Judge: Sandy Hook Lawsuit May Proceed

Defying predictions (and federal law), Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis ruled Thursday that the Sandy Hook families may proceed with their lawsuit against Remington Arms. Bellis rejected a motion to dismiss, even though the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act gives Remington Arms immunity from just this type of litigation. Bellis did not address that law, instead telling lawyers for the gun manufacturer to raise the issue in a separate motion at a later time.

Hillary Clinton, who has made gun control a central component of her campaign, released a statement supporting the decision.

“Today’s ruling in Connecticut is an important step forward for these families, who are bravely fighting to hold irresponsible gunmakers accountable for their actions.” Clinton said. “They deserve their day in court. Period. Unfortunately, PLCAA – the sweeping immunity law that protects gun manufacturers and dealers – still remains a major obstacle for these families and others seeking to hold these gun companies accountable. That is why, as president, I would lead the charge to repeal this law.”

It would be futile to figure out what Judge Bellis was actually thinking, but her stated reasoning is that the victims still have a case based on their unique argument. The plaintiffs claim that Remington Arms – the parent company of Bushmaster, which made the rifle used by killer Adam Lanza in the 2012 massacre – should have known better than to sell a “military weapon” to civilians.

Clinton is out there making it sound like the PLCAA is this absurd law that grants special legal protections to gun manufacturers. The worst example of a special interest – in this case, the NRA – getting one over on the American people. But you don’t have to be a lawyer – or even a gun-rights supporter – to see how ridiculous this is. The rifle purchased by Lanza’s mother was perfectly legal. The sale was perfectly legal. Lanza’s mother had no criminal record and the seller was in no way negligent.

This lawsuit has no legal standing. Politically, Clinton is preying on the sympathies of the American public, hoping that emotion will trump logic. No one wants to look at the Sandy Hook families and say, “You don’t deserve a dime.” We all remember that day – that sick feeling we all got when the news reports told us that 20 first-graders had been murdered by a lunatic. Perhaps it’s compounded by the fact that Lanza killed himself, thus depriving society of legal justice.

Be that as it may, we don’t just make up the law based on how horrible we feel about a particular tragedy. If we did, we would have given Jack Ruby the key to Dallas instead of sentencing him to death. Our society’s foundation rests not upon which way the political winds are blowing – it rests on the rule of law. Clinton is free to try and repeal the PLCAA, but she would have to go a lot further than that to give a lawsuit like this one any reasonable justification.


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  1. What B.S!!!

  2. Another “feel good” waste of time and money. With that line of thinking, if I misuse a product….any product….and injure myself, I should then be able to sue the company that made the product. Give me a break! And I, for one, do not believe Sandy Hook happened in the manner we’ve all been led to believe. There are a lot of questions that have not been fully answered.

    • another amerikan false flag

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      • Sure getting tired of the Satan’s Deceptions from the Political Beast. I seen Obama right in the middle of the Beast, and the Beasts jaws was on the Neck of the Baby Jesus. It is called Evil.

      • Read smith mundt act repealed in 2012. Legalized use of propaganda on American citizens-that would include false flags!

        • Rite, but the MSM has been gov’t controlled since the first radio.. Someone may call it propaganda, I simply call it BS… hehe. have a nice day…..

          • True but it’s so much worse. We used to have some true investigative journalists. Remember bob Simon?

          • Well Sara, the gov’t learned during WW ll how easily it was to manipulate the ignorant public, probably from the russians- As you stated there began investigative reporters and the gov’t was being found out, SO, today ALL MSM is gov’t controlled and as with the clintons, you may disappear for any reason….

          • Project paper clip- they brought the nazi scienctits and put them back to work here- somehow got off Nuremberg – hense mk ultra – I was the curios cat a long time ago so I’ve had a target on me for a while, somebody is watching out for me. Who knows-maybe that’s how I got sick.

          • Whoa, sorry to hear about that and hope that’s not the case, however, the majority of people today would NEVER believe you. Get better soon!!!!!

          • I know- even the ones who do act as if it’s just an everyday matter. Even I didn’t have a full normal reaction I should have for a while- still really haven’t. Yea my local doc said that sounds crazy- I handed him the links and my Seal docs number (he didn’t laugh, question or disbelieve at all). Curious what kind of reaction he will have at my next appointment or if he will even bother to contact him. Even if he believes it- there’s a Stockholm syndrome going on, even in me to an extent- not that I love my captors- maybe cognitive dissonance is a better word, but the reaction that’s normal is people yelling out loud, “I’m a human being goddamnit!!!” That’s what people need to be feeling. Sadly a lot of people have the same thing I do, but just accept the diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder. I went to bed fine and woke up unable to walk in 2012. I’m much better but still not well. I was a very healthy person at age 34 – by 38 shtf. I’m a nurse so I knew I didn’t just wake up sick with 3 rare viruses. I dug persistently, and after 4 years I found it. I’m fighting for everyone because a world where this type of shi8 continues is not the world I want to leave for our kids.

          • All I can say is you’re young, have time to make a difference and hopefully you will……

          • ThNk you- I hope you’re right.

      • Arthur, explain yourself. I sense you have a “leaning” toward socialism, or some other “anti-American” philosophy

        • Welp, your sense makes no sense.
          why is anti-american a philosophy?
          explain yourself

          • Arthur, you say I am a “Welp”—couldn’t find that word in Webster. Perhaps you meant “whelp”. Well if I am a whelp, I, at age 84, probably am one of the oldest on record. As for “philosophy”, I understand that, among other things, to mean; “The rational investigation of the things and principles of “being, knowledge or conduct”. And, if you cannot respond in a civil manner, I have no desire to continue your sick game of “mental masturbation”. I further sense you are a “plant” with the task of trying to take the serious readers’ focus off of the subject at hand—and I hope I am wrong.

          • Welp, I don’t care about webster, and the spell checker underlines it continuously, however,
            I’ve never been a conformist and could care what you state. Imagine how much of your 84yrs you’ve wasted attempting to be the perfect critic. As you must know critics are professed narcissists of which you display in your reply.
            Philosophy, as you is nonfactual, BS. civil?
            With that being said, at 84yrs of age, I wish you joy with your masturbating… civil? I guess

          • Arthur, I am sure the other readers will take due notice that again, you resorted to profanity,obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk—–“Mental masturbation”, at its finest!– Why pray tell do you take this low-class gutter approach when serious issues are being debated? It can be one or two things. You are either a “plant” whose job is to take the readers’ focus off of the issues, or through pure ignorance, you want to play “their” sick game—-it is highly contagious and has been around for eons. I trust you will remember the old saying, “fiddling while Rome Burns”. Can we get back to the issues at hand? And, you state you could care less about “Webster” (by the way, with a capital “W”). And, as to how much of my 84 years was wasted? Well, I am one of 12 children, the only one that graduated from high-school, joined the USAF at age 18, was promoted to Staff Sergeant in 3 years, qualified for flight school and became a Lieutenant and pilot and was the class outstanding military graduate, Went to about 10 years of night school and earned a BS in Military Science, Retired as a Major at age 38, Spent the next 30 years as a Agent and Registered Representative for one of largest mutual Life Insurance companies, retired in 2003. Have spent the last several years studying the Muslim culture, ideology and its Islamic religion—and am now trying to write a book on that very serious subject, which I believe to be the most serious problem facing this great Republic and freedom way of life, since our Civil War. I don’t object to you being a non-conformist, but I have little tolerance for profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, especially on subjects most people know very little about. Effective communication requires knowledge, logic, deductive reason and common sense—and there is no room for the latter if the others attributes are missing.

          • I’m not reading all yer BS!!!!
            Just die old man!!!!

          • A very mature and intellectual response, Arty.

          • Another buttfckr!!!!

          • So you prefer to remain ignorant?

          • Dan, I agree!. One has to “work at it” to remain ignorant (not knowing the facts) in these days of Google and the several other search engines. That process leads me to believe some if not many of those who post are “plants”. whose sole purpose is to take our focus off of the real issues of the day—they just cannot not be that ignorant in todays environment. Of course there are those who are infected with the very contagious disease of “mental masturbation”, (which greatly offends them when they are so identified).

          • Those “plants” are commonly called internet “trolls” because they troll the internet like fisherman. They stalk conservative sites to spread leftist propaganda.Some are paid operatives some are just leftist lemmings who enjoy the limited benefits the government dolls out. They are the ones who snivel about Regan’s “trickle down” economics. They ignore the fact that those who aren’t independently wealthy must get their incomes from a source with deep pockets. Whether from private or government sources all moneys trickle down from somewhere. The difference is that private employers earn their money and the government confiscates it. It is hard to tell paid trolls from volunteers but they are all true leftists with an agenda. There is another type who name call and insult to distract you. I have encountered all of them. I’m sure with your prolific Disqus history you have too. Troll are what you call them just in case you didn’t know.

          • Great post. Thanks for your service. Aurthur is a prime example of a human dog who bites the hands that feed him. He obviously has no respect for his elders,authority or those who put their lives on the line for him. He is no different than the people who spat at me in the S.F. airport when I came home from Germany. I never saw combat but proudly wearing the uniform was a crime in their eyes. Again,thanks.

          • You are a great guy and an honor to our country!

          • A whelp is a youngster being weaned from the teat, as in a bitch whelping her pups. You did successfuly change the subject though. Are you or are you not a socailist? Is that more to the point for you?

          • JUST DIE old man, yer wasting air

          • Are you volunteering to send me off?

          • No, but if you can sit at a PC, you can do it yourself.
            I’m sure it will make several people happy

          • Why dont you kiss my glutes jerk!!?? What’s the matter. Am I making too much sense?

          • Take a pill loser, or is your diaper full?
            I’m not wasting my time on some senile old fool that will hopefully be dead any minute

          • Bite me PUNK. I am just 65 and far from senility. My health is fairly good so if you want me dead do it your self ass wipe. Or try if you dare!!!

          • hehe, if you have any, be sure to pick up your balls before sitting. useless old fck

          • Your lack of intelligence is obvious. Stop trying to out think your betters. Your head will explode from the strain.

          • I figured, no balls.. Bet you sit down to pee, sweet-cakes

          • If you have anything intelligent to say then indeed,say it.

          • I stated a fact, indeed

          • The only fact that I see is that you are a pussy who hides behind a computer screen. You are too chickenshit to say anything to someones face.

          • Done that, and then you pussies go crying for help and the cops… you’re not worth the paperwork

          • If you did that to me you would be the one calling the cops. Do you have good dental insurance asshole?

          • Dan, don’t lose your cool and avoid coming down with Art’s severe case of “mental masturbation”.

          • I call them as I see them. A jerk is a jerk. If you pull punches you lose. Thanks for the advise. Most of the time I try to use ligic and reason but some people just can’t be reasoned with. Jihadists come to mind. Leftists think they can negotiare with them. Do you think that a fly could reason with a spider?

          • Dan, calm down. It is not against any law to be a “jerk”. They have to be approached with logic, deductive reason and common sense—-and if that does not work, move on, there are more serious issues on the “burner”. Civility, has to be the “name of the game”. All perspective gets lost, once one is down in their gutter—and by participating, you inadvertently “become one of them”. As for “jihadists”, they are just responding to what they have been taught since early childhood, to the tune of 3 times a day, everyday of their lives. I admit is difficult to to convience people that the Earth is a sphere and not flat—and many devout Muslims persisted in that belief up until the U.S, invited a Muslim on a space-flight. Robert Spencer has several “best seller” books on Islam, Muhammad and other Islamic issues. I suggest you obtain and read them. I am rereading (for the 4th time), his “Did Muhammad Exist”, An Inquiry Into Islam’s Obscure Oriigins”. It is loaded with reams of supporting backup material.

          • I have just wrote one Hillary supporter off as a lost cause. He said he was tired of trying to “educate” me. As for Robert spencer he is the founder of juhad watch. I am familiar with him and have seen several lectures by him. I love to read but for some reason I have grown to prefer video lectures on Islam. Here are some others I recommend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9sYgqRtZGg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgsrnmzxEUY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERou_Q5l9Gw I have watched these several times. Some people prefer videos like these. I have posted them and others in the effort to get the truth out and have had positive results. I suggest you bookmark them to use yourself. The last one provides a link to a downloadable pdf form so you can priny a brochure of the entire lecture. Thanks.

          • Art, you poor soul. Someday you too “might” become “old”

          • Art, you are one very sick person and you are very short on logic, deductive reasoning and common sense. Most all of those who have responded directly to you, point out these shortcomings. If you are not a “plant”, you surely are playing into “their”, off-subject, sick game of :mental masturation” and you inadvertently “become one of them”

          • WTF dude!!! Is that all you have on your mind is masturbating??? Get a friend or hire a hooker or somethin….
            AND, what other people and I post doesn’t matter to anyone but us, so go play with yourself. enjoy

          • Art, obviously the issue is well over your head. We are talking about the large group of people who feel they must contrbute to the issues of the day, yet they do not even know why the Sun comes up every morning. They substitute profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, hoping that will give them license to participate. I am sure you have seen many posts, wherein very quickly, someone so infected with the very contagious “mental masturbation”(MM) problem , attempts to disrupt the dialog and take the debater’s focus off of the real issue(s). The “MM” problem is so effective, the NWO, Muslim and other groups have now inserted “plants”, who intentionaly inflame and divert the discussions to some far-off issue containing just profanity, obnoxious nikcknames, and gutter talk, just as you are attempting to do now—to which block of people do you belong? This is a well-acknowledged (and titled) problem, without any real connections to physical masturbation, but only to clearly ID the trouble-makers. As for yourself, Art, if you had to eliminate the profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk, you would be tongue-tied. And, you speak only for yourself and fellow “MMs”—not “us”.

    • Those questions will go unanswered. The goal of the left right now is to take our guns away. Do not put your guard down..

    • Thomas R Bunnell

      I believe Obama was part of this

    • The Sandy Hook Hoax, Deception of the Political Beast, nobody was Killed, except maybe the Mother and Son?

    • The democraps will not be happy until all US citizens are defenseless not only on national-level attacks (thank you, Obama) but, street-levl crime also (thank you, democraps). Relying on the mighty government to protect us even if Pearl Harbor and 911 proves that the federal government is incapable of accomplishing it’s primary constitutional duty – ‘To protect We, the people…’.

      • The scrap dealers in America should be sued for selling scrap steel to Japan that was used to make bombs and torpedoes for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pretty convoluted but this is what you get when liberal judges make law from the bench.

      • Sad, but true, commentary on today’s society.

    • In other words, if a car had been used as the weapon, then the auto manufacturer should be sued. typical progressive/socialist/liberal thinking. And, of course, it has nothing to do with anything but trial lawyers cooking up their next huge commission.

    • chris van haaften

      What needs to be “fully’ answered? A nut headed wacko mentally ill gunman used a military style assault weapon and killed twenty children and six teachers and staff. Thus the outcome has been “fully” answered.

      • independent thinker

        There was no military style assault weapon used. What was claimed to be used was a semi-auto only rifle that happened to look like a military rifle. The military style assault weapon would be capable of full auto fire and as such be regulated as a machine gun. there is no claim that a machine gun was used. According to all reports that were issued until after the rifle in question was found unfired in the trunk of his car multiple handguns were used. One can say with reasonable certainty the police officers responding to the scene of the supposed crime knew/know the difference in a pistol and a rifle along with the difference in the cartridges each uses. All the initial reports say many PISTOL shell casings were seen at the scene and handguns were found in the shooters possession. So, NO the outcome has not been “fully” answered.

      • Well there were a few things. Hubby works with Law Enforcement as a volunteer, and mentioned a few things that just didn’t add up. The caliber of ammunition that supposedly was found didn’t match the weapons that were to have been used. There have been massacres at several schools in recent years (Columbine, Santana in San Diego, and a few others.) The schools were not torn down, and after a time, classes resumed. Why was there a need to “tear down and rebuild” except that there was something to hide? Did you notice that in ALL the pictures that were aired, that there were NO cars in the parking lot? There should have been teachers’ vehicles parked there at a minimum. The police arrived quickly….no time for all vehicles to have been moved elsewhere …. and there were aerial shots of the school that bear this out. WHY when the school was torn down, was there a need to set up a security fence such that no one could see the work being done? And WHY did the people who dismantled it have to sign a statement that they would NEVER reveal to anyone what they saw inside? And most of all…..there was a blond-headed girl in a red plaid dress whose face was plastered all over the media who was supposedly one of the victims. Please tell me how this same child was photographed sitting on Obama’s lap the day he visited Sandy Hook after the shooting???? And TODAY……..this posted to Facebook: http://www.conspiracyclub.co/2015/04/17/fbi-report-sandy-hook-conspiracy/. I read the material, and then clicked on the link provided to the FBI webpage. From there, I clicked on the link to crimes by State. Scrolled down to Newtown…..7 known violent crimes, and NONE of them are murder / manslaughter. Sandy Hook community isn’t even listed. WHY? There should have been a number of murdered victims listed.


    • That is true.

  3. Car manufacturers, knife mfr, baseball bat mfr,…..where does it end you stupid azzwipes? You can kill someone with a pillow, look out pillow makers. IDIOTS!!!

  4. This is being used as an attempt to close down arms manufacturers.

    • This would be a better approach, sue the pill makers, oh wait, most pills are made in foreign countries, that won’t fly!

      • What is the proportion of population on ssri’s that commit murder vs those who aren’t and commit murder vs the general population. I know a lot of these cases the people are on ssri’s but so is a lot of the general population. Any stats on that? Dead men tell no tales though. Lame that all the witnesses, perps and victims end up dead these days, so we never get to hear what their side of the story was. Like so many 9/11 witnesses are dead, (no trace of Barry Jennings and many others), I never hear sandy hook survivors talking out publicly (if you catch a clip it doesn’t sound right), Miriam Carey case stinks to high heaven (she’s not here to talk-they didn’t need to kill her, or did they?), there have been so many, a lot have to be false flags, too many unanswered questions and anomalies. Even JFK warren commission report was never re-opened with new evidence and forensic technology -doctors and nurse testimony was ignored, that in itself is a crime. Scotland Yard won’t release Lockerbie evidence-I don’t think Gaddafi did it. I just discovered 3 months ago that the viruses I got in 2012 (2 of the 4 are confirmed) are bioweapons all delivered in one pop, via a mosquito bite or via a surgical procedure the week prior -more likely the vector. See the Rense/Horowitz documents on west nile and mycoplasmas. Have you seen the s*** D/A/R/P/A can do what with nanotechnology? Holy **** Batman, it’s beyond science fiction. The ex seal doc helping me couldn’t have said it better when I thanked him-“we’re all in this together and there’s some sinister s*** going on”. Have a good evening.

    • No they need to sue the politicians who deprive them of their rights to protect yourself ,they need to go after the federal judges the activist judges,put their names and phone numbers and their addressesis in the newspaper you have to start fighting fire with fire they know how to play with fire it’s time for us to start a back fire at them! Evil fair is no words but they do for repercussion any activist politician or judge is engaged and Tierney and we have protections in the Constitution for we the people from tyranny!

      • I like your attitude!
        How about this?
        Those of you who belong to prayer groups should send a letter to the particularly leftist judges and other officials, and it should go something like this:

        The prayer group of ________ has determined that your actions are inconsistent with your oath to defend the US Constitution. Therefore we are going to specifically pray for two things.
        1. We are praying that The God of the Bible will bring place you under conviction and grant repentance to you.
        2. We are praying that should you be unwilling to accept God’s gracious offer of life, then we pray that you be removed from from your office asap.

        If the judge or official reacts in typical leftist manner, then there will be a LOT of publicity over it.

        Obviously, if you do not believe that God answers prayer, then you would be wasting your time doing this.

    • Of course. Never let a crisis go to waste or create one if you need to. They can do that all day long, bottom line is, there are machinists that can make them all day long, so good luck taking away my home defense. I know a few people who could replicate any weapon with scrap metal.

    • How come pharmaceutical companies are protected from lawsuits with vaccines? A baby, child, adult injured due to vaccination Cannot sue. They may he compensated through our government but it is a grueling fight. Drugs are good and control the population but guns bad…sarcasm

  5. What about the miners that got the ore to make the steel that made the gun. They should have known that some of that steel would go into making a firearm. This is just more ridiculous non-thought process of Connecticut and Clinton.

    • Thomas R Bunnell

      Obama malloy to be include in this

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    • Or, how about the makers of cars when a person is killed in a wreck? Some people are killed with knives. Should all knives be outlawed as well? I could go on and on with that kind of twisted thinking, but you know how silly that is. Wait! Let’s outlaw money, then no one could buy any weapon.

      • chris van haaften

        The purpose of an automobile is transportation. The purpose of a gun is to kill. For a car to kill someone intentionally it must be intentionally misused. Stop making such a dumb comparison.

        • Well he was making a point of how absurd the bs is spewing out. The manufacturer has no control over how the gun is used. I put mine on my front step and it has yet to kill anyone, next i am going to put forks and spoons out to see if it makes me fat

        • independent thinker

          For a gun to kill unjustly it must be intentionally misused.

          • Then would you consider all the accidental fatal shootings that occur in this country to be “just” killings?

          • Accidental fatal shootings result from stupid misuse of a gun.

          • An accidental fatal shooting does not necessarily result from INTENTIONAL misuse. It can result from UN-INTENTIONAL
            activity. The gun owner who carries a gun in a bag of some time, who left a loaded gun in the bag, and then roughly handled the bag with the result that the gun fired and killed him, did NOT intentionally misuse the gun.

          • That shows how little you know about firearms.
            The one I own couldn’t possibly fire if you threw it down on concrete.
            There is a round in the chamber, but there is no firing device cocked. The trigger must be pulled, moving a part into place between the hammer and firing pin.
            And, finally, there is a safety that must be set to fire before the trigger can be pulled.

          • And what makes you think it was your specific gun I had in mind?

          • You didn’t specify. How was he to know? A firearm that easy to accidentally set off is most likely illegal in most states. You are obviously anti- gun. Have you actually ever handled one or are you listening to anti- second amendment gun haters in congress?

          • Just saying that you would have to go back several decades to find a gun that would fire if dropped accidentally.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Put it up to your head and try it, or are you a little conservative puss boy?

          • You need to stop exhibiting your ignorance about firearms.
            It is impossible to move the trigger with the safety on.
            It is impossible for the hammer to strike the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled.
            All modern handguns have these types of safety built into them.

          • how retarded are you? no responsible gun owner would do that! just like your telling me you have never drove a car after having a few drinks?? yea now who is the irresponsible idiot? grow up! its not responsible gun owners its the thug wanna be`s so do something about them instead of gun mfgs and the NRA

          • independent thinker

            An accidental shooting is still the misuse of a firearm.

          • A car accident is a misuse of a vehicle.

          • Sometimes it is misused by an irresponsible driver.

          • only unloaded guns kill people!!

          • For pity’s sake! You were given a brain–use it for something besides a hat rack!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Since your head is straight, why don’t you plow all your gun loving buddies where the sun don’t shine….then make them clean your shaft with their holes? Uh, why don’t ya pussy?

          • headonstraight

            Your chosen nickname is an apt one, since you seem to be of that odious ilk who believe
            that vile and obscene sexual insults constitute meaningful dialogue. By the way, is that the same mouth you kiss your Mama with?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            My momma is dead. Nice try, but “odious ilk” is quite impressive for an uneducated rube like yourself.

          • headonstraight

            Well, then, when she was alive did you use that kind of language around her?

        • All of that was to show how some ignoramuses think lawsuits can be won whether it makes sense or not. How about an airplane crash?

        • Autos HAVE been used as weapons of murder!
          Most guns are never used in the commission of a crime.

        • The purpose of a gun is also target practice and competition (marksmanship ). I did not purchase a rifle to kill someone. For a gun to kill someone it must he intentionally misused. Both cars and guns can be killing machines it all depends who is operating them. We need to punish th e operators that misuse these tools not the tools themselves. This goes with any tools/machinery such as a knife, box cutter, cable wires, swords, chains, baseball bats, chainsaws, etc.

          • If someone broke into my home with obvious intentions of hurting my family, if my gun wasn’t intended to kill them then I will certainly ‘misuse’ it.

        • And so must it also be with a gun, it’s not a dumb comparison. Guns aren’t only used for killing otherwise all police and law enforcement officers are potential murderers who just haven’t killed anyone yet! How about all the drunk drivers that kill and mame people everyday? Let’s outlaw all forms of automobiles because if it just saves one life, then it will have been worth it!

        • And so must it also be with a gun, it’s not a dumb comparison. Guns
          aren’t only used for killing otherwise all police and law enforcement
          officers are potential murderers who just haven’t killed anyone yet! How
          about all the drunk drivers that kill and maim people everyday?And also
          add to that all the sober accidental killings and maiming. Let’s outlaw
          all forms of automobiles because if it just saves one life, then it
          will have been worth it!

    • independent thinker

      Clinton has a (kinda sorta) thought out thought process that she hopes will result in the bankrupting of Remington and eventually all arms makers in the US. Personally when this is eventually decided in Remington’s favor I hope those filing the lawsuit are forced to pay all of Remington’s legal expenses.

    • How about the families of murder victims suing Hillary because they couldn’t buy a guy to defend themselves ?

  6. More money in the lawyers pockets.

  7. Fight for the Second Amendment… It is the source of our freedom.

    The courts are now corrupt, the controlling elite of both political parties are corrupt. The MEDIA is corrupt, Unions, big business.

    This is not the time to lose your right to keep and bear arms… For the primary reason for the second amendment is to keep a balance of power between the people and the Government.

    • Spot on ! Without the 2nd A…… there are no others. A disarmed populace is comprised solely of slaves. This is the gov’t’s intent. Fight to the death to protect your 2nd A rights. Literally !
      Semper Fi ( USMC 68- 71 )

    • The why do You’ll keep voting the same idiots back in office. Get off that BS labels of Conservative and Liberal, or Republicans or Democrats. Start thinking intelligently and NOT just one issue. The Second Amendment is NOT the only American freedom that Americans have lost. However, I DO NOT want unauthorized persons owning firearms or NON US Citizens.

      • I agree with you in a certain respect, the elites are elites.. At least the Republicans are attempting to change the bloodlines of their politicians.

        If you think that ANY of the proposed laws will have one ounce of impact on unauthorized people owning firearms and can not see this as just another attack on our second Amendment rights, you are part of the problem….

        Sorry, but there are gun laws in place already, and they are not doing what you want them to do. They are failing. PERIOD.

        More gun laws simply hurt law abiding citizens, and help would be dictators chip away at our second amendment rights to keep and bear Arms.

      • independent thinker

        What authority is going to decide who is unauthorized to own firearms? The FBI. BATFE, the VA, the SS administration, some faceless nameless government lackey? As to non US citizens they have just as much right to own firearms as citizens so long as they are here LEGALLY.

  8. I’ll keep saying it…. If Hillary is so anti-gun then she should start by telling her own Secret Service detail to disarm. Lead by example.

    But the ‘precious Elite Queen’ will never do that.

  9. When a conservative doesn’t like firearms, he doesn’t buy them. When a liberal doesn’t like firearms he wants them all banned??
    Now just a little logic: it’s better to have a firearm and not need it; then to need a firearm and not have it. When you have only seconds to live the police are only minutes away(actually your dead when they arrive).
    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no duty to protect you??? ,yeah this one has me a little puzzled. So if the police don’t have a duty to protect you who will ???

    • And, why have those overpaid ushers.

      • Mike, you are not looking at the far larger picture, For every police confrontation that goes wrong, at that very moment, there are thousands being handled properly—-and over-paid? I would estimate that the great majority are underpaid. Unlike the military (I’m a retired USAF Major, up through the ranks) they do not get “combat pay”. and at age 84, I have observed many police “doing their things”, and I cannot recall any instances of wrongdoing.

        • I am not sure where you hooked a left, but my issue is not with police confrontations that go wrong or even police officers in general. My issue is with “have no duty to protect you” and the increasing number of local police officers that are refusing to help people with complaints regarding stalkers, prowlers, assaults etc. More and more I am hearing excuses about why they can’t do this or that and that a suspect has to “do” something before they will look into it. I am confident his behavior is being dictated from higher up with interference from the legal system. If police officers are not going to help and risk there lives to protect ours then we do not need to be paying them. God bless all our police officers and military personnel. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those that put their hearts into their jobs. Thank you all.

          • Mike, you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. When law enforcement agencies are making thousands of enforcement actions each day, they obviously are “responding”—-true, many are delivering warrants, and subpoenas, but many are also responding to calls for assistence. . Keep in mind, they are extremely busy and are undermanned. Now days, one seldom sees a patrol car with two officers on board and especially at night, that makes for very risky enforcement. I am a retired USAF officer and have travelled the world. I have seen many towns and cities, where threre are rifle carryhing law enforcement and soldiers on every street corner—-we surely do not want that.

          • Both sides…bullshit. Whatever. There are problems today that I did not see much years ago. You just keep believing friend. Thank you for your service. Later.

  10. Is she the one that will allow drunk drivers to sue car manufactures, for building cars, that they kill people with? Or distilleries and vineyards for making the whiskey and wine that make them drunk? Possibility the mechanics that keep their cars running and the oil companies that fuel their cars. They might want to sue the state for making and maintaining the highways they use. etc, etc, etc.

  11. The Clintons have always been a SUPPORTER of TRIAL LAWYERS and taken a lot of their money. Another reason to keep in mind when looking at Hillary, most of them are there to disrupt and bleed the system, by the time legitimate plantiffs are through with a case the lawyers are usually better off then the clients. Just like Hillary being better off then any government agency or organization she has ever worked for after she moved on.

  12. And so the dishonesty continues. Hillary and those like her will try to hold gun manufacturers accountable for how their products are used, but not automakers, distilleries, breweries, knife makers, or chemical companies, just to name a few. Even more glaringly, the hypocrisy of her failure to take responsibility for her decisions leading up to and including Benghazi is a slap in the face of every honest American, regardless of party affiliation.
    Admittedly I am not an attorney so there may be nuances to this proceeding to which I am not privy, but on the surface It seems ridiculous for judge Bellis to allow this case to proceed in the face of a law specifically designed to address this very issue. If there is not a legal justification for her actions, then she should be removed from the bench.

  13. This is another way to make guns illegal and drive them out of this nation. This is such a stupid lawsuit and it opens the door to many more stupid lawsuits. So we now can sue any company that produces any thing that can be used to kill. The companies that make knives, bats, crow bars, the water companies for the people others drown, Highway department for the roads that ice up and cause deaths, and on and on. And let us not forget the federal government that made the law that allowed people to buy the objects that caused the deaths. If we can now sue the people we feel should of known then we should go all the way to the beginning and that is the federal government.

  14. A stupid mother and crazy son made Remington all of a sudden decide to make guns that kill animals used for trap shooting, protect people,, used by soldiers, cause nuts to kill innocent people. Each group made an intelligent decision except the Stupid Mother and crazy son.

  15. Great, I’m gonna sue the Farmer for producing Food that made me fat. I will name all Silverware Manufacturers, Food Stores and Restaurants as Co-Conspirators!

  16. America’s Enemies will never stop in their efforts to Disarm all American’s, same as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all the rest across the years, all Patriots know this…when your Guns are gone, your Freedom is also gone, and on the same Day. try to understand that the Enemy is standing among us RIGHT NOW!!!!

  17. This lawsuit should never happen to any company when the insane use products to kill people with…this murder could of been pulled off with homemade boms ….would every company making the bomb products been sued then????? These Judges are out of hand and out of line and the Lawyers who are filing the case are too! Maybe the school should be the ones sued for allowing the crime to happen on their grounds and the movie theater sued where many were killed also should be sued because they allowed the kilers and their guns through the doors…that would make better sense for sure! Americans call your Reps and Congress which is all toll free calls and tell them to stop the Judges and the Lawyers for filing asuch outlandish cases! Guns do not enter the Court Houses for these kind of crimes to go on!

  18. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Semper Phi Stand your ground Regroup Leave no one behind ! Vote Trump !

  19. Just left a large GUN SHOW…no one died.
    Judge is an idiot and should be dis-barred.

  20. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of! No, you pathetically stupid liberal gun-grabbers, Remington Arms & other gun sellers are NOT & will NEVER be responsible for what criminals do. Adam Lanza stole that gun from his mother, who had LEGAL ownership of it. Judge Bellis & Hillary Clinton are both complete morons.

  21. I guess that Hillary should sue the people who made her computer equipment for allowing those top secret emails to be sent by her over her own server??? Really makes great sense if you think about it. Look at all the money she could steal from those companies for her own wrong doing. Once a crook always a crook!!

  22. The Shooter was mentally ill and refused any type of treatment so if anyone is to blame it is him.

    • Heaven forbid that we should hold someone accountable for their actions…it must have been someone else’s fault according to Mrs. Clinton. Look, there is a place for mercy and compassion, but there are also times to recognize that this individual chose to kill others for whatever reason. The choice was his and his alone; his finger pulled the trigger and the blame rests on him regardless of his mental illness. If you think of it another way, mental illness should not be a license to kill.

  23. Looks like GM is due to be sued!

    • And Budweiser and Buck and Dow chemical and…the list never stops when there is money to be stolen and individual rights to be trampled in the pursuit of a police state.

  24. Save your rights and your Country and get Trump in the office of President ! He is the greatest opportunity we have ! Show up in Cleveland if need be for the convention !

  25. In a word – NUTS!

  26. I thought machine guns were outlawed back in the 30’s. Why are the firearms companies allowed to sell 30 round clips? There is no hunter that needs a 30 round clip to go hunting. The only ones who think they need them are people who want to kill a bunch of people or someone who thinks he is the fastest gun in the West and thinks he is impressing someone on how big his arsenal is.

    • Oh Wayne…They are called “Magazines” you dolt..NOT “clips” …And an AR15 is NOT a machine gun..Just watch the video of the LA riots and the people with 30 rounds at the ready for the hundreds of looters who wanted to burn their homes and businesses. As far as hunting goes, check with the farmers and feral hog hunters in Texas as to how many rounds they need to stop the damage on their lands.. I don’t recall anything in the Second amendment about hunting anyway..If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one!

      • You are obviously a Republican. A 30 round clip or magazine whichever you want to call it are completely unnecessary. The only thing you need them for is to kill a bunch of people. I don’t know of any instance when a hunter had a chance to kill 30 deer for example at one time. If they can’t get their prey on the first 3 shots they fire the animal is gone. If the hunter is to lazy to change magazines or clips they shouldn’t be hunting in the first place. I think my analysis is right on. Anyone who owns an AR15 just wants to own one so he can think he is the fastest gun in the West and in his own mind thinks he is impressing someone.

        • Sorry, Wayne..you are wrong on several counts..I am not a Republican, more of a strict Libertarian..And as far as hunting deer, legal hunting rifles are mostly limited to 4 rounds in the “magazine” and one in the chamber.(That’s only five, to save you the math!) Additionally, in most states, deer can not be hunted legally with a .223 caliber round because of it’s lower terminal energy so as to reduce only wounding big game. You are obviously not a hunter, or you would know that a hunting license restricts the number of harvested animals to a limited number, and then only in permitted areas where over population is shown to be a detriment to the health of the wildlife. Speak not in absurdities, my friend!

          I wonder if you drive a high powered V8 car or truck..Do you “NEED” that or did you buy it because you wanted it? You could be driving a Smart Car for transportation, you know… In my case, after carrying an M-16 in Viet Nam, I wanted the civilian version for my own personal collection. Yes, it was not needed, I just wanted it as a reminder of earlier time and the enjoyment of target shooting in competition with friends..Do you even know the difference between an AR15 and the military M16?

          Sorry, but your “right on” analysis sounds like paranoid hopolophobic hysteria to me.

          • What is it that these stupid libs/Dems, not only are they ignorant, uninformed, followers, and wimps… they CHOOSE to be that way and are confused when independent thinkers don’t agree?

          • I joined the Army in Sept. of 1960. I took my basic at Fort Hood with the M16 rifle. I know all about the M16. I have an expert badge on it to prove it. I put in my 20 years in the service to get a pension from it. 3 years active and the rest guards and reserves. I don’t know what all your propaganda is in your comment has to do with a 30 round clip or magazine. Why you think they are necessary is beyond me. There are a lot Republicans that say they are not Republican. They say they are conservatives. What is the difference. I will go out on the limb and say that if Trump runs for president on the Republican ticket you will vote for him. I am voting for Hillary and proud of it.

          • Wayne..I seem to have a problem with your math..You said “I joined the Army in Sept. of 1960. I took my basic at Fort Hood with the M16 rifle. I know all about the M16. I have an expert badge on it to prove it.”

            It must have been a VERY long basic training for you, since the Army never adopted the M16 until 1964..

          • Your right. I took my basic with the M-1. I graduated to the M16 when I was stationed in Germany. It had to be before 1964 when we got the M16 because I left Germany in 1963. It was a long time ago.

          • That’s funny. When I was stationed in Germany I was issued an M-14 then got my m-16 the next year. That was in 1971-’72.

          • Your probably right. Maybe it was a M-14. I will have to check my medals.

          • You don’t remember? I remember what I qualified with.

          • You need to research before you open your mouth. The M-16 wasn’t military issue until 1963; Three years after you say you took basic with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M16_rifle As for clips holding 30 rounds. There is no such thing. Clips are internal and would be much too big to fit inside a rifle. There are the idiots people like you elect again an again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI9tov6A2DI Here is your candidate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY

        • If someone who STILL FIGHTS TO PROTECT THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF U.S. CITIZENS, you call a Republican? I agree and am very proud to NOW call myself a Republican. What’s wrong with libs/Dems who don’t seem to really respect the fact that U.S. citizens have EQUAL rights? We don’t need their constant control, power, and nanny state. Not only do we NOT NEED IT…. by all stats… private citizens do a much better job of managing their lives, than our Fed. Gov’t has EVER EVER ACHIEVED.

          • I know there are just as many Democrats that own guns as there are Republicans. I fail to see your point. I don’t think you have one.

          • How many Republican law makers are trying to kill the second amendment like Democrats are?

          • There are no Democrats that are trying to kill the 2nd Amendment. This is only something the firearms companies that own the Republican party have brainwashed weak minded people into believing. They know if I can’t sell my gun to a felon they will lose money. The Democrats that own guns can see through this propaganda. There are a lot of Republicans that realize this also because when 91% of the American people want background checks on firearms sales you know there a lot of Republicans in there. It took a Republican congress that was bought off by the firearms companies to vote it down.

          • You aren’t looking very hard. It may be true that as many Dems as Reps own guns but they reserve many things for themselves they would deny others. Do you think that Democrats really want the debate to take place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXCTBp0bHnw Tell me Wayne. Does Di FI use the word BAN or not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXCTBp0bHnw

          • You don’t see Trump running on the Democratic ticket, do you? In the last election Stephen Colbert ran on the Democratic ticket. He didn’t last long. He is the one that gave Trump the idea to run. They both ran on one liners with no substance. I hope I have answered your point.

          • Here you go again with more bullshit distraction. here is the truth (AGAIN)http://www.tvguide.com/news/donald-trump-presidential-campaign-timeline/ But seriously wayne;What does trump have to do with Democrats wanting to ban guns? Did you really think I forgot?

          • With as much supporters as Trump has got is evidence that there are a lot weak minded people out there.

          • Really? How many deaths are on his hands. How many acts of treason has he committed?

          • The phrase would be with as many,not as much. Your ignorance 9is showing again.

          • Judge not for you may be judged yourself. Read your comment. ignorance 9is showing again. ????

          • I’m not the one butchering the English language. I’m also not the one making false claims. A typo is a typo.Using the incorrect word in the improper context shows a lack of knowledge of your native tongue. If you look on the keyboard you will notice that the letter i and the 9 are next to each other. That is not misusing English. Apples and oranges.

          • Then you are not only ignorant. You are lacking in coordination. You have my sympathy.

          • Funny. You’re the one who can’t remember which weapon he qualified in basic training with and you sympathize with me.?You need medical help. Your brain is malfunctioning. I’m ignorant? You are the one totally oblivious to the fact that you support a traitor for president and voted for another one twice. You’re funny,in an ironic and tragic way.

          • I do remember which weapon I qualified with in basic training. It was that big old M-1. I was in Germany when the M-14 replaced the M-1. It was a long time ago over 50 years. I am not a gun person. I don’t have a gun in my house . If I thought I needed a gun in my home to protect myself I would move. The American people have heard so many false allegation put out by the Republican party that if there was any true statement the Republicans made they wouldn’t believe it anyway The Republican party is due to self destruct. It is just a matter of time.

          • It took my prompting to get you to remember. You stated that you clearly remembered qualifying with an M-16 in 1960 as expert,three years before the military adopted them. You even had the medal to prove it. Actually it would also be on your DD214. As for the Republicans self destructing,the biggest mistakes they make are to adopt the silly Democrat policies they have. It is your party that has already self destructed. It has been successfully infiltrated right under your nose. My dad and Grandfather were hardcore union official Demoicrats. If they were alive to see what has happened they wouldn’t be Democrats anymore. You are not a big history fan are you Wayne. Here are some facts to consider. http://quotes.liberty-tree.ca/quote_blog/Norman.Thomas.Quote.FFB1 http://gawker.com/talking-politics-with-the-head-of-the-communist-party-u-1723918251 http://www.rense.com/general32/americ.htm The last link shows the communist agenda in the US as entered in the congressional record on 1/10/1963. You will notice many of the goals have already been accomplished. It is in the official government archives so you cant call it a right wing lie. You have much to learn my friend. Open your eyes.

          • I don’t see where the Democrat party is self destructing. Trump is running on the Republican ticket.

          • The Democrat party is dead you dolt. Your party is controled by communists and you won’t even make the effort to investigate the truth. Why are you here? I know what is going on. Your head is stuck in the past and the sand.

          • Naw, my mind is made up. I am voting for Hillary. The next president of the U.S. Who are you voting for?

          • What if she is indicted? You’re forgeting that pesky FBI investigation. Do really think they have nothing better to do than investigate Hillary. Where there is smoke there is fire. The FBI saw smoke or they wouldn’t bother. She may be the first nominee for president indicted for espionage. Oh yeah. I’m voting for Trump.

          • I doubt if I am the first to tell but Trump isn’t going to make it to the election. He is due to self destruct any day now.

          • Is that a cowboy hat of a turban you wear. When did your christal ball reveal that future happening?

          • Naw, when I hear someone say they can go to New York city and murder someone and his ratings will go up. A person like this is not presidential. What do you think?

          • I think that someone who allows four people who’s lives she is responsible for die for personal gain and then breaks security and espionage laws to the point of possible treason is not presidential. How about you? And when did Trump say anything about murdering someone? You sound like Harry Reid and the income tax lie about Romney.

    • Your line of thinking: no one needs a huge (damage causing) Hummer or a sports car that can travel top speed of 180 mph? BUT THEY STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BUY THEM, DON’T THEY? AND THEY KILL ALSO. It’s not up to YOU to decide what someone NEEDS.

      • If someone kills someone with a gun it is done intentionally. If someone is killed by a Hummer or sports car it is an accident. That is the difference.

        • So, you’re a Hillary fanatic…That figures…I see no way to reason with you using logic and fact…

          Have another glass of Kool-Aid.

          • She says she is going to carry on after Obama. I sure hope she can do as good a job as he did.

          • At what, Destroying the economy? At decimating the military and making the US a laughing stock?

          • I know your not talking about the same country I live in. I hear there are people risking their lives to get here. I think this country is great. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t think the U.S. is great except Trump.

          • Yes, they are risking their lives. But I ask you,Who’s friggin country is this,ours or theirs. There is such a thing as national sovereignty. I think this country is great too. However we are going down hill at warp speed and lemmings like you think things are just great. I don’t. There is a SCOTUS case being determined as we speak. Obama is [AGAIN] breaking existing law acting like a King using an executive order to bypass a law on the books. Article one,section eight,clause18 of our constitution says that the power to make laws is reserved to congress,not the POTUS. Article two section three says that the president MUST enforce all constitutionally valid acts of congress. http://www.heritage.org/research/lecture/2014/the-presidents-duty-to-faithfully-execute-the-law You need to study the constitution.

        • Not if the vehicle was used as the murder weapon. Can you say that never happened?

          • I have never heard of any but I know it could happen.

          • If a person got stabbed with a tooth pick and it ended in the death of a person it would be considered an accident. You keep trying to justify on purpose murder.

          • Grow a brain moron. When did I ever justify murder? If the toothpick stabbing was deliberate and the attacker put a pathogen or deadly poison on it then it would be murder. Your problem is a your lack of intelligence and moral compass. I have tried to talk sense to you only to get gibberish,excuses and leftist talking points from you. I left the Democrat party years ago. Do yourself a favor and do what I did at thirty;Grow up.

          • When you hear that there are over 30 people in the U.S. killed every day with a toothpick then you will make some sense.

          • I’m not the one who came up with the stupid tooth pick scenario. You are still to make a single logical point. So tell me Forrest,What IS you point,or do you have one?

          • My point is when someone is killed with a gun then it is usually done on purpose. If someone is killed by a car or any other example you bring up it is an accident.

          • So what? Dead is dead. A car is just as, if not a more efficient killing machine as a firearm. A 70s caddilac plowing through New York streets could kill hundreds before the killer is stopped. Nit picking isn’t doing you any good,you are losing the argument. I posted links to news headlines that showed examples of people being murdered by being deliberately ran over with a car. What’s the matter Wayne. Is your mouse broken or are you just too lazy to click on a link?

          • Guns are the issue. When you can show me another illustration of people intentionally being killed with a item that happens over 30 times a day in the U.S. I am talking intentionally now, not by accident.

          • Guns are YOUR issue. You claim that you don’t want to ban them. You claim that Democrats don’t want to ban them. I posted proof that they do but you ingnored it. Banning them is your issue too. If that were not the case you wouldn’t be so anal about the subject. Give it up. It is easy to see through your lies,. You aren’t that good of a liar.

          • Your the one that’s making such an issue out of it. I want a law so that I can’t sell an AR-15 to you without getting a background check. This would help with felons getting firearms. That’s all any liberal wants. Not to take away your firearm if you are not a felon. If you are a felon then I would understand why you are worried.

          • Just like a good liberal. Never net the facts sway you. I live in the peoples republik of Kalifornia. No firearms,even single shot .22s can be bought or sold without a background check and a 10 day waiting period. Have you ever heard of a city called San Bernardino? As for assaunt guns You are targeting the wrong weapon. I know you think that conservative websites are liars. (not true) but here is the truth from the New york times (not conservative).http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/14/sunday-review/the-assault-weapon-myth.html?_r=0

          • Well I live in Minnesota. If you come here and ask me to go and buy all the guns you want for you I can do it. I am not a felon. I don’t care if you were convicted of killing a dozen people. They can’t do anything to me. I don’t have to get a background check because I am not a dealer. I don’t think this is right and until they make it so I can’t do something like this without being prosecuted the felons have nothing to worry about.

          • Again you ignored the facts. Handguns are by far the most commonly used firearms by felons,not ARs or AKs. That is a statistical fact. If you don’t like the laws in Minnesota then move here to Ca. They will gladly give you a background check with every purchase. Right after you pay the $20.00 fee to take and pass a gun safety test and issue a state safety cirtificate you must carry at all times and must renew every five years. That is IF your choice of firearm is on the official state approved list. If you think that your states firearms laws are to loose then do us all a favor and turn them in to the police. Heaven forbid you should shoot yourself in the foot or kill some innocent burglar or home invader to defend the lives of your family. After all,the government is all wise and we the people are just a bunch of irresponsible fumblers who don’t know what’s good for us,right Wayne?

          • That’s what people with common sense are fighting for. To have laws like California. Why do you want to fight against them. If I am reading what you say is right that any citizen of California not fire arms dealers can’t sell a firearm to their next door neighbor without a background check. If you have all these laws to keep guns out of the hands of felons then what are you so bitter about?

          • Because those laws don’t effect criminals you idiot. There is already a huge black market for guns of all types all over the country. Anybody with street smarts knows that. These kinds of laws only effect law abiding honest people. Is that what you want,to be helpless to criminals? If you think there is nothing to fear then put “GUN FREE ZONE” signs on your front lawn and see how long it takes for you to be a victim. Some idiots never learn.

          • So your answer is to do nothing. Let those criminals and felons have their way. Doesn’t make sense to me.

          • No my answer is to leave the second amendment alone. Do you really think thugs selling firearms out of their trunks require background checks? The only people the kinds of laws you want effect are honest people. Why does that fact elude you? Do you have to have your home invaded by armed thugs in order to be slapped into reality? Why don’t you take your own advise and check the vegas odds of an armed VS an unarmed person being the victim of a crime. What’s the matter Colonel Sanders,chicken?

          • Nobody is trying to get rid of the 2nd amendment. That is something that the NRA has brainwashed you into thinking. I know you believe this and there is nothing I can say to change your mind so I am not going to try anymore. Good by.

          • Thank God. I’m tired of showing you [FACTS] that you ignore. If you would have showed me actual proof behind your claims I would have at least looked. I guess it is just too much of a hassle.

      • Check out Wayne with the “Expert Badge” who said he trained in 1960 on an M-16 that didn’t even go into full scale military trials until 1962 and wasn’t adopted by the Army and Air Force until 1964..

        I call BS on Wayne.

  27. Lack of intelligence is paramount in this case. First, the Ar-15 is a semi-automatic weapon. It is not used in combat. Except for the larger clips they are no different from any other sporting semi-automatic weapon that has been in production for many years.
    Second, all rifles and pistols were used by the troops in the Revolutionary War because they had nothing else except small canons for weapons. Therefore, the Second Amendment is upholding the right to rifles and pistols.

  28. One could wish that judges would understand the great responsibility they have to actually obey the law, and to always make decisions based on right principles. The judiciary gone wrong is a huge danger.

  29. One family tried to sue a gun store, I think in CA and lost and they had to pay the legal fees of the gun stores lawyers. The legal fees were then donated to gun activist organizations.

  30. too bad that the hore bellis missed the part about the bushmaster was found in the trunk…

  31. Francisco Machado

    If a politician runs for office on false promises and promotes programs that hurt or even kill American citizens should victims be able to sue the party that promoted that politician for nomination? They are, in effect, more liable than the gun manufacturer insofar as they have used deceptive advertising to market a flawed candidate, absolving the voter who “bought” the candidate of responsibility for the failure of said product. That product, the elected official, has all to often been “used” unethically, often enough illegally, for a purpose other than that for which he was marketed or elected. Or “She” – in the case of Hillary. And she got payed (by us) for doing what she did in the Middle East.

  32. Michael Dennewitz

    Sloooowly, but surely my friends, and I think you know what I mean….

    • yes we are slowly moving to street fighting that will turn very ugly as the commie inspired scum sucking pigs running for democrapo political office and their scum sucking pig appointees keep attacking Real Americans and the Second Amendment for what has happened to others….especially when the perpetrators are idiots and mental defectives raised in panty waist environments….

  33. Absolutely ridiculous. Another judge that figures the law is meaningless. How do these people do this?
    Well, what should we expect? Our President ignores the constitution and orders laws to not be enforced.
    This insanity has to stop.



    • This is why there are no massacres in New York City schools. That’s because they have armed police officers protecting the students. Go figure they have armed guards protecting banks, jewelry stores and every other place that has valuable merchandise.

      Our children are the most valuable things we have. They should have been protected, if they were they would still be alive today.

      • Yes, armed guards placed in many of these schools/malls/etc. actually would’ve prevented the deaths of many. But, of course, THAT IS NOT the response by obama or hillary. They instead choose to create a lot of new laws… that by all measure, would’ve NOT prevented a single killing. NOW, THAT’S our Dem/Lib government. I do not believe they are ALL that stupid. The only real answer is: they really have no desire to stop any of these deaths, they are attempting to limit Constitutional rights/freedoms of the U.S. citizens, in order to gain MORE CONTROL.

        Come on people, wake up. Common sense. Even the proposal to create lawsuits, doesn’t prevent any deaths, not their intention, they are hoping to control more firearms, by at least increasing the costs and regulations, even by firearm sellers.

  35. How typical of democrats to ignore laws they don’t like. This is ridiculous. The left wants to blame an inanimate object for the ACTIONS caused by a mentally defective young man and his mother instead of facing facts. Part of the blame lay with their stupid “Gun Free Zone” nonsense. Are democrats in favor of during auto manufacturers when a drunk driver uses one of their products to murder innocent people?

  36. Another whacked out Liberal black robe glorified lawyer.

  37. Some people are saying Sandy Hook never happened, it was all a government staged event, where is the proof.

  38. Hillary Clinton disqualifies herself on every issue. Insincere. Please.

  39. Maria De Columbia

    a little off subject… I was reading a Canadian newspaper article yesterday that stated the NC shooter actually shot the churchgoers because of a ongoing parking dispute. Never read that here in the US. Could it be it did not fit the narrative? Just curious.

  40. There is no way that this lawsuit goes through to liability payout. Every manufacturer of every product in the USA will now be held accountable for others irresponsibility. This liberal judicial system wants chaos to ensue.

  41. This is why it is important to have a conservative in the White House so that judges don’t make law from the bench. I guess now it is alright to sue GM because a driver killed someone driving a Chevrolet during an accident.

  42. The gunmakers had nothing to do with Sandy Hook. It was the mentally ill boy’s mother leaving her guns available to the young man. Also, taking him to the shooting range did not help. The whole Sandy Hook tragedy lays on the shoulders of the young man who did this. NOT the gun maker. I hope they counter sue!

    These people, including lying Clinton, and the leftist judge, just want to tie up the gun manufacturers money, in court.

    • Yes, because gun sales (so manufacturing) is up during the rule of obama. This is punishment to gun manufacturers for not cooperating with our corrupt politicians/judges.

  43. This is a typical example of a stupid libetard judge. She doesn’t even qualify to lick Ovomit’s boots after he has walked through cow patties. Ovomit in turn doesn’t rate licking George Bush’s boots after he has walked through a pile of dog poo. This is going to be a freaking waste of money and I hope Remington countersues big time.

  44. A quote from from the Texas Declaration of Independence. Amazingly eloquent folks that lived then:

    “The Mexican Government] has demanded us to deliver up our arms, which are essential to our defense, the rightful property of freemen, and formidable only to tyrannical governments.”

    Impeach the judge!

  45. I’m so sick of this BS. When I first saw the headline I thought it was going to allow an investigation into the event itself. Much to my disappointment, these idiots are suing a gun manufacturer for a gun that operated as if it had a mind of its own. The gun didn’t malfunction, the supposed killer behind it malfunctioned. If you cut down a tree with a chainsaw and it falls on you, but nothing was wrong with the chainsaw, just your tree cutting skills, are you going to sue the maker of the saw? Or the maker of the butcher knife OJ stabbed his wife with? Or the Tylenol when your teen tries to OD? Give me a break! What if the front office had been armed? Never would have come to that. The end.

    • Wait until they start suing motor vehicle manufacturers auto accidents??? Its not my fault it was the car???YEAH RIGHT??? Any more CHIPPY DOO FROM THIS AGENDA DRIVEN JUDGE.

  46. This is nothing more than another corrupt, criminal judge attempting to legislate from the bench, proving again that the rule of law is meaningless. Once a nation of laws OUR own government has proven yet again that the laws of this nation apply only to those they choose and NOT to the legal citizens or law abiding companies within this nation. Do We The People need any more reasons to stand armed against this corrupt and DESPOTIC regime.

  47. An absurd judge trying to infringe on not only “we the people”, but the folks who stand strong and proud helping keep “we the people” armed. Simply put …, a Liberal judge with an agenda. Logic and common sense has evaded this individual along with the rest of the Progressive/Liberal lunatics in our country.

  48. these are Marxist elitist who don’t care about you but will use you to disarm you so as they may promote their evil agenda. Hillary Clinton should’ve been hanging long ago for all the murders ,that she has been involved in ,and that’s not counting been Ghazi! OK so now all is fair you can go and Sue a call manufacture if your kid gets killed by a car you can go sue the screwdriver chemical just slept with a screwdriver and stab yourself in the hand you can sue anybody you want including the federal judge who just issued it and that’s with the people be going after until these walls judges get taken to task and until these lawless politicians get taken to task , Then nothing will change. This is another back door shot Marxist elitist communist move to disarm America to promote the evil on the left. Hillary Clinton is is more evil than any woman who’s ever sit and power anywhere.

  49. The judge is “:way off base”. Surplus Military weapons have been available to the public for ages. I purchased a .45 semi-automatic pistol in the 1950’s, when I was a Lt. in the USAF, and surplus rifles have beem made available to to several civilian pistol teams an sporting organizations. One can buy all kinds of military weapon support items at surplus stores, including vehicles. And, just because the “style” is military, does not “make them so”. More importantly, the Second Amendment was included in the Consitution to prevent government tyranny—which in case one has not noticed, is raising its ugly head as we debate these issues. And, if we are to defend against tyranny, we must have the weapons with which to do so. We surely cannot stop tyranny with shotguns with “bird-shot” or .22 rifles. And, let us be clear as to what tyranny is all about—-Webster’s Dictionary, states it is, “arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority—and , much, much more.

    • Yes, and one of my disagreements with obama, those weapons and ammo that has been taken by our military and used overseas…. are not to be brought back to the U.S.??? Those expensive items have been paid for by taxpayers, auctions should be held for U.S. citizens to purchase them back, which would be revenue to support new military firearms, etc.

  50. This is stupid and only the Judge becomes famous and the lawyers rich. A son steal his mother’s firearm, kill his mother and murders numerous persons. A person steal a vehicle kills and run a red light and hit a vehicle killing all occupants of the vehicle, should the manufacture of the vehicle be responsive for ALL deaths? Sadly the USA have too many of NO Common Sense Judges and Legislators that have caused the Tax Payers $billion in BS laws and lawsuits. But the saddest facts of all, many voters keep voting them back in office. If the State & Federal governments allows Legal sales of so-called assault them there is no arguments. However, I think the so-called assault type weapons should be allowed to be sold and own, But they must be licensed under the ATF as the same as automatic firearms.

  51. When the United States is attacked again and it will be, and there are NO guns in the hands of citizens, Clinton and all the other gun haters will be at the mercy of the attackers. In 1941, the only reason Japanese forces DID NOT attack is because THEY KNEW we had guns and knew how to use them.”When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”.

  52. It truly amazes me that certain liberal judges think they will survive the coming revolt.

  53. This will open the door to lawsuits against Farberware and other manufacturers as families of those murdered by killers armed with kitchen knives will be able to sue.

  54. Yeah, let them sue and next let us go after the car manufacturers because they know it is irresponsible to sell people those dangerous machines that are causing carnage on the highways. Especially those that drink. lets sue those corporations for billions and billions.

    • Yes, as far as car manufacturers: who needs a car that exceeds the speed limit? Vehicles like Hummers, that weigh so much more and in an accident, do so much more damage. And, those little electric cars are death traps for any large vehicle? Get these lying corrupt criminal Dems, especially, Hillary out of office and as far as they can be tossed.

  55. Just goes to show how low clinton will go to take every advantage she can regardless of who suffers

  56. Many of our costs in the U.S. are higher than those in other countries. One of the things that increase medical costs in our nation is: U.S. citizens are the most litigious group in the world. Lawsuits cost everyone money, they cost a lot of defend and answer, afterwards decisions are made based on those lawsuits and awards. The fact that hillary wants to hold gun manufacturers responsible for the actions of a killer, is once again, moving in the wrong direction as to accountability, and will ONLY result in higher costs of all things gun-related.

    The ONLY people who benefit from lawsuits: lawyers. Hillary is showing how low and destructive, once again, to the legal gun owner who is participating in their Constitutional right. And, receiving a million $ will certainly not bring anyone back to life or PREVENT A DEATH!! Toss her in prison.

  57. Sandy Hook Was A HOAX!!

  58. Nobody died at sandy hook ! Do a search on that .

  59. Bull. When are we going to start holding anti-constitution groups accountable and putting them in jail for trying to take law abiding citizens rights away from us.

  60. The judge should be impeached.

  61. One of the protection law’s purpose was to PREVENT suits against gun makers because even several successful suits could bankrupt some and cause some other manufacturers to stop production. Then our military would become dependent on foreign governments for its small arms. AK-47 from Russia or China anyone?

  62. Only way suing gun manufacturer make any sense is if they made a defective gun and due to the defect a person was injured of killed. If a user points the gun and shoots, it is not the guns fault if the aim was ‘dead on’. IT did as it was designed. The responsible party is the shooter, not the gun.

  63. This judge must have been into Obamas stash

  64. Makers of Guns get yourselves good attorneys and rip the hell out of this unlawful stupid case…….the theaters and schools should have had alarms and such for everyone to walk through on every door…it was their faults the shooters went on into the those places and killed like they planned to do!

  65. This Commie bureaucrat is pushing this crap to get it passed somehow, opening all the doors wide, to eventually sue every American corporation making them bullied and defenseless against complete gov’t. takeover.

  66. This supposedly well-educated and informed Judge, ignored the Laws associated with this Left-wing attempt, to destroy a viable, legal business in order to carry out the Left’s continued attempts to disarm the American public! In doing so, she ignores both Texas Law and the Constitution of the United States! She should be impeached!

  67. How, I wonder, did this woman get into law school, let along graduate therefrom?

  68. the parents want to cash in on this unfortunate event
    who says shoot the greedy parents ?

  69. Readers, Arthur and a few others are trying their best to take our focus off of the real issues at hand. Let us just ignore them and proceed in a civil and orderly manner and see if we cannot come up with some sound ideas as to what the solujtions may or may not be. Remember participating in “their” sick game of “mental masturbation” is highly contagous—if you would not say “it” to spouse, mother, grandmother or a judge, common sense dictates you would not place in on the internet for the whole world to see your low-class ignorance.

  70. Personally, I think it is beyond the pale to try to profit from the death of your loved ones! How could they put a price on the heads of those who died!
    I suppose that is what is meant by Love of Mammon!

  71. that’s like suing ford because you had a wreck

  72. StupidConservativeValues

    I must have my wittle gunzies to feel like a big ‘ole man.

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