Joe Scarborough Claims Insider Told Him of Trump’s “Dementia”

President Donald Trump must have struck a nerve on Wednesday when he mentioned on Twitter something about an “unsolved mystery” down in Florida involving one of then-congressman Joe Scarborough’s dead interns. While police ruled out foul play in the young woman’s death all those years ago, it was not without notice that Scarborough abruptly dropped out of the House of Representatives only a few months later. Was Trump really suggesting that Scarborough had something to do with the girl’s death or was he just trying to push the “Morning Joe” host’s buttons? If he was going for the latter effect, he achieved his goal, because Scarborough came to work Thursday with a head full of steam.

“He is completely detached from reality,” fumed Scarborough. “We had a New York Times and Washington Post piece saying so a couple of days ago. And the question is, Mika, if this is not what the 25th amendment was drafted for…”

“Then what was it drafted for?” chimed co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“I would like the cabinet members serving America, not the President. Serving America. You serve America and you know it,” Joe continued. “You know you don’t serve Donald J. Trump: scam developer, scam, you know, Trump University proprietor. Reality TV show host, you don’t represent him. You represent 320 million people, whose lives are literally in your hands, and we are facing a showdown with a nuclear power, and you have somebody inside the White House that the New York Daily News says is mentally unfit, that people close to him say is mentally unfit, that people close to him during the campaign told me had early stages of dementia.”

And thus landed the bombshell.

Now, are we really expected to believe this? Are we really expected to believe that campaign officials close to Trump would have run off to “Morning Joe” to report – hush, hush, off the record – that their candidate was heading towards dementia? And if we’re expected to believe that, are we expected to believe that Joe and Mika sat on this information for the last year, when they have dedicated nearly every hour of their program to tearing into this president? It’s patently absurd, and Scarborough should be reprimanded – if not terminated – for making such a wild, unsourced, unbelievable allegation on cable television.

But you know, what’s the point? We’re talking about a guy who thinks that because the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ran an editorial saying the president is unfit, that means we should invoke the 25th Amendment and remove him from office. The same NY Daily News whose headline read: Clown Runs for President when Trump threw his hat into the ring. This is a joke show, run by a joke of a man and his joke of a fiancée. Anyone who takes what he says seriously is already too far down the rabbit hole of anti-Trump insanity to be saved, anyway.

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