Jorge Ramos: “Nobody” Can Stop Illegal Immigrants From Entering U.S.

Activist reporter Jorge Ramos told CNN this week that the only way to solve the border crisis was for Congress to simply legalize all illegal immigrants. Otherwise, he said, there was no viable way to keep Central Americans from caravanning their way to the border, applying for asylum, and overrunning the limited resources of the federal government.

“The U.S. economy has been absorbing them and it seems that we have to realize that the only way to deal with this is in a legal way,” Ramos said in an interview with Anderson Cooper. “Just to understand that, legally, they are going to keep coming and there is really nothing we can do to stop them.”

Ramos went on to say that America had been absorbing some 500,000 illegal immigrants every year for decades.

“If more of these immigrants want to come to the United States, it is very difficult to stop them at the border,” he argued. “The truth is that, Anderson, nobody can stop them.

“Nobody can really stop them,” he repeated.

Well. That remains to be seen.

Just this week, President Trump has ordered humanitarian aid be cut from the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, due to their leaders’ refusal to do anything whatsoever to stop the mass exodus of so-called refugees flowing towards the U.S. border. And despite the media freaking out about high avocado prices, of all things, he has repeatedly said that if the crisis does not abate in the near future, he will take the dramatic step of closing down the border altogether.

Without congressional intervention, unfortunately, there is only so much President Trump can do on his own. Instead of working day and night to fix this crisis, however, Democrats in the House are busy drafting letters to Attorney General William Barr so they can get their hands on the Mueller report. When confronted about the crisis, they either deny there is any problem or they pivot to some tangential topic like “children in cages” or Dreamers who deserve immediate amnesty. The last thing they want to talk about is the unprecedented surge of unqualified asylum applicants at our southern gates.

Right now, the best option available to Trump is to simply enforce the law the best he can. If that means sending more resources to the border through the military, building portions of the wall with funds from the Pentagon, or sending ICE agents after illegal aliens with removal orders, it’s time to step it up. None of this will stop the activist-fueled flow of migrants from Central America, but when combined with pressure on Mexico and the Northern Triangle, we might start to see the crisis dwindle.

People like Ramos would love to make Americans believe that we have “no choice” but to just let everyone in. In the long run, THAT is the very message Trump must crush.

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