Kari Lake Sued By Who?

The estate of the late rock singer Tom Petty criticized Kari Lake on Friday for illegally using one of his most popular songs in her “failed campaign” for governor of Arizona. In a statement which was posted on Twitter, the estate is looking into their legal options after the campaign used Petty’s hit song “I Won’t Back Down.”

In the statement, they wrote that they had been “shocked” to hear that the song had been “stolen and used without permission or a license” as part of Kari Lake’s failed campaign to win the governor position in Arizona.

The estate noted that they would be looking for ways to stop the unauthorized use of this song and that they would be working to find ways to stop the song from being misappropriated in the future. They also expressed appreciation to the fans for bringing to their attention the use of the song in the campaign.

Reportedly the song had been used by Kari Lake in a YouTube video that has since been taken down.
According to multiple outlets, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) is projected to defeat Kari Lake by around 0.6 points, however, Lake has so far not conceded.

Lake has reportedly been putting together a legal team which will focus on collecting “evidence and data” regarding the electoral process.

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  1. You just couldn’t give Lake campaign a quick call and tell them to stop? This is why people are so sensitive. You hot shot entertainers set the fine example of overreacting over everything and common decency is gone. Anger and litigation ensue and to me you are the loser here Mr. Petty.

  2. More trash from liberal trash.

  3. Hey…I love Tom Petty’s music, but here’s the thing. Joe and Kammy used the same song on the night of Joe’s victory speech, and the Petty family was all about it:

    “President-elect Joe Biden appears to have the blessing of late singer Tom Petty’s family to rock out to his tunes.

    The rock legend’s family said they were “touched” that Biden and running mate Kamala Harris used his hit “I Won’t Back Down” at their victory speech Saturday night in Wilmington, Delaware.

    “We were all so touched to see Tom included on such an important night in America. Congratulations @joebiden and @kamalaharris,” they wrote on Petty’s Twitter account.

    Donald Trump used the song and got a cease and desist from the family:

    “Trump was in no way authorized to use this song to further a campaign that leaves too many Americans and common sense behind,” the family said in a tweet.

    “Both the late Tom Petty and his family firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind. Tom Petty would never want a song of his used for a campaign of hate. He liked to bring people together.”

    As usual, you’re a Democrat, you get a pass!

    • So why did they allow the Biden administration to use the music? This administration is hateful and driving a wedge between Americans, black and white, liberals and conservatives, tall and short, heavy and light, week and strong. This message shows me that the Tom Petty foundation is bias, prejudice… helping drive this devision between Americans for political and financial gain. Sad that so much of the entertainment industry is not neutral, but corrupted to the core.

  4. The ONLY time these ‘ libTURDS ‘ should open their mouths, is when they perform their ‘ talents ‘. SHUT IT when it comes to politics!

  5. petty will be another one in the trash bin right next to billy jowl, john mellonhead, neil yuck and the likes. these people forget who butters their bread and when hardcore fans like myself start turning away you will hear one of their songs being played in some bullshit tv ad. that or they will just have their 25th farewell tour to make some more cheddar. what a bunch of douche bags.

  6. Why is it, that you are so petty about a song.

  7. Get a life, Petty.

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