Jerusalem Terrorist Linked to ISIS, Says Israeli Government

A Palestinian terrorist used a truck to kill four people in Jerusalem on Sunday, relying on a method of attack that is growing more and more common among jihadists. The murderer, unidentified to the media as of Sunday morning, also injured 15 others before being killed by Israeli authorities.

In a statement, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the driver appeared to be “a supporter of the Islamic State.”

“This is part of the same ongoing battle against the global scourge of terrorism,” Netanyahu said. “We can only fight it together, but we’ll fight it.”

Netanyahu said you could draw a straight line from similar attacks in Europe to the one in Israel. “This is part of the same pattern inspired by Islamic State, by ISIS, that we saw first in France, then in Germany and now in Jerusalem,” he tweeted.

Israeli Police said the perpetrator was from an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem; in the aftermath of the attack, authorities arrested five individuals believed to have been accomplices, including the suspect’s father and brother.

In a statement, Israel’s U.N. ambassador called on the international community to speak out against the violence. “Today we saw evil and cruelty incarnate,” said Ambassador Danny Danon. “This murderous attack is a direct result of murderous Palestinian incitement. I call on the Secretary General and the Security Council to condemn this terror attack immediately.”

This was, of course, a not-so-veiled reference to the Security Council’s resolution against Israeli settlements that has generated so much backlash in the U.S. And it’s a well-deserved shot across the bow. Two weeks after that resolution, and we have a prime example of the real reason that negotiations have always failed. Worry less about construction projects and more about terrorists who slaughter Jews without remorse.

These Islamists are not interested in bargaining for land. Whether it’s in Syria, Iraq, Israel, or the United States, they are fighting a holy war that only ends when they have conquered the world. Western democratic nations must unite and face this enemy wherever it pops up. We have to take the blinders off and start seeing reality for what it is.

Hopefully, we are about to turn a corner, globally, when it comes to the war on terror.

God knows we can’t afford to wait much longer.

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  1. Do not think Israel is linked. As the terrorist are all over the world by now. They are just infiltrated like other countries are.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  2. Lying warmonger NettedYahoo looking for license to start a war. Until he is gone, we should not send Israel a dime.

    • And folks like you are a big part of the problem!

      • Yeah, we people who like peace are a real problem for the RepubliFascist war machine.

        • Oh, but Obama’s fascist war machine is just fine with you….got it.

          • Not aware of any war he started, you jackal.

          • Syria (you do remember the red line, fool), Libya, pissing off Russia

          • Better to suck Putin off like Trump does, eh?

          • only your gay pres sucks his transgender better half’s phallus!

          • Russia’s Lenin coined a name for people like Bill “Useful Idiot”

          • Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for ISIS, I’m no supporter of the Bushes either, in hind sight we should not have invaded Iraq but Bush had Democrat support including Clinton. Saddam was a boy scout compared to the murderers inside ISIS and he did keep them in check when he ruled with an iron fist, the only thing these brutes from Hell understand. But I’m sure you support this highly political Fascist Ideology called Islam whose adherents would cut off your head for calling one them a jackal again history doesn’t lie, something you seem not to know much of.

        • The trouble is, you are supporting the true war mongers, the commiecrats and the people, Arabs, who are victimizing the Israelis.

          The Israelis are only protecting themselves in a very small portion of their own homeland. You should educate yourself to the truth.

        • Study the 45 goals of the American Communist party that Congress investigated in 1963, one of those 45 goals was to get the government to take charge of our schools, they’ve tried this since 1935 and finally achieved this when Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education why do think the Communists wanted this? it was to dumb down the American youth, they did this through government schools on a national level and a uniform level, the Vermin’s goal has created what they call: “Useful Idiots” You are a Victim but sadly it’s from the Communist ideologues who all you Liberals support. Just research the goals of the Communists, you can fight back with Knowledge.

          • You can’t fight back with knowledge when you have people putting up the prices so high no one can afford it anymore. As if they really could before the prices went up ! The ass holes are the people who run things.

          • Both parties are to blame for Crony Capitalism, as a former world traveler I can tell you the poor in America live like kings compared to the poor in many countries, this might surprise you I blame this on America’s multinational corporations and the very corrupted leaders of these countries. As a Christian having done much research including ancient history, ancient religions including Babylonian religion archeological findings, Freemasonry and especially the Scriptures I have come to believe with certainty we war with dark forces of Satan and these forces use mortal man, here is how I explain it: Picture a pyramid; inside that pyramid are floors/stories Satan at the top his army just below, below them are men who worship Satan and run this world behind the scenes, people like Obama and Hillary I doubt are even inside but just useful idiots in the grand scheme, the scheme is to create world Chaos so the masses will accept their world government or the so-called New World Order, here is an almost quote from several well known elites who probably aren’t inside the pyramid either but could be: “Today Americans would resent having U.N troops on their streets but with the right Crisis they will demand it” what better way to create chaos or a crisis than with this insane immigration, create something and then tell us we have to protect you which always include growing government and taking away liberties, just look at many cities and towns in Europe that the puppet media hides.

    • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


    • Muslim much???

      • Exactly zero. I just hate war.

        • Liar! ^^
          Evidently you had no problem with Obama and Hillary starting 5 NEW wars in the middle east during Arab Spring, and we all know that you muslims are the most prolific liars on the planet, along with liberals. Go troll Huffington Post, where you’ll be in company with liars like yourself.

        • Maybe you hate war, but it’s a very piss poor way to show it, going against the victims!
          Giving in to the aggressor, only makes war more inevitable.
          So, it someone attacks you, you just give up and let them have everything you have, including your very life?
          Somehow, I don’t really see that in you, by your actions here.

          • NettedYahoo is no victim. He is fishing for trouble.

          • You are either wrong or just stupid.
            Very likely both.

            A real George Sorros zombie!

          • Oh, and who started that off ? Mr. republican Bush !

          • Of course Obama had to add Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and upset Russia. Oh and while you’re at it create racial tension on this side of the pond so we add domestic terrorism, race riots, the biggest mass shootings in history, “Black Lives Matter”, another contested election, etc, etc, etc ad-nauseam.
            Oh what a peaceful man, that Obama!
            NOT !!!!!!!!!!

        • ISIS has declared war on he US. It’s been in all the papers!!

      • Zero Muslim, crackpot. Just a person who is sick of endless war.

  3. Part of “draining the swamp” must be the exclusion of persons from the U.S. government who take an anti-Israeli position. The U.S. can not be viable in the world unless it has a foreign policy which is consistent with the historical beliefs of the Judaeo-Christian heritage which is the foundation of our legal/justice system. “Equal time and opportunity” for Islam is not a necessary, logical or feasible idea with respect to some “fundamental transformation” of American society and culture. One need look no further than Western Europe and the U.K. to see the problems which await those who compromise with Islam. That said, Muslims deserve to have security in the countries which have, historically and geographically, been theirs and the West needs to respect the right and cost of self-determination which civil wars as a due process of law among Muslims imposes on their societies.
    Western governments have security obligations to the citizens of those countries. Being “subject” to a “crown” should not mean being subject to Islamic terrorism. There can be no “quid-pro-quo” agreements which allow liabilities to citizens as human, security collateral. “Enough of the elitist-politician” mentality which is enabled by the double standards of different levels of security for government vis-a-vis the common citizen. There is a reason behind terrorist actions. We need to exclude people who believe in this reason. There is no alternative except injury and death. Those who believe that that is an acceptable alternative for some, need to be excluded, by choice.

  4. It is Time for Bibi to tell the UN to pack sand and call the Orkin
    man and exterminate the cock roaches from All of Israel and
    go back to the borders that God made for Israel.

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      • Scammer alert! ^^

        • I would rather see that than the lies right wing lobotomites post here.

          • Well then go back to the hufpo or any other liberal
            communist muslim loving rag site.

          • Just another :Useful Idiot” who doesn’t know that he’s been brain-washed.

          • Your boy Trump will be impeached. Take it to the bank.

          • Considering I voted anti-Hillary (not pro- Trump), I’m sure Pence would make a great President.

          • You must be a racist, cant stand a white president after 8 years of the Muslim Marxist.

          • Vox is missing their village idiot.

          • Impeached for what? He’s putting great people in positions of authority and they won’t let him get by with the lawlessness of obama’s administration. You’re speculating and so far the left have been wrong for the last 8 years.

          • Not so fast. I am here to rub the noses of you and other stupid Trumpkins in your own shit. I will not sit back quietly and watch you fascists destroy my country.

          • Most 5 year olds, think they’re smarter than their parents too.

          • In this case, you are the 5 year old. STFU, shitstain.

          • Got the language, but didn’t know one war your “BOY” started.
            What an ignorant product of COMMON CORE!

          • You vile filty Racist coward.

          • Hey you’re the one with the mouth “BOY”!

          • Stop hiding behind that keyboard. Say it to my face.

          • Would 40 acres and a mule make you as happy as the racial division your boy caused this country?

          • You are terminally stupid. Obama will be renowned as one of the 5 greatest presidents. With Clinton, Lincoln, Washington and Kennedy. And it kills you racists to see a black man get credit for anything.

          • I would have been ecstatic to see Herman Cain, a successful BLACK businessman have been the first black president of the United States!
            It’s all politics not color!
            Obama created the division!
            A word for you too Kennedy would have never been elected in today’s political environment. He was Catholic and probably an old school homophobe.

          • YOU and your treasonous kind created the division you fool.

            Below is you lamenting* the fact you have no balls and never will.

            *[la·ment (verb) express regret or disappointment over something considered unsatisfactory, unreasonable, or unfair]


          • Would I need bigger balls to endure 4 years of the lying witch?

          • Obama will be renowned as the worst president in the history of the United States. He has done nothing for this country, but has done plenty against this country.

          • The phrase “race card” is the only thing you’ve got? Pretty pathetic. Obama will never be considered anything but a socialist, sociopath/narcissist, Manchurian candidate that Soros controlled. He belongs in prison for aiding and abetting. You know……treason!

          • Oh, you mean like your hide behind your keyboard? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

          • We Trump supporters have had enough of you Communist voters who have made it possible for them to damage America beyond repair. Why don’t you look up the 45 goals of the American Communist party if you’re not one of the Vermin, if you are then get your unhappy azz to Venezuela or some other Communist Hell-Hole

          • You sat back quietly for 8 years and watched a marxist, muslim who denies his white half destroy it. Why get active now?

          • If you look at the Electoral map, you’ll find that the majority of the people who voted for Trump are in all corners of the US. The idiots in NY and the uneducated illegals in CA are the ones who voted for Clinton. That speaks volumes.

          • Awww…stop projecting your OWN mental problems! ;-D

          • It’s still a free country, no thanks to you Liberal “Useful Idiots” so just post your dribble on some Communist Rag site.

          • I’m not mocking you. This book could possible cure your mental condition. Written but a Forensic Psychiatrist with 40 years experience and well respected by his peers: “The Liberal Mind, The Psychological Causes Of Political Madness” If you dare read this book it’s very possible you will see how you have been used and why you’ve been used, I can assure you that you’ll become angry once you understand when, how and why the brainwashing started in America, those elites behind it really think of you as a “Useful Idiot” I really hope you read the book, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

          • Fuck off, shit eating maggot.

          • The educated assumed you’d be upset someone suggest you actually read.

          • No thanks, asswipe. The title of the book clearly shows it is a work of fiction.

          • You can start with fiction.
            Try Curiuos George.

          • Read my book… ‘Herr Drumpf Is Full Of Shit.’

          • Trump will do more for blacks in this country than Obama and the Clintons combined and that’s if he did nothing, Obama has an evil agenda for a world government, you know; that Utopia that you “Useful Idiots” believe will exist some day, that world government will arise to use your phrase “you can take that to the bank” but it will be the most Hellish system you can’t even imagine because the Scriptures say so, how could I doubt it when so many prophecies came to pass with 100% accuracy even on the timing of the exacts years. Here are two of those “End of Days prophecies: 1. Knowledge and travel would increase and 2. Israel would come back as a state, how could mere men know this thousands of years ago? Answer Yahweh the Elohim of the Bible gave them the revelation.

          • LOL your reply is just typical of a “Useful Idiot” I offered you help from a board certified psychiatrist but you obviously refused it. I feel sorry for you and the future generation of this country, if you think it’s bad now just wait when you’re no longer needed, to know your children and grandchildren’s future read up on Communism and see what happened when the elite no longer needed their supporters. I would bet that proverbial farm when it comes time to take the Mark of the Beast you’ll be first in line, that is if you don’t come to your senses. Yahweh’s Blessings to you.

          • Trump is the commie pee freak.

          • Thanks usually an Ignoramus doesn’t announce he’s on here, so thanks for letting me and others on here know right away who we’re dealing with.

    • That would be TEXAS gods 1st promised land to the Jews or the Cock Roaches, you speak of-!

      ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service & logistics -! mentioned above is all the terror documented for the past 150 plus years. In the early mid 1800’s Untold 1000’s & 1000’s of kabbalah Jew terrorist, were criminally invading the West Coast of America. “TEXAS,” to criminally concede TEXAS as gods 1st promised land to the Jews -! this was long before gods 4th Promised land to the Jews in Occupied Palestine -! like Texas WW2 terrorist, who achieved their goals & agenda’s you your children must pay for out of every check you get-! pay for The Crimes against Palestine-!

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  5. Trump is a complete asshole. Anything that might happen to Israel would be on him and that crazy NettedYahoo.

  6. BILL FULTZ,You must certainly be a liberal,which puts you in the same class with other liberals,which puts you in the same class as barry and nancy and harry and eric and diane and al and jesse and it goes on and on.Please don’t take this as a compliment,it wasn’t meant as one!!!!!

  7. ISIS = Israeli Secret intelligence Service & logistics-! this in gods 4th Promised land to the Jews-! TEXAS was gods 1st promised land to the Jews-! The Queer lone Star State – The Lone Star State – notice your paying for the Same Wall both in Palestine & TEXAS w/ out choice-! one keeps you in – the other out-!

  8. BILL FULTZ,you actually admit that you are a liberal.That also says that you are a socialist and they are people like barry that live off the people that have to work for a living.I am very few years from 80 and thought that my retirement years would be leisure and travel,but,your hero in chief sure screwed that up.Between letting illegals in and clearing the prisons out and screwing up my social security and medicare and prescription prices,you are god damb right I’m a conservative.I am tired of working to support the lazy asses that are sucking off of the government.There is a world of difference between the needy and the wanties.Some people deserve help,many more don’t.Thats the difference between a liberal and a conservative,so,SUCK IT UP!!!!!!

  9. Trump is a KGB operative.

  10. BILL FULTZ:You have been drinking too much of barrys koolaid.Better check and see what its been”spiked”with.Maybe too much”dumsht”.

  11. BILL FULTZ.He screwed up my social security,he’s importing criminals,my medicare and prescriptions cost more.You can’t be safe in your own home,i live too close to Rockford Il.Barry doesn’t want you to defend yourself.And their are other thing that i won’t go into.

  12. BILL FULTZ:You have been drinking too much of barrys koolaid.Better check and see what it been”spiked”with.

  13. This book, and not the Quran, is responsible for all this carnage! Why hasn’t it been banned???

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