Kate Steinle’s Parents Suing For Justice

There are no circumstances under which a family could ever cope well with the murder of a loved one, but the parents of Kate Steinle must also deal with what amounts to a betrayal on the part of their country. Steinle’s murderer, Juan Francisco Sanchez, will find his justice within the legal system, but her survivors insist that he is not the only one to blame for the tragedy.

To hold those parties responsible, the Steinle family announced Tuesday that they have filed legal claims against San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, the Bureau of Land Management, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Speaking at a press conference, family attorney Frank Pitrie said, “What happened on Pier 14 was not only foreseeable, it was preventable.”

Steinle, 32, was killed on July 1 while walking on that pier with her family. Sanchez, who has since confessed to the crime, is an illegal immigrant who has been deported no less than five different times. Earlier this year, federal authorities released him to a San Francisco jail where he was to face charges relating to marijuana. When those charges were dropped in April, San Francisco officials let him back out onto the streets instead of notifying immigration officers.

The family is taking action against Sheriff Mirkarimi because he ignored the ICE request to detain Sanchez, against the Bureau of Land Management for failing to secure the handgun Sanchez stole from a BLM car, and against the ICE for failing to obtain a warrant when San Francisco authorities refused to cooperate.

Steinle’s mother, Liz Sullivan, said it was through her daughter’s strength that she was moving through this painful ordeal. “We just want to make her proud. It’s about making this a better world for everyone. These laws need to be changed. It’s not okay to have these people, who are violent felons, in the United States,” she said.

The case immediately brought both illegal immigration and the mysterious concept of “sanctuary cities” to the forefront of the American dialogue. San Francisco is one of at least 31 cities with policies in place that prevent city employees from asking people about their citizenship status. These policies typically include a tacit ban on cooperating with federal immigration authorities as well. Other such cities include New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton expressed her support for these policies. In a New Hampshire debate, Clinton said if not for sanctuary cities, “local law enforcement begins to act like immigration enforcement officers. What that means is that you will have people not reporting crimes. You will have people hiding from the police. And I think that is a real direct threat to the personal safety and security of all the citizens.”

One can only assume that neither Hillary nor any other pro-immigration activist would tell Kate Steinle’s father this yarn about safety and security, especially not after hearing his heartrending words this week:

“I’m walking down the pier arm in arm with my daughter and close friend. She stops, takes a selfie, turns around and is shot. As she fell she said, ‘Dad, help me.’ That’s my bed time story. Every night.”

The Democrats talk a lot about compassion when addressing the subject of illegal immigration, but you have to wonder where their compassion is for American citizens killed by violent aliens. After Donald Trump builds his wall, maybe we should think about building another one around San Francisco. Want to be your own country? Have at it. Take King Obama, Jorge Ramos, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of these clowns with you. Have a little time out. When you’re ready to fight for the principles and values that have kept the U.S. strong for 200 years, we’ll be glad to have you back.


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  1. Where are those morals and values now?

  2. It seems that the Government willingly failed to enforce its own laws, and failed to keep its own citizens safe.

    They need to be held accountable.

    • Obama is letting in his muslim friends and we are paying for them.

    • What do you mean “failed” …it’s STILL failing.

    • MAHB001,
      Do I ever agree with the lawsuit.

      • This is one that is not only justified, it fits into what goes around comes around….

        • MAHB001,
          Which is exactly why the government agencies need to be sued. I am fed up with turning the country into a gigantic welfare state. How long would you last if you ran your own budget like the federal government does. How quickly would you go to jail if you printed your own money?

      • I also agree with this suit. Even though we all pay for it in the end, it will be worth it if somehow this forces the laws to change. The government is just as responsible as the illegal. But, obummer has directed DOJ to pay the families of the 9 people killed in the church shooting 29 MILLION dollars for what as I can see, no culpability on the part of the government. Using those numbers, Kate’s family should receive 100’s of millions.

        • Marty,
          This sort of makes no sense. I think some consistency is in order. Those killed in the church were not killed by an illegal who had a legal firearm. The woman was killed by an illegal person allowed by the Administration to be in this country. add to that, the money handed to the church members’ families comes out of your pocket and mine.

          • You are absolutely correct. The obummer administration is paying big bucks to folks (so far as I know, only Black folks) just for being victims. Don’t get me wrong, those murders were despicable, but not the the fault of the government, hence the American people. Is it just white on black crimes obummer wants to fork out mass bucks to? Why does Kate’s family have to go through the process of filing suit when the government is so obviously responsible, while he just generously hands over our money to others?

          • Marty,
            I have big problems with a President who attends funerals for black people and ignores every white police officer who dies in the line of duty. But he has to answer for his stance, not me.

          • Agreed! Of all the police officers who have been killed recently, He only spoke publicly of the Texas deputy sheriff, and then only after he got so much flack for his silence. My guess is he really didn’t mean it or his response would have been immediate. Tell me, if he really is musleem, he wouldn’t have to answer to our God, and his allah would praise him for his actions. Just saying…

          • Marty,
            Just saying, HE has to answer for his biased behavior, not us.

          • Just shows for whom this guy is the president for and it is not me.

          • tom s,
            He is not for me, either. And that is in more ways than one. He is not my choice for any political office.

          • of course it is, hes as anti white as there is … the power we would have if white people grew a set &woke the pluck up

          • How much did Obummer give to the slain police officers families that were murdered by blacks?

          • I don’t know now a days. There use to be, if I remember correctly, $100,000 paid by the feds for certain crimes leading to the death of a local law enforcement officer. That has little to do with obummer though, as it was in effect long before he slime;d his way into office. Don’t know if it is still in effect.

          • There is reason for the Feds to pay for the lack of protection of anyone here illegally especially one that has been deported numerous times only to return again to SANCTUARY CITY!!! That “program” needs to be STOPPED NOW AND NEVER ALLOWED AGAIN!!
            There is reason for the Feds to pay for the lack of protection of anyone here illegally especially one that has been deported numerous times only to return again to SANCTUARY CITY!!! That “program” needs to be STOPPED NOW AND NEVER ALLOWED AGAIN!!

          • waybackwhen,
            I agree with the closure of the sanctuary cities. But the first order of business is to secure the border. I do not believe a wall is the answer. I think a barrier of troops is the better answer. But we cannot deal with those who are already here until the border is under total control. We have to put a more specific plan in place to deal with security for the future. Not just anyone should be allowed into the country. Until we do, we will continue to be hit with any sort of person. That has to be brought under control first. Then we can deal with the illegals that are here.

        • Actually the laws do not need to be changed, merely the laws need to be enforced. The liberals now in charge seem to believe they have the right to determine by themselves which laws to ignore.

          • Agreed, and that is what we get when a corrupt government enforces all the laws they agree with and none of the laws they don’t, and make up laws that aren’t passed by congress. Did you read of the meat processing plant owner who was charged by DOJ for enforcing E Verify? They were fined $200,000 and ordered to pay back pay to those they didn’t hire because they were illegal.

          • Eric Holder advocated the police officers should only enforce the laws that they choose to enforce. His idea was for a racial bias of anti white law enforcement. Which is what Obama’s administration does. The DOJ is a obama racist political enemy of the people.

          • 100% agreed. I place a good portion of the blame of the recent killing of the officers in this country on obummer and his crook holder. Had they been responsible (pipe dream) going all the way back trevon, a lot of these murders may not have happened. I also lay a lot of the blame on lame stream media.

          • Didn’t hear about that, wonder why. Because of all the liberal media slime balls.

        • Since the killer said that it was Obama’s race riots that was his motivation, Obama should be the one paying the families.

    • Damn straight!!!

    • When the progressive side of this miscarriage of justice starts getting these illegals with pistolas turned on them, watch the sparks fly.

  3. Come into my country the legal way.

  4. Democrats are certifiably insane. They are chronically in a state of denial. Totally delusion about the existence of evil and too cowardly to confront it head on.

  5. All politicians that are part of and approve of ‘sanctuary cities’ are also guilty of the murders performed by the illegal immigrants.

    • Every stinking one of them! If the voters are not completely brain dead, and that is a big if, they will all be voted out of office at the end of their current term.

      • Actually, as Ben Carson alluded to it, being a brain surgeon, most of the voters, as well as most of the politicians ARE brain dead

  6. They should sue the Pres. for being an accomplice in Ms.Steinles’ MURDER!

    • Suing him would be only a civil litigation, he needs to be criminally charged as an accomplice, which he clearly is.

    • Never happen. They will be real lucky not to have it thrown out by some POS liberal judge, especially in the land of fruits and nuts, San Francisco. If it ever does get to a jury, I certainly hope they win.

      • Sadly; you are right; comrade, After all this is the :”new” Amerika! Thanks to the socialist/Democraps.

      • I have come to despise this country that I was BORN in, to LEGAL citizens! I despise what this country has become! I hate to even hear the Pledge recited any more, especially the BS part that says “with liberty and justice for all!” Yea, right!

        • I don’t despise our country at all, I despise the leadership of our country. I despise the political correctness, the corruption and most of the federal government. I didn’t even know the Pledge was still recited these days. Don’t want to hurt the feelings of all the foreign kids, ya know.

  7. Finally,after all these years and yes the traitor who thinks he’s a king has a lot of blood on his hands should be charged also for this and much more

    • But… Sir.. NO ONE will muster the balls to do anything about him/it! The country is going to hell in a handbasket and NO ONE seems to give a shit!!!

    • You’ll pissed off NOW, but wasn’t when Bush was in office. Talking about returning all Illegal Immigrants back to their country will never happen, BUT THOSE THAT ARE committing crimes should be jailed at hard labor and then deported. If these criminals have a family and none are citizens, then they too get deported. While the US should increase efforts to stop illegal immigrants from enter the country, those that are here and abiding by the US laws should not fear being deported. When the law abiding Illegal immigrants no longer fear of being deported they can HELP in informing law enforcement agencies of those that are committing the crimes. However, ALL law enforcement agencies have to work together. Illegal Immigrants and CRIME
      From the L. A. Times
      1.40% of all workers in L. A. County ( L. A. County has 10.2 million
      people) are working for cash and not paying taxes. This is because they are
      predominantly illegal aliens working without a green card.
      2. 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.
      3. 75% of people on the most-wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal
      4. Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans
      on Medi-Cal, whose births were paid for by taxpayers.
      5. Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican
      nationals here illegally.
      6. Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in
      7. The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are most likely
      illegal aliens from south of the border.
      8. Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal.
      9. 21 radio stations in L. A. Are Spanish speaking.
      10. In L. A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 4.9 million speak
      Spanish. (There are 10.2 million people in L. A. County .)
      (All 10 of the above statements are from the Los Angeles Times)
      Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare .
      Over 70% of the United States ‘ annual population growth (and over 90% of
      California , Florida , and New York ) results from immigration.
      29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens .
      . If this doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will…and the Nancy Pelosi crowd
      wants them all to become voters.
      It is estimates that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans
      every day — that’s a death toll of 4,745 per year.

      • You are wrong, we were pissed off about this when Bush was in office as well.

        Conservatives have been screaming for a long time to close the borders….

        And even with all those ugly stats, all the additional costs and additional crime, the Democrat controlled State opens their arms and welcomes all illegals, offers them a drivers license that has a voter registration application attached (by law) to every drivers license application….

        The Democrats purchase illegal votes with tax payer money and blood.

        • DURING BUSH’S TERM THE CONGRESS AND SENATE WERE CONTROLLED BY THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY. When a bill WAS presented to address the Border problem and funds needed for it, the DEMOC-RAT CONGRESS DENIED IT and when a bill was presented to the senate, majority senate leader Reid sat on it and never even got it to the floor for votes. So, why blame Bush?

      • Perhaps it will take vigilante justice to take the likes of Francisco Sanchez and his ilk off our streets. We may be a lot closer to that point than you may think. Besides gun control the liberals my soon be calling for rope control as we start hanging them from lamp posts.

  8. They should sue and bring the POTUS into the suit. Although the lawsuit won’t bring “justice per se”, it will allow them to become richer; the ultimate goal of lawsuits. Don’t kid anyone.

    • Sometimes the pocketbook is the only way to get the message across. Many Christians have turned over their “awards” to their Church or charities. It seems you confuse YOUR priorities, and assign them to everyone else. Are you as left-leaning as you seem to be?

    • Yeh, why didn’t we think of that…the only reason is to get rich off his dead daughter….sheeeesh. lawsuits punish those directly or indirectly responsible for crimes such as this…and DOES equal to “justice”

      • And you think people don’t do that for that specific reason? A lawsuit of the civil rights type might be approved by a jury. What happens to the convicted person if they have no money or insurance to pay the judgement? And then does the convicted really give a sh**? Comprehend or are you really dense on laws?

        • The article clearly stated that the perp will get his punishment but that the suit was to punish those who were complicit in this crime. We know the criminal probably has no money but the government would probably be more apt to initiate legislation that would prevent monetary losses as a result of lawsuits. Certainly your not that dense on reality.

          • I know what the article said, and it will be a sham because it is against the government. They will change the rules. Maybe you are slack on reading what is written and most likely reality. What is your education level?

          • Those who the government because they are too weak-kneed to attempt to tackle what they anticipate will be a sham. The problem with the ignorant, is they always make the mistake of asking about one’s education level rather than their intelligence…usually because they mistakenly assume the two are related.

        • Hopefully the criminal will face the gas or be deported and the government agencies that are responsible will pay the punitive damages out of their liability insurance, which will impact the premium of San Franciscans. because insurance companies rate a city or township by the CLUE system (claims loss underwriting experience) for the area. This is submitted every year by insurers to the Dept. of Insurance for premium rating approval, meaning all San Franciscans or even the whole California State will pay for their premium increase. Insurance operate under the concept of “SPREAD OF RISKS” SHOULDERED BY EVERY INSURED. So if there are more claims in a certain territory, the higher premium will be allocated to every insured in that area. I should know, I was an insurance Broker for 30 yrs. before I retired.

      • No money can bring back their daughter and can cure the pain they are suffering.

        • Nobody is talking about the outlandish idea of “bringing somebody back from the dead” which is the argument most wimps use. We’re talking about punishing those complicit in this crime to the point that it would deter them from doing it again. Get a grip on reality. Or do you believe they should go unpunished.

    • Yes, but even if it only forces SF to end it’s illegal hugging, it would be worth it. I’m sure this was filed in federal court. No matter what happens the District Court, it would be appealed and now will be appealed to the 9th circus court. Not good.

  9. Ahhhhh, but don’t you see? The little halfbreed Velcro headed HTNIC is thrilled shitless at news like that. It “furthers” his “agenda” for unrest, mass confusion even!!

    • Very true, but in actuality, obummer need no more excuses. He is going to try, no matter what. I predict sometime prior to the 2016 election.

      • This is probably the reasoning behind the new black panthers and their buddy Farrahkan NOT being arrested and charged. He (obumass) is fomenting racial strife and hoping for an all out race war so he can declare martial law with him being the head ni99er !!!
        Since Farrahkan has came out and said he wants “10,000 volunteers to kill whites and cops, I strongly suggest that whites arm up and be prepared for whatever happens. I believe it will come about within the next 12 months. That means we have until September 2016 to be ready when the stinky brown stuff hits that rapidly revolving object. I’m prepared now. How about you ????

        • I experienced Martial law in Sept. 21, 1972. You would not like it. They’ll take away your guns, suspend habeus corpus(can’t bail yourself out), curfew bwtween 12:00 midnight to 0400 am. we have that in Philippines for 24 years. Our guns we’re sold to a third party. That’s why i hate that. That’s like communism.

          • I am positive I would not like it. Nobody else would either. BUT, that being said, this country is vastly different from the Philippines. For starters, we have far more guns than those people had or have. Another is that we Americans will not give up our guns peacefully just because some jackass in the Rainbow House says so. Also, there are not enough police or military to enforce martial law, and finally, if this POS would have the balls to bring in foreign troops, there would be a bloodbath that will make ISIS look like choir boys.
            And let’s not forget those hundreds of thousands of veterans that fought for those rights we enjoy, at least for now !!!
            BTW, martial law IS communism. It’s just in a slightly different form. Same ideology though, (force the people to do the gubmints bidding). SCREW ‘EM……….

          • I agree. my firend who is US marine old school. If shit hit’s the fan. It’s going to be a guerilla war. He will kill anyone that sports a sticker of Obama or democrat. That’ s how it’s going to be.Hope he kill those persistent anti-gun politicians in the head.

          • WE (our military) learned a valuable lesson from the Viet Nam war about guerilla warfare.
            You are right. That is probably the way it will be. A war of attrition. The sad part is it will be long and bloody !!

          • I know. But there is saying, ” I’d rather die, than be on my bended knees.” No to any forms of dictatorship. FREEDOM AT ANY COST !

          • YOU ARE CORRECT, THE PEOPLE IN THE PHILIPPINES DID NOT HAVE GUNS, BUT THEY DID HAVE GUTS, in closing the streets with their peaceful protests and paralyzed commerce of the country, which finally ousted the dictator Marcos. This country is so huge and I do not think you will have enough people to walk the streets and paralyze commerce with peaceful protest, because you will have RIOTS by a certain segment of society, which will hasten the implementation of Martial Law instead. The citizenry of this country is not cohesive enough to support each other because our society is fractured, no thanks to the biased, and paid mainstream media,who will be there to support the RIOTERS.

  10. They really SHOULD file a lawsuit against ANYONE that is even remotely connected or responsible for allowing this p.o.s. stay in our country. And all the others like him as well. They should be held accountable for EVERY crime committed by these illegals. They gleefully allow them in, not caring if they’re violent or not, or selling drugs or not… all to further the Democrat/Liberal agenda. They sing a different song in front of the camera, but behind the scenes what really goes on is the proof that their lies to appease the public, and their placating the public with words of sympathy and empty promises, are as transparent as a clean window. We hear TOO many stories of illegals committing these crimes… there should be NO MORE!!! Yes, sue them and hit them where it hurts… the pocketbook.

  11. I was hoping they will recall Obama, and have him arrested. For his the no. 1 Suspect. The SAND MUSLIM PIG !

  12. I don’t believe San Francisco has enough money in is coffers to pay for the pain it has caused to the family of the slain young lady. If I were an attorney I would make the amount so unreasonable that the city would not only pay, they would run all the illegals back to from where they came…

    • Not only run the illegals out, but so much it puts the stinking city into a bankruptcy they could never climb out of. Let the city be absorbed into the other cities nearby and be a lesson to those cities of what not to do.

    • Hey, that is a good suggestion, but they will just file BANKRUPTCY.

  13. Gregg the voice of reason

    Maybe the white people should start rioting ..
    Oh I forgot we have jobs to go to ….

  14. The steps to take over this country are close to finalization. The history books have been dumb ed down enough so the liberals have no concept of the fighting and bloodshed needed to acquire the rights and freedoms that they take for granted. It is no problem at all for them to reward our accomplishments to people that will not stay in their own country and fight for the same. The liberals even go so far as to elect politicians that are dedicated to do the same. If some other country was to invade America the liberals would just surrender so no one would get hurt. Just like the millions of invaders coming across our southern boarder now being welcomed with open arms. If we were to be engaged in a major war ( not like Vietnam where our soldiers were spit on by liberals when they returned home ) maybe they would understand the importance of what they take for granted. The liberals cant wait for the older generation to die off (some commenters on these comment sites have said this) so the past that they are trying to erase can be forgotten. It is coming.

  15. The intentional part is what gets me! As Jeb Bush says it is love! Who’s love? I have never talked to anyone that loves seeing them here. I see a few women that I guess it is love that is following a illegal imigrant around with 5-6 half breed kids and being treated badly all the time out of love! They are not trying to better their selves. They are on the take of what can we get! They believe that we took their country from them and they are going to get it back with out firing a shot! Obama is helping them!

  16. Our government officials hide behind Secret Service and capitol & local police,(bunch of gutless punk ass functionaries) if their children where murdered you would see change and FAST.

  17. SOAP sent you a message.

    Listen to my new episode THE FOX FIX IS IN GET TRUMP athttp://tobtr.com/s/7901707. #BlogTalkRadio

  18. It’s all Oblamer’s fault… this despicable muslim, marxist, racist, narcissistic depraved megalomaniac is pure evil and nothing but garbage!

  19. This impotent U.S. Congress has allowed this administration to assume and assert dictatorial power power along the border and within our communities.

    This administration does not rule by law….. it rules by memo and policy directives filtered down to the hireling staff through their liberal appointees.

  20. The government has insured they can not be sued. I do believe they should sue each individual as a person starting from Obama with his pen and EO to the state officials, to the ICE officials and down the line. Each person who signed on and refused to enforce our laws as their oath of office demands should be sued personally as contributing to and creating the situation that cost the life of their daughter. After all if our laws were enforced this never would of happened because he would of been in lock up until deported once again. Also add the Mexican government who encourages just this behavior so their nation can rid itself of criminals and gain dollars from our nation with illegals sending money back to Mexico.

  21. The very best of luck to them. I suspect that details of the song and dance that will likely be produced and offered in defense of those who bungled, both the City and County of San Francisco and “The Feds” will be most interesting to behold.

  22. When are people ever going to wake up and realize that the Democrats are hell bent on destroying this country. Worthless treaties that make no sense, failure to control immigration, decimation of our armed forces, an 18 trillion and growing debt, ignorance of our Constitution and numerous violations of it. A mountain of corruption, global warming fraud and too many other things to fit on a list of Democratic idiocies! On top of that there is not one person on their list of candidates for the presidency even worth thinking about!

    • I used to be a democ at the time of JFK but when I saw the Communist Party endorsement of the Democratic party I left and did research on their agenda. Socialism alright is their number one agenda and next to that is COMMUNISM AS HISTORY TELLS US.

  23. They should also add Obama [and his administration] and the federal judiciary [which has been supporting his amnesty] to the suit [which their personal funds as the source of the award].

  24. Wow some very good input,and info.I got a feeling there is going to be a lot of suing for justice

  25. Illegal aliens are more important than American citizens, according to this administration and the liberal mindset. We citizens only count when it’s tax time or election time. Even then we are lied to and cheated. When is this country going to enforce the immigration laws that are on the books and have been for many, many years ?? Probably never now that the liberal “genie” is out of the magic lamp. What I would suggest to “cure” this situation cannot be printed here as the NSA would cause me to be locked up within the hour.

  26. This is Y we are voting for Trump!

  27. I grieve for the Steinle family. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they are suffering. I applaud their lawsuit against , the people responsible for this terrible crime. I would say this to Mr Steinle, If you had been armed, your daughter might be alive today. I saw where you were going to fight for stricter gun laws. Believe me, I know why you have chosen this route. But sir, If you stop and think rationally about it. you will realize that the criminal element will always be able to procure weapons. It is the law abiding citizens who can’t do that.. Gun laws, right now are solely for the government to track gun owners.
    when they take our guns from us, we will be at the mercy of men like the one who killed your daughter.

  28. If I were one of her parents, I would sue the PUNK in the white house along with the City of San Francisco. Let’s pray they win enough to BANKRUPT that piece of SHIT City. Beautiful as it is, is SUCKS, in more ways than one. EVERY person in that City government should be FIRED. One other thing. Did I hear correctly that the SCUM Mexican that shot this girl was given only one year in prison???? If so and I’m her Dad, Father, Mother, sister, brother or friend, the day that PUNK ASS GRESER stepped out of the police property, he would be GONE. Then I would drive him to the border and DUMP his PITIFUL body over the border line. PERIOD>

  29. another illegal piece of s**t murders an american, thx obama thx attorney general thx sheriff c***s****r and every liberal that voted for these swine

  30. Go for it,sue our muslim anti American president while your at it.Maybe true Americans can beat down barry and his bunch and return America to Americans.

  31. This is abpout immigration as a whole. It’s not just the filthy mexicans. It’s about every NON-WHITE, turd world POS that Obama and his ZIONIST i.e. JEW buddies who control Americas. The more non-whites and different religions, skin colors, beliefs, etc…that a country has the less likely it is to collectively revolt against the jew masters. Look at Russia and Germany. Two very hard losses for the jews communistic regime BUT they DID learn a good lesson and now we are the jews new experiment.
    If we are ever going to get back to the great country we once were, we have to get rid of the yids and then get rid of the criminal non-white socio-parasites that have infested the country.
    Violence is the only thing they understand so lock n load and start cleaning house!

    • DO YOU KNOW THAT THE DRUG CARTEL ARE PAID BY MIDDLE EASTERNERS TO CROSS THE BORDER? I read about the huge money the cartel charge this terrorists and pass them off as Mexicans, but they are not. They are here to join the shell that is already here to kill us Christians.

  32. Democrats talking about compassion is about like Hitler saying he actually had compassion for the Jews, as he herded them into the cattle cars, and sent them to the gas chambers! I have come to despise liberals, not even so much for their screwed up beliefs, but for the totally phony people that they are! I can not begin to imagine what life is like for Kate’s father now! I would almost think that life would not seem worth living any longer! He is someone that I truly feel compassion for! Quite frankly, folks, if the illegals in this country went on a rampage,. and shot and killed every liberal who thinks that it is perfectly fine to allow illegals in this country, and to give them “sanctuary” cities so they are “safe” from being deported, I would have NO compassion! They would be getting exactly what they deserve! You think that sounds a little crazy?! Well, just imagine what life is like for Kate’s father now! I don’t know what I’d do, but I know that I’d be mad enough to load up with guns, and start killing some people myself, the kind of people who helped to cause my daughter’s murder!

  33. Kate would probably still be alive if Joe Arpaio had been sheriff in SF instead of Mirkarimi.

  34. Although I generally disagree with suing, in a case such as this I totally agree with those cities & counties being sued for their violation of law. And I hope for a very large verdict against those violating liberals. If such a verdict would put them out of business it would be for the good of American citizens and perhaps show those liberals city/county officials the error of their thinking.

  35. Not enforcing laws is a criminal act. The passing of laws that are unconstitutional is also criminal. To include the supreme court that instead of standing for our constitutional rights, quote socialism to to violate them.

  36. Is there any way I can contribute money to help in this law suit.

  37. Its time to take over Mexico, we give them enough money, or , not one person should vacation there no US people or immigrants, stay out of Mexico.

  38. Anyone who now doesn’t see that progressive/socialists are out to destroy this country by importing illegals, is hopelessly stupid. Wasserman Shultz refused to define the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist because their isn’t any. A Socialist is a Communist without a gun.

  39. WAIT! What about the Obama administration and Obama? I’d start suing there first. Obama signed an executive order instead of protecting the United States from foreign invasion!

  40. The family should be naming the State of California, and the O regime as
    defendants as well. But Sue them as Individuals so they each have to pay
    from their own pocket and not from the Tax Payer’s.

  41. Obama also should sued. His illegals are responsible for numerous crimes. It is time he is charged as accessory to murder. This should also include he sheriff , the mayor , and the entire city council.

  42. They have a good case. The city and its officials by virtue of their willful neglect and ignoring the law contributed to her death.

  43. They demanded that the Confederate Battle Flag be taken down because of what Ruffus the Duffus did in that South Carolina church. Time for us to DEMAMD that the Cinco De Mayo parades in California be canceled because of what Francisco Sanchez did in San Francisco. I have come to find the Mexican flag offensive because it represents the foreign invaders who have come to take over out country, mooch off our working class people, and elect the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Time for the tax burden on the people of California be reduced by having the ballots in ENGLISH ONLY.

  44. Everyone involved must be accountable, and that is put their sorry asses in jail. enough with the illegals. shio them out along with all the politicians that are giving away our country.

  45. I pray that Donald Trump 2017 and I hope and pray that he goes in that White House sign those bills that Obama did not sign that the Republicans tried to get him to sign so we can get our United States back in line take care of military we need our military and in Congress if they don’t do their jobs fire them

    • I fear for his life, because the “powers that be” are against him. Poor guy, trying so hard to protect the country he loves, Unfortunately, evidenced by history of patriots, they die before their time. Abe Lincoln, JFK,MLK, RK etc. etc. The powers that be, behind the throne of our politicians are evil, and they can manipulate any country, any leader, any global controlling financial institutions and any mainstream media. Read about them and weep….

  46. didn’t she should be in jail not Kate

  47. As I may possibly have said before, The Best of Luck To Them.

  48. The entire City of SF should be included with the lawsuit. I hope it’s enough to bankrupt the city & the sheriff’s dept. That should get the point across that Americans are fed up with the lawlessness that is continually shoved down our throats by local. city, state & federal & above the law agencies to include the current POTUS. Are you safer today than in 2008?


  49. I think they should also include IN THEIR LAWSUIT the creator of this so called ‘SANCTUARY CITIES”

  50. I think the parents should also sue the Governor of California and the State and the State Legister if possible.

  51. So, Freddie Gray’s family is awarded 6 mil for a wrongful death suit, I am sure that this family is entitled to collect for their daughter’s wrongful death – right? It really depends on what side of the spectrum you are! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION; and why aren’t the public officials that didn’t uphold the immigration laws being thrown in jail as the Christian woman was? We all know why and that is why my revelation is right-on!

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