“Keep America Great”: Trump Gets Early Start on 2020 Campaign

Although it still kinda feels like we JUST got finished with the 2016 race, President Donald Trump has already unveiled his slogan for 2020. At a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump said that if he should choose to run for reelection, his slogan will be “Keep America Great!” And in that spirit, he said it was essential for Republican voters to come out in force this November and help people like Rick Saccone keep Congress out of the hands of the Democrats.

“The task for all of us – for everyone here tonight – is to make sure that this great American comeback continues, full speed ahead,” Trump said. “We are doing amazing things.”

He then led into the revelation of his new slogan, saying that he was announcing it “on the assumption” that he would run again in 2020. “Which,” he said, “I’m almost positive, but you can never be 100% sure.”

“Keep America great, exclamation point,” he announced. “Keep America great!”

After the crowd’s applause had died down, Trump said, “But we can only do that if we elect people who are going to back our agenda and fight for our values.”

Trump said he was already revved and raring to go. “I look forward to 2020,” he said. “I want to see how far left the person is going to be that we are going to run against.”

That should indeed be something to behold.

Speaking of people the president might run against, Trump was in rare form on Saturday night, kicking ass and naming names.

“You know, I was watching during the campaign and Hillary was sitting right there and Pocahontas was up – she was so angry, you know, I think she’s losing the audience,” he said, referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who said this weekend that she was NOT running for the Democratic nomination in 2020 (but we’ll see how that plays out).

He also mentioned Oprah, who has been generating presidential buzz on the left ever since her Golden Globes speech in January. “Oh, I’d love Oprah to win,” he said. “I’d love to beat Oprah. I know her weakness.”

And he revisited a line of attack on Rep. Maxine Waters that some on the left find “racist” for no other reason than the fact that Waters is black. “She has a very low IQ,” he said, which is a “duh” comment for anyone who has ever listened to Waters speak.

This is Trump in full-on Candidate Mode, and it is the Trump that so many Americans fell in love with in the run-up to the 2016 election. Judging by the reaction from the Pennsylvania crowd, it’s a love affair that’s far from finished.

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