Jesus Ads Banished from Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs pastor Lawson Perdue has been purchasing ad space on city bus stops for three years – a simple message that says: “Jesus is Lord.” But after someone complained about the advertisements, the city is choosing not to renew their contract with Perdue and his church, the Charis Christian Center.

“Don’t we have the freedom of speech in the United States?” Perdue asked the local paper. “Isn’t that a constitutional right?”

Perdue said that the Colorado Springs transit authority informed him that the name Jesus would no longer be allowed on his advertisements. They claimed that if they let him put that message out there, they would also have to allow messages of hate.

Is there no one sane left in government, local or otherwise?

Hopefully, the city will realize sooner than later that they have violated Perdue’s First Amendment rights and that their “hate message” justification is ridiculous.

But even if they do, this is another troubling sign for the direction of our country. You don’t have to go too far back in history to remember a time when ads like this wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. And if they did, city officials would have tossed any complaints in the trash – perhaps after laughing about them over lunch.

But we now live in a country where religious expression is wonderful…as long as that religion is not Christianity. Where cultural pride is to be celebrated…as long as that culture doesn’t include whites. Where political disagreement is fine…as long as your argument isn’t conservative.

America’s changing demographics were going to mean changes in our culture no matter what. But that’s fine. That’s not the problem. The problem is that our liberal overlords have prescribed a blueprint for the U.S. and they are on a single-minded mission to build the America of their dreams. This is coming from the top down, not from the bottom up. They are relentlessly demonizing America’s history, its religion, and its people so they can scrap all of it and replace it with their questionable ideology.

It’s happening in Washington, it’s happening in New York City, and it’s even happening in Colorado Springs.





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