Joe Scarborough Slams Media for Trump “Hypocrisy”

Former Republican congressman Joe Scarborough, now better known as the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with Mika Brzezinski, penned an op-ed this week defending himself against accusations that he and his co-host were “partying” with President-elect Donald Trump over New Years’ weekend.

Scarborough, who has been one of the only TV news hosts outside of Fox to give Trump a fair shake, said the media’s hatred of Trump would be the industry’s undoing.

“This past week, I met twice with President-elect Donald Trump attempting to secure an interview for inauguration week,” Scarborough wrote. “Judging from the snide reaction of some in the press, you would have thought I offered to sketch the outline of his inaugural speech.”

After relating the details of the two meetings, Scarborough addressed that reaction from his peers in the media.

“I do not know whether we will end up with an interview with the incoming president next month, but I do know that the reaction from some media reporters has been an equal dose of hyperventilation and hypocrisy that such a meeting ever took place,” he wrote. “Never mind the inconvenient fact that a passel of reporters and media types has had more meetings with the current president than Mika and I have ever had with Trump.”

But Scarborough recognized that the attacks weren’t about him, nor even about conservative journalists in general.

“It is about an increasingly disoriented press corps made vertiginous from the election of a man they openly despise,” he concluded.

“Reporters don’t have to like Trump,” Scarborough said. “But they do need to stop hyperventilating long enough to approach the next four years with a balanced perspective and at least start pretending to once again be objective.”

Well, we’re all waiting to see if they have the self-awareness to do that. So far, the signs aren’t promising. The New York Times and the Washington Post are still in full-blown attack mode, and the rest of the liberal media isn’t far behind. As hard as it is to believe, they still don’t see how their outrageously biased coverage of the campaign backfired in their faces. They still seem to think they’re just one good hit piece away from taking Donald Trump down for good.

If there’s a window of opportunity for the mainstream political media to regain the public’s trust, it is closing rapidly. Question is: Do they even realize it?

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