Judge Blocks Texas Law on Illegal Immigrants

Last year, Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed into law House Bill 11, which made it a felony to harbor illegal immigrants. The law was hailed as one of the strongest border protection efforts in the southwest, but it immediately attracted the ire of pro-immigrant groups. This week, a San Antonio judge issued an injunction against the law as part of a lawsuit brought by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund against the state.

According to the plaintiffs, the law violates the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution by attempting to regulate an issue that is within the jurisdiction of the federal government. They say that the law stands in conflict with existing federal regulations and should thus be struck down as unconstitutional.

Gov. Abbot, responding to the injunction, said it was “absurd.”

Under the law, anyone found guilty of harboring an illegal immigrant for the purpose of financial benefit can be sentenced to 10 years in prison and hit with a fine of up to $10,000. Supporters insist that the law is not intended to penalize charitable organizations who provide shelter for illegal immigrants, but rather to prosecute those who do it for profit. Many of those are involved in the smuggling trade, and they are largely responsible for the problems we now have at the border.

It’s simply amazing the lengths these activists will go to in order to protect the thriving trade of illegal immigration. Never mind who gets hurt in the process. No, we have to throw open the borders and welcome everyone. And strangely enough, the courts seem to agree. Isn’t it funny how declaring your city a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants is fine, but a law that goes the other way…oh, well now it’s unconstitutional. The situation seems to be: If you want to go further left than Obama, you’re free to violate federal law. If you want to be more conservative, however, we have a problem.

What else can you conclude? There is a systematic effort to keep Americans from doing anything to secure the border. This is a coalition of Democrats, Hispanic activists, Big Business, and Washington RINOs. And they all want to kick this can down the road. Meanwhile, American citizens are being shot, put out of work, and hooked on the deadly drugs that flow across the border.

Supremacy clause? Sorry, but if the federal government isn’t going to do anything about illegal immigration, the states have every right to protect their citizens.

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  2. All state governors take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The so-called “supremacy clause” covers federal laws, therefore, Gov. Abbott is supporting the immigration laws that Washington is not enforcing.

    • I guess the judges missed the day they taught enforcing the law.

      • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

        They make us obey the law so these ILLEGALS SHOULD OBEY OUR LAWS ALSO OR GET OUT OF AMERICA.

        • Sorry can’t do that its ieagle

          • It isn’t illegal but it is uncivilized until we enforce our law against hiring illegals.

          • You are the one who is uncivilized – you care nothing about your fellow citizens.

          • I believe that I care much more than you and others who hold your views. I swore that I would never become a registered Democrat in 47, when I was discharged from my stint in the Navy and learned that the leader of the Democrats in my area of Wash, State that was one of those responsible for 1/2 of my grade school class being put in concentration camps. One of my Japanese-American class mates became the head of the medical facilities at Annapolis. He was permitted to leave the concentration camp to join the Navy.
            Further, I spent 20 years representing Bell Labs in International Data Communication Standards and worked with people from every country of significance around the world. Yes, there are religious whackos but no religion has a monopoly on the nonsense; though, I’ve aware that by most standards, the Muslim whacko standard are the worst. But, they are the poorest. Sad

        • They should leave, they broke the law crossing the border, I am sick of these illegals coming here, commiting crimes, running up medical bills they don’t pay, this increases our cost, schools dumbing down our kids so these illegals can MAYBE catch up, landlords renting to them lose money, I’ve seen houses after they move out, near my son in Fla. there is a house, 3 bedrooms and I bath, four families are living there. They break law after law.I could go on about auto accidents and vehicular deaths but takes too much room. I say deport them all, like they did in 50’s and 60’s, this will stop the flow.

          • Actually I say letting them go is too easy. Instead form up a work force of illegals and use them to build a wall. We can easily force moneygram to charge an extra 20% and use that money to fund the materials. The wetbacks who build the wall can have first crack at legally emigrating, right behind all the folks who have already filled out the paperwork. Shouldn’t take more than 10-12 years for them to gain a legal green card& they’ll know what a great job they did building that big wall

          • You absolutely correct about illegals committing crimes and running up medical bills but most know little or nothing about our law but they were effectively recruited by one of our Corporations or businesses and just as they are willing to work for very little, they are willing to do whatever to live.

          • Another problem that’s not made public id the increase of alcoholism among Hispanics, saw it in Miami and now in DC area. My son was hit at 10 AM by an illegal, drunk, no Lic. and car owner, also Illegal, had no Ins. We ended up out $2500.

          • Sorry but sarcasum seems to be lost on you

      • Or the judge has been paid lots of money!

      • Don’t forget before they were judges they were lawyers and lawyers spend their time trying to go around the laws to protect their client from prosecution.

    • If Texas is serious about fighting back, they will win. They don’t provide the judges name but you can rest assured they have a “D” beside their name. It’s time for all states to pass a law that states “all laws passed by the legislature and signed by the governor will remain in effect until all challenges have been exhausted. The ruling of “unconstitutionality” by a single activist judge is not sufficient. If the law is later proved to be valid the plaintiffs are financially penalized for a “frivolous lawsuit”. Not a bad idea to penalize the judge as well. The person obviously does not know the law.

    • Governor, I am with you. All state governors take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the State Constitution and so do Public Employees!

  3. The governor doesnt not have to follow that judges finfing. He doesnt make law. Remmber, it is only his interpretation. The state legislature has to change the law or not. Most like the state law is correct in the first place.

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    • It does not in any way violate federal law. It is against the law to enter the country without going through certain steps and coming across the border is NOT one of those steps. If the federal government would follow there own laws this would have never come to the forefront but because those who swore to uphold the laws are refusing to do so therefore it is now fallen to the state to enforce the laws. I appreciate the TX law but think it is to soft.

      • These libtards that support bo still twist the meaning of illegal & criminal actions against the U.S !

        • That they do.

        • Eleanore Whitaker

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          • One thing i’ll never be able to understand; fathom; or figure out is WHY do so many so called Americans HATE America so much; to the point of Self Destruction.?

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          • A very intelligent response from a Libitard

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            It’s always those most mentally damaged who see the world only on their terms and only want their way in life. Manson did too and we know where that got him.

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            To remain silent when we must speak truth and facts only panders their their need to be the only voices our children ever hear. I don’t bother for me. I bother for the young children in this country picking up the very worst, most vile militant violent voices they hear.

            The joke is that it won’t affect the seniors It will affect the right winger big mouths who have to deal with the consequences of their bad examples. But at least, children get the opportunity to hear BOTH sides of issues and not just the slime ball right wing side all the time.

          • another asinine comment always assuming about people. You have no freaking clue where I live and obviously you are wrong. When someone boasts about their intelligence to put others down it is because of their low self esteem and low intelligence.

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          • it will be proven.

          • I just went back and re-read every single post you have applied to this article and not once did you post any specific fact. You do however seem to spend a lot of time name-calling which, as any sane and intelligent person knows, reflects badly on you.

            Once name-calling enters a discussion it is an admission of defeat. Try going one whole day without name-calling and you might actually be considered as having a valid point.

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!

            You have no facts, no common sense, no truth…you are an enemy of Real America you liberal trash!!!

          • Eleanore a troll?

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          • GodBlessRealAmerica!

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      • But, this particular law can be enforced only by the Federal Government. So says the US Constitution.

        • SHOW us where in the constitution it shows where ONLY the federal government enforces the borders.. I know it’s not in the 10th amendment, since that gives all power to specifically assigned to the federal government to the states and people respectively.

          • Article IV, Section 4.
            You have a point about “only…” But, so far, courts have been agreeing with me, not with you.

          • Texas needs to sue Obama for treason if your using Section 4. Article 4, since it says the Federal Government will ensure the states arent invaded.. WTF do you call 20+ million illegal aliens sneaking across the border is, if NOT an invasion.

          • Home coming?

          • This invasion by illegals is actually an act of war that bo has created with illegal E.O.’s !

          • That’s the reason bo & his cronies have to be gone for destroying the U.S. internally .. !

        • You mean the idiots in our federal government?

      • The Penitent Man

        We need to stop all legal immigration that doesn’t come from Europe. Since the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, the U.S. has absorbed roughly 100 million, third-world, non-white immigrants that have refused to assimilate. This once “European” nation is now almost 50% non-white. As we become darker so does our future. These people hate liberty and love handouts that we cannot afford. It’s one thing to help native-born Americans and another to favor both legal and illegal non-white immigrants and aliens over our own people.

    • Then along comes bo to defy the U.S. Laws & make his illegal & abuse of power E.O.’s to defend his crony appointed libtards unjust rulings in the kangaroo courts of injustice like the D.O.J. & L. lynch the A.G. of whatever bo desires for his wannabe dictatorship from a muslim, commie hell … !…??? AND No congress !

    • Must pass a law where be liberals are a felony and Dems control.

    • That’s what got Sheriff Joe in trouble in Az, obama siced holder on him saying he couldn’t enforce federal immigration laws. Who is going to enforce them if the government won’t do their job and enforce them. obama is violating the sworn oath he took to uphold the laws of our nation.

      • Arpaio was trying to protect the citizen’s unlike the feds. Time for the states to step up and take their places lawfully to enforce within their borders the laws they make. The feds have grown offensive to the people.

    • Most will follow the judges opinion , that’s what it is called , to keep checks and balances

      However the Fed courts are kangaroo courts

      Abbott it’s your move now

    • EXACTLY!!!

    • Wrong! Actually the governor does have to follow the judge’s ruling. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution… the same Constitution you right wing nut-jobs love to wave around when it comes to gun control… is defined as “An amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, defining national citizenship and forbidding the states to restrict the basic rights of citizens or other persons.” It states right in the amendment that the federal government CAN prevent the states from over-reaching their authority… which is exactly what this federal judge has done.

      The 14th Amendment also refers to “the basic rights of citizens or other persons.” The “OR OTHER PERSONS” part means you don’t have to be an American citizen for the law to protect you.

      • Wrong my friend. The feds have no jurisdiction of states decisions passed through legislation. The federal government cannot legally override any law at state level. Works the same way as legalizing pot. Some states have and others haven’t. This is no different..

        • Nope… wrong again Jim. You’re not just a little bit wrong, you’re totally wrong. If there’s a conflict between a state law and a federal law, the federal laws wins every time. How do you think federal civil rights legislation was enforced in the Southern states that still had racist, discriminatory laws in place?

          State laws haven’t superseded federal law in the case of pot. The feds have simply stated that they won’t prosecute for federal pot violations in states where pot has been legalized by a vote of the people. The feds have every legal right to go after pot dispensaries, growers and users in EVERY state, but they choose not to in this case.

          Do a little research before you start making false statements. Ask a local lawyer and see what they say about it.

          • Do you realize how ignorant that statement is to say they choose not to go after the states on pot. They know they would lose. First on the question of immigration the feds are not up holding the laws put in place and states have every right to protect their own borders. I am definitely not a legal genius but in reality the constitution makes it very clear in the duties of the federal government to protect the nation and it certainly isn’t doing it. In fact Obama is discouraging our ability to even do that. Your clearvision has gotten pretty foggy when looking at truth and reality. One more important thing. Judges do NOT make laws . They can only interpret and make suggestions based on the constitutionality of that law. Don’t try to give power where there really is no power. You should really be worrying more about federal judges overreach They are the ones doing so.

          • We agree 100% on one thing… you are definitely not a legal genius!

            First… the feds have every right to go after the pot growers in the states that have legalized it. If this were ever litigated, the states would lose. The Obama administration realizes that federal drug laws are a joke… especially those that make pot illegal… so they made the correct decision to allow pot use in states where the people have voted for it.

            Second… Federal judges don’t “make suggestions” when they rule. Their rulings have the full force of the law behind them. Just because you don’t like their rulings doesn’t make a hill of beans difference since what a federal judge says IS THE LAW.

            Third… if judges are handing down rulings you agree with, they are simply enforcing the law. If they make decisions you don’t agree with they are “overreaching.” Conservatives back in the 1960s screamed, and yelled about the Congress and the Supreme Court “overreaching” when the Civil Rights Act went into effect and was then ruled constitutional by the courts. Just because you don’t like a judge’s ruling, doesn’t make it illegal… or just a “suggestion.”

    • jimdarnall,
      I see this your way. Any person entering the US illegally is a criminal. It is a law in every state that harboring a criminal is against the law. This judge should know better.

  4. Texas tell the liberal you are going to protect Real American citizens, not obama illegal immigrants.

    • there is another way why be Brutal on them any way? there is another option i will tell you about for those who sneaked into the border to come to this country they could stay for a while then they go back to their own Country”s US embassy and file papers then come back here and be on the waiting list this is the merciful way you are a human not Brutish

      • Same as amnesty we still pay for them to go home and file papers and pay for them to come back and wait for approval. In the meantime they still get the same benefits they get now which are not fair. How about the people who can’t live the American dream while waiting for their papers to be approved while waiting in their own country.? They are illegals and need to be deported and learn you can’t break laws because you can and you don’t care. No Amnesty Yes Deportation but don’t separate the families deport their illegal anchor babies with them. The 343 billion/yr we spend to take care of them can be used to find and deport them. Our poor people, veterans and homeless should always come first. Build that wall, hire more agents, instill more cameras and night lights then start deportation. Calif has well over 5 million start there first. It”s not brutality when you protect your country and it”s legal citizens. Trump2016

        • the pope went to Grecce to help the Immigrants and i agree with the pope i am a Catholic and i Agree with their Merciful ways to help the Immigrants i am going to live as a Catholic and i am going to remain a catholic and i am going to die as a Catholic

          • Try to move into the most walled in city/state in the world. You can visit it, no problem

            but come sun down you leave or get removed, no exception. I understand your

            religious beliefs but even the Bible tells us to respect the laws of the lands in which we

            reside. They are not obeying our laws and have no intention of so doing.

          • Your Pope is a leftist fool.

          • He actually took one family to the Vatican with him. If course they were women and children. Probably christian also.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            YOUR Pope is a joke!

          • Good for you, but a good Catholic does not tell others what to do!

          • Actually, a good Catholic always speaks out when they witness wrongs being committed. The Vatican not only looked the other way when Jews were being murdered, they actually helped the Germans. It was a long time before they could live down the shame.

          • JUST SHUT UP please just shut up you give me a headache every time you write anything, I have zero tolerance for stupid anymore

          • IDIOT!

          • Upon his return from the Crusades, which incidentally was to drive the Islamics back to where they came from when they invaded Europe, “Richard the Lion Hearted”, also known as King Richard, was captured while crossing Austria. A very high ransom was paid to the Vatican to obtain his release. This area was known as “The Holy Roman Empire”.

          • Put some duct tape on your keyboard and help control pollution on this board

          • And also as an illegal alien apologist.

          • Lisa Eshenroder Woolley

            If it was your family and your country was taking away your hard earned benefits leaving your family destitute so they could put and care for strangers but neglect and take away from their own families–you might feel very differently. According to the principals of the (Catholic) Bible, charity begins at home.( 1 Timothy 5:8 says “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”)
            Every good God fearing catholic needs to know the Bible they believe in.

          • When the Pope welcomes illegals and “refugees” into his walled palace to live, then I will pay attention to his globalist agenda.

          • Your ‘pope’ is a piece of crap. Tell me this, please! Just how many illegal immigrants does your piece of crap house in the Vatican?
            He has the space and money to take them in to live with him! TELL ME HOW MANY LIVE WITH HIM SO I WILL KNOW JUST HOW MUCH HE “LOVES” THE CHRIST.
            Jay, you are totally undeserving of the way America took you in. You want to look the gift horse in the mouth and destroy it.
            When and if this nation is destroyed, you will suffer along with us. You are sad, sad.

          • you should study your own church’s history. please. the middle ages of Europe. also called the ‘dark ages’. and what finally brought the ‘light’ to Europe. study it if you dare.

          • The Muslims attacked the vatican before. That’s why the 200 ft wall is around it now.

          • I didn’t know that!

          • YUP! a raped little Catholic.

          • good then you open your house up and take a hundred of these criminals in you pay for them you support them and if they break ANY laws we will hold you responsible. And toe pope needs to shut his damn mouth he has ZERO say so on our laws and should not be even speaking about this, he is a giant P.O.S

          • So, does that mean that you condone criminals?

          • I am just like Pope Francis i rather show mercy who am i to judge?

          • But the pope said Trump was not a “Christian” if he wanted to “build a wall” on our southern border!
            But, the pope resides in the Vatican, which is walled! That must mean the pope is NOT a Christian then. And since you said “you were just like Pope Francis,” does that mean that you are not a Christian either? Yet, you quote the Bible. I am so very confused.

          • you do not have to be confused just go online and look up the teachings of the Catholic church about helping the poor it will tell you everything that i billive in and by the way do not fall for the Media they will tell you anything only to Manuplait your mind

          • Helping the poor should be a voluntary action from the heart, not forced by the government.

          • that is what i am saying i also said the Government should Volenteer with them if they want to you are twisiting my words so let us see who is right i challenge you to a game of Duel Monsters

          • The government if 100% financed by the taxpayers; and they are basically forcing us when they “volunteer” for us.

          • Faux Pas Pope!

          • I agree.

          • Jay. I don’t care what religion you are and have no problem with Catholics. Just how many illegals or refugees have you taken into your home to take care of completely until they decide they want to leave? You can be merciful, kind, good, compassionate and loving but, God also believed in borders and protecting your country. We lock criminals up so are you against that? You do know what a criminal is don’t you? The pope is a puppet for the elite who want a New World Order and so he thinks that if he brings in some refugees then everyone will follow his example and fall in love with Muslims. He hasn’t changed my mind any as I don’t dislike Muslims but, I dislike Islam and those that practice the radical ideology. It’s not Islamophobia to those of us that know the truth it’s Islamorealism.

          • now you are Insulting the pope he has nothing to do with the new world order he hates evil he loves Mercy that i must ask you this question you should tell the truth so my question is why are you against the Mercy ministries?

          • Who are you referring to as Mercy ministries? I’m not the only one that sees this Pope in a different light than all the others. I’m also not Catholic so the Pope means nothing to me and my personal opinion is that he is a hypocrite and follows the liberal agenda helping the elite in the New World Order. All of the so called charity organizations ( including protestants) are being paid big bucks to bring in all those so called refugees so why should they care about protecting Americans when big money comes their way.? The New World Order also wants Islam to be the universal religion otherwise why are they spreading Muslim ( war refugees as well as economic refugees and then terrorists) ISIS is constantly saying they will infiltrate Europe and the US, kill the infidels and institute Sharia law which won’t apply to the elite non Muslims just the Christians and Jews we will all be the peasants. Als, Ted Cruz’s wife who works for Goldman Sach’s is working on establishing North American Union like the EU but S. America, US, Mexico and Canada will all lose their sovereign status to become one. I certainly hope you didn’t vote for Odumbo because if you did then I can see why you write the kind of comments you do. You really do need to read up on what’s happening with all the worlds crooked leaders because I think God wants us to be informed and know who our enemies are in hopes that the good people can change America back to a God fearing country instead of a Godless country. I’ve never been a religious person until Odumbo became president and my instincts have always served me well and for the past 7.5 yrs I have seen and feel the dramatic change that is going on in a country that I grew up in for 61 yrs and I don’t like it and my instincts on Odumbo were correct so I’m glad I did not vote for him either time I felt his evil the first day he spoke about becoming president and I was not impressed and even Blacks are disappointed and that’s why 25% of Blacks that voted for him are voting for Trump so at least that percentage of Blacks have awaken but the other 75% voting for Killary they’re just too dumb, ignorant and too lazy to find out the truth about who they vote for. Killary is a career corrupt politician, habitual liar, murderer and child molesting defense attorney who craves power and the more she gets the more she wants. Were done as a rich country if Killary or Bernie wins the election as they will just continue the destruction of the US and Killary being more so than Bernie who doesn’t have a plan on how to give everyone free stuff but, it’s estimated to be around 15.6 trillion over the next decade added onto the already 19 trillion. Anyone voting for either one is giving their children, grandchildren a death sentence by having to pay off that debt out of their new free education paycheck. Sad, pray if you like but, I believe God sent us Trump to save this country and help stop the downward spiral into hell where we already are at least 60% soon to be in the fire. Ok, Jay I’ve said my piece and as you can see I am not a politically correct person. Take care.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Please tell me if I should be proud – – and believe me, I don’t play the BS games.. I’M a disabled, Vietnam vet. Up until almost 2 years ago I was getting $1379.00 mnthly in disability. Then I got a letter stating that it had been reduced to $1.33..
          Yes, I printed it right, $1.33 !! And just three months ago I received a letter from social security stating that mine was being reduced by 1/3… As a result, the van was repossessed and I was left riding a bike. Then, I was told that I must make “other” living arrangements, that my lease was being revoked… Am I supposed to thank my fine government that I served, or just be PISSED OFF at the “so-called” refugees that need MY benefits???

          • American’s first always! After all this is America. Foreigners do not belong in our government or anyplace else that makes decisions for Americans.

          • Apparently, you werre not quite as disabled as you claimes to be.

          • How would you know that? And why would you attack someone who fought for your freedom instead of taking up for foreign leeches who live off your tax money?

          • There are no foreign leeches living off tax money.

            There are ignorant Americans who cannot be bothered looking up the rules for the various public assistence programs.

            There are bigoted, ignorant Americans who repeat lies, after lie, after lie.

          • shut up you digraceful whore, how dare you open your mouth if not for people like him stupid people like you would not even be allowed to speak in here.

          • If it were not for people like me, people like you and him would have died.

            I am a surgeon.
            I served in Vietnam.

          • Then madam, you are a disgrace to both your profession and the uniform you wore.

          • AMEN !!!!!!!!!

          • Served What?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            The only place you “served” was on the corner of 5th and Vine, and a lot of guys are complaining about what they caught servicing you!!

          • Thank you Joe you said exactly what I was feeling when I read that statement and she calls herself a LADY? Sounds like a very radical person and the screen name AK as in AK47?

          • What a sorry excuse of a human being you are! How dare you judge a Veteran!!

            May you dwell in Hell forever!

          • WHy do you think all veterans are innocent? The military are not saints — far from it.

          • Amen !!!! ( AKLady has reservations already.)

          • You, madam, are a jerk. If you hate America and Americans so much why don’t you LEAVE?

          • Your, on the other had are a bigoted, ignorant fool who repeats lies and publishes his stupidity for the world to wirness.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Who the hell do you think you are AKLady? You need to leave this country ASAP as well! GET OUT!!!

          • This sub-human person appears to have a deep hatred for America and Americans—-to the point that it makes me feel that -it- is not an American or even live in America. That’s what i read into ever one of -its- post.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            GO away despicable bitch!

          • AK, i did not think you were against veterans too. You could leave Alaska and clean up the state by your departure

          • May you be as disabled as he is then we’ll see how loudly you crow.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Trust me, YOU’RE ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WHY THE WORD “HATE” EXISTS… Pay no attention to “it” folks, it’s not even a lady. It’s just one of many names this troll uses!!

          • I am so sorry to hear that. You are not alone. Too many Vets are being treated like criminals while the illegals are brought in and taken care of by the millions. We must all stand up and fight for what is right for our country. I hope and pray Trump is the next POTUS and we will honor our Vets again.

          • Shaking my head…. just not right in any which way!

          • It breaks my heart to learn more all the time how our Vets are treated! Our government may be corrupt beyond redemption, but I want to at least give Trump a chance.

          • Obama strikes again. Taking from Citizens to give to Criminals that AREN’T citizens. I know that when you came back you were NOT treated like a hero, and probably all you heard was insults. Depending on when you came back you couldn’t even travel IN THIS COUNTRY in your uniform (unless you were on Military transport).

            So, here is something you should have heard “way back when” Thank you for your service to America! I wish there was more I could do.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Michael, that is terrible. We need to GET RID of ALL illegals and I don’t even want to call them “immigrants”, because they truthfully aren’t. The TRUE name for them is CRIMINALS. T

          • Don’t forget the 37 million, in refunds they got from the IRS by filing fraudulent income taxes.

          • Damn you just proved that we need Trump. It’s a disgrace the way you and other vets are being treated and I believe that when we get an American president who is not anti-American (Trump) then he will restore your benefits you deserve and then you can be proud that you served and survived to see America be Great again. BTW, did I say something in another comment that made you send me your question? What state do you live in if you don’t mind me asking? Have you been disabled since the war ended? I thank you so much for your service especially since Nam vets were treated like shit when they came home. I remember because I was 20 when the war ended. I wish I could help you but I’m disabled for now till about 6 months then I will go back to work. Keep fighting for your benefits don’t give up I really think Trump is going to win and you’ll see vets will be treated better. Take care my friend.

          • ”’PISSED OFF !!!!!!! There is really something VERY WRONG in our government when they treat our service men and women they way they do. I love my country and i’m sure you do too, but the ones running it don’t. They need to be voted out, sent letters demanding they leave office. They are unfit to serve the people of America. They need to be replaced. Thank you sir for your service to our country and God Bless you and yours. I pray you get your benefits back, that is disgraceful for them to do you that way. My husband is a Vietnam Vet. He thanks you also and sends his prayers that you soon get your benefits back. Never give up.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Thank you Debra, but I hold little hope these days! This country is just waiting (and hoping, I think) for all we vets to kick the bucket! That way they’ll have more $$ to fund the welfare recipients! !

        • Lisa Eshenroder Woolley

          Yes, I do not lock the doors of my home at night because I hate those who live outside but because I love and am responsible to protect those on the inside.

          • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

            Me too, but I keep my shotgun loaded and my .357 within reach at all times. And I admit to hating illegal criminals (which ALL illegals are)

        • What benefits might those be? Have you actually looked at your state’s eligibiility requirements?

          There is no such thing as an “illegal anchor baby”. If you are born un the U.S., you are a US. citizen.

          • Welfare checks, free healthcare with the medicaid card, free English classes, free lunch, food stamps just a few and don’t bother with requirements because if Odumbo says they get those benefits then no state has the right to refuse. Apparently you are not familiar with the constitution or you would know that the 14th amendment was passed when slavery ended to ensure that the newly freed slaves would be recognized as citizens because, many were born on American soil and the parents were and others were brought here by the government so they were not illegals. Thats the difference the parents are illegals and thus not citizens and so neither are their children. Why are liberals so thick headed? Tell your history teacher he did a terrible job or maybe you were not listening.

        • The majority of illegals enter this countey legally — on employment visas.
          They simply fail to leave and/or renew the visas.

          As long as employers keep comtroling your minds, the problem will only get worse.

          The poor and uneducated crossing the Southern border are not the problem.

          • I don’t care to discuss anything with a person who dishonors vets. Go cut up a liberal for fund.

          • Oh, you think veterans are all innocent?

            Is that why the military has prisons, police, courts and judges?

            I am a veteran. I served in Vietnam. I buried two husbands at Arlington National Cemetery — they were KIA. I just buried a third who lived almost 50 years with a disabilty from that war.

            Save your stupidity for someone you can imoress.

          • Now that is spooky. The hate you have towards everybody that post on here is un-natural and deep seeded in you. And also the hatred you speak about America and Americans all the time. If i were you i wouldn’t be bragging that you have buried 3 husbands. It don’t look good. I was a nurse for 32 years and i have NEVER met a surgeon that ever carried that much hate for other people as you do. Doctors don’t carry hatred in their hearts for other people like you display on here. Not even when the person has different views than them. Your oath is ”Do no harm”. With the hate you spew on here and burying 3 husbands,, i wonder about your mental stability and what actually happen to your husbands, what caused their deaths. I’m guessing you’re a very hateful and dishonest person and it’s eating you alive. Please seek help. We have very good mental hospitals here in America, that is if you are even in America.

      • They are INVADING our Nation with intent to murder, rape and pillage all they can before they
        go back home. The only way to stop them is to round them up and deport them with
        exactly what they came here with, NOTHING BUT THE CLOTHING ON THEIR BACKS.
        If you think for one second that their home country would accept your, provide you with
        housing, food and other necessities of life then you live in a dream. Go to Mexico or
        any other Nation and you would be in jail for being there ILLEGALLY.

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?

          Why do you embarrass America this way?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Ignore her! She isn’t right in the head.

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • No libtard is right in the head with it being too far up their ass & locked .. ! Stench galore !

          • LOL It helps me to laugh about them!

          • Seriously , seek psychological treatment !

          • Seriously, you need to educate yourself better.

          • Does being Naïve; Clueless; and Stupid come naturally; or do you really have to work at it?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            It’s a paid troll Bandit, and not even a lady!!

          • Get back in the kitchen you dizzy eyed trollop you are not smart enough to talk with the big people.

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • Why do you think you are so smart? That is a liberal plauge. News flash, liberals are ignorant and do not live on the real world.

          • Maybe you should not have dropped out of school.

          • I’m sorry, but they said I had to leave after my fourth year at college. Why don’t you read the Constitution and immigration laws so you won’t look so mentally challenged to everyone?

          • Maybe you should find someone who can explain those laws to you. You obviously cannot understand them.

          • You are the imbecile who doesn’t know what the Constitution or immigration laws are. Live with it. Why do liberals want to slap legal immigrants in the face? They come here legal and you say screw them let’s just keep the ones that breaks the federal law. You are a sick puppy.

          • Take a law course.
            Get someone to explain the Constitution to you.
            More importantly. come talk to me when you are willing to pay for what you demand.

          • Why would I want to talk to you, you don’t know anything about the subject. You already proved that. I’m done, arguing with a dummy makes dummies out of both, so I will leave you in your fantasy world for now. Some of us aren’t liberal and have to earn a living for your people.

          • I will admit that not even close to all of them come with “murder – rape – plunder – pillage on their minds, but enough to be a major danger to this country do! The vast majority want a better life. However, a Better life cannot be obtained Illegally. If you are here Illegally you SHOULD be charged with the crime, booked, have records kept (pictures, finger prints, etc.) and then deported.

          • You left out one step — a hearing. The 5th Amendment requires it.

          • The 5th does not require anything to illegal NON citizens. They are not American therefore the amendments do not cover them.

          • The U.S. Constitution applies to everyone within our borders — regardless as to citizenship. It even allies to spies.

          • WRONG!!!! The Constitution limits the power of the federal government. Illegals are only allowed DUE PROCESS, nothing else.

          • The U.S. Constitution is to protect U.S. Citizens from bo type wannabe dictators but the due process DOJ & congress has ignored their sworn oath & have to be removed by Citizens !

          • you are wrong the constitution only applys to American citizens

          • Illegals would not be protected were it not for OB and his violation of Oath which says he will enforce the laws and protect citizens. That oath does not say anything about protecting illegals but the opposite as we have laws passed by congress which applies to the manner in which to collect illegals and return them to the country of their origin. Those who have come into the US illegally have committed a crime against every legal citizen of the US. Thus, OB is protecting illegals and not the citizens of the US which is a violation of the laws he took and oath to enforce.

          • No doubt bo has proven his treason but the bought congress still won’t impeach him … !

          • I wonder how long the 5th will be in the constitution after the liberals are through CHANGING it. They promised change and Obama, George Soros, and the the rest of Washington’s’ Liberal Progressive Elite Communist are doing everything in their Power to Change this country to a Socialist Communist controlled country like the way they were brought up in by their Parents. We don’t want this country to be anything like Africa, China, Russia, North Korea, etc; where they are run by the Rich, power seekers; who care less about the citizens of that country, only the power / control over the people and money they can extract from them.

          • I read not to long ago, they are between 5 and 6% of the population but are committing 30% of the crimes.

          • Yes but under bo’s illegal regime he tags one a racist if the color is the #1 criminal problem !

          • They can build their better life with balls to eliminate their dictators & stop criminalizing themselves by illegally entering the U.S.A. ….. ! The revolution is their own in Mexico …. !

          • You’re responding to a brain-dead liberal, that supports all that is against the Constitution and against the good of all Americans. She supports Fascist Islam a cruel religion that keeps it’s people poor, stupid and in bondage but she is quick to try and prove how bad Christians are.

          • See the TRUTH, something you apparently do not know any thing about
            scared the hell out of your. So sad little troll but I do hope the medicent will
            help you regain sanity eventually and they will let you out of the rubber room.

          • You would not recognize the truth if it slapped you in the face.

          • I know one thing for sure it will never come from you even by accident. Now time
            for you to take another swallow and you will calm down and bow to the Oval office
            to save you.

          • Sorry, but it is you that refuse to recognize the truth.

          • Which of your truths might that be? Maybe you should write them all diown and publish them.

          • You again with all 4 of your libtard & assininee comments defining you & your type … !

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • “Name calling” is the only scapegoat that dumbocrap libtards come up with when they cannot accept the facts about their ignorant socialistic ways of destruction to the U.S. ! This is not “name calling” it is your title for being a commie supporting traitor against the U.S.A. Constitutional Freedom & “hope” your type of ignorant destruction will stop !

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?

            Why do you embarrass America this way?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?

            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • You just love copy and paste…have read this over 100 times from you…next

          • AK You could make a Bishop want to kick out a stained glass window. By the way, God is in charge of the climate. Even if you don’t like it, God is still in charge. That’s right your a Darwin believer

          • There is this thing called free will. Apparently, you skipped that class.

          • Except you don’t have free will, you are a party puppet.

          • Why do you repeat lies? What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand? Are you liberals wanting to publically show exactly how ignorant you really are? You must, because you are doing a great job of being stupid,

          • The liberals want to appease Soros and have a borderless “open society”. There may even be a webpage. And because whitey (according to them) is the cause of everyone’s problems, “they” want whitey to support the entire world. Of course, this will crush “whitey” and everything will crumble. But people who hate never care about the consequences, just assuaging their feelings.

          • Yes, We the People who require that the law be upheald are the problem.

            Yes, We the People who support the Constitution are the problem.

            You elect Cngress. If you do not like the Constitution, tell the people you elected to change it.

          • You supporting bo have violated all 3 of your hypocritical posts & for bo this was just a start to his many law violations … !

          • Where in the Constitution or in the founding fathers’ writings does it say we’re not to have borders or immigration laws?

          • Nothing wrong with the Constitution. The whole problem is with lack of enforcement.

          • if the laws were upheld as you claim the illegals would be deported. you make no sense at all

          • The Constitution prohibits the action you are demanding.

            If you want the Constitution changed, you need to talk to those people you elected to Congress.

          • You better read it then because it does not
            By law we can discriminate against any person, persons, nationality or religion that is contrary to our laws, and we have precedent history to back it up. Try that on for size. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY ALL “ILLEGAL” ALIENS ARE ACCEPTABLE. So try again liberal.

          • Suggest you actually read the Constitution.

            “The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.” Article III, Section 2.

          • That is called due process dummy, the thing our president doesn’t believe in.

          • Matter of fact in 1956 a law banning entry into the U.S.A. to any muslim or islam & considered an enemy of the U.S.A. for supporting Hitler’s Nazi genocide & also proved to be an enemy of the U.S. Constitution !

          • AK ; you cannot know shit about the Constitution while being a libtard !

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            What the hell you’er talking about the lies that come out the white house?

          • Whoever you are, you make these same remarks about nearly everything. Why don’t you just go away as your comments are without any merit.

          • Just like “reality check, amlacdy is one in the same. Nothing but disgruntal TROLLS
            wit nothing to add or say. Whine Whine Whine go home to your master

          • Same old libtard crap … ! Go away to your dictated nation of bo type slaves & idiots …. !

        • actually brazil and peru would simply charge you a fee when you leave.

        • I’m not sure what their precise intent is when they come here, but the fact is that it is against our law to simply invade this country without being cleared to do so. And when hordes of ILLEGALS do it we’ve got big problems. But the democrats, it seems, want to bring ILLEGALS in simply to change the demographics of this country. If you promise people enough free stuff soon they’ll become dependent on government and, Shazam!, they become wussie little democrats who’ll vote for you as long as the goodies keep coming. We need that like we need more zika mosquitoes. We’re $19.5 trillion in debt right now, heading for $21 trillion by the time Obozo slithers out of office on 20 Jan 2017. Secure the borders and deconstruct the 300 sanctuary cities that give aid, peace and comfort to those ILLEGALS hiding out from our law enforcement agencies. To do that, vote Trump.

        • I don’t think they plan to go back home. They plan to take our country and make it theirs! We will be the ones who have to find another home.

          • Based upon recent conversations I’ve had with some who I know are Illegal they want
            to stay here. They do not want to go home due to numerous problems there two
            of them finally got approval to immigrate after a long process and numerous trips back
            and forth to apply to Legally Immigrate here. Not sure about the details of how that
            worked out But I am glad they finally will be legal. The Mexicans still cannot comprehend
            that TEXAS whipped Santa Anna and won our freedom from Mexico. The United
            States also went to war with Mexico to enforce that freedom. Texicans, both White
            and Mexican fought to insure our freedom from a Tyrant. We have always been a
            State that is mixed in our heritage and proud of it.

      • mr2bears@hotmail.com

        Because they are breaking our laws. Shoot a few hundred they’ll quit coming over. Start with the coyotes and drug smugglers!

      • WHY would you want to destroy America when it took you in? I do not understand you at all.

        • then i will tell you this plainly right in the bible there is the old Testament verse God said i will breck all of the walls and to let the strange people to populate this land i billive in this Prediction

          • But America has no walls and the illegals and Muslims are already coming in droves! And more are a-comin’!
            So, when when our welfare system is trashed by them and jobs are even more scarce, you and I and they can starve together!
            That verse to which you refer is not so much a prediction as a promised “curse” to a nation who forgets God.
            Hey! Sounds a bit like America, doesn’t it? Stockpile that food! America can’t borrow money forever.

      • they broke the LAW period throw them out and NEVER let them come back. If they want to come here do it the right way. We can not allow Mexican criminals to roam the streets we have enough of our own already and by the way are YOU going to pay for them for christ sakes.

      • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

        Jay Upadhya……are you CRAZY???? They are CRIMINALS breaking American law from the git-go. They HAVE a country. They need to STAY in it!!

      • They made the decision, let them reap the consequences.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        AKLADDY troll, under another name. HA !!

  5. You are mistaken Gov.Abbot is simply enforcing laws that the corrupt
    federal government refuse to enforce. How many American Citizens
    half to be murdered by these Illegal Aliens before the leftist socialist
    crowd finely get it through their skulls full of mush what is going on
    and why

    • But obummer says their good people .Rememrer 100,000 criminal murderers and rapist shouldn’t spoil it for the ten good ileagles

    • same with these muslim refugees that the government want to let loose in this country.. all the incoming terrorists are of no concern as long as one not yet a terrorist is safe. Americans just have to adjust to loosing their property, their rights and their lives

      • Your ignorance is amazing. Many of the refugees are Christians and most Muslims are just as civilized as most Christians. They are being forced out of their country by whackos and civilized human beings will do what they can to provide for them.

        • LOLOLOLOL – Invite a bunch of Muslim refugees to live in your house with you. You idiot the operative word you used is “most”. That means if 6 out 10 Muslims are “civilized”, there are only four that are “savages”. It only took two in Boston and San Bernadino to wreak havoc.

          PS – Obama’s gooberment just released stats that very, very few of the refugees are Christians.

          • And most are men of fighting age, not many families involved but single men.

          • True and why aren’t they fighting for their own country instead of infiltrating ours?

          • If O’Bama thinks the refugees are so good, why doesn’t he want to settle some in his own backyard, Washington, D.C. Then maybe he would understand our concerns of ISIS agents infiltrating the hordes HE wants to import.

          • He would be perfectly safe with the White House grounds used as a Muslim encampment – he’s their buddy, their Manchurian Candidate.

          • You are a MENTALLY ILL BIGOT!!! The percentage of Muslims that are Whackos is no larger than the percentage of
            Christians. Your Texas Candidate hates Gays is a current example of whacko Christians.

          • If you like them so well, then go live with them, but quit trying to convince everyone, that you know what you are talking about, because you sure as hell do not !!

          • No. You’re dead wrong. Murdering unbelievers and raping women is part and parcel of the Muslim “religion”. When questioned, 80 percent of Muslims support or at least sympathize with ISIS. There is no Christian church in the world that teaches such an agenda.
            The candidate you so slander does not HATE gays. He, like anyone who believes the bible, cannot condone what they do.

          • Sorry over 50% believe that Shiria law is acceptable, ranging from honor killings to killing of innocents is acceptable. So the majority of Muslims are radicalized which would support, condone, participate in terrorist activities that further their religion.

          • Right on the money.

          • Most of our government is muslim, didn’t you know?

          • Well, just a few more on his payroll certainly would get his attention.

          • Oh! No! O’vomit doesn’t want any Christians among the invaders – that would be discriminatory to help a specific group who are in the greatest danger in their homeland. He specifically tries to exclude them.

          • Hankmacaw,
            Please provide me with a reference to the Stats you mention.

          • Why don’t you look for some common sense; you have none!

          • Hankmacaw,
            I don’t have reliable statistics on the percentage that are radicalized but I have to agree that it only takes a few to create serious problems. But, some of all religions are whackos and we will never have a stable world if we don’t do our best to help the civilized among us.
            Obama’s data may be correct, in which case, it says that the majority of Christians are being killed. Sad!! But, it doesn’t mean that we should become uncivilized as well!!!

        • Wrong! Christians are the least to come to America. Its been more young men and families. Isis has destroyed a generation of Christians. They hate Christians. They have crucified young people. They have put people in cages to drown them. They have cut babies children and all who are not Muslim heads off. Uk/brussels/paris/ europe/ that have taken Muslims in the women are being raped beat down. They have said were living in hell.

        • Just like the ones in France, Germany and Belgium!

        • No, you are WRONG. Most muslims coming into this country are NOT Christian. There have only been about 4 so far (Christians) admitted; the rest are sent back because their status is deemed not humanitarian by the president.

          Why don’t you go live in downtown Dearborn for a year, and then let us know just how “civilized” most muslims are.

          As for the illegals, every liberal can bring in as many as they want to house – in their own homes. Of course, they must also feed, clothe, educate, employ, provide health care, phones, spending money etc. for each illegal. They must be held responsible that that illegal does not break the law. This is not the job of the taxpayers – we must take care of our own – our veterans, the poor, the elderly, etc. I bet if every liberal sponsored, oh 8 – 10 illegals in their own homes as described above, our problem would be over!

          • Gingergirl,
            I can’t disagree with most of what you say but where did you get the estimate of only 4 Christians being admitted so far but a lot of Muslims? There is nothing in our laws that would permit allowing immigrants on the basis of religion. I don’t take any into my house; though I contribute what I can to housing for those who are admitted for rational reasons. Please tell me where I will find a characterization of those admitted. I was not aware that any from the Middle East had been admitted, to date.

          • Obama has made it his priority to return Christians. I just read recently on these pages that only 4 had been admitted. About a year ago, he sent a bunch of them back (about 20 or so), where they will be most likely killed. He said that they did not have a humanitarian case. Obama’s been bringing in muslims ever since he took office – roughly100,000 per year.

          • He sent back the 20 or so that made it to San Diego. He doesn’t deem Christians in the Middle East as a group needing protection! He apparently thinks they need to be slaughtered as I’m sure they were when they were identified and sent back.

          • Actually there is and it states that no immigrant who can not except our way of life can immigrate to our nation or close to that. It was written to prevent Islamic Muslims from entering our nation because at the time the people in our government knew that their cult believes were so far off from this nations that it would create a huge problem. We do not except marriage to 5 and 6 year old children, nor do we except honor killings, nor do we hang or toss off tall building or behead gays. We do not stone our women for minor offenses towards their spouses, or stone them because they were raped, nor do we treat the women in this nation like dogs, except for Obama and the liberals who think women have no right to privacy and safety. We do not kill people because their faith differs from ours nor do we kidnap and sell little girls as sex slaves in the name of our God.

          • Type in Christian to Muslim ratio of refugees brought into USA in your search bar.

          • Actually I believe that it was 3. Not 3 percent, just 3 Christians.

        • Where have you been. Many are not Christians as Obama has put a ban on allowing them entry.

        • Sir, you really should research Islam and the Muslim vermin.

        • Obama said in 2017 they will look at bringing in Christians.

        • Then why don’t they ban together to fight them? We have here in the US when needed. But that time is coming again but this time we will have to go all the way to DC.

        • You are very wrong. Only about 12% are Christians, the rest are mostly Muslims.

        • Michael Dennewitz


        • Well, aren’t Americans being forced out of their country also by foreign culture that fail to assimilate to American ways?

          “In the first place, We should insist that if the immigrant Who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

          Words of: Theodore Roosevelt


        • You fail to view the entire picture, Christians are indeed wanting to come to America, but by not vetting the refugees before they are admitted , is extremely dangerous regardless of sympathies. In watching what is happening over seas, Christians are not the issue. By these refugees turning their backs on their country rather than fight and defend their inheritance is cowardice. You will never see an American run from a fight to protect their country and family.( that’s not entirely true, Clinton did and a host of like cowards did the same). Americans don’t run and hide. Who does the world call on when things get out of control, and who dies for their right to live free. It is not my ignorance, but it is my view of world events. For you to call another ignorant because their point of view is different than yours is sadly narrow minded and disheartening and a sure way to end further conversations.

        • Have you not seen the impact in Europe? The majority of the “refugees” are fighting-aged men. They train their children to behead infidels or blow themselves up as suicide bombers. Their women use themselves a “bait” to kill the infidel. The “refugees” did not decide: “Oh, I think I want to be an American, because I believe in the American way. I will become an American.” They are being uprooted and brought into a culture they do not approve of. Yeah, that will work out.

        • Why are 75-80% of the Syrian refugees men between the ages of 18-45 or so? Did they leave their parents, children and women to fight ISIS and the Assad for them?

    • You demonstrate the ignorance that is at the heart of our problem – illegal hiring of illegals.

      • You are full of koolaid. I’ll bet you are a city-idiot who reads nothing other than the progressive liberal puke talking points.

    • Exactly! These laws are already on the books and have been for years. These laws have not been changed at all either. Obama broke the law by telling them to come on over with the North American Union Treaty he secretly signed with Mexico without our vote.

  6. Start enforcing the law and flood the court system with these scumbags, my guess is the other judges will not be letting them out of jail until the appeal process is over since they are flight risks.

  7. they struck this down, because the judge an the political demos an rinos, can keep cheap labor, get that under the table $$$ workers, plain an simple, the rich an powerful are once again trying to gain the control of the poor, any state that has elected to have the higher minimum wage, you will find more workers, getting paid under the table in cash, that are illegal, not AMERICAN or NATURALIZED CITIZENS, but ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, an the ones employing them are nothing more than modern day slave owners, I have seen this, with my own eyes, an more than once,

    • Michael Dennewitz

      And my friend, IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE unless a couple of highly trained SNIPERS swing into action!

  8. Send all the illegals back where they came from! If they are so intent on
    keeping the families together here is the solution: get the whole family
    together and send the complete family back where they came from! We
    owe these illegals NOTHING!

  9. Publish the judges name and vilify him in the court of public opinion. Have your Rangers investigate him for illegal bribes to reach his decision. Harass him with the powers of the state and the people until he either wants to leave the bench or is voted or replaced off it. Have people show up at his house and harass his family like the liberal activists do to judges that don’t rule their way. Make it uncomfortable for him to be an activist judge. Fight fire with fire, it is the only way to win this cultural war.

    • That’s exactly what should be done, something is wrong when people without being vetted can just walk across our border and the taxpayers have to take care of them. Amazing one liberal judge can have this much power. Time to bring back the tar and feathers.

  10. The constitution gives authority to congress for the RULES OF NATURLIZATION not the LAWS OF IMMIGRATION. In the same clause congress makes the LAWS OF BANKRUPTCY. There is a difference between laws and rules because our founding fathers intent was for the states to follow and enforce the rules. There was no immigration enforcement by the feds.
    This stupid judge needs to read the constitution and learn the intent. If a criminal sneaks into our country without applying then the RULES do not apply and the SUPREMECY CLAUSE do not apply. What kind of uneducated judges do they have? Impeach the idiot or recall him if he is elected because he should not be a judge.

  11. Kill all illegal motherfuckers and a few others

  12. Another reason For a vote to secede from Fed Gov

  13. How far do these liberal judges have to go before we are justified in turning to vigilante justice and to jury nullification if they try to prosecute vigilantes?

  14. Then maybe Texas should use states rights and declare Obama’s illegal immigration unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it, then pass this law.

  15. It does not surprise me that they went to a judge in San Antonio to get a ruling they wanted. San Antonio is
    a city overrun by Criminal Illegal Invaders much like most major cities in the US. They go there and hide until
    they can get the papers they need to travel across our Nation invading other cities where politicians have
    surrendered to the Criminal Elements that want the cheap labor to build for them. As long as employers
    are allowed to laugh at the law and know that nothing will happen they will continue to bring in thousand of
    Invaders to make them rich by paying them squat while charging millions for their labors.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I could have spent all morning and still never have worded it better.. Thank you. Florida is becoming a “used to be” state!

    • A lot of these Criminal elements are our own city and state governments. Many states are claiming they cannot get enough workers to fill jobs and are working to bring in Mexicans by the thousands, all while their own citizens languish unemployed and out of options. the criminals are in our state capitols.

  16. Another pin headed unamerican judge, who takes the liberal, progressive , communistic, idiotic stance.. This whole nation needs an overhaul in politics, judiciary,and executive leadership… We’re speedily sinking into 3re. world status under our present so-called leadership…..

  17. What we can conclude is that diversity with respect to the law is idiotic. The legal profession, with one judge able to overrule the ruling of another judge, is going to be a disrespected laughingstock because of the diversity of perspectives, political, philosophical and ideological, which are allowed to weigh in on the law. Your opinion is only valid until it is overturned by someone else, or another group of judges decides, for whatever reasons of prejudice or political influence, to the contrary, or you die. If law is a human-reasoning-based arbitrary, able to be changed or overturned with political caprice, the idea that it is not absolute, particularly, in matters of morality and ethics, is the reason why we have the proliferation of problems to a much broader scope today than in decades and centuries past.
    Preventing an Hispanic sub-culture of underpaid, near slave-wage people should be the goal of everyone on both sides of the border. Ignorance is a commodity that can be taken advantage of. If ignorance of the law is no excuse, certainly, ignorance by the law is no excuse. One judge making a ruling against the will of the majority represented in a law enacted by an elected, legislative body is illogical and improper, if not a violation of “due process of law.” Judges do not make law from the bench. Judges, with the exception of those of the Supreme Court, do not determine the constitutionality of the law. Judges, in our jury system, determine the order and propriety of the adjudication of matters and offenses of the law and determine sentences of correction or punishment for such offenses.
    The issue in illegal immigration is that of illegality, the violation of due process of law. People who bypass or violate due process of law are in violation of the law. To prevent that and the consequences of it, diversity of opinion with respect to it is not a solution. American citizens have a right to expect that the stipulations of the Constitution will be fulfilled. Although government has no pangs of conscience respecting the reasons for or size of the national debt, it is the causes of it which continue to “justify” ignorance of any reasonable limitations. Nothing is a matter of affordability so long as it benefits the liberal notions of freedom of choice and the representation of persons whose perspective on law is a most liberal one. This can not continue.

  18. Texas needs to stand by its bill and not abide by the Fed.

  19. Michael Dennewitz

    I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, it just might backfire…..but…. If we should hear that some drug crazed Mexican broke into that judge’s home, destroyed most of it, stole the judge’s weapons (and we know damned well he has some – we’re the only ones that aren’t supposed to), then to that particular judge, “How’s it feel there asshole?”

    • LOL I’m with you 100%

    • Many parts of Europe are being destroyed by immigration, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the American media. The only thing that makes any sense is this is deliberately being done by some very powerful people, the leaders of these European countries cant be this stupid. Sweden is a mess, rapes are up 1400% since the invasion. Many cities in Germany are being hit hard by the invasion but Merkel says immigration from Muslim countries will continue. I believe we’re living in the time when things are being set up for Chaos, and chaos is the code word for the “Great Tribulation” “Out of Chaos comes Order a New World Order” according to the Scriptures this is when the man the world knows as the Antichrist comes on the scene as a savior, the Scriptures call him many names ones is “The Man of Sin” interestingly this title can be translated as The Man of Chaos.

  20. Replace all the Judges this next Vote at the Polls to replace them with Judges who will take care of the Citizens…. No More Crappy Terrorist Judges that are against the American Citizens and make the illegal immigrants get their Citizenship!

  21. Americans want an investigatgion on all Judges who back illegal immigration and see how many bribes they have been paid! Probably will have a prison full of Judges!

  22. Wow you just can’t make this s hit up can you?

  23. I’m sorry judge but there is something called “nullification” which is an authority basically belongs to each and every sovereign state that makes up the republic. The judges ruling is in direct contradiction to states rights which are protected by an amendment. This crap is just the normal delaying tactic used by the socialist/democrats to subvert the Constitution. It causes delays until the SCOTUC takes it up to vacate the judges biased ruling.

  24. The Mexican Legal defense against an American law in AMERICA,,,How did this get so stupid??

  25. The Texas law has nothing to do with immigration, it pertains to harboring of illegals. I’ve looked through the Constitution and the only part I can find that refers to harboring ANYONE is the Tenth Amendment!

  26. what is this judges name???

    send this judge to mexico with all the other illegals!!!!

  27. Godspeed to Governor Abbott and of course, Texas. Obviously this was another liberal federal decision. Texas will take care of Texans one way or another. We are not intimidated by federal nonsense.

  28. I am so sick of this BS. Why is it so difficult? THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!!!!!!! They are breaking the LAW of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!! There is no gray area it is what it is so Texas you stand firm and don’t bend an inch. Send all the immigrants they are so anxious to save and send them to the White House to live. Enough of this ignorance.

  29. The federal government is corrupt and it is proving that it wants nothing more than to destroy this country as we know it.

    • The dems are bad enough but now the rino reps are joining into the bo wannabe dictatorship after 75% of the damned congress bankrupted the U.S. with bo buying the big piece of pie for libtard asses … !

  30. This is typical Right Wing nonsense!! The real problem is our LACK of ENFORCEMENT of our LAW AGAINST HIRING ILLEGALs. And, we don’t enforce it because businesses want cheap labor and most owners are Right Wingers. If we enforced the law against hiring, we would have a far smaller problem at the border and our present staff might be adequate.
    Yes, the Dems like the votes of the poor and illegals, who become citizens and can vote, are generally poor. However, the real problem is our lack of enforcement of our law concerning the hiring of illegals.

    • That is pure unadulterated bovine excrement.

    • Hey dumb – dumb have you noticed bo’s illegal & abuse of power E.O’s that deny law enforcement the power to do their jobs to protect National Security from foreign invasion… ??? ! bo is the #1 enemy … !

      • You are the dumb dumb. I should have added to my observation that our problem is the lack of enforcement of our law against hiring. We didn’t in the 90s because we didn’t have the means for an prospective employer to check the identity of a prospective employee. We had such a capability, internet based, for years now; so there can be not excuse.
        I should also observed that it is unreasonable to expect housing providers to have to check identities of tenants; and therefore, the Judges decision is justified.

  31. where there is big money there is big corruption

  32. This judge of protection to illegals & the one that declared a legal law suit against gun manufacturers are just as guilty of treason as bo for undermining justice, laws & the U.S. Constitution ! These traitors do not deserve their jobs & be fired but also eliminated from the U.S.A. for citizenship ! This is a stench of judges to be eliminated !

  33. The time is here where the American citizen has very few rights but voters are the one’s who put these people in place to represent us so enjoy what we have voted for.

  34. I want to know why they want muslims in america so bad ? What good do they do for america ?

  35. We should send some of these liberal judges to live in Mexico. I think another solution is for all liberals be responsible for all these illegals and if the illegal does the crime the liberals and judges should serve the time.

  36. It really galls me that people who are essentially,guilty of breaking and entering our home,(country) must be granted the same civil rights as citizens. It is like having a thief break into your house and the laws says you are required to take care of him as if he were a member of your family.

  37. Ignore this activist judge—he doesn’t make the laws—Gov. Abbott needs to appeal the activist and illegal ruling and proceed with enforcing the law.

  38. It has always been on the books that it is illegal to hire or harbor illegal aliens. I have never heard of it being repealed. The Texas law is only enforcing the laws that have already existed, but are being ignored by this administration..

  39. Prosecute the liberals who are responsible for protecting ILLEGALS as accomplices in any and all crimes they commit!

  40. There comes a time when Washington laws must be ignored when it comes to the safety and welfare of a States citizens. Lately, Washington and the ACLU have granted more rights to the Illegals than the tax paying citizens have which CAN lead to another Civil War if these Federal actions continue to ignore their own Immigration laws that the States are trying to enforce.

  41. It’s seems like it’s still silly season.

  42. When is it about time that the conservatives battle back using the same tactics as the left wingers? The same arguments that the left uses for their pro-illegal immigration in courts to cause local and state laws to be struck down can equally be used against state and local laws such as sanctuary cities and states. They cherry pick the judge that they want their ‘case’ to be heard by – well, so can the conservatives! Get off the dime, people! Fight back or the battle for this country’s soul is already lost.

  43. They have found a camp for training Isis 8 miles from Americas boarder. Mexican officer said! How sad! Obama leaves our boarders open for any one to come in . Wow! Crazy crazy.

  44. Absurd are illegals who no have any business, and not violate any Law in especial immigration Law, who broke are some mother fucker liberals use be Judges and rules for abuse. WEe won another Civil War and see hang all that mother fucker traitor Judges.

  45. SouthernPatriots

    With Obama and his sycophants in the Executive Branch refusing to carry out U.S. Immigration laws, what choice does Texas and other border states have but to pass laws to help protect their citizens and their sovereignty? Illegal felon invaders are pouring in on us, while Obama is importing Muslim rapeugees into unsuspecting small communities throughout the U.S.

  46. Texas tell the judge to go to hell.

  47. FYI: Our U.S. Constitution DOES have a law regarding “Illegal” entry into our Country, obama — Soro’s flunky — chooses to ignore it.

    When Sheriff Arpaio of AZ went after the illegals and rounded up a lot, obama had a hissy fit and came down on Arpaio filing suits against him “FOR FOLLOWING OUR U.S. CONSTITITION”! It was brought out that Arpaio was acting in accordance with our Constititional laws regarding anyone illegally entering the U.S. He was tied up in legal battles so he couldn’t do his job.

    How do I know this? I lived in lower AZ and watched those illegals filter into our Nation like little brown ants. Arpaio still got a lot of them – criminals- and threw them back over the border, but they were like fleas on a dog and kept coming back in a few days.

    LaRaza and the rest of these hispanic groups WANT AS MANY HISPANICS IN OUR COUNTRY AS POSSIBLE, BUT ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA! WHY? It has nothing to do with giving these poor latinos a better way of life. No that is too grandiose for these “radical” groups. Can you guess why they want Calif to be majority latinos? No?

    Because they are pissed that the territory that is Cslifornia was taken away from Mexico and they truly think they can get it back. Needless to say, the mean I.Q. of LaRaza is in the 20’s…not brilliant people.

    This all boils down to — if LaRaza or any other latino group tries to pull rank on the American people — PUSH BACK AND THROW WHAT OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION STATES ABOUT ANY ILLEGAL ENTERING OUR COUNTRY – THEY GO TO JAIL AND ARE DEPORTED. ..PERIOD. If the Latino groups do not like this law, too bad. Soon there will be a strong Conservative President in office who does NOT like what these latino groups are doing to our country. They will be in his sights and so will every latino, muslim etc that tries to enter our nation the wrong way. It is about to end and LaRaza knows it along with the other hispanic groups.

    If they get in your face — push back and tell them to leave. There is no place for people that hate our laws and traditions to live here…and take that damn mexican flag with them!

  48. Go ahead Judges, kill our nation. I haven’t found many decrees where judges ruled in favor of saving this nation.

  49. independent thinker

    If this law violates the Supremacy Clause then any anti-gun law more restrictive than federal law also violates the Supremacy Clause. In fact any law on any subject more restrictive than federal law violates the Supremacy Clause

  50. All these extreme lib judges where put in by BO and other DEMS. This is why we must get Trump or Cruz or you will see more of this nonsense. These lib judges are more concerned with the lives of ILLEGAL aliens than American citizens! UNREAL — now is our last chance to do something to put a stop to it. So don’t sit home on election day vote GOP no matter who wins.

  51. United States of Texas…its coming.

  52. Love our Gov. Before we know it, there will be no true Americans in this country. Citizens need to ban and tell these so called judges to shove it.

  53. vote Trump and get rid of the rhino s and the illegals

  54. We have Muslims, Mexico, So Amer, you name it fighting against our way of life. Why can’t they go back to their country and fight for their rights there.

  55. God Bless Gov. Abbot, who is an American Patriot.

  56. O started this by telling illegals they had rights over here,they are not entitled to rights of America’s Constitution.When they have become citizens then they might have those given,it’s not before.

  57. That is a good law that protects americans. It is what we need. Govenor you did a great job on this one. They don’t seem to believe this is to protect Hispanic’s that are Americans also.

  58. Texas is, like Colorado, is a home rule state and has the right to pass any laws that are needed to protect their legal citizens. Might I suggest you read the constitution of the state of Texas. This is nothing more than a corrupt judge attempting to legislate from the bench and violate the rights of the legal residents and the laws of the satae of Texas for political profit. The courts are there to uphold the laws NOT violate them as this corrupt “justice” has done. This is / was a nation of laws, those laws apply equally to all persons in this country or they apply to no one at all. That is why we call these criminals what they are ILLEGALs.

  59. to hell with this group to hell with this obama bought judge and to hell with obama these fking illegal wetbacks and aliens have more rights than the AMERICAN BORN PEOPLE,IT’S HIGH TIME THE PEOPLE CHANGED THAT FOR GOOD AND START TAKING THESE PIECES OF CRAP OUT FOR GOOD.

  60. Mr Abbott keep up the good work and FIGHT this ruling!

  61. States or the people are helpless until the asshole in the WH is gone and the US will never be safe until he”s 6 feet below with satan where he belongs.

  62. Maybe Texas should secede and take LA, AL & MI along with it. If liberal NM weren’t in the way, I’d recommend AZ too. This Big Brother govt. is out of control. Trump in Nov. to redeem the nation!

  63. I am always appreciative and very happy when a state stands up to the Feds! They are endeavouring to have much to much control and not doing in any way enough to secure and protect USA interests within our borders! Obama has destroyed us from within!

  64. Get rid of the stupid judge…..however you need to…..

  65. A federal regulation or edit or law or policy, that is NOT pursuant to (in agreement with) the constitution is null and void and a state cannot be “commandeered” to honor that which is not pursuant to the constitution. It is that simple.

  66. Round all the illegals and ship their asses back to where they come from. Eisenhower did it in the 1954

  67. Tell the Fu*&%g judge to butt out! He can only interpret law, not make it. The law has been in existence for years and the Feds refuse to enforce it. So, we will enforce it ourselves. How narrow minded are these judges?

  68. Still have appellate courts, don’t we.

  69. Big business loves illegal aliens with work permits recently issued, why would they not. In Jersey they pay the minimum wage $8.38 per hour. No one can live on this unless the government and tax payers make up the difference in food stamps, survival debit cards, housing, health care, and education benefits. All they have to do is vote for the Democratic Party. As newly labeled refugees out of Central America social security money called social supplement income contributes, the SSI was created rightfully to help disabled adults and children, but included was refugees. Now the democrats tell us the Republicans want to take away social security benefits while they bleed it dry themselves.

  70. Since when is harboring a criminal legal? They are here illegally, they do not pay taxes and some have committed felonies in this country as well as their home country. Send them all packing. That judge can lead the exodus.

  71. I personally don’t know why we are shooting anyone seen crossing as an act of aggression against America.

  72. Just for the record, there is some guy on the net issuing MUSLIM hunting licenses. When does hunting season open in Arizona?

  73. I agree with you Ed Stone. We who are the border need strong Governors. I live in NM. And Martinez has been doing a terrific job. It takes a Rep Gov. to protect us , because you just can’t count on the Dems to do it. Our previous Gov was crap, and his pay to play BS. He spent so much of the money. It took Martinez years to clean up that mess he left behind. Idon’t know if she was able to sell the plane that he bought. They just love living high on the hog. Hell he had 2 cooks would you believe..!!!!.

  74. Robert A Kaufman


  75. What part of ILLEGAL do these fools not understand? I am not to smart, but ILLEGAL is against the law1 Here a judge is breaking the law, well this judge should take care of all of them with his money and put them up in his house. The stupid federal government is giving them all of my Social Security so the democrats with the help of the republicans, but they are going to take away two of my checks per year. There will be many old people that live off their Social Security that might loose their house, cars or even their family! I sure hope these fools in Washington DC realize what they are doing, I think there should be a bounty places on these fools in Washington DC.

  76. If Mexico is such a crap hole that they all want to leave it then
    why don’t they turn the tables on their corrupt government and
    do something about it. That go’s for all of the muslims as well
    I have come to the conclusion that muslims and mexicans all
    suffer the same problem NO BALLS.

  77. Oh, so they have no issue with the state enforcing the federal laws against smuggling drugs, but they have a problem with enforcing the laws against smuggling humans? Abbot is right, these people are absurd.

    Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is *still* the only remaining path to Liberty.


    Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  78. They are illegal Aliens, they are invading our country, shoot them dead and be done with it, when the government, courts, and even the US supreme court institutes a law that is not in compliance with the US Constitution/Bill of Rights it’s nullified, so I say phuck the entire establishment US Government, it’s time——->>>>> that “WE THE PEOPLE” eliminate such government and take control of OUR COUNTRY until witch time a Constitutional Government is reinstated, God people look at what we have let happen to OUR Beloved America, and I’m personally ready to die to take her back, and I believe that if Trump isn’t elected president of the United States it’s going to be politics as usual and I as an Patriotic American I can not and will not let that happen…..

  79. Dennis B Anderson

    There is always a place where a conflict will start. Fort Sumpter April 12,1861. There were people who got sucked into that war who never knew what it was all about. We know what this is about and Im ready for a shooting war this has been going on long enough. Its tearing at the very fabric of our constitution. Why dont we ask our feckless leader if we can make the same deal with the mexican government. You know gringos who vote in there country. Yeah I know sounds rediculous doesnt it. We dont need a war we need to put a bullet through that little cowards brain thats in the white house and now says hes a muslim. He likes men compared to women. I would say why then the baggage with a wife? Turns out she is a he and we have yet to see there real background. Where is Moosheles parents / grand parents. Neither the dems or the republicans want him gone because it will stop there gravy train. It used to be a job working in Washington ?? Now people go to work there and when they depart they are millionaires. Its time for this to stop term limits on everything. Its time for the people to take back the power of the purse. No anchor babies and no one who doesnt belong here has to leave. Sorry its not your country try changing yours instead of ours. No wonder why you came here you phucked up your own country The mexicans who lied to get here and stay here should leave. If not we should house them and use them as slaves until they get the idea. Mexico has stricter immigration laws enough if we have no borders we are insolvent. We are no longer a country. You see every time our government gets involved they always seem to screw things up. We gave them good housekeeping approval and they took things off the shelfs that actually worked. We gave them FDA and now we have wars fought over Opium / Cocaine and heroin. You now have a bunch of old people strung out on these drugs. They even have a stool softener for those who dont know what they are taking. They call them opiates but its a crippling drug its = heroin. We let Obama take care of our health plans and he stole our money. It forced millions to seek medication and help setting behind the vast numbers of illegals in the emergency rooms that pay nothing. This guy is supposed to be protecting our borders instead he has phucked us internally. He caters to our enemies and we pay for that. A lame duck president well how about a dead duck president. Its time for him and his administration to be brought up on charges and prosecuted to the fullest extent of our constitutional laws.


  81. ObomoTheStupidNiggerTerrorist


  82. Make everyone Obey our Legal Immigration Laws-! All the rest of our Ancestors had to “Get Permission to
    come to America”-! I had 3 Ancestors aboard the Mayflower named “White”-! They had to get Permission
    from the King of England to come to America-! (“IT’s Not a FREE RIDE” for them–they paid their own way-!)
    “Many people were turned down–since they can’t “Pass our health-tests for Bad Diseases”–Why void our laws for others-? But it’s foolish–to appoint Jobs to Aliens–when millions of our Citizens still can’t find any Jobs yet–in
    this Bad Depression-! The U.S. Federal Government “Cannot Kidnap a Baby” if it belongs to it’s Parents-! A
    Baby is a “Foreign Transcient Visitor–Like it’s “Foreign Transcient Parents” if none of them are U.S. Citizens-!
    None of them are ‘Native Citizens–unless You’re “U.S. Native-Indians”-! My Folks moved so often on the
    Santa Fe Railroad–& never qualified for a year’s residence in any town–therefore were “Transcient Citizens”
    that couldn’t be there “Long enough” to cast a “Qualified Vote” & even myself, when I became 18–I couldn’t
    vote also-! So I do know that being a “Transcient Citizen” didn’t “Qualify any of us to Vote”–because we didn’t
    have a year’s residence-! A Baby retains it’s Father’s Citizenship if he’s “Subject to a Foreign Country’s
    Jurisdiction & Laws”-! Our Fed. Government doesn’t kidnap babies–it’s against the law-! (LOL)–“If You’re
    Born in Indian Country”–“That doesn’t ever make You an Indian–Either”-! (But Idiots Do Believe it Does-!)

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  84. With states sovereignty, can’t a state defend it’s own borders? If the federal government will not enforce the laws isn’t it up to the state to?

  85. Canada made it almost impossible for me to immigrate when I married a Canadian. Only jobs I could get were ones no Canadian would fill within 90 days. Luckily I was more qualified than any Canadian. NO UI, welfare, or any kink of Govt. assistance for ten years, NOT ONE DIME! We need the same standard! Must be sponsored by a US citizen, who is 100% responsible for the first 10 years. Letters from the chief of police from every city lived in for the last 10 years, proving you have committed no crimes, even misdemeanors! And pass a physical proving not carrying any disease!

    • Bachelor With Sense

      The things YOU ask for are ALREADY PART of the LEGAL Immigration process for legal entry into the USA.

      There is also a PROHIBITION AGAINST ANYONE who wants to OVERTHROW the Laws of this country! THEREFORE any MUSLIM is PROHIBITED from coming to the USA because their bible (Ku’ran) states they MUST KILL the Infidel (Christians and Jews specifically ) AND Implement SHARIA LAW.

      The POS OCCUPYING our White House is NOT Enforcing the LAW as required by his Oath of Office. Therefore he is a TRAITOR to this country and Deserves the Death Penalty that he has put Our Nation under!

      • What is the Arabic word that means “Overthrow by immigration”? That is what I know they are attempting. As each wife “Must bear her husband a minimum of 10 children”, so they breed like rabbits. Is that not “Sharia Law”?

  86. Illegal aliens / immigrants have broken the law. This ruling by a moron judge makes it legal to harbor anyone who has broken the law. Murderers, rapists, hit and run drivers, bank robbers, child molesters etc. how will this judge square this with Texas law, a Federal law and law enforcement officers.

  87. Bachelor With Sense

    WHY doesn’t the article mention this POS Judge by NAME? He/she needs to be shamed into leaving San Antonio AND Texas! Announce his/her NAME so that we can protest against his/her STUPIDITY!

  88. Governor, do what obama does and just ignore the stupid judge and his idiotic courts. Do it anyway. He only has jurisdiction if you let him
    Just like obama

  89. Dennis B Anderson

    Im with you Texas lets pull the guns and go anal. This isnt Mexico its still america. We dont need some half baked niger that thinks hes king telling us how to live. Hes a president whos job is protecting our borders. Hes done everything but that. Hes supposed to be a lame duck and if he keeps walking his walk he will be a dead one.

  90. Until the people start dealing with these activist corrupt judges nothing will change. Those people need to remember the judges are attacking them and their families and turnabout is fair play, as this is our country not the prostitutes who work for the people at civil servants

  91. So what is unconstitutional about PROTECTING one’s borders? What is unconstitutional about enforcing existing laws. Must be one of Oblow-holes leftist radical, anti-american appointees


    Truthfully, I do not know where this judge hold office…. whether it is state or federal, etc….but there should be some way one could remove such judges from office.
    Also, just where do the “plaintiffs” achieve their legal knowledge, and or power to state the State law violates Federal law .
    Our constitution clearly identifies just what power is given the Federal government and grants States the right and freedom to set THEIR own laws.

  93. Everyone must get a copy of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. The Supreme Court does NOT have jurisdiction and cannot over rule States Rights. Every state has the right to uphold and enforce their own laws and the Supreme Court cannot interfere with said rights. Even more reason that the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution must be taught in every school, college and university. America has been lied to and brainwashed since the late 40’s till no one knows the truth anymore. A lie has become the truth and the truth has become a lie. Again, I repeat! The Supreme Court does NOT have jurisdiction and cannot over rule States Rights. The Federal Government cannot dictate or infringe upon states rights. Texas is the only state that is a Republic and Texas has the right to withdraw from the Union. We have the right to elect our own President of Texas without Washington sticking its nose where it does not belong. Washington is the enemy of these United States.

  94. I’ll bet the judge who gave the stupid interpretation has his front door locked. He really believes in a border. He just chooses to set around his house. The judge is a jackasstrophe

  95. solution follow the Constitution that we have and enforce every bit of the Constitution that would solve the problem anyone breaking it should be jailed serve 10 years in jail. How simple is that.

  96. So a judge blocks a new law penalizing those harboring illegal aliens. Apparently this judge has a problem with abiding by the law. It is a FEDERAL crime to knowingly cross the border, not a state crime. It is obvious that this “judge” is unfamiliar with the law and has no interest in its enforcement. Maybe his time on the bench should come to an end!!!!!!!!

  97. Every judge that is against We The People and is elected should be replaced that stands for illegasl being in America! The American People are not wanting anything but Citizenship for those wanting to live in America..Do It Through the Citizenship Laws on the Books of this Nation…that is all We want!

  98. Gov. Abbot should have FIRST put through and order to enforce our law against Hiring Illegals. But his corrupt supporters would have objected; so he attacks those trying to help the less fortunate that come across our border looking for work to support their families. They wouldn’t be coming across if we enforced our laws and out business types were not so excited about cheap labor.

  99. william g munson

    They want to call this USA the World of No States PERIOD

  100. Then the state needs to sue over failure to protect the BORDER. Straight out, since there only 2 jobs the feds are expose to do, mail and the securing of the border…….

  101. I hope the private prison companies that harbor detainees (illegal immigrants) for profit will all be imprisoned under that law.

    • The Govt. put them in the prisons, attack the people responsible not the lackeys.

      • The ones you call lackeys are the ones calling the shots, via bribes(campaign contributions) of the politicians, who then provide mores business for the prison industry.

        • So you think juries that find criminals guilty are on the take. As usual blame the court system and not the criminals for their behavior that caused the problem. Sounds like a liberal view point, are you?

          • I as far as lackeys go, I was referring to the prison industry operators, who encourage incarceration for profit by paying our elected officials, via campaign contributions, to pass legislation that results in a prison population that is more than 6 times the rate of China, and more than 3 times the rate of Iran.

          • Granted, we have a higher percentage of convicted criminals behind bars, but we also have more criminals. China has a much higher level of control of their population to avoid dissent which results in less crime. In Iran, I would think is less as their laws are way different in regard to punishment, as in very harsh. Here, the prisons, have more luxuries such as gyms, cable tv, air conditioning and more. It is more of a vacation except for the style of sex. Stop crime, close the prisons problem solved.

          • In the last 40 years, our prison population has quadrupled, coinciding with the inception of the private prison industry, who have funneled millions to our politicians. I would argue that companies like Corrections Corporation of America, who spend about a million a year on lobbying, have an incentive to fight laws that will result in a lower prison population, (ie. marijuana prohibition) as harmful to their profitability. All underwritten by the taxpayer.

      • The so called lackeys are the ones calling the shots, by way of bribes(campaign contributions) to our elected officials.

  102. Asking for the rounding up of 20 million immigrants is inviting marshal law at a serious level.

    • Typical, leave out the word ILLEGAL. The immigration laws have been around for decades but the people that wrote them have failed to enforce them. The time to start is NOW. There are reasons the laws were written but people have forgotten or purposely ignored them.

      • Read the amendment, there are no illegals.

        • Why don’t you lead them back south

          • Because everyone is welcome here; that’s how we all came to be here in this country. “Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free”, … protected and respected.

          • However, YOU, as a PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL forgot one hugh word ….LEGALLY !!!

            Not sneaking across the border….not muleing drugs and people.

            Do YOU understand that???

        • Oh thats right, ignore this law but not those laws, give me the list of laws that are being enforced then post the ones that are not so i can use the same loopholes “O” has been using. Which amendment shall we obey today and not tomorrow and we will switch as we deem convenient. Ala Carte.

          • Do your own research, I did mine. I keep forgetting you n’ yours don’t bother with fact .

          • “O” only enforces the laws he agrees with. Called selective enforcement. Research that. His oath of office is to do certain things, research that. I did not take an oath but I must follow the laws or risk the outcome.

    • You do not have to round them up. Start fining and jailing their EMPLOYERS….take away the money, give jobs to Americans and they will make their way home the same way they found their way here

      • …they are home.

        • Nope, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS and they do not belong in this country with that status.

          I would prefer that we use Mexican immigration laws and ENFORCE them

        • In your mind, not in other Americans. They are not here legally or with permission as is the law as written in our immigration laws. If, as you say they are home, why are some of them sent back where they crawled out of? Then why do we bother with visas? People should not need passports either if what you saying is true. Every time I returned from Canada I had to show I was an American citizen, so we can fire our border patrol is that right? You are just wrong.

  103. The left fueled by Satan have no morals and will continue to strike down all laws which protect us from our enemies and from immorality. If its bad then the courts promote it choosing to interpret laws in favor of Satan rather than in favor of God and sanity. Its up to us to drag out these crooked perverted judges and tar and feather them and send them packing. Its harsh I know but it has been done before and is the only way to get their attention and let them know…we mean business!

  104. Probably a Mexican judge.

  105. The judge is probably an illegal immigrant. This judge should be thrown out if office. The State of Texas needs this law to keep all the illegals , including moslems out. I guess it’s OK if we use them for target practice.

  106. At some point we have to take our country back, even by force if necessary.

    • Most Texan veterans and hard core hunters are pissed off enough with the feds and their criminal commie bureaucracy that we would be ready for another American Revolution and another Texas Republic.

  107. ILLEGAL. What is so hard to understand about that? If I want a new Rolex I have to buy it, I can’t simply go steal it without facing legal ramifications. How is it that these people can illegally enter OUR country and not face repercussions? Mexico has VERY strict immigration laws AND they’ve built a fortified fence on their southern border to keep illegals from coming into their country. Why can’t we do the same?

    • You could keep that Rolex if you were one of them poor poor migrants or refugees “O” is giving sanctuary. Dont forget the misunderstood BLM people that must be handled with kid gloves and not be confronted by law enforcement.

  108. stupid judge should think about America not his housekeeper illegals are illegal and have no rights in this country, Obama and his ilk have all but destroyed this country vote Trump in November for sanity

  109. John Q. Public

    There is only one thing that will stop illegal immigration and neither the GOP nor the DNC is willing to do it !!!
    It is to pass a federal bill that sets mandatory minimum jail time and fines of 3 years in jail and $10,000 fine person per day of employment. You may have figured it out that the answer is to go after the businesses that hire them !!! This includes if a company or individual hires a sub contractor !!!

    If you throw the CEO or home owner into jail and fine them , where a good old boy judge can’t suspend the sentences and fines the problem of illegal immigration will be over !!!

    If you truly want to fix this problem then organize with your fellow citizens and force your congressman to pass this law immediately and if they don’t vote them out of office this November !!!

  110. Where is the judges NAME in the article. Who is this judge and who appointed him/her or were they elected?

  111. The liberal judge should be fired and lose his law license. His job is to PRACTICE LAW and to INTERPRET THE LAWS MADE BY THE VARIOUS LEGISLATORS. A judge has never been given power to make law. Making laws is dictatorial. We are not supposed to have dictators in our republic.

  112. As a veteran I will move to Texas if they succeed from the country and I hope other states will follow.

    • Welcome to Texas. Home of the REAL Patriots in arms. We can hold or own as an Independent Republic. This way we could toss out all of the liberal pro immigrant NGOs and national groups. We could have our own TXSS, TXMedicare and TXVA and a well regulated Voter ID and welfare class. Currently the TX DPS, state guard and TX Port Authority are manning the Texas/Mexico border and racking up $millions in drugs and stopping 99% of all illegal border crossings. Remember Goliad, the Alamo and San Jacinto.

  113. LMFAO the san Antonio judge is a Hispanic Go Figure San Antonio is 80% Mexicans anyway And a GIANT Liberal Cesspool

  114. Another judge taking kickbacks of some sort…Probably hoping for a position in the not so future dem adm…wrong choice buddy.

  115. As America sinks with help of Judges

  116. It would seem any state could issue a state ID something like a dr. lisc.with picture and make it necessary to use for employment, housing, voting or any large purchases in the state. Simply scan the ID for any of the above, if denied because of any reason, cant be hired or rent housing or buy a car until the discrepancy is cleared up. Call it an anti tax avoidance law.

  117. Texas Judge supports HUMAN TRAFFICKING! Blocks efforts for improved NATIONAL SECURITY. PROMOTES THE DISTRIBUTION OF ECONOMIC BENEFITS TO NON CITIZENS! Promotes himself as an Anti_American hater and demonstrates lack qualification to serve on the bench.


  118. MuslimLuvChrist

    the corrupt DOINJ will sue any state protecting their borders,

    like they did with Arizona and Alabama!!!

    we can only hope that Trump stops the insanity of an
    American hating lawless uppity muslim terrorist traitor

  119. The church is making huge money Profit

  120. The “supremacy clause” is not applicable to this case. The “supremacy clause clearly states that it only applies to the Constitution, laws made IN PURSUANCE THEREOF and treaties. Neither the Constitution nor any laws MADE IN PURSUANCE OF IT concern people harboring illegal aliens, who are the target of this law.

    The liberals, once again are trying to re-define the Constitution. The governor (perhaps along with the Texas legislature) should simply declare that this law is not in violation of the Constitution. They have full authority to override even the Supreme Court.

    • That has been Obummer’s goal from the very beginning ….. remember hopey and changey. He studied the Constitution so he could figure away, with the DC double speak, to twist his meaning. It’s the commie way.

  121. How do we get rid of stupid Judges?????

  122. Maybe we REAL Texans need to start transporting all of the illegals to high end DC neighborhoods or to the WH and Congress steps and see what happens. I would wager that the progressives favorite response would be NIMBY !!! (Not In My Back Yard !!!). Again, take the hard core illegals to SA and their high end neighborhoods and court buildings. Again, the response would be NIMBY !!! But, it might not work as SA is democrat and pro amnesty. Maybe Austin would be a better choice.

  123. Really, have you not had enough? We the people must take our government back. Get your voice back to stop the corruption of our government. Check out the conventionofstates.com. Article V of the Constitution puts the power back to the states. Our local governments are being held hostage by federal funds that will be held back if the locals do not comply. Obama is more of a dictator than a President.

  124. We have border protection against illegals entering the country. Why would it not be illegal to harbor them? We have laws concerning harboring criminals. This fits that same category.

  125. Michael Dennewitz

    Well folks, there you have it.. If Mr Trump doesn’t make it, this country is DOOMED!! Glad I’M old !!

  126. It seems the lefty fascist have created thru the public schools or the imported, the thought that state government have no rights to govern there own states. And that the DC cesspool with it’s sellout representatives form these states know better, than the local people and there representatives in state government. The fascist elite sponsoring this think and living far away in there protected compounds, don’t see or care of the problems of the state governments, what they have to do to deal with there fail ideology or agenda force on them.

  127. It is amazing we are losing our country to very evil people in our federal government, federal courts, immoral and sinful lifestyles and to big corrupt corporate interests and bank. We need to wake up and face reality the only way we can save this country is likely revolution. We to need to stand up to evil and exposed evil people and business interest. We must not do business with all evil businesses, banks, and corporations.

  128. Fines etc are not going toget it,The old tried usage always works best!!!!!!!!

  129. the liberals do not understand that after all the pandering and bringing in illegal aliens to vote, the illegal immigrants will vote themselves into office and than discriminated against the liberals. Silly gay liberals, dicks are for chicks

  130. Goes against the Federal Law? Nope- Federal Law makes it ILLEGAL to harbor a criminal or a fugitive. ILLEGAL “Immigrants” ARE criminals that are breaking our immigration laws. Of course. the racist groups don’t want to hear that.

  131. I live in San Antonio and I don’t know which judge that was but it had to be one of the most liberal ones we have. It is not unconstitutional to declare anyone harboring illegals as someone breaking our laws. I am so sick of these liberals telling us we have to give illegals housing, healthcare, smart phones, education, free lawyers and everything else they are DEMANDING. This is our country and they came here illegally and need to be sent back where they came from. These sanctuary cities and organizations are just compounding the lawlessness that obama has instilled.

  132. Archie Cogollos

    The amazing thing is they treat the illegals like they are some kind of freedom fighters…escaping a Gulag or part of the resistance…escaping the Iron Curtain…etc etc etc…that simply is not the case….

  133. I agree with Gov. Abbot totally. It is time to tell Obummer and his liberal slime that we the people are the ones that run our country not the friggin jackass judges.

  134. We are rapidly approaching a time when the only recourse left to private Citizens will be to deal with the armed criminal alien insurgent douchebags the old-fashioned way: Whack ’em and Stack ’em.

    I have seen that happening already on the southern border of Arizona, more than once.

    Most of them are armed, and nearly all of them are carrying some kind of illegal contraband when they come across. The human smuggling rings and the drug smuggling cartels are one and the same, so they force the douchebags to carry contraband and weapons. There is no “moral high ground” among criminal border-crossers. They are all legitimate targets now. Too bad for them.

    Just keep ’em coming, our boys love practicing on armed, moving targets.

  135. Can’t wait until the judge is judged!

  136. never been for Texas using it’s right to form a seperate nation but if restrooms,immigation protection and other left wing regulation continue I might be ready

  137. This is OUR Country! ALL these illegals are by definition, Foreign Criminals whose first act on American soil is to violate our laws. They are foreign felons and should all be deported. period. they have a choice and could come here legally but refuse to do so. They should NEVER have been allowed into the country in the first place and they need to be sent packing. back to the country of origin Many of them are criminals in fact in their countries of origin and yet, THEY get better treatment than law abiding American Citizens! It is wrong and it needs to be legally addressed in a Constitutional manner. Supremacy Clause My A**! There is right and wrong and, there is nothing right about illegals. PERIOD! HAD GOVERNMENT ENFORCED EXISTING IMMIGRATION LAWS AS THEY SHOULD HAVE, WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM! TRUMP IN 2016 AND OTHERS LIKE HIM FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES MAKE AMERICA , AMERICAN AGAIN!

  138. Trump 1st 100 days illegals will be decreasing. Hard to believe people mainly liberals throwing the idea of what their rights are. Truth is they have the big 0 rights. Rights pertain to citizens those here illegally are not citizens. Simple as that. Cannot be spun any other way.

  139. Is the President the only executive that can issue and “executive order”? I would think a governor would have the same authority and “duty”, when state lives and property are at stake. The Governor should direct his guard units, state police and county sheriffs, to apprehend, quarantine, all illegals in his or her state, keep an itemized bill for all costs, and submit it to the country where the illegals crossed into his state. That bill should include the cost of apprehension, quarantine, housing, medical and transportation. If the border crossing can not be determined, send the bill the illegal’s home country. While that conflicts with law “channels”, it surely would get the Administration’s and public’s attention,

  140. Walter H WILSON3rd

    I will say it again, and again if necessary. The anti-everything groups are quite skilled in organizing and implementing civil disobedience marches. On the other hand, the American Patriots action to Arms, has been quite stagnated and impotent, and that’s putting it mildly!!!! An occupy Washington DC March of Patriots, could be the push that will ignite, the SLEEPING GIANT !!! And put an end, to Americas slide into insanity!!!!! The choice is truly yours alone, do nothing now, HAVE NOTHING LATER! !!!!

  141. Last sentences read: “Supremacy clause? Sorry, but if the federal government isn’t going to do anything
    about illegal immigration, the states have every right to protect their citizens”.

    Not only the right but the duty to protect citizens.It’s a shame the “feds” aren’t carrying the load, which they do claim is theirs. More Obama double-talk, it appears.

  142. We need to rid American of these federal scumbag judges that Obama placed in office, every last single dirty scumbag one of them, term limits for them all.

  143. Another black-robed, political hack making law.
    These incompetent bench-warmers are a very real plague on society.
    They should come under the same, exacting scrutiny as any other profession given weight, influence and power impacting the lives of those subject to their flawed, anti-Constitutional, social engineering edits, under the guise of law.

  144. As long as it is TEXAS border, then the 10th amendment applies and Trumps the Supremacy Clause. For far too long “National Security” and the supremacy clause have been used to keep citizens confused and controlled. Gov. Abbott is protecting the people of Texas and
    Texas border problems go along with that. We already have immigration laws, ones that WORKED. But they have been ignored for so long. Since when did judges start making law?

  145. What ever happen to the will of the people least we forget, we are the Government. “Help you Governor” stand up and be counted. Find out who this judge is and Boycott this man or so called man, this judge has been bought off.. a cowardly judge..put his name on your signs to let the people know how he is cowering to the will of “CORRUPT” money being put forth by Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund against the state….. These kind of judges should never be aloud to be put on a pedestal we should start doing something about “”TERM LIMITS FOR THESE JERKS ” they are LEGISLATING from the bench by the will of the CORRUPT and not by the CONSTITUTION.. We need TERM LIMITS for the whole Congress 8 Years and no longer the same as the President. I am talking about people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelsoi, The most corrupt people on the face of the earth along with some hard right also they should be behind bars and never be able to see the light of day ever, ever again…The Clinton’s, both Bush’s, Obama they should all be put in jail for world TREASON and their fate should be by Hanging or by Geotine where they cut off the heads for all the world to see………..This world is doomed for World Order……………DISGRACEFUL, WE DO HAVE A BORDER AND LAWS THAT ARE NOT BEING ENFORCED

  146. I think we need to hold on a bit longer, fight it fin court for the time being, delay until after November ~ and Donald Trump will take care of these hassles going on with Governors of their state. He will put back a number of topics to the state, where they belong ~ the Federal government and especially this dictator of a president, should not have the right to tell a Governor how to run his state. That is what he was elected for!

    • Brenda Caporaso Merlino

      I agree with you , Obama is doing all this to side track people in the Presidential Votes. Obama is playing games . We all have to focus on Donald Trump you are so right !!

  147. Phyllis Schultz

    The Government hasn’t followed any of the existing laws so far, why would the court expect them to do so now.

  148. Get rid of the PC DemonicRAT MU-slime Liberal Judge ASAP.

  149. aren t sanctary cities against federal law!

    • Obama gave them Amnesty. They are all around me here in Texas
      Our Governor in Texas is fighting this.

    How come Obama doesn’t know about this Federal Law?

    Federal Immigration and Nationality Act

    Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) “Any person who
    . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

    Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act,

    INA 274A(a)(1)(A): A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he: * assists an alien s/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or * encourages that alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.

    • The U.S. Constitution has legal priority.

      You might want to read the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2, paying close attention to the words “Reprieves and Pardons”:

      The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

  151. It is outrageous what BHO and his administration are doing to this country. Governor Abbott keep up the good fight!

    • The Constitution is pretty outragious.
      Equality under the law is pretty outragious.
      You might want to read the 14th Amendment.
      Your might want to read the law:

      Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.
      Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended.
      The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, as amended.
      Age Discrimination Act of 1975.
      The Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended.
      Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
      The Civil Rights Act of 1991.
      Section 402 of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974.
      The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended.
      Executive Order 11246 of 1965, as amended.
      Pregnancy Discrimination Act (an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964).
      Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  152. Anything and everything for money! Profits before anything else, even before family it seems!

  153. WELL TEXAS”,get a Constitutional Convention movement GOING!!

  154. Is the Governor going to appeal?

  155. The Meskin judges ruling doesn’t mean squat. He needs to be deported along with his LaRaza cartel.

  156. If you voted for the lying idiot and some illegal took your job, you deserve the loss.

  157. Did they check to see if the judge was an illegal?

  158. As usual another Judge that is pc. If the government isn’t doing its job then someone has to. Figures it would be a judge from Texas. Common snese would tell the government that when a state is overburdened with illegal aliens then the cost to tax payers go up and the quality of life goes down for those that are here legally and citizens. Maybe his salary should be used to subsidize the cost of illegal aliens. He should help pay for the overcrowded emergency rooms, over crowded class rooms, etc.
    Emplyers that hire illegals should be made to pay a hefty fine if they do not use e verifyer. The employers who hire illegal aliens are the new slave masters. Pay a living wage to Americans and they will work the jobs. If employers raise their prices at least they have people who can afford their products because everyone is at least making a livable wage.

  159. Vangie Martinez

    Please do not group all “Hispanics” on not wanting to stop this stupidity. I am a Hispanic Jewish Women who was born and raised in New Mexico, my Family who are Jews came from Spain with Christopher Columbus from the Inquisition and although I do want for those who want a better life and freedom from their demise, I do not want Illegal Immigrants to be given this kind of loop hole. It’s not because I am mean or cruel, but, because I know that there are those who do not Love America and are bent in destroying it from the inside out and out side in. They want Islamic Muslim Terrorist to come in and destroy us, they want Drugs and Murderers to come into a America to destroy us, but, know this those, Hispanics that were born and raised here or that have gone through the Legal Means to be an American Citizen do not feel the same. So please rethink that statement because it is not all together true.

  160. Michelle Minze-Bryant

    Sounds good. Let’s get a bus load of people from Mexico, get them to pay $2000 a head, put them in a little house with 1 bathroom and water and a piece of bread for each, each day, keep the house locked shut and just leave them there until relatives want them back to pay another $5,000 a head. That sounds good. The federal government doesn’t care. Make sex slaves and give them to Muslims while we’re at it if no one wants them back in Mexico.

    They don’t care, seems like. LET’S MAKE SOME MONEY!

  161. Ignore that judge who is more than likely getting paid under the table to fight the law that brings back sanity to our Nation.

    Who died and gave those Latino organizations the right to shove their illegal brothers snd sisters in every American’s face and say “deal with it”? Who do they think they are?

    Every Latino Citizen I know DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY ILLEGAL…period. They are just as angry at what this demonic president has tried to do to our country by allowing millions of people (not only latinos, but any nationality from any country entering through our southern borders – including terrorists) and the resulting influx of masses of people being supported by our taxes paid by the only people working at all. Latino Americans hate the illegals and want them gone!!

    So “who” is supporting those Latino groups if Latino citizens aren’t? Who is promoting the rape of our Nation by illegals and the Immigration organizations? Because if you are tired of this crap like everyone else, you need to voice your opinion and stand up for what you believe or shut up and bend over.

    The only presidential candidate capable of closing and.securing our borders, removing illegals by any means possible (don’t think this is impossible, Carter removed Iranians from the U.S.), stop Muslim refugees from entering our Nation, and create a program of Watch and Report on the muslims living here now IS DONALD TRUMP.

    Hillary isn’t capable of saving our Nation.because she is responsible, along with obama, for where our Nation is today. She is a destroyer not a nurturer and she recently married her daughter to a Muslim man, one of many muslims filtering in and out of her life. A VOTE FOR HILLARY IS THE SAME AS PULLING A PIN ON A HAND GRENADE — EXPLOSIVE RADICAL ACTIONS THAT DESTROY MORALS, FAITH AND OUR NATION. I’m done with idiots with eliteist ideologies, aren’t you?

  162. Robert A Kaufman



    • It is also in my state, TEXAS.
      I did not onlyi write to my Governor, and I called. He did answer:

      HIS PLAN is sooo much better than the one I sent to him.
      He intends to file Felony Charges against anyone that allowed them to rent or buy a house in Texas.

      I have no problem at all with anyonew ho wants to come to the U.S. (and Texas), LEGALLY.

    • It was, unfortunately a Texas Judge. There was NO Hearing. He just decided to dictate to Texas. I wrote to my Governor…read below.

  164. Fire the Judge who goes against the Laws of Texas or anyother State in America and
    Finds it correct to obey the illegal laws of Obama and Lynch….Time to fire and clean
    up Our Court System. The Elected Servants of America have not the Rights to go
    against Us the Voters and change everything We want or need in Our Country….Congress Stop This From going on!

  165. Until White America decides to stand on it’s hind legs and be counted. Black America will have it’s way. Watch the movie KickAss.

  166. If you can find a more lawless, a more criminal, a more stupid bunch of people than are the Judges in America and Europe today, please tell us more. Yeah, and we thought Judges were above the love of money, above bribes and blackmail, well, the only thing the Judges in America are above is the sewer system they have made for us to live in. We know for sure, the Rothschild owned courts are more a Jewish exercise than a Court of Law, so we are guilty even before we are charged. Because we are Goys, we are cattle to them who rule over us like they are f-ing gods. I read an article about some Jew professor at Harvard telling the white guys in class to kill themselves, that they were not worth living, that white people should all be killed (except for the pretty white girls, the jews crave, of course) try that the other way around and watch that Jew Judge slap you in the pokey. Be sure in such a ‘case’ you would be in front of a Jew Judge. Yep, you got it, we are in a prison and the only way out is -war. A war for our freedom and not a war for the elite to get richer by. Oh yeah, and be sure the article I referred to is one of hundreds, thousands, issued by the Jewish overlords, who call for our murder with total impunity.

  167. I just wrote to the Texas Gov. I highly suggested to Impeach or any legal means necessary to take that Judge off of the bench.

    I had written the Governor a couple of weeks ago. I thought my idea was great. HE MADE IT EVEN BETTER.
    This was mine I sent him:
    Years ago, if you hired an llegal, there was a $50.
    Fine. Of course they ignored it…no one was keeping up with the numbers. Finally the fine just disppeared
    IF you housed an Illegal and his family, of course the paid the low-ball fine since it was a ONE TIME payment for the fine for a Years Lease.

    Let’s install fangs.

    IF you hire one, it is a $50,000 fine for each Illegal.

    IF you house one or sell a home to one of them, make the fine $75,000 each.


  169. Judges don’t make the law. Governor Abbott, stick to your guns!

  170. If they are illegal they have no rights…

  171. First order of business dismantle in its entirety, the NAACP, LaRaza, LULAC, CAIR or bring back the KKK and let them fight it out. I do not condone the KKK but these other organizations are just as bad if not worse.

  172. The judge is David Alan Ezra who comes from the liberal 9th circuit.

  173. I vote for Texas independence. Am so fed up with the liberal feds, I could scream. Who do they think will pay for these people, including the “gimmes”, when the funds run dry?

  174. Let’s remember this these likes aliens and refugees have no rights in this country and don’t have any constitution rights in our country. All these illegals did not go through the proper citizenship application in which to become a US CITIZEN, so they should all be deported back to their country’s along with there children and we should cancel all work visas to this country to keep out all radical Islamist and any other illegals . GO USA. GOD. GOD. GOD

  175. Better watch out or the Boogeyman will get you.

  176. It is way past time leaving the union.


  178. The state of Texas needs to tell that judge what he can do with his ruling and the next time obama comes into there state arrest him until he can prove he is a American citizen that will stand up in court

  179. This deal is like the predicament Trump is in. Do you think this judge is giving an unbiased opinion or can’t give an unbiased opinion because of his heritage. This chinaco trash is LaRaza and should be unseated as a judge maybe even deported because he does not follow US immigration laws. Let a half breed Muslim homosexual in the whitehouse who breaks laws and makes up his own laws and every libturd in the nation thinks they are above the law.


  181. The transformation of America into third world status continues. Hopefully the vote ion Brexit will give more Americans courage to KICK THE BUMS OUT and elect those that love our country and has the courage to tell the billionaires they have to work for what they get instead of buying politicians to provide it for them.

  182. Governor Abbott’s (ostensible) good intentions, have him treading on dangerous ground in trying to enforce any segment of federal immigration law. It is much more serious than a conflict between State and Federal governments.

    The legal definitions of “immigrant” and “citizen” are actually very complicated and only a professional immigration officer is trained to know them. Any state that tries to enforce any party of immigration law is embarking upon a very risky and dangerous course. Texas would be vulnerable to “set-ups” by left wing subversives. They have already been suspected of planting citizens or dual nationals among groups of aliens, that, when arrested by immigration officers, claimed to be aliens, There have been several federal lawsuits against immigration enforcement for sending legal residents to Mexico or some other country. Such a set-up by activists is,of course, a federal crime, but it is not treated by the courts near as seriously, nor is that illegal act publicized by the hostile, left-wing media, near as much as “deporting” a citizen to some foreign country.

    For several decades the U.S. relied upon the (absurd) “honor system” and accepted oral declarations of U.S. citizenship by applicants for admission at the POEs. Documentary proof of alienage actually requires the cooperation of deportees–by either giving affidavits attesting to their alienage, and/or by presenting foreign citizenship documents. The fact that the U.S. is the only advanced country in the world that does not have a national identity document handicaps immigration officers because it places the burden of proving nationality upon them in deportation cases. Building a deportation case against an illegal alien requires the cooperation of the alien. Alienage of a candidate for deportation is usually established by the alien voluntarily giving a sworn statement that “wets him down” as the saying goes–or by the alien’s being in possession of of foreign documents proving that he/she is a citizen of another country.

    By contrast, U.S. exclusion laws place the burden of proving admissibility upon all applicants for admission to the U.S. at the ports of entry–however, even that has been watered down in some jurisdictions–such as Nogales, Arizona.–where lower ranking supervisors, used to order inspectors to give applicants at the ports of entry “the benefit of the doubt.” Bucking illegal orders can keep an officer busy defending himself constantly from reprisals and trumped-up charges of wrong-doing by supervisors of questionable integrity. I have been away from immigration law enforcement for over twenty years, but I doubt that political pressure on immigration officers in Arizona has subsided to any notable degree. Back in the 1980s a supervisory immigration officer at Nogales committed suicide after being confronted with proof that he was helping the Unitarian Church “sanctuary movement” to smuggle illegal aliens into the U.S. and place them in church-sponsored “safe houses” in the Tucson area.

    Enforcing long-existing, U.S. passport laws at the ports of entry did not come about until after 9-11-01. However, that has since been watered down by the present U.S. policy of accepting “other proof”of citizenship–such as a picture ID (i.e., drivers’; licenses) and at least one other document–such as a voter registration card. These “substitutes” for passports are more easily counterfeited or altered than machine-readable, government-issued U.S. passports. Moreover, For several decades the Texas DMV has practiced the “motor voter” law–by registering to vote any new recipient of a Texas driver’s license. This has created a long-standing nightmare for state and federal law enforcement officers ,and perforce, created a large number of “legally documented” illegal residents in Texas.

    For many ears the the Texas DMV has accepted foreign birth certificates as proof of identity of applicants for driver’s licenses. California and some other states do the same. Therefore, the politically correct term for “illegal aliens” (“undocumented aliens”) is misleading. Illegal aliens can be very well documented in some states with state-issued documents and still be illegally in the country. It follows that Illegal aliens in Texas, and some other states, can easily possess two legal documents (driver’s license and voter identification card) that, together, are accepted by the federal government as “proof” of U.S. citizenship at the ports of entry.

    The bottom line is that, obviously, the “establishment” has no intention of enforcing U.S. immigration laws. They spend much more time trying to hammer out “immigration reform” laws which is just a euphemism for more amnesties and more excuses for keeping the flood of illegal immigrants coming and safeguarding the ones that already here. Yesterday, the most vociferous hope of those desiring immigration law enforcement, Donald Trump, was meeting with globalist and one-world advocate, fellow billionaire, Rupert Murdoch. We are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that Trump stays the course and does not bend to the pressure of accepting Big Money that always requires compromises in important social issues.

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