Justice Department Seizes Hillary’s Server

The time has finally come. At long last, after playing games with a congressional investigation, Hillary Clinton is turning her private server over to the Justice Department. Clinton said on multiple occasions that she would not take this step, but as this becomes less about politics and more about potential wrongdoing, she has changed her tune. Clinton claims she has “pledged to cooperate” with the government’s investigation. From the outside, though, it appears she may be out of options when it comes to stonewalling.

Along with the server, Clinton also gave the Justice Department flash drives containing copies of emails she sent and received while serving as secretary of state. These drives were in the possession of Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall. But as it becomes clear that there is classified and sensitive information contained in the emails, the FBI decided to confiscate them.

Chief among the problems with these emails? The FBI has found no indication that Clinton used any form of encryption on the server, meaning her correspondence would have been easily readable to a third-party hacker.

The news comes as Senator Chuck Grassley said that there were at least two emails on Clinton’s server marked “Top Secret, Sensitive Comparted Information,” one of the highest levels of classification. This revelation is likely why federal officials are stepping up the investigation.


The Clinton campaign, the Justice Department, and the FBI are all denying that this is a criminal investigation, but that’s to be expected. After all, this could be the next president of the United States. That’s the kind of heat you don’t need. Investigators will need to find something incontrovertible and damning to consider bringing charges against the former secretary of state.

That said, it wouldn’t be surprising. There is far too much smoke here for there not to be a fire somewhere. Clinton was grossly negligent in her casual approach to national security, a fact that should disqualify her from the presidency at the very least. One doubts that investigators have found the last classified email.

What’s interesting now are the unknowns. Why did she do this? It wasn’t just for “convenience” obviously. She had a reason for wanting her emails on a private server. She had a reason for destroying thousands of emails without reading them, in direct defiance of a congressional order. Is there some innocuous excuse for all of this? An affair she was trying to hide? Maybe. She learned from the best, after all.

Regardless of the reason, what she did was inexcusable. And by the time the FBI finishes looking through that server, Clinton’s political ambitions may be over.

Well, we can hope.

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