John McCain’s Dossier Buddy is Hiding Behind the Fifth Amendment

Fox News reports that one of Sen. John McCain’s closest associates, David Kramer, has opted to take the Fifth Amendment rather than testify before the House Intelligence Committee. Kramer has been under subpoena from the committee since January; lawmakers want to speak to him about the sources Christopher Steele used to compile the infamous dossier that formed the backbone of the “Trump Collusion Theory” that lingers on to this day. In a closed-door session in December, Kramer told the committee that he had knowledge about the Russians from whom Steele gleaned the information found in the document.

Kramer, incidentally, is also one of the men responsible for putting the dossier into the hands of the FBI.

According to a law enforcement source who talked to Fox News reporters, Kramer was scheduled to appear before the committee last month. Instead, he refused to show up, hiding behind his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself. This is interesting not only because of what it says of Kramer’s motives but also because he has already testified under oath.

From Fox News:

Kramer gave a videotaped deposition last December in separate civil litigation against BuzzFeed about the dossier and his contact with the former British spy who compiled it, Christopher Steele. Steele was hired by opposition research firm Fusion GPS to write and research the dossier, with funding from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign.

According to British court records obtained by Fox News as part of its ongoing investigation of the Trump dossier, Kramer was personally briefed in late November 2016 by Steele in Surrey, England. After that briefing, Steele told the British court that an arrangement was made so that Fusion GPS — co-founded by Glenn Simpson – would provide hard copies of the dossier to McCain via Kramer. Shortly afterward, the dossier was given to the FBI, which already had its own copy from Steele.

BuzzFeed is trying to prepare for libel litigation being filed against them by a Russian businessman named in the dossier. It may be that their depositions and subpoenas turn out to shine more light on this sordid business than anything we end up getting from the federal government. When it comes to civil litigation, high-priced attorneys play hardball. BuzzFeed is not going to pay out a libel settlement without exhausting every avenue of the dossier’s pedigree: Where it came from, who Steele’s sources were, what the FBI did with it, and so forth.

You know, the questions we’d all very much like answers to.

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  1. Who trusts anything that our Government does anymore?

    Good thing we sent Trump, an outsider in to drain the swamp.

    • How? No power over Congress? What’s he going to do? Buy them all off?
      You Nazis are just so ignorant with regard to how the country works. Maybe he’ll get them all round and have the Night of the Long Knives – that’ll only work if he can also get all the military to back him and then put in his own players in Congress and stop future elections. You’re dreamin’ – you dumb Nazi!

    • What idiots believed Trump?
      What’s he going to do?
      Take a big dump
      Or, just a smelly poo

      You Nazis are stupid
      Don’t know how things work
      You’d better play cupid
      With the other berk

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      • Well them spokes went up your and did brain damage .

    • Swamps are a necessary part of our eco-system, we need to start calling it a cess-pool or sewer.

    • Someone out there PLEASE tell me HOW when someone breaks the LAW, gets called in to testify in court, can “plead the fifth”and walk out free as a bird, pension in hand,SMILING at the TV cameras and the “middle finger extended toward “we the people”? Let one of us “common people” try that and we would be in jail.

      • Simply because they do not “Have the Fear of God” instilled upon them. You see, if they knew there were a true, bodily consequence or a life changing or ruining event to them or a beloved member of their family for their evil transgressions, then there would be a legitimate deterrent.

        I think to better make my point I might use a mob or gangster analogy. The way I remember reading about it back in the day, a lower echelon member of a major crime syndicate always had to “look over their shoulder” if they decided to cross up any of the cappos, dons or “made” men in the family. I mean people literally died … and usually execution style, right out in the open.

        Ok … my analogy is bit over the top. But I think it kind of illustrates where or how our government now functions.

        Just food for thought ….

      • If the only hard evidence against the defendant is their own, self-incriminating testimony, and said defendant pleads the fifth, there is no way to convict. Better to do more homework before calling someone to testify, so even with a mute defendant, the circumstantial case can go forward to its legal conclusion.

        • The problem is MOST of the time they KNOW the people that they are “calling in” have indeed already committed a crime. (LOIS LEARNER for just ONE “example”) She got to “plead the fifth” and walk out with full pension in hand, free as a bird. Even though ot was PROVEN what she had done..BUT, SHE is not the ONLY “elite” that has been in the news “pleading” and walking out free. Can YOU walk into a courtroom after committing a crime and “plead the fifth” and “walk out??” I don’t THINK SO!

          • No, that guy that worked with Hillary got away too. I forgot his name now, but he was another one. Whatever happened to John Koskinen of the IRS? Talk about the swamp!! Gowdy was going after him!

          • Oh I think the guy that took the 5th that worked for Hillary was Brian Pagliano. I knew it was an Italian name (I can remember that because I am of Italian heritage). 😉

        • So IF (just say IF) I commit, a crime with no “witnesses”, and get arrested on a suspicion,, I can walk up to a judge and “plead the fifth” and walk free??? I don’t think so.

          • Yes, and no. If the circumstantial case against you is strong enough, probably not. If the circumstantial case is too weak–and this is determined by a grand jury at pretrial, and/or a regular jury at trial. Judges can dismiss weak cases if there’s insufficient evidence to support a conviction.

          • If you Make a big contribution to the Democrat party and a good member , you might get away with it now a days .

        • This is why none of the witnesses called in the Clinton email and Foundation scandal were not put under oath. When you think of the corruption of Obama and his goons in the former DOJ, FBI, and CIA it is amazing. Refusal to hand over evidence, openly destroying evidence and never having to fear an indictment. Think of it not one indictment even after Leaner, Clinton, and others destroyed evidence. The only reason a pompous ass like mrpoohead can be here to bust walnuts is someone on the left is paying him as a foreign national to disrupt anti- liberal politics and how do you wage a an argument when your government has been turned into a left wing fifth column by folks planted by Barrack? Even Sessions is scared shitless to challenge Obama’s illegal a activities now surfacing in new evidence. Look if we had a fair Legal system these FBI and other folks working to obstruct justice for Obama would be scared, but to them we are nothing but a joke they control the outcome like in a socialist state.

          • I don’t waste time on Mr.Poohead–his very name suggests he’s nothing more than a troll whose still butthurt because Hillary Rottencrotch Clinton had her ass WHOOPED by the Donald–39 states for Trump, 11 for Clinton. Bear in mind, her voting demographic is almost entirely welfare recipients, homosexuals and communists. Mr. Poohead is likely all three, and therefore unworthy of anyone’s attention. I believe the Deep State on Sessions, and that’s why he’s frozen in place. He needs to be replaced. Am hoping Trey Gowdy will take that position if Sessions is removed. Don’t think they’ve got ANYTHING on him…

          • Been arguing with Mrpoohead about Lend Lease and it’s repayment to no avail. Trying to figure out how to explain to him that he is delusional when he is rational. Roosevelt knew 1945 prior his early death that year that we would never see that money. So he told Congress he would accept the return of used war equipment. Republicans cried no way, it is like taking back chewing gum after it is used, besides their not responsible for war destroyed equipment and there is no way to determine that. Yes, payments were made, but to say the Europeans paid us off is delusional. The Marshall had some loans that were repaid, but most money went in grants to be spent upon US goods, to say they paid us back again is delusional. How can I guy who hates America as much as himself be defending Obama and Clinton unless he is getting paid? In all honesty one single indictment amongst the top FBI guys involved in the dossier would tumble the prior regime amunity on their years in office crime spree. My friend at this point I truly believe my government is far too corrupt to care about justice once it comes to Barrack.

          • Actually, some nations have begun refurbishing and returning WW II firearms; i.e. M-1 Garands, M-1 Carbines and 1911-A1 pistols.Already have my Garand, am working on the other two, We’ll never be repaid, but there’s not much that can done about that at this point. I share your pessimism about Obama paying for his crimes. Not worth even thinking about–nothing we can do, anyway.

          • Yes, your right national like our friends in Britain repaid the USA, even Russia if you count return of equipment by 2008. In Great Wars this nation came to the rescue of European allies upon our entry and prior with equipment. I know Obama got away with near murder, and I realize he will never have to answer for his sneaky deeds. I just wish the left could recognize the path he lead this nation down left us broke and divided. Trump can improve the economy and pay off some of the debt Obama left our nation in. Best wishes to you sir.

          • Best wishes to you, too, my friend. Don’t let the fruits and commies in our govt get you down. Worry only about the things you CAN change, and let go of the rest…

          • Yep. What about Abedin, Rice, Mills, Blumenthal?

          • Sorry, how could I forget Susan Rice and champion of honesty and truth. She to lies and we the liberals accept it even after she is called out on it? You got to admit the Obama administration when you think about it, well it is actually as funny as their supporters. AS CNN calls Trump a lair as well as MSNBC, NYTimes, NY Daily News, when we have countless hours of Obama and his cabinet heads lying on film. It could not get any worst, people believe anything they sway or just do not care their lying most of the time.

          • They have blinders on and selective hearing. They see only Trump’s faults and what he says or his “lies”. He beats Hillary ANY DAY.

          • Thanks for the article, Silence DoGood. I had heard about effect of psychotropic drugs but I hadn’t realized how many of the mass shooters were on it. My nephew, who is now 33, was once on Ritalin. I’m glad he no longer is. He had anger issues as well. And trouble adjusting in school. God was looking out for him. He’s still troubled but I think has stopped drugs. Is living far from family in Colorado.

          • Oh wow, glad he’s off. There are two more you may enjoy.

          • Thank you! Yes, I hope and pray he stays off the stuff. He definitely didn’t like taking the Ritalin or the other psychotropics. It’s the recreational stuff I worry about. Marijuana, etc. which is legal in Colorado now. Thanks for the articles, Silence.

          • You’re welcome!

            Have a great night!

          • You also. 😉

      • Corruption… But then again your question was rhetorical, wasn’t it? 🙂

        When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

        • Yes it WAS…I just wish people would open their eyes and SEE what is happening.
          There are “double and triple standards” in this country..Those with a “title” and those with MONEY.

          • Haven’t you noticed that We the Sane, Patriotic People ARE awakening?
            Are you following the reports of the accomplishments of our POTUS?

          • After reading MANY of the posts here, It seems that MORE people are INDEED “waking up”. I just wish MORE would get away from the LAME STREAM “in the tank for the commiecrats”… “media” and seek other outlets for their “news” (there ARE a few) OAN is one of them. because the “lame streamers” will NEVER report any accomplishments of PRESIDENT TRUMP and will do anything they can, to discredit his NUMEROUS achievements, that are benefiting the American people, and American business owners. (that do the HIRING)
            President Trump has done MORE for this country in just over a year, than OSCUMBAG the FOREIGN,GAY, FRAUD did in all 8 years. The people were sold “snake oil” for 8 years, (by the HEAD SNAKE) and now PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL “clean up” the “mess” and DELETE one ILLEGAL OSCUMBAG “executive order” at a time until they are ALL GONE.

          • I agree with all you state! Since the corruption is SO deep, it will take time.

            Yes, many decent folk believe the left’s talking (lying) blather.

            It bothers me to read comments from Trump supporter that are complaining because he couldn’t get the swamp drained in his first year! I rather do think these gripers are ill-informed, but well meaning.
            So! We will just keep the faith, won’t we.

          • To drain the swamp it will take a very long time to root out ALL the evil already in place. 1 yr is just the tip of the iceberg and it seems to me to be melting real fast of late. Soon they will be turning on each other to try and get a deal. I say take their testimony before any deals and the information Must lead to conviction. I’m sure that others will turn on the ones waiting on the deal hence ALL will go down without their deals other than you’re going to prison….. Hello Mary..

          • It will take time….it is so embedded since it’s been in place for a Looooooooong time even before Obama. He didn’t help, Made it murkier. But Trump is trying. We need to pray for him and his family who are being attacked constantly and he is trying hard to keep his promises!!

          • I totally agree. Now the Democrats only plan is to disrupt and dissagree. They do not have a clue how to lead. That’s totally Trump.

          • I was so glad to find out that I do have OAN news. I heard about it from you guys and thought I couldn’t get it but then checked my guide for my cable and Voila!! I have it!! So I flit back and forth b/w that and fox news.

          • The sheep woke up but for a moment. Did not do anything.

          • Example the crooked CLINTON’S

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        • Right. How is that resistance working out for the Dems?
          EVERYTHING they say and do is about smoke and mirrors .what a crew they are.
          Between that lying schiffhead, crying Schumer, mad cow disease waters and the truly pooched FBI/DOJ etc, president Trump looks better every day.
          MAGA sir..

      • As was the case with Martha Stewart.

      • The fifth ammedment like the 2nd which gives individuals the right to bears must not be taken away. Once one right is removed the others will fall like dominos. The Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights and, among other things, protects individuals from being compelled to be witnesses against themselves in criminal cases. “Pleading the Fifth” is a colloquial term for invoking the right that allows witnesses to decline to answer questions where the answers might incriminate them, and generally without having to suffer a penalty for asserting the right. This evidentiary privilege ensures that defendants cannot be compelled to become witnesses at their own trials. If, however, they choose to testify, they are not entitled to the right during cross-examination, where questions are relevant to their testimony on direct examination.

        • I don’t suggest it be taken away, just NOT GROSSLY ABUSED like we have seen LIBERAL”elites” in our “government” do day after day. It seems those with a “title” and MONEY can commit all the CRIMES they choose, “plead the fifth” get away with it, and walk out free, pension in hand.. (CAN YOU???)

        • yes, then they should start looking into what he/she is trying to hid, And file charges according to that. Just like the FBI won’t give senators paper work or anything else, anybody who won’t show up or give paperwork to Congress, should be fired.

      • I was just going to ask the same question and make a comment. I don’t want to sound too stupid. But what is the purpose, the justification for the fifth amendment? we have seen these super law breakers that should have been sent to jail for life and instead they “walk out free as a bird, pension in hand,SMILING at the TV cameras and the “middle finger extended toward “we the people”?” like you said. What is this constitutional right?

      • Only in the USA , China’s Xi would give him the post and lead or hard labor till he fell over .

      • pappy because they make the laws to suit themselves and always against us . Just like they vote pay raises and benefits for them selves.
        Also the constant vacations and times off. None of us ever had cushy jobs like that but we are forced to pay for these crooks.

      • Clinton is still free. You try taking billions from foreign governments. Cheat in a federal election. Then run a scam investigation about Russians trying to mess in elections.

        • ALL of the SCUMBAGS are “still free” The taxpayer money wasting “INVESTIGATIONS” GO ON…TROUBLE IS, THEY ARE still “INVESTIGATING THE wrong “PARTY” (AS USUAL) TIME TO investigate, THE investigators” and throw them ALL in a CELL to await hanging for TREASON. I suspect sessions is as GUILTY as the rest of the “swamp dwellers” THAT is why he “recuses” himself constantly and refuses to do HIS JOB.
          (OR he wants top continue breathing) If he “KNOWS TOO MUCH” the “clinton crime cartel” hit squad will have him “commit suicide” with the usual two bullets to the back of the head from different calibers.

      • But you are right

  2. Anything McCain says or does is a fabricated lie, he is a national disgrace to our country, and should be removed from congress.

  3. McCain, once a turncoat, always a turncoat.

    • look out Marine ray2hillhole may plotting an ambush where he calls you vile and vulger names and throws used panties at you…you may need to carry a poncho around just in case…I have noticed that he and his leg humping buddy, mrpoohpoohhole, have gotten to a point where their diapers are soooo full that we are in danger of schit explosion…something that we see has become the norm with the ho clintoney/bern/kenyan boyo supporters…their small intellect and inability to deal with reality has become a disgrace…now those same morons are suggesting that we need to listen to high school children “because they are so wise” “mature beyond their years”…

    • His captors named him “Songbird”, & his fellow POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton confirmed it & called him a traitor. “Songbird” never refuted those charges! Also, when head of the Armed Forces Committee he stopped the search for POW’s/MIA’s. Guess he did not want any more confirmations?

  4. I’m missing something here. If Kramer has already testified under oath in this matter, he has already waived his 5th Amendment rights. And what more information do they want from him?

  5. Hey! I have a great idea. While John McCain is struggling with cancer all of us conservatives should go in for the political kill. We want to show the world that we kick ’em while they’re down. We are not so soft that we show any respect for his military career and sacrifices. We only care about Trump winning at all human costs.

    • We should honor him for his patriotic contribution aboard the USS Forestall.

    • Don’t be silly. McCain has always been a P.O.S.!

    • Hey you were a Bernie supporter right?

      Did the DNC ask you if the rigging of their primaries was ok?

    • Funny how respect for the military is only evident for your partisan convenience. You and the rest of the liberals are known for shorting the military budget and support of medal throwers such as John Kerry.

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to agree with the tone or attitude of Ray2’s statements. But military respect must be earned.

        Let’s take a high level look at John McCain’s military career.

        OK, we’ll give him due respect as being taken prisoner by the enemy after being shot down in Nam. It’s unconscionable to accept the hellacious beatings and torture to which he was subject by the enemy while captured.

        But my understanding is, and it is rather well documented if you look in the right places, as a military pilot, John McCain was not well respected among his peers. In fact his “Maverick” antics and behavior were responsible for one of his plane crashes. John McCain clearly hid under the influence and protective wing of his Admiral Daddy.

        Then to parlay a questionable military career into a highly questionable (at best) legislative career is really beyond the pale.

        • My comments were directed at Ray for his attempt to use any example of military heroism to justify his hatred of Trump. I certainly agree many politicians are not worthy of hero status just because they were in the military.

    • I respect the fact that he served, but he spent most of his military time in a POW camp in North Viet Nam. There are serious questions about his loyalty to our country and some serious allegations by his fellow POW’s concerning his feeding information to his captors. His health now seems to limit seriously his ability to function as a Senator and it seems he should now resign due to that health problem and allow someone who can give full time to the office, he holds.

  6. Want to see “Songbird” McShame called before the Committee,since he facilitated having the dossier’ made available to the FBI? He tried to lay low by funneling it through other sources, but was found out! Wager he would also take the “Fifth!” He is a low life phony snake in the grass! His failing health will be the only thing to terminate his low life ways,

    • Glad God did not make him my dad, feel real sorry for his boys, who I think are Marines. Did feel the same for his girl, but then she showed uo on the view and Whoopi got in the act. Whoopi or something, soulds like something people when she leaves the room.

      • “Songbird” should not be the father of anyone, since it only puts more McShames in this world too carry on his low life criminal ways, e.g., the Keating Five where he should have went to jail.


      How about manchurin candidate

  7. Mmmm? Does this all come back to McCain or Hillary? Hillary hates Trump because she did not want him elected she wanted to get elected to her entitled throne. McCain hates Trump because he hates. It will all come out in the end with all totally exonerated. But, Trump is nearing his goal of finding the plug to pull that will drain the sewer swamp.

  8. Of course Kramer took the 5th. If he’d talked, RINO McCain would clearly be implicated.

  9. Kramer’s friend John Mccain is such a disappointment to all Americans. Sore loser, can’t stand up to bully’s so he played Mr. Nasty Face. Mitt Romney his illegitimate brother.

  10. Mac and ALL the scum bags connected to dossier and mulllar team should be EXECUTED. Period.

  11. Thank God, John McCain, who is a true patriot, had a part in getting the dossier to the FBI. That was exactly the right place for it to be examined. If only Don Jr. had done the same thing when he was promised “dirt” on Hillary by the Russians, maybe, just maybe there wouldn’t have been a need for the investigations.
    Meanwhile, the “conservative” media which loves to talk about the “phony” or “discredited” dossier hasn’t admitted yet that a major portion of the dossier just got corroborated by the 13 indictments of the Russians. We’ll find out more in the months to come.

  12. the latrine of DNC and all the shit in there. the worst I have seen in my life. corruption runs thru the veins of democrats, Bill, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of all DEMORATS DWELL IN THE STINK OF THAT LATRINE. I RATHER DIE THAN BE A DEMOCRAT WITH SUCH DELINQUENCY, CRIMINALITY, DESHONESTY, disparage, Hillary should have been in jail long time ago, Bill the same, but let’s not forget Obama he is in the middle of everything.

  13. why is Mueller still looking for shit, he can’t find it, so why keep him wasting our tax money for something that Hillary paid for to obstruct Trump and the RNC, why??????????????.. can we get this straight once it for all, the collusion is at the DNC. Obama, Hillary, they all know it, why .waste our tax money. let’s get Hillary back on the stand, this time with video and under oath, not like Comey, they comedian from FBI

    • That is because he keeps hoping against hope that he will find something to drive Trump from Office, Frankly, he needs to be held accountable for every rotten dime he has spent trying to find something to justify his position and that of his ‘committee’.

      All the dirt, scandals are all to be found on the DNC, HC and eventually, it all goes straight back to the desk of Obama!! He is the only one who could have sanctioned anything dealing with the unlawful spying on the Trump Campaign.

      All them need to be dragged before a court of law, tried and convicted of treason and malfeasance of Office and jailed for the rest of their life to contemplate the harm these horrible people have wrought upon this country.,

  14. McCain needs to be put under oath before the intel committee, This guy is the most back stabbing person in congress & Senate. He would take the 5th on every question, even if asked is his name McCain. Give this guy inmunity got a dumb pc)and see what happens to the many faces of McCain. What happens if they do that,can they call Mc Cain before the commitee?

  15. Talk or go to jail.

  16. why dont they go after the 5th amendment rather than the 2nd seems like the 5th is only good for protecting criminals and politicians , is that an oxymoron

  17. There is nothing wrong with using the Constitutional privilege. They may offer him immunity to get his testimony.

  18. nothing but traitors.

  19. David Kramer is doing hiding behind the 5th. John McCain has been doing the opposite since Trump has become President. Almost everything McCain has done has incriminated him

  20. Most likely he would be incriminating McCain, as well as others which would open another can of worms for exposure and might put him in Hillary’s crosshairs.

  21. He is guilty and McCain is not squeaky clean either!

  22. Is anyone in our Congress and Senate not corrupted?

  23. How did they know who cruz was if he had his face covered in the Florida shooting

  24. Dismantle the FBI and CIA. Get rid of the bribery taking thieves. Start again with people of character and more in line with our constitution.

  25. The 5th amendment is protecting his criminality. And he works for a Republican! McCain is dirty too.

  26. I notice, in another article, that John McCain has also “taken the 5th”.

    Interesting, now that “ole songbird” has his own ass on the fire, he chooses to “finally shut up”.. isn’t it.

    Trump is right… McCain is no “hero”.

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