John Kerry: World “Shocked” by GOP Primaries

Secretary of State John Kerry, who thinks a lot like his boss on the subject of America’s place in the world, told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday that world leaders were “shocked” by what they were hearing from Republicans like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

“Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America. They cannot believe it,” Kerry said. “I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked.”

Kerry said world leaders were concerned about statements Cruz had made about stepping up surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods. They were troubled by Trump’s insistence that the U.S. go further with interrogation techniques than currently permitted by law.

“It upsets people’s sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability,” Kerry said. “And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they’re posed to me, it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.”

Okay, so what does that mean? These liberals are always “embarrassed” by political rhetoric that doesn’t sound like it originated in Mao’s little red book. They start out from a position of embarrassment. They are embarrassed about the founding of America, they are embarrassed about the Constitution, and they are embarrassed about anything that happened before slavery was abolished. They are constantly critical of the United States, even today, even after they have been running the joint for nearly eight years.

When President Obama came into office, his first order of business was to go around to all of our allies and apologize for George W. Bush. Now, did Bush make some mistakes? Absolutely. But there was never a doubt that he had America’s best interests at heart. He presided over one of the most shocking attacks in this country’s history. Obama gets endless amounts of leniency for enduring the “worst recession since the Great Depression,” but Bush is never granted the same leniency for bringing America through an equally-historic threat.

But the point is this: Democrats like Kerry and Obama are already ashamed of American exceptionalism. They don’t believe in it, and they hate anyone who does. They don’t want to go down as figures of great American strength; they want to go down as European-style socialists who tried to do their best with a country hopelessly in love with capitalism and military strength. When Republicans emerge with a message that promotes everything they hate, we get stories like this.

If Kerry’s world leaders have been pleased with Obama, then no, they aren’t gonna like what Republicans are selling. Guess what? Too bad.

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  1. After the last 7 years they have gotten used to us being a pushover and pacifist.

  2. When Kerry threw away his medals, he also threw away his dignity, loyalty to his country, and his brains.

    • That is like being a traitor , I got a few ribbons and a Combat Medic Badge and I take good care of them and My American Flag!

      • Even though I only received a Good Conduct and National Defense ribbon, I am still proud of what I did in defense of my country. I too wear them proudly and take care of them. I also served during Viet Nam

        • He betrayed his fellow Swift Boaters by telling lies to an investigating panel. What an AH he was then and unfortunately we’ve been stuck with him– 2017- please come fast, so we will be rid of him and others made from the same mold of the me me me’s!

          • You ever notice when his lips are spewing lies and garbage how ” LURCH” LICKS, HIS LIPS LIKE A SNAKE??? hmm mm must be something to do with his ( Serpant) personality# it bugs the living SHIT OUT OF ME!:watching his ass talk!!: just watch his speak aND see how many times in a 5-10 min speach, his tongue FLICKS OUT!!!!
            HE’S A GD IDIOT ! I don’t know how anyone could stand talking to him because ide grab his tongue and cut if the fuck out ! Cuz it’s annoying! Besides it would help his speaking!! ( shutting his lying mumbling ass up!:fking traitor and coward he is. Yeah I saw him on tv during the Anti-Vietnam demonstrations! Unfortunatly those same A-holes are in power now and in colleges teaching our kids ! Their skewed thinking and FLUNK ING KIDS WHO DON’T TOE STEP!! Yeah the world leaders aren’t embarrased at the GOP debates! They are embarrased buy obozo

          • And YOU should be embarrassed by the insane way you rant, rave and blither. Instead of analyzing tongue movements, why don’t you make some at least halfway relevant and sensible comment? Oh, I forgot, you ultra-wingnut Obamaphobes are incapable of intelligent dialogue.

          • LOL love getting rises out of TROLLS!!
            Then come back and insult me some more? Which you leftists are good at when your dead wrong. Hmmm I bet your one of the samevA-holes who blame Trump for the violence at his rallies and claimed victory shutting his rallies down?? Ever heard of the CONSTITUTION?? 1st ammendment?? Or are you a Socialist?? Communist? Who should be back in the 30s, 40s when Hitler and Stalin came to rise to power by shutting up thrir opponents??
            How many people’s lives did your kind interupt?? Ambulances on calls?? Firetrucks?? Like happened in Boston with the same nuts who shut down 93 and a guy DIED because of IDIOTS PROTESTING!!
            It’s the RIGHT of the people to disagree!! Also PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE TO PROTEST!!
            YOUR kind has skewed it out of proportion and if you believe Obummer & Kerry have been good for this country I truly feel sad for you!! I suppose you think those CHRISTIANS ( MOSTLY CHILDREN) who were murdered by certain individuals whom your hero won’t name deserved to die huh??
            Like I said I just speak the truth. I don’t like Trump, both the Demorat & Repubtard races are an embarrasment but the USA’s embarrasing ineffectual worldwide leadership dissappear ed the day your Hero came into office!! He’s been Wrong from day 1.
            Also Kerry is a MORON!’ or did you miss his little appearance in Paris!! THAT’S EMBARRASING!’
            I dare you watch Kerry for 10 min making a s peach and count how many times his tongue flicks out!!’
            Our country is worse off now than 8 yrs ago. I don’t agree we should have invaded Iraq because Sadam Insane had no weapons of mass destruction . But look at the guys who did die fighting their !! Obama has shit on their graves!!
            That’s embarrasing!! ISIS BEING JV?? Hmmm WRONGGGGGG!
            Anyways just my thoughts.

          • I decline to respond to the raving nonsense you put up. I can not intellectually bring myself to continue dialogue with any deluded dingbat who sees the counting of tongue flicks as a standard for appraising the value or competence of a public figure. I suggest that you adopt a more sensible method. Try counting the number of pieces of chewing gum stuck on the soles of the shoes of the next public figure you decide to slander.

          • Nobody asked you to respond in the first place and I’m sure we could deal with your absence! The “raving nonsense” you refer to is what others of us call “the truth!” You CANNOT intellectually continue dialogue with anyone who knows the truth. You’re not equipped to handle it!

            Shall we count the number of lies that Obama tells? Shall we count the number of anti-American things he does? Shall we count the number of times he helps those who are obviously our enemies? Shall we count the number of things that Obama does intentionally to bring this country down? Shall we count the number of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals that Obama pushes every day?

          • Others of you call a lot of inane bogus garbage “the truth.” But that does not make it the truth.

            Shall we count the number of wild-ass extremist accusations that you and other disordered dingbats barf out against the President of the United States and Commander in Chief of Her Armed Forces, The HONORABLE BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA?

          • headonstraight: I thought you were describing yourself when you said “inane bogus garbage!” But when you equated that term with “the truth,” I knew that wasn’t the case, because there is nothing truthful about you.

            You seem to have your terminology extremely confused. You call me a “wild-ass extremist” and a “disordered dingbat.” Actually, I’m a very patriotic veteran of the
            Vietnam War who cares more about the well-being of America than you, Obama and
            all the other pukes who push your agenda. You’re disgraces to the human race!

            Obama and his puppet master, (the one who pulls his strings) are frauds. Obama does NOT legally qualify to even run for the presidency. He got into office through
            corruption; the same way he has run his false presidency. He’s a false “commander in chief” who knows nothing of anything military. Neither does he know anything about honor, common decency, having compassion for his fellow human beings, or knowing that the Americans who elected him are supposed to be the ones he seeks the very best for; not those who continually threaten to kill Americans!

            There is nothing honorable about Obama and there never will be. He’s a lying coward who has duped many in this country. Hopefully, he and other scum of the earth, such as you, will one day get what you so richly deserve.

          • You are welcome to your ignorant dingbat opinion, Maurice. I have learned to be very leery of absolutist, adamantine ideologues such as you show yourself to be, so your undocumented opinions on these matters impress me not at all. BTW, I am of the age to have been in the Vietnam War, but legally avoided that debacle and am proud to have done so. Even as a tender youth of draft age, I had enough sense to know that that misbegotten war was a fool’s errand. Too bad Robert McNamara didn’t figure that out until well after that worthless war was over.

          • headonstraight: I don’t need your permission to have the opinions I have. They’re based on truth and what’s right; not the lies that you liberals thrive on. They’re items
            that were in the news, even with the MSM protecting Obama. These people are blatantly racist and they feel invincible. Obama has even made statements about what he has done or is going to do, statements that sound positive, but when carried out in the way that Obama intends, are very detrimental to our country and to all Americans. When Obama had the slogan “Hope and Change,” people mistakenly thought he was going to change some of the less popular things and replace them with something better. But Obama has consistently taken bad things and made them into much
            worse things.

            Many people come onto these forums and try to make themselves seem to be very
            intelligent, but they betray themselves by telling what cowards they are. You say that you are PROUD to have shirked your duty to your country. I can tell that you don’t have the intelligence to have foreseen the “fool’s errand” in the Vietnam War. Admit it! You were scared to death to serve your country, even though thousands before you had gone and done their best in making this country a safe place for YOU to live! Hypocrite! Liar! Scavenger!

            Robert McNamara wasn’t the only one who had anything to do with our success or failure in Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson was the president when I was in Vietnam. There
            were numerous times when he called cease-fires, supposedly to allow the Vietnamese
            to observe certain holidays. But guess what. They observed those holidays by
            digging additional tunnels and fortifying their supplies so they could hit us that much harder after the cease-fire was over. Johnson also had certain areas where American soldiers were forbidden to attack, kind of like the sanctuary cities of today. Such places are good for those who break the laws, but very bad for those who are trying to enforce the laws. Such ignorant moves shouldn’t have been allowed during a WAR!

            Also, John Kerry joined with Jane Fonda to spread lies about the activities of American soldiers in Vietnam. They said that we were all “baby killers” and “war criminals.” They said that about our own soldiers who were there to defend our country, possibly at the expense of our own lives. And the American people believed those lies and ruined any kind of joyous homecoming that we might otherwise have had.

            Since that war, I have read that the North Vietnamese were wearing down and were about to give up on the war, but bolstered by the discord sowed by those two fine democrats, they fought on, and many additional American lives were lost. So you see, the outcome wasn’t totally dependent upon the actions of just one REPUBLICAN, as you allude. I don’t believe for a moment that you were smarter than Robert McNamara, you were just a coward!

          • Some of us, Maurice, were indeed perceptive enough the see the folly of the Vietnam War, whether you believe it or not. I was one of them. I shirked nothing, just was not called up to go. Had I been inducted, I would have gone in as a 4-A-0–conscientious objector, meaning I would have been willing to carry out medical operations under combat conditions. Those employed at that task have a very high rate of casualties. That certainly does not equate to your scurrilous accusation that I was “scared to death” or that I shirked anything.

            Now–to address the paranoia that seems to misinform your attitude. Nowhere did I say or remotely imply that you needed permission from me to continue your disordered diatribe. How you got that idea is beyond me. My saying that “You are welcome to your ignorant dingbat opinion” does no more than confirm my willingness to hear you out, irrespective of the inanity of your blithering, insulting drivel. So rave on to your heart’s content. It is a free country and you may feel free to continue being a dingbat!

          • headonstraight: There is folly in ALL WARS! If everyone followed your example, we could just hand our country over to the enemy, because there would be no one left to

            Please forgive me if I don’t buy your line about conscientious objectors having a very
            high rate of casualties. You seem to hold yourself in very high esteem, but please don’t even suggest that, had you been inducted, (which you weren’t) you would have gone in a role that was more dangerous than those who actually fought for our country.

            Including John Kerry, we’ve already had much more “stolen valor” than I can stomach.
            You’re a pathetic person! You say that you were wiser than Robert McNamara, concerning the Vietnam War. But here you are, defending the worst (fake) president we’ve ever had, even going so far as to refer to him as “Honorable!” To what do you attribute your complete loss of intelligence since the Vietnam War; a complete lobotomy?

            Then you say that IF you had been inducted, you would have gone into a much more
            dangerous situation than those who actually fought that war. You must be a legend in your own mind. You seem comically desperate for attention from someone…ANYONE! Unfortunately, you’re just a pathetic loser who won’t even be getting any more of my attention after this posting.

            Concerning the “permission” issue, immediately after you asked the question, you answered it. Then you went off on some tangent that had nothing to do with anything. I would explain it to you, but you obviously have “comprehension” issues. You really aren’t worth any more of my time. In spite of your diligent use of a dictionary and a thesaurus, you just come off as a pathetic loser who is trying to make people on here think you’re intelligent. (When you support Obama, that’s a dead give away that you’re an idiot!

          • Obviously, to anyone even mildly perceptive, your caustic critique of me relies entirely on assumptions about my willingness to serve as a medic had I been inducted during the Vietnam debacle. One correction: my classification was 1-A-0 (not 4-A-0) which is the precise classification for those not willing to bear arms in combat but willing to perform duties such as those of a medical corpsman. Had I wished to avoid any form of military service, I would have registered a 1-0, which is a full conscientious objector status and avoided the military altogether. See That I did NOT do. As to your pledge to discontinue dialog with me, that bothers me not one iota, since your raving, self-serving, pseudo-macho blithering babble is something I already had considered avoiding by ignoring.

          • LMAO!! Honor amongst thieves! Ha Ha!

          • Head might have it on straight when plucked from his/her/it’s colon ? But the colon mucus prevents any intelligent communications. Another typical PC LiberalTARDED troll.

          • ” I can not intellectually”…ya got that right dickweed!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey HEADUPYERASS, yo momma have any kids that lived???

          • Did YOURS have any kids with something other than a tiny, shriveled,. totally atrophied wad of crumbling, non-functional tissue in place of an actual brain?

          • “Band-aid Purple Heart” Kerry, like Jane Fonda, America’s disgraceful TURDS!

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • ” I can not intellectually”…you said it Obama toadie!

          • Tongue Flicks are a sign of apprehension nervousness, Lying, deceptiveness,dishonesty. This according to those whom are experts in the study of human action during periods of stress or lack of stress ” The study of Physiology and Neurobiology. ” TRULY IF YOUR HEAD WAS ON STRAIGHT YOU WOULD NOT HAVE SO READILY DISCOUNTED TONGUE FLICKS . The F.B.I. utilizes experts of those studies when interviewing persons of interest. So to does most modern , large metropolitan city police departments as well nearly every elite intelligence agency in the world..

          • Oh, go ahead, you can honestly bring yourself, intellectually, to show us how dumb you really are. You are too modest, you really must cease believing everything you think. It’s making you appear to be one of those trephined, lobotomized liberals.

          • I think it was one of those liberal teachers that got their toes stepped on. You know the other righteous group.

          • David Witenstein

            Out of the mouths of babes…those that can do, those that can’t teach…my reference to babes was not an insult but by the fact that you use SpiceGirl leads me to believe your young at least younger than I am

          • What is blither?

          • David Witenstein

            What Obama and his ilk do everytime they open their mouths

          • GodBlessRealAmerica

            osama Obama is a traitor and kerry and hillary are the hitlers of the world evil, perverted and a lie!

          • Dust off that grade school dictionary you have not opened in decades and look it up for yourself.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhh here’s headuphisass folks. The troll of all trolls.

          • Once more Dimwits extends his usual hearty welcome! Expect nothing more substantial from Dimwits, since his shriveled brain has long been addled so as to preclude any intelligent discussion.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            HAHAHAHAHA morning, headupyerass! How do you keep the shit out of your ears?? HAHAHAHAHA

          • Ummm, Tonto say headinbutt speak like crazy old lady on mescaline.

          • More likely overdosing crack, PCP or Xanax…..bat-$h!t- crazy YES!

      • Thank you for your service, Ed!

    • Francisco Machado

      The medals Kerry threw away were not his. So much for dignity.

      • I know it was symbolic and they were not his but the fact remains that what he did was wrong and stupid. That stupidity has carried over into his current life. He will always be regarded as a POS by many yet today, including myself. I put Jane Fonda and Hillary in the same boat

  3. It’s not the world leaders that matter John, it ‘s the American people that count, it’s what you and that incompetent in the White house keep forgetting!

    • Congress too , they only come to life in election years and go around handshaking like the phony’s they are! They treat the US Citizens like an old shoe, and only know them when they need them! There are a number of them who lost my vote but there are some I still will support. They fear Trump will ruin their comfortable niche that’s why they are so afraid of him.

      • It’s a shame we let them get away with it, for all these years. They treat us like an unwanted guest, they are polite (for the most part) but don’t want us around.

  4. Thomas Lee Fugate

    Who cares what they think? It is not their country and they don’t (or at least are not supposed to) vote on their leaders.

    • I hope you are talking about kerry and obamao [we aren’t supposed to vote on Mao, Lenin, mohammed, et al. – their leaders]

      • All world Governments and Religions are Satantic (Satan tried to get Christ to accept all the Kingdoms of the world, because he controls them), as the God Satan of this world will deceive it. The Lamb that has Two-Horns, that speaks like a Dragon in revelations 13, Horns are Power and those Two-Horns, are the Catholic and Protestent Chruches of Christianity, that have 40000 denominations with No Truth in Them. Christ said He did not come to bring Peace, but a Sword and Division. Christians are the Blind leading the Blind and believe in Jewish Fables, As Our Lord Said they would. There is a Political and Religous BEAST. Wake up to the Truth, God Willing.

        • You rule out both the Catholic AND Protestant Christian Churches. To quote: “Christians are the Blind leading the Blind and believe in Jewish Fables,”
          So what is left? You did not complete your post. [Or did you?]

          • The Return of Our Lord and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, for all the Faithful and the Fowls of Heaven to be invited to the Supper of the Great God. Comming Soon.

        • For all the unnecessary and incorrect capitalization you employ, it seems strange indeed that you do not capitalize the name of the final book of the New Testament. BTW, Biblically illiterate one, the name of that book is “Revelation”, not “revelations.” There is no “s” at the end.

    • Those Foreigners do Vote , No it is against the Law for them to Vote , but our laws need to be stronger!

      • This appeared in our local RAG before last election…
        “You will NOT be turned away if you do NOT have proper ID”.

        • I worked the Election Board in 2012 and that was what they told us , If you were in douht they could vote Provisional

  5. Kerry is a dipsh*t!

  6. Just once in my life I’d like to see sorry bastards like Kerry and Obama take some of these refugees into their own homes. People like them don’t care because they are well insulated from the trouble refugees cause to society.

    • They want an open Border , maybe Both of them should get rid of there Protection , Open there front door and invite any foreigner into there Homes ,But we are allowing Obama to live in a House that belongs to America!

      • What nobody is aware of, is the “underground railroad” feverishly operating since 2006 as NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) operating with secrecy and a bevvy of Attorneys, Government “enablers” who hourly seek to register, falsify and actively (illegally) document illegal aliens having recently “jumped” American “Open Borders” (a George Soros sponsored nation wide operation). These operations (with Move, too) are currently taking place in EVERY denominated “Sanctuary City.” And every government official is fully aware of the “rush to Naturalize” thousands, upon thousands of recent and past ILLEGAL “Open Borders” fence “jumpers.” Powerful former business executives (charging a fee ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 per individual) have set-up clandestine operations in “drop houses” and “front organizations” posing as WICS, EBT, Family Aid, ect. community directed organizations (even Christian-based organizations are in on this “sleight of hand”) . Folks, this is happening across these fruited plains. WHY? one asks. For 2016 elections. There will be more fraud and corruption in 2016 Presidential elections then has ever occurred in past elections. Katy-Bar-The Door!!! Gird-Ones-Loins. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

        • Couldn’t agree more. We are a nation of immigrants ( who most came through Ellis island) late 19th early 20th century looking for a better life and we wanted them to help build America. Some of those who came through ended up right back in the countries they just fled fighting under the American flag as well as 1st Gen born immigrants!! Though one HUGE DIFF FROM THOSE IMMIGRANTS TO TODAYS! Is yes they were immigrants but they WANTED TO BE USA CITIZENS AND ASSIMILATE, yes they brought customs and we’re proud of their heritage bit they were Americans 1st.
          I love Obamas speech in Cuba saying they were slaves and the slaves of the USA built America just like he said Muslims helped build America
          19th/20th century immigrants didn’t have all the freebies from the Govt that they have now.
          Look at the lives we could have saved not fighting the Civil War, or WW1 and especially ww2 because today’s liberals and Demorats are nothing more than modern Nazis and Stalin communists!! All those young men who died saving the world just to be SHIT ON BY TODAY’S GENERATION OF BRAIN DEAD, INDOCTRINATED YOUTH

          • My ancestors, those that were not originally here ( Yes, Native American by blood ) came to America by law. They immigrated by paying their way and working to get here. They assimilated and became American citizens legally. None slipped over the border. None expected this Government to pay for them. The vast majority of Americans feel like I do. We like Immigrants. Just not illegal immigrants. We want legal immigrants that want to be citizens and to abide by our laws. Not illegals that want to disrupt and change our laws in order for them to be allowed to stay and have handouts.
            John Kerry has been isolated from reality all of his life. The closest he ever was to it was in Vietnam. “Swift Boat Kerry” wasn’t good at reality. He isn’t good at understanding what America is either. He believes his own fabricated stories, and like most liberal elites as well as too many Conservative elites in the GOP now, believes himself to be above what the little people such as we the people feel about everything in our nation. He and Obama and the majority of establishment politicians will never feel that we are worthy of being heard .

          • I couldn’t agree more!! I’m English, Irish and Native American roots. The new immigrants don’t want to follow the laws nor assimilate and become full fledged Americans as did the ones coming through Ellis Island late 19th early 20th century. Even today’s LEGAL IMMIGRANTS take an oath which NONE OF THESE ILLEGALS HAVE NOR WILL THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGAL MUSLIMS OBAMA WANTS TO LET INTO OUR COUNTRY.
            OUR country wouldn’t be what it w as todsy without immigrants. I love how Obama says Muslims helped build and shapeople America! He’s rewriting history fitting his eutopian society which is a sham. Unfortunatly them brainwashing kids now with common core leaves this out and how slaves built America, yes their was some input from Blacks but not as much as regular Immigrants. Hell it was a Jewish immigrant who gave us Nuclear weapons .
            John Kerry lives in a bubble just like Obama who rarely lived in the USA and holds absolutely no affinity to the USA nor our history

          • The key to becoming an American, as you point out, is “Assimilation” into OUR society.

            Every successful emigrant has learned to fit into the existing society while still maintaining their native traditions.

            The problem with so many “new” Muslims is they want to change America into their war-torn land and force Americans to adopt their Sharia Law and other uncivilized ways.

            Muslims who’ve been successful in America have learned to accept America, preserving their traditions, while not forcing them on America.

          • concerned educator

            It was Ted Kennedy that pushed for the family immigration plan. Before that we thought about Americas needs first and invited those with skills. Notice these. Kennedy invites breed at a greater number and leech off taxpayer’s at a greater number

          • That’s exactly what I think about when I reflect on our nations history. I think about the wars, struggles, sacrifices and accomplishments that our families, friends and people we know made to make this country the greatest nation ever.
            I’m a veteran, and a very strong patriot, native of this land, my ancestors blood runs through this land and I am extremely proud of that connect.
            Its not always been a negative situation and for the most part we’re still the greatest nation of all times. But I fear not for long, we’re on the edge of being reduced to socialism/communism. And we all know what that means “government power and control” and it’s difficult to predict the out-come of this path. The thing that angers me is our government has become more corrupted than ever. Deception, lawlessness and sinister driven agendas has calloused its people to the point that their trust in the government has been reduced even further. Our only savior is God all mighty. I urge everyone to look toward God for the change. God bless America….

          • II CHRONICLES 7:14.
            Do it right away. No more time to waste.

          • Shooting sell out politicians & lawyers will fix this immediately

    • When John Coward Kerry implies world leaders. John Kerry the treasonous coward is actually referring to;those limp dick, whiny, loser , socialist , moron ronik, scumbags. Of whom willingly allowed immigration of the Muslim terrorists into their socialist nations.”Democracies my ARSE.” As one who has travel throughout much of Europe. ” Clearly Europe sucks ” ! I cannot be much more clearer than that. For those Americans who wish or desire for America to emulate Europe. ” Screw you ” You freaking morons. Move to Europe ! If indeed socialism is the form of governance you desire.

    • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

      Correct they have Walls around them, We need walls and shoot on sight rules for anyone from any Country trying to immigrate illegally and steal our jobs and welfare, There are tent cities (Do a Bing image search of “Tent Cities in America” ) and see hundreds of tent cities inside the USA with Americans living in them ! While Obama pots up illegals in section-8 houses and hotels at over $100.00 a night !

      • now you are against christian refugees that fled from Isis if you hate them so much why did you sign the pettition to reconize the Genocide?

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          It is a very difficult situation and I do not have the solution, But just because one large group of people have a problem you can not let them use that to come in and take over your community that your people have built up for over a hundred years.
          I live in Miami Florida where this has happened with the help of the State and Federal Government who cared Not how much the illegal influx from Cuba destroyed this area for Native born Americans !

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Orlando’s not much better Tom. We’really being overtaken by every breed in the world. The worst are the porch monkies coming from Haiti and driving cabs! I haven’t seen a damned white taxi driver, I know, in atleast 10 years…

          • Here in Marxifornia, we have a bigger problem. Boxcar, Frumpstein, StienTURD, Brown Nose, Frisco, Berkeley, Holly wood.

          • Industrious Cuban immigrants helped build Miami into the energetic economic powerhouse of Florida.


          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes they are a group, No matter how many Small Business Administration loans the government gave them with no collateral needed and gave to them over and over no matter how many times their businesses failed or had very suspicious fires or overnight burglaries (By the way the minimum size SBA loan was $200,000) when I tried to get one and they demanded 100% collateral to get it !
            But my main point here is no Cuban or any other Hispanic immigrant in Miami has ever hired a Black or White native born American, To such an extent that I have a standing $100.00 reward to anyone who can point out a Black or White Native born American working in any Hispanic owned business in the Greater Miami area of 48 Cities and 3,000,000 people. Just tell me where and the $100 is yours !

        • There are NO Christian refugees, dummy!
          Obama excludes THEM!

          Only muslim refugees are eligible for immigration, according to our present govt!

          • Here’s the Muslim factor: A Picture is worth a thousand words


            There’s a particular photo that went around the world of a little boy lying dead on the beach. It is true that this photo was very sad and makes you reflect on the distress of these people fleeing their country at the risk of their lives. Above, a photo showing 10 people walking in light snow to reach the final objective, to live in a European country. Even if this photo is making it around the world, only 1% of the people will notice the whole truth. On the photo there are 7 men, 1 woman and 3 children. Up to this point – nothing special. But by observing a bit closer, you will notice that the woman has bare feet, is accompanied by 3 children, and of the 3, she is carrying 2. There is the problem because none of the men are helping her. That is because in their culture the woman represents nothing. She is only good to be a slave to the men. Do you really believe that these particular individuals could integrate into our societies and countries and respect our customs and traditions ? And it has more to do than just with the treatment of women by Muslims. CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

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          • MuSLIME men are cowards and pussies!

          • Not when it comes to victimizing farm animals!

          • You Really Shouldn’t talk about your Mother that way,OSAMA OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Troll, go back to mexico or where ever you should have been from.

          • STFU!! ASSWIPE!!!

          • Guillshithead and muSLIME men are pussies!

          • Clever, as Bernie Sanders never having an honest paying job, EVER!

          • Repubs and TPs are hypocrites, liars, bigots, racists and dumb to think of voting for Ted Cruz, a foreigner. How can a foreigner just naturalized last year qualify to be commander-in-Chief for USA army! Cruz is also a liar and con-man for lying to caucus people in Iowa that Dr. Carson had dropped out. At least Trump is moderate and qualifies for the WH job. Trump is USA natural born citizen and therefore. Cruz says will go to Cuba if he loses the GOP nomination. And I despise GOP elites for hating Trump. For what!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Sounds like croco shit, just using a different name! HA!

          • Okay, you vote for a foreigner – Cruz to command the USA military. I will vote for Hillary and my life will be okay again.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            pmbalele, So you like liars, thieves, scoundrels and people who sell their influence for money? Ever wonder why the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation are worth $$$ HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars? From foreign companies, mega-corporations and $Billionaires? She was peddling her influence to the highest bidder. We can only guess what was in those dozens of Secret, Top Secret and ABOVE Top Secret e-mails she claims she never received or transmitted. Keep drinking that Kool-aid.

          • .“I will do everything I can to appoint Supreme Court justices who protect the right to vote and do not protect the right of billionaires to buy elections,” Mrs. Clinton said while on Day 1 of a two-day swing through Iowa.”George Soros in December donated $6 million to the leading super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, marking the return of the billionaire financier as among the biggest givers in all of American politics.”

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Anyone dumb enough to believe Hillary should have to provide housing for a few ISL. She lies with ease and is a stranger to the truth. I think she’ll look chic in an oversized Orange jumpsuit.

          • Did you hear Repubs and TPs want Obama nomination for Supreme Court affirmed. They are afraid Hillary may appoint a Black justice which will make Repubs and TPs squirm in their stomachs.

          • Wait a minute John! Are you whining that Hillary and Bill sold their influence for money? Are you really a Republican or American? Now I doubt. Republican are there to siphon your money because they have influence on you. Remember this a capitalist country – competition all the time. Thank God there are laws here. Many of us would be dead-Republicans hate Blacks and other minorities. They even hate their wives with wrinkles and prey for office broads. Did you hear FBI and CIA have abandoned probing e-mails and Benghazi issues? They are now telling there is nothing new in those e-mails. All the hoopla by GOPers and FoxNews was geared to tarnish Hillary candidacy. Please join me and vote for Hillary. She is tough, but considerate of others.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            pmbalele, I’m first an American and always an American.
            There are laws against what Hillary’s been up to. It applies to ALL public officials regardless of political party or no political party, bureaucrats and politicians alike.
            Republicans “hate” blacks and other minorities? How many Africans have YOU had over for dinner. And, by the way, news flash, blacks hate whites and they’re not choosy how those whites vote. I find most Asians wonderful people, hard working and honest. Same with most Hispanics. You can have my share of blacks. Most are a pain in the ass.
            Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdock who is a liberal/leftist. Greta van Sustern is liberal [though a fair one] as is Megyn Kelly – a NOT fair one. But Megyn is pissed that Bill O’Reilly and CNN??? didn’t defend her against Trump. She forgot to wear her Big Girl panties when she lit into Trump on the first GOP debate. Aren’t women demanding to be treated just like men? Well, she was. Now she’s pissing and moaning about it. Megyn the Hypocrite.

          • Did you really say: “You’re first an American and always an American?” Then why do you want to vote for Cruz who is Canadian-Cuban. Do you really want a foreigner to command US army? No. US army should be commanded by people like you – first an American and always an American. Cruz is Canadian-Cuban. Blacks do not hate Whites. I am Black and most of my friends are Whites. In fact, they do not see me as Black and I do not see them as Whites-I do not know why. But every time I deal with White government officials I feel they treating me like a slave. I told you about an incident in state court. I took a State exam to work in Dept. of Correction(DOC) as Re-entry director and passed, and ranked in the first band or quarter. When DOC Secretary found I was Black in first band, he instructed his agency lawyers to sue to prohibit me from taking DOC exams. We went to state court. After testimony by other DOC employees, DOC attorney closing arguments said among others as follows: “Your honor – look at him-he cannot pass these exams – he is not white – just look at him.” The state judge listened. After 5 minutes the state judge, who is white, asked the lead agency lawyer: ” Are the papers you gave to the court the same as those you’re holding there? She answered yes. Judge: “These papers show he is qualified for the exam- He has university degrees.” The agency lawyer was so embarrassed she ask to leave the court room. The case is in local federal court now. Just imagine this lawyer and DOC head – sued because they could not believe a Black person could rank highest on exam. Please vote for Hillary in November.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Where’re did you get the notion I was voting for Cruz? I’m not. Nor would I EVER vote for Hillary Clinton. She is THE most corrupt politician, male or female, in our history. For one who has a university degree you certainly not well read.

            As for being black, I do not envy you. Unfortunately too many blacks are violent and commit a high percentage of crimes. Check out the FBI crime stats – blacks are 13% of our population but commit 40% of all violent crime. Glad to hear you have many white friends, they can be a positive influence in your life. Hillary Clinton will NOT be a positive influence. Quite the opposite, she will finish off what Barack Obama started.

          • Did you really think my White friends ” can be a positive influence in my life?” Actually it’s the other way round. They are copying my life style-I do not drink beer, smoke or do drugs; and therefore enjoy life every day. In fact, my family of four children lived for 15 years in poor predominantly Black neighborhood. One day we got a letter from the mayor asking us to attend a public hearing about drugs in my neighborhood. My wife and I wondered why they Mayor thought our neighborhood a drug problem. Anyway we attended. The mayor gave us stats of arrests. My wife and I had no idea there were drug problems around us. Both of us were employed, my kids went to school and came back – we had large play ground where we took the kids for exercise. Here is the truth. You know very well who bring drugs in hour neighborhoods -rich Whites. These have planes to fly to Mexico and other southern countries and bring drugs to be sold by Blacks. And do you know who are arrested for drug possession? Blacks. Police wouldn’t dare arrest drug dealers in their neighborhoods. Cops are afraid of being killed there. So they come to our neighborhoods to fill their quarters. That is why there more Blacks in prisons than Whites. But you are so blind not to try to understand that. Thank God, President Obama is releasing some Black drug dealers from prisons. It is not their fault-It is the rich White males who fly in drugs to be distributed by Blacks.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            pmbalele, the people bringing drugs into this country aren’t “rich whites” but Mexican drug gangs and others from central and South America. Back a few generations it was largely Italian and Jewish Mafia but times change. The dealers are mostly black. Drugs are a scourge and what has Obama done? Not a damned thing. Barack Obama has done nothing for blacks – except apologize for them. He is NOT your friend. Neither is Hillary Clinton. She is a liar, a thief and a menace to this country and our freedom – as in yours and mine.

            By the way, those super rich? Most of them white Democrats. Names like George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, the Walton family (WalMart). Most of the big guns in Silicon Valley are white and liberal Democrats. Check out the Forbes 100 richest Americans. They vote Democrat and the give to liberal causes. And could care less about anything but money.

          • It never is the blacks fault, Odomo lets them out so they can commit more crime, and kill more blacks !


          • Where you living – in Russia or Greece? That is exactly this Country is about. We give you the tools and it up to you to use them. We are not coming there to feed you. She had to care about herself before she cares about. You must have been raised with golden spoon like Repubs and TPs.

          • You are an idiot !

          • Did you hear last Friday? Did you hear FBI and CIA have abandoned probing e-mail and Benghazi issues? They are now telling us there is nothing new in those e-mails and Trey files worth re-investigating those issue. Actually FBI and CIA are calling them “so called Scandals.” People and you should know those so called scandals were dramatized by racists and sexists people at FoxNews such as the wife-beater and child-abuser Bill O’rielly and shop-lifter Megan Kelley. All the hoopla by GOPers and FoxNews was geared to tarnish Hillary candidacy. They have failed. Everything about those scandals is gone. Please join me and vote for Hillary. She is tough; but considerate of others.

          • I was going to say pathetic.

          • ROFLMAO!!!

          • Just don’t go to Benghazi! Maybe she’ll make you a cabinet member! Are you MuSLIME?

          • I was raised Catholic and believe these priests were near God. Now I am hearing they were sinning like you and me. I lived with Muslims as neigbors. Believe it or not they were peaceful people i.e. we did not have any problem with them. You must be Christian who love to be with KKK groups. Good luck but watch out Loretta Lynch will jail you if you break laws.

          • Did you get along with them priests? You’ll get the same thing from Hillary and gang.

          • Only if you are white !

          • WHAT A JOKE! LOL

          • A joke! If you vote for Cruz, he is going to make USA a province of Canada and you and your neighbors will be under Liz the Queen of England. Or Cruz will sell you to Castro his uncle. Then you will be all Communists.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            What do you think Hillary Clinton is? She is a committed leftist and would sell this country out (I think she already has) leaking secret and top secrets to our enemy in exchange for…… MONEY. Contributions to their two giant slush funds, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation. The FBI is investigating these right now. We’re she in China she would be shot. If you have any concerns about the tens of millions of illegals in this country you should be worried. Those roughly 30 million illegals each cost taxpayers over $15,000 per year, every year. That’s over $450 BILLION we pay for them each and every year. Then there are the jobs they take – some well paid jobs like in construction. And they are the infrastructure of the drug trade, laundering drug money. It’s a huge problem.

          • At least Clinton cannot run away from this country, if she sells to whoever. But Ted Cruz will sell this country and then flee to Cuba or Canada. Ted is Canadian-Cuban.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            pmbalele, you need to do some “catch up” reading. Ted Cruz is half Cuban [father] and half American [mother] He was born in Canada which conferred Canadian AND American citizenship on him. He has relinquished his Canadian citizenship so he is only a citizen of the United States of America. While I do not support him I doubt he’s going to ‘flee’ to Cuba. Or Canada.
            As for Hillary Clinton, she’s a master liar and a master thief who, together with her rapist husband, Bill, stole the White House furniture – down to the rugs on the floor. Since, they’ve returned much but not all, that they stole. She is a nasty piece of work at best and perhaps has committed treason and espionage against this country. No wonder she’s the darling of liberals.

          • At least you agree Cruz was born in Canada. Canada and USA have never reached for citizenship exchange. If you’re born in Canada, that is it. You have to apply for USA citizenship even if your mother was USA citizen. And you agree with me that only last year did Cruz give up his Canadian citizenship. But he still has his Cuban citizenship. You would not dare vote for a non-citizen to be commander-in Chief for USA army.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Yes, Cruz was born in Canada but he had dual citizenship as do all Americans when born in another country by virtue of his parent or parents.

            He does NOT now have Canadian citizenship as he relinquished it. It’s possible he could reclaim that Canadian citizenship if he chose. He does not have Cuban citizenship but it is possible he could claim Cuban citizenship but that would be up to Cuba not Ted Cruz.

          • Your on welfare, eh?

          • Do you know the difference between what you wrote “Your” and proper use of “You’re.” You must be a school-drop out like Walker, the Wisconsin governor.

          • Hillary is a lying joke !

          • Oooo…let me guess , big truck , guns in the closet, a badge or uniform in your past or present ; maybe cowboy pumps and a big buckle …Secretary Clinton and I were just discussing what’s directly below it…

          • John E Strom Jr.

            h m rowland, I think Madam Hillary showing us the length of Slick Willy’s willy.

          • No, we were discussing Osama Obama found here making grunts and moans about macho blah blah.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            h m rowland, can you define what, “grunts and moans about macho blah blah” means for the rest of us? I could have sworn that photo of our former FLOTUS was her showing the length of Slick Willy’s Slick Willy, not that she’s seen much of it these days. Bill can do SO much better – and Hillary is playing for the other team these days so Bill is kind of meaningless in her life. And she in his.

          • Sure , I’ll explain the “grunt and moans” but first a question. Why would I give a rats ass about with whom you or the Clinton’s spend their time ? You comfortably wear your bigot suit this time, instead of the black tie, with the woman tie knotted around your neck by, “Bill can do so much better”. Jr. you sound like a nosey neighbor peeking through the curtains of your ‘dark ages’ mind which is also the basis of your grunts and moans. Osama Obama wrote, “MuSLIME men are cowards & pussies.!”, like a greaser from 1952 starting a street fight with the boys from the other side of the tracks flexing muscles and ignorance in a mindless attempt to display inappropriate and none existing superiority …testosterone never truly wins when it encounters the esoteric, especially when those taunted are not standing in the same street with the taunter. OO was screaming your brand of bigotry, hate, and racism in childish words in an attempt to fan unnecessary flames. Next post from him will be a rant about the constitution which he uses and twists when convenient to the hawkish knuckle dragging barbarism of those who would grunt out of fear and reacting to their ‘fight o flight’ switch . Clear ?

          • John E Strom Jr.

            h m Rowland, Piss off like a good chap.

          • Sandy Perlmutter

            You are so patient with these idiots. It’s a miracle!

            KKK with testosterone poisoning and maybe some meth-induced paranoia?

          • Thanks Sandy but patience doesn’t always rule the day …lol.
            I, like you, am just amazed by those to our right . Its a wack a doo, tin hat sea here in their yard and changing minds will not happen but offering another look at things is all we can do, plant the seed. So much FOX influence here and even further right planned lying, premeditated, and many eat sound bites for breakfast (hey that gives me an idea for a cereal !). The repub big wigs came up with a plan after, Mitt got his ass handed back to harness the power of stupid, seriously. Repub strategist Matt Lewis has written a book called “TOO DUMB TO FAIL” about the further DUMBING DOWN of THE ELECTORATE , can you believe that possible Sandy? RICHE WING OPERATIVES went deep into the woods and trailer parks STIRRING STUPID with the KKKarl Rove ‘stick ‘o blatant lies’ taking advantage of those that they FOUGHT To NOT EDUCATE. Devious . That BACKFIRED LIKE AN OLD PIKUP TRUCK when DRUMPF came along.
            Sandy my personal thought is that the whole Drumpf ordeal is planned . Drumpf will not be the nominee. This is a willingness to lose ’16. Drumpf was/is their pied piper for finding and activating a lost group of voters. Look, they now have a list of Trump voters, the seriously non intellectual, non informed, unthoughtful, and easily puppeted, lists with name, address , and SS#. Now they can be targeted for 2020…scary, mob rule by the ignorant masses. lf I could prove it I’d write a book . They party is broadening its fascist base. Eyes wide open Sandy. Peace…

          • Sandy Perlmutter

            I think you have it just right. Trump doesn’t have to win anything. The list of Trump supporters is extremely valuable to the fascist conspiracy (the one without tinfoil hats). Actually, Cruz supporters added to Trump supporters is the ultimate Hitlerian mailing list. With the advanced data management systems available these days, it is possible for the conspirators to manipulate voting lists. Of course you can’t prove it, but it is the only logical explanation of this extraordinary viral infection of the populace. The power of stupid is on the march!

            I had a very obscene (and racist and sexist) message from one of the ignorant individuals on this site; when I looked him up on Google, it seems that he owns (and lives in) a trailer park and was accused of discrimination in rentals.

            Any suggestion as to what we can do about The Power of Stupid?

          • According to written accounts and testimony during Bill’s impeachment proceedings, Monica verifies John E. Storm Jr’s statement about Slick Willy’s wet willy. Maybe that is why Hillary always seems so mad

            But she does have experience, that I can’t deny.

          • Join the shithead club with Guillasshole? Why do man things scare you libTURD bowls of jell-o? Guns….”Oh My!!” …Trucks,,,,”NO! I love my Prius with the “I VOTED FOR OUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT” sticker, Po-ice…”Oh My, only black Lives Matter”

          • Profiling lessons not working … don’t quit your pastry shop job just yet Osama.

          • What party does the LGBT faction vote for? Who spit upon returning Viet Nam vets and posed with Viet Cong gunners? Who Occupies, riots and rapes? Who disrupts political rallies? You should try getting a job, you offended, “safe space” sissy!

          • Who?

          • John E Strom Jr.

            L I B E R A L S, who else. Mostly black liberals.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            h m rowland, and the world doesn’t give a rat’s ass what you think. No neighborhood has ever been improved by blacks moving in. Ever. Prove me wrong or shut up.

          • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
            Washington DC
            January 2008

          • John E Strom Jr.

            1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is NOT a neighborhood – it’s an address, moron.
            And the White House has NOT been improved with that homosexual Afrikan nor his wife living there. It should be burned down and rebuilt but I’m guessing you are twice a fool – once for each time you voted for that black SOB. Hey, he nearly WAS born a bastard, but daddy finally married Stanley.

          • Zip code 20500…is a neighborhood. This kind and gentle man has served the people and the office with grace and dignity. Yes, if he could run again he would win and yes, my vote would be there for him. It would prevent the greasers from getting us annihilated.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            ONE structure with ONE family living there is NOT a “neighborhood” you simpleton.
            Kind and gentleman? He is THE thinnest skinned Afrikan in America, he’s a proven liar many times over [only outdone by Hillary] he’s vindictive, corrupt in values and no friend to other than blacks, Muslin terrorists, homosexuals and illegals. You sound like work for government or are on welfare. That’s pretty much his constituency – along with the sodomites, Muslims and illegals.

          • …yep, everyone but you and the boys bowling team.

          • I agree with you. They are also stupid to believe if they kill themselves they will have 12 virgins in heaven. That is a distorted belief in any religion. Just imagine the people who died at 911 because these morons believe about virgins in heaven. There is no stupid god to give benefit for people who kill others. And I hope you’re not a racist either.

          • not just men but young men! Letting that poor women carry 2 children is a disgrace!

          • Rather like being in this comments thread,Vassiliki !!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Does yo momma know yer out of yer playpen again!!

          • Kind of like libTURDS, except libTURDS abort their children.

          • The Mohammedans have a saying. “Little boys are for pleasure but women are only good for making babies” But Vassiliki, she is carrying 3 children counting the one in her womb.

          • Those young and healthy Mohammedan men are not allowing that poor Mohammedan Woman to carry two children, she is forced into that and more like caring all the family’s rations and provisions, that is if she knows what’s good for her. Mohammedan men know a woman’s place in this world. Her place is anywhere a Mohammedan man tells her to go, be, or do and Mohammedanism has been like that for over 1,400 Christian years with no change in sight..

          • At least they didn’t stone and then rape her! Hmmmmm! Notice there are no goats?

          • That’s what libTURDs and muSLIME men do!

          • Yes, and that poor Mohammedan woman is sleping around a Red Cross relief parcel, not a Red Crescent Care package. If our President’s Mohammedans were as “peaceful” as our President claims then these refugeeing Mohammedans would be carrying Red Crescent provided aid packages. The Red Cross can not operate in a Mohammedan society because a cross is considered a Christian symbol. However this fact doesn’t stop Dinash from using crosses to daily crucify Christians, even as recently as this week. Another thing that I noticed is that the husband is walking a respectable distance behind his wife which makes me think that there is a real danger of the husband encountering landmines planted in the road.

          • Sorry motherfuckers need to help her and carry the kids !

          • Correct!!! It’s all the Muslims and illegals Obama is letting in our country. Obama now wants to let 100,000 Muslims a year in. People like Jay Upadhya better wake up and smell the coffee.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Jay Upadhya is a brain dead liberal still drinking the Obama Kool-aid.

          • jug.Is that the word in Cracker Talk for Deluded Moron?
            Apparently it IS!

          • guill please return to where ever. you came from since you do not like America but do like HER benefits

          • John E Strom Jr.

            And don’t let the door hit you on the ass as you depart. Adios amigo!

          • John E Strom Jr. Thanks for your comment Have a nice Day

          • Here is the phrase “Goodbye” in Arabic just in case Guillermo3 can’t saby the Queen’s English. وداعًا

          • OUR BENEFITS! WE pay for them!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            GO back to molesting your sister, porch monkey!!


        • We are not vetting the refugees, the UN is. Over 98% of those that are in line to be brought here are Muslims, not Christians. Obama denied two nuns a chance to come here. Another problem is the fact that Daesh is using the refugee program to infiltrate into other countries. Are you ready to defend yourself????

          • My answer is yes for my birthday I am getting yugioh cards soon I am going to challenge them to a game of duel monsters I will tell them if I win you give up violence I will get the unbeatable Seto Kaibas deck that will make them to give up violence

          • And they will cut your head off or use you for a toy .

          • We can only hope, can’t happen soon enough for me

          • She is obviously uninformed. My words to her were a warning of what the Muslims might do to her. The fact she talks about a stupid card game making them change their ways shows how out of touch she is. I warned her because I would not like to see any thing bad happen to her. And I hope she never has the chance to try and play cards with Isis as they will hurt her. Is she stupid yes she is but if I were given the chance I would protect her or any one else for the mad dogs of Islam.

          • I’ve tangled with her before, she has all the sense of AKLady 2015

          • Dang AKLady . Now there is a real piece of work. I had not run across this one before. Some folks bring it on them selves . I call AKLady burka woman because she is always attacking Christians and playing up Muslims . She has to be one of the biggest liars I have run across on line. And one of the most disliked. It’s hard to tell on some of these folks as they hide their history. . Thank you for telling me about this one.

          • That’s a woman? I woulda never thunk it. I’m beginning to see why muslim females (not women) hide their faces.

          • Damn, if that ain’t the truth!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummm, that’s probably who it is, just using different names!!

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Probably the same bimbo with a new Nom de Guerre

          • Or Headinass or senility chick!

          • Good luck with that. By the way, it’s spelled, Yu-Gi-Oh. I’m sure Seto will be happy you added an s to his last name. Yugi Mutou will be so happy to see how stupid you are. Anime is just plain anime, it’s not real. Too bad you live in such a fantasy world. It’s also too bad that you had to wait 18 years to get your first deck of cards for an anime series that started in 1998. My son and I have had several decks in that time period. I especially like the Dark Magician and my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

          • What has the UN ever done for America , They messed up in Korea and since WW 2 we have not won a war!

          • The UN has become a totally different animal from when it was first created. The majority of the counsel are Muslim. They also fancy themselves as the leaders for the NWO. As far as war goes, we won some major battles in Nam. The problem is it was never declared a war, it was a police action. A police action is nothing more that a Congressional run war, just like Korea. We did have success with Desert Storm, though. We’ve never had any success with people like Carter, Clinton, and Obama. At least Nixon gave us some winning moments.

          • They spent more time in Korea trying to figure what size table to Talk over , I suppose that was the UN , If you are going to fight go at it to win , N. Korea is still fighting us and just might Nuke US, Freedom is not Free!

          • My dad had an album called “Tell it to the Marines” by Oscar Brand. One of the verses in a song went…”Congress sent a tour around, they loaded up with scotch. While they were really living, we had forties up the crotch. They cried let’s kill the bastards, let’s drive them to their knees, but there weren’t any Congressmen, in the list of casualties!

          • John E Strom Jr.

            If North Korea were stupid enough to send a nuke or three our way Pyongyang and every major city would become a glass parking lot. No loss.

          • You forget about the sissies in D.C., being told what to do by Valery Jarret!

          • John E Strom Jr.

            So many corrupt bureaucrats so little time. Air drop them too. ALL of them. Save the parachutes – why waste a perfectly good canopy on them?

          • Call it giving Liberals free flying lessons. If they can land and walk away then they are free.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            That works! 🙂

          • Not if al Hillary bin Clinton is President. She would likely repay the Barbary Coast Mohammedans [sic] Pirates for all the things that the Navy and Marines broke while they were on “leave” in Tripoli. Nukes are only an effective deterrent if there is the prospect of them being used against your own country if the same weapons are turned on the US.

          • The UN is the NEW WORLD ORDER.

          • They are the start. They are already establishing a Global Police Force. Just pray they don’t give in to the small arms treaty.

          • They consistently vote against America, kind of like Democraps.

          • The UN does not vet anything. They just run em through.

          • According to military sources, the UN is picking and choosing who THEY WANT to come here. The vetting process for each refugee is suppose to be highly rigorous, and usually takes two to three years to complete. All being done by the UN.
            Refugees first have to prove that they are actually refugee by registering and being accepted by the United Nations’s refugee agency overseas. This means they have to have a well-founded fear of persecution based on five specific grounds: nationality, race, religion, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Yet, the majority being chosen by the UN to come here are Muslim.
            A small number of those registered—the most vulnerable cases—are referred to the U.S. to be considered for resettlement. Only those who cannot return home or locally integrate in the country of asylum are referred for resettlement. Which is decided by the UN.
            The US State Department’s Resettlement Support Center then collects biographical information and personal data for security clearance. The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the Department of Defense and multiple intelligence agencies then work together to carry out multiple security screenings based on biometric and biographic data, photographs, and other background information over a period that lasts on average 18 to 24 months. Any refugee who is deemed to pose a threat to our national security is denied. The majority of which is provided by the UN, as it has already been stated that we are unable to vet them properly.
            Syrian refugees also undergo “enhanced reviews” in which specially trained officers examine each case biography for accuracy and authenticity. In addition to these security checks, every single refugee is interviewed face-to-face by a Department of Homeland Security official and must undergo a medical screening. Information which is provided by the UN, BUT, thanks to Obama, ALL illegals and refugees no longer have to undergo the medical screenings.

          • The UN knows more than our FBI about the refugees? Amazing, and you believe this? You trust the DHS muslim run agency and the UN to honesty vet better than the FBI? You believe these folks have been in some queue for years being interviewed and handed through this supposed rigorous process our FBI knows nothing about? News flash, I live with an FBI person and what you have posted is bogus. You might have read it somewhere but reality does not support your post. First and foremost, this crisis causing the influx does not allow for years of vetting. And most are single young men out of no where from the middle east. There are NO records to vet and no history to check. That is a fact call3301.

            Leave em at their points of origin, help em there. I am amazed you posted this. It is NOT true. You, however, may not know this. I call this critical thinking 101. Go find out who is heading the DHS and who BO’s closest advisors are. Then we will discuss level two in your learning curve. That is who and what is behind the NWO…..

          • I know what is fact and what is fiction. I also know what is being stated. WE CANNOT FULLY VET THE SYRIAN REFUGEES. WE HAVE MUSLIMS IN HLS, IN THE DOD, AND JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER FUNCTION IN THIS ADMINISTRATION. WHAT I STATED ARE THE FACTS THAT ARE BEING HANDED OUT. Below is a report released in Nov. of 2015. The only real vetting being done is by finger prints and if they have a police record.
            “Turkey has taken in nearly two million refugees, according to the United Nations, and keeps the vast majority in refugee camps — a typical practice in a region that has kept Arab refugees from the 1948 war of Israeli independence in Arab-run camps for seven decades. Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq have taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees as well, but all border the chaotic, collapsing Syria, and thus have limited choice in the matter. Iran has taken in no refugees. Neither have Pakistan, Indonesia, or any of the other dozens of member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain all refused to take any refugees, and explicitly cited the risk of terrorists among the refugees, according to The Guardian (UK).
            These fears are not without merit, as even Obama administration officials have acknowledged: back in February, director of the National Counter terrorism Center Nicholas Rasmussen called Syrian refugees “clearly a population of concern.” FBI Assistant Director Michael Steinbach explained, “Databases don’t [have] the information on those individuals, and that’s the concern. On Tuesday, State Department spokesman John Kirby told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that terrorist infiltration was “a possibility. I mean, you can’t, you can’t dismiss that out of hand.” He then added, “Obviously, if you look at those images though, it’s pretty clear that the great majority of these people are innocent families.”
            Actually, images show a disproportionate number of young males in crowds of refugees. And those images reflect statistical reality: according to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Mediterranean Sea refugees are overwhelmingly male: just 13 percent are women, and just 15 percent are children. The other 72 percent are men. Compare that population to the refugees in the Middle East from the same conflicts: 49.5 percent male, and 50.5 percent female, with 38.5 percent under the age of 12. Those are wildly different populations.
            It is also being reported that these “refugees” are leaving a trail of waste, human and otherwise, in their wake.
            In other words, these guys believe that hygiene is a girl that they used to “date” back home.
            So, what is the actual vetting process for these Syrian “Refugees”?

            Nine days ago, the Ultra-Liberal reported on the process.

            After intense criticism that the United States was not doing its part to help with the migrant crisis afflicting Europe, the Obama administration announced in September that it wanted to resettle about 10,000 Syrian refugees in the US by the same time next year.
            The decision was met with some fear that militants could exploit the refugee program to gain entry into the US to carry out attacks.
            After the attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead, and the news that one of the attackers may have entered Europe as a refugee, those fears have become amplified and spread to governors’ mansions across the country as well as the corridors of Congress.
            Newly elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan has now called for a “pause” in the US refugee program. He tweeted, “Our nation has always been welcoming, but we can’t let terrorists take advantage of our compassion.”

            The process for a Syrian refugee to resettle in the US is long and arduous, involving numerous federal agencies and intense background checks.
            Compared to Europe, where fingerprints and simple information are taken and migrants can resettle with little difficulty, US processes look very different and are much stricter.
            It is a long road for a Syrian refugee coming to the US – so where does it start?

            Step 1: Leaving home & arrival at UNHCR refugee camp
            As cities, town and villages have been overrun, millions of Syrian people have become displaced both internally and externally.
            But to be eligible for permanent resettlement in another country, displaced persons have to leave Syria and find a camp run by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), in a neighboring country.
            Many of these camps offer only the most basic living conditions.
            Upon arrival at the camp, the displaced person registers as a refugee and is given the option to apply for resettlement.
            Nothing is guaranteed at this point. Not every refugee will be referred by the UNHCR for resettlement.
            Refugees are allowed to express an interest in particular countries, but the decision on resettlement is ultimately at the UNHCR’s discretion.

            Step 2: UNHCR referral for resettlement
            The UNHCR then determines which refugees for whom resettlement makes sense, a senior administration official said.
            Certain refugees get recommended to the program in the US.
            The State Department takes over after a referral is made from the UNHCR, and the Department of Homeland Security decides whether an individual application is approved.
            Certain indicators for why a refugee may be recommended for the US programme include: if he or she has a relative in the US or whether it is likely he or she will be welcomed by a certain community.
            “With Syrians, we’ve benefited from years of experience in vetting Iraqi refugee applicants,” one senior Obama administration official said. The screening is “robust since large-scale Iraqi processing in 2007.”

            Step 3: Vetting process with US begins
            If a refugee is cleared to be considered by the US, the process for approval is lengthy – 18-24 months, said one senior administration official.
            Refugees are admitted at about a 50% acceptance rate after being subjected to “the most rigorous screening of any traveller to the US,” an official told reporters in a conference call.
            (US fact: it has been closer to 90% acceptance)
            That involves extensive in-person interviews about their experiences with conflict, as well as the collection of both biometric and biographic information that is cross-checked with the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and in some cases, the Department of Defense.

            Step 4: Resettlement
            Ten thousand people have been referred for resettlement in the US, but the US has not processed their applications yet.
            After 18-24 months, a refugee may then be sent to his or her new community.
            The BBC spoke with one young man who resettled with his family outside of Louisville, Kentucky in September.
            A local church organisation funded by the US government helped him land a job at a car factory. He wants to attend university in the US someday.
            Like the organization that helped this man, there are nine organizations that work with the federal government to place refugees across the US.

            Funny how Obama and his Administration left out the part that the United Nations is playing in this whole “vetting” process, huh?
            Considering the track record of the Security Council, I trust their judgment about as much as I would that of Miley Cyrus.
            And, if you think that Obama is going to allow a delay of 18-24 months before allowing these Muslim “Refugees” to be relocated among us, I have two bridges over the Mississippi River at Memphis to sell you.

            In a related matter, reports that:
            The Obama administration warned states over the Syrian refugee crisis Wednesday, telling them in a letter they do not have legal authority to refuse the refugees, and states that do not comply may be subject to enforcement action.
            The letter, from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (OCR), told state resettlement officials that they may not deny benefits and services to refugees based on their country of origin or religion.
            “Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” the letter, dated Wednesday, says. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.”
            The letter went on to say that the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on race and national origin in all programs that receive federal financial assistance.
            “Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or TANF to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements,” the letter says.
            The letter came after more than two dozen governors, mostly Republicans, announced they would resist efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in their states in light of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, and fears that ISIS militants could use the controversial program to infiltrate the U.S.
            As he did during the recent Iran Deal Fiasco, Obama has a nasty habit of going to the United Nations first and worrying about what THEY think, instead of doing his job as President of the United States of America, and, doing what is best for OUR COUNTRY.”

            “Mr. President,

            The United States of America is a Sovereign Nation, created by the blood, sweat, and tears of men and women, who rise above you in stature, honor, integrity, and courage to the point where you are not even fit enough to tie their boots.
            To summarize, we are an “independent state”, completely independent and self-governing. We bow to no other country on God’s green Earth. We are beholden to no other nation. America stands on its own, with our own set of laws, The Constitution of the United States.
            America is still the Greatest Nation on the Face of the Earth, despite all of your efforts to make us “just another country”.
            Congress needs to tell Obama that the safety of our Sovereign Nation does not, and will never take second place to his Muslim Dhimmitude and purposeful naiveté.
            Oh, and by the way, Mr. President, my family and I did not “discuss gun control”, yesterday. We played Yahtzee, instead.
            Because thanking God for our Sovereign Nation, the greatest on the face of the Earth, and spending time with family and friends…not acquiescing to you and your failed political ideology, is what Thanksgiving Day is all about.
            Until He Comes,

          • This is a good post and the facts are the administration lies. Looks like you know what is reality and we do need to stop this invasion for our own safety. It is bad. And we are both on the same page.

            Help em in place not here. This post makes the lies quite clear and our administration is OUR enemy. So is congress these days! Much more info and much clearer about what the government says and what is reality.

        • You really show your stupidity here. The so-called Christian refugees you speak of do not exist. They are Sunni Muslims, you know, the one who like to blow people up and behead people. Stop listening to the liberal lies and you may actually stop embarrassing yourself.

        • Hey retard most of the “refugees” are men and most are mudslime. Most are young military age men.

          • They left the women and children to the devices of ISIS.

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes !! most of them Are young military men about 80% of them isn’t that a strange coincidence ?? !! And crates of weapons have been caught being shipped into some of the European Countries they are just waiting to attack the unarmed Citizens of.

          • Ha Ha Ha! Even their po-leece are unarmed! LMAO! Stupid Eurotrash!

        • They are not Christians fool, it’s a like they are no good Islamic terrorists.

        • Your have the brains of an ox, what is wrong with you?

        • it does not sound like we Are getting Christians ,, We have way to many Muslims , Islam is a Cult of savages

        • First of all Tom was commenting on illegal immigrants not refugees. Now here are some facts. Out of the 890 Syrian refugees that came after the Paris attack only 4 were Christians! 890 were Sunni muslims (the same sect as ISIS), 18 were Shiites, and one other. I am not against Syrian Christians refugees (all 4 that were accepted here are Orthodox Christians) but it is quite obvious that Obama and his administration are. The stats I reported above are from CNSNEWS.


          “Of 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted into the U.S. since the Syrian civil war erupted in 2011, only 53 (2.4 percent) have been Christians while 2098 (or 96 percent) have been Muslims, according to State Department statistics updated on Monday.

          The remaining 33 include 1 Yazidi, 8 Jehovah Witnesses, 2 Baha’i, 6 Zoroastrians, 6 of “other religion,” 7 of “no religion,” and 3 atheists.”

        • Jay, get a grip. your glue is melting. refugee is another name for Muslim that want to destroy the USA. There have been 81 bomb threats since 9/11

          • Oh Yeah? let us see who is right i challenge you to a game of Duel Monsters

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Boy! You really have that game shit on the brain, eh?? Obviously, you forgot to take your meds for the day!!

        • Christian refugees must be taken in, but even they must be vented. But as soon as ISIS gets wind of such a movement, they will attempt to infiltrate the system. I believe the safest method of protecting Syrian refugees is to create a sanctuary for them in Syria.

        • Michael Holdcraft

          Jay, The issue is the infiltration of Muslim Refugees by Islamic Terrorists. When you bring in a group of Muslims, no one knows which are moderate peace loving and which a bent on the destruction of out Country. There is no threat from Christian refugees from any country.

        • Troll Jay…..and not a one would lie about being a terrorist?? Cut back on your Xanax girl!

          • She isn’t doing Xanax you fool, she’s into the hard drugs, she’s mainlining Hershey bars and Midol. Ain’t that right Jay?

      • WAY PAST TIME,Tom Buyea,for your Thorazine injections.Best make sure your straight jacket is in good working order,too.

        • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

          Many many Countries all over the World have very strict use of force boarder protection, Even Mexico has a wall / fence and armed guards stopping people from coming in from Central America across their Southern boarder. But Guillermo you came into the USA and took an American’s job so you are happy.

          • But with luck and Trump he will be deported soon.Damn freeloader Guillermo3.

          • Mexico also has internal border protection anywhere from 20 to 40 miles from their Northern Border. If you doubt me just cross into any Mexican border town and keep going South and see what happens when you come to a Mexican Army check point!!!

          • Actually having lived there for several years, you are stopped several times before even reaching Mexico City and they also want bribes to let you through. They knew where I was every hour of every day whether in my home or job, and we can trace a mad cow to the farm but not invaders on our soil? Muslims here that hate us, want sharia, do not honor our flag nor are patriots, just like any invaders want the goodies while hating us. Deport them all and the sooner the better so we can cleanse our country of their vermin left behind!

        • Notice Guillermo3, Tom has many more approval hits than you. Unlike you, the rest of us are FED UP.. I say put the military on the border for maneuvers with the border patrol for practice with the illegal aliens to be ready for their missions. And build that damn wall! Sit on it Guillermo3.

          • Endorsement hits are no barometer of truth, quality, or anything else other than showing that someone on here agreed with someone else, irrespective of whether the someone else made any sense at all.

          • Who asked you TURDboy?

        • Stick it taco bender

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Dayuum! Another shit head troll!!

        • Michael Dennewitz


        • John E Strom Jr.

          Guillermo3, BACK to Mexico with you and your “extended” family. Next time use the FRONT door not the BACK door.

        • Poor LibTURD Guillshithead! You post your liberal tripe and sit back and watch us all respond! We will respond in Nov. toadie, and vote you sissies out.

      • To me it is not so much about the jobs, but about the Americans that are murdered and killed daily by illegal criminals and drunk drivers.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      The bastard should be upset and in dismay. They’re hearing and seeing people that are starting to wake up and revert to the “old days” of dealing with shit! And our PMIC didn’t go to Cuba to buy coffee or cigars – he blatantly KISSED CASTRO’S ASS to win the use of his troops when this country finally rebels against him! There’s far more shit being done underhandedly than any of us care to believe!!

    • No Kerry, the world doesn’t get how our government could care so little about what happened in Paris, in Brussels and in San Bernadino. They find it unbelievable that the head of America could care so little, how the head of America finds it more important to go to a baseball game with a miserable commie than do something about radical islamic terrorists. That is what they don’t get and are shocked and appalled by. Then again when you are a traitor like your boss and a liar like your boss this is the only kind of drivel we could ever expect from your kind.

    • Based,of course,Brother,on your own VAST Experience with refugees?

    • Righto. And the donald is somehow aware of normal society? There is nothing blue collar about him. All of those people with the possible exception of bernie haven’t a clue about living a blue collar lifestyle.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Brothers, a better idea, air drop Kerry and Obama into ISL territory. Add Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson, Loretta Lynch, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton as well. Parachutes optional.

    • I would like to see the terrorists going after government officials and leave the innocent people alone…

  7. The rest of the free world has ample cause to be alarmed at the prospect, however remote, of a raving, disordered, politically naive loose cannon like Donald Trump rising to the level of popularity that this bombastic, blithering bozo has achieved. The free world should be comforted by the fact that although Trump has a large following and is leading in the GOP primary, his political base is unlikely to expand. In the USA, the deranged nutjob faction is large, but not large enough or influential enough to install a borderline lunatic in the Oval Office.

    • Get used to it, and say this after me . . . Donald J. Trump President of the United States!

    • LOL, maybe you need to spin your head around, take a look at what we have in office now !!

    • ” The Rest of the free world ? ” There is no other Free nation state on earth . America is the sole exception. Europe is not a group of nations Democracies , Neither is South America. O sure the all claim to be free nation.” Horse crap” Each of those nations are governed as socialist Regime . One need only look to the laws each nation as most recently passed. With in regards to free exercise of speech, Look to their laws pertaining to self, Gun control or weapons control of any form. All forms of weapons are entirely banned you have no right of self defense.” Democracies Bull crap “. They are socialist, of the worst form. ” Period “

  8. Carol Slonaker Shepherd Wilcox

    Does anyone care what John Kerry has to say about anything?

    • Answer: YES, as is evident from the proliferation on nonsensical posts on this forum directed at what John Kerry has said. Or are you so dense you haven’t noticed all the deranged company you have on here?

      • Yet, here you are! LMAO!!!

      • headonstraight. You may or might wish to acquire some much needed special physical therapy. Truly you are desperate need! My friend your head is upside down an on backwards. What is obvious to one whom is rather observant .Is this . The last moment of head on straight was while leaving the birth canal. As for deranged company. My O My aren’t you the delusional one.

  9. John Kerry is ashamed of what Obama caused isn’t news to him. The country is ashamed of Kerry but mostly the President

  10. Kerry is nor right for the position he holds, he should tell them we have always done the right thing when it came to our country until this current administration took over, the proof can be seen in who helps every country in the world? If we were wrong we would be looking for help too.

  11. Egor von Johnson

    Kerry don`t no, shit from shinola. He is bald as a q ball. That helmet is a wig. Must be frying his brain. Truly out of touch and a laugh for being so stupid. His wife is bed-ridden and has lost her mind. Her late husband Jack Heinz was really a good conservative, take no prisoner`s, kind of guy.

    • She’s suppose to be an alcoholic with a drug problem. (look it up commie-liberals).

      • Egor von Johnson

        Paula, you are absolutely right. What woman would not turn to drugs and drink married to that primadonna asshole whose even dumber than George the younger, Bush.

  12. Kerry you are a worthless TRAITOR !

  13. Well I am shocked by how stupid Kerry and Obama are too. They make the worst deals and leave us in a more dangerous world to live in.

    • That deal with Iran had to have been the Worst Deal America has ever Made!

    • That, Jean, is their agenda. About 2 years ago, I read (wish I saved that article) that someone, who ran into Obama, had a conversation with him. Obama said that if his agenda isn’t carried on in the 2016 election, the POTUS will have a very hard time to reverse all of what Obama has done to this Country. Nine more months of him, and with his Cuban and Argentina fiasco’s, I’m afraid of what he’ll do next.

      • It is ridiculous that a lot of Americans need to be apprehensive every day about what new law or restriction will be shoved in to further reduce this country even further. I as a youngster said the good thing about communism is, everyday when you wake up you know what liberties you are given. With our political system everyday when you wake up you do not know what they will legislate away and turn a right into an offense. NO I am not in favor of communism or socialism.

      • That was also stated in an article by Lynch. As she put it, we are currently working on a way to make it impossible for a future POTUS to overturn Obama’s EO’s.

        • Time to line all these treasonous bastards up and count off the EO’s as they are counting off the rounds fired. When done, so are all EO’s authored by the highest ranking POS there.

  14. I’m sorry that “Lurch” John “the chin” Kerry is still allowed to masquerade as our Secretary of State. Isn’t there laws against impersonating a government official?

  15. “Secretary of State John Kerry, who thinks a lot like his boss on the subject of America’s place in the world, told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday that world leaders were “shocked” by what they were hearing from Republicans like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz”
    NOW! Here is a NWO/OWG statement if I ever heard one.
    The “worlds leaders” are thinking like NWO/OWG puppets, TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS ARE NOT!

  16. Kerry and obama want to see America get hit like Belgium and France. Bring in more and more muslim invaders ..
    that is their war cry. At that point maybe we can declare Martial(sp) Law and keep obama in office …!!

  17. Talk about EMBARRASSMENT, kerry is THE poster child for that, what an asswipe!

  18. john Kerry’s opinion is equal to fresh manure in pastures..who actually gives a ‘F” about his views??? He’s a lying fraud.

  19. If Kerry and Obama want to be around Muslims then allow them to go live in the mid East , I prefer America with out the Islam terrorists , Other than Korea My life has been in America , Iwas very happy to say Good By to Korea , But we should have stayed till we won! We should stop the Muslims in America !

    • Thank you for your service Ed. Korea was a terrible place. Glad you made it back safely.

    • Nuke Mecca…..problem solved for the next 50 years……I also spent my Winter ‘vacation’ in North Korea 1950…….Semper Fi

      • Coldest place I ever was , but no Snakes at least the ones that slither along the Ground , I have trouble walking to get my Mail now !

        • According to an VA expert we should have consumed double the usual calories to resist the frostbite….DUH!
          I lost over 38 lbs. – – – but still have 6 toenails…..must have done something right with

  20. George E. LeFebvre

    Kerry is just another idiot on the Dumbocrat side. The truth is, the world was shocked that we elected Obummer not just once but twice. We have been the laughing stock of the world for having been that stupid.

    • And think how shocked they were when Killary was in there. Especially after Benghazi and all the lying she did with that. Just more of the same old same old with this broom rider!

    • That is what i was thinking when I read this. Hell I was shocked myself. He is the only president who leaves office still on OJT.

  21. the world is shocked about the corruption in American government!

    kerry, keep on supporting your criminal candidate,

    the DOS is so corrupt he should resign,
    but he would rather continue the corruption

    • And the massive corruption has trickled down to the IRS, Dept.of In-Justice, Dept. of Ed., BLM, EPA, VA (Death by delay policy) and a TSA that could only uncover 5% of the fake test bombs at airports. Affirmative Action & PC Diversity will kill us all!

      • everyone is afraid that TRUMP will reveal the corruption
        (including MB ties)
        that put a halt on Operation Green Quest (OGQ).

        the MB has infiltrated most every government agency including:
        US Customs Service, DOS(clinton ties), DHS(johnson ties), DOINJ, IRS(lerner ties), and the white house(muslim traitor)!!!

  22. Egor von Johnson

    Madeline Albright`s thighs are so huge, no dick has squeezed in there since her senior year at Carleton college. She took it in the poop shoot since her ass was prettier than her face during Senior Week. She, like Hillary, loved blackies as long as they lived elsewhere. She and Hillary are both Lesbians.

  23. Oh pooh on Kerry. He seems to forget the JFK and Cllinton womanizing and he probably does not remember Edwards and his sex scandals. Give over Kerry. No one cares what you have to say.

  24. I’m shocked also by Cruz and Trump. Shocked that it has taken this long for a little sanity to become part of republican’s campaign. I don’t blame “everywhere he goes” for fearing the gravy train is ending, it is.

  25. Islam is Satan’s army…Obama and all of his supporters are disciples thereof!

  26. Fuk Kerry the anti- war pot smoking hippy who hated the military

  27. The real hard working Patriotic American tax payers were shocked by what John Kerry did back during the Vietnam protest and riots. He and old “Hanoi” Jane Fonda embarrassed Americans when Kerry denounced his Navy officers commission and protested. Fonda traveled to Hanoi and was photographed while sitting on a Russian made anti aircraft gun mount. And yet, he was voted in as a senator and later appointed SS after the criminal H Clinton. Unbelievable. But true.

  28. Kerry, Obama and the whole Administration are a total embarrassment. Cuba should keep Obama indefinitely. Isis should keep Kerry. Shame on all of them.

  29. Michael Weinstein

    And the world is shocked by Kerry’s granite jaw and cement head! Grow a beard loser!

  30. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more shocking than Americans seriously considering for the Presidency a criminal (possible felon?) and a Socialist. Last thing I knew, America had a reputation for being a law-abiding democracy . . .

  31. What’s really an “Embarrassment” is a man who claims to be Representing the country is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the people, and is so stupid that he accuses the people of being in the wrong place, not him. If what the people are doing is an embarrassment to Kerry, why don’t he resign??? People like him in Government are a greater threat to the people’s Freedoms than any ISIS threat.

    • That is because no one ask him what he meant by “Change”….and every time we are hurt by his decisions and complain…the Adm. says he was overwhelmingly elected by the people…as if that gives him the right to do what he wants. He has done exactly what he said he would do “fundamentally change America”…America stood by and let him do it and now we whine. We put what we thought was a like minded bunch of Republicans in the last voting round and they totally did nothing they said they would do. And all this equals a very angry America…

  32. We all need to boycott Heinz products too!!!

  33. Kerry is an embarrassment to America. Think of The Vietnam war and his testimony with Hanoi Jane. He claimed injuries that were shown false. Obama our “Commander in Chief” was never in the military.

  34. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Just vote for Trump and start deporting illegals and enact shoot on sight of anyone trying to immigrate illegally, Countries all over the World do that ! Deport the illegals and get our jobs back and stop the welfare going to illegal families !

  35. For all I care ………………John Kerry can go Pi– Up a rope liberals like him are the real embarrassment to the US

  36. No one on Earth Actually lives under COMMUNIST RULE sOCIALIST Rule or even Capitalistic Governments Just take what works for you Those are just intellectual debates of the left and the right We are a lying confused Country and soon will be gone There is no law no rules just do what feels right to you

  37. John Kerry. You’re one of the “hate America ” crowd. You’ve never acknowledged our sacrifice in wars for this planet, sending a Guitar Player to serenade the French was just plain nuts and cowardice. You and this gay Muslim in the White House need to grow a pair.

  38. Since American politics has always been subjected to the smut attacks and groundless accusations why would they be shocked now?
    As for their being upset by our instability and reliability, where have they been for the past seven plus years? Hiding their heads in the sand. Obama has been nothing but unreliable and unsteady, making threats then back stepping. Not to mention a constant embarrassment. What other country would accept their leader, from the first day in office, set off on a apology tour around the world for actions their government had taken? Not very damn many.
    This is American politics, not the politics of Great Britain, France, Germany, or any other country in the world. They too have had harsh elections. And, quite frankly, because it is American politics, they have absolutely no say and should butt out.

  39. Amerikkka is the offender of the world with our World Domination Program. To all others they are trash and we are Exceptionally stupid actually. We are the destroyers of worlds. Now dems and reps are one party in reality the Republicrats. Just look at how Clinton and Obummer have run the place. Not for the people, but, for the wealthy and especially for the 85 controlling families of the planet. After all, 7 of the 10 world richest are Amerikkkan’s and are the school privatizers. Accident, I don’t think so.

    Read this.

    February 1, 2016

    Mr. George Buzzetti

    Dear Mr. Buzzetti,

    Thank you for contacting my office regarding the mistreatment of U.S. citizens by the L.A. Superior Court. I care deeply about the concerns of the residents of the 30th Senate District and I am sorry to hear of your difficulty with the Department of Justice.

    As this is a federal issue, I have taken the liberty of forwarding your correspondence to Congresswoman Karen Bass who has the privilege of representing you in the U.S. House of Representatives. Congresswoman Bass ‘office is located at 4929 Wilshire Blvd #650, Los Angeles, CA 90010 and her office telephone number is (323) 965-1422. I am confident Congresswoman Bass’ office will provide you with the time and attention your situation warrants.

    Thank you again for contacting my office. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you ever have a problem with state government.


    Senator Holly Mitchell

    30th Senate District

    Now what do you think of this stupidity and gamesmanship to protect the real criminals, the politicians and their friends.

    • Rather the same standard “Thank you for” letter from every Representative’s and Senator’s desk. I too have received several of them.

  40. OdG please people
    We need to put the boot to this entire administration ! !
    These dummies have Done nothing but collateral damage to this nation
    Trump 16

  41. Wasn’t it that idiot Bush, a Republican, who did the illegal invasions that set up the creation of this mess. Amerikkka is the problem. We create the messes. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan with no reason except they wanted to do this in the first place. I know you all have real problems with reality and history. Your fool Reagan and Bennet are the ones who shut down history and government classes in 1985, Remember, or do you all have selective dementia?
    I knock all the criminals, Rep. and Dem., when are you going to do the same and stop the stupid backing of your own guys no matter what, in other words, IDEOLOGY AND RELIGION USE FAITH AND FAITH MEANS A BELIEF IN SOMETHIING THAT IS UNPROVABLE. WHY DEAL WITH THAT?????
    WHO ARE YOU?????????

    • Yea. The only proper thing for Bush to have done was to ignore the attack on the World Trade Center. That would have stopped Al Queda in its tracks from further aggression.
      After Carter ignored the attack on the Cole, the attack on the embassy and hostage situation, and that made a big improvement. They certainly learned that we could not be bullied from that little episode.
      Clinton knew Ben Laden was responsible for a previous unsuccessful attack on the WTC and after passing up the opportunity to take him out, not once but on three separate occasions, insured that such an attempt would never happen again.
      Thank God, you and your kind weren’t around when Pearl Harbor was bombed, else we would all be speaking Japanese now.

    • I guess in a liberal’s demented mind it is always illegal to defend yourself against someone who is attacking and did attack you, as well as, those that enabled them. The horror of doing that.

  42. Kerry is the biggest idiot of the dem wits. The leaders of the world that have any sense at all will be glad to see this fools backside as he leaves with the rest of the trash in DC.

  43. Embarassment?
    John “Swiftboat” Kerry, Barack “born in Kenya – oops, Hawaii” Obama, Hillary ” what difference does it make” Clinton, Loretta “Constitution – what Constitution?” Lynch. Yes, we have a lot to be ashamed of.

  44. Well of course Kerry would say this. And of course he doesn’t name any of these so called world leaders who interestingly enough refer only to issues affecting Muslims. So he must be talking about Muslim world leaders (an oxymoron) which have been anti-American since day one and refer to us as the “Great Satan.” The sooner we get these liberal apologists out of office the better.

  45. Oh, shut your trap, Kerry. We don’t care what you or anyone else thinks.

  46. His .02 cents and Hanoi Jane were the ones who poured their gasoline on the fire which has taken hold of the world!! Lyndon Baker Jenson were the others who bowed to LBJ plus saving the Mischlon rubber plantations using our social Security Cookie Jar and blaming a Viet Nam Junk attacked a USNavy destroyer in the Gulf that didn’t even chip the paint! Opinions are one thing, facts speak for themselves! This is an example of both!

  47. Anyone who would believe anything that John Kerry has to say is mentally incompetent. Remember who John Kerry is. He is the person, using the term very loosely, who, during the Vietnam conflict, and as a U. S. Naval officer, joined with Hanoi Jane, Jane Fonda, in demeaning our american soldiers and calling them “baby killers”. Remember that? He should have been hung then. He is the poster boy for Treason.

  48. No, Johnny Swift Boat, they are not embarrassed by our political processes. They are embarrassed by the inept foreign policy you and Bathhouse Barry have presented. Both of you have assured our once friends and allies that they cannot count on us to be there when the going gets rough–and it is getting rough. Can January come too soon so we can get some real adults in the W.H. and State Department.

  49. You have to wonder what sort of a cretin would have installed this pos as Sec of State, oh, never mind.

  50. Kerry is like Biden, just another Obama puppet. Anything Kerry does or says is just part of the Obama agenda to throw America overboard. They feel protected but are too stupid to realize that they too will have their neck on the chopping block. Kerry likes to make negative comments about Criz and Trump, because they are a threat to the communist socialist democratic party.

    • And our “POTUS” in turn is just another puppet of the powers that (temporarily) be, who are pushing for their version of the NWO, and who will end up under the judgment of the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus), whom they have refused to believe until He sends them to become ashes, suffering the second death in the fires of Gei-Hinnom, the Lake of Fire. That will be the end of all who have been slaves of the evil one, the devil, Azazel, a.k.a. Allah, and we will finally have peace on earth, in the Name of the Master Yahushua, omein.

  51. If they are “shocked” now by what Trump and Cruz are saying, I hate to think what state they will be in when they see what the Master Yahushua (Lord Jesus) DOES at the Second Coming, when He sets foot on the Mount of Olives and it splits in two, as described in Zechariah 14, and when He comes at the lead of 7 shepherds and 8 principle men (Micah 5:5) with the armies of the 12 tribes, Jewish and Ephraimite (non-Jewish Israel), to evict the heathen squatters from off the Promised Land, from the Euphrates to the Nile and from sea to shining sea, and Islam and all other evils will be wiped clean off the face of the earth. The end result of that will be peace on earth issuing from the Master Yahushua’s throne in Jerusalem, ISRAEL, per Isaiah 2:1-4 and Micah 4:1-4, because He judges and makes war in righteousness (Revelation 19:11), not like the warmongers of this world do, for greedy, selfish gain and to subjugate the people, for He is the Sar Shalom (Prince of Peace). He will give us the only government that is FOR us, the people, by which we shall live into the ages of the ages in peace and productivity, omein!

  52. soldier for liberty

    Yea all their socialist buddies are worried a real American president is coming and they are scared and should be!

  53. soldier for liberty

    John Kerry is a traitor.

  54. Why should we care what other countries think of our policies or laws , its none of their business. We are a
    Constitutional Republic that answers to the citizens of the US, not the world.

  55. I’m immensely embarrassed by Kerry and Obama.

  56. They are shocked because they have walked all over us for 7.5 years. Hello it doesn’t take a lawyer to figure that one out.

  57. One must remember, John Kerry, Swift Boat Commander in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, never, ever saw one single bit of action…yet he was feted, wined and dined as a war hero and embellished, awarded with medals galore. Once, deplaned in eastern U.S.A. John Kerry quickly ran to an Army/Navy Surplus store nearby, bought a handful of medals in a counter display, went with his fellow “Hell-No-We-Won’t-Go” anti-war compatriots, taking those very same medals purchased hours ago, tossing them over the White House fence during the height of Anti-War demonstrations then flourishing around the USA. What is the truth about John Kerry? One must also remember there are two active currents of communism (TODAY) running in all USA and every State and municipal organization: 1) Trotsky-based and; 2) Maoist. John Kerry is definitely of the former (Trotsky-based)…as is his boss Mr. Barack Obama having inherited this “strain of communist dogma” from his mentor. Mr. Frank Marshall. Wake-Up America. We The People are being played like a really, really fine tuned Strad violin. Watch the Left Hand, forget the waving Right Hand…pay very, vey close attention to what We The Elite People of Culture of Corruption in ALL of Washington DC are NOT saying, but actively DOING. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Luke 24:34.

  58. Kerry you and the rest of you pucking fussies can kiss our butts. Tell these so called leaders to take a flying leap. Time to tend to our own and purge you phucks.

  59. In the news today we have a story of a brutality bombing in Pakistan. The reason? To kill Christians.. Are ISIS folks the only Islamic folks who hate Christians to the point of blowing them up? Apparently not. I am not anti-Muslim concerning the people but the book behind their behavior.

  60. Kerry the son of a bitche that turned against the armed forces in the ’70s, and should have been incarcerated at the time, is telling the enemy that this country is shameful and all the time he and his puppeteers are the ones that are shaming this country. The bastard should be in jail and yet is doing his best to help Obama sell this country down the drain

  61. These are Elietest /Marxist , who could care less about these or any of the other useful idiots they use! This is for one purpose and that’s to do as Marx says , and he says the only way to get to the American is over wheelmen them with debt! The constitution did not provide for the civil servants in govt to shake down ghe American people to use their money for a slush fund to gain ghem power, it was per the founding fathers said We the people should be paying for these servants to protect our boarders and wealth of which they do NEITHER .

  62. John you ignorant slut!
    The world is more shocked and outraged at you and Obama’s flippant attitude regarding the massacres in Brussells and Paris than anything the GOP has done.
    GFY John. Maybe take some bicycle lessons so you can spend time riding instead of crashing after we through your rotten ass out of politics once and for all!.

    • LOL don’t forget his appearance at Paris after the attacks abd ( you’ve got a friend song);he really got into that one! Closing his eyes aND singing!! The world I imagine was SHOCKED AT HOW IDIOTIC THAT WAS !! Showing just what a bunch of MORONS OBAMA HAS SURROUNDED HIMSELF WITH!!
      just over the weekend their was an attack on Christians get here at a park and over 60 killed 300 wounded
      Did Obozo go on TV to denounce these killings? Committed by Muslims?? No he did not because they are his BROTHERS!!
      AND BP agents told by higher up DIRECTLY FROM THE WH NOT TO PASS OUT NTA PAPERS!! So it makes it look like the illegals coming across is less!!

  63. demonrats like Kerry, barack the liar oblamo, killary Clinton and the rest of the tribe of murderers should be put in jail bringing illegals, not supporting the Constitution or the laws! The demonrats the leftist commies like to put burdens on the American people that they would not lift a finger to even move them selves! When people want a free ride and do not know what the Constitution is and the “Rule of Law” these demonrats take advantage and their tentacles have reached into the educational system for years and indoctrinated much of the youth!

  64. The rest of the world is surprised that Americans are tired of being put down by its current President and this idiot representing us as Secretary of State. We are a welcoming country to those who want to enter legally, pass a secure background check and want to assimilate to the American way of life. You decide to come here, you need to “fit in”. You may be proud of your heritage but your allegiance is to this country, not your homeland.

    • AND TO SPEAK ENGLISH…….more than the standard response =
      “No speaka no frickin English, where do I vote, & apply for welfare”

  65. Oh i think i get it America supposed to bend over and just let rest of world tell us what do so they can be happy while America sinks

  66. Best to just vote in people who will kick these useless cretins out of any and every position of responsibility. Sue them and prosecute them legally in court for every possible legal reason. Bankrupt them socially and financially. Cite and arrest them at every opportunity for violation of existing laws and ordnances.

  67. John “Benedict Arnold” Kerry is a BRAIN DEAD MORON with a Uncontrollable Loose Jaw…..That would explain why he can LIE just as his Boss…the DC DICTATOR….and have NO CLUE What he is Saying or Doing…..If the Garbage that this IDIOT is Spewing was True….Then why are all of our REAL Allies keeping their Distance….and why are all of our ENIMIES….LAUGHING AT US….and do not take this country Serious anymore…

  68. It’s not surprising that world leaders, many of whom were enthusiastic friends of the United States, have taken careful approaches to our nation after evaluating Obama’s shocking indifference to the United States. John Kerry may not be capable of the following; but since he represents the USA, he ought to be mindful of defending and reflecting the good will of the American people, which happen not to agree with Obama’s constant apologies for the existence of the USA.
    After all, it was Kerry who sought to demonize the U.S. forces in Vietnam, while he concentrated on his own “excellence” in order to reinforce the bid for the U.S. presidency which he was attempting to initiate at his first opportunity. Thankfully, his presidential bid failed, or we would have had another apologist ,like Obama, for our nation much sooner.

  69. And do we really care what the likes of Germanies Merkle and the rest of the Socialist Progressive EU think of us?
    If we are doing things they disagree with that is an endorsement that we are on the right track.

    • We should have let Hitler have Europe, seeing how they turned out to be what he wanted anyways, we would have saved hundreds of thousands of American lives not fighting Germany and just concentrated on Japan.

      • Careful what you wish for…..Germany was working on an Atom Bomb (reason they occupied Norway – for heavy water plant & glycerin production – for HP)….in just a matter of time they would have ICBM’s able to hit NYC, DC & Miami (huge Jewish population there).

  70. We’be been embarrassed of John Kerry, who ‘served in Vietnam, ever since he returned from there and betrayed his fellow warriors & our beloved country.

  71. Funny, those “world leaders” are not “shocked” by that treasonous treaty with Iran, but somehow, are bothered by our politics. Kerry is trying desperately for the Nobel Peace prize and willingly sold his country out in that attempt.
    History will show that Kerry and Obama to have the blood of hundreds of thousands on their hands when Iran uses those concessions to raise hell all over the world. This statement by Kerry was just a diversion from his failures as SOS.

  72. Well of course those “world leaders” who’ve become accustomed to obama’s pandering are going to find it difficult to accept a more rational approach to U.S. foreign policy. They’ll be getting the teat pulled out of their mouth!

  73. Things have changed in the world,terrorism has come to America,muslim terrorists, muslims support and worship islam which mosques are built for including recruiting, planning bombing attacks,hiding weapons,hiding terrorists after attacks,laundrin money,and preaching terrorism,if survillence helps keep us safe,let it happen

  74. When they took his brain, they left what?

  75. I would love to get Kerry in a room. Just him and me! He would not be a happy man when our meeting had concluded!

  76. For John “Fraud” Kerry to be shocked is unbelievable as he launched his political career by selling out of Vietnam Vets and making “friends” with Hanoi Jane.

    When running for President his central theme was of his service/disservice in Vietnam, winning more medals than any human in history in 3 months, then marrying for lucre.

    But unfortunately, this is just business as usual in the “land” of Washington, deCeit.

  77. what about hillory barking ,or the berns disrupting trumps rallys

  78. John Kerry just discovered ISIS is committing genocide.
    He’s a rectal cavity

  79. Kerry lies once tried to make people think he was a war hero with a purple hart . He never saw combat . Him and Jane Fonda come from the same mold .

  80. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well if i could i would pee own both of them.

  81. They are “shocked” by the GOP race but evidently have no problem with a socialist or person under investigation by the FBI being the choices for the Democrat Party. Nor are 126 militant Islamic attacks in 25 countries last month a shock. Bit then Kerry has been know to hedge on the truth, too.

  82. Who cares what they think. The Democrats sold the country out to the highest bidders.

  83. Who cares what they think, they are not American and do not have to protect American Citizens.
    Our President is supposed to protect Americans but all he does is allow criminals to roam freely, lets them out of prison??? Allows untold numbers of middle eastern “REFUGEES” enter without vetting them and we are supposed to just sit back and watch our country get flushed down the drain. I DON’T THINK SO! We are fed up and sick to death of OBAMINATION and his not giving a DAMN about American Citizens!

  84. Kerry and obama and every other screw loose liberal – feel free to leave this nation if you don’t like it the way Americans do! Please go! There’s the door, don’t let it hit you on the butt!

    The only embarassment for the American people is having John Kerry and barack obama in our Federal government — it makes you want to puke because of their blatant ineptness and stupidity. Kerry is so very stupid that the governments of those Countries sit there telling him one thing while at social events they shake hands with their co-conspirators about how dumb America really is and that bho is the laughing stock of Europe. Oh yeah Kerry. You’re embarrassed by our people finally kicking your stupid butt to the curb with bho already laying in the muck? Because Americans have awakened to your ineptness as a govt? Nice try oh dense one!

    Well be embarassed, because we are excited and can’t wait to get someone in our Presidency and Federal govt with brains, means and the desire to make America strong again — and get rid of the “trash” illegal immigrants and muslims littering up our hospitals and demanding we breast feed them.

    No Americans aren’t an embarassment! YOU JOHN KERRY ARE THE EMBARASSMENT RIGHT WITH OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS OF MUSLIM ADMINISTRATION!! All anti-American traditions and people…not good for the U.S.

    If those countries were feigning being shocked, it is only because with Trump at the wheel, many anti-American countries will NOT be getting funding in the future and they are panicking abt losing those funds. With bho, even terrorist countries are getting U.S. funds. This will stop with Trump. Embarassing for America? Hell no. Strengthening for America’s future, Hell yes! It’s about time!

    Kerry & obama, feel free to give up your citizenship (in bho’s case, there is nothing to give up) and deport to the Bermuda Triangle for a place more adept to both your thinking. We will help you cast off…good riddance to bad trash!

  85. next to Obama and Clinton—Kerry is the biggest ignorant as..hole in our government !!!!

  86. Kerry is a really bad joke and if the other Countrys are looking askance at anything, it is KERRY and his obvious traitor stance when he “Negotiates” for the United States >>>>>WTF????

  87. This coming from a bunch of libtards that just gave the presidents present and past a 18% pay raise when they leave office…the same ones that said our vets retire early enough to retire from a second job and are double dipping so they reduced their pensions and they got no pay raise…our government is corrupt.PERIOD!…Obama will be a millionaire before he leaves office but we need to give him a major pay raise that the working class will never see but feel. Look what Hillary has made since leaving office under the guise of a foundation…America needs to wake up and say enough is enough. Now I call that corruption at the highest level …They should all go live in the countries that are expressing their comments on our country …bet they would say no to that. You can bet they manufacture all this commentary they go on they are scared as hell that the American people have had enough.

  88. I remain shocked at Kerry’s cowardice in the face of the enemy when he served in Vietnam (one of his three claimed combat wounds was being shot in the ass as he ran from the enemy), and I remain shocked at his throwing someone else’s medals onto the White House grounds while claiming they were his. I was further shocked when he tried used his disgraceful service to our country in his (thankfully) unsuccessful bid for the presidency. That Obama would select such a POS for Secretary of State speaks volumes about Barry’s intentions as president.

  89. The Master Chief

    As a Proud River Rat(PBRs In Vietnam) I could care less what that Traitor Kerry Has to say.. He and Fonda can rot in hell.

  90. News Flash Kerry ! Barrack getting elected was an embarrassment to America. And you are a disgrace to Americans !!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  91. Richard Daugherty

    John Kerry and Obama have done this country no favors.

    • Egor von Johnson

      Check the news. WH shooter empty 11 shot clip at Obama who dashed into a nearby room. He turned off the lights, so the shooter could not make out his black ass. Maybe next time.

  92. Bachelor With Sense

    Hey Swift Kerry… Pick up your boss and move to some country that makes you Happy! You have no idea how many people you would make Happy IF You just LEFT OUR Country Permanently!

  93. The world is not shocked, but is laughing at us for the weakness of the current administration while our enemies are patronizing Kerry and Obama to show what chumps they are. Our enemies no longer fear us and our friends cannot trust us.

    • Egor von Johnson

      Shut down at WH. Obama hiding under bed, but ears are sticking out. Heard he called in the Marines. They responded, “Go Fuck Yourself, Spade”, Meanwhile, millions of American` are praying a grenade will be rolled under the bed. Hopefully, big ass monkey face is hunkered down by his side.

  94. vintageautomobilia

    I think the World is shocked that the US has John Kerry in any position of importance, or that anyone would ever listen to anything he says.

  95. I’m embarrassed that Kerry is an American with a government position, even if it were dog catcher!

  96. David Witenstein

    And they weren’t shocked by the swift boat bullshit campaign you ran? I don’t give a shit what the rest of the world thinks you pussy. Isolate, protect, and spend the money we save by not giving the money to a bunch of ingrates. And to my BROTHER VETERANS don’t even call this lying, disrespectful, chickenshit bother, he’s embarrassment to all veterans

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’m a disabled Vietnam vet. Last year they took ALL OF MY DISABILITY away from me and 4 months ago they started taking 1/3 of my social security! Am I pissed? DAMNED BETCHA I’M PISSED!

  97. “stepping up surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods.” I wonder if the leaders in Brussels agree with Cruz? Hey “band-aid purple heart” Kerry, nobody cares what YOU or your socialist butt buddies think!

  98. No one cares what Swift Boat John Kerry says.

  99. GodBlessRealAmerica

    John Kerry & Obama area disgrace! These liberal wack jobs and their butt buddy Soros can take a hike!

  100. GodBlessRealAmerica

    Kerry is Evil and aCoward!

  101. To Kerry: ” One of America’s BIGGEST embarrassments—is…YOU”!

  102. Words seem inadequate to describe my disdain for Kerry and Clinton and Obama. They make me sick.

  103. This Kerry person is supposed to be a positive figure for the United States, especially so, when dealing with foreign countries, so instead of telling us how he praises those running for nomination for the presidency, tells us how these important people feel about Donald Trump, not that I thought a conversation about the coming election in the U.S. had any bearing on what he is supposed to be doing. This puppet, Kerry had never done one single thing that reflected well for America. He gets these jobs, I believe, just to get him out of the country. A word of advise, try looking up what the majority of Americans want this coming election, and that is to finally wave bye bye to that impostor, what ever he is ~ and welcome Donald Trump, to make America Great Again, and you Kerry will be out of a job. Someone more deserving should have it, one who promotes America, not relish in telling lies about a prominent figure from New York, who is loved by many thousands.

  104. Kerry is a dope. I’m sure that these leaders are all to happy to step up muslime surveillance since the bombings in Belgium. Given that this is John Kerry saying this it was probably one leader and he was from a muslime country.

  105. Make no mistake, the “One World Order” agenda is pushing ahead no matter what the dangers or turmoil. It’s not just Kerry and Obama. It’s the whole worlds governments.

  106. Kerry shocked?! Impossible! He’s proven relentlessly he’s either unconscious or brain-dead!

  107. And we are shocked that a pos like you is calling himself a Secretary of State

  108. Stop the flow of Refugees, Build a wall, e verify the illegals here, monitor the visas.


  110. He’s up to his everloving ears in muslim terrorists and still has time to whine and belch about the GOP primaries. This is why he is a complete failure as a secretary of state; come to think of it, he is a continuation of the failures Hildebeast foisted off on us with her lies and deceitfulness.

  111. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!! People around the world don’t ask this jerk why he got whipped by the biggest dictatorship in the world in Iran? He made the worst deal ever with them and nobody in the world has ever questioned him on that?? Bullshit!! We have a democratic candidate that SHOULD be on her way to an indictment and should NEVER be allowed to to run for the highest office in the land and nobody in the world questions that?? BULLSHIT!! I could go on FOREVER but all that will happen is I will continue to piss myself off more than I already am!!! The shear audacity of this halfwit!!!

  112. That’s because they are all FRAUDS and WUSSIES like you. We here are not shocked and enjoy it.

    Like Teddy Roosevelt we like shooting animals.

  113. Kerry the Clown; He should have never gotten into politics, some people are leaders and some are suckups that want to be leaders!

  114. “Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America. They cannot believe it,” Kerry said. “I think it is fair to say that they’re shocked.”
    Oh BooHoo…the shame of it all. We the People of the United States of America want to feel safe in their own country? You mean we are suppose to accept the the same weak kneed leader we have now for the same appeasement leaders of the world that let their citizens endure some of the most horrific ordeals by permitting hoards of unfettered invaders to inject squalor and hardship in their country? We are starting to experience that type of life due to the same feeble governing that the Obama – Kerry – Clinton tribunal has foisted upon us. We the People, who only want invaders to our country scrutinized, say not only no, but…”HELL NO.”

  115. Perhaps the world’s leaders are “shocked” at our diving headfirst into socialism…

  116. sad part is, bush ,made no more mistakes than reagan, yet is hated more. i don’t get it. obama gets away w/ stuff nixon only dreamed of yet the media doesn’t care! good article.

  117. The only thing has to be embarrassed Kerry has to be is of himself and his buddy Obama. With both of them going around the world and making the U.S.A. look bad and think we are the weakest Country out there. I will be so happy when both of them are out of the White House.

  118. “it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country” No, It is more like what is in the White House is the embarrassment to the country.

  119. It’s ironic that these traitors, John Kerry and Jane Fonda, are still in the public eye and are being praised for their existence. The North Viet Nam General, who was in charge of the Hanoi Hilton where our troops were held prisoner, swears that Jane Fonda shared his bed while she was there bad mouthing our troops. And John Kerry should have been taken out by the troops he “served” with. He sat before congress and lied his ass off, all for his future politics. The only reason he is where he is today is because Obama knew and knows, that he can depend on Kerry to lie and help him throw our nation under the first bus that comes along. WE are in disgrace alright. But the blame can be laid at the feet of this administration.

  120. Robert A Hartman

    WOW, world leaders are concerned with the political primaries in OUR country. I have news for them, the American people DON’T think like Oloser and Kerry-traitor. We can think on our own, we don’t take lies as gospel truth like those poor bastards in the European Union. They don’t speak for the American citizenry, we are more realistic about the world around us. We don’t kow-tow to ‘world’leaders or apologize for OUR country. We leave that to the two CLOWNS that travel the world, and behave like ANTI-AMERICA is something to crow about. They sure are traveling a lot, do they get reward miles? Are you crazy, they leave it to the tax-payers to foot the bill. I think presidents and other clowns should have a spending limit, just like us poor folks.
    Keep your powder dry and stay vigilant!

  121. It’s ironic that John Kerry and Jane Fonda are still on the scene and being recognized by the media. The North Viet Nam General in charge of the Hanoi Hilton, where american prisoners were kept, swears that Jane Fonda shared his bed while in North Viet Nam badmouthing our troops. John Kerry should have been taken out by the troops he was “serving” with. He sat before congress and lied his ass off for his own political purpose. The only reason he is in this position today is because Obama knows he is a POS who will throw the nation under the bus when told.

  122. The world is shocked , I think these geo-political lackeys for there fascist global masters, have forgotten or don’t care they grew up in America. America’s sovereignty should be the only goal our elected and unelected should have . And if the other countries need or want help getting rid of there fascist butchers, let us know, and pay or trade for our help ,like it was done in the past.

  123. Let me see if I’ve got this straight. The world sees problems with the way Trump and Cruz are conducting their campaigns (I do too but I’m not commenting on my opinions) but they see no problem with one democratic candidate facing a possible incarceration and the other acting like a raving lunatic. Good luck and God help us all.

  124. I’m sure the world, which is under attack from ISIS, is real concerned about the GOP primaries. The world I suspect is hoping and praying that Trump succeeds in his quest for the presidency.

  125. When Kerry ran for president he said he would go to the UN on bended knee. He and Obama fit together like 2 peas in a pod. I have total disrespect for the both of them

  126. Sure,but they are perfectly fine with Benghazi and or the Clinton murders.

  127. But yet these same “World Leaders” have no problem with the US covertly funding and arming terrorists, or destroying Libya, or the CIa engineered coup d”tat of Ukraine? Please, who are these “World Leaders”? Kissinger and Rockefeller?

  128. disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    Obama & John Kerry are the laughing stock of the world. It’s the worst leadership in my lifetime and I’m 84
    I agree with BROTHER that they are sorry bastards.

  129. I am shocked by how dumb he thinks we are

  130. John Kerry is Obama’s clone. I’d love to hear the comments he heard about the president’s government and the way the American people have been pushed around to do their bidding. I’m “shocked”,, also. But I believe comments “heard” by Kerry had to do with the disbelief of what the Dems are doing (or not doing) to defile and demean our nation and its people.

  131. If you are smart, you will not pay attention to what John Kerry says. He lost touch with reality a LONG TIME ago.

  132. This ignorant Ass’s feet haven’t touched Planet Earth, in so long, he’s totally disconnected from reality. Talk about embarrassment, how about our mortification at his inept actions? He’s made this Country a laughing stock, and does not represent the People of this Country, anymore than his Boss. If these two Goody-Two Shoes are so charitable, then you finance, feed, house these animals in your homes, but make sure the Wall keeps them away from the rest of us.

  133. Kerry should have been shot in the head. He is a traitor. People of the world are shocked at the queer that got elected and are laughing at us.

    • Sandy Perlmutter

      Ooh, patriot, whose flag are you flying there?

      • I am flying the flag of the free. The flag of of those who oppose big government and tyrants. The flag of those who oppose taxes and demands of those in power. The flag of those who oppose New York values and refuse to have them forced upon us. Go home Yankees and take you illegals with you.

        • Sandy Perlmutter

          The flag of traitors who should have been hanged. The flag of lynch mobs, murderers, and “southern values”. Too bad we didn’t let you secede and get stuck mating with your cousins forever. Do you think we would send you as much foreign aid as you are now getting by being subsidized by New York values? Go back to your meth lab!

          • Shame on you elk hunter. You have yanked poor sandy’s bloomers into a melvin so tight she can hardly waddle.

          • We may yet still succeed from you muslim loving scrum.

          • You can’t win Elkhunter. Perlmutter (fake pearl) is not bilingual, she understands the language of the dungbeetle whose emporer is obumhole and not even English.

    • The “real” story; everywhere I went I made up stories of horror and distrust. I made it sound like dignitaries from various nations were interested in the political climate in America and that cult-like groups were springing up across the country. They denounced the leadership of that great statesman and his loyal followers and made it appear that Obama was unworthy of his position as POTUS. Well we all know how false this is and I’m telling the truth. By the way, does my nose look like it is longer than before?

  134. Glad to see you shocked Kerry, The American people are fighting back and guess what your on the wrong side.!!!!!!!!!!

  135. I’m sick of Obama and Kerry trying to shame America and americans for actions this corrupt has taken. They never ask we the people what we wanted or what we thought about any of it. They did the deeds, made the mistakes, destroyed everything they touched then tried blame it all on we the people who had no say in any of it. They are the shame, they are the culprits of their own demise and as soon as we can get them out of our offices the happier we will be while we try to clean up the mess they left behind.

  136. If everybody will wake up and see what’s been going on for years they will vote them out in the coming elections as I intend to do.

  137. Same old Grbage and rhetoric coming from the same idiot who gave all the rights to build any nuclear device to Iran by not making any croncrete stipulations or provissions to keep them from enriching plutonium in his landmark treaty that is the worst treaty America has ever allowed with a terrorist group. The iranian government has long been financial sponsors of many terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, PLO, Al Qada, Taliban, and many others, and they are run by mad monks of the muslim faith that are what America calls extremists. The President of Iran is little more than a political fogure head the Aiatollas run the country through fear and intimidation. Knowing these facts ahead of time why would any sane individual give them a treaty that basically says do whatever you want because Obama wants you to destroy us anyway. Yeah, He and Kerry are the most dangerous terrorists in America, Only Hillary could compare and if anyone thinks she would be a great president remember she is a criminal and is still under investigation for her last treasonous act as Secretary of state, a position in which she was almost as bumbling as Jimmy Carter was as president. Anything Kerry says about the world being shocked is just propaganda as is 95% of the progressive agenda. Tey tell you you will get free this and cheap that and raise your taxes to oblivan and give you substandard or no services in return because their real agenda is to destroy the country and make us become the nothern part of the Americas region of the New World Order so beleive it is a conspiracy theory and that they are for the litle guy all you want their history is the same as that of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Kaizer Whilhelm. They want power with no possibility of rebellion from you. Kerry is a lying nutcase and Obama is the most evil and corrupt president in my lifetime. People always turn to Nixon when someone makes this statement but even he didn’t do what the Regressives and so called democrats are doing now. I ave no doubt in my mind that the last election was rigged because Mr. Hagels company owns 75% or all voting machines in the US and they service 80%. Over 100,000 districts voted exactly the same as the prior election along with millions of voter complaints that no matter how they voted the machine marked Obama. After the election Hagel is suddenly in a cabinet position, humm, suspicious and coincidental, unlikely. I don’t do conspiracy theories I just follow the facts and all lead to fraud. Anyway Kerry was a looser as a senator and even more hoskie so far as a secretary of state, why would anyone even give his propaganda any credence?

    • Do you know why our CIA created and carried out a coup d e’tat in Iran in 1953 and ’79 during Eisenhower and Ford?

      • Yes I do but the issues are more deadly now than ever before and he made the worst possible decissions and proved his ineptness and incompetence onec again also making his boss look as psucho as he is because his boss thought it was a great deal. The man in the White House who is the most dangerous terrorist in America because he has used his propaganda and love for his Islamic beleifs to screw the country over at every possible turn and being a propaganda master he has most of the black folks in America and a huge protion of the rest of the population beleiving he is a Christian, Chrislam is what he practices and Islam is what he believes. If you watch, look, and listen to all he says and does it is obvious. I guess you have to know what those beliefs consist of and the tenats of those beliefs are to know what I am talking about though.

  138. Well, the world survived the shock of Kerry, so it will probably survive the shock of our primaries!


    • Not only Bain Capital .But the biggest scumbag of all. ” George Soros ” has contributed $250.000 To John scumbag Kasich’s campaign

  140. Liberal-Democrat, “shock-jock” sensationalism. Partisan team-mentality and nothing more. What we are shocked by is the stupidity of European immigration policies and the impending radical change that those once-identifiable, ethnic cultures with a long history and heritage of Christianity are going to experience. That the two, arguably most-influential nations in Europe, The Federal Republic of Germany and the United Kingdom, the places of origin of the Protestant Reformation and the best, consistent examples of a work ethnic and ingenuity would lose sight of the “from whence they have come,” is certainly tragic, to say the least. It is a slap in the face to those, especially Americans, who have given their service and their lives to give Europe a chance at democracy as a result of the outcome of WWII and our defense of Europe subsequent to WWII during the “Cold War.” Europe ought to be put on notice that we will not be doing it again. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” “Let the dead bury their own dead.”

  141. Kerry is a scumbag and a liar, he is part of the NWO and Obama’s Fascist movement to take down America. They are shocked that Americans were stupid enough to elect that parasite Obama, a liar and treasonous lowlife.

  142. Muslims will not fight to save their own families, they will run alone however, most are no good cowards, we don’t need in our country.

  143. Anything john kerry says is all BS as he’s about as bright as a burnt out bulb in a mine shaft 500 feet inside. john kerry’s favourite dining place is up obama butt.

  144. concerned educator

    When I grew up the US did things because its what we believed was right not what the rest of the world thought was good or right. We were strong then

  145. Whether you shocked the world is to be seen but the way you shocked America is one of the worst thing to happen since we have had secretary of states. Just by Iran doing what they do is against all Christians no matter what Kerry you are a traitor just as Obama is. when America hits bottom and you end up loosing all your ketchup what will you do then?there will be no one left for you to cry on their shoulder. Thank you traitor

  146. More lies from Scary Kerry, just another NWO elitist that is full of sh^t! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr==================================?, these Luciferians aren’t about to cede their long awaited absolute power peacefully – guaranteed!

  147. The world is not nearly as shocked by Trump as they have been by the inept Kerry and the traitorous potus.

  148. AnonymouseIsAWoman

    France and Belgium, the former of which has suspended civil liberties, and the latter of which is doing massive roundups, are appalled that Cruz suggests monitoring Muslim neighborhoods? For some reason I find that hilarious.

  149. Somebody should tell that UGLY MORON KERRY to shut his trap and crawl back into his sewer.

  150. I’m “Shocked” that Kerry had his head out of his butt far enough to know something was going on in the GOP. Does these warped minded Liberals think we can “Import” all the people from every “hot spot” around the globe to save them??? Whatever happen to going over there and “KILLING” all the bad guys and let the “Immigrants” stay and rebuild their own Home country???? If they want “Peace”, help the people overthrow the Mexican Government, or whatever Government, that has create such an enviroment that people are fleeing their own homeland.

  151. John Kerry is an incompetent nitwit. We need a real border. Even an idiot like kerry believes in a border. I’ll betr he has an alarm system and a locked front door.

  152. When the GOPcrats didn’t get their way, they now seem to want “the wicked witch” of Chicago as their next president. What a bunch of idiots.

  153. john kerry is nothing more than a hot steaming piece of obama squeeze just like the clinton’s.

    • John Kerry is a great PATRIOT, I have a dvd of him throwing his PURPLE HEART over the Pentagon wall. Every time I show it we all cheer. I’ll make you a copy if you like.

  154. Kerry and obumma are the biggest threat to America there is. They are constantly undermining the US and its real allies, like Israel. They are constantly pandering to terrorists like, Al Queda, Al Shebab, ISIS, CAIR, Hesbollah, and of course the “palestinians”. BTW, some names may be misspelled, but, these groups are so unimportant to me, they don’t deserve correct spellings.

  155. They treat people who are enemies better than they treat American citizens. If you ask me they are the embarrassment to the world. I doubt if the world cares about our politics and if they do they are shaking in their boots that they won’t be dealing with idiots who give them whatever they want. I just moved from one state to another and you wouldn’t believe all the paper work we needed: a birth certificate, a marriage license, really? This is a border state for a change of drivers license. We already a valid drivers license from another state. We also had to have all the paper work on our cars. While waiting in line, we were watching all the people cheating from each other while taking their driver’s test. It was an on going conversation. They had a barrier so the workers couldn’t see them while the workers checked others. Meanwhile we have to return with all the necessary papers. Obama and Kerry have made it clear they hate all Americans: they want to take the money from the affluent but they have had almost 8 years to make the lives better for the less fortunate and all they did was put a bug in their ears that it was OK to take away from the hardworking people. All those hate groups should do some research on how some of those made it without student loans, without handouts of any kind an took responsibility for their actions and succeed because they worked their butts off and expected nothing they didn’t earn. By the way I am a minority who was raised to have pride, ethics and respect others. My parents never dreamed that someone would come along who would want to come along and take my or our DREAM away and give to those who didn’t deserve it and who had the same opportunities I had and didn’t take it.


    • Secretary Kerry was awarded the PURPLE HEART and threw it over the Pentagon wall he is a great PATRIOT. Saying you ‘don’t know one veteran’ carries equal weight with I don’t know one retired plumber, lawyer, carpenter, baker’, the military is a chosen profession. What if they gave a war and nobody came?

      • Michael Holdcraft

        you had better go back and check the facts with the guys who were with him at the time of “his injury”. It was a scratch and he used it to get his butt home. Then used it to back up the lies he told Congress. All quite well documented, now. Not one of us Vietnam vets would stoop to pick him up if he fell and broke his jaw. Heck, we would all love to give him a broken jaw.

        • Doesn’t matter …it was a means to raise awareness toward a higher good about the coup in ’63 Dallas and the war it allowed .

  157. Kerry was always a liar and a traitor he lived by the liberal saying the end justifies

    the means he even admitted it himself. Any one who believes anything he says needs mental care. Obama was just born that way he has the same mental disorder
    that Kerry has. Kerry just caused the loss of the Vietnam war, Obama has destroyed
    the country and it will take a very long time to repair what he has done if it can be
    repaired at all.

    • You are amazing ! How did you get so much ignorance in so few lines of text? Perhaps you could check for truth before inserting your foot into your mouth .

      • It seems the truth is what hurts you the most. If I were you I would not want any more truth.

        • The truth would set you free of anger and hate.

          • I served in Vietnam I did my full year and I came home loving my country even more if that was possible. That piece of crap stayed 3 months came home lied to congress
            and even worse lied to the American people, and as usual
            what did the liberal left due they make him a senator. Thats the truth.

          • A)

          • And your proud of that Im sure he through over fake medals
            just like a liberal asshole he is.

          • He is a patriot .

          • If you or Drumpf give the government the finger you would go out and get yourself an XXXL t-shirt with flags and an eagle and rifles crossed, says “Ahm a Merican Patreeut” .

          • Michael Holdcraft

            That whole statement was a lie, which Kerry later called an exaggeration.

          • Michael Holdcraft

            In Kerry’s authorized biography, “Tour of Duty,” written by adoring flack and campaign shill
            Douglas Brinkley, the author writes the following: “They (Kerry and his crew) in their Navy swift boat pulled away from the pier at Cat Lo with spirits high, feeling satisfied
            with the way things were going for them. They had no lust for battle, but they also were not afraid. Kerry wrote in his notebook, ‘A cocky feeling of invincibility accompanied us up the Long Tau shipping channel because we hadn’t been shot at yet, and Americans at war who haven’t been shot at are allowed to be cocky.’” Please note the date this journal entry was made – when “Kerry had just turned 25, on Dec. 11, 1968,” Brinkley wrote. That was nine days after Kerry falsely claimed to have been “wounded” during a firefight with the enemy. According to military regulations, the only time a Purple Heart can be awarded is when the recipient has been engaged in combat with a hostile force. Inadvertent “wounds” that are self-inflicted, don’t count. The Swift Boat Vets revealed Kerry didn’t deserve that Purple Heart medal he got because his “injury” was from a tiny fragment of shrapnel that resulted from him firing an M-79 grenade launcher against the nearby shore from the deck of his boat.

          • L M FIN’ A O !! I been waitin’ on some sheepie to breathe life back into KKKarl Rove’s swift boat scam… too rich, haaa ha OMG, i’m gonna piss myself ! Thanks much!

  158. Francisco Machado

    Kerry didn’t mention his reaction to what world leaders thought of the Democrats running a candidate demonstrated to be a felon who is under investigation by the FBI and whose economic proposals will not only increase the debt but encourage more companies to leave the United States. I’ll watch for the release of that opinion.

  159. I agree with “Brother” also; Obama wants to populate the US with millions of Muslims, that he believes will eventually control the country, and Kerry is so far up Obama’s butt that it’s been years since he’s seen the light!!
    He lied about Vietnam, and hasn’t made single contributions to this country since. If our politicians were Patriots, these traitors would have been Impeached long ago.

  160. What they are really worried about is getting their check and getting their butt kissed.

  161. “It upsets people’s sense of equilibrium about our steadiness, about our reliability,” Kerry said. “And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they’re posed to me, it’s clear to me that what’s happening is an embarrassment to our country.” Then why do you and Obama keep embarrassing our Country?

  162. What the hell would Kerry know.

  163. Truthfully, I am a bit shocked by the primaries this year. BOTH primaries. If the media reported equally, people would realize that both party primaries are a bit out of control. Maybe the media should start downplaying the antics of the Republican party just as they do the Democrat party. I think both Hilary and Trump are the rudest, crudest, and least dignified candidates I’ve seen in my lifetime.

  164. Michael Dennewitz

    As well, they should be VERY shocked! First, our PMIC went around the world apologizing for our greatness, then he proceeded to tear OUR country apart, and now, every damned country that the asshole apologized to is worried shitless that somebody might put this country back together again and stop their money train that the PMIC has been feeding them! Scary kerry is a real dildo!!

    • War mongers and those who profit from their planning are selfish self serving hawks are the problem both here and around the world and you are saying you want to put someone into office who would exchange more blood for more cash. That tells me all about who you are. Peace …

      • Michael Holdcraft

        And you put Kennedy up as a poster child for peace??? Wake up – Kennedy started the Vietnam War. He was also a womanizer and adulterer? Go back to fairy land (Camelot facade ???)

  165. Egor von Johnson

    Kerry comments. “No shit Dick Tracy”!!

  166. Somehow I believe as a sitting secretary of state and a sitting president they are breaking law by becoming involved in elections, as they are.

  167. Yet world leaders weren’t shocked by the ignorance of Obama and Kerry’s “Iran deal”? Dumb and dumber for sure!

  168. I really enjoy the well thought commentary, but the name calling?

    • Michael Dennewitz

      You can always “invite ” your ASS OUT, you know!!

      • Calling others names is as ridiculous as the way our candidates for president are acting. Can’t get your point across without calling people names? Maybe we don’t need their commentary.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          As I said before… You invited yourself in here, if it’s uncomfortable for you, drag your ASS OUT OF HERE!!

          • As I said before……..I enjoy the well thought commentary. I’m not uncomfortable in any way. And I can express myself without resorting to name calling.

          • Michael Holdcraft

            Dennis, then how do you describe a self-seek, congenital liar, who provided false sworn testimony to Congress, continues to lie at every opportunity, and then has the gaul to point at someone else and shame them for lesser evils????

          • Dennis Derstine

            I don’t have a problem with how Kerry ot Obama was described. Just a little civility to others that post.

        • Michael Holdcraft

          We are not calling them names, we are giving them appropriate descriptors of their behavior and character.

  169. Michael Holdcraft

    John Kerry is a lying sack of excrement. He lied about Vietnam and he is lying now. What is shocking is that such a dishonest person could get so high in our government. On second thought, maybe that isn’t so surprising. Maybe that’s exactly the reason Mr. Trump is so popular, because we all see what’s needed is to replace every liberal lying career politician (Bas—d) in Washington DC!!!

  170. John Kerry observes America from the distance of a non-citizen and definitely a non-patriot. When he sees America, it’s through the lens of a critic with a severe case of disdain for the view. If we are to exist as the United States, the nation of its exalted history, the last individual we need to carry on the overburdened federal payroll is the useless John Kerry.

    Obviously, Mr. Kerry doesn’t know, nor does he care, about the shock to this nation that the inept President had to match his own ineptitude by selecting the equally inept Kerry as his Secretary of State. It was sad enough for this nation before he was appointed as a replacement for another blood-sucking leech who was the negligent Secretary of State before him. Despite Mrs. Clinton’s tarnished experience at State before Kerry, which was meant by the Democrat Party as preliminary to her being the Democrat standard-bearer for the presidency bid in 2017, she did worse than simply wasting tax-payer dollars, she topped that off by neglecting security in Libya, resulting in the loss of four Americans in defense of the U.S.-Benghazi Consulate when it was attacked..

    Then, investigations determined that she (Mrs. Clinton) chose not to abide by State Department rules and regulations, by deciding for her convenience over that of the federal government. She decided to be unique by having the State Dept. computer apparatus she would use for official matters of State Dept. to service State Dept. transmissions to “Madam Secretary,” by having that computer installed in a barn/garage on her private NY premises. Against all federal rules, of which she, upon discovery, claimed ignorance,

    The rest is now in the investigative hands of the FBI, pending whenever her malfeasance is finally determined. Those results, unfortunately, will be submitted to the President, with its next destination to Dept. of Justice, if the President doesn’t summarily dismiss the issue. His political party does want Clinton to become President, obviously no matter what issues they must sweep aside.

    When Kerry mentions the world being shocked at America, if he meant the regime that now “governs,” he would be correct, which would be a miraculous confirmation that Kerry is indeed alive.. However, it hasn’t registered with him, I’m sure, that if Mrs. Clinton is ever prosecuted for her questionable tour in the State Department, that surely will shock about 320 million Americans!

  171. how about electing trump and having John Bolton as sec o state.
    Bolton can stand in front of the entire UN and tell them no more $$$$$$ and to go F–K O-f

  172. And their not “shocked” by Obama’s policies which have weakened position in the world? Oh, silly me, I forgot…they were all cheering for him to be elected and then re-elected because they found out he could be pushed around and has made the U.S. a laughing stock around the world.

  173. I’m SHOCKED that this POS is still breathing our air!

  174. Michael Dennewitz

    Kerry has his panties on backwards!

  175. What do you think will happen after Obama leaves office ? What I mean is will the people who are presently part of the Administration , come forward and tell the truth about what went on during this Hussein Obama Corrupt Administration , the lies that were told to the citizens of this country , the outright fraud , waste and abuse that has gone on since Obama was in office. How it seems to me that The Congress sat on their hands and did nothing to stop the tyranny and the treason that went on with this incompetent and Criminal Obama while President. If Americans weren’t so Apathetic , selfish in not demanding more transparency , evidently they could care less about their children’s and grand children’s future in this country. You had a President like Obama who lied to Congress, went around them saying he could use executive orders to get what he wanted done . Congress did nothing , even the last two years while the Republicans were in the majority , they did nothing to stop him as he continued to add 10 Trillion Dollars to the National Debt all by himself even with the Congress , with the power of the purse did absolutely nothing to stop him . Will the next administration if it is a Republican one , take Obama to task and file charges against him for treason , complete fraud and abuse , or will they do like always give him a free pass . That’s why if the democrats steal this election like they did in 2012 and also in 2008 , will the American people finally say we have had enough of the abuse of power , stop the tyranny and have a Second American Revolution , shut down Washington DC . , which could be accomplished by the Military Veterans , who have been treated like shit , there are 5 million of us and we will take our country back once and for all.

  176. Secretary Kerry: You are a great fool! You were a fool in Vietnam, you are a fool now, and you always will be a fool! You simply do not know truth when you see it! You support Barack Obama who is a liar, a deceiver, a traitor, and a fellow fool! What will you say when the two of you stand in judgment before God Almighty, who by your actions or lack of actions you obviously deny?!

  177. John Kerry predicted that Israel would forge a treaty, with Palestine by 2009 and it never happened. He has been the “yes-man,” for a very unpopular president and neither of them has accomplished a thing for America.
    His credibility, when it comes to American politics isn’t something I look up to OR BELIEVE!!

  178. News Flash, John (Lurch… “you rang?”) Kerry; Americanist are embarrassed by YOU.


    You are just another Dung Beetle, sitting on top of your dung heap, delusional about you importance. The Father of our Country warned us about people like you who goes out and meddles in the affairs of other Nations! He told us to trade fairly with ALL nations but become entangled with none!.He would be embarrassed about YOU!

  179. Guess these orld leaders are not very smart as they seem to have taken to Obama and he is damaging America daily not to mention the damage he has already done.

  180. Words from this traitor john kerry who with that other traitor obama has shown their support for terrorism by making a stupid deal with Iran that not only stabbed America in it’s back, but Israel too. These two piece of human waste should be in prison for aiding and abetting the enemy.

    • …Tam … you forgot the ‘Obama squeeze’ part. Do you know why our CIA overthrew (coup)Iran’s government in ’53 & ’79?

  181. Kerry needs to shut His Flapper hole… He is and always has been “Pathetic” at best.

    • You are so right, hell ur truck is better ‘n his’n n ur 2pay too! He’s pathetic…. not near as sumart as u ether, duh huh…u n Kerry oughta have a de bate, u’d sho him a theng er 2 boy.

  182. Who cares what “Fastboat” Kerry thinks?

  183. I am positively shocked and ashamed that we have a delusional incompetent like Kerry in any position of responsibilty. He hasn’t stopped lying since his false testimony to congress about Vietnam and his lies about his Swift boat adventures in Vietnam.

  184. John Kerry and every single person that is part of this Obama debacle is an embarrassment to every freedom loving American as well as those nations that have been our allies for generations. If they filled a stadium with these pathetic traitors and dropped a bomb on it the world would cheer for decades.

    • …to every old scool rascist fascist Riche wing trailer park moron out there holding us back, obstructing the promises of our constitution …1951 called, they miss you .

  185. John Kerry should have been try for treason after the Vet Nam War.He A wimp .How do these people that hate America an what the American people stand stay in these job?

  186. John Fitzgerald Kerry is still stiffing his home state of Taxsachusetts out of $500,000 Somalians plus the penalties and interest on the foreign built $7,000,000 MILLION pleasure boat that his Second Wife’s First Husband’s estate bought for him!!!!! This is after 12 years of falsely claiming that he had or was going to get “Around to it”
    Evidently “Around-to-its” are in short supply in the Bay State. But John Kerry loves to tax other-peoples’-money so well that when the Great State of Taxsachusetts cut the evil rich bike riding, wind surfing parasite’s Massachusetts State income tax the State of Massachusetts kindly provided a box on the State Income Tax form that Tax Payers like Kerry could check and continue paying the old or higher State Income Tax rate. Because Kerry failed to sign off to pay higher taxes it is also evident that J. F. Kerry broke the lead in his pencil as well as the bone in his leg when he fell off his bike in Paris France. For you Democrat voters out there France is in Europe and the French all do, or soon will speak Arabic.

  187. This treasonous coward hated America in college, in the Navy, and in government, and when he was in the Navy in the Switftboat service he faked three injuries (all scratches) to get out early.

  188. Yeah, what kind of mess are the countries in that seem to be “shocked” at the United States? I am shocked, too, by the mess we are in created by Obama, Hillary, Kerry, etal, more than by the campaigns of the Republicans.

    • Really, you don’t get any world news ? The President of Mexico compared Mr. Drumpf to dictators Mussolini and Hitler. He probably won’t be spending $45 billion on Drumpf’s wall. Interviews and articles reporting that the Ambassadors from many countries stationed in the U.S. are very vocal about the possibility of Drumpf being in power destabilizing the allies of this country, much concern about his mental illness. Do you not know this ? Maybe this is why so many seem to not understand why Mr. Drumpf is so criticized here. It seems that some think the parties are scared of him because he might change the status quo, not it, its because he is not stable. He is a huge embarrassment and who could sleep knowing that he had the keys to nuclear weapons ? Drumpf is a danger to mankind. Wow. There’s plenty more just Google ‘world leaders react trump’ or Drumpf.

      • I could sleep much better with “Drumpf” (as you call him) in the lead seat, than obamao in a golf cart or at a fundraiser. I guess I just expect leaders to take responsibility, instead of deflecting, which you obviously prefer by singing the praises of those that are able to avoid responsibility.


    • Hey! That’s a line from “American Stuper…uh, Sniper”. You should write your own words that script was totally lame.


  190. Yes, Europe, America has “grown up” and doesn’t need a little Hitler Dictator telling us he is ashamed of what America has stood for forever. Do we care abt obama’s concerns or opinions? Oh hell No! We just want him and his completely idiotic kingdom G O N E from our Nation…forever and take your sorry.opinions with you!

    So YES, lil Europe, America can come out to play but we’ll be playing with new rules…no more “Gimmies” nor Freebies. NEW ERA, NEW GAME!

    • Exactly! We are the most giving when a natural disaster hits, we spend billions on foreign aid, we send our soldiers to dig their asses out of World Wars, we take in their illiterate thugs and give them homes, welfare and the vote! Screw them, NEW ERA, NEW GAME!

  191. Just democrat horsepucky. Anything Kerry says is irrelevant.

  192. Well,we have been embarrassed by them this whole time.In fact the world has been asleep if they have accepted what O does.He is the one people ask about not our men running for Pres.With Kerry we have a big dunce in place,he embarrasses me every time he goes away to another country.

  193. Concerning Kerry’s brain power he is a ZERO! We have lost our standing with Obama and his administration and we need to restore it and that is why I am voting for Trump – not owned, a great negotiator (no red lines), not a conservative (thank God because they have betrayed us for years), has the experience and skills America needs now! Let Obama and Kerry go live in the Mid-East and no return passports! Kerry has a daughter married to a muslim, so you can guess why he is for muslims here. We do not want to be any European copycat, nor like any of the Northern countries who have given in to socialism, or communism, and open borders for which they are paying royally now in welfare and crimes rising daily! Sure, that is smart thinking, Kerry. NOT!

  194. If the world isn’t Shocked by Our Country having this Idiot represent us then nothing will!!!

  195. Michael Sanders

    Those other leaders couldn’t care less. They’re too busy trying to push Europe into an economic collapse to rid themselves of capitalism and “anglo-saxon economies”. Thanks to Wikileaks we know that the IMF is conspiring with the elites of Europe to cause a default by Greece to force a Europe wide economy.
    Meanwhile our leaders have pumped up the greatest bubble ever. They have bankrupted our country. More than likely very soon the dollar will collapse and the failure of those too big to fail banks, which are now even bigger, will seem like a speed bump and the Great Depression will look like a picnic.
    If Kerry wants to point fingers he should point one at himself and all those who came before him, of both parties, that have spent us into oblivion.
    As usual our leaders play on our emotions to distract us from the reality we’re slipping off the edge of a cliff into a free fall.

  196. excellent piece of journalism, especially the closing statement. Precise truth, and acurately assessed. Keep um comin

  197. Ouça os pagamentos que mandarão, pela tham, e os demais pagamentos todos nem um chegou, nas minhas mãos. Estou autorizando a mandar, sete agentes da INTERPOL da U.S. a passar na compania, da tham e pegar os meus pagamentos, e me trazer até Novo Hamburgo. Bairro Santo Afonso e quero que fiquem, no bico deles por que a maioria, são FALCATRUAS e corruptos, não confio em ninguém por que os pagamentos, que me enviarão pela tham e de navio, e pelos correios até agora não chegou, nem um todos os que trabalham nas agencias, da reuters de Novo Hamburgo e São Leopoldo e Porto Alegre e todos os contabilistas. De Novo Hamburgo e São Leopoldo e Porto Alegre Rio Grande do Sul Brasil estão afiliados, a lavagem e corrupção de dinheiro, eles estão juntos com os falcatruas aqueles que forao mencionados, anteriormente nas mensagens. Estou autorizando a FBI da U.S. e a INTERPOL da U.S. a RAQUIAR e fiscalizar as suas internet e seu emaiAGORAORTURAR até confessarem todas as tramóias, prender todos sem direito a fiança. Estamos entendidos sim ou não. ASSINADO E DECRETADO GOVERNAMENTAL.GENERATION.NELSON NUNES, DA U.S. E TAMBÉM DA CIA EXECUÇÃO CONFIRMADO A ORDE AGORA

  198. John Kerry were you shocked when the Benghazi Embassy burned and the ambassador was murdered along with three other brave hero’s trying to defend the Ambassador and the Embassy when Obama and Hillary wouldn’t. Were you shocked when two terrorist murdered 14 people in California at a Christian celebration? Were you shocked when Paris was bombed by terrorist and many died and were injured. Were you shocked at Brussels Belgium when people were bombed and many were killed and injured. Were you shocked when you and Obama handed over a free reign to the Iranian government to develop a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel and the United States off the face of the world. Your statement is so far off the subject it stinks to high heaven. The reason for any shock is drilled in to your bias against all the free people in the world. Enjoy your office while you can your political life is over maybe you can stir your wife’s Heinz Ketchup business in France by the way is Heinz a Nazi name. Can’t wait for the day when you sorry ass is kicked out of politics along with Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    • Kerry was only shocked when he broke his leg and discovered that the laws of physics applies to his elite ass just like the laws of physics does to us “LITTLE PEOPLE”

  199. Not saying anything about the Democratic criminal, Hillary Benghazi Clinton!

  200. John Kerry is confused. They were asking him what happened to America the last 7 years. Kerry has done nothing but be Obama’s point man to do all his bidding since Kerry took office. This way Obama can take no responsibility like he did with Hillary on the Benghazi slaughters.

  201. :<) Purple Heart John (the loser) Kerry fell off his Bike Supporter in Paris, France and broke his boner.

  202. Well I am shocked that people proven to be so anti-American as John Kerry could be elected dog catcher in this Country. It shows how dumb the democrat voter is.

  203. Jerald Watts, M.D.

    It is my opinion tht if John Carey had been elected we would not be in Iraq, the middle east, though unstable for over half a centry would not be in so much trouble… He is wealthy yet is out there doing what he can to protect America and I toast him for his efforte despite all the obstructions he faces from certain political foes…

    • Wow, I believe in the tooth Fairy, too. And Keeping my Doctor, and Swift Boat commands, and Hanoi Jane, and my unicorn farts rose petals. (sarcasm off) And I agree we wouldn’t be in Iraq, because Iraq would be in Washington DC, if Carey (Kerry?) had been elected.

  204. Many of the posts here calling people childish names are so juvenile. I wonder sometimes if they have adult supervision, I’m sure someone will prove my point and respond by calling me a moronic name, but unlike those who do I am an adult.

    • OK, I’ll bite: You’re a moronic name! Do you feel better having been shown to be precognitive? [I’m an old fart, apparently in my second childhood].

    • Sandy Perlmutter

      People who think of themselves as “patriots” seem to have a lot of problems with English, understanding the Constitution, and Truth in general, so they end up using playground language. The patriots who founded this country didn’t want these people to be able to vote! They had a point — they were afraid of mob rule.

  205. As usual Kerry is lying. His past should have prevented him from serving in any government capacity. It s more like foreigners are amazed at Kerry being in his position. He travels the world representing the USA — BS

  206. Kerry should have been FRAGGED by his boat mates back in Vietnam the hippie prick that he is. and who the F__K cares what Kerry says about anything. He is a good example that career politicians are the dumbest bastards in the world

  207. As ugly as he is “Lurch” should be used to shock every morning he has to look in the bathroom mirror at his mug.

  208. Kerry you are an idiot. BOZO makes his own rules and bypasses the houses to get what he wants. All I can say is protect your homes….buy that handgun license and grab ammo at the same time. BOZO has been trying to destroy our USA since DAY 1. He is a jihadist muslim at heart and will do nothing short of what his mentors (ISIS) are doing. TRUMP IN 2016








    One of the most beautiful religious mothers was a girl who was concerned about homosexual life styles corrupting her children. She did not like what she saw coming down the road and said so. She is one of the first examples of communist intimidation of sponsors to achieve a communist goal. The decimation of the USA by assassination using liable and ridicule. Her name was Anita Bryant and she earned a living advertising Orange Juice. They destroyed her ability to feed her children. No one stood up for her.

    Now we have American fighting men in communist ROTC colleges wearing high heels instead of combat boots. Yes my friend the first wave gets all the bullets. Watch D-Day. I think a lieutenant is good for thirty seconds. You can watch the Texas chain saw massacre part 122 and the walking dead. You can watch imaginary space alien enemies and blow them up by video. Then one day when you are not paying attention like on 911. You are going to get the shock of your life.You will learn about nuke strikes by drone to your house and you will have to take your shoes off at burkha king and get a pat down at the movies. Then this powerless government will call you to the front lines with no basic training because we ran out of time and you will become a combat cry baby.












    Led by FIX NEWS the sister of Nothing But Communists NBC. Trump was supposed to be destroyed by Megyn Woopie Kelly at the first knee capping debate. Anything owned by Waltzing Matilda Murdock is obviously anti Trump. The media controls the American mind. Americans are totally conditioned to respond like Pavlov’s dogs to Media teasers. After 8th grade the American mind belongs to the Soviet Supreme. America is run by a cover up government who passes laws to line their pockets.

    If Trump becomes president the only lobby in Washington will be in a Trump hotel. How will that sit with the swill who owns congress? Who made the Rule one term in congress and you get a pension for life? Who made the rule and the money on the insider trading bill where only congress can make money on stock tips received from advance inside information? Wall street goes to jail if they do it.

    Why are the people denied the whole truth and nothing but the truth by the cover up congress?

    Why is our intel so poor and weak. Back to Pearl Harbor and the Clinton Towers. Why does one party stack the investigating panel with stooges? 911 hearings. IRS hearings. Benghazi cover up hearings.

    When was the last time an Un American president left troops on the battlefield to die? When was the last time the US Navy allowed two ships be taken without a fight. The last time was the USS Pueblo captured and tortured by North Korea. Has the Navy lost it’s liberty bells?

    When was the last time 16 law enforcement officers surrounded a 69 year old un armed cowboy and shot him in the back hands out stretched?

    When was the last time we elected a traitor to destroy the country? When was the last time the demoncrat party kicked GOD out. Voted to burn the flag. Spit on the military and kill kids? Using the law to commit infanticide? Why does the Democratic party get us into war then leave us to die on the battlefield promising never to run again. While calling us war mongers and hawks.

    Where is the act of war that ordered American forces into Libya? Where was congressional approval?

    When does an executive order declare war? Who writes the excuses to the presslings?


    Why are American service men POW’S in Ft Levenworth on OBAMA charges of fighting back?

    Why are their families consigned to a life of poverty and shame with loss of benefits. They committed no crime. Yet congress gets a full pension after one lying term

    My theory is Trump was scheduled to fall at Bush’s feet. When that did not work they used Rubio to destroy Trump. When that did not work the used Cruz to destroy Trump. Then they were going to destroy Cruz using his Canadian citizenship. Trump warned Cruz to clear the air and Cruz did just that.

    Now the goal is to crucify Trump Deny him 1237 and kill him at the convention. Karl Rove is calling for a new candidate. He should wipe his white board clean and put cold cut specials on it. Like Rino boloney five cents a pound. FIX news ham six cents a pound.

    When you have the republican party willing to join the demo commo party to stop Trump you have only party in the USA. Trump can keep his oath not to start a third party by starting a second one.

    Why does Obama spit in the face of Vets by not allowing them to visit their outdoor memorials.

    Who will win the battle if we go to a civil war? How will it be fought? Now you know why the communists want all the guns. Those who want to take your guns away intend to kill you and your family. Bill Ayers has said 20% of the population will never surrender. They must be liquidated.

    Trump is the only answer. He is influence free and his own man. He is an American not a gray poupon communist. We are more divided today than ever before. That is by design. The media has infected the minds of America with sinful crap. That is by design. Evil is good and good is evil. Mother’s with child are looked down upon. The first question they get asked is when are you going back to work comrade?

    The biggest industries in the country that kicked ass all over the world are gone. The once greatest industrial power now sells porn and drugs. Weed is on the commodity exchange. A fifty percent divorce rate. That does not count hook ups. Children of divorce suffer PTSD and need therapy. One out of five American families has a junkie in the closet. Rehab is part of the increased cost of health care. The biggest cost of health care is self inflicted wounds. Suicide rates are rising. We kill 1,200,000 American babies a year. Before sonograms the lie was, it is not human until the government says so.

    Trump is a realist. He sees the problem. He fixes it. He is the only one who can get the bills paid.

    Once he is president the national cry will be, how did we ever let these bums do to us what they did?

    When you have both parties joining forces and the media calling for stop Trump, you know we have a winner. Do not buy the lie. Don’t let them stump Trump. This is the first time in twenty years where your vote counts more than ever. The ballot is freedoms bullet. Give Trump his 1237 and watch his enemies become desperate. I never thought I would see the day when Conservatives behaved like democrats. The fact that Trump is not a conservative does not bother me. The fact that conservatives are no threat to the democrats bothers me. Throw the labels away and vote for the kids. Real conservatives are anti communists. Hitler and Mussolini died in 1945. Communism never died and

    infiltrates our government every day. Using issues that appeal to good heart people. They are only to be used and then discarded. When the tyrants show their true colors it will be RED.




  210. I am not surprised the world is surprised with GOP candidates. Actually they world should be surprised with GOP people as a whole. Most of them are immature, greedy and usually prey for women in their offices. They cannot stand living with their wrinkled wives.

  211. I wonder what the world thinks of us for having a candidate who is a proven habitual liar and under FBI criminal investigation and probably facing indictment.

  212. Sandy Perlmutter

    For all you Low Information Voters out there, here is some easy reading:

    Not that any of you will read it. You guys left the truth when you got into swift boating: “discredited and gave rise to the neologism “swiftboating”, to describe an unfair or untrue political attack.” Just about everything you all have written here is a lie AND stupid. This sort of thing is actually treasonous, as it leads to working against the United States.

    • David Witenstein

      The fact that you use Wikipedia as a reference is all I need to hear. Wikipedia is not the Encyclopedia Britannica it is edit by people who belong to the Web community not scholars.

      Where were you during Vietnam to be an expert on the war, Kerry, or swift boating? I was sleeping in a tent. No need to respond ignorance is irreparable

      • Sandy Perlmutter

        If you were sleeping in a tent, possibly in Vietnam, you were fed very little information. And you were damaged by the experience, evidently. Wikipedia, for one thing, is edited by intelligent and well-informed people for the most part, as was Encyclopedia Brittania. And the information you get on “patriot” news is certainly not from scholars, and barely information. But nothing will fix stupid.

  213. No, I believe the world leaders are wondering why the American people are letting Obama, the Congress and Kerry bring down America without a whimper. America was always a powerful country until this pink tutu wearing ballerina came into office and started making a SISSY out of our country….WE have become a joke and a TARGET for the bullies and terrorists of the world and its time to stand up for America and either take her back with the vote or violence if necessary . PERIOD !

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