Judge Blocks Trump Admin From Withholding Grants From Sanctuary Cities

Another day, another outrageous decision from a federal court against the Trump administration.

This time, the offending (and offensive) decision comes from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago, which has affirmed a lower court’s decision to block the Department of Justice from tying federal grant money to a city’s compliance with immigration policies set forth by Congress.

These cities, which have become known as “Sanctuary Cities,” have rules in place preventing local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. If ICE, for instance, wants a local jail to keep a criminal alien imprisoned for a few extra days so that they can come take them into custody, those jail officials are prohibited from complying with the request. Through this distortion of the law, untold thousands of criminal aliens have escape deportation.

The Trump administration’s case is simple: If these cities don’t want to comply with federal law and cooperate with federal authorities, why should they have access to the exact same grant money offered to cities that do? Why is there no possible mechanism of coercion or punishment for the federal government to use against these cities? It only stands to reason that if you’re gladly on the federal dole, you should at least play by the rules. If you want to stand as an island unto yourself with your own rules and laws, great! But don’t come back with your hand out.

What’s funny is that the Obama administration used these exact rules when it came to their school lunch program. Public schools were under no obligation to abide by the administration’s Healthy and Hunger-Free Children Act, but they could opt-in to the standards and thereby get some extra money from the feds. And the left had absolutely no problem with this! But now that the topic is illegal immigration, these leftists and their activist judges suddenly have a much different view. Strange.


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