Jill Biden Attacks Nikki Haley

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

First lady Jill Biden has blasted Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley over her proposal that all politicians above the age of 75 should be subjected to mandatory mental competency tests. Dr. Biden called this call “ridiculous” in a CNN interview airing Monday night.

The first lady, when asked about the concerns regarding President Joe Biden’s age and whether he would be open to taking such a test, said that the couple would never have discussed “something like that.” Haley’s – age 51 – presidential campaign thus far has been framed around the idea that there is a need for a “new generation” of leadership to arise and fix the problems that the nation is encountering. During her campaign launch, she called for all politicians over the age of 75 to have to take mandatory mental competency tests. This would include both Biden, who is 80, as well as former President Donald Trump, who is 76.

Joe Biden is currently the oldest President in the nation’s history. While he has not yet launched his reelection campaign for 2024, he has repeatedly stated that he is fully intent on running again. The first lady also pointed out that the President’s recent travel engagements are proof of his endurance.

Still, despite Jill Biden’s comments about her husband’s recent trip to Ukraine, the president continues to face a lot of criticism regarding his age. However, despite these concerns, the Democrats have been expressing their support for Biden running for the White House once again.

In a recent interview, the first lady claimed that the only thing left is for Biden to set a schedule for when he would announce his reelection campaign.