Jury Nails Rolling Stone, Reporter with $3 Million Judgement

It was one of the most astonishing lapses of journalistic integrity in modern American history. Rolling Stone, a once-respected – if relentlessly liberal – publication – trashed their reputation by running what now appears to have been a wholly fictitious tale of rape on the campus of the University of Virginia. Within days of the story’s 2014 publication, journalists and law enforcement officials began to question the veracity of the reporting. It wasn’t long before the entire story unraveled and it became clear that the so-called victim in the story – “Jackie” – had invented her tragedy from whole cloth.

But it wasn’t “Jackie” who was put on trial; it was Rolling Stone and the story’s writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, both of whom ignored many disturbing red flags on the way to publishing “A Rape on Campus.” The two entities were sued for defamation by UVA administrator Nicole Eramo, who was vilified in the piece for not doing enough to punish the fraternity involved in the (nonexistent) gang rape.

On Monday, a jury awarded Eramo $3 million in damages.

That judgement wouldn’t have been possible if the jury had simply found Rolling Stone and Erdely guilty of shoddy journalism. In delivering their verdict, they found that the magazine and the writer had shown intentional malice in publishing the piece, having overlooked so many signs that “Jackie’s” story was not true.

The magazine’s lawyers argued that Rolling Stone’s reputation had already been damaged enough, but Eramo couldn’t muster any sympathy.

“It took two years and all this to get an apology,” she said from the witness stand. “And I still don’t believe it is a real apology. The regret I see is that they’re in the position they’re in today.”

The case has come to act as a potent symbol for the men’s rights movement, who say that an overemphasis on the threat of campus rape has left schools and male students in a no-win situation. Simultaneously, it has been a blow to modern feminism, which has spent much of its political capital in recent years on concepts like “rape culture” in an effort to tighten laws governing consensual sex.

In many ways, though, the longterm conversation may be less focused on the particulars of the Rolling Stone story and more on the dangers of activist journalism. And in that conversation, the magazine’s shameful ethics are only a small part of the picture.

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  1. Should have ordered that POS rag shut down.

  2. Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron for this piece of drivel – considering the lack of substance that ever seems to grace these pages. Hyperbole and BS, zero facts – but heh what does that matter, works for Rolling Stone.

    • Glad to see you are still here and not in Canada yet Oh smarmy one! Your univershitty professors failed to elect your Cankled Liar! You all must try harder or move to Kalaphornia where EXTREMELY STUPID voters elect putrid libTURDS and vote themselves tax increases.

      • Didn’t vote idiot – wanted neither, found both repugnant, both unworthy of the “Office”, one just more of a joke than the other.

        Here’s a laugh – despite the Full House of Republicans (House and Senate too) what will Trump now do? He offered voters a wall, ban on Muslims and reneging or renegotiation on Trade Deals. Am curious how this will happen – the President has no power, cannot create laws or policy. Now you will claim Obama has easily done this and I will ask you for one bit of proof which on every occasion so far you have failed to do. So will Trump be paying for the wall himself?

        So you’ve all been duped – the plutocracy has been elected again, the people will continue to pay for the largesse of the few. I must say I find it most amusing and am looking forward to the entertainment – will he change his spiel, will he blame the Rino’s, will he get a better hairpiece.

        Either way Clinton/Trump it is the final nail in the coffin of the “Empire That Never Was”. The country is bankrupt and the bill will take two generations to pay, by which time another power will have taken over or if we are lucky then a world government of sorts will have evolved.

        Actually I haven’t lived in the US for over a decade – just like gloating. It’s stuffed!

        • Then who cares what you think? You missed so many points and details, it is too much effort to correct. Glad you found somewhere else to be obnoxious.

          • Me! Please correct me – I’ll be waiting!!!

            Amused by your editing – backtrack, backtrack………………………..

            I am merely a pragmatic realist, if my tone is obnoxious it is not intended.

          • Nothing huh? Did you want to go in my “Doofus” list or the “Dumb-doo-hickey” one?

    • Works for the democrat liberal scumbag corrupt party. Facts do lie but libturds do

      • You’ve been promised a wall, ban on Muslims, eviction of Mexicans and a reneging or renegotiation of Trade Deals by Trump – the President doesn’t have the power; will he build the wall himself? The plutocracy remains, nothing will change – Clinton or Trump was irrelevant merely the final nail in the coffin. The country is bust and defunct.

        As the President has zip power why blame the Democrats – they’ve hardly had power in the Houses for the last twenty years. The Trade Deals were bank-rolled by the Republicans, the economy stuffed by them too, that’s not to say that the Democrats would have stopped them, as both are owned by the same industrial bodies and conglomerates what does it matter. The few own the many, the latter pay.

        Rolling Stone in fairness failed to check the facts; these idiotic, alt-right, conspiracy theorist sites don’t – but they’re not worth suing. Duh!

        • Didn’t you promise to leave my country?

          And we will get all teh president promised. He is a private sector man and not a bureaucratic drone. He has a reputation for getting things done too. ,,You say he will not live up to his promises, but then you said he would never win too.

          Based on your past performance I would say you are full of shit and need to change your name to “shithead”


          • Nope, no promises – no need, already left.

            Obviously you have no idea of the Constitution. The President has no power, does not make policy, laws or agreements – administration only. Trump has merely bamboozled you with rhetoric – the job does not have the power to build a wall, ban Muslims………blah, blah……….. Will he be paying for the wall himself? Never said anything about him being elected; just that he and Clinton were both repugnant, neither worthy of the position, one was merely a bigger joke than the other. Without the authority he cannot live up to his promises – fail!

            I must say I am looking forward to the next year – will he blame the Rino’s, will he bluff his way through or slip quietly into doing as he is directed. Great entertainment so far.

            It is merely the final nail in the coffin for the Empire That Never Was – which I must say is a relief to most everyone else. It’ll take two generations to balance the books by which time the EU should have grown even more and hopefully ultimately into the World Union. America is dead! It merely remains to see how far the fall will be.

  3. Just another case of the MSM lying to further their failed cause! So many liars, so many gullible idiots like mrlibturd


  5. Yeah, not going to read this story in the main stream liberal media propaganda trash mags and networks. Wouldn’t want to frighten any fcktard Journalist’s into telling the TRUTH.

    • Pretty sure that would never happen, marky! You have to have some sort of conscience for that type of behavior. Doesn’t exist today…or they had lobotomies before they took their jobs.

  6. I think they got what they deserve they’ve done a lot more of that than they’ve been caught at …that a trash mag.anyway …but on the other hand I think the girl should go to jail that’s the only way to stop this junk and stop people from trying to use serious stuff to for there own purposes an agenda’s

  7. Next time report the truth not the corrupt democrat agenda

  8. time for all males to stand up and also females to join in a effort to stop the male bashing

  9. This should happen more print lies you should be held accountable. True journalist seek the truth wish we had some.

  10. The award should have been way more. It should have been so much that Rolling Stone would have to shut down and fire all their wacked out liberal(commie) writers. The magazine is a rag and I wouldn’t even use it to wipe.

  11. Intentional malice, just as the media had in trying to take down Trump. I saw it firsthand. Would hear Trump’s actual words at the rally, hear him condemn the attending press for their lies (At the time, I wished he wouldn’t offend them!) only to see them print and spout partial sentences. TRUTH WON! Only Trump could have won for us in this election year. He needed to shake the tree, and shake he did. Monkeys fell everywhere. But back to this story, so many were harmed by lies. A huge victory for truth.

  12. Glad they got it stuck to them. Sick and tired of feminist’s decades long, denigrating, anti-male crap!

    They want men to be “gentlemen” and to hold the door for them, yet stand ready to spew every kind of verbal abuse at men.

    • Right on. Men are not women and women are not men…They don’t seem to understand that. though.

      Down with PC, Up with Truth.

  13. We no longer have actual journalism in the main stream media – just propaganda and an agenda they try to jam down the throats of Americans.

  14. They should have added a couple of zeros to the end of that 3.

  15. Well, I always say, until you punish somebody they will keep it up. Now maybe these liberal rags will think a little harder before printing lies that destroy innocent lives.

  16. It’s about time,that rag is practically militant in it’s liberal stances. Too bad the judge could’nt have ordered the rag shut down.

  17. I hope that Trump will sue the women who reported misconduct by Trump, if they were untrue. Seems there were several who were exposed as phony. This presents a real danger to women with real complaints, and gives cover to real predators.

  18. The only recourse when someone is defamed, is to file a defamation of character law suit and if malice is proven, the reward goes up substantially. More people who are scandalized in leftist newspapers and magazines need to pursue legal action and soon these bird cage liners will be out business. (my apologies to the bird!)

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