone to violate their religious beliefs is another. The Constitution covers both. And stuff the 14th Amendment. That had to do with slavery. Check the date of it. 1868. The First Amendment is the one that counts as it is a part of the Bill of Rights. Hypocrites? Hardly.
            I am a photographer among other things I do. But I am an outdoor photographer. At various times I have done weddings for people who were friends or relatives and could not afford a regular wedding photographer. I shot the photos and gave the the film for processing. Would I do a gay wedding? Of course not. But I would refuse on the basis that I was not a professional wedding photographer. And that is a fact. I lack sufficient indoor lighting equipment to do a real professional job. So there are ways to get around some of this rather than get yourself in a trap.

          • The 14th amendment does have a date of 1868 and while the primary intent was freedom of slavery it also has covered numerous times equality period. Blacks can now marry whites etc. Nobody is requiring her to violate her religious beliefs what they are doing is requiring her do her job. If they are violation of each other she needs to consider other employment. Do you think for one minute that a private business that had a set of rules and hired people with them in place and then later on changed those rules did not expect their employees to follow the new rules if it offended their religious beliefs? Well some companies might look to see if there was to accommodate the person whose religious beliefs were compromised but at the end of day the new rules prevail and if you do not want to follow the new rules you can find a new job. No different in government paid jobs.
            Again she can enjoy her religious beliefs all she wants (part of the 1st amendment) and can pray to whatever God she wants (again protected) but the first does not give anyone the right to force their religious views on others (i.e. denying this gay couple their legal marriage license which by the way is not endorsing anything) which is what she is doing by telling they cannot get a license at her office because they do not meet the test of her religious views. That is shoving it down somebody’s throat. That is not allowed nor should it ever.
            What would you do if a gay person was elected mayor of your town and then issued a directive to the police not to assist certain Christian religions people because it was against his religious belief? No different than what the clerk is doing.
            As for you doing wedding photography. You are not a professional who goes out and gets paid to professionally take wedding pictures. You do it as a friend which is entirely different. But if you advertised you took wedding photos for money and then refused to do a gay wedding then you are in violation of the law in most places.

          • Rich,
            I have been on your side on the issue of the woman in question. She has no right to force her beliefs on others. I do not in any way condone her latest behavior.
            We are on different sides when it comes to the Bible in one particular situation. But like you, I do not condemn gay people and have no tolerance for any discrimination against them just a I do not embrace any sort of racial discrimination. I have made that quite clear from the very beginning. What others do is of no concern to me a long as they are law abiding. They have every right to be or do whatever they choose. The Bible has been about making choices from the very beginning. By the way, as far as I can see in the Bible, God really created only Adam and Eve. The rest are the result of normal relationship between a man and a woman. If we look at science, we find that is also how people proliferate. Both are in harmony with each other.

          • Jerry,
            We for the most part are in a lot of agreement. The area we do not is our interpretation of the various scriptures. But you know what. I believe regardless of anything else if you live a good life and help take care of others and treat people with respect we will have no problem once we meet our maker. My dad never went to church but he was one the kindest most tolerant people I ever met. He taught me early on that discrimination was a no no. He worked for a beer company where on the evening shift he supervised the loading and unloading of the delivery trucks. Over the course of a couple weeks he noticed that a black gentlemen was not eating anything at lunch. My dad went over to him and asked why not. He told my dad that it was either him eating or his children. The next night my dad had my mom include another sandwich in his lunch (note we definitely did not have money ourselves). He gave it to this guy that night. This was in the 50s. A guy who also worked there started screaming at my father for giving “a niger” food. They got into an argument and the guy punched my dad right in the face. He got fired. Well the next day with my dad’s face all black and blue he sat me and brother and sisters down and told us the story. He told us the discrimination was evil and he better not ever find that we discriminate against anyone. He also said he would do it again even if he knew he was going to be punched because that was the right thing to do. So as you see I learned early on about bigotry and that it was unacceptable. My dad died when I was 22 from cancer and I long for the day I will see him again in heaven. He was always there to help others. Did he go to church, no. Is he in heaven (you bet ya).

          • Rich,
            We do agree on some issues and discrimination is one of them. I was raised where few blacks live even today. I went into culture shock when I first arrived in D.C. The first thing off the plane I went to the restroom. I did not know that they were segregated and everyone else in there was black. But when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I was then in Virginia from 1955 to 1960. I was there when Martin Luther King was doing his demonstrations. I was at Sears once when he came in and I sat in the black side of the restaurant as I had done before. I got a lot of stares but so what? To this day Itrat all people of any color or gender the same.
            I am glad to hear your dad was a god man. I lost my older brother this spring who was also a very generous person and lived a good and peaceful life. Today he is in Paradise with Jesus, but not because he was good but because he had an iron clad faith in Jesus. Big difference, you know.

          • I also believe you can get to heaven by living the life Jesus meant for us to live “He who doth for the least of my brothers….” I also believe that the Lord would not hold belief in Jesus as a requirement. There are many many people in this world who never even heard of him. Since I absolutely believe my God is a loving God and NOT a God of vengeance I cannot believe that people of good will who show their love for God in different ways will also be sent to heaven. Just my beliefs and they are hard core. If being a good person to other people and helping people in need is not enough (as Jesus commanded) then I am not sure I want to meet or spend eternity with that God. But I believe my God is not like that at all.
            If your brother had an iron clad faith in Jesus he also would have to have been a good person to others and to people who are in need. You cannot separate the being good and generous from faith. If you are not good to your fellow man and do not help those in need you cannot be a person of faith. Actions speak louder than words. So no in my opinion no big difference.

          • Rich,
            How in the world do you come up with that if you do not adhere to the many places in the Gospel that particularly state that salvation is by belief and faith in Jesus? How can you be a student of the Bible and not believe in what Jesus himself said many times. Does John Chapter 3 not get your attention? Do you not understand the works of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life? Do you not understand that the Holy Spirit is the only means of actually getting there? Or do you even believe in the Trinity? I am in shock. Unless you can show me specific proof that anyone attains Heaven by any other means that through the shed blood of Jesus and that He is the key to the kingdom of God, I cannot accept your concept of Christianity.

          • Jerry,
            I do believe in the Trinity. I just believe that just because a person does not outwardly pray to Jesus that they are still able to find heaven in the end. I think the biggest thing God wants us to do is to be a good person who helps others in need and treats people like they themselves would like to be treated. Like I said would God not take a person into heaven that never even heard of Jesus? If he is a good person then I personally believe he will take him for being a good Shepard. How can I show you specific proof when the only people that can do that are in heaven. Now three and a half years ago I got to see the light and it was amazing. I had the largest most massive pulmonary embolism ever recorded in our city. The only reason I lived is because it happened on the cat scan table in the emergency room in the hospital. Both my heart and lungs shut down. They immediately shoved air tubes down my throat, gave me a massive dose of a clot busting drug TPA (which can also kill you) and then did 45 minutes of CPR. The cardiologist on duty stayed the whole day and night to keep me alive. When I was in this state I saw the light and saw my dad, sister and grandparents who passed away before this. They never said anything but I could see and feel their presence. I so wanted to stay but God must have had other things planned for me as he sent me back. I have since had two other bouts of clots that almost killed me. So you see while I never saw my dad or grandparents for that matter pray they were with God because they were such good people.
            It is OK to not accept my concept of Christianity as I do not expect you to. You must follow your own mind and heart and I must follow mine. I believe you are a good person and hopefully we will meet in the afterlife.

          • Rich,
            I feel for your medical situation. I will place you on my prayer list. Now can you explain to me why Jesus came to earth and died on the cross? And HE said he was sending us the Holy Spirit, who arrived with the Jewish followers in Acts 2 and with the Gentiles in Acts 10? And explain to me why the Holy Spirit is our vehicle for getting into Heaven in Romans 8?

          • Rich,
            Where do you get this stuff? Every different Bible I have has exactly what they say. Besides, the original New Testament was written in koine Greek, which I used. The New Testament was never in Aramaic or English.

          • Rich,
            This is actually my second response on this topic and likely not the last. I take seriously your partial list of things we are not supposed to do. I think you missed something along the way through all that law in the Old Testament. The point was that the righteousness of God is far beyond human comprehension. The whole of God’s law was more than any human could process, let alone remember to obey every bit of it from top to bottom. Does that justify deliberate sin? Hardly. Is the law abolished? Hardly. Some we can flow and some we cannot. That is a fact that everyone in the Old Testament soon learned. And God knew we could not all keep every bit of the OT law. As for some of the specifics you mention, I do not eat pork for health reasons, which is why it was on the list in the first place. God’s plan for food sources is unbeatable so I follow it. Do I eat shellfish? I love the stuff. But I don’t eat it because I do not live on the coast so I can’t get it fresh. Besides, some of it is not good for my diet requirements.
            I am now divorced from my second wife. My first one died. We were forced to get a divorce to get my second wife onto Medicaid due to her severe health needs that we could no longer afford. That was a Social Security decision, not ours. So we live apart. We got a quick, no-fault divorce but we still see each other almost daily. I help her financially even though the divorce was non committal on support issues. We neither one likes it but that’s what we have to do to keep her reasonably well.
            I hope you understand that we are under grace now and not the letter of the law. We do the best we can.
            While this is certainly not a total of what we follow or not from the OT law but I hope you get the idea.

          • Jerry,
            I get the idea. First I am sorry to hear about your wife’s health and you having to divorce just to be able to get Medicaid. I lived in Europe for a few years and it was great to see that everyone could get medical treatment without losing everything they own. Granted some countries systems stink but there are some that are awesome. I believe Jesus when he say “He who doth to the least of my brothers…”. However; I personally do not believe much outside what is actually said by Christ or the Lord. I believe in the ten commandments as to the sins I have to avoid. I am married to my wife (a woman and no I am not gay) for almost 48 years. Have brought my children up to be Christians.
            In the ten commandments there is no mention of homosexuality, none. I believe that the Lord made these people gay for a reason. We might not understand it but never the less it is the way he wants it. I do not bye the statements that come like “we hate the sin but love the sinner”. That is a load of crap. How do you think the person who is gay (and not by choice) feels when you tell them oh we love you but you are going to hell because you act upon your God given feelings. That is not loving someone and sorry you cannot do that and be expected to be believed. Love is Love and the commitment of marriage for love makes that love amazingly wonderful and joyous in the eyes of the Lord.
            I have some amazing gay friends. Friends who would give their shirts off their backs to help you. They deserve and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure they get equal rights to mine.
            That is my belief and I am entitled to it and I think at the end of my days the Lord will tell me “good job my Sheppard”.

          • Rich,
            We are on a different path concerning the Bible, I suspect. But I agree that I have not met a current kind of gay person that I did not like or trust.
            That being said, the Bible also does not approve of homosexuality. I would guess you know where the Scriptures are found so I won’t repeat them. If God opposes it I am not going to approve it either. But I do separate the person from the behavior. So far God has dealt with the issue, not people. So the issue is in God’s hands, not mine. The system of procreation is that it takes a male and female of a species to procreate. That is the scientific answer. It is consistent with what we know from the Bible about how procreation was meant to be. That is where I leave the issue.

          • Jerry,
            I agree we are on a different path concerning the Bible. I think the main thing is that I do not believe God is opposed to homosexuality. Just cause the scriptures (which are transcriptions of scrolls found in caves) are opposed to homosexuality does not mean the Lord is. The Lord nor Jesus ever was involved in what books belong in the Bible. Man decided that and man transcribed the scrolls – which by the way have been changed a number of times). I truly believe that most of the stuff in the OT and a bunch of NT are nothing more than the norms of the times and are not God’s word. Why would God make
            homosexuals if that is not what he wanted? Almost every species on this earth has specie members that engage in same sex sex. There is a reason God created homosexuals but we are just not privileged to know it.
            I definitely also believe that does not give a crap if I wear clothing made of cotton polyester or eat shellfish or pork. He doesn’t care if I get a tattoo. I am also sure he does not want us stoning our children for talking back to us or killing our wives if they are not virgins when we marry them (note the bible does not say anything bad about a man not being a virgin). I am sure the Lord would not approve of slavery or expect slaves to be proud of their masters and do as they are ordered to do without complaining. These are just a few of the examples why I cannot believe a lot of stuff in the bible. I am still however a Christian who believes in Jesus and the Lord and Mary. I believe in the ten commandments and the eleventh commandment from Jesus.
            I agree with you its in God’s hands now.
            I cannot believe that you believe this woman’s religious beliefs trumps the rights of all same sex couples in her county. If she cannot get over it and serve those people who are legally entitled to the marriage licenses then she really needs to find a new job. Would you say the same if her belief was not to marry divorced people, or Jews or Blacks or Hispanics or Muslims or Mormons or anyone not of her church? I doubt it. The judge has given her a little room while she petitions the sixth circuit court to take the case. If they do not her ruling stands and this woman either does her job, quits or goes to jail. She can only be impeached or resign. I am sure if she gets put in jail the other clerks in her office whom she has forbidden to issue any marriage licenses under threat of losing their jobs will begin to issue them. Just think about the implications of allowing a person the right to not serve someone because their religion is opposed to them. Firefighters, Cops, Doctors, Lawyers, Restaurants, Bus Drivers, Taxi’s and on and on could claim there is a group they cannot serve because of their religion. Well if you are in an ambulance and the attending nurse says nope I cannot work on them as they do not go to my church or they are black or gay or Muslim etc. At the end of the day she must do what she is being paid for or leave. That is the only acceptable answer. Would you be happy if your daughter was rejected from receiving life saving help because the doctors or nurses only worked on those that met the criteria in their religion as worth saving? Anyway I appreciate and even understand your stance and I hope you understand and appreciate where I am coming from.

          • Rich,
            There is a limit to the issue of service to gay people. No one is refusing to serve gay people except where it involves them as a participant in a gay wedding. I am sure any baker would provide a gay person with about anything they desired in their bakery. But my issue the Colorado bill is that it violates the First Amendment rights of any religious person. I could care less what gay people choose to do They have their Constitutional rights a well as anyone in the country. Medical assistance refusal is something I have opposed from the very beginning. We have the parable of the good Samaritan in the New Testament to be an indicator of what we should do when someone needs medical assistance.
            I am one of those who does not challenge the Bible on its contents. The books selected vary somewhat between the Catholic and Protestant versions. But the basics of God’s stance on homosexuality are found in many books from Gensis to Revelation. I can only speculate on why God opposes homosexuality. Since He made that choice I stay removed from it. I remain steadfast in my understanding and defense of the Constitution. The only issue I have is in government interference with religious freedom.

          • Jerry,
            I can understand how and why you feel as you do. My only problem is that you believe there is government interference with religious freedom. Also you say basics of God’s stance on homosexuality are found in many books. But did you notice Jesus nor the Lord ever said a single word as regards homosexuality. What you have is scriptures written by man that was never approved by the Lord. Now getting back to this woman’s religious rights. The first amendment does NOT include a persons religious beliefs to trump over the rights of other individuals. What it guarantees is that a person will be free to worship whatever God they want and believe what they want. It has nothing to do with people saying I cannot do that part of my job because it is against my religion. It does not give her the right to choose to not do part of her job which she is being paid for. She is perfectly free to pursue another course of employment where she will not have this burden. I know it sounds almost trivial as to why she cannot be exempted. However, her religious beliefs prevents her from doing her job and causing harm to many many people. People who deserve the same consideration, rights and privileges as their neighbors. Otherwise you would have a free for all. What if a gay person were to be made the head of say the motor vehicle department for the state. He could turn around and say that the department will not serve people of her religion or blacks or Jews etc. No she has the ability to worship where and to whom she wants but she does not have the ability to force her religious beliefs on others which she is doing by denying these gay couples their constitutional rights. This woman even went a step further by banning her other clerks that work for her from issuing marriage licenses even though there is at least one who would. It would make gay couples have to go to other counties even though they live, work and pay taxes in that county. So you see she is jamming her beliefs down the throats of others.
            Now as for the cakes etc. Making a wedding cake for a same sex marriage is not and I repeat not saying that you are endorsing the marriage. It is just the baker delivering a cake. These people if they had any sincerity of heart would at least have put a sign in their business window telling that they do not make same sex wedding cakes. They choose not to do that because they will also lose a lot of business from straight people who do not want to do business with bigoted businesses. At least if the sign was in the window I would bet 99% of gays would go elsewhere. Who would want a cake as special as a wedding cake made by someone who doesn’t believe you have equal rights. No they wait until the couple sits down and starts describing what they want and then they tell them that they are not equal and will not be served by this business. As for the fine the couple who has to pay the 136K that is a fine not for making a cake but publishing the names and address of the couple on their website which caused the couple to receive death threats etc. Plus the couple brought in over 300K through their fund raising activities. The couple they denied only told the government that they were not being able to purchase a wedding cake there and did not sue the bakers. If I were the judge I would have fined them every penny they got through donations.
            p.s. I can glad we can have a non hateful exchange of ideas even though we have radically different beliefs.

          • Rich,
            I listed two of the Gospels where Jesus responded very negatively to the concept of fornication. Also, in Matthew 3 Jesus refers to being born of the Spirit. As I see that in the New Testament in many places, it means being LED by the Holy Spirit which will never engage in such activities. There are millions of would be Christians who know about Jesus but few who know Him personally and what He is about. That is a big difference.

          • Fornication is the act of having sex outside marriage. Is not homosexuality. If the gays marry then they are not fornicating.
            The difference I see is that I believe God is a loving God. He is not a hateful vindictive God. Marriage way back in Jesus time was mostly to force the families to stay together. The woman was chattel and the man the master. I personally do not believe marriage to be that. I believe marriage to be a sol-um commitment to each other. That you are equals in the eyes of your relationship and that there is an unquestioned love between the two parties. Promising to love one another through sickness and health is what Marriage is all about. If you are capable of creating children that is another blessing. If not there are many children who need a home and lots of love. That would be there extra blessings.
            So believe what you want that is your right. I know deep in my heart I am right and will continue on my path until it is time to visit the Lord. Personally I think he will be pretty happy with what I have done with my life.

          • Rich,
            You are giving me the usual line about gays and families.
            Let me set you straight on something. I absolutely see God as a loving God. Virtually all the Bible spreads that message.
            But you apparently do not see that God is also a righteous God who has zero tolerance for evil.
            I made it clear that I do not question God on any issue and as such, I pretty much ignore the gay community unless there is a specific need as with the legislators or Congress.
            Also, I gave you specific scripture and not just a “proof text” verse but whole passages. What I get back is your opinion.

          • Jerry,
            I sent you back a note regarding the scripture readings you pointed out. Only 1 Corinthians had anything to say about homosexuality. And that was not in all the different versions of the bible. Most did not include anything about homosexuality. So like you I believe God is a loving God. But again I do not believe he gives a crap about clothing, shellfish, tattoos, pork etc. I also think he is pretty pissed off about the things like stone your children if they smite you, stone your wife if she is not a virgin on your wedding day, it is OK to have a slave as long as it comes from another town, it is OK to treat your slave badly and the slave must do as the master wants. My God does not want any of that crap. The ten commandments pretty much tell me what he expects and I believe wholeheartedly in them. Also the eleventh commandment from Jesus to love one another. Note: the commandments make no mention of homosexuality, none. Also Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of homosexuality. It was destroyed because the towns people demanded to have sex with the two angels that went to Lots house. The towns people consisted of men, women and children. If the angels were women instead of men the outcome would have been the same.
            You want people to respect your religious views yet you do not respect others rights not to believe what you or this clerk believes. Does not work that way. Respect begets Respect. The LGBT community has been more than respectful and patient in waiting to get respect and equal rights. It is the Christian, Muslim and Mormon religions for the most part that have shown extreme bigotry toward them. All they ask is for equal rights and to be left alone but the Christian right is so blinded with bigotry and hate they cannot let this go. That is the truth.

          • Rich,
            I got your message and answered it. I see you take the same road as liberals usually do. Anyone who does not agree with you is a bigot. again, I come back to Mathew chapter 3. Do you understand what Jesus was saying? I see little evidence you do. Again, every Bible I have and the Greek New Testament, then original language of the New Testament period, has exactly what I quoted from. You had best take heed of what that New Testament has to say abut the work of the Holy Spirit and why that is necessary for you to grasp.

      • Rich your boyfriend is looking for you..

    • Not in this case. The lady has a government job, and her job entails providing government services to everyone.

  2. good stand up to them idiots

  3. So much for
    “We are a nation of laws”

    I guess that’s just a slogan the cons like to put out every now and then when it suits them.

    NO hypocrisy there.

    • Ralph Richardson

      Freedom of religion is clear. Twisting the law for deviant purpose is wrong.

      • These days, the word, “RELIGION,” is misunderstood! RELIGION is simply a man-made scheme to try to get into Almighty God’s Heaven, WITHOUT GOD!

        Look at it this way: You have the Muslims, who must do certain things to attain the, so-called, heaven of Allah; you have Buddhist, doing other things, in hopes of getting into Buddha’s heaven, etc.
        In reality, only Jesus Christ, the first-born Son of the Living God, has an empty tomb — before anyone argues that point, I’ll demand that someone show me where His body was laid.
        Then, you’ll also have to explain how, when a Christian stands on the Word of God, believing what is written, therein, he/she experiences healing (I, for one, have lied 44 years since a doctors’ prognosis, in 1971, declared I wouldn’t live “more than two weeks.”
        I saw this same doctor, in 1998, and his chin dropped, when he remembered that half-dead 10-year old, whose body was riddled with Meningitis and, at the time, there was no means to prevent death.

        What I’m saying, here, is that my Jesus, the Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has proven Himself in more ways that just word of mouth and forced expansion.

    • SCOTUS once again overstepped their authority and made a ruling over which they have no jurisdiction. We now have the courts saying that they exist to protect the minority from the majority. they are to protect each citizen from the government. We now have the tyranny of the minority.

      • Anyone given a job with a lifetime term has way to much power.That should have been changed long ago.Why should 9 people be able to tell a whole country what to do? They may have been honest,good men 200 years ago[and didn’t live as long either],but i believe they are corrupt now,as the rest of washington is.

    • but because of the supreme court ruling and the lower court ruling as well both sides can claim the law is on their side.

    • We ARE a nation of laws. The sad thing is that we have an elected leader, who is a born liar!

    • Reality, actually, it’s the DEMONcRATS who are total hypocrites. It is they who rally around hate, flamboyance, immorality lack of mores, morals, values, and it is they who refuse to obey the Constitution beginning with the POTUS, the SCOTUS, DOJ, IRS, etc.. Please, please, Reality, do SOME research before you post illogical statements.

    • What part of the separation of powers do you not understand, Realty Chick? The Supreme Court, under our constitution, doesn’t make laws, Congress does. The court’s only constitutional job in this area, is to interpret congress’ laws as accurately as they honorably can. When that once honorable estate begins legislating from the bench, they become, in and of themselves, unconstitutional. Sort of like Obuslim and his entire administration has. The only redress resides at this point, in the hands of the people. As a troll, I know that you have been exposed to more than the liberal drivel you spout. You should give some thought to what the “cons” are telling you. They are coming.

    • Spoken like a true socialist troll!

  4. Love it another moron who is going to have everything they have or will have to be taken and given to someone more deserving then themself just for being a bigot !!! You have to love the stupidity of the right-wing !!!

  5. Michael Dennewitz

    They should gather together all the little faggots of the world and have a “faggot roasting” party…THE HELL WITH ALL THE LITTLE QUEER BASTARDS!!! 🙂

    • BoundlessExistence

      You are truly a very sick and evil pos! Fortunately you have a date with death and when people like you die the world is a better place.

      • LIBTARD!

      • awwww shucks.. lol

      • Go over and read what some of your lgbt friends are posting.Its some of the most vile,low brow,s**t you will ever see. He was mild compared w/what goes above and beyond hate speech on the liberal sites!

        • BoundlessExistence

          Unfortunately, there is a lunatic fringe associated with any group of people, but some groups, like the one you are part of, only allow lunatics to join.

      • Everyone has a date with death, but the differance is, He will enter Heaven while those that go against Gods will, will go straight to Hell.

        • AND “BURN BABY BURN”

        • BoundlessExistence

          So in your mind, if this “Christian” somehow managed to burn to death every gay, bi, and lesbian person on the planet he would go to Heaven after he dies. 3% of the 7 billion people living on this planet are either gay, bi, or lesbian, which means he would murder 210 million human beings by setting them on fire and yet you think that Jehovah would allow him to enter Heaven and actually open those Pearly Gates himself, saying, “Come on in partner, welcome to Heaven, you done good, real good”! Thankfully, the majority of Christians don’t agree with your position on this subject and would not allow you in their church.

    • we’re supposed to love them even with their faults, but we don’t have to agree with them that is our right butt some of them think they deserve more than others and they don’t

  6. ACTUALLY , IT’S >NOT THE LAWOPPINION< ! Congress did not pass any laws on deviant moral ineptitude !

    • It’s misinterpretation of the Constitution, is what it is. Opinionated misinterpretation.

      • THE ONLY people that should qualify for the U.S. Supreme Court are long-proven Constitutional scholars of the highest degree……N O T friends of the President!!!!

  7. GovernmentIs Not God
    Why then can people who have entered USA illegally be given rights not given Legal US Citizens?

    • “Gov’ts Not God”: Actually, that is governments thumbing its collective nose AT God!
      It’s pathetic, too…A kid must have a parental consent to be given aspirin, at school. However, the school nurse is free to take a teenaged girl across states lines to murder her unborn baby, without even telling the parents AFTER THE FACT!
      A friend of mine was injured in a high school football game and needed to be transported, in an ambulance, to the hospital. His mother ended up with a thousands dollar bill.
      At the same time, Junior High-aged girls are being taken to murder mills, by schools nurses and then the state covers the costs.
      And, let’s not forget how the atheists (btw, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled atheism to be a religion – much to the chagrin of Maddalyn Murray-O’Hare’s group – demand the separation of church and state) fumed about it, when it came to praying at those school-sponsored football games.
      Just like in any other endeavor, though, the wicked Washington, D.C., politics are thumbing their noses at the majority of Christians, who are still in America, while rubbing noses, with those, who oppose us.
      To anyone, who demands I am just crying in my milk, I’ll end with this:
      Jesus Christ foresaw this happening.
      In His Sermon on the Mount, Christ said, “Blessed are those, who are
      persecuted because of righteousness. For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Mt. 5:10)
      He, then, added: “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” Mt. 5:11 & 12).

    • That is because they do not want to be here legally and have to pay taxes. So if they dont pay taxes, then it all comes out of the people here that is paying taxes.. we are the suckers.. Also they work for a lot less then the minium wage in which puts our own people out of work. And when are own people are out of work and have to apply for assistance, then you and everyone else calls them lazy no good bums. There are numerous of our people that are denied assistance, especially if they are white, but when an illegal applies for assistance the Government goes head over heels to give it to them. And when our people go on assistance they paid taxes into it while an illegal pays nothing.. I remember when I got hurt and couldnt work, I went to apply for food stamps, and was denied.. And while I was there waiting on approval that I didnt get, a drunk came in and told the woman at the counter that he had been mugged and they took all of his money and didnt have money to feed his family.. So what does She do, She goes to the back room and comes back and hands this drunk bum, a wad of cash that would choke a horse. He never filled out no paperwork of any kind or signed nothing.. That was yours and mine tax money that we are forced to pay.. This happened in Tucson, Arizona. Also while I was there, there was a black women with 4 kids that had just been approved for assistance and when I left with my denial, I noticed her and the kids pile into what looked like a brand new Cadillac.. I have nothing against a person from another country that comes in and goes through getting legalized and goes to work and pays taxes just as I do. As a matter of fact my Daughter in Law cane from deep in Mexico and went through the process of legalazation and is now working and paying taxes.. My Neice came from Vietnam after 2 years of red tape and She also is now legal, working and paying taxes. On the east coast there are Muslims coming in by the groves everyday, no questions asked and they head straight to get assistance and food stamps.. Dont believe me ?? Go down to your local Government agency where a person applies for food stamps and assistance (cash) and just sit in the waiting room for one hour and watch what is going on.. You will be amazed.

  8. How about the oath Obama took to obey the law? He’s not following the law and there is no damn judge ordering him to obey the law. That’s the reason many people want to see government replaced. Law has been selective based on what liberal BS the communists are pushing at the time. Judges are a joke, but what can you expect from a lawyer?

  9. It is wrong that Obama’s Queer Supreme Court can cause this crap without Congress making it law! When you have a queer Leader The whole country goes queer!

    • ONLY THOSE that ….follow the ‘leader’!!!

      • obama is no leader. He is being led by the nose by valerie jarrett as the puppeteer.

        • ‘LEADER’ in and of itself does not indicate good or bad, thus we have gang ‘leaders’ like Al Capone or great American leaders like Thomas Jefferson, etc.
          Valerie Jarrett is the Useful Idiot messenger of George Soros, et al NWO gangsters!

        • THE obamanation is backed by soros

          • obamanation is that the new name for america

          • I sure hope not , thing s are bad enough already. That’s a spooky thought I did not see that coming

          • He has always backed obama since he was a young boy and then brought him here to attend college as a foreign student. So obama is an illegal alien because he never left nor did he apply for a green card or anything else. He is a big fraud in so many ways. Also, valerie jarrett is pulling his strings as instructed by george soros. It is just like the book and movie “The Manchurian Candidate”. It’s a ll a big conspiracy so when the Russian said during the cold war they would conquer America without firing a shot, this is what they meant and they already had the communist obama.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            If that is true, and I doubt it, it won’t change anything because the people who run things will not let Obama be removed.

          • Why do you doubt it? obama was picked when he was very young and groomed to be just where he is. Read the book or watch the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” and you will understand what I am talking about. But you are right, they will not allow obama to be removed. Look how long he has been screwing up our country and no one has lifted a finger to stop him.

        • she pulled his strings real good in iran too bad one of the strings didn’t wrap around his neck.

          • LOL I like your idea. Sounds real good to me. Maybe he will trip getting out of a car and his tie gets caught in the door while the car drives away.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Soros tells the HTNIC what to do!!

      • RIVERRATTFacebook User

        get rid of the king in the white place,,,!! next try eatin,your acorns..

    • Well put my friend, lighting up our White House with queer colors makes me sick.

    • First of all it is not Obama’s Supreme Court. There are five conservative judges and four liberal. You have the right to believe what you want as long as you do not infringe on others rights. Your rights do not supersede their rights. Hate to tell you but there are now at least five MAJOR Christian churches that now welcome LGBT members and welcome and will perform same sex marriages. So even the Christian community is becoming split on this issue. Young people are leaving in droves bigoted churches for more loving inclusive churches. You pick and choose which statements in the bible you want to follow. i.e. abominations other than man lying with man (and these are only a few), wearing clothing made of two different fabrics, eating shellfish, eating pork, tattoos, stoning a woman who does not bleed on her wedding night, stoning your children for talking back, owning a slave as long as it is from another town, telling slaves to do whatever their masters want as it is right, etc. etc. Jesus never said a word against homosexuality but he did against divorce and this bimbo has been married four times. Guess who is going to hell. The only gay agenda is the demand for equal rights and the church has no right to demand otherwise. The church has the right within its own boundaries to say and teach as it desires but it does not have the right to force ably impose those views on others.

      • I think 0buma kind of leans on JOHN whenever he needs a vote

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Hate to inform you of this but in God’s eyes they can’t be considered “Christians” if they condone faggots getting married, further, perform the ritual.. EWWWWWWWWWW

        • Sorry but you do not speak for what God wants and what he does not want. Besides you will have no choice. It is the law of the land and in a couple years no one will even notice except some old bigots like yourselves, but nobody cares about you old bigots. Young people today are leaving bigoted religions and flocking to more tolerant ones. Soon you will be history and broke. Awesome…

    • Queer it is

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      I have seen no evidence that Obama is gay. Reagan, though, well, that is a different matter. Look up the Lincoln Savings scandal.

  10. The LGBT community can go directly to hell!

  11. Perhaps Trump or Dr. Carson if elected can straighten out this mess that Obummer has created.

  12. What is next ? Marrying your sheep, horse , dog , the little boy next door ? How perverted this nation has become . This nation is headed for self destruction . One nation under perversion not God

    • BoundlessExistence

      What’s next? The crime of Arson needs to repealed before they make it illegal to strike a match to light candles on a birthday cake which would also be illegal, or to barbecue food or use a gas stove or a wood stove or a fireplace or a gas water heater or furnace. Write your congressperson and tell them to get that Arson law repealed or you will vote for someone who will!

  13. When Davis took the position as a clerk, it did not violate her beliefs. The county MUST make ‘reasonable accommodation’ for her beliefs. Those that want a life co-habitation contract “A Marriage is a church ritual and thus should be separate from the state) are not being denied one. How far are these people going out of their way to demand one from Davis?
    Like those that claim to want a cake, but only from someone that they can sue to provide one, money and control seem to be the real issues.

  14. It does not matter what her religious convictions are, she is paid to do the job, and the law has been passed.. If she cannot meet the demands of her job, I would recommend that she be transferred to another office in the Courthouse. It is not up to her to deny legal rights to anyone, regardless of the reason. I applaud her faithfulness to the same God that I worship, but she is not right in this employment situation. I abhor abortion, or euthanasia, but as a nurse, my only recourse is to transfer to some unit or other hospital that does not put me in the position of being a part of those practices. Then, I have the option to work to get those practices changed.

    • muskat antonopolis

      WRONG>>TOTALLY>>>No law was passed…as was pointed out earlier…IT WAS AN OPINION…the
      “right” was incorporated into the constitution at its inception….what SCOTUS did was to set down an
      “OPINION” which all those who chose to believe that they benefited from the opinion started calling
      LAW….As a citizen of this very sick Nation, i was not afforded an opportunity to voice my vote to
      CHANGE the Constitution of MY and YOUR NATION…it was arbitrarily done by a group of people
      so far out-of-touch with the populous that they relented under pressure of a MINORITY group
      (4% i remember hearing) to offer a favorable OPINION as the 4% saw it…that is absolutely
      PATHETIC……….how this opinion will effect the spiritual and economic health of our Nation well……
      that is already showing up when those who HATE us can walk into our cities and shoot us
      down….well, it will only get worse unless those WHO CARE take a stand…..

    • As a Veteran of two wars, I Cringe when I see some PUNK burning or stomping on our FLAG! I have to take a step back and Remember the Reasons I Joined the Service! it was to PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS OF THIS GREAT NATION! and that PUNK! Has the Right to do what he want’s to, to HIS FLAG!

      • I’m sorry.. 17 yrs service here.. and I dont Cringe.. I take the flag and if i have to.. beat the punks ass…

  15. Since the Supreme Justices ruled that a few states can have unrestricted guns doesn’t this ruling now mean every state has to comply? This is a mess. These 9 justices are making laws and taking state rights. There is something evil spreading upon this land. It smells to the high heavens.
    Kim Davis and the others are being threatened with jail time, but we have a government who has used the IRS as a weapon against it’s citizens; covered up in Benghazi and Fast and Furious etc and American’s lost their lives and yet these law breakers are high and above the law. We do not have Dynasties of Kings or Dictators in America. This is our land is our land from the highways to the seas and we the people must arise up and let our voices be heard.
    Kim Davis and the other Clerks in Ky are real heroes, not playing parts like Hollywood stars and medias who are hailing this in. These women have stood when there are not any men standing up. Judge Moore is the only man I know who stood up to fight this evil dictatorship. When a court of justices believes they can violate constitutional rights and step all over a certain section of the population something is wrong.
    Puritians were being killed because they refused to go the way of the Catholic Church so they adventured to America to be able to worship freely. We have the Mayflower Compact that they signed before God and one another. Do we not have any real men and women of valor anymore, like these Deborah’s mighty women of valor. Just as God used women when men failed to stand against evil He used women. God Bless these women who are brave and courageous and real leaders.

  16. It is defiance it is called doing the right and moral thing, because homosexuality is immoral and the marriages there of are null and void because that is not how God created it.

  17. muskat antonopolis

    if you read the comments…everybody is saying the same thing….”enough already”…but WHO is doing anything
    about it?….this lady and her legal team are taking a big step in the right direction…but, outside of a whole
    bunch of yelling, shouting, finger pointing and such….we sure are spending a lot of energy on the
    theatrics but HOW much pressure have those opposed to the SCOTUS ruling put on their Congressman or
    woman?….Nothing will get done until Congress gets uncomfortable with continued pressure from their
    constituants….pressure…pressure…..letters…phone calls…inundate their very comfortable space with
    enough phone calls, letters, emails, etc, that they have to hire more staff to handle the deluge… may feel
    good to vent at Congress….But..if you want to get anything done then GET SERIOUS!…

  18. Gregg the voice of reason

    The clerk has religious rights to,not just gays and Muslims and illegals…

  19. A few queers are trying to force their lifestyle upon the whole nation. Where’s all Ohomo’s imported Muslims when you need them. Everyone has rights. Queers rights do not take precedence over ours.

    • Christians are trying to force their beliefs on others! What’s the difference! It’s the same to me!

      • You must be lesbian. Christians are not trying to force anything on anyone. You queers run to Obeymehomo and his judges when someone exercises their rights.

      • That bull and you know it. Have you seen any Christian go to a gay baker and ask for a cake saying something against gays?You think they would make it? Do you really believe the law would force them too? Show me where Christians are forcing anything,give me one example.

  20. Secular Humanists are determined to seal the moral absolutes of the Christian faith inside the sanctuary. Know this: the battle is on and every Christian must come out of his comfort zone and engage the enemy.

    • Every one should read the above statements! All are angry frothing opinions. Personally…..if these Christian beliefs sustain and help you grow as a caring person….good on you but….. After reading post after post of Christian rants of hate I do not want to have anything to do with the Christian religion and I do not want a belief system shoved in my face so keep it to yourselves and work on your attitudes toward others!

      • Jane, what strikes me about your statement is something my mother always told me, when you have one finger pointed at someone else, remember, you have three pointed back at yourself. We shall pray for your immortal soul and beg that your closed mind be opened to the truth go God who is our loving Father. He has said, that we love the sinners, but abhor the sin. God be with you, Jane. He loves you.

      • You are shoving it in your own face. Nobody ‘asked’ you to read anything on this page. Just like a liberal troll to come on here and cause their own problems and then try to blame them on whoever is nearest to them. We don’t care for your nambi-pambi opinions, either. We are trying to have an adult conversation here, without interruptions from the kids’ table. If you don’t want anything to do with religion, and you knew this article was about religion, why did you come on here, then? Oh, yeah, trolling. Real it in and get your boat out of the water if you don’t want to get splashed in the face with Religion. And good advice about the attitudes. See if you can follow your own advice, “Attitudey”.

      • Well you damned sure don’t mind that we are having the lgbts wants shoved on us and our rights trampled on-be honest,you didn’t want anything to do with Christian religion before this,you’re using it as an excuse.Just how long to you think we should be meek and mild before we start fighting back against these rabid,sinful lgbt’s?You don’t want something shoved in your face,well neither do we!

      • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

        Nobody is perfect, Jane, but you come closer than your two critics here.

  21. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of homosexuality. Until or unless that gets overturned, gay marriage is legal. While that goes against the grain of every Christian, the only solution is to keep this issue before the high court. Meanwhile, we have to live with it until we get a court body that goes by what the Constitution actually says in context with the time in which any amendment was created. I have come to despise the word, “intent” as an acceptable answer. If we are a nation of laws, then the letter of the law rules, not someone’s “intent”. In the formation of the Constitution and the first ten amendments nothing was said about homosexuality because no one within Christianity at the time anticipated that such an issue as homosexuality could ever become and issue. The Bible specifically condemns it in both the Old and New Testaments. As such, apparently no one ever thought of making any specific laws against the practice. Homosexuality was commonly thought of as an abomination to God throughout the history of the Bible. The Old Testament in particular, has prophesy dealing with such behaviors and that God will abolish it. Let that be a warning that we as a nation are playing with fire.

    • thus the ruling is illegal based on there is no mention of marriage law in the constitution based on same sex
      unions in so where is their constitutional right

      • HAOLEBOY55,
        You are correct in that homosexuality is not in he Constitution as it was not an issue until very recently. Homosexuality has been considered improper since the Old Testament and has not been an issue anywhere until recent times. But such people have First Amendment rights. Where it ends is when they attempt to force others to accept their lifestyle. Apparently no one thought about it during the framing of the Constitution. I have read a considerable amount about the framing of the Constitution from the Constitutional Convention when I lived in Williamsburg, VA.

        • Ok, constitutionally they have the freedom of speech an so on , but why are they being allowed to force their unwanted life style on others through the courts and violating other citizens rights. were does this end

          • HAOLEBOYS,
            All citizens have the right of freedom. And it is more the courts than the homosexual community who is being problematic. Most gay people simply go on to someone who will supply their requests. But the government has no right to force people out of a job or business to accommodate anyone. The clerk has rights as well as the gay people. But that is a matter of transferring her to another position. If they fire her, she has a right to sue for discrimination as well.

          • I do agree with you, the courts are the problem a lot of the time when they allow frivolous civil suits that ruin innocent victims of vicious activist who are actually violating others and it does happen on both sides of the spectrum. This county clerk is a perfect example

          • HAOLEBOY55,
            In researching the Obaba birth certificate issue I have done some history work and Constitution searches that make it clear that both parties are not exactly following the Constitution. I am becoming very disturbed that we are straying off of the very document that is out lifeblood. We re now attempting to subvert our rights under the Bill of Rights that is a serious flaw in our ability to govern ourselves.

          • As are many others in our country I for one do have a Hawaii birth certificate , what the fraud is showing is a Hawaii certificate that states you were born. what he has not shown the country is the Hawaii long form birth cert. that has a foot print like what mine has, also Dr signature and hospital along with parents signatures time and so forth.
            Now for the parties involved for vetting of unqualified frauds running for PRESSIDENT
            it looks like we has unpatriotic socialist politicians in both parties hell bent on ruining our country and they need to be removed and prosecuted for treason.
            Our own socialist governor at the time Abercrombie stone walled the investigation along with the state health dept. provide proof which they never did.

          • HAOLEBOY55,
            One issue I have not investigated yet is whether the doctor shown on the “certificate” that Obama has actually worked at the hospital in August 1961. I would have thought that Sheriff Arpaio could have done that.
            Also, the real birth certificate would show the details you mention but the composite one he submitted is obviously doctored.
            Not only does the Constitution state the qualifications for office but Congress operates on the same rules. There are two choices. Either a person was born in the US or they must go through the naturalization process. For citizenship, it is a five year notification plus a fourteen year process. But then a Senator must have been a citizen for nine years and a Congressman must be a citizen for seven years. I believe we have some in office who do not meet those qualifications for becoming a naturalized citizen. A natural born citizen is one born by natural means as in a live birth.

          • You might want to look at the dates of when Kapiolani Medical Center For Woman & Children hospital was officially open as such, back in 1961 it was under a different name?
            The natural born citizen qualification will raise its head again it seems we have some questionable candidates running now. Why congress did not vet oboovus is something that needs to be explained by our representatives

          • HAOLEBOYS55,
            I will check out the hospital. Thanks. I am as bewildered as you are over the people in question. To name names I am not sure that Rubio and Cruz were natural born nor if they have gained naturalized status per the Constitution and Congressional rules. Since I like both of them, it is disappointing.

  22. When in hell did we put homosexual piss ants on the bench to lie about what the
    law says or doesn’t say. This judge might think “IT” is right but the POS is so far
    off base the I doubt it could finds its ass with both hands. Marriage is a contract
    between one Man, One Woman and GOD. not some lying corrupt liberal POS he
    wants to enforce their bastardized life style on others.

  23. As Christians we are to love all people. That does not mean we have to agree with the choices people make. We must abide by God’s word as well. We should not demonize people who are making wrong choices but we are not to just go along with the ever changing culture. God doesn’t change. His word doesn’t change…we change.
    The Supreme Court is not our God. I know many young people whom I just LOVE and would die for who have chosen the life of Gay. I do not agree with their choice…I could not attend their marriage, because I do not believe the union is blessed by God. BUT that doesn’t mean I do not love them nor will I ever associate with them. I care about these wonderful people dearly. Christians should not be demonized either for how we believe which is Biblical. We should not be forced to do things that are against our Faith. Some Christian denominations are performing GAY and LESBIAN marriages such as the ELCA Lutheran Church and the Episcopal Church, but that does not mean they have made the correct decision. Many people left those denominations due to their po

    • as I was saying..due to their position. The church I attend does not celebrate and will not perform Gay or Lesbian marriages. We do not believe it is God’s plan. We should not be forced to do so especially those who are in the service arena: Baking Cakes, Photography, Flowers, etc…what ever goes along with the ceremony of a Marriage. It is not the same as discriminating against a race. It is a FAITH issue…not a RACE issue, so I do not believe the ignorant people who are making it a RACE issue are correct. Let’s get real!

  24. What about Obama taking an oath to defend the Constitution,, and he doesn’t put him in jail

  25. Good for you Kim, great to see a politician with morals honor and integrity

  26. Is it time to Vote from the Rooftops yet?

  27. Good for her, she has the the right not to be a part of this sickness and perversion. God will deal the evil trash ruining our country and lives.

  28. This lady is standing up for her convictions. People who have NO religion always try to belittle those who do. And if they are doing things that they know are wrong, you are being ‘cruel’ to defy them or merely inform them. As if they actually know what being ‘cruel’ is. Cruel is physically or verbally attacking someone just because they don’t believe the way you do. Gays are good at that.

    • Non Red Christian

      I am a Christian man – very in tune with my faith. To me, you sound more like a Pharisee and less like a Christian. In your own words, you say “people who have NO religion always try to belittle those who do” then talk about someone’s “nambi pambi opinions” and referring to their comment as an “interruption from the kids table” in another post. So which is it? Is it a “whatever works for me in the moment”? Take a play out of the Jesus playbook – He broke it all down into two great commandments – love God with all your heart and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.

      Do I agree with the lifestyle of the LGBT community? No, I personally do not. But I am not God and I certainly am not the Holy Spirit. Perhaps if we show some of these folks the love Jesus calls all of us to show (or maybe some of these people who you disagree with) and maybe there wouldn’t be such an attack on the Christian faith and maybe some of them may actually come to know Jesus. Just my two cents – coming from someone who identifies with the Democrat party than the Conservative party (Republican/Tea Party/etc.)

      • What you say is true but many good Christians are tired of being criticized for our faith and we are all weak in some manner

      • And, you , the judge of who is a Pharisee or a Christian, and a liberal who thinks being gay is OK. When you have changed one, call me. You better re-read your Bible. There seems to be a lot in there that you missed. Not being an ass, just a realist. There are way more than 2-12 commandments in there.

  29. We, the American people, should have stood firm against the Gay Mafia, five years ago. We can’t stand together any earlier than now, to stop this crime against God, Country and Humanity. It is time to say “no more”. Our families and mainly our children are being forced to submit to and accept laws, that have been put in place to take away the rights of the many, to fuel the profanities of a few degenerate, deviant few. You want to be gay, be gay, but shut up about it.

  30. The clerk has the same rights as the gay couple. Obama rewrote the “Oath of Allegiance” to accommodate the religious beliefs of the Muslims so why should this clerk have to do something that’s against her religious beliefs? This gay couple can go to any number of places to get their marriage license, another state or another city. They don’t have to ruin this clerks life in order to get married. This country has turned into a sue happy nation when they should just get over it and go to another place.

  31. This is not religious freedom. It is a person not doing their job. Pure and simple. She is being paid to do her job. If she objects then resign. That is the conservative way. Other wise she is ripping off the taxpayers.

  32. The SCOTUS should have become extinct when they made killing of infants in the womb legal. As far as the latest with the LGBT ruling Kagan & Ginsberg should have been recused, since they performed Gay marriages in the past.

  33. Patricia McGehee

    When Obama was elected he deliberately opened Pandora’s Box. He came as a destroyer with lies of good will on his tongue. He is EVIL.

  34. Douglas R. Smith

    The state should get out of the marrying business. A marriage, in the eyes of God, is between a man and a woman only. The churches of America should unite and take a stand on this issue. When they do and start accepting the responsibilities that God has Directed then and only then will the use of the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution be an insurmountable defense.

    The state and Federal Governments created a situation in which the gay couples of America are unable to use all the advantages that a married man and woman have. The tax code immediately comes to mine and I’m sure there are others too numerous to mention here. Marriages used to be preformed by the churches but in the 19th century, in order to prevent interracial marriages the states stepped in and started requiring marriage licenses. I ask you this question. What business is it of the state as to whom I or any one else marries? The U.S. Supreme Court has stated numerous times that “A state can not make a right illegal and license it”.

    A gay couple can marry whomever they choose. Our Constitutions are supposed to guarantee it. The Godly churches have a responsibility to refuse them on religious grounds. The Feds say to the churches we will revoke your 501c3 status if you refuse to marry gay couples. I say, get rid of the present tax system and install a “single tax’ system in which the church will no longer be considered a business. Now, the gay couple can go to a Justice of the Peace and get married or go to a ‘church’ that will marry them. It’s a matter of choice ladies and gentlemen, a matter of choice. Moral issues notwithstanding.

  35. The problem is that we have sick people – the Repubs and TPs. They were raised as bad people, sexists, racist and bigots. For example they are now blaming Hillary for working at home using her computer server. Is that not dumb? Being in such position you have to be working almost 24 hours to know what is going on in the world. After all what is the difference with Hillary and Government server? They were all subject to hackers from Russia and China. We should blame the Repubs and TPs who have denied college education to local smart kids. For instance Walker of Wisconsin is trying to get rid of universities because he does not see any benefits with 4 year education. He flunked college, but now is supervising doctors and professors. So he thinks university education is crap. Now if you do not have local people graduating from college, you will have to import. That is what happened in Reagan and Bush’s era. We imported experts from overseas. We have no experts to make sure our computers are not hacked. So whether Hillary used her server or government server, there is no difference. Both could be hacked.

  36. We should let her know that many of us are proud of her stance!

  37. I used to be in the military. When DADT was repealed, it CLEARLY stated and written that you couldn’t violate someone’s freedom of religion by making them comply with the new military regulations and they couldn’t be punished as a result. This illegal “new law or ruling” is no different. You cannot force someone in any workplace to violate their personal freedoms. This has been established in many previous laws regarding the workplace. A person’s “sexual freedoms” are NOT covered in the Constitution and are left to the individual states as per the 10th amendment. For this judge to continue to enforce it means that he has no business being a judge if he continues to enforce a CLEARLY illegal law or ruling by a higher court.

  38. To hell with the gays and lesbians take your diseased filth and go away

  39. Damn queers who are damned to Hell, should not get their way, Supreme Court or no Supreme Court.

  40. RIVERRATTFacebook User

    when you piss away your time to follow the pissants you just givem more time to fornicate in a public place,,m,close the door and tellem to go to hell..

  41. good for you kim,don,t let this ineligible treasonous war crimes racist muslum terrorists in the wh or anybody dictate or jam any unconstitituional garbage down you throat.stick to your beliefs and convications.any unconstitituional laws or not laws.and we will not comply.remember we the people,our the real government.and how can anyone follow or belief what this traitor in the wh or any of his unconstitituional adminstration does or say.remember the only one in charge of you or you family,is you and your family.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      With all due respect, Robert, I have to ask. Have you always had these kinds of serious mental health problems?

  42. This clerk has no standing. Her giving out marriage licenses to same sex couples does not mean anything other than she attested that the data on the form is correct and the recipients have the right under the law to be married. It does not in any manner have her approving of any marriage, gay or straight. She do her job as required by law or quit. If you allow religious objections to take place here do you do the same with doctors, nurses, ambulance attendants, and on and on. No there can be no exemption. And her religious beliefs are not being compromised as she is not sanctifying any marriage again only stating the data on the form is correct and the recipients by law are entitled to the license.

  43. She is in the right and I hope she wins the battle because if the SCOTUS ruling stands the USA is done for as a free Republic, we will have become another Dictatorship.

  44. Where socialism shows its despicable ideological radicalism, the odd-fellows of humanity gather to destroy the morality and the security of an existing moral civilizations. Murder. mayhem, sedition, rape, immorality, genocide, infanticide and general lawlessness are products of humanity failing to understand that physical, social and economic slavery are the results of tyranny not products of a free secure civilization. The indentured servants and slaves of all colors soon found that out in this country which was legally abolished by the civil war and emphasized again in the 1960’s but reintroduced subsequently by democratic socialist administrations with socialist welfare handouts and racial and immorality oriented legislation of social behaviors and redistribution of wealth. Legislation will not correct this terrible blight on mankind only the morality of man will.

  45. This Kim Davis is violating the rights of US citizens gthat are guaranteed by the US Constitution. She is a traitor

  46. Here is the problem with equality, that means everyone has the good and bad, not just one or the other. If Gays want to shove their BS immoral lifestyle on us. We get to return the favor just as much. Basic law of physics, everything has an equal and opposite reaction.

  47. As I have said before, I hope it is only a small faction of the gay/lesbian community that id doing this suing. WHy don’t they just go someplace else– another courthouse, another bakery, another clergy, another wedding hall, etc. They can still get married, just not force those whose religion it is against to commit what that person considers a sin. What is wrong with that? As a kid, many years ago, I remeberr a beach with a sign, “No Jewes or Dogs Allowed”. So, we4 went to other beaches. When Jews were not allowed into cetain country clubs, they formed their own, when we were not allowed to live in certain neighborhoods, all this in the USA, we built our own, only we let everyone in. Why can’t the gays/lesbians just move on to another of the aboves that is not far away? I have a couple of gays in my family. I love them dearly and do not want them to suffer in any way. I hated it when parents rejected their children because they were gay. There are gay priests, ministers, and rabbis. They will perform your ceremonies. There are bakers, etc who would be glad to do your bidding. Why do you have to push the ones who cannot for religious reasons. How do you figure it is ok to not allow religious people to practice their religion, but you want all the rights you can get. Everyone should have their rights.

  48. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    Why are so many of my fellow-patriots so obsessed with this gay thing?
    Gays will not admit it, but they have a birth defect. Researchers in Europe got into it after WWI, and Europe was a great place, at that time, to do research. The area was flooded with homosexuals. I think the movie Victor/ Victoria gives us a pretty good look at it.
    Where did they all come from?
    They figured out that “non-reproductive sexual orientation” is caused by excessive stress on the mother during pregnancy. They were born that way and you cannot change it.
    Some people are paedophiles. If someone molests a child, you just need to lock them up for as long as possible. Gays, and lesbians, though? They don’t normally bother anyone else. Just let them be.
    If you’re gonna try to enforce some Old Testament stuff, though, why not enforce the rest of it? I’ll repost a letter someone wrote.

    • they were not born that way. it is a choice. has been proven over,and over, no defect in the brain just the life style they chose to live.

      • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

        That is not true at all. You are completely full of shit here. There are two possibilities. Either (1) you are simply ignorant or (2) you are a bare-faced liar. Someone people would assert that both were the same, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume (1).
        Here is a link to an expert opinion. You are obviously not an expert. You will do one of three things: (A) you will read the article and improve your opinion, proving (1) or (B) you will ignore the article, proving (2) or (C) you will read the article, dislike it and look for conflicting opinion proving that you are at least somewhat honest.

  49. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    In her radio show, Dr. Laura Schlesinger (a popular conservative radio talk show host in the USA) said that homosexuality is an abomination according to the Bible Leviticus 18:22, and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, and was attributed to a James M. Kauffman, Ed. D.

    Dear Dr. Laura:

    Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God’s Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination… end of debate.

    I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God’s Laws and how to follow them.

    Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

    I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

    I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual unseemliness – Lev. 15: 19-24. The problem is how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offence.

    When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord – Lev. 1:9. The problem is my neighbours. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

    I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2. clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or should I ask the police to do it?

    A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination – Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees’ of abomination?

    Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle-room here?

    Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev. 19:27. How should they die?

    I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

    My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them? Lev. 24:10-16. Couldn’t we just burn them to death at a private family affair, like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

    I know you have studied these things extensively and thus enjoy considerable expertise in such matters, so I am confident you can help.

    Thank you again for reminding us that God’s word is eternal and unchanging.

    Your adoring fan,

    James M. Kauffman, Ed. D.
    Professor Emeritus Dept. of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education
    University of Virginia

    • If you know anything of the Bible, and not just enough to google and pick out passages that seem to bolster your position, you know that the most important things are who is talking, the context in which it is said, and the time period involved.

      The points this gentleman makes shows that he indeed does not thoroughly study the Bible, otherwise he would not have asked such questions.

      Let’s take them point by point.

      Slavery: In the time under discussion, slaves were not the same as we refer to them today. They were people who worked for others, with pay, and were not treated as the slaves we understand. Because of the socioeconomic situation of Old Testament Israel, God did allow slavery, but He allowed it for a simple purpose: to help the poor survive. A person could sell himself into slavery (akin to indentured servitude) in order to pay off debt or provide a basic subsistence. God did not intend for Israel to have poverty, but sin made it inevitable, and God allowed slavery to deal with that reality.

      The treatment God prescribed for slaves reflects His concern for the foreigner and the poor. In the case of debt slaves, foreign women, and girls, slaves lived with the family. They did domestic chores and sometimes held responsible, trusted positions (Genesis 24:2-4). Laws that, at first glance, seem to be abusive actually mirror civil law regarding free men.

      – If either a free man (Exodus 21:18-19) or a slave (Exodus 21:20-21) is injured, the one who caused injury must provide care for the victim.
      – If a man harms his slave’s face, the slave is free (Exodus 21:26-27), a fair comparison to the injury of a free man (vs. 24-25).

      When a girl was sold into slavery, it was usually to marry into the family when she came of age. A father might sell a daughter to benefit the family or to improve the girl’s prospects—usually, the girl married into a higher socioeconomic class. Although abuses undoubtedly occurred, the intent was to improve the girl’s future. Every girl in that culture faced an arranged marriage; if she was sold, she moved into her husband’s house earlier than usual and was provided for long before her wedding.

      Period of Menstrual “Unseemliness”: By these laws they were taught their privilege and honor, that they were purified unto God a peculiar people, and were intended by God for a kingdom of priests, a holy nation; for that was a defilement to them which was not so to others. So it is not a law unto anyone else. Also, in all these laws there seems to be a special regard held for the honor of the tabernacle. Infinite Wisdom took this course to keep people in continual dread of, and veneration for, the manifestations of God’s glory and presence in His sanctuary, so that they would approach with great caution, and reverence, and serious preparation, so not to be unfit. How many today feel that very presence when we enter the church for worship? We have become too familiar, so that the glory, majesty, and wonder of God seem to have all but disappeared.

      Sacrifice: Sacrifice is no longer practiced, once Christ Jesus entered the world and gave His life on the cross for our sins, He became the final sacrifice. He is the atonement of our sins.

      Sabbath: The Sabbath was a day of rest. Sabbath-keeping does not mean we must attend church and not work on a certain day. Biblical Sabbath-keeping was a day of rest, following the pattern of God’s rest on the seventh day after completing the creation of the universe. Rest is also a demonstration of faith. The Jews were told to observe the Sabbath, in part, as a reminder of God bringing them out of Egypt (Deuteronomy 5:15). In the Sabbath, a person stops his or her work both to remember and to demonstrate trust in God’s provision. But it is not law.

      Shellfish: It was to be an abomination only to Jews; the neighbouring nations were under none of these obligations, and are these things are not an abomination to Christians. The Jews were honored with peculiar privileges, likewise they were put under peculiar restraints. God believed spiritual Israel was dignified above others by the gospel-covenant of adoption and friendship, they must be humbled more than others by the gospel-commands of self-denial.

      Altar of God / Defect: It was a requirement only for the priests. The priest, in serving the altar of God, must be a man without physical defects. This is one of the places the Old Testament points to the coming of Jesus Christ who was completely without moral and spiritual defect as our Holy Priest.

      Trimmed Hair: Many were many superstitions among the heathens during that time, and one even included trimming the hair. This was not to be imitated by the people of God. This is when He said You shall not round the corners of your heads. Those that worshipped the celestial, in honour of them, cut their hair so their heads might resemble the celestial globe. Being done with respect to their false gods, it was idolatrous.

      Skin of Dead Pigs: This, again, had to do with keeping God’s chosen above all others so that they would not intermingle with others, particularly the heathens. Also, celestial-worshipping heathens sacrificed pigs to the Goddess Venus, so God prohibited His people from even touching them. Fortunately, this is not the rule for Christians.

      Intermingling Crops and Fibers: The sowing of mingled corn and the wearing of linsey-woolsey garments are forbidden, either as superstitious customs of the heathen or to intimate how careful they should be not to mingle themselves with the heathen nor to weave any of the usages of the Gentiles into God’s ordinances. It has been suggested that it was to lead Israel to the simplicity and sincerity of religion, and to all the parts and doctrines of the law and gospel in their distinct kinds. As faith is necessary, good works are necessary, but to mingle these together in the cause of our justification before God is forbidden, Gal. 2:16.

      I hope this helps in at least SOME of the misunderstandings many people have regarding the laws of the Old Testament. Hopefully, it will make others think twice before just throwing out words willy nilly to defend their cause.

  50. Very Proud of Her for standing strong against America’s Enemies.

  51. I would not issue licenses either as it violates my Constitutional rights to believe in God and do what HE says. Not what a man or sodomite believes.

    The judge must be thrown in jail along with the sodomite. Preferably in the same cell.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      Issuing a license or not has nothing to do with your belief in God. It is your job to certify that the applicants are who they say that they are and that they are legally old enough to marry, not related in a way prohibited by the state’s laws and not currently married to anyone else. End of job. You issue the document. Your religion has nothing to do with that. If your belief in your belief prevents you from doing your job, you find a job you are able to do.

      • By your argument, Bathhouse Barry should looks for a new job for refusing to enforce immigration laws on Sanctuary Cities.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          I thought he just started to do that?

          • Not that I know of.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            Hmm. You seem to be right. It is a House bill which stands no chance of passing because anyone who voted for it would lose the entire Hispanic vote in his district.

          • It’s always an important factor for the party which could win only by illegal, dead people, multiple, and rigged voting machines.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            That has not always been the Republicans, but it just looks like that lately. Georgia, Ohio and Nebraska vote counts are controlled by machines which are controlled by Republicans. Free elections there are over. For ever.
            However Democrats used to do it by rigging old fashioned voting machines. Huey Long was famous for doing that. You just shave THIS wheel ever so slightly with a razor blade, and bingo! Your guy cannot lose.
            Whatever party has been in power in a given area has ALWAYS purchased the kind of voting machine which, at that time, was the easiest one to rig.

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            I would have sworn that I already replied to this. The party which could only win by rigged voting machines (and gerrymandering) has not always been the Republicans. Nowadays, Nebraska, Ohio and Georgia can be counted on to vote Republican because they control the machines that count the votes. Computerized voting is for the birds. It wasn’t always this way. Huey Long was known for voting machine fraud and he was no Republican. It has always been true that the party which controls an area buys the machines which are the easiest to rig.

          • I would have sworn that dead people don’t vote unless they are Democrats, I would have sworn voters only voted once per election (unless her name is Christina “Tita” Ayala for 19 times), I would have sworn that was no rigged voting machines until 59 districts in PA.
            where not one vote was registered for Romney (a statistical
            impossibility) or St. Lucie county, FL. with a 141% turn out at the

          • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

            That is quite a lot to respond to. How could a woman vote so many times? Here is a Republican woman who was arrested when she only tried to vote twice.

          • Good, jail the Republican woman for copy cat the Dems, let’s hope she rots in jail along with all your friends.

      • Our rights come from God. Not you and HE said thou shalt not lie with another man as a woman. IT IS AN ABOMINATION!

        Once you know this you cannot endorse it.

        • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

          That is a matter of religion, not of law.
          Some Israelite or Jew wrote in one of the books of the Old Testament that a man shall not lie with another man as with a woman. He did not write anything about lesbians.
          He suggested that God told him to write that.
          Warren Jeffs told the world that God told him to marry a couple of dozen women, most as common law wives, and to tell them to lie to the government to collect welfare benefits.
          It is exactly the same kind of thing.

  52. Michael Dennewitz

    Oh, there’s one better than that!! I’m not certain about the majority of them but the VA Clinic facility that I go to will not allow a Chapel. But, (now get this), Orlando International Airport just spent $225,000.00 to have a special prayer room built, just for the mooselums!! And….and We The People’s fares and tax monies pay for the goat humpers!!

  53. stand up for what you beleive

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      Fine, but just because you believe that you SHOULD have a right to molest little boys does not keep you out of jail if you do.

  54. Why doesn’t the government (federal district court) put O in jail until he complies with the oath of office he took?? What’s the difference. Just like the woman in this article who is now jailed for not fulfilling her oath of office, he took an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. So what about Fast and Furious??? What about immigration laws???? What about the law passed by Congress that marriage is between a man and a woman???? etc. Why is he above the law???

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      Just because something is wrong does not mean that seeing our government do it is anything new. GWH Bush and Ronald Reagan committed treason along with Oliver North. What happened to them? Nothing. Two of them became president afterward.
      Fast and Furious is just as illegal as the Iran/Contra mess. Nobody goes to jail when the executive branch breaks the law.
      There is no federal law that marriage is between a man and a woman.

      • Yes, there was a law defining marriage between a man and a woman when Bill Clinton was president. BO just refused to allow E. Holder to defend it in court…allowing for the court cases that emerged then leading to the SupCt 5-4 ruling.

  55. Kentucky should make her a Kentucky Colonel!!!!! Good for her!!!!! Stand up against the hateful LGBT!!!!!

  56. 1SuperObserver .

    Truer than you know my friend: people forget that the Nazi movement in Germany was rife with homosexuals from the very beginning, including Hitler’s close friend Ernst Roehm, who was the leader of the Nazi stormtroopers, as well as many of Roehm’s lieutenants, as well as Rudolf hess, Hitler’s right hand man and a closeted homosexual. These pigs nowadays are acting like thugs and are in this repsect no different than their spiritual ancestors in Nazi germany

  57. Some of us have to stick to our Christian values . Even if Homosexuals have none at all !

  58. There is nothing legal about same sex marriage it is just another thing to break apart this nation every supreme court non justice that supported this needs to be terminated and all benefits terminated retirement included for violating there oath of office

  59. We true Americans are having our freedom and rights stripped from us by the minute.Isn’t it time that we stood up for the true values that made America great and tell barry and his bunch of liberal goons that are destroying our country to hit the GOD DAMB road and don’t stop until you get to the middle east where you will feel right at home.GOD bless America.

  60. Stand Strong Kim Davis. Normal Mainstream America SUPPORTS You ! Many expert Snipers come out of the Hills of Kentucky !

  61. Way to stand firm against the Gaystapo, Kim!


  63. She’s right. They should’nt be giving same sex marriage licenses.

  64. I bet the Judge is wrong. I wage that when she took her oath it said nothing about providing gays marriage license

  65. They need to appoint a temporary to take her place, a muslim would work just fine as it could then be a real religious battle and we know what would happen. the muslim would win as the judicial system is scared to death of muslims, to the point of putting the two applicants to death and the judge who has required the issuance of a marriage license. As an experiment, it should be tried.

  66. There are ‘Myriads of Specific-Purpose Licenses’ within the ‘Legal System’ & Each One can’t be
    Substituted for any Others-! A Barber isn’t a Doctor-! a Truck isn’t a Car-! You can’t use a Fishing
    License to Go Hunting-! The “Purpose of the License” is shown for a reason-! Over 4000 years ago–
    “Marriage” was only a “Family Affair”–Not a ‘State Affair’-! “An Agreement or a Contract” was made
    between ‘Two Families’ to “Have a Daughter of one Family’ & ‘To Give Her Permission’ to “Marry the
    Son” of the 2nd Family–“So That the Legal Children of this Couple”–May Continue “To Carry Both
    BLOOD-LINES of These Two Families” down Through Their Future Generations-! The ‘Married Couple’
    as “Legal Husband” & “Legal Wife”–‘Promised to be’ “Faithful to One Another”–Holding ‘Each Other As
    Bonded by Oath’–to “Leave Out Any Others”–Who Are Not Bonded By This Oath–“Until Death Do You
    Part”-! “This Vow Was Taken ‘As Most Seriously’ As You Gave Your Honorable “FAMLY PROMISE”-!
    It was a “Family Affair” & the State, Kingdom, or Government Was Not Interested-! Much Later–The
    Wedding of Married Couples–“Were Carried On Church Records–So that the “Legal Children” of these
    “Legally-Married Couples”–Might Be Recorded for “Baptisms”-! Here Again–the State, Government, or
    Kingdom–“Had No Part in These “Private Family Affairs”-! This Customary “ISOLATION”–Continued Until
    the Late 1850’s< * "Finally–Government's "Decided to Place Tax On Marriages" By "Requiring A 'Paid
    Marriage-License Fee'–which now was "Demanded By Law"-! "Sons Are Still Required To Ask For Your
    Daughter's Hand By Their Fathers"-! Again This Was Not A State-Custom–but a 'Carry-Over' From "Family-
    Affair Customs"–The State Only Wanted Your Money–"Not Your Gratitude–for Allowing the Young Woman
    To Marry You"-! "The Purpose Of These Marriages"–Was to "Legally Bear Children of Your Own By This
    Couple"-! And this Couple Will "Bear Their Own"–with "No Need" for Illegal Concubines-! (And the Two
    Blood-Lines Stay Consistent–& Grandparents Will Have 'Grandkids for Their Heirs–that carry 'Their Blood-
    Lines down through Their Future Generations-! (I'm Quite Sure that "Same-Sex Couples"–DO NOT Have
    the Ability to "Bear Their Own Children"–So that Two Bloodlines will NOT Disappear in the Near Future-!
    Thus. "This REJECTS the Purpose" of a "Real Purpose" of being Called a "Marriage-In-Fact"-! It can only
    be Called–"A Civil Union"–Not Marriage-! But the 'Real Reason' is to "Provide Socialism in Laws"–to
    "Victimize Marriages" of "Legal-Married Couples"–so That ""Same-Sex" Couples can "Discriminate Thru
    Socialism" & get "Big Cash Awards" by Courts–even on "Minor Instances"–if they say "Their Feelings were
    Offended"-! (This was a "Naked Truth" of the "45 Goals of the 1963 Communist Party" in the Congressional
    Records Investigation"-! )

  67. I just read, down, the entire top page and noted a lot of name calling.
    If you ask me, along with the use of expletives, this is becoming a childish debate and, unless it ends, I’ll leave this one to the children, whose immaturity can be seen, while the adults desire to have a mature discussion.

    Personally, I hope the immature aspects will end because I have a lot of thoughts, related to Kim Davis’ position (all of them positive, mind you…I agree, 100%, with her position.)

  68. We will NOT COMPLY, we will RESIST, we are NOT THE BORG.

  69. way to go rowan co never give in and let them force you to do something that you no is immoral and against GOD himself …the queers don’t believe in GOD or they already no there going to hell and don’t care…so don’t let the gov or co.cause you to go there to…keep your faith

  70. This lady has a government job. It is government which cannot discriminate. Unless there is another person who can stand in for her when someone whom she disapproves comes to her window for a government service to which they are entitled, it is time for her to step aside from that position.

  71. No christian’s are the true fascists just like their buddies in Al Qaeda and ISIL. When are christian’s going to learn that you (Do not) have the right to rule the country with your homophobic, hate filled misogynistic desert god. You people scream about how you are oppressed when you do the same thing to others day in and day out. I truly hate christianity and I would say that I look forward to the rapture, but I don’t think many of you so called christians will be going anywhere. You fill in the blanks.

  72. I bet RichWS is gonna comes back with more of his homology, tick tock….tick tock…….

  73. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Muslims will kill you if you disagree with them! Atheists will just sue you and take everything you own, at least today, but if that fails will they also begin to kill people? The only reasons for Gay marriage, for perverts to join together in unholy matrimony, for the marriage right of those who do not even believe in long term commitments to have equal marriage rights are:
    #1 So they can sue and destroy anyone who dares to stand against them.
    #2 So they can destroy marriage from the inside.
    Unless this insanity is stopped, at all cost, America is doomed!
    Dominic Roy Accampo

  74. With too many minorities, its their way or the highway. Marriage is, naturally, one msn, one woman.

  75. Trying to force this crap on America is as sick as those who rights these laws.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      Unfortunately, the Supreme Court gets to “interpret” the laws any way they want. If they say that black is white we are stuck with it until someone dies.
      It is supposed to be “one man one vote,” not one corporation or one dollar one vote. How can a non-religious, money-making corporation have a religion? Let me go out and start four corporations as the only stockholder. That will give me five votes, right?

  76. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    So, the judge has denied her request for a stay on his order but has then issued a temporary stay to allow her to appeal for a stay. Sheesh.

  77. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    We need to get this word “sodomite” out of this discussion.
    It is a pointless and inherently dishonest name, inserted by phony religion promoters, for one who commits the sin of Sodom, which has nothing to do with sex.
    What is the sin of Sodom, if it is not about sex?

    Ezekiel 16:49
    “‘Now this was the sin of your sister
    Sodom: She and her daughters were
    arrogant, overfed and unconcerned;
    they did not help the poor and needy.
    So, ladies and gentlemen, who are the
    arrogant, wealthy people who do nothing
    to help the poor and needy? They are
    the Sodomites.

  78. She didn’t swear or agree to perform same-sex “marriages” when she took her job—that judge is wrong.

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