‘Kamala Can’t Win’: Dems Panicking About 2024

Democrats are already starting to panic about the 2024 presidential election, New York magazine reports.

As well they should be. President Joe Biden’s approval rating is in the tank, and his party appears to be on the verge of a crushing defeat in November, when Biden will celebrate his 80th birthday. Democratic leaders and activists are struggling to reconcile the fact that A) Biden is way too old and decrepit to run for president again, and B) He’s probably the best candidate they have.

Vice President Kamala Harris is even less popular than Biden and has consistently embarrassed herself in public, raising serious questions about her ability to run a competent campaign at the national level. Nevertheless, she is widely viewed as the frontrunner to win the party’s nomination if Biden doesn’t seek reelection—a prospect that has some Democrats terrified, and understandably so.

“Biden has to run again, because he desperately has to keep Trump out of the White House and defend our democracy,” one Democrat told New York. “And I have no doubts Kamala Harris can’t win.” If Biden doesn’t run, however, the party’s obsessive devotion to identity politics would likely preclude most other candidates from challenging a black woman for the nomination.

The president has been relatively clear that he intends to seek reelection. One longtime adviser said of Biden that running for president is “how he stays alive.” But he hasn’t been entirely clear when it comes to his future plans, suggesting he might not run again if “fate intervenes”—a distinct possibility considering the fact that Biden would be 82 by the time he is sworn in for a second term. He has described himself as “a bridge” to the new generation of Democratic leaders, and a majority of Americans don’t expect him to run again, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released in March.

Alas, the next generation of Democratic leaders does not exactly inspire confidence. Pete Buttigieg will never be president. Same goes for Elizabeth Warren, obviously. Harris will never be elected president but would automatically get promoted if Biden croaks. Bernie Sanders will turn 81 in September. Democrats have been floating a number of dubious presidential contenders such as Gov. Phil Murphy (D., N.J.), the former Goldman Sachs executive who barely won reelection in his deep blue state, and Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D., Ill.), the billionaire hotel-chain scion who is even fatter than Chris Christie.

Democrats, it would appear, are in disarray. Good luck!

Original Article: ‘Kamala Harris Can’t Win’: Democrats Already Panicking About 2024 (freebeacon.com)

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  1. Bemused Berserker

    Kamelnose Hairyarse will never be elected. She’s a very stupid woman, whose campaign fizzled long before the first Democrat Primary was held.

    This is what happens when a candidate sleeps her way into office. She sucked as a DA and AG. She sucked as a Senator, and she sucks as VP.

  2. Laughing Girl can’t even speak in coherent sentences. If she became president by default the worst would be yet to come. Never thought I’d say this but “keep physically heathy, Crazy Joe.”

  3. Just remember, Giggkes has Willie Brown’s ‘approval’!

  4. When the Republicans take back the House and the Senate in November thier first order of business better be to IMPEACH both Biden and Harris.

    • Michael E. Colley

      Yeah Michael, and then Pelosi moves into the Oval Office. After Biden and Harris, she is the next line, unless you have a great plan to keep her out too. If so, now would be a good time to share!

      • NO, YOU ARE WRONG. Once the Republicans take back the House there will be a Republican Speaker. Like DUH!!

    • My sentiments exactly!!!!!👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. AOC to the rescue. She is qualified. A true idiot. The Demorats really have a lot going for the them. Piglosi is as bad as
    JoeBama. Two brain cells at best. Flyingstein is no where to be seen nor heard from. An the list goes on. The only ones dumber than these folks are
    those that vote for them.

  6. Kamala Harris can NEVER be a legal President. The law says a person must be born in America. She wasn’t. I have this information from research I did BEFORE the witch went and changed all of her background on the sites where you get background checks. You people need to start spreading this information around so she can’t get elected.

  7. our country is a mess cuz harris is not legal vice president and biden isnt legal president. They need to be booted as fast as possiable.

  8. Biden is the best the democrats can come up with? Wow!

  9. The drooling fool got elected with voter fraud! If it wasn’t for that, he’s still be playing with himself at home!

  10. American First

    They all should be impeached for Treason. Besides Kamala isn’t qualified to hold office as Vice=President or President.

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