Kentucky AG: “Repugnant” to Be Called a Race-Traitor for Breonna Taylor Case

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron gave his most extensive remarks to date about the immense blowback he’s received from black activists for his decision not to charge the cops in the Breonna Taylor case with murder. Cameron, who is black himself, has been called everything from a “race-traitor” to “skin-folk but not kinfolk” for his decision to follow the law rather than the mob’s calls for “justice” in the case.

“It is so unfortunate that because I have a different political philosophy, and because in my role as Attorney General and as the Special Prosecutor in the Breonna Taylor investigation, and because I led with the facts and truth and had that lead to the conclusion, somehow I’ve betrayed my race,” said Cameron.

“It is repugnant; it is so disappointing, but it’s par for the course,” he continued. “Any time someone stands for the truth and when that truth is different from a narrative that has been pushed by others, this is how they respond. And if you look at my social media, you’ll see countless folks who have made similar statements and comments, but I’m here tonight to say that enough is enough and that black Republicans, folks that believe in the truth, that we’re going to stand up.”

Cameron said that he was proud to handle the case just as he would have handled any other case before the grand jury, presenting the information and living up to both the letter and spirit of the law.

After speaking about some of the specifics and some of the misinformation surrounding the Taylor case, Carlson asked Cameron for his opinion of the protests and violence that has emanated from Black Lives Matter activists invested in the outcome.

“You said it’s not justice for the mob to commit violence,” Carlson said. “And you were attacked for saying that. What do you make of the response?”

“Well, again, there were a lot of people inside and outside, a lot of celebrities, a lot of folks that were either misrepresenting the facts because it was to their advantage, or didn’t know all the information,” Cameron replied. “They made conclusions first and then want to cherry-pick the facts to meet those conclusions.  I don’t have that luxury as the attorney general here in the commonwealth.  My responsibility is to the truth and to the information, and that is ultimately what leads to the conclusion.”

Do police, courts, and attorneys general always get it right? Of course not. But if we take to the streets and burn down our communities every time there is an instance of perceived injustice, our country is doomed. We need some adults in the room to defuse these lunatic reactions, and there are far too few of them willing to speak out.

Thanks to Daniel Cameron for being one of the brave.

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