Justice Clarence Thomas Ordered To Resign

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is facing a lot of online criticism over not recusing himself from a case that relates to his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, who allegedly tried to assist Trump in overturning the 2020 Presidential election.

Representative Bill Pascrell Jr., a New Jersey Democrat, posted on Twitter on Friday to note that Thomas was “corrupt as hell and should resign from the Supreme Court.”

Thomas, a conservative judge, is currently presiding over Moore v. Harper, a case that would determine where the power to redraw electoral maps in North Carolina lies.

In Moore v. Harper, Republicans are inquiring whether electoral maps can be redrawn and whether the state courts have the legal authority to simply get rid of the older versions of these maps. The justices are called to consider the “Independent State Legislature theory,” which previously held that the courts did not possess the power to strike down maps that had previously been drawn by state legislatures. It is unlikely that the Court will provide a final decision on Moore until next year.

The Brennan Center for Justice had previously said that Moore v. Harper was “an appeal advocating for extreme interpretation of the Constitution” and that this would make it easier for unfair election districts to be created which would affect future elections and ballot counting

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