Kaepernick Shares Video That Raises Major Questions

Colin Kaepernick will not stand. He will not stand on his positions in debate. Let’s be clear. He’s not for the free exchange of ideas. In fact he is repulsed by the flag that represents that ideal. Oh, he’ll pretend that his “protests” were in the name of free speech, but criticisms of him turn into personal attacks from his girlfriend.

All the while, he’s collecting paychecks from Nike and Netflix. On Thursday, Kaepernick took to Twitter to let folks know that he’s “still working”. On what, his terrible “blaccent”? No, the former NFL star, who was raised by white parents in suburban California, was actually working on his football game.

OK. So you made a spectacle of your last NFL workout by not being even a little cooperative.

You took no accountability for the charade.

And on top of all that, in your absolutely appalling Netflix documentary, you compare the NFL combine (the NFL’s fitness test given to all willing players entering the draft) to an American slave auction.

So is Kaepernick willing to do what Biden might describe as put himself “back in chains” to rejoin the NFL? Or is posting this well executed five-step-drop an effort to get a new book deal or endorsement?

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