Jill Publicly Undermines a Biden 2024 Presidency

Tuesday, during an appearance on NBC’s “Today,” first lady Jill Biden acknowledged she had not yet discussed her husband, President Joe Biden’s 2024 political plans.

“Not yet,” she said. “He’s been a little bit too busy. Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll be discussions.”

However, the first lady suggested he should run again.

“You know, it is taxing,” Biden added. “But look at all that Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do. So, I just think he needs to keep going.”

Original Article: Jill Biden Says She Has ‘Not Yet’ Discussed 2024 with Husband – ‘I Just Think He Needs to Keep Going’ (breitbart.com)

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  1. A family of criminals, liars, and treasonous scum. Just who could have predicted any other response?

  2. Look at all he has done. What a stupid bitch.

  3. Jill is being selfish. She knew in 2020 he wasn’t healthy enough for the job, but she wanted to be First Lady and live in the White House. Now everyone has to suffer because of her.

  4. How exactly has Biden done what he said he would do? All he has done is spend the economy into record high inflation, has done nothing regarding crime, has done nothing about illegal immigration, has not unified the country as he said he would and has divided it even more. She must be wearing some very rosy glasses!

  5. “But look at all that Joe has done. He has kept true to what he said he would do. So, I just think he needs to keep going.”

    Yep. Jill is right. joke biden has kept true to his promise to destroy the United States of America, and as long as he’s in the oval office, he will continue to do so!!

  6. Yep……just look at all that Joe has done! Ruined the country in record time!

  7. Delors, you are so right

  8. Yep Diane K he’s turning our great America into a third world country and enjoying it

  9. Joe hasn’t done one positive thing for this country!

  10. Ironic that it’s “taxing” for him….

  11. All that he’s done?? LOL!! What has she been smoking??

  12. Biden I d worthless and killed our America. I pray every night to remove the Democrats evil 😈

  13. How is she going to feel when she gets charged with elder abuse…

  14. LOL.. busy? Busy doing what. Fucking up our country. He’s a loser, and she’s a slut.

  15. She just doesn’t want to give up First Lady status. She’s done a lot of firsts, but lady is not a term that applies to her. What kind of a wife would let her husband continually make a complete idiot out of himself for the world to see? When the Biden administration leaves the White House, they’re going to have to fumigate to get rid of the smell. It can’t be soon enough for me.

  16. Yeah he’s done all he said he would do and the only problem if he’s allowed to continue, the USA will become the Venezuela of the northwrn western hemisphere. Hopefully the American people are at the end of their ropes and patience, tired of being screwed, pissed off to the highest level and sick and tired of this dog and pony show called slow joe and heels up the ho and come this November with the mid terms, vote out ALL liberals, ‘progressives’ or whatever the hell these anti American idiots are calling themselves these days as if their lives and America depend on it ’cause it does. This must be followed up with all future elections, local, regional and national beginning with the mid terms and in 2024 and any candidate with a D or progressive behind their name, vote them out until they’re all gone. Donald Trump might have been abrupt and called a road apple just what it was instead of German Chocolate Cake. He wasn’t a politician but a businessman who tried to make America greater and give the middle class a break for a change yet because of the liberals and their stalling and temper tantrums, nothing he wanted to do got done and now, just look at things. And the strange thing, the liberals blame all this crap on Trump when this is all joey bidee and heels up’s doing. Really if people aren’t pissed off enough with higher and higher prices for just about everything, an open southern border, homelessness getting out of hand and nothing but the middle finger from the so called leaders who’ve proved theuy couldn’t lead a scout troop out of the deep woods then, things are doing just fine according to them. I could go on but what’s the point as if people are so clueless and don’t see what’s happening and if allowed to continue, America will be doomed and sadly these people are beyond help.

  17. OMG! They are both brain dead morons!

  18. Everybody in the country could vote against Biden in the next election, but it won’t matter if the election is not handled in a fair and honest way. That means, no planting of votes, no dead people, no illegal immigrants and very few absentee and mail-in ballots.

  19. The ONLY reason for mail-in ballots is because someone is too ill or infirmed that they cannot make it to any Polling place. Understand most States have early voting as well which I take advantage of and vote early. Biden and is group of thieves will use any and all methods to ensure that they come out ahead. To prevent this we must remain vigilant against any cheating such as ballot stuffing and allowing ineligible people to vote. This MUST be stopped, and Hillary must lead this nation in removing those dead and moved people from the rolls. Did you know that in the last four years NYC had removed only 22 people from the rolls! This in a city of what, 10 million people. You trying to tell me that no one has died or moved away in that city since then? Of course they have added almost a half-million more voters during that time as well.

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