Jill’s Angry Outbursts and Abuse Exposed

Dr. Jill, Joe Biden’s nurse and handler, vets her husband’s staffers and rages at aides, according to a new report by The New York Times

Jill Biden also limits her invalid husband’s public appearances to avoid gaffes and ‘senior’ moments because Joe Biden has dementia.

According to the New York Times, Jill Biden raged at senior aides after Joe Biden answered questions for two hours after delivering a speech in January.

A reporter asked Joe Biden about his mental health and Jill Biden was reportedly furious that White House aides allowed her husband to be subjected to such questions.

Dr. Jill also vetted Jen Psaki before she was officially chosen to be Biden’s White House Press Secretary, according to The Times.

The New York Times reported:

Lauren A. Wright, a professor at Princeton who has written extensively about political appearances by first ladies, said the East Wing under Dr. Biden, 71, who kept teaching as an English professor as first lady, has become completely intertwined with the political efforts of the West Wing.

“This role has become so serious and political,” she said. “It must be part of the strategic White House planning and effort. Otherwise you’re wasting opportunities.”

She is incredibly protective of Mr. Biden, and has been involved in the hiring of his press staff and other senior aides. (She vetted Jen Psaki, Mr. Biden’s first press secretary, alongside her husband.) She has been direct when she believes they have not protected him: After Mr. Biden delivered a nearly two-hour news conference in January, members of his senior staff were rehashing the appearance in the Treaty Room when the first lady appeared.

She pointedly asked the group, which included the president, why nobody stepped in to stop it, according to a person who was in the room. Where was the person, she demanded, who was supposed to end the news conference?

Jill Biden is often seen holding her invalid husband’s hand and leading him off stage or whisking him away from reporters.

According to Tucker Carlson, Joe Biden’s cognitive function was so far gone that he was fed pills by staff supervised by his wife Jill to be able to function during the 2020 presidential campaign–and still is to this day.

Original Article: Dr. Jill Vets Joe Biden’s Staffers, Rages at Aides, Limits Her Husband’s Public Appearances (thegatewaypundit.com)

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  2. Americans were clearly able to see the real Biden and voted for Trump. The Marxist’s cheated and stole the election. We saw Biden calling voters, “Fat”, “dumb”, and dog faced pony soldier. Biden stayed in the basement and didn’t campaign. He said he’d end our oil and gas industry and raise taxes, who would vote for him?

  3. Joe Biden is not the Joe Biden of yesterday nor last week nor a month ago or before the election. That Biden is long gone. What we have today is but the external shell of a former Senator being whisked around and told what to do and say by his wife, not in that is a very uncommon thing. The problem is HE is not running the country, his wife appears to be AND SHE WAS NOT ELECTED, even the pretense of being elected. Joe Biden was forced into the position when he should not have been and its up to his Cabinet and other to use Article 25 of the Constitution to remove him from power asap. He is mentally unable to perform the duties of his position by himself. To less is prolonging the war on the US Citizens and extending his grief in office.

  4. “Dr” jill needs to be arrested for elder abuse for allowing a vegetable to run for office in the first place, and she should also be charged for impersonating a doctor!

    • I think all the people that promoted Joe Biden should be charged with being a traitor. He is so embarrassing, and Jill is not a Medical Doctor. She has a PHD. Those people have actually destroyed the USA and are continuing to destroy it. Kamala Harris is just as bad, talk about crazy. Was your hatred of Donald Trump worth this? With 45 at the helm, girls were girls, boys were boys and we could actually put gas in our cars and food on the table.

  5. I’m with the Eagles fans on this one.

  6. I agree. She is no doctor and neither is she a good wife. She is using him in order to get attention for herself. A very self-centered person.

  7. Talk is that the DNC is thinking about having Jill run for POTUS in 2024-the insanity continues! She should be in jail for elder abuse.

  8. Joe has always been a scumbag. She can’t change that.

  9. Well so far, our “PRESIDENT” has made enemies of Russia, China, Iraq and now Saudi Arabia. How do you think this will end.
    JFK didn’t want Russian missiles in Cuba and Putin doesn’t want USA missiles in Ukraine. Food for thought

  10. If this witch, with a capital “B”, wasn’t so determined to be First Lady, she would have stopped him from running! He had NO BUSINESS running!! He was already in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and SHE KNEW IT!!!!

    Trump should be the president, and he would have been if they hadn’t committed fraud to get this demented idiot into office!!!!

  11. If Jill runs Joe then China runs Jill. The CCP is in charge of the USA!

  12. Uncle F, you are correct. China has bought and paid for the White House through Hunter Biden making deals with China, Russia, and others selling access to his dad, Joe Biden, and advising him to pass certain Laws and rules that benefit those nations and weaken the USA. THIS is TREASON! The USA is at is weakest that it has been since FDR when Japan attacked us. Our Military is undermanned and weak with these Covid and Woke rules being first and foremost rules, our Economy is in the tank, inflation is hurting us tremendously and the Morals of the USA are also in that tank along with our Patriotism! This is all because of Biden and his Administration.

  13. Jill Biden is not a doctor,she is a fraud just like all of her family,including China Joe. What is her specialty in medicine? She is as fake as a three dollar bill. Joe needs to be impeached asap,for the good of our nation. I know that the cackling idiot is next in line,but Kamala can also be impeached,she has some skeletons in her closet,also.

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