Kamala In Sink Or Swim Situation

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(PatriotNewsDaily.com) – Late last year, high-ranking aides of VP Harris convened in her ceremonial office, charting a strategic roadmap for the upcoming year. They handed her a comprehensive strategy guide that proposed she increase her public presence, believing Americans were not witnessing their leaders frequently enough. The strategy also encouraged Harris to focus on issues where her strengths lie, with safeguarding abortion rights nationwide being the foremost concern.

Previously, her team had prepared media and strategic plans, but this one was special. It emerged during a pivotal period when Harris’ work in the last six months had marked her best performance as VP, a significant shift from the fluctuating responsibilities and negative press that characterized her initial two years.

The team was also aware that Harris was nearing a crucial phase. The public was paying more attention to her, and her role in the Democratic ticket was undergoing increased scrutiny. She sought their guidance to harness the momentum and brace for the challenges ahead.

Six months later, the plan is actively being executed. As the Biden campaign gains steam, scrutiny on Harris intensifies. Republicans intend to use her as a weapon against the president, claiming his age effectively puts her at the helm. Her performance in the coming months will define if these allegations persist. It will also shape the faith within the Biden sphere about her taking a more visible role.

Harris is primed for such a role. She has become increasingly visible in fundraising events, outperforming the other three main figures of the White House. She has also increased her travels and has continued to immerse herself in the abortion rights debate, especially as the anniversary of Roe’s end approaches.

However, skepticism about her abilities hasn’t completely evaporated. A recent NBC News poll gave her the lowest negative rating of any VP.

But her team is optimistic. With a trusted team in place, including Sheila Nix as her campaign chief of staff, they believe that her political prowess will be acknowledged in the coming months.

Former communications director, Jamal Simmons, shared with POLITICO, “There’s a chance to shift the narrative. She needs a second look.”

Throughout Harris’ tenure, she has had to face doubters, a trend that continues from the campaign trail. This perception was not helped by the decision to entrust her with two of the administration’s early, complex policy issues: addressing safeguarding voting rights and the root cause of migration.

However, a significant shift in the past year has seen Harris take up the cause of abortion rights, which her aides and allies believe she is exceptionally suited for.

On the day the Supreme Court overturned Roe, Harris was informed about the decision on a flight to Illinois for a maternal health event. She quickly adapted her speech, emphasizing the importance of the issue and the necessity of public action.

Since then, Kamala has been proactive in discussions with state representatives and state attorneys general about protecting and expanding access to abortion. Her background as a state official has proven valuable during these discussions. She has found a sense of comfort and authority in this issue, filling a gap for a defining issue in her portfolio.

The renewed focus has also alleviated consistent criticism about her visibility and activity. Simmons said, “Once she started discussing abortion rights, it was so consistent, and people didn’t ask about her whereabouts or actions as often.”

Despite this, there is still ongoing speculation about Kamala’s actual standing. Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher suggests that the situation presents both opportunities and challenges for her. He remarked, “She gets more visibility, but also more attacks.” He cited the NBC poll as an example of the inherent unfairness in politics. He added, “What we’re asking of her is not something we’ve asked of any other vice president.”

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