Jefferson Davis Statue Removed From Texas Campus

For years, a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis graced the campus of the University of Texas, providing students with a daily link to our country’s divided history. That changed this week as construction crews removed the statue from its pedestal.

“This is an iconic moment,” said UT Vice President Gregory Vincent. “It really shows the power of student leadership.”

Vincent is one of many weepy liberals celebrating the move, many of them laboring under the belief that something of worth has been accomplished. His boss, University president Gregory L. Fenves said last month that “while every historical figure leaves a mixed legacy, I believe Jefferson Davis is in a separate category, and that it is not in the university’s best interest to continue commemorating him on our Main Mall.”

Spurred on by the frantic anti-Confederacy sentiment that gripped the country following the Charleston church shooting, UT liberals wanted to take the Jefferson Davis statue months ago. They were thwarted, however, by a group called the Sons of Confederate Veterans. These activists sued the university to stop them from removing the statue. It was only after State District Judge Karin Crump ruled against the group that UT officials were able to move forward with the removal.

Jefferson Davis is expected to find a new home inside the Briscoe Center museum where, presumably, he will no longer be able to hold University of Texas students under his racist spell.

But let’s go back to what Mr. Fenves said. Every historical figure leaves a mixed legacy. Fenves would have done the university a great service if he’d pondered that clause thoughtfully rather than simply dismissing it as an unimportant aside. Because he’s absolutely right. No man, save perhaps one, has ever lived a perfect life. The Founding Fathers, certainly, were no exception. Nor was Abraham Lincoln. Nor were the slaves themselves. The question is: what do we do with that information?

For this country’s social warriors, the answer is clear. If you had anything to do with slavery or the Confederacy, you must not be honored in any way, shape, or form. But they started this long before the current flap over the flag. Who can forget when the tide started to turn against Christopher Columbus? Bring his name up these days and you’re just as likely to get into a fight over native genocide as anything else. And, fine, that’s a part of his legacy. But what does it serve us in 2015 to turn our heroes into villains? Is there not more to be learned from Columbus the Brave Explorer than from Columbus the Murderer?

A statue of Jefferson Davis does not stand in defense of slavery. It stands in commemoration of a fiercely independent South that wanted to be free from Washington D.C.’s encroaching tyranny. Can we not appreciate that legacy while simultaneously regretting the evils of slavery?

Apparently not.

In unrelated news, Middle Eastern news agencies claim ISIS has destroyed – at least in part – the ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria.

Perhaps ISIS leaders can expound upon the mixed legacy of the site at a later date.

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  1. The march of the liberal lemmings continues.

    • Due to pressure from the YOUNG people in Texas.
      Bernie Sanders gets a crowd of over 5000 in Dallas.

      Texas is turning Blue?
      (so as all the old farts die off)

      • Be careful, I resemble that remark ! Besides It was old farts that wrote the Constitution, You are not against the Constitution ARE YOU?

        • He is a communist what do you think.

          • If not a communist, at least a socialist. (Look how that turned out for that last group of socialists in WW2)

          • I doubt if the clown is even an American

          • and he is obviously unaware that the people that he despises “saved” many of the socialist idiots that he admires twice…

          • Liberals love patriots.
            In fact liberals ARE the patriots.

            There is only one group spreading lies on the Internet, that would be you conservatives.

            These lying conservatives are very unpatriotic Americans

          • There is not a liberal alive who could walk 2 steps in the shoes of an actual
            Patriot! I really hope this country has another civil war te sight of all you mommas boys crying and begging will make for great entertainment!

          • Such hypocrisy
            conservatives whine about “every life is precious” and then “wish there was a civil war”
            where million will die.

            ya, conservatives are such critical thinkers.

            think about what you wish for, silly human.

          • You TURDS kill babies then whine and cry when a thug, rapist murderer goes to the electric chair. Chicky is such a hypocrite, and old, decrepit hypocrite.

          • You are aware that most of Europe is socialist?
            (I could be conversing with a rock)

            You know all those countries with better economies, and happier people?

          • Geez we kicked the shit out of basically every country in Europe and saved the rest of their asses but limp d..ks like you think that’s te route to take! Loser

          • Gosh you are proving to be the new idiot in town.

            Germany kicked their butts in a matter of days.

            it then took the US and British several years to beat them back, which really only happened because they ran out of GAS, so…

            keep your Hollywood version of reality to yourself and your war buddies.

          • Like Spain, Portugal, Greece etc., etc., – based on “To everybody according to his ability and to everybody according to his needs”. Trouble is needs are always greater than abilities. During the Soviet occupation the saying was” What is yours is My but what is Mine is none of your f…ing Business.

          • I see that in your time in America you managed to become DISINGENUOUS AS well as a conservative.

            I was referring to the economies of northern Europe, can even countries Germany France and England.

            During the Soviet occupation is not relevant to discussion about Europe.

            more disingenuous crap from the conservative.

            Seems you’ve done your job to assimilate with the American wackadoodles.

          • A fascist AND a communist? Now THAT’S a neat trick!

          • Adolph Hitler formed the “National Socialist Party” as Chancellor of Germany in 1932 and spoke of his admiration for Marx and Engels but conducted himself as an overt fascist. Much like our current pResident.

        • Mike, unfortunately progressives are against the Constitution.

          • Unfortunately Jim Wilson is wrong.
            Liberals WROTE the Constitution.

            You should become accustomed with the facts, and stop posting crap on the Internet

          • the only things that liberals write are holllowood scripts for idiot twits to read from and graffiti on bathroom walls….

          • You really got that kindergarten mojo going on today

          • You really have that rest home mojo going today.

          • Unfortunately the progressives of today are not the same as progressives of 18th Century America. You are comparing apples to oranges. That is like the Democrats of President John Kennedy’s time are not the kind of Democrats we have today. They are completely different.

          • GO AWAY PECKER CHECKER TROLL! I think mommy’s calling you to tell you your flowered panties that you shit are clean once again!!

          • Your putrid version of liberals is much different than theirs. You should become accustomed with the facts, and stop posting crap on the Internet

        • Old Fart LIBERALS wrote the Constitution.

          Let’s keep it straight.

          The conservatives in the battle for freedom of America, was King George and the Loyalists, not the liberty thinking founding fathers

          • cowards like kingy george and the queens that filled the ranks of the loyalists are still being cared for by the brave and the adults….the mentally unstable need constant care…that is why many of us went into the military….to protect your right to express your insanity…

          • Like that was in any way relevant?

            As the kindergarten teacher for help. You’re just embarrassing yourself

          • What a dolt is chicky!

          • Really now, well being a spoiler and liberal, where are your getting your facts? please state the source.

          • He’s a completely brainless, delusional liberal moron, mike. Even his lib buds can see it,not one has ever even given him an up vote. That should tell you something.

          • A mass of problems it looks like, but he has to come to that decision, some one old must have done him wrong, because he is not thinking right, for sure.

          • He posts from his retirement home. He is a n angry, libTURD, statist fraud.

        • he is not against the constitution…he thinks that is what you get exlax for..

      • Sure you commies stay busy turning the young into the same trash you are.

        • When people get educated they turn liberal.

          It’s like a force of nature, like getting old, it’s inevitable once you don’t have the intellect of a radish

          • sounds like they turned stupid and parasitic…

          • No way to describe yourself

          • I voted adult, conservative, Real American, capitalist, not like the scum sucking parasites that believe in “redistribution”….your admiration of those aholes stalin and mao is showing..

          • So for your post of been equal to that of a kindergartner

          • that is excellent…it means it is well above your infantile thoughts…

          • WOW! The old senile ancient bastUrd can type!!

          • It’s amusing the way you fools throw Stalin into the conversation when you can’t figure out what else to say.

            The silly con seems unaware that America’s already a democratic socialist country.

            Social Security. Democratic socialism

            Medicare. Democratic socialism

            National highway system. Democratic socialism

            U.S. Army. Full on socialism

            I can go on.

            What you need to do is get your head out of your ass and stop listening to hate media

          • Welfare, free breakfasts and lunches, ebt cards, section 8 housing, cell phones, all provided by our marxistspukes, for those too smart to work for a living, paid for by those too stupid to vote. God! how chicky loves his free stuff. Can’t blame him though, he’s too decrepit to work.

          • They get indoctrinated when they turn liberal and have no independent thought. That takes an education?

          • Funny,
            you would be at the top of the list of conservatives who never prove their vomit.

            So much for independent thought,
            this con is nothing but a parrot of right-wing talking points

          • need to spit out kenyan boyo’s thing….you could choke on it..

          • You didn’t really need to prove that you’re still in kindergarten.
            Or is it that you have the intellect of a kindergartner?

          • Give it back, you’re misusing it.

          • More loser comments from the libTURD.

          • don’t think Kenyan boy has a thing unless it has a split in it.

          • Not big enough.

          • see republicans disagree with other republicans all the time, BUT, I never see a democrat bash another democrat. That’s called having no independent thought, also known as lockstep lunacy.

          • So now I prove you’re a MORON, Again.

            “The New York Times Destroys Obama”


            You are a pathetic excuse for an informed human.

          • I’m not talking about left wing publications, I’m talking about libtards and their lockstep comments online.

          • DEMOCRAT Rep. Rips Obama for His ‘Diversion’ from the ‘True Threat’ of ‘Islamic Extremism’”


          • Why do we have to listen to a News Commenter? I can read the facts and interpret them .

          • That kind of depends on who’s fact your reading and whether you have the intellect to interpret them.

            Based on many conservatives posts they are making many bad choices.

            Maybe Durango would like to debate a slightly younger old Fart improve I know nothing.

            You can’t see pretty convinced your well-informed and that we liberals are not.
            Should be like shooting fish in a barrel, a favorite conservative sport.

            I will even let you pick the topic.

            Of course I know you’re going to bail.

            Cons always do

          • TURDS are delusional as in CHICKY!

          • WOW! Even libTURDS are waking up.

          • Except for RC.

          • Draw the old basTURD a picture, he;s a bit OLD!

          • Yeah…”Why can’t you be independent –and think like ME?!”

          • Why would anyone want to???

          • You tell ME!! That’s why I put the remark in quotation marks.

          • I would like to know what you consider “right wing talking points”? Not the 1 minute sound bites, but the basis of their philosophy which underlies their talking points. Please enlighten me.

          • And your stupid ass is a D.N.C. Factivist web site whore.

          • no it requires that those who are willing to work and those that take the risk of putting a business together have their assets stolen at gunpoint and distributed to the scum parasites…

          • I wonder if Kent can post an example of the vomit he just posted?

            I’m guessing that will never happen.
            Kent doesn’t strike me as anything more than a parrot of right-wing talking points

          • Yo mama vomited and created your sorry ass you dildo!!!

          • Hey moron, I thought you were ignoring me?
            you forget?
            is your app not working?

          • “Reality Check” (rolls eyes) is a troll who just likes to stir the crap. I don’t feed the trolls and neither should you. Put a different way: Never try to argue with idiots. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with their experience.

          • not like we have ever seen YOU prove anything Jim.

            why are cons afraid of facts?
            does it make you house of cards reality a little shaky?

          • I gave you plenty of facts in another Disqus post. You split hairs on 2 of them and never tried to refute the others. If anyone is avoiding facts, it’s not the right.

          • The moron won’t respond to that one sox. He avoids truth like the plague.

          • Educating idiots is what this is all about Jim.

          • Yeah, but you refuse to learn anything.

          • I don’t see anyone posting a link or saying much of value.

            take Kent for example.He mouths off:
            ” that take the risk of putting a business together have their assets stolen at gunpoint and distributed to the scum parasites.”

            of course, real people know this is complete bull poo.
            but if there was an example of such an event, no one seems capable of posting it.
            how can I learn?

          • real people see examples of this every day. that kool aid is too strong for you to be drinking.

          • Jim Jones?

          • He didn’t drink his own Kool-Ade. He shot himself.

          • Read my post. BUT, you don’t WANT to be informed.

          • muskat antonopolis

            good judgement comes from experience…..experience comes from bad judgement.
            the pathway is clear……if you cannot learn it then must be genetic….sorry for your

          • I am fine with my genetics.
            I praise the gods I didn’t turn out a stupid conservative

          • muskat antonopolis

            yes I am….so it finally comes out…your certainly aren’t stupid…but, you finally admit
            that you are a conservative….it happens that way sometimes…just sorta slips out
            unintended….its ok to be a conservative…we must have all kinds…..

          • You are not conservative but, you are stupid

          • Just a delusional liberal moron. Questionable genetics there RC.

          • StoogeChicky has never seen an Occupy riot, looters in Ferguson or car jackers.

          • R C you would not know it if it bit you in the ass.

          • Impossible to educated them

          • But it’s our civic duty to try

          • Reality check you are a special kind of stupid.

          • What happened to you??? Apparently it didn’t take.

          • Actually i believe that happened when she took a dump, Mike.

          • Wrong!! A dildo is at least GOOD FOR SOMETHING!

          • Yes. you can tell he has intelligence and have none.

          • “Yes. you can tell he has intelligence and have none.”
            Dontchya luuuuv irony?

          • Sorry I have to disappoint you, Kent is right, I saw it happen. This are facts, look it up in the history books – from Russia, Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe, South America, Cuba, China, North Korea and many, many more.

          • Obama’s out-of-work lying figures don’t indicate how many mom-and-pop businesses he’s destroyed. Of course neither can you. They’re hidden. If available they would take tome after tome for you to read. Wake up! You need another “reality check”.

          • You can even name WHY mom-and-pop businesses have gone out of business.
            That’s pretty lame.

            And of course it’s “hidden”, which is just a convenient way for conservatives TO LIE.

            It’s hard to wake up when no one has any prove to offer.

            Conservatives have been whining about things Obama’s done for the past six years.

            Yet no one has proof of ANY OF IT.

            All the evil deeds exist only in the tiny minds of American conservatives

          • More proof? I guess the millions of people out of jobs including those affected by the devastation of the already-mentioned mom and pop operations) don’t count and are only part of being “lame”. And I suppose decrying the shredding of our Constitution is lame.

            No, RC, conservatives are not whiners. Liberals are simply ostriches with their heads in the sand and will only wake up when it’s THEIR jobs or necks on the line. But, perhaps you have a government job and, like many of the so-called representatives, hanging onto it for dear life — and with rose-colored glasses. You need more proof and more proof. If Obama’s disastrous actions over these years aren’t enough to open your eyes, may God heal your blindness.

            “For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and
            they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.” Acts 28:27

          • Reality check and you really need a reality check

          • you still looking for examples?

          • Education is not helping now. schools Have uneducated professor. they have a degree with no education.

          • I think that’s “educated dimwit.”

          • No, when they get stupid, they turn NWO, and that is what Democrats are about.

          • Wrong a..hole te saying is everyman under 30 is a liberal! Once a (real ) man turns 30 and his sack drops and he assumes personal responsibility he becomes conservative! You jasckwagon obviously still live in mom’s basement!

          • I’m retired fool.
            you’re still wet behind the ears and ignorant.

            studies show that 9 out of 10 conservatives are ignorant humans.

          • Let’s be tolerant about the “human” part.

          • Reality check are you retired on food stamps

          • To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

          • I have way more morals than most of you.

            you cons are the ones deceiving yourselves .

          • old farts got more brains than you uneducated idiots.

          • When will you get educated,….if EVER??!!?

          • Don’t hold your breath waiting for that, cmi.

          • Unfortunately, none of you conservatives ever post any links to learn from.

            Take your post for example.
            Pretty vacant

          • Reality,
            There you go picking on my radishes again. I might add that I got educated and I am not liberal. I even went to a state school. I am somewhere between the two ideals. That is where real intellect goes. Eat more radishes and ewe will be more like me.

          • Get educated turn liberal lose common sense, defy human nature by releasing human waste out of the wrong hole.

          • Ewwwww.

          • Actually, Reality, Winston Churchill himself said,
            “If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”
            I feel more confident in HIS guidance.

          • HOW low functioning does one have to be to post that quote from a conservative wackadoodle like Winston Churchill?

            The guy was an upper-class asshole to sent 80,000 soldiers to their deaths, during an operation that everyone told him would not work.

            BUT NO, Churchill knew better.

            Of course he was then disgraced and resign from military service.

            Another ignorant conservative


          • I wasn’t talking about religious colleges.

          • “When people get educated they turn liberal.”

            Actually, in our educational system, people get indoctrinated by leftist teachers and professors, and then they turn liberal.

            By the time they find out they have been duped it is too late.

            Some, like you, never find out.

          • No, remember the old saying ” If you are 18 and you are not a socialist you have no heart, but if you are 30 and you are still a socialist you have no brains”.
            Have you read Marx and Engel in its original form? Not the water down bull which is presented by todays liberal teachers.
            I crew up in Europe in a family divided by politics. listening to lectures about socialism. I live in different political systems, NAZI, Socialists, Communists, Catholics and I ended up as a conservative, the world does not own you a living, it is up to you to create it. I arrived in America when I was 21 years old, I traveled the world mostly working from Africa, Latin America, Australia to Europe and visited Asia on Holidays. I thank God everyday day of my life (I am 80 years now) that he guided me to America.

          • I remember plenty of old sayings that have absolutely no bearing in reality.

            Did you know you can catch venereal disease from a toilet seat?

            Well you can’t.

            That’s an old saying.

            Since you’ve been around should know that we already have democratic socialism in a big way here in America.

            You’re probably on Social Security. That’s democratic socialism.
            You’re probably a Medicaid or Medicare. That’s democratic socialist.

            You’re a ignorant old man, stuck in the past.
            And I say this as a 61-year-old retired male

          • Are you affected by Alzheimer? Or are you a product of the Hippy age? Your comments resonant back to this time.
            Socialism, if I wanted a lecture on Socialisim I would talk to my Sister she is a socialist for 75 years but ready to wake up. Socialism is like a cold you are sick and need a doctor. The cure to it is reality. All of my children went through this stage but have outgrown it. The the USA will also, the first hopeful signs are on the horizon.
            I say this as an 80 year old working male. To get into debates with you is a waste of time. You know it and i know it. I hope you will grow up one day and see the world the way it is. But as you say I am just an ignorant old man stuck in the past. If to have integrity, morals, fortitude and selfrespect is out date then I am outdate. The “me society” of the sixthies and of today has never appealed to me.
            i will send your comment to my daughters for a good laugh.
            Adios Senor, Auf widersehen mein Herr, Good bye Sir, have a good life.

          • Actually moron as I explained above, we practice democratic socialism here in America.

            I like the way you avoid the question about Social Security and Medicare and then pretend your 80 years old still have a job

            You are an ignorant old man.
            Your children and grandchildren probably just humor you.

            “Gramps is a retarded old fart, don’t mind him.”

          • Of course you will not debate.

            Conservatives don’t have facts.
            their afraid to debate a liberal.
            I’ve heard all the excuses

          • Real chick is a self important stooge. An old stooge,

      • independent thinker

        Bernie is the Donald of the democrats.

      • wow 5000 want to be socialist air heads….well we know there are more of them out there…just think many of the parasite voted for kenyan boyo the african pretender three or four times…

      • Talk about old farts, have you seen the democrats that are running for the nomination? Liberals are sooooo 60’s!

        • None of your candidates can win with an anti-gay anti-climate change position.

          Just not gonna happen until you people smarten up, join the 21st century

          • Climate Change the new religion. There are more and more people aware of the lies perpetuated. I know Climate Change is for real and cyclic in nature, but I do not accept the cause of climate change and the consequencies of Climate change as presented by the President. I do not belief that CO2 is a pollutant or that it is the cause of climate warming. Fact is Temperature rises first and CO2 concentration increases lag behind. Do you know that during the Carboniferous Period CO2 concentrations were 10 times higher then now and it was followed by an Ice age?
            If CO2 is a pollutant then explain the greening effect and the health benefit of CO2 on plants. Please don’t repeat the lies of the 97% of blah, blah, blah, or the published reports by the UN with 20 ft sealevel rise, leave that to more accomplished liers like Al Gore in the USA and Dr. Suzuki in Canada
            If you are interested do your own research on the Roman Warning, the Medivial Warming, the little Ice age, the 1930 warming etc. and the recent lower temperatures. It might also help you to get a perspective on Climate change reading up on the Ice ages and the inter glacial periods. This is knowledge pre-dating the Global Warming scare.

      • Go back to jerking off Commie Troll !!

      • Dream on. Dallas crowd? Or Austin lib invaders.

      • Old farts is all that is holding this nation together with a communist, socialist, muslim government. The old farts are the ones that fought for you privilege of posting about old farts. Don’ t like old farts , get out of the free nation, correction was a free nation till they elected the black pos.

      • IDIOTS don’t stay young forever, thank goodness!!!

      • Here’s chicky to crap up the thread with his pompous comments. Your Col. Sanders is just another P.C. spewing, tax and spend socialist. If elected, will he blame Obrownstain for the mess he inherited???? Go change your Depends gramps!

        • When Bernie is elected, I expect conservative heads to explode across the country.

          Be a joyous day in America

          • Be a joyous day in Marxist AmeriKa. Not for the rest of us still working, paying for the free stuff Col. Sanders is giving away to buy votes. Besides, he’ll never make it as Ohillary will have him killed. Self inflicted gun shot to the head, heart attack, you know, how the CLITons offed those 54 people. Mr. Trump will put you slovenly stooges back to work!

  2. Who
    can forget when the tide started to turn against Christopher Columbus –
    See more at:

    • Christopher Columbus from my stand point was the first illegal… The Caribe tribes should have wiped them out to the last man.

      • Ya ya ya, woulda shoulda coulda……….
        History is what actually happened, and all the whining progressives in the world can’t change it, they can only attempt to hide it.

        • well the nutless lover of kenyan boyo, reality checkerinsky is very insulted that the scum did not win….well he is very happy that the communists took over chinkee land and he is especially happy that the scum sucking pigs in the democrapo party voted to stop the effort in Vietnam to support our allies…thereby giving the commies an undeserved victory by default…he probably thinks that johnny kerryinski is a man of stature equivalent to King Georgyboy and that janey fondue is a true American heroine……instead of a worthless $lut..

          • Well this post proves your one messed up conservative from the Vietnam era.

            Worried about Commies and socialists.
            Hides under his bed with his AR 15 waiting for ISIL to come crashing to the door.

            Blaming everyone for his problems.
            Hopefully you were drinking when you wrote this.
            either that or your meds kicked in a little strong.

          • another idiot comment by the nutless lover of kenyan boyo and all socialist/communist clowns

      • I believe, and maybe I’m wrong, that Amerigo Vespucci was the first to set foot here, hence the name America.

        • First cartographer yes.
          Amerigo Vespucci (Italian pronunciation: [ameˈriːɡo vesˈputtʃi]; March 9, 1454 – February 22, 1512) was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer who first demonstrated that Brazil and the West Indies did not represent Asia’s eastern outskirts as initially conjectured from Columbus’ voyages,

      • Indeed they should.

        CC was probably a conservative.
        not to be trusted.

    • Christopher Columbus was the first liberal, he left not knowing where he was going, when he got there he didn’t know where he was, and when he got back he didn’t know where he had been, and did it all on borrowed money.

  3. I am offended by this!! Jefferson Davis is a part of American History. To bad if some ilk does not like it. Maybe they should pay more attention to the colossal FAILS they are because of their own lack of values and skills as HUMANS. I am so fed up with the stupidity and all the lame ass Political Correctness bullshit!

    • I’m offended by obummer, but unfortunately I alone can not remove him from the wh.

      • I know!!! Why is he still even in OUR white house??? He is MUSLIM SCUM!

        • …………………..

          • Two guys (faggots) trading saliva, you mean!

          • swappin spit, bet they both smell like a$$

          • My my…such strange things you’ve been sniffing.

          • Take a look at thier “kiss” both of them look like they can’t stand each other.

          • I’d be interested to see your credentials as a behavioral psychologist.

          • Sorry Dougie, I do real science (nuclear medicine) not phony made up sciences like Psychology who owes it beginnings to an addled drug addict.

          • Now tell me how nuclear medicine qualifies you to interpret facial expressions.
            And psychology is accepted in courts as an expert-witness topic. I question your courage to shoot your mouth off like that to a trial attorney or a judge. Sorry, you’re in my area of expertise now.

          • douggie… whats be da matter… yo’s AIDS actin ups again???

          • Stop with the inane comments and learn how to spell correctly!
            You will never garner anyone’s respect the way you’re doing it now.

          • oh likes when Homosexuality was a MENTAL DISORDER 1’s day & Normal da next ??? what medical research made a HOMOSEXUAL MENTAL DISORDER normal ??? COMMIE BS that’s what happened !

          • Never mind medical research. I tend to think there’s a lot of PR spin here. If you ask, I’ll give a theory on that.

          • Yes, so is statistics, both are manipulated to secure the outcome. As you know they are interpretive arts (not siences) and as such the outcome depends on the man doing the interpretation. Garbage in – Garbage out.

          • I have considerable respect for psychology–and psychiatry. And sciences (you left a letter out of your spelling).
            To remain on the point, I say that you are not qualified, in your field, to evaluate Barack and Michelle ‘ s facial expressions. Not without credible evidence.

          • I don’t like some of the posts either, but I’ve said it to you before and will say it again — lefty! You’re new on this site and think you’ve got it all covered. Dip your feet into some exchanges before you expound on your great “superiority” to all.

          • Make up your mind, Shofar. Either I am expounding on my “superiority” or expressing ignorance. Well, which is it?

          • Are you telling me you’re a one-trick pony/?

          • I am not a pony. And your bag of “tricks”–replying just as a nuisance–is unimpressive.

          • You obviously missed the point. Believe me, no attempt to impress you. And, ergo, pointless to go on.

          • I trust that is a promise.

          • Yes.

          • expressing your ignorance, shithead

          • Take that up with Shofar, who brought the matter up in the first place.

          • The latter has my vote!!

          • I have no interest what so ever to evaluate faial expressions of your heroes. I just wanted to make you aware of the thin ice you skate if you trust them. Check out expert witnesess testimony in court cases – depending if the are testifying for the defence or accuser, the testimony varies. That is a fact of life.
            Thanks for the correction. I did not catch it.

          • I think it’s nice that you proffer respect for at least something, DM, But I don’t believe that you are qualified, in YOUR field, to evaluate president Obuslim’s dog’s droppings. I mean I’ve seen no credible evidence.

          • Unless you use the President’s actual last name (it’s Obama, in case you never paid attention) I will not answer your messages. I could muster some cute epithets as inane substitutes for “highsider.”

          • You flatter yourself that I require an answer from you, Mutt?

          • Can’t you to somewhere and get your brain re-washed? Back to truth and reality, Mr. high-and-mighty elite libtard?

          • I’ll give you some truth and reality: If you keep this up I will leave your messages unanswered and delete them from my e-mail log, depriving you of an audience.

          • Dougie would your area of experience be bullshit.

          • Golly, no…there’s too much competition…

          • “…Psychology who owes it beginnings…”
            I can see you have no credentials in grammar either. What addled drug addict originated that?

          • Oh ouch, you have cut me to the quick….

          • oh douggie hads to start wif the grammer BS when ya’ll be loosin an argumint… 😛

          • You sound like a drunk. Go sober up before you post here again. And give a responsive answer instead of a blind insult–or is that beyond your ken?

          • & U sound like a DRUG ADDICT DOUGGIE… how bout cutting back on the crack cocaine for a bit ? foking libtard elitist think they have a Left to speak down to every1 but their QUEER PARTNERS IN SIN !

          • Are you for real? You sound like a reject from the South Park writing staff. Write like a man–or don’t you DO imitations?

          • & U sound like a FAG ! now go away Queer,U bother me … chicken-sh*t bitch 😛

          • Icetrout, this is the last time I will reply to one of your idiotic posts. You have shown that you cannot or will not speak on a rational level. From now on I will delete your messages from my e-mail log, unanswered. You are impossible to communicate with.

          • like I give a fok about what U do Fag !

          • Dougie just shut the fuck up, can you understand that

          • Shut me up.

          • How quaint, a family picture.

          • that’s Douggie & his Capon daddy…. 😛

          • I’m embarrassed to join with you on this one, but warpaint has been sniffing too much glue. The origin of psychology is not even in the same universe as the one he thinks it is. I don’t think he can tell goat poop from cow poop, in other words, he doesn’t know poop.

          • Would you be satisfied if he DID?

          • & I’d love to see Osh*theads collage transcripts proving he’s a compitant constitutional law professor… almost slipped & called him a constitutional lawyer … 1/2 breed got himself disbarred… lol foking coon!

          • He is not a professor….a part time law lecturer. Do not elevate him to a title he never achieved.

          • don’t bitch me out… Professor Obama @ University of Chicago… Google info before crying…

          • You are a fool to believe he was anything but a lecturer Google is wrong if the give him that title. You are insulting all the real Profs that worked many years to get to that position.

          • Only the libs give him that title.

          • Love the stoner look , this is what he looked like all thru school.

          • And I’d be interested to know how much you know about behavioral psychologists, or neuros, or clinicals, or any of them.

          • I would have to admit knowing scarcely anything in that field. However, it would stand to reason, as I see it, that it would be in the bailiwick of the behavioral psychologist to analyze things such as facial expressions.

          • This is where your reasoning falls short. It could be a social psychologist, a cognitve, a developmental, a counseling, an educational, or a human factors psychologist. Any one of these would be interested in facial expressions; depends on what context the study of facial expressions would be use in; experimental, social interaction, diagnostics of underlying problems, and prediction. I happen to be a retired clinical psychologist and for that reason I perked up when the term was used.

          • [Shrug] Very well…you could probably give a very precise analysis of the Obamas’ moods as shown in their facial expressions in that picture; there are just too many kooks ready to shoot their mouths off, about a topic totally unknown to them–with the ulterior motive of attacking a president who is not of their own race, if that appraisal passes muster from a psychological standpoint.
            FWIW, I have known a psychologist personally– she works at a hospital in Southern California and retired from the Navy with the rank of Lieutenant colonel.

          • It is interesting that you point to that. I have observed Obama very carefully over the past seven plus years; it didn’t take seven years to make a diagnosis, however, he possesses a narcissistic personality disorder which compels him to be perfect in everything, including his perception of himself. Center of attention, arrogance, indifference to the plight of others; one must be careful here for his generosity to the minorities is rather inane, all about his belief that they should idolize him, but just meaning votes. You may want to go to the public library and select a copy of the DSM III or IV, the ones after that are not in my bucket list of good things. Now what about this; Trump is one as well.

          • Anyone can see that kiss is forced if you can’t you need glasses.

          • Your name is Anyone? If not, don’t presume to know what everyone else in the world thinks.

          • Don’t act stupid act your age and see what you see not what you think.

          • Not that you have any either, libtard!

          • monkey love …

          • That’s understandable. I can’t stand either of them, either.

          • That’s fine…I can’t stand either of them, anyhow!!

          • This picture has little or nothing to do wit the removal of Jefferson Davis’s statue from the UT campus. What should have been removed are liberal morons in charge of the education of the young students who went there to be educated not indoctrinated into socialism. Also the political machine that allowed these morons to be placed in charge of our students.

          • Always remember that those thaat can do, go out and do, those that can’t, teach – there are some wonderful exceptions, they get phased out for actually teaching.

          • Oaking, you are 100% correct, and I can prove it.

          • Those that can’t teach, teach teachers.

          • And those that can’t teach, teach teachers how to teach. Good grief! that sounds like the system Bammie used to form his cabinet.

          • nijjers removed Cecil Rhodes statue too… communist plot ageist the West is just about complete… just noticed with the downfall of Apartheid the African Elephant & Rhino populations have drifted towards extinction… I’ve about had it with Niggerama…

          • muskat antonopolis

            I would be very interested in your definition of the word “nigger”…what do you
            understand it to mean as it relates to a human being? thanks for the reply….

          • Nigger is what is squatting in our Whitehouse

          • muskat antonopolis

            well wild bill..i am not black, just a little dark, but not African descent…non-the-less
            my blood is red, just like yours and just like a “black” man…and there has been a
            WHOLE LOT of black blood shed willingly for this Nation and the freedoms of men
            and women who like you who use our constitution to belittle and degrade any and
            everybody that dosent agree with their agenda…..will you go to a VFW meeting
            and stand up and call one of their own members, highly decorated combat vet,
            and who has had his white buddies back in combat a NIGGER to his face…..or are
            you like so MANY who hide behind the internet to lash out and spread your HATE…
            I feel pity for you, EVEN IF you were a vet, for the smallness of your mind and the
            hardness of your heart ……….

          • oh how you on niggers calling for the killing of cracker baby’s ??? ok to say CRACKER right ??? get over with your RACIEST hangups…. my nigger buddies call each other nigger constantly… 2015 get over it… talking about the communist rewriting of history……. COMMUNIST TAKEOVER… RIGHT HERE,RIGHT NOW !

          • muskat antonopolis

            well bill will you do it or are just plain bullshit like you sound?
            agreed …. no balls…just bullshit!~!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • As a Southerner by birth, I always thought the n word referred to a person from Nigeria.

          • That’s how Nigeria got it’s name. They are called Nigers or Nigras. There are no “blacks in Africa. Negro refers to the negroid appearance and has always been a stand alone race.

          • Carry on, man. The conversation is beginning to get interesting.

          • “icetrout” DO NOT EVER get a DNA Test, Your mother and father I believe have some of that nijjer blood.

          • might be, family has been in Maryland since 1741 coming down out of Old Maryland… got a few nigglets in the family now… what of it ??? U a RACIST or something… ???

          • No son of mine would be allowed to be indoctrinated by the scum who permeate the U of T

          • Absolutely right that the problem is we have allowed liberals to have total control of our children’s minds and educations. It cannot be an accident that so many liberals are teaching our kids today, anymore than it is an accident that 90% of the mainstream media is dominated by Liberals/Progressives/Communists whatever they call themselves today. Think about the Catholic Church, was it just coincidence that so many gay Priests just happened to join the Church? And now most Judges and even the Supreme Court is seeded with the most Liberal people possible. Only our military is capable at this point of throwing the bums out and putting them in prison where they belong. Many Generals are retiring instead of fighting Obama and his agenda, they are more afraid of losing their pensions than what might happen to this Country. We are seeing what happened in Nazi Germany when the people stood by and did nothing. It is happening here right now, people are either being blackmailed, bought off, scared off, or agree with what Obama is doing. Some just as in Germany like the feeling of power over those they feel superior to. Whatever the reasons people had for supporting Hitler those same reasons are in play right now in Washington. Most Democrats are corrupt and out of touch, and most Republicans are cowards.

          • What you have just written is SOOOO very true. Wake the “H” up or you to will face the hand of GOD very soon.

          • Dudley, this is useless unless you gave them the picture AND the caption.
            If you gave them only one or the other I would be justified questioning your courage.

          • yo’s expertiese in COCKSUCKOLIGY douggie… :O

          • I would not degrade myself by answering THIS foolish remark.

          • True Michael is Michael in real life.

          • And masculine. At least he didn’t wear a dress when he played football.

          • Lol ! Two gay guys playing house in The White house.

          • They have other partners and don’t even sleep together.

          • I wouldn’t want to sleep on those sheets in The White House.

          • You mean Michael & Obama don’t you ?

          • cut their hands off for kissing in public. muslim way,.

          • Another pathetic right wing post. Would you like a meme of Jesus giving his disciples a BJ?

          • Just because your wife blows niggers, is the only reason i post.

          • Damn Nigger homosexual…

          • which one is the pig

          • muskat antonopolis

            uncalled for….no better than those who say southerners are all racists,,,,find something
            else to vent at…

          • ……………….

          • That’s no kiss i’ve ever seen. Their jaws and lips are clinched tighter than a full bellied TICK. That looks painful and shows hatred towards each other. No wonder they take separate vacations and sleep in separate bedrooms! I bet when they fight, it’s a sight to see! My odds would be on micheal.

          • Don’t throw too many pictures of them at me. lol I can’t stand to look at either one of their faces.

          • Absolutely correct and I have been married 41 years, experience Dougie is surely lacking.

          • Yep. Bless you and spouse, i hope you have another 41 yrs. My husband and me have also been married 41 yrs, will be 42yrs this December 2015. I would do it all over again if we could. Did you read Doug comments on here. So sad. He can’t read facial expressions. I hope he never has to depend on someone tasting something for him and he has to figure out if he wants to eat it depending on their facial expression. Was it sour, sweet, or just plain nasty? He’ll never know till he tastes it. He thinks you have to be some kinda doctor to read facial expressions. Bet he ask people when they smile, “are you sad or happy?” And if they cry, if they are happy or hurt. Sad case.

          • He claims he’s 65 yrs old but I don’t think he has the wisdom of a man his age. If I couldn’t read facial clues I would not have been with the same woman for 45 years LOL. Nice to hear you have been married this long, too many couples haven’t done the hard work to keep a marriage together that long.

          • Indeed. You are a smart man. lol. My husband says the same thing. But jokes aside, it goes both ways. Respect each other. I think ya just let us think we have the upper hand. God Bless and stay well.

          • Yep my parents would be celebrating 65 this year if dad was still with us but he’s home where he always wanted to be as he was a pastor for over 50 years. Mom’s still going strong and independent at 86. God bless both of you also.

          • God Bless your mama. My mama was 80yrs old when she died. Dad was 77yrs old. He went before mom, due to kidney failure (out of the blue). She missed him so bad. She’s only been gone 2 yrs. I miss them both.

          • Notice the pursed lips; they hate each other! Gays and transgenders don’t get along; my last dollar says they have separate bedrooms.

          • That’s the scuttlebutt from former white house employees.

          • Dominic Roy Accampo

            Does anyone have a pic of them kissing in which they look like they might be enjoying it?

          • How beautiful is Black Love.

        • Tell him that yourself unless you have a yellow streak that inhibits you.

          • As I thought just another hateful liberal troll, incapable of logical thought and here only to disrupt the conversation and call names like a first grader. Never grew up did you???

          • I’m 66, six-foot – two and husky. What else do you need to know?

          • I’m 65, 5’11” and husky. What I need to know is what does any of this have to do with the topic of discussion???

          • [Shrug] Well, you asked if I grew up. When will you?

          • I have noticed that you are skilled at avoiding the question.

          • On the contrary. I answered your question (“Never grew up, did you?”) on point.
            As for Jefferson Davis, I come by my position honestly: I was born in Indiana and spent all my life in California, but I have Southern ancestry on both sides and a distant blood relationship to Robert E. Lee.
            Personally, I think if someone tried to remove that statue the would incite a riot.

          • I was referring to the question “what I need to know is, what does any of this have to do with the topic of discussion, but I can see why there may have been some uncertainty. Robert E. Lee was unquestionably a great leader, a true gentleman and a sensible and thoughtful person. You have good blood there.

          • abo, douggie is lying about his blood line too

          • He described himself as a bear :o/

          • Are you saying that you are a husky fucker as in dogs

          • If that were what I was saying I would have said so plainly.

        • Straight lines…alla time STRAIGHT LINES!!!

        • Don’t hand me straight lines.
          Your username looks like a line from an eye chart, and just as easy to pronounce. 😀

      • He must be removed.Will they erect a monument for a man responsible for queers joining hands and getting married against the law of nature and God.Who will be on the monument that was responsible for killing millions of children in the womb.Can you see all the praise for these devil worshippers?We must reconquer the United States of America before it is burned in hell by the Obama worshippers.God would be on our side.He is the only true leader of mankind…Lock and load now before we have nothing left to fight for.

        • Gene, you antiabortion zealots are nothing but crybabies!

          • And you, houseman are nothing but a sick, twisted degenerate.

          • What do you call yourself?I wonder what God calls you?You believe in murder until it hits your family.I wonder who will cry then?

          • You queers need to back in the closet and atheists need to go to Hell.

          • Think, how many babies have been kill over the last 30 years? How many millions? The great majority were not aborted because they were sick or deformed, conceived by rape, endangering their mothers life, NO, they were an inconvenience. Do you ever sit back and think about the moral premise – killed because they were inconvenient! Do that to an animal and see what happens to you.
            Look at the latest reported happenings at planed parenthood. Does killing 20 weeks plus babies and selling body parts protect women’s health? What do I miss? Yes I am 80 years old but still what do I miss?

          • Sissy libTURDS!! Kill innocent babies but coddle rapists, murderers in our prisons. “OH OH OH, cruel and unusual punishment”.

          • Gary it takes a real man to kill an innocent unborn baby are you proud of yourself?

        • God already has His plan of action. I suspect He’s just waiting until He’s had enough of the disrespecting and sinful humankind that He once created in such beauty.

    • This usurper has said he would fundamentally change America and he is destroying and eliminating every vestige of history of our country, step by step. If the dear Lord allows this country to exist for long, the children and those to come will have NO idea of who did what and for what. The Mayflower and its passengers will become The Allah Akbar Express with Muslims supplanting the brave pilgrims. God help us in this fight against the forces of evil already established in this once-proud nation.

    • Satan is a part of U.S. history, too, according to many Evangelicals. Take Pat Robertson, for example. Should statues of Satan be all over?

    • Isn’t this was fascist do? Remove any history they don’t want peoplle to remember and rewrite history the way they do want it remembered? I think Hitler did this in Nazi Germany and I’m most certain Stalin did this in USSR AND ISSL IS DOING IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

    • America should NOT glorify or honor traitors, especially those that enslave other human being, for economically reasons. No other country allow the enemies who lost the war to publicly display its flag and leaders. Yes it is history and it belongs in a museum. Sadly new and old white supremacy groups are fostering the hatred against non-whites. America has enough on its plate to deal with pending countries that hate the US and threaten to attack. I am quite sure that many of these countries in the Middle East are observing the racial unrest here in the US. No we should NOT forget all US history, but it should not become His-Story. Texas school leaders want to exclude the atrocities that White racial terrorists committed in the history books. But some want to pick and chose, and make heroes out of some.

      • Steve, when every statue & symbol has been removed to please these SOB’s, What will be their excuse THEN,……for hating the white race, along with hating their OWN race???!? And I do believe a big part of the problem is, they hate each other, otherwise why do they keep killing each other??!?

    • Totally agree! Whomever they are.. they are pushing this to the extreme.

    • everything u said x 10 those pos

    • And I am a seventh cousin of Robert E. Lee and am not ashamed of it.
      I am also related to Huey Long and I am not proud of it.

    • if one does not like the judges decision, then buy your own judge, there many more out there for sale. problem, most are liberals so be careful who you buy. I am offended,too.

    • You know, my mother worked in the Science and Education dept. at UT Austin for 37 years, both of my sisters went there. The last time I was there, I was ashamed as the city seems to have been taken over by liberals, as is evidenced by the above article. I still root for the Longhorns, but feel for those that have to live there now amongst all of the rats.

      • John, my best friend has lived in a San Antonio suburb for many years. She also says that Austin has become a demoncratic stronghold.

        • Denver Kitty, I too lived in San Antonio after Houston, then San Diego, Newport Beach, Salt Lake City and now Tulsa. Out of all the places I’ve lived, I would never return to Austin due to it being the San Francisco of the South. They’ve finally gained a stronghold for themselves. I’ve been in and worked in all but a few of our 50 states, as well as in many locations in Canada, I’ve backpacked in Alaska, Northern California, Brittish Columbia and Wyoming. I still love Texas but wouldn’t live in Austin again.

          • John, you sound like a well-rounded man. I’ve had more experience in Europe and Asia, from a military career. I also drove a big rig around these United States, and only missed about 3 States during my routes. It sounds like we’ve both lived very interesting lives. I’m always intrigued by what another person has experienced. Have a great weekend! Kitty

          • I have indeed been very, very blessed. Been scuba diving up and down the California coast, 5 locations in Mexico, a few places in Hawaii, and ventured on various dive trips to Key West, and 4 of the Caribbean islands, but never in the military. I just got corporately transferred from city to city, state to state 6 times since the age of 20, I retired 10 years ago at 50. There’s never been a career like sales. God is not only good, He’s great !

          • John, God’s blessings do seem to have befallen both of us. May they continue! Kitty

    • As a northerner I am offended at another destruction of history — like it or not. The truth is the truth!

    • You need to get a handle on what the meaning of ‘ilk’ is. It’s a word that cannot stand by itself; to call someone an ‘ilk’ is meaningless because it means: ‘of the same sort or class; of the same name; each and every.’

    • It is unfortunate that so many ignorant people do not have a clue about American history and can be led by the nose by the liberal unamerican dimwits.

    • I maintain that those who cannot stand what U.S. A. stands for are welcome to leave and go someplace more to their liking, like Cuba for example> But keep in mind there is NO UNEMPLOYMENT pay, NO FOOD STAMPS, no FREE benefits. Bye, Bye.

    • Any statue of persons of color should also be brought down if this is the way they want to play. Period!

    • You’re right! OUR history is no longer thought of. When I was in school, they had a Black History Day, which gave way to Black History Month (and people were griping that it was February, which is shorter than the month, afforded the birth of the Lord, Jesus Christ!)
      Then, MLB joined the butt-smooching wagon and demanded Jackie Robinson’s number would be retired – by every team…No such honor has ever been given to the Deaf man, who patrolled centerfield for several different teams in the late 1800’s and early 1900 and who was credited with creating many of the hand signals used by umpires, today.
      So, all we have to have is a bleeding heart liberal (much like the jackass in the Oval Office, now, who went to Europe and apologized for America’s ways) and the nation will have holidays for everyone – from MLK, to Jesse Jackson, to Malcom X, to Thomas Jefferson’s black lover and it can only be guess who else!

    • UT Vice President Gregory Vincent; “This an iconic moment”. Substitute “moronic” for “iconic” and PC is stripped of it’s venom. It also more accurately portrays UT’s leadership. Once a great “Lone Star” state, it is rapidly becoming “The Great Lame Star State”. Thanks to the ingress of hippies, degenerates, Outcast from the north, and of course, the hoards of democrats bent on re-writing history just as Lenin, Gorbachev, Mao, and Kim Sung Ii have done. How sad, how very sad.

    • I agree that Jefferson Davis “is a part of history”, and that his statue and all other confederate artifacts belong in the museum. He was part of a group of traitors to the USA. The Southern states wanted to maintain their slave labor to produce the cotton.

  4. Thats right bury any history you disagree with what is the difference between these slackjawed students and ISIS?
    Not one freaking thing beside location, ISIS blows up Palmyra that they do not understand , students pull down a historical figure that they do not understand…. How refreshing welcome to the sixth century!

  5. So now I suppose they replace him with Obama .. the latest divider of this Nation

  6. I thought this was asbig bad Texas. So much for the, ” the don’t mess with Texas”. I really thought this state would lead the country in not TOLERATING political bullshit. Guess I was wrong, and probably along with many others as well. Sad……

  7. We don’t have statues to Benedict Arnold so why should we one for the other traitor to this country ??? We all know the GOP would like to be govonered by the British crown again but the freedom loving people of this country will not let that happen !!!

    • been eating too much schit…get some exlax so you can get it out of your system…after that take an opportunity to jump off of a 12 story building……use the parking lot side…

    • Actually Benedict Arnold was betrayed by this young nation several times before he defected to the other side.

      He was, in fact, and early American war hero before being abandoned by his leadership; which finally led to his fateful decision.

    • With that I must assume there will be no statue for Obama???

  8. Next the pig in the white house will have his statue standing it’s place, and all the left wing monkeys’s will jump for joy.

  9. Dummycrats as promoted by University Campuses. There is absolutely no reason why anyone with intelligence and money should bother wasting either on University campuses anymore. They are turning Americans into a nation of idiots!

    • Not “turning” but “TURNED”

    • The idiots are the ones who want Jesus F. Christ shoved down the students’ throats instead of learning math, science, etc.

      • Gary,
        I went to a fundamentalist christian school (hated it … No sports) but on the academic side we graduated at second level college (Sophomore) So don’t think that they are all prayers and no education. Perhaps the Catholic schools are, that I can not say didn’t go to one. I ended up an engineer so their math and sciences scores where far better than public schools.
        My step daughter just graduated from a secular college (125K in debit) one of the classes they HAD to take to graduate was a “Learn to Protest” class taught by a liberal arts moron that NEVER had a real job.

        • Universities have been turning out “professional agitators,” white guilt crowds, haters of the Republic, disrespect for everything their grandparents stood for and fought for.

      • You have that confused with islam that is being jammed down everyone’s throats. It’s islam that the school officials pander too..and have the girls wear headbags to school. It’s islam the school officials take the kids on a “field trip” to the nearest mosque so the kids can bow down and be subservient to a god that encourages murder and suicide.

      • If you are in a Christian University then it was your or your parents choice, selected for your own reason, but if you go to a liberal University you toe the line or else. I went to university, I took Geological Engineering. Luckily I was only exposed to 1 liberal teacher, the others were scientists and engineers.
        My daughters all went to Universities of their choosing. Thanks god,none fell for the socialistic garbage.

    • That way your kid can be the garbage men

      This sounds like a good plan for all conservatives

      • It figures you’d denigrate hard, honest work.

        If you ever worked, were you an art professor?

        • So the conservative would rather his child grew up to become the garbageman, instead of the scientist?


          • Not necessarily, just a productive member of society.
            Of course you’d twist my very plain meaning for the sake of being contrary.
            This is why you are not taken seriously, but toyed with for our amusement.

  10. Who do they think will hire these idiots? Guess they will be living with mom and dad indefinitely.

  11. I think you should take bastards like run this university and give them the northeast US for a country and call it
    Northeast United States, and then the decent people would not have to listen to them whine. All liberal democrats
    and homosexuals and atheists could live their and enjoy each other.

    • no thanks, we in the northeast have enough of those assholes already. you have no idea how much of the liberal and pc crowd bull crap we have to put up with. the problem is these big cities with all their libs and low information voters, are all for this crap, the libs because it makes them feel superior to us real americans, and the low info people like the free stuff that the libs keep supplying to them for their votes. we are fighting as best we can.

      • it seems to be another phase of climate change…the level of the schit keeps rising…let us begin to rape the American taxpayer for billions of bucks to put plans into shape to stop this…well first we will have to spend a lot of that money to “study” the problem…

    • There are so few of you wacky doodle conservatives, we could probably cram you all of you on to a few islands off the West Coast.

      I hear Alcatraz is nice in the springtime

  12. The dumbing down and the eventual end of America as we know it

  13. Removing the statue of Jefferson Davis won’t stop blacks from committing crimes that some time result in being shot for resisting arrest. Secondly it is “Politically Stupid”

  14. As a U.S. military officer, and later as Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis did much to defend the people of Texas. Actually, he did much more for Texas, than the liberal agitators that forced the removal off his statue.

  15. Denying reminders of our past simply dumbs down our kids. To make sound judgments, every person needs to acknowledge ALL relevant facts and consider the importance of each to our country as our culture developed and matured. Rewriting history will prove to be very expensive for the next generations. Big mistake!

  16. Why can’t these ASS***** leave well enough alone? Was that statue inflicting some sort of pain for these pussies? You do gooder liberals make me want to vomit!

  17. Why is it okay to erase history?

  18. WE have enemies in the government. Also, Democrats are OUR enemies. PERIOD. Yes, we will, be fighting our own people, but are they our people?? I think they have become our ENEMY.

    • We have met the enemy and he is us.

    • That’s why they have orchestrated this hate against the South and officers of the peace. They are setting us up for another Civil War.
      To keep the South from succeeding, Lincoln signed the Corwin Amendment that protected slavery. That didn’t solve the South’s problems and we left the Union anyhow. Lincoln then had to free the slaves to create a false morale divide, that would get more people on his side. Now, we see Obama practicing the same tactics of his favorite president.

      • I agree with you Jean. This FRAUD, IMPOSTER and LYING TYRANT is EVIL and cunning. WE should NOT fight each other. He has the wedge between the RACES huge. IT IS HIS FAULT. FOR SURE. No one else to blame. He is, A PUNK.

  19. This is just a university and we all know they teach. Totalitarianism.

  20. The best way to destroy someones beliefs and pride in your country is to destroy or render irrelevant where we came from as a nation. With no past you have no direction moving forward. Young people being raise without knowing who their father is similar to not knowing where they come from so have little direction moving forward. The liberal dream is to destroy our past.


    This is exactly what I have been espousing for some time now and I am encouraged to see that Special Operations has had an epiphany and has awaken to the truth and has the wisdom to try to communicate it to the sheeple!

    This message would be heard on the evening news if we had one rather than the state-run, fifth column propagandists that we have now! This is why the cancer is spreading and the patient is on life support! Unless AMERIKA starts to hear this from the so-called Right and Consevatives, especially those that are campaigning for the presidency, you can kiss your asses, freedom and country – what little is Left of it – goodbye or realize that: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Our Gov’t has been diagnosed with an aggressive, deadly cancer which needs to be treated ASAP for as it spreads it does extensive damage to the quality of life of our nation. Everything else becomes a much lower priority, for treating & eradicating It as quickly as possible is of prime importance to our survival. All cancers have a name & this particular caner is called the “Communist & Radical Muslim Takeover of America” or CRMTOA for short.

    This cancer has infiltrated our Gov’t for quite some time. It started out very slowly to spread & as it did it damaged America & it’s people. The symptoms of the disease seemed liked a cold then the flu for the longest time, coming & going The American people should have gone to the Doctor to get checked out, but we kept putting it off. However, recently the symptoms worsened & America’s people began to suffer more & more. The cancer continued to worsen as well as spread & our nation was growing very sick. then within the last 4-5 years the cancer escalated within our country ravaging nearly every aspect of its well being.
    after many tests the results clear showed it was CRMTOA cancer which had mutated into a strain the Doctor called BHORL, which stood for the “Barrack Hussein Obama Regime plus Liberalism.

    So the American Gov’t has a very deadly fast growing cancer with it’s origin located in Washington D.C, & emanating specifically from the White House & Capital Bldg. which are the heart of our nation. The Doctors were asked how did we get this disease & why has it worsened so quickly. They said the constant violation & abuse of the US Constitution by greedy, power seeking politicians who through their selfishness took what once was a healthy functioning Gov’t with 3 coequal branches of Gov’t which served the purpose of maintaining its health & with the help of lawyers destroyed it. The source of the aggressive growth of this cancer was being caused by none other than the questionable POTUS Barrack Obama, his close associates Valerie Jarrett & Eric Holder, who it is believed obtained much of their sinister instruction from an elite oligarchy..

    To save our free Republic immediate treatment & eradication of every bit of this cancer must be undertaken as the top priority. But the nation is confused about how to eradicate this cancer. Many Conservative believe that focusing on the 2016 Presidential elections is the answer putting all their hope in the hands of a new POTUS who will destroy the disease, solve all of America’s problems & make us great once again. Liberals who strong adhere to the ideology of Liberalism which is poison & evil see no disease but believe what is occurring in America is exactly what should be to finally attain the global utopia they desire. But neither of these groups understand anything about cancer & are putting our free Republic in danger of collapsing from within & dying. Being a cancer survivor, understanding it & seeing what happens if it’s not completely eradicate & returns I would suggest a different approach in dealing with it.

    IMO, Americans need to first put the 2016 elections on the back burner & come together & eradicate the cancer by literally removing the traitor in the White House, his treasonous regime & all treasonous Liberals, RINOS in Congress who are all a part of this cancer. If it is not removed I don’t care who is elected POTUS he will be fighting this cancer rather than restoring America & sadly the cancer will win. Don’t minimize the strength & aggressiveness of this cancer. Unless we can go into this election cancer free, we will eventually relapse & die. Can you understand this?

    Obama is a very stubborn & aggressive cancer, he still has 1.5 years left in his term (assuming he leaves) & he can do a hell of a lot of damage to our nation in this time. This cancer must be removed now, If this isn’t dealt with now there very well may not be any 2016 elections. Obama could literally rule over our country as a Dictator & transform it both a communist totalitarian state which is Muslim nation with Sharia law as the law of the land.

    What will it take for Americans to rise up as Patriots & remove the cancer which is destroying America from within? I wish I knew.

    Joseph Stalin said ““America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Since at least from 1970-current Liberalism has made this quote their mission statement.

    The truth about America is that the cancer of Liberalism is destroying it, In essence Liberalism = Socialism = Communism. Barrack Hussein Obama & many other Gov’t officials are communists. Liberalism is poison, it’s evil & for some reason no one is willing to take stand against it & remove it. Those that think a new POTUS will solve all of America’s problems simply don’t understand the nature of cancer & how hard it is to become cancer free.

    America needs to make some very hard decisions, decisions which could either save America & its freedom or kill America. If America dies it along with Canada & Mexico will become part of the North America Union. America’s sovereignty & constitution will be absolved. It is my belief that all will be relinquished to the United Nations. The EU, the Arab League, Africa, South America & all other nations will do the same & as a result the NWO will be created.

    Having dealt with cancer repeatedly I believe it must take top priority & be eradicate. If it’s not it will return with a vengeance. I’ve seen this happen too many times before. Even the Declaration of Independence supports this radical but necessary approach. Read more at Special Operations Speaks – See more at:

  22. The University of Texas, sadly, is not governed by the rational citizens of Texas. It is governed by the liberal/socialist/progressive cabal that took over control of education in the United States some time back. We were warned about them, but we ignored the warnings, preferring to think that the warning groups were “fringe nuts”. (that’s what the cabel told us & we bought it. Oh well…………

  23. How about tearing down the Washington monument. After all, Washington owned slaves.
    Apparently the university president does not realize that the leadership of the university does not come from a bunch of nineteen year-olds. Or maybe it does.

    • Don’t give them any ideas Jack, they are just pathetically stupid and delusional enough to push it. If those like RC had a brain they’d be dangerous but truth is none of them has the intellect of an earthworm. Particularly RC.

  24. ………………………….

  25. Yea, that’s the ticket!!! Let’s rewrite history.. let’s hurry and start burning the books we don’t like, we don’t want to let the Nazzis out do us…burn’em all,burn;em all!!!
    You effing morons

    • Spoken like a true liberal who can’t discern the message. YOU have flipped out “flippen”. The Jews were innocents; Obama’s legacy is NOTHING but destructive.

      • shofar, have you never heard of “tongue in cheek”??? I am not a liberal….Obama is a blithering idiot..I am not a prejudice person,but I dare say Obozo will probably be the last black president for a good while……
        I don’t see your taking this as offensive, we cannot rewrite history because we don’t like what was done,or what the jews have to do with my comment,other than the mention of the nassis,which were mentioned because of their book burning because of what they didn’t like!!!
        Obamas Iran treaty will cause unbelievable trouble!! The Iranians will never stop trying to get the bomb for Israel and most likely Israel will beat them to the punch because of the horrors of WW2…..
        The world will have to deal with Islam somehow,the world cannot spend decade after decade putting up with these murdering dogs!!!

        • herman, I am bright enough, educated and old enough, to pick up on “tongue in cheek”. I also worked in publishing — which is a “word” media so styles/intents are something I see quickly. Scanning posts, I OFTEN see what I consider smarmy comments which to me indicate it’s geared more to the writer’s ego to impress and not the subject. If I’m off base with you I apologize — with reservation.

          However, Kristallnacht (which, for the most part, referenced Jews) is not something to joke about. Churchill borrowed this from George Santayana, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” And, from the vote today, this president and administration has learned nothing but a willful capitulation to the enemy and the destruction not just of this country but the world. All courtesy of Obama, the Democrats and the traitorous Rinos — right in the footsteps of Chamberlain.

          The Iranians won’t have to keep trying for the bomb, our government has just assured it (not WE) will GIVE it to them.

          I will assume your calling out “effing morons” does not include me and words as a lady I don’t use.

          • I completely agree with you so I don’t understand how you are misunderstanding me!!! The nazzzi book burnings has nothing to do with Kristallnacht as far as I know..Different time for each…
            WW2 (among other things) has been a keen interest of mine..I have read countless books about the war trying to understand how it came about and how such horror could be done to other human beings..
            It shows the ultimate stupidity of power structures as the Germans chased all the “brains” (Jews) out of the country!!
            They would have had a much greater chance with Einstein,etc. on their side!!!
            My main comment on most of these posts is to ask everyone if they have thanked President Obozo for WW3!!!
            I must say you seem to be a bit touchy,I figure you must be a New Yorker—–lol

          • Having trouble with my new computer so am missing some of the exchange with you
            on this thread. In any event, your comment on Kristallnacht is incorrect. I suggest you go into Wikipedia under that word and will come away with a different frame of reference. You mention WWII. Did you know anyone who perished during that war of wars? My family did. My much older siblings gave first-hand information from their friends to me although I couldn’t comprehend it until I grew up.

            I know I wrote that, for the MOST part — not all —, these book burnings were initiated by the Jew-hating Adolph against them, as was everything in this obsessed man. His loathing (of them) knew no bounds and next in line for the former Catholic Hitler were the Christians. His desire to replace and become a god (not honor THE God) drove him to the point where many now believe he WAS a (minor) anti-Christ. And remember that was the beginning of hate directives of the Nazi Party, not yet at the ghastly carnage he and they were to commit.

            Oh, I know the history…the bad times the German people were living in….looking for a savior (when they found a devil)…and on and on. But they committed one of the greatest omissions ever by mankind in their “blindness”. And so are those sitting in the seat of power in this country and doing nothing but trying to save their own rotten skin — both parties included.

            Touchy — and a New Yorker?** Because I question you? Don’t elevate yourself unless you know to whom you are writing. I might have a few years on you (one never knows) and am willing to learn — and have — from others. And I daresay so can you. As can we all. (Oh, and resurrect that Santayana quote.)

            **I am neither. Just passionate about things.

          • No,I am correct..the book burnings were done at a different time and were not all by Jewish authors but almost any author that opposed nassis(yes I know that is misspelled)
            and not connected to Kristallnacht,even though yes they burned many buildings, scrolls, prayer books,etc. during that time of broken glass……
            I am 72 years old,no relatives that I know of in WW2 but I imagine there was…
            I have studied the war for 50 years and yes the jewish side also,as I have watched all the combat footage available and of course all the concentration camp footage at the end of the war..not counting amazing amounts of books about and by those involved….
            Even though the Israelis hunted down all the fugitives they could,they are better men than me,because if I had been Jewish and lived thru those camps I would have made it my life mission to track down and exact revenge on those murdering dogs that escaped justice and went on with their lives after the war and not lost a moments sleep..
            Well I assume you are Jewish, which is why I mentioned N.Y.—It is called humour!!!!
            I am on Israels side..The muslim people are going to cause us all a great deal of trouble over their religious beliefs and ignorance…may they all see allah soon!!!
            All religions are a detriment to the human race,all fantasy,all fantasy…

          • Just answered you — too quickly. I think I’ll call it a day with you. A waste of my time and yours.

        • herman, didn’t mean to ignore you. Really. Your post got lost way down in my incoming mail. And apologies if I was obtuse. I’m not born-Jewish (many apparently think I am) but a huge supporter of the Jewish people and Israel who have suffered throughout history. So I can get a bit defensive. Nazi and Jews don’t even belong in the same sentence as far as I’m concerned. Sometimes on the net one can’t tell if it’s tongue-in-cheek or simply sarcasm. Mea culpa.

          • no problem–I am on Israels side,they will do what they have to do to never be the victim again and I don’t blame them one bit!!!!
            I think I mentioned that if I had lived thru that I would have spent my life tracking those bastards down and making them pay even if I had to do it myself—-justified as far as I am concerned!!! Have a nice day—–

  26. Obozo offends me!!! I want all paper that mentions his name burned,I want all digital info that mentions his name deleted…and maybe we will be able to forget the horror he has foisted on this country!!!

  27. Yes, we know that right wingnuts are still crying about the South losing the civil war.

    • Gary,
      The south at the time was run by… guess who… Democrats

      • Yes, and they are still running the plantation. The difference is now they convince their followers to willfully enter servitude for a few crumbs, and a scapegoat for their failure to integrate.

  28. Student leadership, huh? How about lemmings? That fits them better. The kids today are not even taught history. If you took a survey, most would probably not even know who Jefferson Davis was.

  29. fenves and vincent should set in a car parked in a closed garage with the engine running and a garden hose leading into the interior…oh with kenyan boyo and al sharpless on the radio..

  30. This is starting to get on my nerves. We have a right to celebrate anybody that we want to celebrate… oh, yeah, no we don’t. It’s hard to understand that a war hero can’t be celebrated in the South, because there were SOME evil aspects of the person, yet it is JUST FINE for people to worship the devil, the father of evil.

  31. Removing his statue won’t change history. We should study history to keep from repeating mistakes.

  32. It is a sad state of affairs when seemingly intelligent men give way to mob rule and inane demands. Does one think that they can erase history and that will satisfy these mobs?

  33. To Gregory Vincent Hey douche bag it’s part of history. You can’t change what has happened in the past, unless of course you are an asshole liberal, who can’t deal with the truth.

  34. It is sad that they are removing so much of America’s historical items. I wish we could just go up to the White House and throw Obama and all his cronies out on their ass’s. Than we can work on rebuilding America.

  35. this articles stupidity reminds me of the one i read two days ago. in case you missed it a little girl was sent home because her lunch box, has a picture of wonder woman on it. and the worst part was she was carrying her truth lasso. the school said the lasso was a symbol of violence, and wonder woman was a bad example. i love how people all over the country with such limited intelligence, are entrusted with the education of our future generations. if you need any kind of proof, look what they are turning out now, idiots, who believe every word that these overpaid proffessors indoctrinate them with. the only thing you see or hear about the colleges anymore is sports or being radically changed to please a few. people forget that colleges are a business. college sports are big business, scholarships are given to people because they can throw a ball thru a hoop or run down a field or pass a football. test scores? no problem, most dont even finish, when a contract comes up their gone. but at the same time, they are taking a seat that should have gone to someone that wanted to learn. then colleges have their quotas that they have to fill, otherwise the government comes down on them. colleges now are useless.

  36. stop payment on donation checks to U of Texas

  37. People, Universities have become the NAZI centers of our society. I’m ashamed that a Texas university has joined the NAZI’s.

  38. The dumbing down occurs at all colleges due to the liberal professors

  39. If I had a diploma from UT, I would send it back to the liberal SOBs.

  40. And the REAL AMERICA sits on its ass and watches while some nigger and all his terrorist friends ERASE American history, just so the bastards can write their own. I’m so damned glad I’m in my 70s, but look at all the bullshit America’s kids are getting crammed down their throats!?
    Won’t be long before students will even be so brainwashed that they’ll kill their own parents!! GOD HELP AMERICA !!!

  41. The university can do whatever it wants but as an institution of higher education, they could have used the statue as a teachable moment. I don’t know enough history to have any skin in this game but i do know a lot about universities and it seems to me that they lost out on a great educational opportunity by removing the statue and all that it represents. For example, the school could place another statue of some compelling and alternative perspective on the Jefferson Davis symbolism (e.g., perhaps an escaping slave?) and that could create a provocative (and educational) discussion. Schools need not shy away from educating its students.

    To help you understand better my own perspective: I am likely the most liberal person on this site.

  42. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The democrats refuse to even acknowledge history. They won’t acknowledge that Adolf Hitler was a socialist, that Soviet Russia was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics. Socialism is a horrible thing and history has proven that, but since democrats are so ignorant they refuse, refuse to acknowledge history. We have an opponent to our rights that has absolutely no concept of reality. Democrats think banning guns stops criminals from getting them, overwhelmingly taxing businesses creates jobs, and that attacking our allies and aiding our enemies will “make us safer”. I mean.. are these people serious? Democrats got to be some sort of literal colossal joke, there’s no way they can ACTUALLY believe these things… right?

  43. Seems to me that these sorry individuals removing historical figures , and religious symbols from their sites are a bunch of revisionist of the liberal, progressive, communistic types who just want to erase our past and all of its Glory. Blame it on the Bossa Nova…. They are idiots with no spine.. or gonads….

  44. All this proves is that if a small minority is loud enough they can get their way. What I don’t understand is, how did that statue manage to stay so long on that campus? UT Austin is well-known for being an extremely liberal university. I’m sure they would rather have a statue of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, or Josef Stalin. Perhaps it would be better to have a statue of Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tung, or Kim Jong Un instead. That way, we can honor the true saviors of the people AND get our diversity quota!

    • bla bla bla, Stalin
      bla bla bla, Marx
      bla bla bla, Castro
      bla bla bla, Lenin

      eventually someone needs to teach the silly right some new words.
      somehow you should have been able to work in the words “commie” and “socialism”.
      work on that silly human.

      • Well, those ARE your heroes.

        • WHO wants to live under communism?

          how retarded are you cons?

          as for socialism
          we already have Democratic socialism.
          Social Security. Democratic socialism
          Medicare. Democratic socialism
          national grid. Democratic socialism
          national highway system Democratic socialism

          US military, FULL ON socialism.

          I can go on if you don’t get the point.

          your problem is you are brainwashed by right wing media.

          there is no such thing as pure capitalism.

  45. if ONLY it were that easy to remove the trash pos in the WH!!!!

    • we call it voting Joy.

      is that news to you?
      are you from Russia?

      • doesn’t work with the fraud, dead people, illegals able to vote…AND when OUR (the USA) ballots/votes need to be counted ….in Spain…by a soros company..
        voters who oppose the pos might just as well understand it is useless.
        which one in the category are YOU?

        • Joy,
          the votes are not being counted in Spain, ignorant old person.

          “The Obama administration could not
          possibly have “sold the processing rights of our votes in the general
          election” to Scytl, as the federal government does not run elections:
          individual states do. It’s up to each state to determine on its own how
          to conduct its elections and what voting systems to use.

          Moreover, it’s highly unlikely any states
          will be choosing to use systems like Scytl’s to implement online voting
          on anything more than a very limited basis in the 2012 general election.

          Scytl’s current list of customers
          includes only a few U.S. states plus the District of Columbia, all of
          whom have so far limited their use of Scytl systems to providing a means
          for overseas (i.e., military and absentee) voters to cast their
          ballots remotely. According to Discovery News, even those scant initial uses of online voting failed to pan out in some cases, and those systems will not be re-used in 2012:


  46. Perhaps these “students” that railed for the removal should go enroll in a northeastern university where liberalism is the norm. They can take their “professors” with them. Gawd, I can’t wait for the “revolution” to take place. Then maybe we can get this country back on track.


  48. My grand father’s first names were JEFFERSON DAVIS _ _ _ __. I suppose the next this we will be hearing from the politically correctness crowd is that they want us to take such names off tombstones in the cemeteries across the nation! How asinine
    (look it up- it means FOOLISH OR STUPID) can it get!!!!!! We have a double standard haven’t you heard? A COLLAGE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO COURT BECAUSE MUSLIM’S WANT TO PRAY IN COLLEGE FACILITIES. The college has never allow PRAYER GROUPS OF ANY RELIGION TO HAVE PRAYER ON CAMPUS (100 YEARS!) Guess what? The muslim’s are taking the college to court. Strange thing – there is a MOSQUE located 2 block away!!! GO FIGURE. And we put up with such nonsense?!!!! I prayer that I never have to confront this stuff eye ball to eye ball….some body’s likely to get hurt! I don’t have to have a building to pray in with my posterior anatomy in the air. My prayer comes from my heart which is exposed to Jehovah God. Positions in prayer have nothing to do which your belief nor is God impressed. OUR HISTORY IS BEING REMOVED BY THOSE WHOSE GOAL IS TO DESTROY AMERICA. To bad we don’t have the guts to stand up to this aggression. Put JEFFERSON DAVIS’S STATUE BACK – we got a lot to learn from him yet!

  49. Stupid is as Stupid Does !! When it comes to College Professors & Politicians it is a Piñata of Stupid

  50. A prime example of a college full of “Common Core” indoctrinated morons. What is so disconcerting, is, this is the future of our Country. God help us!

    • Common Core is barely 3 years old.
      most districts started in the lower grades

      pretty hard for them to be in college.

      • Reality check; Common Core was introduced the year after the Department of Education was initiated. Not as intense as it is today, but there, just the same.

        • Sorry,
          but that is a lie.

          YOUR school district is run by YOUR state and local district.
          you may remember voting for them.

          the first federal program that directly affected school education, was GW Bush’s No Child Left Behind.

          my wife is a teacher for the past 40 years.
          your info is from where?

          • No, it’s not. The districts are dependent on Federal tax dollars. Dept. of Ed. says teach this way or get no money. State wants money in order not to raise taxes, tells local districts teach this way or get no money. Local district doesn’t want to raise taxes and tells schools teach this way.

            Is that simple enough for you to understand? We have not been in charge of local educational standards since the inception of the Department of Education.

            Please notice no one wants to raise taxes, but are more than willing to take our tax money from the Federal Government. Still our money, they just pretend they’re doing us a favor.

  51. It seems that “history”, and “heritage” mean only racist things to some. The whiney minority have to get things THEIR WAY, and the majority have little to do with “political correctness”. The “man in the moon”, is a sexist thing, and we should blow it up. It appears that the rebel flag has caused a flap, and we see many more of them NOW, than ever before.

  52. I never thought I would see the day that I would say that “I AM ASHAMED TO CALL MY SELF A LONGHORN FAN” !

  53. To the University of Texas idiot. No, this is a SAD, Pathetic example of what Tyrannical Ass holes do. You are so covered in the politically correct that you can’t see the Oppressive nature of your RE-actions. Jefferson Davis was an HONORABLE character in US HISTORY. That’s right, US HISTORY. The University of Texas has lost its mind.
    A once proud University. Now a group of sniveling cry babies who demand their own way. Universities were once places where young men and women went to LEARN. Now they believe they are entitled to everything including the RE-WRITE of TRUE UNITED STATES HISTORY. You ass holes will never be able to fully shut down the truth. LOSERS

    • how does taking down a statue rewrite history?
      What about the Museum?
      Davis is still in there.
      and he doesn’t get shit on everyday.

      • What was the reason for the statue being taken down?
        Reminds me of the Question: Why does ISIS find in necessary to destroy statues and ancient temples in the middle east?
        To Silence the Truth of History. I am sick of “offended” people attempting to re-Write the truth. I really don’t give a damn if it offends you or anyone else. What’s next? What do you believe to be worthy of silencing next?

        • here’s the list of Jefferson still around for you go look at and feel better about your past ancestors and their herd of slaves.

          • Hey moron, Slavery ,in all forms was/is evil. You fail to see the need to REMEMBER, so the EVIL never happens again. May I remind you of a place in Europe called (sp) Auschwitz While we are at it you sniveling puke, my family was being oppressed by certain European countries at the same time of the Civil War in America. Don’t even attempt to shame me or my “ancestors”. My family even after LEGALLY Immigrating to the United States was OPPRESSED and abused. My family though, decided they would not be oppressed. My family educated themselves, got off their butts and exercised their RIGHT to work, invented things and created jobs for others. Not once oppressing anyone else. The American dream at work. Unlike you, who would have the same family feel sorry for themselves. Act like perpetual victims and ultimately silencing the reality of HISTORY. To Educate a people on REAL HISTORY, instead of left wing tripe that you would force down their throats. Like it or not Jefferson Davis was a part of US HISTORY! And though I find slavery in any form, an evil that cannot stand, WE as AMERICANS must ensure that era is never forgotten and the roles, specific characters, including Jefferson Davis and General Sherman are never forgotten or repeated again. That is why I have a huge issue with any attempt to white wash or hide statues of these characters. To do so is oppression, just as evil and just as disgusting as the act of slavery itself. Institutions of Education are completely off course when they respond to whining with hiding reality. The same acts of ISIS or ISIL. You may not like that, but reality is what it is.

          • I think you are really going to RC’s reply. He has a one track mind. Name calling and brainwashed leftist. I’m sure he’ll have something original to say to this post. If you have no real position, you just attack regardless – “REALITY CHECK MOTTO”. I guess he learned that at Leftist Brainwash University. I do’t know why anyone answers any of his post unless you’re a masochist! Everyone should ignore him and he’ll crawl back into his little Leftist hole. RC don’t bother answering, all your posts go into my Garbage Bin where they belong.

          • I understand your post, but am fed up with the Left defining was is the correct action to take. wolfman look at what ISIS or ISIL or what ever they are called today, systematically does to ANCIENT temples etc. I don’t give a flying damn if some one doesn’t like something. To hide it, dismantle it or tear it down is a COWARDS way of dealing with things. HISTORICAL ARTIFACTS are HISTORICAL ARTIFACTS. They help us remember so we don’t make the same ignorant mistakes AGAIN. But, we all know how the left just loves to use the past to make others victims or perpetrators, even though neither had anything to do with it.

          • I hear you armydadtexas, but the left’s position is always vilify and slander the opposition. Just like RC, before they engage anything worthwhile, they start by calling their opponent with all sorts of name calling. That’s why I don’t answer some people posts because they have NOTHING to contribute. You can tell a leftist by their cry, “prove it” or show me “a link”. Lazy to look it up because they continue to spew their TRASH. The sole person responsible for the mess we are in today is the “MUSLIM IN THE WHITE HOUSE”. Everything he has done is a catastrophe. His ‘executive orders’ have done so much harm to OUR country. And, there still people that believe he’s doing it for the U.S. He’s not doing it FOR the US, he’s doing it TO the US. The whole country follows ‘what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right’. There too many Anti-American people using ALL our rights and freedoms to continue their ‘depravity’. OUR nation is led by a USA hater and his WHOLE administration. It’s impossible for all government agencies to be so hateful on their own. They get it from the TOP with their blessing. I’m fed up as well. I hate to see what OUR country will look like in a couple of years. That’s how long it will take. WE THE PEOPLE should keep our eyes open and remind them our senators and representatives that they WORK for us. I pray to GOD, not allah, to keep an eye on OUR country and don’t dismiss it because of ALL THE UNGODLY people in power and the sheep that follow them.

        • The Davis statue will be relocated to the Briscoe Center for American
          History on the university’s campus, to be part of the nation’s largest
          collection of archival material depicting slavery.

  54. If this is ‘student leadership’,… you “Millennials” are so screwed!

  55. “The Davis statue will be relocated to the Briscoe Center for American
    History on the university’s campus, to be part of the nation’s largest
    collection of archival material depicting slavery.”

    BUNCH OF WHINERS I guess didn’t look into what was happening to the statue.

  56. There is a statue for Malcolm X at the Audubon Ballroom in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan where he was killed in in 1965. After Columbia University bought the ballroom, African American activists and Columbia students protested, resulting in the memorial.

    Mr X…was a muslim convert and a hater of all whites! His statue is offensive!

    A statue for murdered rap star Tupac Shakur is located in Atlanta, Georgia outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts. The statue was dedicated in 2005.

    It was designed by sculptor Tina Allen and features Tupac holding a book of his own poetry.

    Tupac has made many songs about the killing of white people,it is documented that his music has inspired the killing of police officers thru out america,
    he has also been convicted of rape of a young woman of which he and a friend took turns sodomising her as he had others watching the door. He was a thug! And this should be considered hateful and offensive!

    Jefferson Davis is being called a racist and his statue is been removed! When are we (so-called racists) going to stand up and tell them to cut this crap out?

    This murdering of our history or our culture is offensive and outrageous!

    • I guess reading is hard for you.

      “The Davis statue will be relocated to the Briscoe Center for American
      History on the university’s campus, to be part of the nation’s largest
      collection of archival material depicting slavery.”
      hardly GONE.
      perhaps in your challenged mind, but not in reality.

      • Typical commie-liberal I’m offended by you!

        • You are offended because I post facts demonstrating how silly you people are?

          You conservatives need to come to your senses.
          It’s not the end of the freaking world. They moved the statue around the corner big deal.

          It is like you are all desperate to have something to foam at the mouth about.

    • “A statue for murdered rap star Tupac Shakur is located in Atlanta, Georgia outside the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts.”

      I will wager money there is a statue of Jefferson in from of the Jefferson Museum.

  57. racists are those who set out to destroy the nation’s white identity, that is racist.

    • considering the country is 60% white, the congress is 95% white
      I think your fears are a bit premature.

      stop listening to rush and Savage.
      they are corrupting your delicate female mind.

  58. If this is happening in a great state like Texas, then on one is safe from the liberal PC idiots.

  59. They just want to make room to force us to erect statues to them, and their obliteration of America.

  60. “This is an iconic moment,” said UT Vice President Gregory Vincent. “It really shows the power of student leadership.” ……Sorry dweeb, it show just how far Texas, like the rest of the country, has sunk in the cesspool that is liberal political correctness. What spineless, cowardly sissies, to give in to a bunch of wide eyed, unwashed, libTURD students. And to think our taxes pay for these “administrators”

  61. Can any Negro replace him? Then the statue should stay.

  62. The morons in Texas thinking that removing Jefferson Davis going to change the past: that means all blacks must return to Africa, than year 1492 is all over again.

  63. this is so very offensive to the nations history I just cant imagine any sane person doing this. But then the Nazis and Hitler did the very same kind of shit before the genocide too so I should not be surprised….shame on those who did this and those who allowed it

  64. It is sad that we as American drunk from the cup of Hell,
    1. all those who are bitter and hate
    2 Our president , Sharpton and other black leaders who played the mind of many black American and all who drunk from that deceit.
    3. We have Muslims in key positions in the white house and our country
    4. The shooting in SC HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH the confederate flag, the south should have stood together.
    5. The Governor should have stood and research all the Black Group like now protesting kill our police, calling them pigs, The Black panther flag, black lives mater and blacks are killing blacks.
    RIGHT NOW we have 7 million who do not worship Jesus and trying to bring SHARIS law into America.
    Is America that stupid? Who is going to stand with black and white when the TROJAN HORSE OPEN THE GATES.?

  65. People in Texas always hold themselves up as the last bastion of American grit. Where are they now?

  66. I suggest we take down the STATUE OF LIBERTY, since OUR country is no longer FREE and won’t have any pathetic reason and therefore won’t need to take down any other monuments.. OUR country no longer has any LIBERTIES or FREEDOMS. The Statue of Liberty no longer mirrors what OUR country IS, but what it WAS. WE THE PEOPLE have no freedom of speech or WTP aren’t using it. Probably the latter. Oh, I forgot, we are using our freedom of speech in the safe confines of the social media. We, therefore, remain anonymous and don’t have to leave our sacred comfortable closet. Stop the talking, you’ll get ulcers. OUR country is already LOST regardless what the populace and media spews. You read this, now get back into your closet!

  67. Liberals are trying to change history on a daily basis. They are rewriting text books and changing actual statements made by famous people who made this country great. Students are taught at a very young age by liberal teachers and are molded into the people who are radicals in college. Soon, war will begin on our soil and perhaps as they are forced to fight they will no longer be spoiled brats fighting for such idiotic causes. Let history stand and focus on tomorrow.

  68. “It really shows the power of student leadership.” Perhaps, but misguided, ignorant leadership only serves the small minded.

  69. Texas just lost my support. I hope they suffer financially for this stupid move.

  70. There are those liberals, who are so ignorant, that they can make complete fools of themselves and not even be aware of doing it!! The cause does not have to make sense, just take the action and brag about it, to the world!! Those of us, who are smarter than these idiots, are sad that they can prove to everyone just how very stupid they are!! History has taught us many lessons. Once these idiots wake up to reality, perhaps, they will realize the error of their thinking!!

  71. Disappointed in Texas. Must be no Texas people doing this.

  72. This is G.D. ridiculous!!!!! We are removing & destroying pieces of HISTORY to please SOME, not all, of the dumbest G.D. race of people on the face of the Earth!!! I really don’t know what the hell these idiots want!!?! I know one thing, when they get one thing they want, then they move to something else & demand more & more! When the majority of society gets their belly full of this kind of B.S. & decides enough is enough, it’s going to be hell to pay!!! They NEVER stop demanding!!! Get a life, you SOB’S!!!!!!!

  73. Obama’s said 6 years ago that they were going to change history. Let them keep going and we won’t recognize our country. It’s looking more like Kenya every passing day. We better get to our villages pronto!

  74. what a bunch of PC thin skinned losers they are turning out , and parents pay for this sh*t ? idiots

  75. Yeah, well, Hitler said all kinds of things; he was a champion at talking out of both sides of his mouth.
    As for Obama, I want documentation that he did anything like what you are saying. Put up or shut up.

  76. You have missed my point by a mile! I was saying that if you believe what you said you should tell Obama personally–assuming you have the courage.
    The fact that some one questions your assumptions does not automatically make him a “liberal” with a first-grade education.

    • Whom exactly are you addressing? Can you not figure out how to reply to a specific post? Just for s**ts and giggles try clicking the word “Reply” that resides below each post. You might actually learn something today, although I tend to doubt it.

  77. Well, if they are so offended by statues when will they jump onto Richmond with all of its statues. Remember VA was a confederate state too. You cannot deny all of our history.

    • The statue was moved to museum on campus.
      Hardly burying history like you silly conservatives are pretending.

      • It was moved because of the students today that do not seem to know anything of our history since they barely teach it anymore. You liberals are the reason for this not us “silly” conservatives. You know nothing of the Confederacy so just leave it at that.

        • You ill-informed conservatives are running around pretending that we are erasing Jefferson’s existence from history.
          When in reality there are HUNDREDS of Jefferson memorials, dozens of Jefferson museums.

          You intolerant conservatives get your panties in a knot whenever you have a chance.
          Seems like you enjoy it.

          Perhaps it’s time to come to terms with the fact that it’s “liberal” Texans that are doing this.
          Fellow Texans who have a right to do what they want with their state.
          Perhaps Texans should take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY?

    • Obama will take care of that…..

  78. Does that even include you answering the question I asked in the first place? I am not clairvoyant.

  79. I believe it would be better to leave the statue in place, as a reminder, of what happens when our Nation does not resolve issues with win-win solutions. I, seriously, doubt a statue will return us to the Civil War mentality. It may surprise some to know the black white issues are, definitely, not the same in our Nation as they were in the late 1800s, let alone in the 1900s. Things really are more comfortable and calm than they used to be. In our everyday lives we don’t hear the anal disgust of Blacks out of White folks’ mouths the way it used to be. Yes, there are those who continue to stir up the old conflict. If they’d just shut up things would settle down. In all cultures it is the 5%ers who stir up turmoil. All lives matter. All lives are God’s children. So, why should anyone hate anyone? Incidentally. there are no black, brown, white, yellow, red people in the world. All races are just different shades of brown. It’s a proven scientific fact. Likewise, be it interesting to know, there are, only, 5 geno-types of blood in the human race. We are all more, closely, related than what everyone wants to believe. I don’t post to offend anyone. May God be with all of us. May He continue to bless us with all of His grace. No, I am not a preacher. I am a Caucasian Christian.

  80. Welcome Common Core to OUR schools, where teachers have to be TRAINED on how they’re supposed to teach this trash. History books are a slap in the face of all REAL AMERICANS/TEACHERS. None of the FOUNDING FATHERS are mentioned, except for one line about BENJAMIN FRANKLIN. I guess that’s why teachers have to be re-educated. The Liberal pansies will surrender at the sight of a fight, because they have a pansy for a SO-CALLED president. He will tells NOT to fight and accept the TERRORISTS as friends. Obama will be the first turncoat or will leave citizens to fend for themselves. That’s why he’s trying so hard to take away the guns from LAW-ABIDING citizens. KKiekow, don’t surrender to the MUSLIM, stand and fight like real men do. Liberals will be the first to kow-tow to our enemies!

  81. I guess that it is way past time to remove the administration of the University of Texas. They are quite obviously not qualified to hold such a position due to their own personal bias and ignorance. If they wish to live in a Communist society we should urge them to move to North Korea. I’m sure that they would be much more comfortable there – and they wouldn’t even have to thing again as “dear leader” would do that for them.

  82. Amen. I am tired of the ni66ers trying to rewrite our history.

  83. WTH !! He was our President !!! I’m offended !! lets remove the Muzzie in Chief from our Whitehouse !!

  84. I think it is time to remove the POS potus from office.

  85. Another carpet bagger/anti-American/anti-History/Socialist has struck again!

    Proud American vet, who is laughing at these morons more and more everyday. I happened to have quit High School and joined the military (retired with 27+ yrs), however I kept up my studies while I was in. I enjoy studying and learning about history.

  86. Too bad Gregory Vincent isn’t also removed!

  87. THEY, used to be one of US. Now they are the enemy. PERIOD.

  88. Probably putting up a statue of Santa Ana. Orders from WH. Overrun with illegals.

    • you really think a college in Texas takes orders from Obama?

      you conservatives get sillier the longer Obama is in office.

  89. Next will these PC liberals demand closing the Alamo?
    Or will the not quite legals who crossed the river in the dead of night demonstrate against Texas? Better nip it in the bud and quit bowing like Obama to an Arab!

  90. I guess American History now only represents what the current political thought may be. Shame, we should at lease look at the past and learn from the mistakes of people in our history. The only way to do that is for the truth to be shown and the past remain available to all. Perhaps we need a Confederate Memorial on the DC Mall where all of these artifacts of Confederate History can be shown to the world next to the Korean Memorial, WWII Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial. Let Americans know their history and let each person come to their own conclusions. You cannot erase our history but you can educate everyone on what really happened and who the heroes and villains were.

  91. Destroy History, good or bad and destroy the society that evolved from that history. That is the agenda – hundreds of old dystopian books and movies have that as a premise.
    Anthem by Ayn Rand is an excellent example as is Logan’s Run (Seems to be hard to find that today)
    The more destruction of history that we allow (yes, allow), the farther down the rabbit hole we go.

  92. The Confederate flag needs to be raised,
    not lowered

    By Chuck Baldwin

    Ladies and gentlemen, I
    submit that what we see happening in the United States today is an apt
    illustration of why the Confederate flag was raised in the first place. What we
    see materializing before our very eyes is tyranny: tyranny over the freedom of
    expression, tyranny over the freedom of association, tyranny over the freedom
    of speech, and tyranny over the freedom of conscience.

    In 1864, Confederate General Patrick
    Cleburne warned his fellow southerners of the historical consequences should
    the South lose their war for independence. He was truly a prophet. He said if
    the South lost, “It means that the history of this heroic struggle will be
    written by the enemy. That our youth will be trained by Northern school
    teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will
    be impressed by all of the influences of History and Education to regard our
    gallant debt as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for
    derision.” No truer words were ever spoken.

    History revisionists flooded America’s
    public schools with Northern propaganda about the people who attempted to
    secede from the United States, characterizing them as racists, extremists,
    radicals, hatemongers, traitors, etc. You know, the same way that people in our
    federal government and news media attempt to characterize Christians, patriots,
    war veterans, constitutionalists, et al. today.

    Folks, please understand that the only
    people in 1861 who believed that states did NOT have the right to secede were
    Abraham Lincoln and his radical Republicans. To say that southern states did
    not have the right to secede from the United States is to say that the thirteen
    colonies did not have the right to secede from Great Britain. One cannot be
    right and the other wrong. If one is right, both are right. How can we
    celebrate our Declaration of Independence in 1776 and then turn around and
    condemn the Declaration of Independence of the Confederacy in 1861? Talk about

    In fact, southern states were not the only
    states that talked about secession. After the southern states seceded, the
    State of Maryland fully intended to join them. In September of 1861, Lincoln
    sent federal troops to the State capital and seized the legislature by force in
    order to prevent them from voting. Federal
    provost marshals stood guard at the polls and arrested Democrats and anyone
    else who believed in secession. A special furlough was granted to
    Maryland troops so they could go home and vote against secession. Judges who
    tried to inquire into the phony elections were arrested and thrown into
    military prisons. There is your great “emancipator,” folks.

    And before the South
    seceded, several northern states had also threatened secession. Massachusetts,
    Connecticut and Rhode Island had threatened secession as far back as James
    Madison’s administration. In addition, the states of New York, New Jersey,
    Pennsylvania, and Delaware were threatening secession during the first half of
    the nineteenth century – long before the southern states even considered such a

    People say constantly that Lincoln
    “saved” the Union. Lincoln didn’t save the Union; he subjugated the
    Union. There is a huge difference. A union that
    is not voluntary is not a union. Does a man have a right to force a woman to
    marry him or to force a woman to stay married to him? In the eyes of
    God, a union of husband and wife is far superior to a union of states. If God
    recognizes the right of husbands and wives to separate (and He does), to try
    and suggest that states do not have the right to lawfully (under Natural and
    divine right) separate is the most preposterous proposition imaginable.

    People say that Lincoln freed the slaves.
    Lincoln did NOT free a single slave. But what
    he did do was enslave free men. His so-called Emancipation Proclamation
    had NO AUTHORITY in the southern states, as they had separated into another
    country. Imagine a President today signing a proclamation to free folks in,
    say, China or Saudi Arabia. He would be laughed out of Washington. Lincoln had no authority over the Confederate States
    of America, and he knew it.

    Do you not find it interesting that Lincoln’s proclamation did NOT free a
    single slave in the United States, the country in which he DID have authority?
    That’s right. The Emancipation Proclamation deliberately ignored slavery in the
    North. Do you not realize that when Lincoln signed his proclamation, there were
    over 300,000 slaveholders who were fighting in the Union army? Check it out.

    One of those northern slaveholders was
    General (and later U.S. President) Ulysses S. Grant. In fact, he maintained
    possession of his slaves even after the War Between the States concluded.
    Recall that his counterpart, Confederate General Robert E. Lee, freed his
    slaves BEFORE hostilities between North and South ever broke out. When asked
    why he refused to free his slaves, Grant said, “Good help is hard to find
    these days.”

    The institution of
    slavery did not end until the 13th Amendment was ratified on December 6, 1865.

    Speaking of the 13th Amendment, did you know that Lincoln authored his own 13th
    Amendment? It is the only amendment to the Constitution ever proposed by a
    sitting U.S. President. Here is Lincoln’s
    proposed amendment: “No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which
    will authorize or give Congress the power to abolish or interfere within any
    state with the domestic institutions thereof, including that a person’s held to
    labor or service by laws of said State.”

    You read it right. Lincoln proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution
    PRESERVING the institution of slavery. This proposed amendment was written in
    March of 1861, a month BEFORE the shots were fired at Fort Sumter, South

    The State of South Carolina was
    particularly incensed at the tariffs enacted in 1828 and 1832. The Tariff of
    1828 was disdainfully called, “The Tariff
    of Abominations” by the State of South Carolina. Accordingly, the
    South Carolina legislature declared that the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 were
    “unauthorized by the constitution of the United States.”

    Think, folks: why would
    the southern states secede from the Union over slavery when President Abraham
    Lincoln had offered an amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing the
    PRESERVATION of slavery? That makes no sense. If the issue was predominantly
    slavery, all the South needed to do was to go along with Lincoln, and his
    proposed 13th Amendment would have permanently preserved slavery among the
    southern (and northern) states. Does that sound like a body of people who were
    willing to lose hundreds of thousands of men on the battlefield over saving
    slavery? What nonsense!

    The problem was Lincoln
    wanted the southern states to pay the Union a 40% tariff on their exports. The South
    considered this outrageous and refused to pay. By the time hostilities broke
    out in 1861, the South was paying up to, and perhaps exceeding, 70% of the
    nation’s taxes. Before the war, the South was very prosperous and productive.
    And Washington, D.C., kept raising the taxes and tariffs on them. You know, the
    way Washington, D.C., keeps raising the taxes on prosperous American citizens

    This is much the same
    story of the way the colonies refused to pay the demanded tariffs of the
    British Crown – albeit the tariffs of the Crown were MUCH lower than those
    demanded by Lincoln. Lincoln’s proposed 13th Amendment was an attempt to entice
    the South into paying the tariffs by being willing to permanently ensconce the
    institution of slavery into the Constitution. AND THE SOUTH SAID NO!

    In addition, the Congressional Record of
    the United States forever obliterates the notion that the North fought the War
    Between the States over slavery. Read it for yourself. This resolution was
    passed unanimously in the U.S. Congress on July 23, 1861, “The War is
    waged by the government of the United States not in the spirit of conquest or
    subjugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights
    or institutions of the states, but to defend and protect the Union.”

    What could be clearer? The U.S. Congress
    declared that the war against the South was NOT an attempt to overthrow or
    interfere with the “institutions” of
    the states, but to keep the Union intact (by force). The
    “institutions” implied most certainly included the institution of

    Hear it loudly and clearly: Lincoln’s war against the South had NOTHING to do
    with ending slavery – so said the U.S. Congress by unanimous resolution in

    Abraham Lincoln, himself, said it was NEVER
    his intention to end the institution of slavery. In a letter to Alexander
    Stevens who later became the Vice President of the Confederacy, Lincoln wrote
    this, “Do the people of the South really entertain fears that a Republican
    administration would directly, or indirectly, interfere with their slaves, or
    with them, about their slaves? If they do, I wish to assure you, as once a
    friend, and still, I hope, not an enemy, that there is no cause for such fears.
    The South would be in no more danger in this respect than it was in the days of

    Again, what could be clearer? Lincoln,
    himself, said the southern states had nothing to fear from him in regard to
    abolishing slavery.

    Hear Lincoln again: “If I could save
    the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.” He also said, “I
    have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of
    slavery in the states where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do
    so and I have no inclination to do so.”

    The idea that the Confederate flag
    (actually there were five of them) stood for racism, bigotry, hatred, and
    slavery is just so much hogwash. In fact, if one truly wants to discover who
    the racist was in 1861, just read the words of Mr. Lincoln.

    On August 14, 1862,
    Abraham Lincoln invited a group of black people to the White House. In his
    address to them, he told them of his plans to colonize them all back to Africa.
    Listen to what he told these folks: “Why should the people of your race be
    colonized and where? Why should they leave this country? This is, perhaps, the
    first question for proper consideration. You and we are different races. We have between us
    a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it
    is right or wrong I need not discuss; but this physical difference is a great
    disadvantage to us both, as I think. Your race suffers very greatly, many of
    them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we
    suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason, at least, why we
    should be separated. You here are freemen, I suppose? Perhaps you have been
    long free, or all your lives. Your race is suffering, in my judgment, the
    greatest wrong inflicted on any people. But even when you cease to be slaves,
    you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race.
    The aspiration of men is to enjoy equality with the best when free, but on this
    broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man
    of our race.”

    Did you hear what Lincoln
    said? He said that black people would NEVER be equal with white people – even
    if they all obtained their freedom from slavery. If that isn’t a racist
    statement, I’ve never heard one.

    Lincoln’s statement above is not isolated. In Charleston, Illinois, in 1858,
    Lincoln said in a speech, “I am not, nor have ever been, in favor of
    bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and
    black races. I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of
    negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white
    people; I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference
    between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two
    races from living together on social or political equality. And inasmuch as
    they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position
    of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having
    the superior position assigned to the white.”

    Ladies and gentlemen, in
    his own words, Abraham Lincoln declared himself to be a white supremacist. Why
    don’t our history books and news media tell the American people the truth about
    Lincoln and about the War Between the States?

    It’s simple: if people would study the meanings and history of the flag,
    symbols, and statues of the Confederacy and Confederate leaders, they might
    begin to awaken to the tyrannical policies of Washington, D.C., that precluded
    southern independence – policies that have only escalated since the defeat of
    the Confederacy – and they might have a notion to again resist.

    By the time Lincoln penned his Emancipation
    Proclamation, the war had been going on for two years without resolution. In
    fact, the North was losing the war. Even though the South was outmanned and
    out-equipped, the genius of the southern generals and fighting acumen of the
    southern men had put the northern armies on their heels. Many people in the
    North never saw the legitimacy of Lincoln’s war in the first place, and many of
    them actively campaigned against it. These people were affectionately called
    “Copperheads” by people in the South.

    I urge you to watch Ron Maxwell’s accurate
    depiction of those people in the North who favored the southern cause as
    depicted in his motion picture, “Copperhead.” For that matter, I
    consider his movie, “Gods And Generals” to be the greatest
    “Civil War” movie ever made. It is the most accurate and fairest
    depiction of Confederate General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson
    ever produced. In my opinion, actor Stephen Lang should have received an Oscar
    for his performance as General Jackson. But, can you imagine?

    That’s another thing: the war fought from
    1861 to 1865 was NOT a “civil war.” Civil war suggests two sides
    fighting for control of the same capital and country. The South didn’t want to
    take over Washington, D.C., no more than their forebears wanted to take over
    London. They wanted to separate from Washington, D.C., just as America’s
    Founding Fathers wanted to separate from Great Britain. The proper names for
    that war are either, “The War Between the States” or, “The War
    of Southern Independence,” or, more fittingly, “The War of Northern

    Had the South wanted to take over
    Washington, D.C., they could have done so with the very first battle of the
    “Civil War.” When Lincoln ordered federal troops to invade Virginia
    in the First Battle of Manassas (called the “First Battle of Bull
    Run” by the North), Confederate troops sent the Yankees running for their
    lives all the way back to Washington. Had the Confederates pursued them, they
    could have easily taken the city of Washington, D.C., seized Abraham Lincoln,
    and perhaps ended the war before it really began. But General Beauregard and
    the others had no intention of fighting an aggressive war against the North.
    They merely wanted to defend the South against the aggression of the North.

    In order to rally people in the North,
    Lincoln needed a moral crusade. That’s what his Emancipation Proclamation was
    all about. This explains why his proclamation was not penned until 1863, after
    two years of fruitless fighting. He was counting on people in the North to stop
    resisting his war against the South if they thought it was some kind of
    “holy” war. Plus, Lincoln was hoping that his proclamation would
    incite blacks in the South to insurrect against southern whites. If thousands
    of blacks would begin to wage war against their white neighbors, the fighting
    men of the southern armies would have to leave the battlefields and go home to
    defend their families. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

    Not only did blacks not riot against the
    whites of the south, many black men volunteered to fight alongside their white
    friends and neighbors in the Confederate army. Unlike the blacks in the North,
    who were conscripted by Lincoln and forced to fight in segregated units,
    thousands of blacks in the South fought of their own free will in a
    fully-integrated southern army. I bet your history book never told you about

    If one wants to ban a racist flag, one
    would have to ban the British flag. Ships bearing the Union Jack shipped over 5
    million African slaves to countries all over the world, including the British
    colonies in North America. Other slave ships flew the Dutch flag and the
    Portuguese flag and the Spanish flag, and, yes, the U.S. flag. But not one
    single slave ship flew the Confederate flag. NOT ONE!

    By the time Lincoln launched his war
    against the southern states, slavery was already a dying institution. The
    entire country, including the South, recognized the moral evil of slavery and
    wanted it to end. Only a small fraction of southerners even owned slaves. The
    slave trade had ended in 1808, per the U.S. Constitution, and the practice of
    slavery was quickly dying, too. In another few years, with the advent of
    agricultural machinery, slavery would have ended peacefully – just like it had
    in England. It didn’t take a national war and the deaths of over a half million
    men to end slavery in Great Britain. America’s so-called “Civil War”
    was absolutely unnecessary. The greed of Lincoln’s radical Republicans in the
    North, combined with the cold, calloused heart of Lincoln himself is
    responsible for the tragedy of the “Civil War.”

    And look at what is happening now: in one
    instant – after one deranged young man killed nine black people and who
    ostensibly photo-shopped a picture of himself with a Confederate flag – the
    entire political and media establishments in the country go on an all-out
    crusade to remove all semblances of the Confederacy. The speed in which all of this
    has happened suggests that this was a planned, orchestrated event by the Powers
    That Be (PTB). And is it a mere coincidence that this took place at the exact
    same time that the U.S. Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriage? I
    think not.

    The Confederate Battle Flag flies the Saint
    Andrews cross. Of course, Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus Christ,
    brother of Simon Peter, and Christian martyr who was crucified on an X-shaped
    cross at around the age of 90. Andrew is the patron saint of both Russia and

    In the 1800s, up to 75% of people in the
    South were either Scotch or Scotch-Irish. The Confederate Battle Flag is
    predicated on the national flag of Scotland. It is a symbol of the Christian
    faith and heritage of the Celtic race.

    Pastor John Weaver rightly observed,
    “Even the Confederate States motto, ‘Deovendickia,’ (The Lord is our
    Vindicator), illustrates the sovereignty and the righteousness of God. The
    Saint Andrews cross is also known as the Greek letter CHIA (KEE) and has historically
    been used to represent Jesus Christ. Why do you think people write Merry X-mas,
    just to give you an illustration? The ‘X’ is the Greek letter CHIA and it has
    been historically used for Christ. Moreover, its importance was understood by
    educated and uneducated people alike. When an uneducated man, one that could
    not write, needed to sign his name please tell me what letter he made? An ‘X,’
    why? Because he was saying I am taking an oath under God. I am recognizing the
    sovereignty of God, the providence of God and I am pledging my faith. May I
    tell you the Confederate Flag is indeed a Christian flag because it has the
    cross of Saint Andrew, who was a Christian martyr, and the letter ‘X’ has
    always been used to represent Christ, and to attack the flag is to deny the
    sovereignty, the majesty, and the might of the Lord Jesus Christ and his divine
    role in our history, culture, and life.”

    Many of the facts that I reference in this
    column were included in a message delivered several years ago by Pastor John
    Weaver. I want to thank John for preaching such a powerful and needed message.
    Read or watch Pastor Weaver’s sermon “The Truth About The Confederate
    Battle Flag” here:

    The Truth About The
    Confederate Battle Flag

    Combine the current attacks against
    Biblical and traditional marriage, the attacks against all things Confederate,
    the attacks against all things Christian, and the attacks against all things
    constitutional and what we are witnessing is a heightened example of why the
    Confederate Battle Flag was created to begin with. Virtually every act of
    federal usurpation of liberty that we are witnessing today, and have been
    witnessing for much of the twentieth century, is the result of Lincoln’s war
    against the South. Truly, we are living in Lincoln’s America, not Washington
    and Jefferson’s America. Washington and Jefferson’s America died at Appomattox
    Court House in 1865.

    Instead of lowering the Confederate flag,
    we should be raising it.

    © Chuck Baldwin

  93. Now let’s remove all the statues of Martin Luther King and see how the blacks like it !!!


    Big mistake, must be nobama’s boys action

  95. Obama and his liberal minions are doing to the United States the same thing ISIS is doing to the Middle East. Note that when they take over an area, they kill all Christians and destroy all remnants of Western Culture. This action has nothing to do with Jefferson Davis. It has to do with Cultural Genocide.

  96. “It really shows the power of student leadership.” Really? It shows the ignorance and total disregard for American history. Bit by bit stupid , misguided, and propagandized students are being morphed into mindless creatures by the educational system. Gregory Vincent knows full well how his “school” has brainwashed the students to believe the tripe he and others have placed into the educational trough for all to absorb to create mush for brains.

  97. another LEFT TURN … country is on a road to hell worst than the hell road it went down in 1860… (Sunken Road, Antietam, Maryland)

  98. All colleges in America need to disrupt and finalize having student body rulings and meetings! The students have no experience or wisdom to making legal decisions with tax payers statues etc. They are there to get an education and the teachers need to teach and get the students ready for “real life ahead of them”! We that have
    lived 60 years or more know that someone that is outsiders is putting this BS in the
    heads of the students……Ask the students about and test them all and see if they can even pass a test on proper English and History of America and the World….Bet
    few will pass the test…..We are turning out idots that can only run computers and cannot raise a pencil to write properly and most cannot even read well or spell …..Americans we have a real job ahead of everybody in this Country. I had a 10th grade biology teacher and she told our class that she was communist back in the late 1950’s and they would take over America and never fire a shot. Turning out children with no common sense to make it in life and allowing them to run schools and colleges is the first step!

  99. Hey all you alumni of this college if you believe in history and the importance of this statue than stop sending money to the college.

  100. You can’t erase history. If you could the last 8 years would be gone,

  101. This was an offensive and stupid act.

  102. The Civil War is a part of history, like it or not. It is an example of people rebelling against the tyrany that the Federal government had ALREADY become in 1861, with its massive tariffs against southern agricultural production and no amount of hand-wringing by the limp-wristed twits of academia will ever change it. So, as with everything “Offensive” to the near-brainless PC left, just ignore it, bury it in the revision of history that the history hating, ignorant left seem to love. With deference to Bugs Bunny, “What a bunch of moroons.”

  103. We will see who withholds MONEY from the UT endowment funds. That will tell who supports Jefferson Davis and other Southern figures…..Money talks and BS walks…..

  104. The flag nor this statue killed anyone. Obama’s race riots and his racism are killing people both black and white to include the police. If we want to save lives we need to ban Obama and his racist agitators.

  105. Robert Michael Vincent

    Ignore Doug …..

  106. Lets remove Obama from the USA

  107. That is so typical of PC liberal education . What shocks me is they got away with it in TEXAS. One of the last Great States. I hope some day the south rises again and throws out all the liberals. They are Idiots that are trying to erase history.

  108. Why do you people think that trying to change history or in some cases trying to erase history. You really think this is going to solve the ills of todays world. This is another case of pandering to a small group without concern for the larger majority. Absolutely shameful and a disgrace that this was allowed to happen in the great State of Texas. Whats next tear down the Alamo,because it offends someone,stop serving pork because it offends someone These morons need to get a life drop political correctness and start standing up for our History before they try to erase it all.

  109. All they have done is exchange one form of slavery of the 19th century for the 21st century version of slavery called entitlements. The Emancipation Proclamation freed an estimated 4 million slaves and today there are 35 million African-Americans that are on welfare and i think those numbers are quite alarming.

  110. “In unrelated news, Middle Eastern news agencies claim ISIS has destroyed – at least in part – the ancient Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria. Perhaps ISIS leaders can expound upon the mixed legacy of the site at a later date.” Ask the Texas leaders, who acted like the ISIS leaders in the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue, if they are Islamic/Muslim followers of Muhammad as well whose incorrect answer could prompt a beheading in Syria as was done to the PHD director of antiquities in Palmyra, Syria by ISIS whose beheaded body was hung from a column of the Temple of Bel. The Islamic/Muslims are here with a command from the Qur’an to not produce any likeness of anyone which is viewed as an affront to the prophet Muhammad.


  112. While we are removing things how about we remove everything to do with Martin luther king .. I feel its racist

    • Amen……the blacks can’t have everything their way in fact they should be on their way. Back to Africa with a Latino undergone arm and a Muslim under the other.

  113. There is obviously a literacy problem at U. of T. A group who can’t spell nor define History will now be allowed to change or eliminate it. Liberals, your days are numbered.

  114. This is another example of the left doing their best to rewrite history and to demonize all those things they find repugnant; individual rights, States rights, a central federal government that operates inside of it’s Constitutional boundaries. This is what the left has spent years trying to achieve through public indoctrination…, I mean education. Until a factual, unbiased form of history is taught in our public schools by UNBIASED educators, rather than indoctrinators, we will continue to see and erosion of our culture, heritage and national identity.

  115. These actions by the liberals is similar to what the muslim terrorist have done in the mid-east by tearing down and destroying statues that have stood for centuries.

    • Except Tom, talking about a college in the red state of Texas?

      Texas is being overrun by liberals?
      Time to move to Somalia

      Oh and by the way,
      the statue wasn’t destroyed, it got moved a short distance away to a museum on campus, with other Civil War crap.

      Stop making up shit

  116. Al Sharpton/ Michelle Obama for President…Gawd can you imagine that?

    • When did they declare?

      Oh wait is this a conservative saying something stupid again?

      Michelle could probably win.
      Sharpton has got no hope in hell.

      Michelle is going to become a Senator once the kids are grown.

      You can wait eagerly for that event.

  117. What ! do we have to get rid of all history

    • No just morons

      • o so we just have to get rid of things you don’t like ? History is History

        • History is not a moron, silly conservative.

          The morons trying to rewrite history, we should probably do without.
          You stand on the side of lies and false history?

          • If memory serves me Texas was a part of the Confederacy , & if years ago the university board allowed (or wanted ) his statue so be it . You must be one that thinks cop’s killing hoods is bad but hoods killing cop’s is good ! & Nativity scene in a public place is offensive

          • Another conservative unaware reality.
            Times change a lot.
            You may fondly remember when Blacks and whites could not marry

          • Not fondly , all men are created equal . But then I may be more tolerant than you . I can remember when Chicago was a safer place , when there was no gun ban . By the way you forgot the of , unaware of reality . And I still haven’t got an answer to my question , DO WE HAVE TO GET RID OF THINGS THAT YOU DONT LIKE ??? And I thought Jefferson Davis was President of the confederate States , must be lies & false history. Or it could be a typical , liberal answer , insult , get off the topic ( Sounds like Hillary . ) Gun Registration = Gun Confiscation = Enslavement = Hitler Remember what he did

          • Aha You forgot the of ( unaware of reality ). So why haven’t you answered question Do we have to get rid of things you don’t like ?? Or do you just have typical liberal answers , Insult , Change topic ( sounds like Hillary ) Oh Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States lie or false history ?

  118. The degeneracy of the University of Texas……

  119. All this turmoil was caused by B. Hussein Obama, our Marxist Muslim President from Kenya.

    • I guess that means it all the conservatives in Texas are just a bunch of pussy’s,
      letting the president walk over them like that.

      I heard that conservatives were supposed to be tough guys, people of principle.

      It turns out conservatives from Texas are just a bunch of wimps

  120. If they think this is going to make any difference in race relations they are kidding themselves.


  122. Ya that’s a good idea. Let’s pretend history didn’t happen. That will fix everything. What a GREAT example to our young people. If history offends you just pretend it didn’t happen. THIS is a part of the COMMUNIST AGENDA folks. This is how they DESTROY a nation. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 or goodby U.S. forever and that means YOUR KIDS and GRANDKIDS.

    • How exactly is putting a statue in the museum around the corner pretending it’s you didn’t happen?

      Can you tell me that ill-informed conservative?

      Good job though, you managed to get the word communist in your post

  123. I can’t wait until the time comes when they put Obama statues in the closet where they belong ! Of coarse;after his legacy of unconstitutional grabbings !

  124. So now they are “POLITICALLY CORRECT”, and liars of History.

  125. If they think removing our history will change anything they are wrong….Many men gave their lives for what they believed, weather you like it or not. If you can’t show reference to them , then you deserve no consideration….I am applaud at how quickly we capitulated our heritage…. We are selling our soul as a nation to appease a small portion of our population….The leaders of our citadels of higher education should be ousted for cowardliness in the face of ignorance. I WILL NOT PUT MY HANDS UP IN SURRENDER . We as a nation have nothing to be ashamed off , except those who call them selves Americans , and do not even know what it means.

    • So John, because the statue is now in the museum around the corner, your history has been erased?

      Is that really how shallow you are?

      Based on this post, you have read nothing about it and are clueless as to what’s going on with the statue.

      Yet here you are posting your vomit like the ignorant fool that you are.

      You should be ashamed

  126. Oh no! They removed the statue of a traitor from a college campus! Oh, the horror!
    I’ll show them! I’m gonna put up a statue of Benedict Arnold right on my front lawn, where those lefty commie tree-hugging Hillary-loving pinko fascists can’t touch it! I mean really, we need to be honoring traitors who fought against their country, amiright?

  127. Pathetic the way our Government Employees have no backbone – We the people need a clean slate! Honor, Truth, morals, respect and common sense needs to be what the people admire. Freedom of speech does not mean to say any vulgar thing that comes out of your mouth is okay. Public communications need supervision – even Disney isn’t safe to watch anymore. Human beings are top priority, life is short and should be respected if it is deserved. Common Law states to do no harm or damage to others. Well?

    • ” Human beings are top priority, life is short and should be respected if
      it is deserved. Common Law states to do no harm or damage to others.

      Be nice of conservatives practice this

  128. I don’t understand why moderns are so offended by history of only 4 years. If slavery is so bad, throw out all of history between 1774 through 1964. If you don’t know where you came FROM how do you know where you’re

    • What is more puzzling is how you low info conservatives decided that the removal of one statue somehow is erasing history.
      That’s a big stretch of the imagination

      You jump to the conclusion because of your tiny intellect?
      Or the brainwashing you had from the right wing means you can no longer think of yourself?

      • Low info conservative? My History professor always said you DO NOT judge history by todays’ standards, you have to see it by the conditions at the time it was happening. In either event I really got your goat by the tail.

  129. magaret Sanger offends me. Remove her bust form the Smithsonian Museum immediately.

    • You see silly conservative, Margaret is in a museum, dufus Davis, was in a public square.

      You see the difference or do I need to draw pictures?

  130. There was a time, before the invasion of socialist, pandering, democrats, when I respected Texas as a state with strong ties to it’s history, it’s people, and it’s God. Now while the democrat pimps search for new reasons to reject it’s past, Texas is sliding into the mire of eastern states. How very sad.

    • Soon there will not be anywhere for you silly conservatives to go and practice your bigotry and hatred.

      How sad for you.

      And do not forget that the Western states, and the northwestern states went liberal long ago

      • Let me give you a reality check, the Western states have never gone liberal. Only the panty waisted weirdos on the western coast. Double check your ammunition before you pull the trigger, mongo. And don’t include Denver as a liberal state, it ain’t.

        • You must live in a cave old man.

          Denver legalized marijuana not too smart old man.
          Harry Reid is been the liberal senator from Nevada FOR decades.

          Just keep that head of yours in the sand silly old man

          You old farts will soon be irrelevant.
          You should try joining the real world

          • You daffy twit, those two anecdotal instances do not make the western states liberal. Colorado, outside the democrat cell in Denver is very much conservative with Northern Colorado counties threatening to separate and form their own state, due to socialist, liberal geeks in the heavy populated areas around Denver. Harry Reid is loved by the culinary union, who pushed him through the last election. He is not liked by the conservative citizens of the state but the concentration of geeks in Las Vegas may like him, at least tolerate him. Searchlight does not want him back. Now lets look at the majority of the western states; I’ll give you Calatzlan, Oregon, and Washington, but they are coastal states, soon to be part of Mexico del Norte. You give me the Dakotas, the mountain states and the southwest; Nuevo Mexico is a toss up and the rest are RED states. When you get back from spending your food stamps and collecting your welfare check, come back and play some more. I have to work. Enjoy life as a socialist, twit, you only have another year of the fraud-in-chief.

  131. The removal of Jefferson Davis statue is a disgrace and shows how ignorant the students of U T ARE

  132. Arthur L. Trevallee

    These folks are weird! Why do they insist on erasing our history?

    • I don’t know, but two can play that game. History can be erased on both sides.

      • Arthur L. Trevallee

        True, but it does not seem to be happening that way.

        • That’s because we don’t stupidly live in the past and think we can change the past. Anybody in their right mind knows you can’t change anything in the past, even what happen a second ago. We could get out here and rant and rave and remove everything from the past but it changes nothing. What changes things, is we see the wrongs and change them. And we have. That’s what makes things better for everyone. We should all (that are living now) be proud of each other for changing how things are done in our time here on earth. And if we make mistakes, hopefully the ones that come after us straighten out our mess and make things better for them. But erasing history is not how it’s done, by learning from it and doing things different, is how we did it. And i’m proud we don’t live like they did 100 or 200 etc years ago. I think we’ve come a long way from then. But without our history to remind us, we won’t know there are things that need to be changed.


  134. Let me guess, after taking it down, these rock star, rap star, worshipping Queers will either put up a Satan symbol, A Gay flag, and there symbol will be a buzzard. See when you have no moral left in your whole body and you act like a Hog, No matter how much you clean one up, It will run and wallow, in it on filth. These Teens, and College kids has know more than a mind of a snail.

  135. It’s OK for liberals to be “offended”, but if conservatives object, their voices are drowned out in the corrupt media like a tidal wave on the beach!. Pathetic bunch of regressive, revisionist idiots; and far too many of them in our colleges are indoctrinating the new generation with socialist and communist lies to fit their One-World agenda.

  136. There is one person, if you want to call him that, and one particular party that we can thank for all of this PC Crap and that would be Obozo and his Dem party.

  137. Most Blacks don’t even know who Jefferson Davis was. More stupidity from the left and the PS lets it happen. (PS, Politically Stupid)

  138. If this BS continues, I think the people with the same mindset will also attempt to remove all the memorials at Washington, D.C. Hiding history (trying to make it disappear) goes right along with the agenda to rewrite our history. It is disheartening.

  139. All it shows is the power of liberal indoctrination. Removing the statue won’t change history. Idiots!

  140. Just for the record: Confederate soldiers, sailors and Marines that fought in the Civil War were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957, U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sect 410, approved 23 May 1958. This made all Confederate Army, Navy and Marine Veterans equal to U.S. Veterans. Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929, the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. War Dead grave sites. Just for the record, the last Confederate Veteran died in 1958. So, in essence, when you remove a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are, in fact, removing a statue, monument or head stone of a U.S. Veteran!

    • Interesting. Did members of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, or any veteran recognize themselves to be members of the US military?

    • Interesting that the pension was given the year that the last Confederate civil war veteran died, but it did cover the widows. Some of the widows survived until recently because they were so young, even in their early teens when they married 80+ year old Confederate soldier veterans.

  141. Jefferson Davis was a traitor, a racist, and a war criminal!!!! GeneralOrder 111 signed by good old Jeff Davis himself authorized the torture and execution of any negro sodier captured bearing arms. This was an order carried out to the letter by troops under Nathan Bedford Forrest himself at Fort Pillow in Tennessee, where 600 ex slaves and their families were raped, tortured, then murdered!!!! Long story short, 187,000 black soldier fought during the last two years of the war, 16,000 of whom served in the Navy doing blockade duty and saw little or no combat. The remaining 170,000 were credited with turning the tide of the war. Yet they suffered 37,000 casualties, which has to be one the highest mortality rate of any victorious army in history because of Jeff Davis’s inhuman edict!!! This policy backfired at the Battle of Miliken’s Bend. Heavily outnumbered Black troops were making a fighting withdrawal, upon hearing the screams of their wounded as the pursuing confedderates stopped to torture them charged the field and fought hand to hand until they won the day!! Any way you cut it Jeff Davis was not an honorable man!!! That is his legacy!!!

  142. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Editing our history serves no one and fueling the fire of racial bigotry only serves the liberal fools who wish to build up momentum as they aim towards crushing Christian liberty, speech and symbols within the Western World.

  143. I am from the peoples republic of california and do not have a dog in the fight. The Cofederate Flag does not offend my fellow citizens that have half a brain. It greatly worries the District of Criminals D.C. The flag and Jeff Davis represents an anti D.C. movement. The 10 mi x 10 mile (D.C.) tail and butt that wags 50 sovereign STATES is totally out of control and they fear the coming exodus of the 50 countries they have terrorized with their tyranny!!!

    • “The Cofederate Flag does not offend my fellow citizens that have half a brain.”
      lol You can’t make this shi…..stuff….up. The irony is delicious, though.

  144. It appears that our Kool-Aid slurping collegiate “intellectuals” think they can obliterate history. What a bunch of weak and cowardly idiots who deny their own heritage. Sick!


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