John Kerry Still on Bush Apology Tour

Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that the U.S. had to take a different approach to world affairs than it had in the past as he defended the administration’s approach to Iraq.

Speaking at the Washington Ideas Forum, Kerry said that while Obama would have preferred an Iraqi government that wasn’t quite so sectarian, it wasn’t America’s business to go in and demand change. “The United States couldn’t just crash in and say, ‘Hey, you’re out. Here are the guys that are in.’ That’s not our – it would be playing into all of the worst stereotypes that have brought us to the difficulties we’re living with today.”

While Kerry did not specifically bring up the Bush Administration, many critics have taken the comments as veiled criticism of the “old way” of doing things. For those keeping count, it’s now been six years since President Bush retired to his ranch in Texas. And for those keeping score, then-senator Kerry voted to authorize Bush to use military force in Iraq in 2002.

Kerry went on to say that the world was getting tired of a bullying America. “Well, wait a minute,” Kerry said, imagining the reaction of world leaders, “do we really want the behemoth United States, superpower of the world, telling us all the time what we have to do?”

Probably not, considering who’s doing the telling. Americans have grown wary of Obama even on domestic issues. God knows other countries shouldn’t have to be subjected to his liberal idiocy.

The Behemoth

To the broader point, though, the U.S. has earned its place as an adviser to the world, has it not? I mean, who else does the world call when there are mouths to feed? Where else does the world turn when Ebola threatens to wipe out half of West Africa? What other countries took the initiative to stop the marching horror of the Islamic State?

By presenting it as an either/or proposition, Kerry is relying on a false dichotomy and producing a strawman that doesn’t exist. No one – conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between – wants us to become dictators of the world. At the same time, Iraq would still be under the thumb of Saddam Hussein if it wasn’t for us. Now, some might say that would be preferable to the current state of affairs, but hindsight is 20/20. Maybe if we had fought harder for a government that wasn’t built along ethnic lines, things would be different. Maybe things would have gone more smoothly if we hadn’t been in such a rush to pull everyone out. Who knows.

What I’m tired of is hearing our leaders apologize for previous administrations. That’s unnecessary. All jokes about “Premier Bush” aside, the man did his damnedest to protect this country in the wake of the worst terrorist attack in history. Though it’s increasingly difficult to remember it now, most of the country was all for removing Hussein from power. It wasn’t just Bush and Cheney on a campaign for oil money, as the left would have us now believe.

If the rest of the world wants the U.S. out of their hair so badly, then maybe they can take care of their own problems next time. Until that happens, let’s shelve the apologies.

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  1. The last two sentences says it all. If we weren’t such a great nation, would these other countries call on us for help? Why is that something to be ashamed of? No other country will step up to the plate and try for a home run each and every time. The world looks to us for leadership. The problem now is we don’t have a true leader. You can’t apologize for being great then continue to show that leadership financially while backing off strategically Had Obama continued our successes of kicking ass and taking names, we wouldn’t be the laughingstock we are today. He and Moochelle might be proud to be Americans for the first time today but a lot of Americans are ashamed of the administration and the way they handle foreign policy. When he said his foreign policy was “don’t do stupid stuff”, that should have made us wisen up and kick his sorry ass back to the third world rock he crawled out from under.

    • BINGO! Never though I would say this, but I am ashamed of my country. Someone once said politicians are a reflection on the people who elect them. The American people elected this Cretan, twice! That does not put the America People in a very favorable light.

      • True, but we can change that if a majority of Americans step forward and first remove is Democrat accomplices today and then make sure we don’t get a new versions of him In 2016

        • New version of Obummer: HILLARY CLINTON, aka BILLARY. She would probably BE WORSE than Obummer.

          • Sure would, Bill says “she likes pussy more than I do” First we got a queer in the White House We sure don’t need a crotch cannibal in there next!

      • I don’t vote for ass hold Obama either time and not because he’s back or a Muslim

        • but the media says your a bigot and a racist if you didn’t vote for him.

        • I never voted for him. I looked for information and I knew he was muslim. On November 2008 I couldn’t believe America elected a muslim AFTER 9/11. Later I confirmed he was very and more dangerous when reading information about his mentor, Frank Marshal Davis, I discovered he is a communist. It’s so sad because I come from a Communist country. The problem here is America doesn’t accept warnings. Cuban exiles gave advise to America, to Venezuela, but nobody wanted to listen nor to see… Now is harder, THEY ARE HERE!

      • RIGHT ON , Valor , RIGHT ON!!!!

      • I am not ashamed of my country. I am ashamed of my government.

        • EXACTLY! I, too, am not ashamed of my country, only the idiots who are running it now. Even with the Senate in Republican hands now, we can’t impeach Obama because there aren’t enough votes to carry it through. We should make the effort though. Although it’s probably too late now. We, the country, through our so-called representatives, should have done this early in his first term, BEFORE he and his vermin had a chance to bring this country down as far as it is now.

          • I sort of agree and sort of disagree. If the Republicans adopt an agenda of wanting to impeach Ovomit, there will be a Democratic backlash the likes of which this country has never seen. And, the Republicans can just hang it up because they will NEVER win another election.

            At this point, I think it would be better to just shut down his program by cutting off his funding to continue his lawless ways. It is sort of like a symbolic impeachment. Every single time he threatens an “Executive Action,” the House can act to prevent him from spending any money, and with Ovomit, money talks.

            I heard something today from my 87 year old mom that the Democraps are already putting out there —

            1. They are going to cut our Social Security payments by 11% and make recipients pay income tax on their money regardless of how much they make.

            2. They are going to stop every Senior who is on Medicare from having ANY corrective surgery of any kind and will increase our Medicare premiums by 25%.



      • AMEN. I didn’t vote for that cock-sucker the first time.

      • there is no doubt that this fraud of a man had the second election rigged. showing that some town had no one voting at all republican and votes by the soldiers that didn’t make it into the election and all the other tricks shows how far they will go. you have to almost wonder if he wont start so much anarchy in this country to declare us under martial law so he does not have to stand down. with all his lies and deceit do you really think its beyond him, cause I don’t. he signed the bill so it could happen!!!

        • You are right in part. There was voter fraud, no doubt about it. However, don’t forget the 3+ million registered Republicans who didn’t vote in 2012 because they didn’t feel Romney was “conservative enough” for them. They also share the responsibility. If we expect to win the WH in 2016, it will take every Republican vote along with some Independents. Hopefully after 4 more years of Obama, they will have learned their lesson.

      • We did not elect this Moron twice the second election was Stolen just remember if you can’t win fair CHEAT the democrat way!!!

      • Given Tuesday’s vote, perhaps you will change your mind. A portion of Americans voted for Obama. Don’t blame the rest of us.

      • I LOVE this country, and have never been ashamed of it. I am, however, ashamed of many of our politicians – self-serving, greedy, lying thieves that they are! I am ashamed of the way we have treated our Veterans – despicable!
        As far as obama being elected twice – no way! Maybe he beat McCain, but not Romney. He stayed in office through voter fraud – pure and simple.

      • Sorry but American people didn’t elect that ILLEGAL,LYING,POS muslime.Soros and the breeders and takers put him in our WHITE HOUSE fraudulently.Now arrest and execute him along with all his cabinet members for crimes against The United States of America.USAF-SAC 56-62

      • He was voted first by dumb or bad Americans, he was voted twice by dishonest, socialist democRats and by fraud (illegal vote, dupe vote, death vote, absentee ballot false vote, digital machine stealing vote). This time Veritas action against fraud has helped a lot to limit the fraud.

      • I think you are taking it to heart too much. Obama was not elected by the people twice. He did not get a majority vote from the people He was elected by the electoral college. To say it another way he was put in office by the Democrats in the Senate twice. But of course the senator were elected. It is too bad the senators were of such poor character to elect the fatherless alien from Kenya. They should all be replaced and quickly.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Would someone PLEASE reach over and slap the piss out of dumbass Kerry and ask him how the hell the United States was formed?? Yes, you dumbass, they moved in, and as you say, told the native Indians, “You’re out!” Then they proceeded to kill off most of them! Kerry needs to reach back into that crackerjax box and try to reclaim his brain!!

      • OH STOP – each culture that has come here has destroyed all the other cultures. The Indians were NOT the first people here and they too invaded and destroyed others. But I agree with slapping the piss out of KERRY – he is such a moron.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          But the funny part is Helen…. When dipshit Biden went over to the Ukraine, he stood boldly and said, “The United States will stand behind you on this! No one has the right to just march in, say they like it, and just take over your country!”
          Wasn’t but a moment when someone poked him in the ribs and said, “Hey dipshit, how do you think the United States was formed?” But this is the scope of intelligence coming from demoncraps!!

    • The Obamas are not AMERICANS. That’s why this ass-hole does what he does.

      • You are right John, The Obamas are not Americans, most of them are illegal aliens with fraud voting cards or IDs, the others are bad, evil socialists…

    • damn right!! this jerk is one of a number of big fat hypocrites that i just cannot stand!

  2. John Kerry; Portrait of a FAILED American Serviceman. …would someone please pull this American IDIOT in from OUTER SPACE??

  3. Don’t believe any of this bulls##t. The government needs a reset….NOW

  4. Another useless democrat from Massachusetts!

  5. john Kerry is just as useless as obama and the democrat party, and the UN. America would be much better off without them.

  6. Why the hell doesnt Kerry go home to his wife is he scared of her LOL

    • Kerry has lived a choreographed life. He went to Nam and wanted to be on a gun boat (like JFK was the PT boat) JFK got a purple heart. Kerry more or less made up windy tall tails on got enough people to say yes that he got a purple heart or two, I think he got one for a paper cut. Then he comes home and protests the American’s involvement in Nam. He got into enough photo ops that a young very rich heiress was interested and he married her and became one of the richest men in America on another mans work and investment. It doesn’t take a hard look to see Kerry hasn’t earned anything. He managed to put his self in the right place at the right time and always promote himself. That’s your typical politician.

      • The only part of your comment I dispute is the part about the “young” heiress. She’s a witch; certainly not some naive young girl. When Kerry ran against George Bush even Kerry’s campaign staff complained about her. It probably is petty but the one thing that sticks in my mind is when Kerry left his townhouse to give his concession speech, his staffers had to hold his umbrella. When George Bush left the WH to make his victory speech, he carried his own umbrella. Clearly the so-called spoiled elite on the one hand and a guy used to doing things for himself on the other.

      • He divorced his first wife to marry the heiress because his first wife wasn’t rich enough. What a toad!!!

    • Well, she does come off as a witch but he likes the money she brings.

    • He should be. She is Soros right hand. She is deeply involved in the Tides Foundation.

  7. FEDUP says it best – if this country is so bad, why do many come to this country illegally and even legally? If their countries are so great, why don’t they stay there? I am tired of Muslims and others coming here trying to live like they did in the dust bowl of the east or in Mexico or Africa! GO HOME!!

    Live like sub humans in your own damn country and stay out of ours.

    Elect ONLY those politicians who will get rid of Sharia law here, Muslim ghettoes and illegals and send them back to their caves and squalor they so like. Get out and VOTE anything but DEMOCRATIC and let’s make America a place where Americans live.

    • I also find it ironic that people leave mideastern countries where Sharia law is the norm, where women are treated shamefully and come to America trying to promote Sharia law. If they liked it so well, why did they leave? As far as I’m concerned, Mexican illegal immigrants are cowards. Rather than staying and fighting for change, they run to the United States. Certainly, that is not what built America.

      • New law–no Muslims. We won’t cut their heads off if they don’t convert but we sure can send them home. We are a Christian nation. You hate us–stay away!

        • Actually Christians and Jews have lived in peaceful co-existence for generations. It is the Muslims who come to the US or those who convert who make the trouble. A restaurant took down their sign advertising bacon, under pressure, because it offended Muslims. Jews don’t eat bacon either but they simply don’t order it. Never have they complained because a restaurant advertised their breakfast menu. Never have they pushed their religious beliefs on our government, our businesses and our schools. In one community, inhabited by Muslims, they put up a sign, no dogs because they don’t like dogs. In another, they posted a sign on a public park saying it was a Muslim park and others aren’t welcome. Where in the hell are our elected officials from the local to the state to the federal level? Taxpayers pay for maintenance of the park yet these people are allowed to keep anyone who is not Muslim out?

          • Christians need to respond to this. “the other cheek” doesn’t quite cut it. This has been going on for thousands of years. Google “The Crusades”

          • Christians, Jews and Atheists need to respond to this. It doesn’t just concern Christians, it concerns every non Muslim in America. As a Christian, I do understand that not only Christians are harmed by Muslim take-over in America.

          • Gee—I hadn’t noticed the Mosque on every corner and the teaching of the Koran in schools. But then, I guess the muslims have taKen over America, Dawn.

          • I would like to know where that is. I would go there and say This is America Asshole not the Middle East, Then proceed to kick the ever lovin shit out of as many as I could.

  8. Calling Kerry a moron is an insult to all other morons.

  9. This, coming from the biggest back stabbing elitists, to America since Benedict Arnold…………..sweethearts.

  10. Too bad a zipper with a lock can’t be put on the lip of Lurch.

  11. Build the Friggin’ Wall, like you PROMISED when Reagan granted Amnesty !!!!

  12. any country that has terrorists by any name that comes in and kicks people out of their homes and their towns, that kills its citizens in mass graves, that cut up children and put heads on sticks. that kills people from our nation and other nations in the name of allah. who uses their religious believes to call for the genocide of another religion needs to be condemned by the world, and if we are the great nation that other countries call upon then we need to stop pussy footing around and make a statement, no red lines anywhere and call for any other nation that believes that this caliphate needs to be stopped step up with us and stop this atrocity before it comes here to our nation and other nations because they realize no one is going to try and stop them, so it must be ok….

  13. Had Kerry been a responsible politician and worked with the fledgling government of Iraq, and looked out for their best interest and took the responsible steps in his authority to ensure them a safe State, ISIL would have never have been able to grow in Iraq, to slaughter thousands and thousands of Iraqi Christians and citizens. This is on Kerry’s head because it was his security job to do the right thing. But this guy has done nothing but cut and run his whole political career. Now the whole world is in danger because of Kerry, Obama diplomatic failed policy . And he looks between his legs, and still no pair has grown. Now the people of other global States get slaughter’d wherever he practices his diplomatic failed strategy. I’m getting the feeling that this gutless feather of a man probably gets in the top few who dared to insult Netanyahu by calling him a childish chicken name.. Israels Prime Minister is so much more of a man, he makes Kerry look like a cross dresser.

    • Israel’s Prime Minister is more of a leader than Obama ever thought of being. He cares and protects the citizens of Israel while Obama does exactly the opposite.

      • When I lived in foreign countries I was told never to say I was from the U.S. if ever incarcerated because our country would do nothing except to ask if I was comfortable. I was told to say I was from Israel or England because they get their people out.

        • I think it depends on why an individual is there and in what country. When people ignore advice and travel to countries hostile to the United States, it is not our job to get them back out. The Marine jailed in Mexico is quite a different story in that he simply made a wrong turn and found himself in Mexico. If some idiot decides he/she wants to travel to Iran, North Korea or any hostile country, that’s their choice but they need to pay the consequences. There was absolutely no reason for the Ohio man who was released to even go there. We should absolutely not put our Military at risk to rescue those who are pigheaded enough to ignore warnings.

          • Dawn, that was not the case I was referring to. The conversation I had was with a former CIA man. He was telling me what a prudent person should do.

          • You may be right although a “prudent” person wouldn’t travel where they aren’t wanted.

          • That’s true however we were in the Import and Export business so you go where the products are. I am not talking about countries where you are not wanted. It could happen in any foreign country.

          • Yes it could but it is a given that if an American is caught in a hostile country he/she is more likely to be arrested on some trumped reason. Most of those captured weren’t there on business; they were there because they wanted to see the country or wanted to “save souls”. There are more than enough souls to be saved right here in the USA. Going into a non Christian country, trying to make converts will certainly get them arrested and rightly so. We don’t want Muslims coming to America trying to change us and make us all into Muslims. This is what I mean when I say the US Government and the taxpayers are under no obligation to come to their rescue.

          • That is true. The Muslims are trying to change our Country right now. We have to be vigilant.

          • Yes, they are trying to change our country to suit their agenda and their evil religion and so far they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

          • Yeah, gun them all down.

  14. John Kerry is a COWARD & a Traitor to the United States

  15. John Kerry is one despicable human being! from appearing with Jane Fonda[Hanoi Jane],throwing fake medals over the fence at the white House to apologizing for America. How many Sailors do you know that had their every move filmed while in a warzone?

  16. *sigh* The only apology tour this lurch needs to do is to the American people for his dumb ass remarks..He defines dumbassery.

  17. kerry needs to be hung beside his fearless or should i say ballless leader muslim brother

  18. If Kerry had a brain it would be small enough that he would take it out and play tittly winks with it!!!

  19. Lets not help other countries unless they pay for actions and support our country when we need their support.

  20. Kerry has been diverting attention from the fact he has been a traitor to this Nation since Vietnam ! Guess what Obozo picked him ???

  21. That low-IQ bloviating gasbag who voted for the war before he voted against it – I mean Hanoi Kerry – …but do I have to say anything more?

  22. These so–called critics of our nation don’t mind taking our money, food, clothing, health aide etc etc..But Kerry must be right after all he ‘served’ in Vietnam..lmao

  23. John Kerry is the second biggest moron in the Obama administration, care to guess who’s first? Kerry is an absolute disgrace to the Office that he now presides over. Only Obama would put such a joke in charge of foreign diplomacy. Sadly even Kerry cannot make Obama seem like a leader. Both should be kicked out of Office for gross incompetence.

  24. you know kerry, you voted for the war, saw the same intell bush saw, so why the hell cant you just shut the f*** up??!! bush has more class in his little pinky than you got in your entire freaking body!! bush has refused to criticize your admin for the entire time you have been in office even tho you jerks NEVER miss a chance to blame & criticize him! you make me sick! it was YOUR admin who decided to throw away the gains we made, so up yours!!! God bless our troops & God bless their former commander in chief!! [gwb]

  25. Hey Kerry blame the fairy, hes the one who looks like an incompetent joke to our allies and enemies alike. Look at the present, John.

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