Kamala Makes Total Fool Of Herself Again

On Wednesday Vice President Kamala Harris faced a lot of criticism over her comments about yellow school buses during a speech where she promoted the new replacement electric vehicles being used.

In the event which took place in Seattle, Harris noted her love for the “yellow school buses”. Behind the Vice President as she spoke were four electric school buses. As part of her speech, Harris also said that there was $1 billion being awarded to those school districts that chose to replace their vehicles with electric ones. The funding is part of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was passed in 2021.

As part of her speech, Harris also made some nostalgic remarks about the “yellow school bus.” She noted how this is a part of your experiences as a child and it is a time filled with happy memories from school. As she said this also helps add to the nostalgia associated with that time.

Many on Twitter mocked Harris for these remarks.

Radio host Clay Travis tweeted that Harris had just used a press conference to profess her love for yellow buses. He also argued that Democrats should not be letting her talk in public.

CNN contributor Mary Katherine Ham also joined in by encouraging Harris to sing Wheels on the Bus.

Republican activist Matthew Foldi also took to Twitter to say, “Find yourself someone who loves you as much as Kamala Harris loves Venn diagrams and yellow school buses.”

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  1. KLH has fond memories of riding the yellow, short school buses.

    • The Vice President has the intellect of a six year old. The immaturity is stunning. The question is who and how was she propped up for the years she was in law. Somebody named Willie I have read through the years. If Joe dies tomorrow,or soon she will be president. Although I have read there would be a rush to nominate Jill! Why not Hunter. Can the goals go any lower?

  2. I have no happy school bus memories – I walked to school no matter how far I had to go since busses were only for sports team travel and field trips. Busses were smelly and dirty but they didn’t explode if it rained and they drove through puddles.

  3. Everytime she speaks she is an embarrassment to our Country. So obvious she was only selected as VP because of gender and color. I don’t care what sex or race people are but they should be qualified for the positions. Biden does this over and over, points out gender and race but never qualifications

    • Hear Hear Debbie! Most of us completely agree with you on this! I do not care who or what this person looks like etc., just where they stand on the issues and how they are going to get the USA back to be the best Nation on Earth!

  4. Bet she cried racism if she wasn’t allowed to sit on the very first row of seats. She is stupid and a world class racist

  5. That’s a daily occurrence.

  6. WHEW, and what is her JOB????

  7. Bemused Berserker

    You can see why they picked Kamala to be McSniffy’s VP everytime she opens her mouth. She’s as much of an Idiot, if not more of an Idiot, than Joe Schitz-His-Pants himself. So bad, that everyone’s afraid to Impeach Corn Pop’s B*tch because she’d move up to the Top. We know Harris sucked and screwed her way into politics. I’d be willing to bet she whored her way through Law School and the State Bar too. She’s every bit the Pathological Liar that Joe is. Neither of them are capable of telling the truth.

  8. I’ll bet all parents are excited about putting their kids on an electric school bus that has numerous Lithium batteries stored underneath it. especially since the EV’ are notorious for catching fire! And rumor has it that the electric school buses that are at the north WA. state school won’t even run. Just keep shooting your mouth off Kamala and keep making a total ass of yourself.

  9. Those electric school buses as well as apparently ALL those lithium batteries run vehicles seem to be a danger to our people and we seem to have no choice about having them! Wait until the first person is electrocuted or burned or possibly even dies in a vehicle fire caused by those batteries happens and the lawsuits will fly!

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