Kaepernick Shares Video That Raises Major Questions

Colin Kaepernick will not stand. He will not stand on his positions in debate. Let’s be clear. He’s not for the free exchange of ideas. In fact he is repulsed by the flag that represents that ideal. Oh, he’ll pretend that his “protests” were in the name of free speech, but criticisms of him turn into personal attacks from his girlfriend.

All the while, he’s collecting paychecks from Nike and Netflix. On Thursday, Kaepernick took to Twitter to let folks know that he’s “still working”. On what, his terrible “blaccent”? No, the former NFL star, who was raised by white parents in suburban California, was actually working on his football game.

OK. So you made a spectacle of your last NFL workout by not being even a little cooperative.

You took no accountability for the charade.

And on top of all that, in your absolutely appalling Netflix documentary, you compare the NFL combine (the NFL’s fitness test given to all willing players entering the draft) to an American slave auction.

So is Kaepernick willing to do what Biden might describe as put himself “back in chains” to rejoin the NFL? Or is posting this well executed five-step-drop an effort to get a new book deal or endorsement?

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  1. Colin, you’d be a cancer on any team so regardless of your abilities no team would ever want you. Antonio Brown on steroids. You may still have a place in the 10% woke world but in real America you are despised. The day you took that first knee during our anthem you lost your mind, any chance of playing the game you may love, and you became villain number one to the vast majority of good Americans that still believe though not perfect, the US is the greatest country in the world. US Army, MSG(ret)

  2. Another DNC puppet.

    • Colon, you are locker room poison. No team in their right mind would want a disruptive douche like you anywhere near their organization

  3. frederick fetty jr

    I do not post on these sites frequently because most of the stuff I read on them is silly. This is a silly story about a person, I will not call him a man because men step up and take responsibility for their mistakes, little boys do not. I was born white and poor in 1943. My out to get away from my little town in Missouri was the military and 2 tours in Vietnam. i served my country in positions overseas for 25 years. My last positions were on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was in the Ukraine for two years of the 25. I have seen corruption at it’s worst and entitlement running rampant in every government . Colin is an excellent case-in-study example of someone who feels he is entitled because he was born. His whole life has been one of many,many people helping him coop with his disaterious birth. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP FOR THIS LITTLE BOY WHO WILL ALWAYS REMAIN A LITTLE BOY.

    • First of all thank you for your service to this country, second of all you hit the nail on the head with that person. I won’t call him a young man because I don’t feel he has earned that title.

    • He had spent his life and now, multi millions, helping others. Where’s your resume? Sit down

      • You’re an idiot! He listed his resume he’s been in the service since he was a young fella probably more than I can say for you and for Kaepernick.

        Too many of you treat him as if he’s royalty and I will never understand that.

  4. Kaepernick lives the whoas me life as he makes millions. He has to keep that “racist” theme going. Got 3 words for him MAHOMES, PRESCOTT and JACKSON. The fact isn’t that your black, IT’S THAT YOU’RE NOT THAT GOOD. And to all the people complaining about there not being enough black coaches in the NFL, here’s my advise BUY A TEAM AND EMPLOY WHOEVER YOU WANT, UNTIL THEN STFU YOU DONT GET TO TELL ANY TEAM OWNER WHO THEY SHOULD HIRE.

  5. His Andy Warhol ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ are over. He’s simply the lastest example of what Karl Marx termed a ‘useful idiot’.

  6. I thought the walking toilet brush was gone!


  8. Brilliant man. Great American hero; admired and honored around the world. His work is bigger than football. Donates multimillions around the world.
    Hated for taking a quiet, passive prayerful position to protest the killing of black people by rogue policemen. Knelt at the request of veterans.
    His critics are the unAmerican worst of us.
    So glad he has been awarded so many honors. Fight the good fight, Colin. Good people are with you.

    • What a crock! That thing is no better than a traitor to our country! I don’t care what color he is, nor what his identity is, or what he wants or doesn’t want! I’ve not watched NFL since Colin took his knee, nor have I bought a single NIKE brand anything for any of my family, grandkids included. Nope, don’t watch Netflix either! The only way to show displeasure with companies and organizations and people, is to hit the pocketbook. And, sadly, the people of this country are becoming so mealy mouthed and socialist, that they are being led by their noses into a “herd” society that accepts the left agenda, turning their backs on words like integrity, character, morals, and our great country! Imagine us as Ukrainians – all citizens stepping up to fight for their freedoms against a demonic Russian leader and army! I picture very few of our men, women, and children coming to defend our country, do you? So so sad. The likes of Colin Kaepernick will never do more that complain and whine, but seems he lands on his feet and some try to defend his stance. He’s a has been who expects to be cowtowed to and wants only his rules, not adhering to any others. I wouldn’t hire him for my team, if I had twenty teams, and any cohorts claiming poor Colin has been mistreated would get same treatment! Think this new group of leftists, including Mr. Magoo, Camel, Pelosi, the squad, need to take the shuttle to Mars and settle it to their own rules, make the multimillionaires like Gates, Bernie, Congress, Soros share their money with those who go with! Take their electric vehicles, their green world, their climate concerns and make their own lives!! Make their own nation and leave the good ole USA alone to go back to our Christian, patriotic, caring country!

    • OH MY GOD, I want to PUKE

  9. Quarterback rating around 56. Just not enough talent.

  10. Put shackles on his legs and then let him play football. LOL

  11. Karpernick go home to California where you belong as your NFL days are over ! Your a total bust as a quarterback ! Who picked you up so far in three years ! Why don’t you move to Russia as maybe you would fit in with the rest of the flunkies that are living there that are like you asshole ! If you need Kleenex let us know you stupid cry baby .

  12. The man-child needs to find a country he likes! Why stay in a place you hate so much?


  14. Kraperneck has a girl friend? I thought he was queer.

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