Justice Roberts Denies Supreme Court Bias

After the Supreme Court came down on the wrong side of two important rulings this summer, Americans protective of the Constitution began to seriously wonder about the court’s political bias. No group of judges can be free from their own political prejudice, but the rulings on gay marriage and Obamacare struck many conservatives as straying too far from a legal foundation. The court’s attempts to justify these rulings were insufficient. It seemed obvious that at least a few of the sitting Justices were voting according to their predetermined ideology before scrambling to find case law that would support their decision. By what other process could the court feel authorized to redefine the meaning of marriage?

Speaking Wednesday to students at the New England School of Law, Chief Justice John Roberts said that he was unbothered by criticism aimed at the court, except that which presupposed the existence of bias. “It’s usually discussed as, ‘Oh, you’re in favor of this or you’re in favor of that,'” Roberts said. “In fact, our ruling is that whoever does get to decide this or that is allowed to do it, and that it’s not unconstitutional, that it’s consistent with the law. But we often have no policy views on the matter at all. And that’s an important distinction.”

Important? More like laughably unbelievable. Perhaps Roberts can claim this sort of objectivity for himself, but the court’s repeated 5-4 rulings along party lines make it a tough pill to swallow for the panel as a whole. With just one more conservative Justice on the court, those two significant summer decisions would have gone the other way. How can that be true if the Justices have no “policy views” relevant to the cases before them? Is anyone really buying this nonsense?

Unfortunately, this is a problem without any obvious cure. Loading the court up with conservatives might be beneficial for the short-term direction of the country, but it would only set us up for a rebound effect the next time a Democrat is in the White House. Over the long haul, the polarity will only grow stronger. The problem with that is: what happens when activist liberals have such a stranglehold on the Supreme Court that they can fundamentally change the country with a single ruling?

The answer may lie in demanding more culpability from the court. Their decisions must be brought out into the light, criticized, and examined publicly. These Justices should be under constant pressure to defend their decisions. We may not be able to quickly change the political biases of our nation’s highest court, but we can at least let them know that we’re watching.

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  1. Justice Roberts is one progressive (Communist) whack job… he wants to write laws himself… whereas SCOTUS is to interpret the laws not make them. Roberts is one corrupt stupid man!

    • Why we need drug testing in FED/GOV or is he planning on a future career in Stand Up Comedy?

    • I agree with one minor exception. The Constitution is written in plain English, using short sentences with no “big” words the common man should have trouble with. Therefore, it needs no “interpretation”. It only needs people willing to follow the law as it’s written. The words used in the Constitution are to be defined in the same manner as was customary usage at the time it was written. Based on this, marriage is what was when the Constitution was ratified, not by using a politically correct dictionary to allow “gays” to all of a sudden to qualify as “man and wife”. This is also why Cruz and Rubio are not qualified to hold the office of the President. Nor is Obama. Not then, not now, not ever.

    • They all are.

      2 female “justices” had performed Same Sex marriages while dilerberating the “interpretation” as to Same Sex Marriage. No bias there, right?

      How can SCOTUS strike down a law that was passed by both houses & signed by the President, just because they are Gay or like Gays?

      Our laws, the Constitution & common sense escapes them all. When judges make decisions based on their own personal preferences & political party agenda rather than law, it is time for them to be removed from the bench.

      The same should be applicable to any judge who is corrupt.

      They illegally wrote a law to legalize Same Sex Marriage. They have NO POWER to write & pass laws. SCUM OF THE EARTH!


      • OOOooooo… no need to holler! Get your anger under control! (Are you sure you’re not getting paid by right wing nut jobs to post on here? Lolol.

  2. Think it is obvious that Roberts has changed direction to the liberal side of the fence.

    • Someone has something on the man and dictates how he is to vote. Maybe back in college he boinked a male roomy or something, or broke some law while he was practicing law, or took a bribe later as a judge. Who knows?

    • If so, it took him long enough! Welcome to sanity, John!

    • Glen, you may be too young to remember Earl Warren, real Republican Governor of CA nominated by Dwight Eisenhower to the USSC. Warren morphed into a leftist judge in a flash! (Of course, I may be wrong about Warren as a governor.)

      • Well at 75 don’t think I was too young to remember him and always thought what he was, was questionable especially if you looked at his past.

        • Glen , I am ready to see if Warren did change spots. Thanks.
          PS Found this interesting enough to pass on: Francis Hutcheson, 1725, “For whenever any invasion is made upon unalienable rights, there must arise either a perfect or external right to resistance…. Unalienable rights are essential limitations in all governments.”

          • I don’t even recognize this country anymore when I compare it to the country I grew up in and what I see today. Back then we had freedom, morals, God, knew and helped our neighbors in need, worked hard to achieve with little government interference. Today we are being crushed by the government and morals/God is hard to find anymore.

    • That is what an illegal adoption will do for you. Morally right for him and them, but never should have accepted a position subject to unscrupulous blackmailers. He should resign as soon as a Rep. president gets in office.

      • Did you hear how Iowa people voted? They voted for Cruz a foreigner leaving our sons Trump and Carson in the dust. I will never travel through Iowa. I am told Iowa is full of Christians who do not know what their God wants them to vote for. I could not believe Carson and Trump lost. These Iowans do not know Cruz wants to make USA as province of Canada which is under the Queen. I do not want to be under the Queen. After all I do not understand British people. I am told they have a speech impediment called Cockney. If Iowans want be part of Canada, more power to them.

        • Cruz is a Texan. I voted for him as senator, but not in the primary. He is a good Texan who argued many of our important cases and won most of them. I do not think he would be a good president, but I would love for him to be on the Supreme Court, for many many years arguing for the constitution! And annoying the hell out of those socialist on the court for the rest of their lives!!!!!!

          Your rant was just weird.

          • Watch out – you will be under the Queen. Buy- other-way do these people in England Palace work? Look, the old prince is having babies every year. Who is going to take care of all those babies? And would you believe Republicans love the people in the Palace? I think Republicans are hypocrites.

          • The crown doesn’t even have power. They gave that up for the benefits. Kinda like Dems.

        • I wouldn’t worry about the Iowa vote as in years past it meant something but today really means very little or New. Hampshire. All the states after these two will be paying a lot of attention as it will tell up the true direction we are going.

      • Justagramma we can only hope we get a Rep. president in the next election but if we don’t this country is finished.

  3. Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    The quickest way to earn BS from a hater is vote against something they support.

    • We hate the sin, not the sinner. If our country keeps the true principles of love, righteousness, mercy, justice and orderly rule of law we can return to the justice for all that made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. God can only bless truth. Amen / Shalom

  4. scrotum should be completely transparent is their handling of any case. They should be held accountable for their decisions. Yes, the citizens should be able to remove justices if their decisions are deemed harmful.
    no more rule by men in black robes who are untouchible

  5. Our congress has allowed our system to be perverted by these so called justice’s,

    • Stop referring to them as “our” congress.
      These empty suites haven’t represented us for quite some time.

      • “suits,” you Dolt. Geeezzz!

        • You’re an Idiot Georgie – Spelled “IDIOT”. Get with it and address the issues instead of conducting you infernal spelling class.

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          • I have gone through that before. Repubs and TPs call me names for using Wisconsin English to post my responses. Don’t worry about them. I believe they are from Texas or Oklahoma.

          • Actually you are called names because of the left wing shit you post.

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          • Michael Dennewitz

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          • Kirkland Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.
            Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office

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            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin

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          • His mother is an American citizen.
            Therefore, he is an American citizen.
            Learn how your country works.
            Stop embarassing America before the world.

          • Canada hasn’t been under the Queen’s rule for decades! Yishhhh!!!

          • Who is on their money image. The Queen, I have no idea how much Canadian pay the Queen for being on their money.

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          • “Kirkland Michael Dennewitz 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm.” (Source: Washington Co, Ohio Sheriff’s Office).

          • May I ask a truly ill intent question? Are you even real? You continue to repeat over and over again on your comments. It seems as though you are a computer which would actually make sense with all of your comments on so many articles. Souless, heartless, crude, non-human…should I go on? Sorry to be so blunt but it I refuse to believe there actually are real people that comment the way you do.

          • Comment?
            Try fact.
            Fact is fact.
            Fact can be haed for some to accept.
            Well-informed people deal in fact — cold hard fact.

            Get an education.

          • They should do away with the two parties only have one party The American party the 2 party fight with each other more then representing us legal Americans that pay their huge wages and perks

          • AAAAWWWWH

          • Now, now children, behave yourselves.

          • Possibly the most intelligent thing you’ve said in this whole blog! Total fail.

          • You’re the one needing spell-check assistance. The first word of your post above is certainly incorrect.

          • My parrot does rote memorization very well.
            Do you?
            Intellegent, thinking people, not so much.

          • Your comment noted… dismissed!

        • Get rid of lifetime appointments.

          • Well, since lifetime appointments do not exist, just mayvbe you should get an education.
            You elect Congress.
            Take responsibility for your own actions.

          • But the Supreme Court is a Life Time Appointment…

          • You even bother to read the article your posting about slick ??? I’s about the SCOTUS !

          • The article was.
            The thread I pisted to was about Congress — until someone came back and changed it..

          • You and Melby should get a room – you seem to have lots in common !

          • What is your point?
            You prefer errors and lies?

          • Errors and lies ???? If you like your insurance – you can keep it ! Benghazi was caused by a video ! Hillary didn’t know she sent top secret messages on her private e-mail server ! The justice department didn’t know about Fast and Furious ! Why did the FBI swoop in and grab all of Solyndra’s financial records the day after they declared bankruptcy ? Why did Barrack have a private meeting with the head of BP after the gulf oil spill ? How did he manage to increase his net worth from less then a million to over $8 million on a salary of $485,000 a year ? Yea – questions you don’t want asked !

          • You prefer the errors and lies.

            Your insurance company decided it had an opportunity to pake higher profits. The law did not require any policy to be cancelled.

            Solyndra was the recipient of both federal grants and loans. Then there is the fact the many involved with that boondogle were buddy-buddy of the Bush family. Fraud was a major issue.

            Why would a President not want to meet with the head of BP under those circumstances?

            Oh, and child, the drilling rig was owned by Transocean. It was only being rented to BP. Halliburton was also involved.

            In November 2012, BP and the United States Department of Justice settled federal criminal charges with BP pleading guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter, two misdemeanors, and a felony count of lying to Congress.

            Obama authored two books — before he was elected. I guess you forgot about that small detail. Those books sold very well.

            Now, do you have any more questions you wish you had not asked?

          • “pake higher profits”??? You are a little kid or retarded ! Neither of witch I wish to respond to ! Go away ! over 58,000 comments and barely 53,000 agree with your drivel – gee I wonder why ! Get a life !

        • I D I O T

        • You musty be related to that bitch AK!!

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Congress???? WTF is that???

        • A Body of 535 DO NOTHING USELESS SCUMBAGS…Who Breath Air and take up SPACE in the Congressional Chambers…

          • arrogant bstds ought to be put on trial by our 1st constitution for treason , not that https://youtu.be/-yy0NmkIQcQ secret treasonous one they negotiated illegally years later ,

          • Pkease get an education.
            You are embarassing America.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Please shove your head back up your fat ass. You embarrass EVERYONE…

          • AKLady….who is NO LADY….Operates with her Head up her ASS….That is why all SHE/IT can produce….A GIANT PILE OF MANURE…

          • Many of those in the DC CESSPOOL need to be in Prison…

          • That includes Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Hatch, Graham, Thackery, etc.

          • More of them belong in Prison than in Congress…and that includes my two RINO Senators…Corker and Alexander….

          • absolutely; fellow Tennesseeian.

          • Have NEVER Voted for Corker and Alexander….And will not Vote for Corker in 2016….I vote for the Best Candidate on the Ballot….I do not vote for the lessor of two Evils…Both the R’S & the D’s are EVIL….EVIL is EVIL….

            Last time I also did not vote for our RINO Governor Haslam either…

            I will be voting for Donald Trump….If for some reason he does not get the Nomination…I will write Trump’s Name in During the General Election in Nov…And if he were to run as an Independent…I will vote for Donald Trump…I refuse to Vote for the Wide Assortment of Establishment RINOS and Big Government Liars….Who all now profess to be Conservatives…UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER….

          • And in 2018…Corker WILL NOT get my Vote….It is time that we get some REAL CONSERVATIVES running against these LIBERAL RINOS and boot them out in the Primary Election…

          • sandraleesmith46

            You can toss both of mine into that pile too; McCain and Flake!

          • You mean you don’t like JUAN McLAME and the BIG FLAKE…LOL

          • sandraleesmith46

            Not so’s you’d notice, no! Neither represents me, or most like me, to Congress!

          • Those 2 and many more need to join the D****RAT Party….which would be a much better fit for them…

          • sandraleesmith46

            Yes, they do, preferably in CA, or NY

          • And Illinois….Especially in Chicago….

          • sandraleesmith46

            That works too; just not here!

          • Reid and Pelosi are high on that list also.

          • Both factions of the POLITICIANS PARTY are CORRUPT TO THE CORE…

          • sandraleesmith46

            1 party; 2 heads!

          • Not really. They need a stern talking to by Al Capone.

          • Do you mean “WITH THE HEATER”…

          • With what ever is necessary. Try all options that make sense.

          • You elected then
            Try taking responsibility for your own actions..

          • Actually i have never voted for my 2 Establishment RINO Senators…but did vote for my Conservative Congressman….I DO NOT VOTE FOR THE LESSOR OF 2 EVILS….BECAUSE EVIL IS JUST THAT EVIL….

          • FACT: Failing to vote is, in fact, a vote for the individual who is elected.

          • I voted for a Candidate….Just not for those 2 Esblishment RINOS…nor the Liberal D****RATS Running against them…

          • I like mine Inhoff and lankford of Oklahoma. .

          • Well mine are two Big Establishment RINOS….Corker and Alexander from TN….In the last Election…It Came out the Alexander voted with the DC DICTATOR and the D****RATS….62 % of the Time…While Telling the Voters how Conservative he is….

          • Sorry for your misfortune. I hope you are able to do better in the future.

          • No, we didn’t AK. We are stuck with what the lemmings voted in. We were smart enough to vote for other candidates but the selfish “gimmees” who want everything for nothing are too numerous. Look at the increase in freebies: housing, OWEbamaTAX, “free” cell phones, WIC, etc., etc. and welfare 49% – utterly disgraceful. Why? Because our economy is stagnant and there are no decent jobs for people who want to work. Please, don’t even go near the outright lies told yesterday by this POTUS and regurgitated by the lame-stream media. The figures totally ignore those who have tried repeatedly to find jobs, have run out of benefits and are still unemployed. 4.9% my eye! I wonder if our votes even count anymore – look at the last election where the dead voted and there were a myriad of voter fraud issues – some were even convicted and jailed.

          • LOL.
            No lies were told.

            Keep buying those foreign-made goods and there will be even less jobs for your fellow Americans.
            You need to learn how your government works, Suggest you take a class.

            We the People do not elect a President.
            We the People have never elected a President.
            The U.S. Constitution does not allow the people to elect a President.
            Suggest you research how your state selects its Electoral College member. Also, you should find out whether or not they are required to follow the popular vote.

            These Presidents did not recieve the popular vote: .John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamine Harrison, George H.W. Bush, William Clinton, and George W. Bush (twice).

          • I vote for the best candidate…Just NOT EStablishment RINOS…nor Marxist Liberal D****RATS…



          • You elected them.
            Oh, wait manybe you are one of those who can’t be bothered voting.

          • TAKE YOUR LIBERAL PILE OF BULLSHIT to one sites where they EAT IT UP…Like the HUFF-COMPOST and many others that…


          • They also have a knack for soaking up tax-payer dollars at a rather alarming rate !

          • What is the Difference between the Marxist D****RATS and the Establishment RINO REPUKES…..NOT DAM THING DIFFERENT…It seems they are in a Race to see who can WASTE….er Spend….The Country into Bankruptcy the Fastest….

            I believe last SS Cola Raise that my Wife and I got…..We Could have combined the amounts and maybe filled the gas tank on the car….ONCE…

          • Wait until you hear about the one coming up. 0.02% That wouldn’t even buy two hot dogs.

          • sandraleesmith46

            COLAs are designed for Medicare raises to eat up.

          • As of 2015, the base salary for all rank-and-file members of the U.S. House and Senate is $174,000 per year.

            Salaries have not been increased since 2009. Compared to private-sector salaries, the salaries of members of Congress is lower than many mid-level executives and managers.

            Congress no longer recieves the same benefits as provided to other federal employees. The ACA took those away. All federal employees pay into Social Security.

          • Those that come up for re-election put them out. That is unless there is a democrat running for the same post. Neither is any good but anyone is better than a DemocRAT.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You have to “change horses” within your party during the primaries, or that’s who you’re stuck with in the general election!

          • sandraleesmith46

            5 times out of the past 7 years they have denied COLAs to the seniors and vets, while taking whopping raises nearly triple many of our annual incomes, each!

        • I’ve heard “marital act” referred to as congress. So now we know what they’ve been doing to us.

          • Not for us

          • You elected them.
            Take responsibility for your actions.

          • You seem to not understand that each person gets only one vote for one member. Thusly, you seem to think that “We” are all responsible for every single person in our Congress. Well, on the Conservative side “We” have been quite busy sending home our “elected Idiots”. I note that on the Liberal side that the only time a change is made is when one of your “elected elites” dies or are voted into a higher position! I tell my elected reps often how I feel about them and am currently working to get one of my Senator’s voted out because he is a “better Liberal” than about half of you reps. And if my current House member does not change his plan of going along to get along he too will soon be looking for a “real job”! Our entire Congress has lost it’s way as have our rights and freedoms and if we all don’t start thinking about that we will awaken to an America that none of us will recognize.

          • Please find a government you like better, move there today in possible.

          • AKLady, I already have that kind of government. I was born and live in Texas, we are a completely Conservative state and I’m loving it! Yep, we have a few reps who are not worth spit, but, we’re working on that “Hope & Change”!

          • One lie after another.
            Find another government you like better — move there. Today if possible.

          • Well first it was just a “congress joke”. But I do take responsibility for the ones I voted for. Vitter has done an admirable job, watching Cassidy, Scalise is a disappointment, and I let him know it. He could do more, He’s whipping them in the wrong direction. IMHO

        • Kirkland Michael Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, for domestic violence, a misdemeanor. Dennewitz turned himself in to Corrections Officers and was processed into the Washington County Jail on 23 Jul 15 at 9:24 pm. https://www.facebook.com/Washington-County-OH-Sheriffs-Office-142170542496216/notes

          • I would suspect that, with a bit of deeper investigating of these little TEApublican gremlins, we would find a lot more ‘discrepancies’ in their life history than shows up in their weak excuses at being humans and making silly comments with no supporting facts. But so is life. Like little green weevils, they are tolerated but not very appreciated.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well, okay dumbass… Is there a point you are trying to make? I could most likely dig up shit that had your last name associated to it also. But I don’t bother. What was that supposed to mean. Your note says he’s 19, right? Hardly fits me bitch. Check it out….
            Charles Michael Dennewitz. DOB 21 November 1944…. You’ll stoop to any shit and still get down voted…. Oh.. And I live in a division called Pine Castle, a part of ORLANDO, FLORIDA.. Now what other kind of bullshit are you going to dig up on people to try and deflect the fact that you’re a DUMB CUNT!.

          • Name and address on the Internet?

            You want people to believe there is someone that dumb posting on this site?

            Why did you leave out the fake Social Security Number?

        • The representatives that people like you elected.
          Do even bother to vote?

        • sandraleesmith46

          Part of a private corporation that steals you money via taxation (without representation, of course)!

      • Congress does not represent their constituents, but their self to line their own pockets. There should be term limits, since the uninformed voters do not have the sense to vote them out. Congress is sleazy, gutless, no gonads, criminals who are a bunch of Welfare recipients.

        • Not only strict term limits but the people, not Congress itself, should be able to prosecute them for corruption and other criminal acts against the Constitution and the citizenry.

          • Well, talk your Congressperson into putting forth an Constitutional Amendment.
            That is what is requires for you to get your way.
            The alternastive is get olff yoru tail and vote.

          • Great spelling and use of the language and punctuation. Very persuasive.

          • What are you – some kind of English teacher nazi ?

          • No, just a guy with a brain and education and not some illiterate.

          • Illiterate? Really, you would call the people below ilkiterate?

            Alfred Mosher Butts
            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin

          • I don’t see any of them posting on here.


          • Guess these people don’t impress you:

            Alfred Mosher Butts
            William Faulkner
            F. Scott FitzgeraldErnest Hemingway
            John Keats
            John Irving
            Jane Austen
            Albert Einstein
            Winston Churchill
            John F. Kennedy Jr
            Benjamin Franklin

            Just a short list to get your attention. The list is actually quite long. Yoi see rote memorization is something a parrot can do.

          • They could all write and spell, a trait you have not even come close to mastering. BTW, what the hell do they have to do with your lame post? YOI?

          • Thank you for your input.
            Insults only matter to those who respect your opinion.

          • And BS she spits out

          • True and good post. Vote Vote Vote!

          • Talking to your Congressperson would be like talking to a wall.
            I do vote, but it is always for the lesser of evils.
            Our government has become tyrannical. One big establishment country club & legalized MAFIA.

          • sandraleesmith46

            You could also GET INVOLVED at the local level and work up from there!

          • Another good point and we should be able to can em too. No more waiting six years to fire a lousy senator. McCain has to go in AZ. Damn traitor and HE DOES NOT GET IT!

        • And you keep re-electing the same people?
          Give it up.
          Stop whining.
          Take responsibility for your own actions.

          • How do you know who I vote for? However, with your comment would bet you are a Far Left Wing Whack Job who probably voted for the Muslim/Commie, not once but twice, & probably vote for Killary if she is not indicted & in prison. Probably would vote for Killary if she were in prison as a write in.

          • Childish name calling.
            Ignorant religious slurs.
            No facts, just insults.
            I am so not impressed.
            Please find somewhere you like better and move there — today would be ideal.

          • i LMAO about your Far Left Wing Wahck Job Liberal comments. Pull your head out of where the sun does not shine so you do not suffocate.

          • Childish name calling.
            Ignorant religious slurs.
            No facts, just
            I am so not impressed.
            Please find somewhere you like better
            and move there — today …
            You embarass America with your ignroance.

          • Look, your bickering with Andy Ruby over your post has gone into overtime. Why don’t you and he just move on?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Not this dizzy TROLL bitch again…

          • How do you like your job at Taco Bell?
            Did they fire you after you arrest?

          • On 8 Jun 15 Kirkland M. Dennewitz, age 19, 9645 State Route 821, Lower Salem, was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. Through investigation, Deputies and Detectives learned that Mr. Dennewitz engaged in sexual acts with a thirteen year old Lower Salem resident once on 5 Jun and once on 6 Jun. Mr. Dennewitz admitted engaging in sexual acts with the victim and stated he believed she was fourteen or fifteen years old. He also said he knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with the child due to her age. (Source: Washington County (OH) Sheriff’s Office)

        • gonads ??? ( did you mean kohonas ? ) lol ( unfortunately; I can’t spell, either . lol ).


          • Agree McConnel has to go as well as Ryan. Ryan is just a clone of “Boner” Many of the old establishment welfare recipients need to be thrown out of office. That goes for both sides of the aisle.


          • Posting in all caps is the email equivalent of shouting. You might want to change to lower case.


          • I am well rebuked and understand. Thanks for sharing that message with me. Have a great day.

        • Term limits, same insurance they approve for us, no perks like lifetime salaries that are comparable to their actual salaries, special retirement perks, voting for their own raises which are off the chart these days. Roll it all back to the WWII pay and perks, and what ever they approve for us is what they get too. Etc!!!!!

      • Yes, try as far back as 1861 when Lincoln invaded the southern states sovereign territory with Federal troops. That act is when “states rights” were illegally abolished in favor of the Federal Government.

      • How about you take responsibility for your own actions?
        Congress is elected by the people.
        Do you even bother to vote?

      • Like sixty years now.

      • They are our Congress. We have let them run wild for to long. Holding the accountable and putting in term limits would do wonders at correcting this problem. SCROTUM needs to be slapped down by congress anytime they make up law or take a case that is not covered by actual Constitutional permission. The Supreme and not Supreme, they are co equal. The President is not allowed make up law, Congress needs to pound the predicaments dick into the dirt every time he steps to far . Any case of Presidential overstep should be immediately head in the Supreme Court because f the grave results

      • For at Least the Last 40 + Years

      • sandraleesmith46

        About 150 years, in fact, since they voted themselves a private corporation in 1871!

    • “Justices,” … ‘s denotes ownership! Justices is plural of justice. You’re welcome!


      • What’s with you, Georgie Boy? Are you the grammar police? (Note: “What’s” is the contraction for what is. Right, Georgie?)

        • Exactly, McFergie! There IS hope for you yet!!! Now you’re catching on! Ah’m sooo proud of you!

        • He’s just some nut job with a diction hang-up. If you will note, he never strays away from correcting other people’s posts. I’ve yet to actually see him participate in the discussions at hand.

        • Justice:
          a judge or magistrate, in particular a judge of the supreme court of a country or state.
          synonyms:judge, magistrate, jurist
          “an order made by the justices”

          • Yes, so? Where you going with this, AKLady? And does this also include Obozo’s screwy schemes for Social Justice, where “justice” is dispensed to groups rather than individuals? And doesn’t that fit perfectly with the dopey dems idea of pandering to political constituencies rather than individuals as outlined in our Constitution? (When old Georgie, aka Dr. Welby, reads this, he’ll have a Howard Dean meltdown.) Cheers.

          • Mehhhhh… not so much… sorry I couldn’t oblige, lolol.

          • So childish.
            So uneinformed.
            So not impressive.
            Take an American Government course.
            You are embarassing America.

      • Justice:

        a judge or magistrate, in particular a judge of the supreme court of a country or state.

        synonyms:judge, magistrate, jurist

        “an order made by the justices”

    • Put a sticker on your mirror – “the buck stops here” and quit looking for somebody else to insure your freedom. WE are the top of the food chain no matter WHAT gubmint says.

    • That’s because the members of both houses are more concerned about retaining their cushy jobs than doing what Is right for America. They are at the bidding of the lobbyists and more interested in getting their own pockets lined, rather than listening to the Americans that voted in good faith. Voted for them, put them in office, and took them at their word …that they would abide by the constitution and the word of law THAT THEY SWORE ON THE BIBLE TO UPHOLD. By putting party line judges on the bench, and one turn coat “conservative”, osama-obama has stacked the deck guaranteeing that only pro liberal anti-constitutional judgements would go forward.

      • You make it sound like that’s a bad thing, LOLOL. “Them that owns the gold makes the rules.”

        • didn’t say it was a bad thing . I said they were more concerned with lining their pockets than doing the job they were elected to do


    • You elected them
      Try taking responsibility for your own actions..

    • “So called justice’s” is correct. They are nothing but glorified lawyers wearing black robes who rule not by the Constitution, or common sense, but by their own political leanings. They are a bad joke. I refer to SCOTUS as SCROTUM. Think I might be sent to prison if I told them this in front of their glorified bench? Hell may go to prison for the contempt of this post?

  6. It makes no difference what the American Citizens beliefs are because God knows We Patriots to Our Country and to God Almighty are strong and steadily working to keep both God and Country in Our lives and Others! Christians cannot save anyone…God and Jesus does that on Their Own! We have to keep oneself Clean and keep on the Go line to hear our names called when God calls us Home to Heaven! All the Laws that “Anyone” makes up on their own saves noone! What the problems are that the Supreme Court and the Gays keep pushing is for everyone to accept their beliefs and that is “bias’! NO WAY!

  7. Anyone who doesn’t believe the “Supreme Court” isn’t biased, must have been brainwashed!

  8. It’s going to get a lot worse if Hillary or Sanders get to be president . Vote for Trump, he’s not beholding to anybody like the others with the Koch brothers .

    • How strange that only the Koch bros. are mentioned , when one of the biggest Dem contributors is George Soros who recently contributed to Hillary a cool seven million, as well as an undisclosed amount to Obama and “Swift boat ‘Kerry. The Koch brothers do many good deeds and contribute to worthy causes, while to find out about Soros and his deeds, it might enlighten you to do some research and why France holds animosity for him and they are not alone.

  9. A very feeble attempt to justify the Court making laws. Roberts is not interested in Constitutional law, but is interested in promoting his own twisted bias. However, with the three liberal women on the Court there is nothing we can do until Ginsburg resigns and a Republican president and Senate can put an unbiased justice on the Court. One has to wonder, and I am no conspiracy nut, whether the Dems have something on Roberts to cause him to stray from judicial norms.

  10. Does he hear himself talk? What the HE double toothpicks is he talking about. He was bought and paid for along time ago.

    • If you’re talking tRUMP, you are correct. Today tRUMP came out by fully loving the GLBT communities! I wish he’d make up his mind. I see tRUMP, Cruz, and Rubio totally imploding and ushering Bernie or Hillary into the WH on a white stallion and there ain’t a thing anyone can do about it. Plus a majority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, you boyz have brought about your own demise!

  11. Roberts is a perfect example of why we need term limits in Federal (including SCOTUS) Judges. To me, it’s beyond clear that these Judges DO allow their personal bias to enter into their rulings.. How else can Kegan and Ginsburg rationalize performing gay marriages WHILE they were ‘debating’ the legality of gay marriage?.. Their ruling on gay marriage was a sham after openly showing their bias.. and not recusing themselves.

    Roberts is a poor excuse for a judge. I honestly think someone in the Obama Admin has naked pics of him with someone he shouldn’t have been naked with………..

  12. Robert has betrayed us and has forsaken God. He knows it, and God knows it…and now, if you didn’t know it…you do now!

  13. The corruption is great and these justices who are playing god will pay a price that will haunt them for all eternity.

    • Woe unto you judges; isn’t that, the gist of your venom; finding fault, everywhere….judge….??? … Edgrrr…

      • When a nation and her people embraces un-righteous judges the nation and people will suffer condemnation.
        God doesn’t say that you are not to judge… But He does say that you will be judged with the same measure that you judge others with… It seems to me you are making a judgment on me with your question.. Are you being so bold to say you never judge? God’s WORD says do not be unequally yoked.. That requires you to make a judgment on those that you would want to date or marry. Would you not make a comment to your daughter if she chose a bum for a boyfriend?
        Leviticus 19:15 Ye shall do no unrighteousness in judgment: thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty: but in righteousness shalt thou judge thy neighbor.
        John 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

  14. “More like laughably unbelievable. Perhaps Roberts can claim this sort of objectivity for himself, but the court’s repeated 5-4 rulings along party lines make it a tough pill to swallow”

    but fools of the right, Gay marriage was NOT along party lines.

    the ACA decision was NOT along party lines.


  15. Propaganda !

  16. So when a Justice has officiated same sex marriages gets to make rulings on same sex marriage, that is not bias ? Or just a conflict of interest ? After the POTUS admonishes the justices publicly, the SCOTUS then literally writes words into a law that were not there before, that’s not bias ? Or just the Chief justice doing as he is told ?

  17. The public seems to lack an understanding of how our system of checks and balances actually works. The Supreme Court does not have the last word. The Congress has the authority to over rule the decisions of Supreme Court and can, in fact, remove a sitting Justice when they decide that s/he has strayed too far from the Constitution.
    In the case of Separation, Abortion, Gay Rights and Obamacare (taxation by the executive branch) It is clear that the Congress has failed to uphold their responsibility. The next President will have as many as three opportunities to nominate a new person to sit on our Supreme Court. Hillary Clinton, in an effort to court Obama’s support, has already said that she would nominate Obama. In light of our lack of Congressional responsibility this could spell the end of our Constitutional Republic. For our children’s sake, I urge everyone to stop the Democrats from winning the Whitehouse and elect a true conservative. And then demand that our Congress get back to work for us. This is the most important election in the history of America.

    • You can only look at the last 7 years with a wacky Republican majority in Congress. If you think normal, sane Americans are going to put up with TEApublicans for another four years, you don’t deserve to vote! President Obama has been the most successful President since Bill Clinton and he accomplished it all WITHOUT the help of Republicans… thank you! And You’re welcome!

      • Americans Wake Up

        You really are insane aren’t you? Please tell me it’s true because no sane person could ever think Obama is a good president- hardly a president at all.

      • Don’t you recall that obamao’s first two years included full wacky democrat Congress, not wacky republican? and then House was gained by Republicans, and then Senate? I see your re-write of history has begun, and from Brazil, no less, already a leader in political rewrite.

  18. I believe all Supreme Court Justices should be limited to a specific term. These “judges” are running amuck and literally changing the meaning of the constitution to suit themselves and the times.

  19. “Justice” Roberts sold out to Obama. One of The O’s men found Roberts’ clay feet and held them to the fire. Ask for truth about the Roberts’ adoption and see what answer comes up. One of O’s men had the goods, and he is also an underground muslim.

  20. The SCOTUS has no right to change laws that go back in time for eons, I don’t follow thier law only the lord has the right to change it.

  21. A lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is foolish. There should be a twelve to fifteen year limit to the terms, and the addition of six more justices would make a lot of sense. However, nothing positive is going to happen as long as America’s communist party, called Democrats, and America’s spineless party, called Republicans, control the process. For these seven justices to even refer to a Constitution that has not been adhered to since 1860 is a sad joke. A Supreme Court that actually based decisions on the U.S. Constitution would have prevented the tyranny under which we live today and prevented the War of Northern Aggression in 1861, not to mention a number of wars since that time.

  22. Ever since “Marbury vs. Madison” our Founding Fathers original concerns have been more than patently been borne out…The Supreme Court became a political arm of American governments Executive Branch of government. As such, Supreme Court and Justices nominations, are both, patently a POLITICAL organization. It was born as a POLITICAL organization has evolved a POLITICAL organization and never, ever having been a JUDICIAL one. This is exactly what Our Founding Fathers feared by having a powerful, self governing group of life serving politicians (Chief and JUSTICES) empowered over every aspect of American Citizens life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Our Founding Fathers wanted ALL courts in the USA to have no more than APPELLATE status. Why? Because per Founding Fathers combined thinking an APPELLATE COURT’s decision is the last word…PERIOD. There are remedies to this as stated in Federalist Papers, but the Supreme Court must be corralled with US Congressional oversight and COJONES. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128

    • Messup when you think about it how would it be possible for the courts not to become political?

      • Hi glenn398, Our Founding Fathers pondered exactly this knotty matter. For this reason, As Marbury wanted his “political heft” to forever overshadow all of future American legislation, Marbury forced his “imprimatur” upon the course of history by allowing for a collegiate group of savvy jurists (Supreme Court) to thwart legislative processes across these fruited plains…which has been the bane of America ever since 1913. But, Our Founding Fathers were also extremely savvy themselves! See, they allowed US Congress latitude in extirping from The Supreme Court, justices acting and “legislating” beyond their “original charter,” i.e., interpreting the US Constitution (wink, wink). But, as We The People have seen since recent ADA -“not a tax” and “gay marriage” fiascos, Supreme Court justices have acted as legislators and not Justices. Second important point, Our Founding Fathers pondered the important point of Justice and “supreme courts” having merely “appellate” status and NOT the level of Supreme Court status “Marbury vs. Madison” conferred upon this august body. Lastly, here’s a snippet from James Madison:

        Each of the nation’s founders left behind a significant amount of evidence as to what the powers of the judiciary were to be in the fledgling republic, especially when balanced against the executive and legislative branches. What the founders envisioned, however, bears little resemblance to the body that handed down a landmark decision last week (“gay marriage”).

        Take James Madison. As one of the three authors of The Federalist Papers, Madison was as apt as any to interpret the Constitution.

        “The powers properly belonging to one of the departments ought not to be directly and completely administered by either of the other departments,” Madison wrote.

        Does this help in understanding where America’s Judiciary is properly located in government?
        Secondly, James Madison, in his Federalist Papers extensively wrote, explained and disserted upon his fears of where an ever expanding Supreme Court would finally sidle up with the Executive branch of government, thus creating a “corporate” form of government rather than a “constitutional republic” form of government (separation of powers:Legislative, Judiciary and Executive) Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128

        • I understand the complete process but know it’s not very effective as the congress can pass anything they want but it will never go anywhere as we have a president in office that will veto anything they pass. The real problem started when the republican’s approved the people it did that Obama wanted on the courts to begin with. He now has enough not only on the supreme court but in circuit courts to back up his wishes. When you let a person like him who there is no question wants none other than to destroy this country have his way not only on the courts, pass his huge overspending budget but also have done nothing to stop the man you see there is little hope. Our founding fathers loved this country and could hardly ever envision a person like Obama that hates this country so much he just wants to destroy it. Nor could they envision the amount of people that don’t give a damn what happens to this country as long as the government checks keep coming in.

  23. The Constitution was followed in granting homosexuality based on human rights. But the right to marry is something else. The outcome is an attack by the LGBT community to go too far in their desire to attack Christians for their beliefs on the whole homosexual issue. Those who oppose homosexuality also believe that we are to follow the Bible which clearly teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman that promotes continuation of the species, which is natural in the lives of all other creatures on the planet. That appears to be the position of the Bible. Therefore, the issue with Christians is not one of bias but a duty to not accept their behavior including marriage. We are taught to love one another but not to accept what God opposes. Most LGBT people are on the same page with Christians on many issues and most are not a threat to society. There is some evidence that gay and transgender people have some issues within their genetic makeup. That might be. But their behavior is not consistent with the Bible and that is the reason Christians do not condone being involved with their practices. LGBT people and transgender people are not bad people mostly. But they do not meet the beliefs and practices of Christianity. Just as I will not participate in a n LGBT marriage in any way, neither will I support a wedding in certain groups that are considered to be religious. That would include Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses. Are they bad people? Absolutely not. I know many of them and they are nice folks. I get along fine with them. But I draw the line when it comes to attending their churches or participating in their weddings, funerals or other such activities. However, they are not Spiritually born Christians.

    • I don’t know where in Art 1 section 8 you find Federal Jurisdiction over marriage, I only find it in Amend. 10 under States and the people. But after your first statement, I can agree with most.

      • Gnowark,
        I commented only on the human rights of homosexuals as found in the First Amendment and 14th Amendment. I am not aware of anything in the Constitution that specifically make reference to gay marriage. I am afraid it is accepted without any actual clarification because it is a right to almost anyone else.

  24. Yes! you are Biased and WERE NOT given the power to make law as you have done you were given the responsibilty to look at the constitution and maintain the distribution of power in the government. You have only the power to rule on LAWS as it relates to the constitution, not make them. TRY TO DO YOUR JOB!!!!

  25. We don’t trust you and it’s your fault.

  26. Judge Roberts talks about Bias on the Supreme Court.
    A better discussion coming from Roberts would be………..Re-writing the Constitution by the Supremes !

    • The Diana Ross Supreme’s singing group would do a much better job. They sang the songs as they were written. The Supreme Court seems to have lost sight of the job, they were appointed to do!

  27. The SUPREMES have become Incompetent and Lazy………………………
    Their Interpretation and Work is done by those ‘youngin’s ‘ who Clerk for the above mentioned……………..!

  28. All objective American’s know that there is a bias in the courts that shows itself as Judicial Activism. Why else would it matter which party is in office at the time of an appointment to the bench? No, Justice Roberts folded to the pressures of the left for whatever reason that he had but folded he did. Justices are supposed to have enough character to rise above the fray but Justice Sotomayor failed to excuse herself from rendering a decision over issues that for which she was biased as was Justice Ginsburg.

  29. The first cure is to remove the justices from having a job for life. Term limits for the Supreme Court is just as important as for any other Federal job appointment, or elective office.
    The idea that Roberts could have possibly come up with the ridiculous decisions he has without a political bias is a joke no one can take seriously. Clown care is a tax? I guess there were nine justices in the clown car! The Supreme Court does not have the authority to “change” the Constitution by judicial fiat anymore than a president has the authority to write legislation through the process of Executive Order.
    Unfortunately, the Court at this time has no legal brain trusts sitting on it as it did in previous era’s. But unfortunately, we no longer have people worthy of the job in any Federal job anymore. It was at one time, people served in government for the honor of doing the job, then going home again to work their professions. Now people are in government for the sole purpose of personal gain.

  30. these idiots are sounding more and more like politicians to me. No political bias my lily white as-!!

  31. He has gone over to the communist NWO plantation too! The citizenry is on it’s own but I guess most of them haven’t figured this out yet. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr======================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed! mInr, NSA!

  32. peeweetanner@yahoo.com


    • After Obama’s first inauguration, Justice Roberts went quietly to the White House to re- administer the oath he administered that day. That was the story we were told, but another said it was to retake the oath on another Bible. In view of all the problems America has lately, it makes one wonder what really is the truth! I always trusted our leaders but my opinion has changed and I finally woke up!

  33. This is a pack of lies. When justices and judges at any level refuse to recuse themselves from cases when they have a dog in the fight, then bias is not only evident but it is outrageous. Kagan, Sotomayer, and Ginsburg all had dogs in both fights. BIAS IS ALIVE A WELL IN THE SCOTUS.

  34. This is a pack of lies. When justices and judges at any level refuse to recuse themselves from a case in which they have a dog in the fight, bias is not only unacceptable, it is outrageous. Kagan, Solomayer, and Ginsberg all had dogs in both fights and refused to recuse themselves, especially Kagan. BIAS IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE SCOTUS!

    SCOTUS is redefining the term “Letter of the Law”!
    SCOTUS no longer cares about the strict and exact language used in a statute,
    SCOTUS is redefining law, like they did with obamacare, SSM, voter registration,

    SCOTUS essentially abolished Congress and has made obama king to rule by executive order! forever?

    SCOTUS is also anti-American by deciding that nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and when casting a vote, especially by mail in ballot, thus making democrats kings forever!

    after SCOTUS approves obama’s illegal immigration,
    SCOTUS will find a way to get rid of the 2nd Amendment!

    SCOTUS is so corrupt they will next accept polygamous marriages, will accept children undergoing sex change surgery without parental consent, will accept the selling of baby parts, AND will accept obama’s sharia law that worships a prophet for raping a 9 year old girl, making pedophilia legal!

  36. soldier for liberty

    The fix is in elect another Democrat we become a socialist country!!!!!

    • We already ARE a socialist democracy! Just look at everything this country enjoys and you’ll see a social program behind it! You guys sure are DUMB!

      • Americans Wake Up

        You are a soldier for communism. We are a Constitutional Republic. Democracy destroys nations. Why do think the Demoncraps destroy everything they touch? Our Muslim Socialist president has destroyed the rule of law and the constitution.

  37. Judge Thomas is delusional if he thinks the supreme court is not following obama’s orders and disregarding the laws of our country. He knows better but has to defend his position. After all it is an appointment for life which should be changed. No political office should be appointed for life. There should be term limits for supreme court.

  38. If you think it’s bad now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, because the wackier the right wing extremists get, the more they will lose the respect of the Court system, the sane citizens, and the more the Court system will rule against you, with good cause. As long as the Court rules on the side of the Constitution and bases their decisions on fair and accurate information, the more you right wing zingers are going to be sorely disappointed! Jus’ sayin’!

    • That is utterly moronic. At the rate we’re going there won’t be a constitution to follow. That won’t matter anyway, with the fact that Hitlery and the libtard loons think it’s a great idea to bring all those savage animals under the guise of “refugees”, there won’t be any semblance of this once great country to want to salvage. Already European countries are deporting them back to their sandbox because they are learning just how horrible things can get. Scotus would side with the morons on the left and will NEVER admit they were wrong.

  39. We have as it happened over 200years ago TAIATION without Representation!

  40. Roberts is either on the Dole or has been threatened or both .

  41. The problem of USSF bias did not begin with Roberts (though he has done nothing to stop it), it began with the first court (Marshall??) to create precedent based upon case law. I write repeatedly that this and all courts must return to legal principle found in the Constitution as the basis for decisions. Change is the buzzword for Progressives aka Socialists and Communists. Simplify, simplify could be the cry for us to return Barry’s Socialist tyranny to a Constitutional Republic.
    (And, yes, Jtitan, Congress did do this by approving the Progressive President’s nomination.)

  42. Roberts is the biggest problem on the Supreme Court. He is the most biased member.

  43. perhaps the most frighting thing about the statement Roberts has made IS that “Justice” Roberts is either delusional or NO LONGER capable of telling the truth.
    The CONSTITUTION limits the powers of “each branch” of government in order to prevent the court from legislating from the bench which is just what Roberts and others have been doing. Those powers NOT specifically granted the government by the CONSTITUTION are reserved to the states and the people respectively.
    Thus GAY marriage is a states issue NOT federal and OBAMANATION care cannot possibly be legal because ALL tax’s MUST originate in the house NOT the executive branch, And ROBERTS declared OBAMANATION care to be a tax yet stated that it was legal. This action alone PROVES extreme bias and is nothing less than criminal in it’s action, as it shows total disregard for the law and the CONSTITUTION.

  44. What a bunch garbage in garbage out rhetoric. The judges that voted against what was paseed this past year made it very clear the rulings were an over reach and setting dangerous precedence. Still to this day the ruling on same sex marrige is not the law and anyone wth half a brain knows this. These judges know but don’t care their ruling was unconstitutional. They should, if there were a way, be removed from their position for making up stuff that doesn’t even exist in their area of responsibility. Despicable decision by out of control justices. Now you can call me names or whatever you want but you can never change the truth.

  45. I hope a Convention of States materializes. Several things that need changing are term limits for congress members, overturn of Supreme Court rulings by 2/3 vote of States, elimination of one-judge rulings – should require 3 minimum – regarding political matters, executive orders limited to execution of congressional laws or rulings, and all rulings must be accompanied by the element of the Constitution – only the USA Constitution – used as the basis.

  46. AmericanPatriot67

    John Marshall is lying in his coffin cheering the SCOTUS as it is now constituted (pardon the pun). In my lifetime, I have seen only one other flaming Lieberal SCOTUS and that was the Earl Warren Court of the 1950s and 1960s. We should nullify in the State Legislatures every Lieberal ruling by the current crop of Justices, including the “Conservative” Chief Justice, Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kennedy, etc. I’m of the opinion that a renewed civil disobedience protest is more and more called for, if we are ever to regain superiority over a SCOTUS gone wild on its “considered” judgments.

  47. Deeds not words. Words are cheap.

  48. Roberts sold out to Obama and threw the Nation under the bus. He has no right to say that the Supreme Court and many lower Courts are not biased.

  49. Seeing all the posts that Mr. Melby authors one would have to come to two conclusions about him! He probably does not have a paying job and he surely is a real “dick”!

  50. Our Supreme Court has gone into a spiritual nirvana – those justices now discern new laws “emanating from the penumbras of the Constitution”.


  52. Chief Justice John Roberts is an enemy of the state, overriding Congress, misinterpreting the constitution, singlehandedly destroying our medical system, and now having the onions to arrogantly disclaim his betrayals, and overriding his limited authority. He has reinterpreted the true intent of the constitution, and should be immediately impeached

  53. The country is decidedly less Christian and more secular than it was a generation ago. That reality is reflected in the judiciary, perhaps with more potential for damage than in the general population. Example? Abortion rights invented by the court. Gay marriage, ditto.

  54. Demand term limits for senators, congress and the supreme court as the court has overstepped its authority repeatedly. Their job is to follow the constitution not to rewrite it so anything not mentioned by the constitution rightfully is a states right issue…such as gay marriage.


    • ROFLMBO!! Wow! You DO know words with more than four letters and they still let you in the military? No wonder we haven’t won any wars since WW2! Remember (and you should know this….), it only takes one bullet… I pray you use it wisely!

  56. The vast majority of Senators and Representatives have this mindset that they are there for their own agenda, not the peoples. During their campaigns they promise to fight for people who elected them but as soon as the election is over they pursue their own goals. They get into a comfortable career position and if we reelect them they think we approve of their actions. The voters need to stop reelecting the people who have forgotten why they are there and have allowed the Supreme Court and the Executive Branch to do as they please to suit themselves. They work 3 days a week, leave Friday for home and return Monday night. They spend time on deals that will fatten their wallets. What do we do? We keep electing these do-nothings showing them that we approve.

  57. “But we often have no policy views on the matter at all. And that’s an important distinction.” ”
    And the word jumping out is: OFTEN.

  58. Justice Roberts has been compromised.

  59. Since when is the court allowed to create laws, when the Constitution says only Congress is vested with that power??? A Court ruling is really nothing more than a “legal opinion” that must be enacted as a law by the Congress. The Congress represents the whole spectrum of America, border to border, sea to shining sea, as such represents the “opinion” of America across the whole spectrum, and therefore reflects the opinion as to where most Americans would agree or disagree with any “Decision” by the court, and whether it should/should not become law. In a nutshell, it’s every American cast their vote through their representitives for/against the courts decisions, which has been denied to every American, Congress has never passed a law upholding Gay marriage.

  60. Term Limits for SCOTUS

  61. LIBERAL LEANING Roberts was appointed by the RINO George W. Bush…..ENOUGH SAID….

  62. Judge Roberson is a lying motherf–king SOB, who has sold his country out to the left, it will be a great day when he is off the court. Maybe Donald Trump will find to dump his worthless child raping ass.

  63. Roberts is not being honest if this is what he actually believes and he is symptomatic of political division among party lines which is NOT supposed to happen at the Supreme Judicial court,.. Also, some of the decisions have been made using LEGISLATIVE authority not germane to the judicial branch of the Government and HE as Chief Justice should know that. . I have had a degree in Government for 48 years and if you think of the Rosenbergs and their execution in the mid 50’s for giving nuclear secrets to the Russians, then look at the Uranium gate scandal involving Canadian billionaire Frank Giufra and the Clintons when Hillary was Secretary of State and permitted the sale of roughly 20% of our available Uranium supply to a RUSSIAN company for an undisclosed total amount of donation to the Clinton Foundation; why is there no similar JUSTICE? This has been reported in Western Journalism and by Liberty Guard as occurring between June of 2010 and October of that year. Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 -2013 and there was NO INSPECTOR GENERAL oversight of her stewardship of the Secretariat; the only time that has been so in American History and only recently disclosed. She should NEVER be elected president with these conditions unanswered. period!

  64. I’ve said for a long time the nine glorified black robes on SCOTUS, who I call SCROTUM, rule by political leanings & not by the Constitution or even common sense. Do not want to hear the hot air of Roberts who rewrote Ovomit care from the bench. He or his family’s welfare most have been threatened for him to do so. If it were not for SCROTUM the USA would not have become as screwed up as it is. Also, These “so called” legal scholars should not be given life time appointments & this should be changed immediately. Some of them, e.g., Ruth Bader Ginsberg, should be in an old age home with their depends diapers.

  65. Term limits

    • Term limits will change the personnel on the court but not necessarily the political make-up. Without a balance of philosophies on the court the problems will continue.

  66. Unfortunately it is “We the People…” who have allowed our system to be perverted. Not only The Supreme Court but our entire government. We Baby Boomers were raised by “The Greatest Generation,” of the WWII era. We still taught our kids patriotism and pride in our country. Starting with The Warren Commission Report, mistrust began creeping into the equation. Nobody did anything to challenge it. We Baby Boomers still considered it our duty to serve our nation by joining the military to fight communism in Vietnam. When the carpet was pulled out from under us and we were forced to stop fighting and go home, more mistrust in our military and the government blossomed. Our grandchildren made fun of us for our wasted effort and mistrusted the government even more. On and on with Affirmative Action (aka; reverse discrimination), the NOW Movement, the shift in the economy which made it necessary for husband and wife to work leaving the children to their own devices. The ACLU forcing our nation away from God. Homosexuality changed from being an abomination to being something to be proud of. The 9-11 attacks brought out patriotism for a season but has since been replaced by complacency. And now we have a president who, along with his administration runs roughshod over our once-revered Constitution. And nobody does anything about it. Who is to blame? Look in the mirror.

  67. The point you made about loading the court with Conservative justices not being advised is a valid point because it can and will open up problems in the future. The justices offer and write opinions based on their interpretation of the Constitution. Justices are recommended by the Executive branch based on their past findings and as they ‘satisfy’ the needs as determined by the Executive branch which is by its nature subjective. It becomes the job of the Legislative branch to approve or disapprove the appointment. As human beings first and justices second, the best they can do is try to be objective. Regardless of the way they go, someone will be offended. Their job is not to legislate. Their job is to judge the legality of legislation but only when there is a challenge to the legislation. They can’t originate the challenge.

  68. Maydell Harper Sims Bolding

    The Supreme Court Justices do not iinterpet the law in line with the Constitution. The liberals outvote the few conservatives. Whatever the liberal judges think it should be, that is how they vote. What gets me is the fact that Congress has the ability to overturn some of the decisions that are made, yet, they don’t have the backbone to do anything. They don’t listen to the people who voted them in office. They promise all kinds of things, yet, when the time comes to do something worthwhile, they sit on their rears and don’t do anything. I am fed up with all the political garbage they feed the American people. There are very few in the Senate or the Congress that try to do what’s right, but they get voted down by all the others.

  69. Once the court began expanding the constitution, the court was turned into a law maker by usurping the power of congress.

  70. Gosh, so uber progressive Chief Justice John “It’s not my job” Roberts doesn’t think their is any bias in the Supreme court. Well THAT makes me feel better about all those absurd rulings. The purpose of lifetime appointments sure has backfired on us. The whole point of that was to take political pressure away from the court, but instead we now have idealogs ruling as they see fit as oppossed to bothering to interpret what the constitution says. Maybe he doesn’t interpret that to be bias.

  71. Why of course there’s no bias, every day there are appellate judges in courts all over the land who do not recuse themselves and then advocate, from the bench, FOR the laws that they themselves had, previous to their appointments to their benches, worked with the writers and legislators to pass. And the 8 other judges don’t even blink much less do or say anything about it. After all, what’s 1 biased judge on 5-4 court of 9 supposedly unbiased judges.

  72. Things maybe should change to the Justices being voted in and term limits. President has too much to say about who he has helping him, i.e.all his czars. Sounds very foreign and seems there is no limit to who or how many he can appoint.

  73. Chief Justice John Roberts is America’s modern day Judas.

    What dirt does the Jewish ADL have on you that YOU betrayed us and gave ObamaCare your approval? We the people will NEVER trust you again. You are no patriot, just another corrupt judge in a black robe.

  74. All SC justices should be elected, not appointed! Otherwise, the court inevitably will rule in favor of laws enacted by the current administration.


  76. Roberts will go down in Infamy , for being the person who turned against his Country. Many will remember his name, and his memory is a disgrace to this Nation. May America never forget his disgraceful abandonment of our values.

  77. Right. And if you believe that you also believe that Islam is a religion of peace. What a absolute crock of bull. Not only are they politically biased but I know for sure that the democrat leaning justices lack integrity when it comes to recusing themselves from cases where they have shown their predisposition about an issue. I am speaking specifically of Kagan and Ginzburg. Kagan worked as Solicitor General on ObamaCare and both Kagan and Ginzberg officiated at homosexual weddings. That proves bias in my book.

  78. He must be blind and naked to say such a thing. Nothing could be more obvious. He is fraud, a pretender and one of the strongest destroyers of our Constitution. He is held to uphold all findings in decency, nothing can be as indecent as what this court has done. And God will not be mock, you will stand before the real judge of the World, Lord have mercy for the foolish godless things you have done.

  79. Our government does not not do their jobs

  80. Everyone knows that Kagen was involved in Obamacare and Kagen and Ginsberg performed gay sex marriages before the case came before the Supreme Court so they should have recused themselves from the cases. It didn’t happen and now you see the results. Therefore Roberts can say there wasn’t any bias before the from the Supreme Court.

  81. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    A REBIRTH of the German Supreme Court of the NAZIonale Sicialistische Deutsche Arbetrer Partei of Nazi Germany?

  82. All Appointees are Biased That is why they should be Elected by the People

  83. I think some one put the fear of God in Robert’s ear. I heard he had decided against Obamacare and something made him change his mind. He probably will never tell Americans the truth.

  84. Just a thought! If Hillary is elected to the office of President, she will have the opportunity to place as many as four (4) new Justices on the Supreme Court. That would give the Liberal/Socialist party a majority on the court, and if that happens, well, you can kiss the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and America as a beacon of Freedom “Good Bye”! You think this court is biased, You will see the UN courts ruling in American!

  85. Our Congress, if not divided by Union Political Parties, could have reversed the Court’s ruling. America has been betrayed by the Supremes and the US Government.

  86. B.S. Roberts was blackmailed by ovomit because Roberts went outside the law to adopt his child. I wouldn’t trust any of them!

  87. Glen, I’m sorry to report (I’m 74.5yrs) that it’s our fault the country is this shape. We did t take our children to church, to civic functions in which our parents were involved, to the political rallies and poling places, etc. Or maybe our parents tired from the war effort didnt teach us. In fact, we are the first generation of peacetime prosperity since 1920, the first got-to-have-it-NOW generation. Therefore, we owe it to work our tired-old asses off to return us to a constitutional republic. It’s atonement for our many sins.

  88. In order for Roberts to continue to betray conservatives, he must pretend that he is still a conservative.

    It does not surprise me that Roberts does not see his own bias. One can not be awakened when one pretends to be asleep.

  89. A corrupt Executive Branch, a corrupt Congress, and a corrupt Supreme Court don’t speak very well for the survival of this once great nation! The divine tenets on which this nation was originally founded have been “thrown out”. Political Correctness has replaced our Constitution. We are reaping what we have sown! No human politics will save this nation!

  90. In view of Chief Justice Roberts’ contorted view of language striking down the challenge to Obamacare’s “exception clause” by multiple states before the Supreme Court…there is no question Roberts and the others overstepped their decision without case of common law basis.

    Moreover, the same-sex law is severely flawed, as no impartiality existed considering two justices, Bader-Ginsberg and Kagan, as recently as September 2014, nine months before they voted for same-sex marriage, had both respectfully presided over same-sex marriages. They should have recussed themselves.

    So, a big yes. They Supreme Court IS biased.

  91. Read, Understand, and Apply the Constitution of The United States of America OR we will get MORE of this…

    A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots! AND TYRANTS AND BUREAUCRAPS!!!

    If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but 
not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or 
to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might 
live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a 
check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not 
to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that 
was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from 
owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty 
F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but 
not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make 
you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is
 run by idiots.

    If an 80-year-old woman or a three-year-old girl who is confined to a 
wheelchair can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman 
in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head 
searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but 
is run by idiots.

    If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions 
of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his 
teacher is “cute,” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class 
in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more 
government regulation and intrusion, while not working is rewarded with 
Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free
 cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses 
but is run by idiots.

    If the government’s plan for getting people back to work is to 
provide incentives for not working, by granting 99 weeks of unemployment 
checks, without any requirement to prove that gainful employment was 
diligently sought, but couldn’t be found — you might live in a nation 
that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest 
big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a 
wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government 
forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a
 nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself 
makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a 
nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If the media panders to your openly socialist leader while the IRS targets groups with dissenting views— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your government ‘cracks down’ on legal gun sales to law abiding citizens while secretly supplying illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels— you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    If your local government (Chicago) outlawed gun ownership for ‘the safety of its citizens’ and now boasts the worst murder rate in the country — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

    What a country!

    How about we give God a reason to continue blessing America?

    This was borrowed from another blog, authors unknown, please spread it far and wide!

  92. I wonder if John Roberts is going to cry again.

  93. The whole purpose of the SCOTUS is to interpret the U.S. Constitution (the Supreme Law) and guard against any statutes the may be in conflict with it. For this, each Justice must be apolitical and not allow their personal biases interfere with that job. Sorry to say that that’s not what’s happening today. Although they are perceived to have a “lifetime appointment”, Article III, Sec 1 of the U.S. Constitution states that: ‘The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their offices during good behavior,…’ What if they shirk their duty of “interpreting” the Constitution and begin “legislating” from the bench and begin allowing their personal biases to interfere with their singular sworn duty? This is a clear violation of both Article I, Sec. 1 and Article III, Sec 1 because it’s a usurpation of the limited powers with which the SCOTUS is constitutionally charged. This is NOT “good behavior” in my book. This folks is what impeachment proceeding in congress are for. “We The People” are the true government of this Constitutional Republic and WE, through the representatives that WE elect have the final word. WE can have any one (or all) of these Justices removed from office if they dare to mess with OUR Supreme Law. Personally, I can think of four of them that without a doubt should go!

  94. 2 of the supreme court justices did not recuse them selves as required by law. They had performed homosexual marriages,commented on the case while it was still under consideration. So the law they passed is worthless to the states.

  95. Bunch of bulldump if I’ve ever heard it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  96. I think the word, “intent” drives the court as much as their personal political beliefs. By “intent” they make such a statement rather than do by the actual wording and the context of the date and issues of the time period when the amendment is passed. One of my pet peeves is the misuse of the 14th Amendment which has to do with freedom and citizenship. The issue was the ending of slavery, period. What the amendment says is relative to that issue and not necessarily any other issue.

  97. Our Supreme Court is now engaged full time in smelling the emanations from the penumbras of the Constitution; forget the Constitution!

  98. This Court is one of most ACTIVIST COURTS in US HISTORY. John Roberts has on numerous occasions already, betrayed the United States Constitution. I don’t know if it was due to some fear of Obama or if he was a Trojan horse all along. He is not running this court according to the United States Constitution, but on some weird ideology.

  99. The judges are wrong about things and are causing a lot of discord in the country. They were meant to be the least of government but have turned in to the most powerful.

  100. Well, we are waiting with baited breath to see what they decide about BO’s illegal edicts granting amnesty illegally to millions of illegal aliens who have crossed our borders with no regard thanks to BO not enforcing our laws. Are they going to allow this president to rewrite or make new laws or not? If so, then we do have to rewrite the terms of their employment in the judicial system!

  101. Mr Larry Rodger Chase

    yeah right and I am the king of siam!!

  102. peeweetanner@yahoo.com

    Roberts knew that Obama lied to the American people but he still let the Obamacare go through

  103. Justice Roberts is a liar!


  105. These civil servants from the White House through the supreme kangaroo court have sold their souls to the devil for power and money.

  106. If they would vote according to the Law and the Constatution it would be a unamous Vote because they can not make Laws On Congress and that is thru the WE the PEOPLE PERIOD

  107. Roberts knew obamacare was wrong for the country but HE was the deciding vote to pass it.Who had what on
    the justice for him to pass this abominable law?

    • Obama must have pictures….somebody got him by the BALLS


  108. I think the worst problem with this court and many before it is that they make rulings on subjects that should be subject to the 10th Amendment and the purview of the states or the people.

  109. Don’t really care what that PoS says. For whatever reason, the Kenyan mudslime/marxist in the White House clearly owns him and neither of them has any personal credibility left.

  110. Roberts is an Obama stooge, he cares nothing for our Constitution just his own image of what he thinks America should be a socialist crap hole, like that idiot Sanders,

  111. America needs term limits on everyone of these fools in the Supreme Ct, as well as our so called Congress and Senate. We need to weed out the fools who support fascists and liars like Obama. No more life long membership to the old boys club anymore. Eight years for them all no more. They all must be elected, not appointed by Presidents.
    No more attacks on our Constitution, delete Executive orders except in disasters and wars. No more Executive attacks on our Constitution ever again. The people must maintain the power not these life long Politicians anymore.

  112. We the people, for the people, by the people of the people, not life long politicians any longer, who’s only interest is their own.

  113. They are to use the letter of the law……not how they feel or think it should be. I think sometimes the justices fear this president more than they follow the law! Why would they fear him? I wonder!!


  115. Roberts is a flaming homosexual. What else should we expect.

  116. good_night_good_luck

    what you don’t believe in the 14th amendments equal protection under the law clause. as for obama care it was a great gift to the insurance lobby, when it should have been single payer medicare for all.
    the perversion by this corporate court was shown as recent as yesterdays stay on clean air regulations.

  117. And what about activist conservatives? Don’t they fit into the equation as well?

  118. Who does he think he is kidding!!… He is the reason we have Obamacare.. Will not forget that!!

  119. NO Bias ??? PURE 100% BULLSHIT STORY

  120. The Constitutional directive for the Supreme Court is to rule on the Constitutional compliance of the legislation/law itself. That tells me one thing; the justices are biased to the point of not judging according to their Constitutional charge. Every decision should be based on whether the issue meets the wording of the Constitution or not. This crap of “intent” sucks. What does the matter before them say literally? Does it comply with the Constitution? One word of serious caution. No government body has a right to violate the moral conscience of citizens. Thus says the First Amendment. Separation of church and state is crap and a myth. It is nowhere in the Constitution. It is a false concept invented by the Supreme Court.

  121. Chief Justice Roberts may deny Supreme Court Bias but we, the People, thing very differently! His vote on ObamaCare was at the very least bad behavior and unconstitutional…and he knew that! Our Constitution stipulates that Supreme Court justices can only remain on the bench in “good behavior”. In the first instance the U.S. House of Representatives did not make or pass a House bill to raise taxes for ObamaCare, or as the Constitution stipulates “revenue”. The House is charged, in the Constitution, with the sole power to pass bills to raise revenue, i.e. taxes. The Senate may pass a bill to concur or oppose House revenue bills but they have no constitutional power or authority to falsify an existing House bill that commits a crime against the People. Roberts knew Harry Reid, in the Senate, illegally changed and falsified an earlier House bill that raised revenue for another entirely different tax. Reid should have been impeached and removed from office for that illegal act! For that Roberts should have been forced to resign or be impeached by Congress. Now regarding the immigration decision, the four justices voting to allow the President to use unconstitutional executive orders to bypass the U.S. Congress was unconstitutional and therefore illegal and was again in bad behavior and they too should be impeached and removed from office by Congress!

  122. Robert’s defense of the Court concerning bias is laughable. Yes, as Gruber noted most Americans are just our right stupid, but the justices are supposed to rule on Constitutionality not their own social and political prejudices.
    And that statement by me is pure fantasy. Of course they vote their personal beliefs regardless of the Constitution and that is why we have gay marriage and Obama care. This is also why the Republicans must retain control of the Senate so more liberals are not selected and why we need a strong conservative President who nominates real judges, not political and social ideologues.

  123. Well may not be biased just full of Bull shit…If they do not vote their politics I will fly over on my wings and say I am so sorry I misunderstood their contempt for the Constitution.

  124. Now how many of them were in cahoots with the democrats to take out Scalia. Who murdered him? Even without a autopsy it was murder. Having the Dr.s not do an autopsy we believe a democrat murdered him and then with a quick burn job so no one would really find out how he was murdered. It was a good quiet hide a way to have someone murdered. Maybe you got the same guy that killed all of the Clinton’s enemys. All 58 to count so far.

    • Political murders are the MO of the fascist right, let me direct you to the CIA. History is not optional, nor are facts. RFK, MLK, SEN. PAUL WELLSTONE, JFK SR. & JR, CONGRESSMAN HALE BOGGS, MX, MEDGER EVERS, FRED HAMMOND …..

  125. MuslimLuvChrist

    this admin is totally corrupt, kill the crooked one and the muslim traitor

  126. he is either lying or to blind to see what is happening I once respected him but feel he has sold out tp liberals not respecting the Constitution if the United States

  127. Along the way they have seemed to have forgotten that all law is base upon which societal mores are acceptable to the populace and it’s beliefs’ and then more than likely after they, the populace, forced the rulers to concede to their wants and desires. Hopefully this process will not have to be repeated in the future to insure this for our country..

  128. sandraleesmith46

    Well, of course he’s “not bothered”; he’s been bought or threatened into compliance with the regime!

  129. No more life long appointments. He can deny all he wants and we can believe all we want. They are voting the way the wind blows.

  130. Just another activist GLOBALIST judge who cares more for ILLEGALS and REFUGEES than he cares for the AMERICAN CITIZEN.

  131. Roberts can deny bias all he wants but he cannot deny this court CHANGES the meanings of words to suit their predetermined DECISIONS.

    • Judge Roberts is my cousin, he is a ‘Jack Kemp conservative’, from a huge family of Democrats. The predetermination will always fall toward right wing fascism I assure you.

  132. Just because who they are they think they can violate the constitution just because some lawbreaking libturd president made them what they are does not make them above the law. Some have violated their oath of office just as many politicians have and should be removed. One justice was murdered by this administration because he would not violate his oath. Goverenment has grown way too big and the buck is passed and no one is held accountable. Some ropes need to be stretched and some attitudes will change.

    • Yes, 9 would be better. Hope we won’t need 9 come November like in the coup of 2000.

      • We need 9 but at least 5 of conservative ones. Better if 6 or 7. How can the left judge the constitutionality of anything when they are against the Constitution and want to make all people slaves to them? The Bill of Rights were written to be upheld and lived by. Not pissed and shit on by Demoncrats.

  133. Patricia McGehee

    We need a way to take the Robe away from a Supreme when they “make law” or treat the Constitution like a “living document” subject to every whim.

  134. The Justices made a good decision on immigration for Americans, our country is over run with terrorists and thugs killing Americans. enough is enough, we will take back our country.

    • Terrorists? lmao! what color is the kool aid? Have you yet found the link between the Cincinnati gorilla, the Orlando gator and Isis ?

  135. Our Congress ignores the American people, they only concern themselves with raises and more money for re-election, they are not fit to serve Term limits for them all.

  136. I believe Roberts has become mentally ill, the stress of the Left blackmailing him has caused him to become unhinged!

  137. If the Court is not bias, then that can only mean that Roberts is a traitor.

  138. Ha Ha John, That’s a good one bet you said it with a straight face too


  140. Roberts has turned into a 3rd rate joke. A left wing Activist Judge who believes it is his place to re-write laws. A frightened little troll. Afraid to tell Obama he cannot act as a king or any other tyrant in the United States. In other words A COWARD

  141. Sorry Roberts, but consistent with the law does not include YOUR changing of one word in the Obamacare Law to “MAKE” it constitutional. Decisions based on “societal” issues, that are not included in the Constitution are not consistent with the law. Where was the “objectiveness” on the recent overstep of Obama on the illegal alien issue. There is no Constitutional nor Immigration Law that justifies the 4-4 split. The only reasoning being political, not Constitutional.

  142. When the decisions handed down go along party lines, do not tell me it’s raining while you piss down my leg.

  143. Four to four on the vote over the illegal edicts. The very ones that BO knew he could not write himself. Yet, it was tied. No, there is no justice in this country. The fact that four supreme court judges would have approved his edicts and let him write new laws confirms the corruption even at the level of the highest court in the country. Do they all think we are utter idiots not to understand that even a split vote means the justices were playing politics NOT constitutional law? DAH!

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