Jeff Sessions: Don’t Believe the “Undocumented Minors” Propaganda

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a remarkable address this week that focused on gang violence, opioid addiction and a number of other topics the current Justice Department is focused on in the attempt to make America safe again, but perhaps his most important words were spoken on the topic of illegal immigration. Particularly, in a time when both Republicans and Democrats seem to be pushing us towards DACA amnesty, Sessions attempted to dispel the grand myth of “undocumented minors” and how we should supposedly open our arms to illegal immigrant “children.”

Sessions’ speech was particularly timely, coming the day after Nancy Pelosi told her constituents in San Francisco that illegal immigrant families had done a “great thing” for the U.S. by bringing their children here to live, work, and go to school. While conservative Americans tried to remember the last time an elected official openly encouraged foreigners to break U.S. law, Sessions was preparing to set the record straight in Boston. He did so while drawing attention to the DOJ’s work in disrupting and destroying the dangerous MS-13 gang in the northeast.

“As this community knows first-hand, MS-13 is probably the most violent and ruthless gangs on the streets today,” Sessions said. “It has made inflicting gruesome violence their primary feature.

“Over the past few months, I have been to ground zero for MS-13,” he continued. “First, I traveled to Central Islip, New York, where the gang is running rampant: killing victims, traumatizing communities, and replenishing its ranks by taking advantage of the Unaccompanied Alien Child program. This program continues to place juveniles from Central America into this gang controlled territory.  It is clearly being abused.”

That comment was only one small part of a broader overall focus on the MS-13 gang and the horrors it has visited upon American citizens both natural born and immigrant, but it was an important part. It was, hopefully, one of those eye-opening moments for confused Americans who were beginning to buy into the left-wing propaganda that says these “children” pose no threat to our shores. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“We are now working with the Department of Homeland Security and HHS to examine the unaccompanied minors issue and the exploitation of that program by gang members who come to this country as wolves in sheep clothing,” Sessions said. “In fact the gang uses this program as a means by which to recruit new members.”

Illegal immigration isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as so many Democrats would love for us to believe. Yes, as Trump memorably said, “some are good people.” But many are not. Many are coming here to deal drugs, kill their gangland competitors, and exploit American freedom for every drop of blood its worth.

We can no longer afford to be naive about this issue, and we’re glad to have an attorney general who isn’t.


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  1. Fact backed wisdom such as this cannot penetrate the thick skulls of liberals like Pelosi! They are either completely disingenuous or complete fools!

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    • FYI, the Trump administration refuses to give a number re how many Dreamers are allegedly involved in MS-13, which means that it’s probably not very many. It is more likely Sessions who’s being dishonest here.

      • I doubt the administration or anyone else for that matter knows exactly how many are involved in MS-13. Even if the Dreamers were all wonderful, appreciative, talented human beings, there very presence here is detrimental to native-born American citizens who are looking for jobs and educational opportunities.

        Send them all home as well as the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who have come here on their coattails.

        If politicians like Pelosi didn’t see some advantage to promoting the illegal population, they wouldn’t be doing it. Since nothing she does appears to be for the benefit of the American people, one has to assume she is promoting these individuals for her own political or financial gain.

        • Don’t be silly. She’s defending the Dreamers out of simple decency, as they’ve done nothing wrong.

          • Accept further put our country in debt because we are FORCED by our Govt. to pay for their educations K-12 at a cost of around 200,000.00 for each and every Illegal alien. Plus what are they going to do about the parents, you know the very ones that brought them here to live illegally. HOW did those parents get jobs to support their kiddies??? hmmm, by stealing someone else’s SS#, or a FAKE one, or working under the table??? And you don’t think it’s WRONG for MILLIONS and MILLIONS of illegal aliens to live here at our expense???

          • You are confused. Dreamers have to meet strict qualifications, and having a job or being in school is one of them. People hire illegal immigrants because natural born citizens don’t apply for those jobs. When Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, it was only after the agricultural states begged him to, as there was no one to harvest our crops. And all children deserve an education. It’s not their fault they weren’t born here.

          • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

            This is so much BS. You don’t know what you are talking about

          • Fortunately, I do, and it’s about goddamn time somebody let a little light and fresh air into this sewer.

          • hmm, talking about Christian values and takes the Lord’s name in vain.

          • I didn’t say I was a good Christian, but I was raised that way and know the rules. It galls me that you call yourself one if you defend the deportation of the Dreamers. It appears to this poor soul that you are a miserable hypocrite.

          • The law is the law.Don’t like the laws? Go find a country that just lets you do what ever it is you chose to do.

          • Ed he most likely never worked outside the USA or even visited other countries in East or Westen or other continents.

          • …of which you are a part of.

          • OK Jimmy please TELL us what jobs the illegals are doing that WE weren’t doing before they came here in hoards and cut the wages??? ready, set, go!
            The number of illegal aliens “harvesting the crops” is said to be less than 5%, next. It is their parents fault, they’re the ones that brought them here, they MUST be DEPORTED and never allowed to come here EVER again. We were told after the 1986 amnesty that our borders would be fixed, that another amnesty like this one would NEVER be brought forward again. Then the illegal aliens with their new amnesty lobbied congress for chain migration, because they missed their poor Brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins still stuck in Mexico. Well we SEE how well that worked out didn’t we, now we have more than 10 times that amount. Will the last person in Mexico please turn out the lights.

          • Tell that to Ronald Reagan, and then show me a single non-immigrant doing the migrant harvest.

          • I understand the harvest issue in California, but if you look at what is printed about these Dreamers, they aren’t the ones being groomed to work in the fields. Since they have to be in school, they are being trained to take jobs that native-born Americans are currently competing for. It doesn’t take a high school diploma to pick strawberries.

          • I have no problem with granting citizenship to DACA kids who enlist and serve in the military. They have earned it. The rest?
            No way, but I also don’t believe that families should be broken up.

          • Well, that’s easy, just send everyone who came here on the coattails of a DACA kid back to whatever country they came from. No broken families.

            Remember, they broke up their own families when they sent a couple of people here to create a pathway for the rest.

          • Family breakup, give me a break, they are just a single person, no connection to other chain relatives… that is the way is has been for 200 years. but now cancel chain relative programs and birthright citizenship.

          • Then let our native-born kids compete! Millions of jobs are unfilled for lack of qualified workers, which is why businesses sign off on so many guest workers and Dreamers. This is how capitalism works. But you are right: many of the Dreamers are way above average students and workers.

          • Nobody said they were above average. That would be because nobody knows.

          • Politically, I think has gone beyond anything rational. The Democrats particularly in California are simply trying to stuff the ballot box to continue their reign of terror over that state. You are correct there are millions of unfilled jobs out there, but most of them are not jobs for unskilled workers.

          • Soon California will be a sovereign nation and a border will be made to keep CA people out of the USA till VETTED….AND ALL FEDERAL FUNDS AND JOBS REMOVED TO OTHER STATES. We have hundreds of building in US that are empty and need someone to occupy and thus benefit the cities that have this capacity. The unemployed could also take up residency in HUD type properties and sweat equity them to new owners. Needed workers with skills that are not moving to jobs could benefit.

          • If the convention of states is successful, soon every state will be returned to its sovereign status. That’s the way the founding fathers envisioned it. The federal government was just installed to handle things like declarations of war, treaties and post offices that were more efficiently handled by one entity. This monstrosity that is now the federal government was never intended. Each state was given the power to govern its own people in a manner more suited to each population. If we went back to states rights, California could be just as communist as it wanted to be, and it wouldn’t fall out on Texas or any other state that didn’t accept that ideology.

          • Most of that so called labor force you speak of (illegal immigrants) have the mentality of a 5th grade education when they arrive here in the United States. Most of them remain uneducated because they refuse to be educated in a system that tries to educate them according to their age when they enter the educational system. When you enter a 14 year old illegal immigrant with an equivalent 5th grade education as a freshman in high school they are already behind in that system by 3 grade level. It is next to impossible to teach grades 6 through 12 (which is what they need) in a time frame of 4 years! Thus they are less educated and cannot enter into the work force with top notch education. They will be more of a burden on our society with the “freebies” they receive at the expense of those of us who work to support THEM! As far as the dreamers are concerned—those born here or arrived under the age of 5—they entered the educational system essentially at ground zero and that was/is an advantage as they receive the FULL benefit of our educational system and thus should be somewhat smarter. That is to their advantage.

          • I can’t imagine where you get your so-called facts, but like it or not, that “so-called” workforce is crucial to our economy. Their “mentality” is to work their ass off, and you’re right: there are real inequities in our education system.

          • Don’t try and talk logic to a liberal, they aren’t capable of basic facts.

          • Possibly, but this forum should be for debate and a free exchange of ideas. Name-calling is never going to bring someone who sees any issue differently to see it from our side.

          • Ronald Reagan DIDN’T write the 1986 amnesty, others did with a LOT of help from “let em all in” Teddy (the murderer) Kennedy..

          • And Reagan signed it. Take a civics lesson.

          • He signed it ONLY because Tip O’Neill, the Speaker of the House made promises the Democraps refused to keep. Typical of Democraps.

          • And you should as well. Take a remedial course in history and government and reeducate yourself. You have proven to me that you well deserve it.

          • Are you AWARE of the FACT that some of those migrants, depending on how fast they can harvest those crops, can earn as much as $150 a day??

            I didn’t think so.

            They are not paid by the hour. They are paid by the volume they harvest.

          • Yes, and they don’t get to work every day and when they do, they work their ass off. If there is one thing they are not, it’s over-payed.

          • Never said they were. However, there has been a lot of false propaganda produced about how nice the migrant camps are.

            Only problem is that I happen to KNOW people whose parents were so poor that THEY had to take their families to live in those camps. And, their KIDS saw the conditions first hand, AFTER the migrant workers moved in. It’s the same as the tenement housing in East St. Louis, which had to be torn down because it was destroyed BY THE RESIDENTS.

            Oh yeah, and just how many days of work are those people missing? You will no doubt mention the weather.

            Are you aware of just how doggone hot it gets in South Texas where a lot of those crops are grown???

          • And then they go on unemployment, food stamps, welfare,get subsidized housing, free health care, cars and cash…Get a clue .

          • Jim, you are so full of shit. I have seen many white people doing farm labor, landscaping,ranch work.They happen to be fortunate enough to be employed by real American patriots that pay them what they deserve instead of hiring wetbacks to work for slave wages. What you don’t seem to understand is, in reality the illegals aren’t really being helped at all.The same cheapskate employers that hire them also don’t hesitate to withhold payment under the threat of turning them in to ICE.Is that compassionate? Or is it greedy people not only screwing over illegals, but American citizens as well.

          • Hell i have seen and watched lately how a pol (R) did not pay his help min. wages, because he was connected at county level by other crooks… Dump all Rino’s

          • show you ? how would that be possible , you liberals always want proof of something,
            that is true but difficult to prove it is the sole strength of your asinine arguement
            our laws concerning immigrants is stead fast and cannot be circumvented if you come here
            illegally you are a felon , with no rights , there is something wrong with your moral compass
            if you think other wise

          • Hunter you speak without forked tongue….great.

          • Actually, I did look it up. Being in the United States illegally is only a misdemeanor unless said illegal commits some other crime of a higher penalty.

            However, it’s still against the law to be here illegally, and I feel the same way you do that all of them should be shipped back to their home country.

            If President Trump needs more manpower to accomplish this, then we all need to be sworn in as ICE agents and whenever we encounter someone here illegally whether it’s in a hospital, a daycare or the workplace, we should have the ability to turn them over to those who can get them out of the country. They should not be allowed due process since they are not citizens and thus have no rights under our Constitution, so if they can’t prove they have a green card or a US birth certificate or naturalization papers, off they go.

          • I damn sure don’t see you doing it! All you seem to be able to to is run your stupid mouth.

          • Doing what? Coming up with a non-immigrant who does the harvest circuit or doing the harvest circuit myself? You don’t reall know what you’re saying, do you? So you upchuck a little insult that’s supposed to hurt my feelings. Well, it’s a clean miss, especially since I am writing and not “running my mouth,” and now you can huff and puff and search your tiny little mind for something even nastier to fling at me. Or you could (although you probably can’t) contribute an idea, however feeble, to this discussion. Meanwhile, butt out.

          • Yeah, I can name people who worked as migrant workers. MY PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS AND THEIR KIDS!!!

          • We were told that. Then the Democraps screwed Reagan over by not appropriating the funds.

          • bull s^^t mr. demonic living the satanic dream with a weak mind brainwashed to the core. Have you ever even been to a third world country and seen their attitudes and lifestyle of how they live? I HAVE and we have the RIGHT to CLOSE our borders and keep the scum of these countries out! and I pray that you get out with them! WE are taking our country back, whether you like it or not and you and all hollywood follow satan dreamers can go with them!

          • I have, too. And, I think that anyone who thinks America is such a horrible place need to spend some time there.

          • Yeah for the expat team, live and work outside the USA and you will forever love this country, even with it’s faults and crazies beats Saudi and a lot of other muslim countries 100 to one.

          • We’re not talking about fault. We’re talking about laws. If we didn’t have laws, then those of us who don’t want the Dreamers here could just round them up and shoot them. What I just said is extreme, but I’m trying to make the point this country has laws on the books and as long as they are the laws of the land, they must be enforced or it weakens every other law.

          • be careful, someone might think you have a Hitler Complex. but the point is correct.

          • Hey Tech, you’re an old vet–fear never got anybody anywhere. I’m an old broad in Texas, so I plan to scream loudly for as long as I have left on this earth to try to call everyone’s attention to the great scam that is being pulled on the American people. We have only to look at South Africa to see what our country will look like if it continues to let the blacks and the browns overrun our country and gain dominance.

            Join the Convention of States as I have:


            Join Larry Nichols:


            Get involved and let your voice be heard.

          • They have an unlimited amount of guest worker visas to use. They don’t because they can screw the illegal’s by cheating and under paying. Americans are very willing to do the work but not for slave wages.
            My family and most of our school mates got extra spending money doing JOBS you claim no American would do. Stop listening to the money boys and look at facts.

          • Very well stated! I as well worked for spending money in my youth in the agricultural area. Most people of the same persuasion as Jim Dandy do not want to look at FACTS. FACTS to them are seen as a mark of the devil. They abhor any and all facts—except those that suit their goals and achieve their perverted perspective. It does no good to reason with these types of individuals as they have tunnel vision along with deafness. Nothing infuriates them more than to completely IGNORE them and let them prattle on without an audience. Perhaps we need to do that?

          • The best thing about the money we earned is that it was spent in our area so everyone benefitted from our experience. The illegal’s take the money with them when they go to the next job or send it back to their home country.

          • This bullshit argument about harvesting crops doesn’t hold water anymore.For one thingsnly 3% of illegals actually do agricultural work.Also automation has eliminated the need for them in these jobs.Next, what ever happened to the days of “migrant workers?” When they came and did the workouthen returned to their country? That was of course before the liberals insisted on handing them everything .Now they stay because they receive welfare, food stamps, free health care, housing,even social security and cash from churches and other charities. They have no reason to leave now.Why should they? They have a free ride wether they work or not.

          • Democrats are losing the VOTE by American citizens. The only recourse they have is for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT votes. They are allowed “freebies” only to entice them to vote for the democratic party. Otherwise they do not care about them no matter what they say about them!

          • THEY ARE ILLEGAL. BS about only illegal immigrants can harvest our crops. Those crops would have been harvested even IF the illegals were not in the United States. So those children born of ILLEGAL PARENTS had no say in being born here. But they did come here as underage CHILDREN or BORN here of ILLEGAL PARENTS. They are thus ILLEGAL by DEFAULT. And due to no fault of their own they should be deported back to the country of their PARENTS. No EXCEPTIONS! If they want to be LEGAL then they must progress through the appropriate channels. There must be NO EXCEPTIONS. There are no special privileges for you as an undocumented/ILLEGAL immigrant period!

          • You are WRONG in SO many ways. Enforcement authorities from traffic cops to the president have wide DISCRETION in how to enforce the law. President Obama used that DISCRETION when he gave the order that people BROUGHT AS CHILDREN would not be deported if they APPLIED and met strict CONDITIONS of WORKING, GOING TO SCHOOL, staying OUT OF TROUBLE. and earning their CITIZENSHIP. You will note that Sessions does not (because he cannot) cite a single INSTANCE of a DREAMER being involved with MS-13. There are around 800,000 of them, and EXCEPT for having not been BORN here, they are as AMERICAN as YOU are, and as a group they are MUCH better behaved than NATIVE BORN citizens. The DEFERMENT of theIr deportation is a CLEAR matter for DISCRETION unless you think it’s wrong for a cop to issue a warning instead of writing a ticket EVERY time he pulls someone over. And by the way, genius, people BORN here are CITIZENS with the same RIGHT to be here as you, and we don’t deport CITIZENS.

          • you are correct and do not forget the pre kindergarten crap obummer adm started for 2+ year old, now just a baby sitting teacher program and food distribution program for the “{POOR”}. Parent are turning over the re-education of children to ‘State”… is more like SSR

          • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

            How do you know that? You know them all? You’ve conducted surveys? How about the dreamer who tortured and killed an American teen? Does that count as ‘something wrong’?

          • Their presence dilutes the western-european society of the United States which is probably the real goal of the leftist/communist politicians in Washington. Divide and Conquer has worked very well throughout the ages.

          • Really? All of them? Then why are some of them in prison?

          • If in prison, good, can never reenter USA and must be repatriated to home countries, understand Trump Adm is working of those countries that refused their citizens… too bad for them… we win they lose, period.

          • The only problem is that their home countries won’t take them back when they get OUT of prison. And, that needs to change, and quick.

          • What is decent about breaking the law? Do you get to break what ever law you chose to?

          • And the Dreamers parents were only doing what 0bama asked them to do.

            0bama essentially said, “Even though it is illegal to do so, throw your children across the border and I will give them American Citizenship, and then I will fix it so that you can join them, and you will vote for me….”

          • That pretty much sums up the thought processes that appear to have been going on at the time.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            Dandy you are so WRONG. These DREAMERS are shit and should be FLUSHED!!

          • We all know where your head is. Pull it out before you suffocate. I’m with her (Texas Coyote1). No matter how they arrived here by slipping illegally over our border, they are ALL illegal. No sympathy for those DACA brought in by illegal parents or otherwise. They are ILLEGAL by default period! Send them ALL back—including ALL relatives. What a slap in the face to those legal immigrants that went through the correct channels to obtain their citizenship! We as Americans owe NOTHING to our neighbors to the south. We did not steal the Southwestern United States from Mexico. We paid Mexico for that land. Look it up in the FACTUAL history of the United States. It was ESTIMATED that Mexico had less than 500 of their citizens in that area of the United States and were unable to gather enough troops at the time to defend it from further settlement from western expansion from eastern United States. THEY TOOK THE MONEY OFFERED AND RAN WITH IT. So don’t try to BS us the American citizen with pure fabrication of the FACTS. The FACT is that the only reason your “friends” (democrats/socialists) are for all you illegals entering the United States is for one reason only: the VOTE. Otherwise they don’t care about you one iota!

          • Nice facts, but wasted on liberals with their heads where you say…

        • In south Texas we had the border patrol come to our winter Texan park, they said that they were x-raying the teeth of the “kiddies” because they lied about their age. That the MS-13 gangs were covering up some of their MS-13 tatooes with other tatooes, but the border patrol knows what they are doing. The un-accompanied minor propaganda doesn’t hold water as most of the small children were coming over with their parents or another adult, they were NOT coming over all by themselves. Check it out by googling the Monitor, McAllen, Texas and clicking on immigration, and reading some of the articles one where a Father and Son were aided by the Catholic church in the Rio Grande Valley, then their bus ride to another relative in Washington DC. OR this one “Easing the Journey” the 47,000 that came over in just that area in Oct. and Nov. of last year, and sent on their way throughout the U.S.

          • Those people aren’t Dreamers. It’s hard to obtain a Dreamer deferral, and simply being brought here as a minor Is not enough.

          • Are you one of the “dreamers”??? And some of the “dreamers” are criminals, they have commited criminal acts.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            I want the ship ALL of them out. Mommy and Daddy etc. ALL OF THEM!! I want my country to be for the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS!! And don’t forget to shut down DACA.

          • Stop the all can be citizen and birthright in USA for illegals. I know of one Mexican who got his papers, but the other 16 brothers an sister born in USA have not yet got their paper.. living in Mexico now with mother who crossed the border just to have another baby – free

          • You claim to personally know 16 illegal immigrants? What a crock.

          • I lived in Texas 10 yrs. and worked as a Florida State Correction Officer! I Knew Hundreds!

          • The Dreamers are legal, stupid. DACA makes them legal.

          • Well isn’t that sweet, because DACA is NOT legal, it was NOT passed by congress, and obama said time and time again, he couldn’t do what he ended up doing.

          • Obama is an Illegal ALIEN, by Most Reports!

          • “by most reports” which is no credible reports other than retarded racist douche bags like you –

          • Fook Off Lib Fruit! His own Grandmother in Kenya said so!

          • Ha Ha Typical “High School! Jackass Retort!

          • I think DACA allowed them to stay without fear of being deported. President Trump has rescinded DACA with a 6-month deferral, so beginning in March, they are here illegally unless Congress passes some kind of amnesty or unless they apply for and are granted a visa.

          • Well take about 30 of ’em into YOUR House Fruit!

          • what does fruit have to do with this discussion?

          • Fruit as in ‘Gay’!

          • Fruit as i Pfagg!

          • Giro Gearloose! It’s a Disney Reference!

          • The mindset supporting the Dreamers was built through false, half-truths and falt out lies from the Obama Administration in suggesting over and over via the Bought and Paid For Left leaning media that the majority of Americans support Immigration; Not sold as “Illegal Immigration” but Immigration.
            Obama seldom, if ever, referred to the illegal immigrants as such (illegal immigrants: but constantly lumped them in with legal immigrants. He was correct in his comment that the majority of Americans support IMMIGRATION when they are legal (America was a law abiding nation until Obama) but Obama made it sound like the nation supported ALL Immigrants, legal and illegal, criminal as well as non-criminal

          • I’ve shot down most of your silly arguments in other comments, so let me ask you whether Watergate and Iran-Contra, both of which were purely Republican creations, by the way, don’t put the lie to your ridiculous claim that we were a law-abiding nation. Maybe Trump’s Russian connection is just a continuation of the Republican tradition of having multiple members of White House staff doing time for felonies. This off-topic, I know, but your misconception cried out for correction.

          • Oh boy, if you believe Obama’s administration was scandal-free, and crime-free you will have a huge shock coming when the covered-up truth gets out. Obama was so protected by the mainstream media, it’s not even funny.

            Congress never funded Obamacare, so to get it going, Obama stole $260 billion from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When he was found guilty, he just appealed and delayed it for another year or so. See Jerome Corsi’s work. Yes, you are right, this was never reported in mainstream media.



            There are other articles and interviews about this, but you can get a flavor for what he did from these links. I could go on and on about Obama’s other misuses of power, but the post would be too long.

          • I’ll tell you what. YOU SUPPORT THEM.

          • The Dreamers were brought here by their parents and committed no offence for which they deserve punishment.

          • Except many of them did.

          • Name one. Just one. Can’t, can you, and neither can Sessions, or he’d have it up on billboards.

          • There were all kinds of parents during the campaign who told TRUE stories of their CHILDREN who were murdered by DACA kids.

          • Name one. You can’t, can you? So shut the hell up.

          • ALL of them are criminals; even if they came here as tots; they’re ALL now old enough to be held accountable and can you name even 1 who went to authorities and begged the mercy of the state, instead of demanding “rights” to which he/she was not ever entitled?

          • Right. They have to have been brought here before 2007.

          • I was also a dreamer once but the left is not in love with me! I know a Hispanic fella, took him 20 years to become a citizen. He voted for Trump and does not like the line jumpers either.

          • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

            We live in the DC metro area, but on the fringes. In the past year or two there has been a noticeable increase in the number of foreigners in our area. They seem to be saturating us with immigrants from south of the border, the middle east, and Africa.

          • The Democraps in Congress are more concerned about rights for illegals than they are for American citizens.

          • Remember a number of years back when our southern border towns were being invaded by illegal immigrants coming out of Mexico and marching on the streets of American towns claiming we had stolen the property from Mexico and they were going to take it back?
            It went on for some time and little was done as the demonstration’s continued to tear down, burn and replace our flag with their own. It stopped suddenly; about the same time Obama employed a Hispanic woman to serve as his Hispanic advisor. For that part we can agree Obama needed help; but his selectee was wrong. She had her own business assisting illegals entering the U.S.; her program assisted illegals in learning how to speak English, look for jobs and how to fit into the American work force; her program then became funded with Tax Payers money.
            There also became a massive effort all across the United States to saturate our voting processes with immigrant candidates. As the nations population of Hispanic immigrants rapidly grew, political offices were being filled with immigrants. The suspected intent was to influence the political mindset needed to create change in this nation.
            Between the efforts to support illegal immigrants and fill as many local, state and federal positions with immigrants, the United States is being overtaken.
            The Democratic party leadership bought into this plan under Obama’s agenda. The almost “open border” mindset of the past administration, party help given illegals at Tax Payers expense and the bought and paid for medias support; this nation has become almost as violent as many South American and countries around the world.

          • Yes, I do remember. I also had neighbors who wouldn’t speak to me because I am white and, therefore, one of the people who stole Texas from the Mexicans.

          • glad i moved to a new town in AZ have all races in our nice community and it seems to be a nice place to live out my final years…great fire and police teams. and a gov. not just Dumbocrats

          • THERE You Have It!!

          • It was BS then and it’s BS now!!

          • Tell those Mexicans “We kicked your Azzes for that land, and we can do it again!” I applied for a job in a Texas Guitar shop, – Fluency in Spanish Required! I had been in stringed instrument sales for Many Years! I read write and speak Spanish! I was refused the job, “Cause I Wasn’t BROWN!” Reverse Discrimination!!

          • Hey I agree with YOU!

          • I know. I was agreeing with your response!!!

          • Not just the dimbocrats, the chamber of communists want the illegals as well. The taxpayers can pay for the bambinos and healthcare while the employers get labor that will undercut the Americans still working in that job. Seems like the dimbocrats and globalists love near slave wages, their globalist privilege I guess.

          • In fact, I do remember; that started back in the early ’90s, with at least annual parades in Wesley Bollen plaza in Phoenix among other sites around the SW states, DEMANDING their “rights”, bold as brass, when they were all illegals, and threatening Americans’ lives while they did.

          • Obamapanzee was a worthless POTUS whose intent was to destroy America and white people. POS belongs in the jungle where he came from. And so does his he/she ape in high heels.

          • Yeah Moochie Congo-Rilla!

          • Mexicans claiming US soil as belonging to them is like “Palestinians”
            (no such thing really) claiming Israeli is theirs. There’s always some faction bitching that someone else’s property belongs to them. They fall under the violation of “Thou shalt not covet.”.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            They make MORE money from them. Election time is around the corner so vote them out of office.

          • The Repubs too; they’re all in it up to their beady little eyeballs.

          • No, they aren’t. You have a perfect right to be an ignoramus. It’s distasteful to civil human beings, but not illegal.

          • Left wing LOON! Jimmy The Geek!

          • You nailed it. DemonRats could care less about American citizens. Thank God we have Trump as our POTUS. We must never ever ever allow another DemonRat to sit in the Oval Office again, EVER!

          • Not that they are really concerned about anybody at all but themselves they just see illegals as……….. VOTES FOR DEMONRATS!! Rah! Rah! Rah!

          • We see this all the time. That is why Democrats (American Communists) should be voted out of offices.

          • That is exactly what the globalists are doing but it has been going on for 30 years. It is just accelerating now.

          • “Globalists” aren’t causing it. We are simply facing the world’s reality, which flies in the face of racial prejudice and mindless xenophobia.

          • Blacks and illegals are the biggest racists in this country. Look what they’ve done to our country and it’s getting worse every day.

          • Then the illegals should all be resettled in your neighborhood, since you seem to love them so much. And before you call me a racist xenophobe, I am a Latina and my ancestors were residents of Alta California before the Yanquis came there in the 1830s and 40s.

          • In fact, I live in a neighborhood comprised largely of immigrants, and the only people I’ve ever had a problem with are Americans. So what’s your problem with the Dreamers?

          • MY Problem with “DREAMers”? #1, THEY are in this country illegally, & they think WE should just ignore it. #2, WE are all PAYING for their EDUCATION, healthcare, WELFARE, etc with OUR Tax Payer funded systems. AND, they keep insisting that they pay more taxes than WE spent on them! #3, THEY think that because WE shouldn’t hold their illegal presence in this country against them, that some kind of “immunity” PASSES to ALL their family members & friends, who are ALSO in this country illegally! SCREW that, & the horse it rode in on. #4, SICK & TIRED of a “dual system” of law enforcement: American citizens better PAY their taxes, OR ELSE! While 1/3 of ALL illegal aliens are NOT PAYING ANY income, social security, or Medicare TAXES! #5, WHAT PART of ILLEGAL do YOU NOT Understand? IF an American parent took their child illegally into Mexico, they would NOT be getting FREE education, healthcare, or ANY welfare payments! They most certainly would NOT be getting special teachers/aides because they do NOT speak the country’s language!

          • For a teacher’s aide, you sure don’t learn very well. One: it’s not their fault they were brought here illegally, so they shouldn’t be punished for it, and we don’t ignore them, but require a lengthy application process. Two: it is 100% true that they pay more taxes than they use in services. Do your homework, teacher’s aide. Three: there is no “immunity” passed to “ALL their family members and friends.” If you really had a beef, you wouldn’t have to make that shit up. Their guardians—parents or grandparents—can get deferments, and other relatives can visit on tourist visas like anyone else. Maybe your extended family isn’t important to you, but to these people, family counts for a lot. Four: if you’re sick and tired, blame your own imagination. You have zero grounds to believe the Dreamers don’t pay their taxes like everyone else.

          • #1, “DREAMers” may pay their taxes. BUT that is AFTER WE SPENT $10-12,000 PER YEAR, Per student, for K-12, 130,000 MINIMUM!! (Don’t Forget preschool/ Head Start for those who KNEW NO English when they entered the Ed System!) YOUR assertion that they pay more than they have COST USA tax payers has been shown to be UNTRUE in CBO Reports, LA Times news articles (& they’re not a bastion of conservatism!), & LA County Dept of Social Welfare Budget on line! I have done MY homework, & NOT fallen prey to the typical leftist indoctrination continually spewed from people like U. #2, Neither the USA nor I, put the “DREAMers” in this Situation! WHY is it this country’s RESPONSIBILITY to FIX the Problems the “DREAMers” parents & families CREATED?! #3, I’m curious, WHY 1/3 of ILLEGAL ALIENS Pay NO income taxes, social security taxes, nor Medicare taxes (Per PEW), and NEVER end up in jail/prison. Be an American citizen, and try that “feat”! YOU can go to prison like Wesley Snipes, or have an IRS lien on your property/income like Willie Nelson, or JUST plain have ALL YOUR money, property, IRA’s, etc CONFISCATED by the IRS! #4, MY extended family is IN MY HOME COUNTRY, the USA! I did NOT separate “DREAMers” from their extended family! The Parents & Family Members who brought them here did that. #5, I see NO REASON to REWARD the “families” of the “DREAMers”, so the “DREAMers” won’t be “forlorn”! MOST of their illegal alien family members have crossed into this country more than once, which makes them FELONS! #6, HOW does that property tax “thingy” work, when MORE than 1 FAMILY reside in single family residences?

          • They Work “Under the Table” Dem Jackass! I bet you have worked “Under the Table” at some point of your life! Everyone has!

          • VERY well stated!! Very!!!

          • Thank You!

          • The Dems. have NEVER Been to Mexico! Mexico has an Unwritten Caste System! Many are VERY Rich! then there are the rest of ’em! The Mexican govt. loves the Poor, Illegal Wetbacks! they live on Welfare, spend $0.00 here! They SAVE Every penny, while WE support THEM, and supply their EVERY NEED! Then because of a VERY Favorable EXCHANGE Rate, THEY go home to Mexico Very Wealthy to Retire! BTW I lived in Texas 10 yrs! Less than 100 miles from Ciudad Acun’a, Tamulipas,Mex. I’ve been to Mexico Many times! I speak, read, and write Spanish! Refute That, Libs!!


          • Candy Azzed Jim Dandy! Take ’em into your House!

          • They are only here because their parents violated US law. They are here because of a crime. If I went to Mexico without the permission of the government down there, they would put me in jail. My ancestors fought against the Spanish government in the army of General Vallejo under the Bear Flag of the California Republic and when California became a part of the USA, they were glad to become citizens of this great nation. How many of the illegal invaders from Mexico are interested in becoming citizens? They are sending several billion dollars to Mexico every year to prop up the economy down there. Being a Latina and speaking Spanish fluently, I know what they think of stupid Americanos like you, and you would probably not like to hear it.

          • You’re right. Their parents committed a crime. They have committed no crime. In America, we don’t punish people who have committed no crime, unless it just gives you some sick satisfaction to persecute innocent brown-skinned people. In fact, the Dreamers are here legally, having been granted a waiver of deportation by the President of the United States, who has that discretion. “They are here because of a crime,” you say, but again, since when do we punish people for a crime they did not commit. It is cruel, and it is stupid, and it is wrong. These people, tens of thousands of whom serve honorably in the US armed forces, are as good citizens as you and me. Do you think the service buddies of these people give a shit that they weren’t born in the States? How decent of you to relieve them of these these Marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and guardsmen whose presence offends you so much. Shame on you, Allyssa.

          • Oye’ Jaime El Joto! Donde apprendistes hablar,y escribir Ingles como Gringo?? Creo que estas un “Dreamer tu mismo!

          • My skin is the same color as theirs. My ancestors were all legal citizens of the US when California became a state. If you want to give away your country to them, go ahead and invite all of them to live in your neighborhood. About 10% of them are MS-13 and they ought to make great neighbors for you. Where do you get the “tens of thousands” figure. Did you just make that up to bolster your argument. You are just like all liberals who make up numbers to pad your claims. The original group of “Dreamers” were supposed to be minor children who were brought here by their parents. How did they all suddenly become old enough to be military veterans? By the way, anyone who is a legal immigrant and serves in the military is granted citizenship upon completion of their first term of enlistment. So once again, you are making a false argument. If they are that old, they are not “Dreamers”. Shame on you Mr. Dandy, for lying.

          • Mojado Cabron Jaime!

          • What Nation are you From Jaime El Joto??

          • Almost all young Latino Immigrants are Gang-Bangers, or are Affiliated with them! I’m a retired Fla. Youthful Offender Correction Officer! I Know from First Hand experience!

          • Jimmy Dandy! In Spanish- “Jaime el Joto”! Get one of your Wonderful Wetback Dreamers to Translate!

          • F–k All the Welfare Sucking Immigrants! The Whole World will be Here, Collecting Welfare before long!! THEY made their own Nations the Shit-Holes they are, And will do the same thing HERE!

          • What is new, DC has been a magnet for the same since the 60’s, I was there…you just are getting a bigger load now…thanks to the Bummmer in chief Fraud

          • A bigger load? How are these people a burden to you?

          • Hello illegal immigrant??? What part of illegal FAILS TO COMPUTE?????

          • That’s “Jimmy The Geek”!! The Illegal Freak!

          • You bet! The number of high paying jobs that native-born Americans can’t do grows every day. It’s because the kind of progressivism needed in our education system gets stifled by conservatives and their stupid anti-science and “back to basics” stances. “They” are taking “our” jobs because “we” can’t do them.

          • Full’o Mierda you are Jimmy!

          • Explain how, and you may not be the one who is totally full of shit.

          • So explain some of that great science you know, not the dimbocrat talking points either. Maybe some simple math or something to prove you do know something other than talk. Tell me what a Laplace transform might be used for. Think about the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

          • Wasting your time. Jim Dandy and Rich Girod are the stars of the newest upcoming movie!!
            Dumb and Dumber the Saga Continues!!

          • I can’t have hypocrisy!!! You and Jim have it all!!
            Hypocrisy – the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

          • They are Linda. Where I live every convenient store and most gas stations are run by foreigners and it started in the late 80’s/90’s.

          • Same here in Orlando. And I have yet to see a white taxi driver or bus driver. They ALL go for the least laborious jobs! 🤣😃😄😅

          • Are you nuts? If those were easy jobs, white Americans would flock to them. You just assessed the difficulty of a job by means of your own stereotype. My guess is, you didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming a bus driver, only to have your dreams dashed by some brown person with an accent.

          • That’s because a lot of people who used to do those jobs, got tired of being in the cross hairs of “criminal element”! Want to commit suicide, without actively doing anything to “die”? Work of the NIGHT shift of a convenience store!

          • Teacher’s aide, you’re misusing the quotation marks. Also you’re babbling. You get an F in writing.

          • You get an F as in F–k You! “Jimmy The Geek”

          • If name calling is the best you can do, you must realize you’ve lost this argument, haven’t you?

          • No It’s a Battle of Quick Wits and Snarky Appropriate Rejoinders! I hold a B.A. in Social Science, and Associate of Science degrees! In the battle of wits, you’ll always Lose! Candy Azz ‘Jim Dandy to the (Attempted) Rescue’!

          • Bray On! Jackass Dem-o-Commie!

          • The same place YOU LOST Your Rabid Azzed Mind?? Try again Fagg!

          • No, not if the Name is Pertinent, AND It is!

          • What? I should have used air quotes instead?

          • I carried when I worked that shift! Better fired than DEAD!

          • Never worked in 7/11 type store. I did work Nights as part of rotating shifts in inner city, “public” hospital for years, in ICU/CCU. It was recommended that U NOT walk the halls at night, by yourself! Which meant there were NO breaks, NO meals available! Main thing I learned there, was that IF I was sick, I was going to another hospital! BEST days working there, when I had transferred to Hemodialysis, was when we had patients who was in police custody- Officer was in room, and the amount of BS & harassment from certain patients went WAY DOWN!

          • As a Fla Correction Officer I worked hospital duty a few times!

          • Oh my God! Next they’ll be working as landscapers!

          • Mostly by Hadjis!. THEY are U.S. Govt. Assisted, AND, get money from the Bumm Puucque, Arabia, Indian, and Pakistani Govts.! Whatever Hell Hole, they came from! Then they bring their Whole TRIBE Here,put them on govt. Benefits, till they can open another convenience store and On It Goes! The Hindu Doctors support them, and assist them! BEFORE You call me an Ignorant REDNECK, I have a B.A. in Social Science!

          • The U.S. Govt. supports these Invaders with YOUR Tax Dollars! You HAVE to Be an Immigrant Minority to get a Govt. loan! The Revolution will stop this SHIT!

          • yes, there are trying to pollute your precious bodily fluids …leave the country immediatetly…I recommend Somalia

          • Lol! Thanks, Rich!

          • It is the story The Little Red Hen. They are all piling in to get freebees they never helped prepare. Non-Contributing freeloaders piling in for handouts.

          • Also read where Obama had UPS bring in loads and drop off in small airports in the dark of night in many places. Now, we can remove the detritus and hang Obama for being an alien as well and treason of the highest order, along with Sorors, and many other evil elites here and abroad.

          • Yes, I wonder why Trump backed off on the birth certificate issue. One would think we could wipe out 8 years of illegally enacted legislation just by proving he was an ineligible president. I can’t imagine the level of power that was able to overcome this eligibility obstacle and put him in office with the sole purpose of destroying the United States.

          • I’m reasonably sure he has all these sources and a lot more we’ve never seen. The courts that this case went to never ruled on the birth certificate issue, but just ruled those bringing the suits didn’t have standing. There is probably a far more sinister reason he hasn’t pursued it. My guess is threats against his family leveled by factions he was sure could carry out those threats.

          • Obama won by 11 million votes, Trump LOST by 3 million.

          • Stop snorting that shit, huh??😂🤣😃😄😅

          • Stop being a Russia loving racist.

          • Georgi Soros, “The King of the Joos” BOUGHT Obama his White House Shoes! Soros is wanted in England, France, and Russia, just for starters!

          • You and I are on the same page. We probably even studied the same history of Texas. Texas fought a war with Mexico to keep the Mexicans from taking over Texas in the early 1800’s. I even had ancestors who fought in that war. Now, this stupid federal government of ours is just giving it back to them one illegal at a time.

            I see Jim Dandy, the bleeding heart communist, responded to your post to me. It’s people like him that are the uneducated problem.

          • I hope you have (or will) join the growing voices that is “trying” to stand up for tis country. Trying but find it difficult when there is such much funding coming form wealthy CEOs and business leaders who are seeking the low cost employment of immigrant labor.
            Look at Toys-R-Us, a perfect example of what damage UNCONTROLLED immigration can do. Toys-R-Us followed a pattern started under the Obama Administration by Disney World and others who dismissed their long time American employees and replaced them with low wage immigrant workers. (Sadly, the American workers were required to train the immigrants first.) Now Toys-R-Us is in financial problems. In spite of the laws prohibiting it, the Obama Administration (and the then Democratic Congress) elected to ignore the laws and allowed it to happen,

          • Join the Convention of States and get your state certified to vote to rescind the unconstitutional Supreme Court rulings and roll back unconstitutional legislation under Article 5.


            Our political system can’t give us back the country that was founded–they are the problem not the solution. Return the power to the states like it was intended. Article 5 gives the power to the people when the government fails.

          • toys is in bankruptcy, as i read on news

          • Using your logic, low-wage labor, which has always been a mainstay of the retail industry, should have helped Toys R Us, not hurt them. And the president has no voice in who businesses hire, anyway. Markets evolve, and the number is up for a lot of businesses. If you want to blame someone, look at Walmart.

          • nice retort to dumbo

          • Actually, I have a master’s degree. You’ll have to search your tiny little mind for a better insult than that.

          • A Masters in Bull Shit doesn’t count!

          • Um, Texas was a Mexican province. It’s the Yankees who “took it over.” I think I’m not the uneducated one here,

          • That is somewhat correct, but you left out an important detail. The Mexican government advertised for settlers to come to Texas to develop it in exchange for land grants and what the settlers perceived as the right to self-government. When my family sold the family farm in the late 1970’s, the deed went all the way back to a Spanish land grant before Mexico got its independence from Spain. The description was shown on the deed in leagues and rods.

            The Mexicans wanted the settlers to develop an area that would form a buffer between Mexico and the Comanches, but that’s not what happened. Anyway, it’s essentially the same reasons that caused the American Revolution that caused the war with Mexico–tariffs, taxation and Mexican laws imposed on Texas.

            Those of us who know the history have no love for Mexico in general and Mexicans in particular. It’s much the same feelings that Southeners have for people from states north of the Mason Dixon line. Anytime one group tries to exploit another group, there is going to be a long and profound mistrust and hatred of that group.

          • Thank you, sir, for the ONLY halfway intelligent post supporting Sessions today. While I think it’s wrong to hold a grudge against a whole people for a cynical action of their government almost two centuries ago, it is understandable. At the same time, I wonder why we don’t hold a grudge against the Brits, who burned our capital only 24 years before the siege of the Alamo.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            Don’t you just LOVE Obama and his DACA bullcrap that we are paying for and he is getting like $1million or more a year. That is $600,000 over his benifit from being President.

          • If obummer is declared a fraud, he loses all, just a great deal for USA

          • Declare away, moron.

          • Fag Azzed! Jimmy Boy!

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            Would that work if he got the same gift JFK got??

          • Obama brought them in by the plane load.

          • Please cite your source for that bullshit.

          • Obama put just some in the Okla. military base . Which Peloci visited and bragged about. When the Okla. republican representative tried to visit, he was denied entry. Look it up for yourself.

          • No, you need to cite your source so I can look at the same source as you before I reply. Otherwise we could be talking about separate stories.

          • This is a conservative site that is for opinions. That you are a liberal troll that should be on a liberal site where your hate for rational though, truth and facts is normal. It is all the same story, Obama’s administration was a crime wave. That riots that he created are ongoing.

          • Hey Texas! I watch Border Wars and see the crap that happens in an around McAllen and Brownsville, and the other border states. I have called Congress and begged them to show episodes of Border Wars in both houses. Any patriot watching in Congress would surely vote for the Raise Act, which ends chain migration, mandatory e verify, MUST SPEAK ENGLISH, and They would see the need for ENDING BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP!
            These illegals will do and say anything to get in and stay here. Our Border Patrol agents are AMAZING! I hever realized what their jobs entailed, until I saw this show. They drive ALONE , they go in the desert, in tunnels, ride ATV’s, and CHASE these scrambling ‘ants’ (from choppers they look like ants when the light hits them). Border Patrol are our heroes! I hace seen them chase them into McAllen, where agents look for them in cars, under vehicles, etc. Border Patrol ask people if they have seen illegals with wet pants from the Rio Grande…NO ONE HAS EVER SAID YES! So that shuts down the Dems lie that sanctuary cities help law enforcement!

            I saw one episode where ICE and the SWAT TEAM raided a ‘safe house’. This was in a residential neighborhood, houses right next door and across the street. There were 25 illegals, men and women…no food no furniture. The ‘guide’ was not there. Turns out, the guide ran out before the raid, busted in the next door neighbor’s back door and told the homeowner he would give her a lot of money if she kept her mouth shut. The woman got out, told law enforcement and he was arrested.

            There are so many stories, of these illegals, and none of them are beneficial to Americans.
            These illegals seem to all tell BP they are Mexican, when they are from Central America, but they
            want to be returned to Mexico so they can try again to sneak in.

            I pray for you guys in Tx…praying the state is recovering quickly from Harvey, and that WALL gets built for your protection!

            God bless and protect Texas every state in the US!
            ICE ICE BABY! Thank you BORDER PATROL!

          • Nice statement

          • Jesus protect us? What a miserable fucking Christian hypocrite you are! Those “illegals”—those “ants” as you call them—are all fellow Christians. Turn off your TV and get your mind and soul out of the gutter.

          • Why don’t you watch that show. God judges me, not you.

          • Fook Off, Beaner Lover ! Jim Dandy the Beaner Pansy!

          • Thank you Jim. It is hardly Christian to hate immigrants. Biblical literacy will show that God loves people who are strangers in a foreign land, as his people the Jews have often been. Loving our neighbor has no ethnic qualifications to it, which some of us true believers don’t seem t o get.

          • This is the best way that the Border Patrol/ICE can mount their “BS detection” patrols.

            Thank you, sir.

          • Mexico and several other countries are dumping their garbage onto our property. We’re never told about people with science backgrounds coming here to make positive contributions to humanity–there are none, only refuse the others are trying to get rid of.

          • Which is why we REAL Catholics are sick and tired any priest and especially this so-called pope have caused many to stop attending Mass, giving donations, or like me, just attending to the 3 main parts of Mass that we must as REAL Catholics. The Church thinks it can do this, but are facing being closed down, not enough in the collection box to pay bills, etc. Slow learners but they will learn. We have survived 2000 yrs with many evil people in our Catholic Church but we are still here and always will be because Jesus created our Church.

        • Linda Canciglia McWilliams

          Well said!

        • I should have read your comment before I made mine. You said it much better.

          • Thanks for the compliment, but don’t ever feel that way. Posters like Jim Dandy think they can either shame us into accepting their position or shout us down. We need as many conservative voices as possible giving strength to our position.

            Jim Dandy appears to be getting an earful. I don’t think anyone on this forum has agreed with him yet. We aren’t going to change his position, but maybe we can influence those who have yet to form an opinion.

          • So true, guys like Jim Dandy counted on insults to shut the conversation down. I no longer let that happen.

            God Bless and thank you for your kind words.

          • If he wasn’t full of shit before, he is now!

        • You would be amazed at the number of people who don’t believe me when I write that the entire extended family of these kids are allowed to come here, and that it is the same for Anchor Babies as well.

          • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

            And we can THANK Obama for all of these people!!

          • Mostly right, but this is a long standing bad law that let them stay, some yes where sent back when caught, but the rest???? Obummer was just a great band leader, not a leader in any way shape of form… Except for Muslims in this and other countries. A tool and a fool who needs to be disposed of as a FRAUD.

          • Yep, it’s called “chain migration”!

          • It’s called ”human decency.” Get some.

        • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

          I do so agree with you and you an read my post. I also want the WALL put up and the 31 tunnels SEALED as well. If we got rid of all of the ILLEGALS and shut down DACA our countries debt would drop aroound 25% or like $5 trillion dollars. That is a drop we ALL could use.

          • The election of President Trump and his politically incorrect manners has allowed all of us who don’t agree with the mainstream media daily BS to come out and say how we feel. He has emboldened all of us to throw off the racist labeling that seems to be the only defense the people have who want to make citizens of every unskilled immigrant that sneaks across the border.

            If I’m a racist for defending my country, so be it. If I’m a racist for wanting my children to have a better life, so be it. There is no more oppressed group in America today than young white males.

          • Give us back tech classes in high schools and forget about the job retraining programs in i believe 100+ agencies in state and federal level… Cost of education is higher because the school and colleges allow it , no control and fewer hours in classrooms by Faculty.

          • Absolutely. This would train a lot of native-born Americans for the jobs that are available and the professions that are undermanned. It’s hard to get a plumber, electrician or carpenter when you need one. I’m sure President Trump knew that when he promoted his apprenticeship program.

            But, colleges that have taken in millions of dollars that students are unable to repay are just like the insurance companies that love Obamacare. They don’t want potential students to go to trade schools and learn to be mechanics when they can bilk them out of thousands more to enrich their administrations and create departments to teach ridiculous subjects like Women’s Studies or Black History. History should never be taught in a vacuum, so taking black history out of context is as misleading as teaching White history without knowing what was happening in other cultures simultaneously.

            Government has infiltrated every aspect of our country’s fundamental institutions and infected these institutions with the greed that we now see so obviously in Washington to the detriment of the American people as a whole. Then, they keep those of us who see it at bay by calling us racists.

          • There are over 125 overlapping education programs.

        • And her husbands!

        • Too bad we can’t send “native born” bigots like you home or some all-white island somewhere along with all the rest of you, who probably add less to the American economy and still find it easier to compete because of your hue than them. Everywhere I look at least in my area, there are help wanted signs, so why whine about them “taking our jobs?” Only if you are stupider, lazier, less honest, and less educated and less hard-working than YOU are, no? Stop playing the victim. We whites don’t know what victimhood is.

          • I do live in an all-white town. It’s wonderful. Yes, there are help wanted signs everywhere you look because there aren’t enough people to do all the jobs that need to be done, but it’s an easy lifestyle when everyone around you looks and thinks like you do. I wouldn’t live anywhere else, and I am certainly no victim.

            There is no way to make America great again trying to accommodate all the different cultures we’ve allowed to invade our country.

            My opinion. You don’t have to agree.

        • Thanks Coyote. The agenda of the progressives is to pick at insignificant, irrelevant details in an attempt to derail a thought pattern.
          They contribute nothing of positive value to mankind.

        • And don’t forget their children as many are grown men/women. They are aliens, PERIOD, and all, no matter how many in the family, must go. That’s the law and no defending anyone of them because they knew and know they are illegals. Too bad, so CIAO! Start packing now and maybe even leaving right now because you do not nor will have any future here.

          • Don’t hold your breath that they will leave a minute before they have to. If Mexico or other Central American countries were such paradises, they wouldn’t be here in the first place. Mexico has dumped its “need” on our doorstep, and we have taken on that burden for far too many years.

            There is no appreciation in these people. You have only to view the video of Nancy Pelosi’s embarrassing confrontation by a group of Dreamers making “Demands.” It was sickening to watch her just stand there and smile sweetly while these punks acted like spoiled brats instead of those appreciative of an opportunity. They shoot themselves in the foot every time they have a chance to make people like me show any sympathy for their situation.

            I agree with you–send them all back. There should be buses leaving every hour around the clock. I don’t think they are entitled to due process, but if we feel that’s necessary, there ought to be tent cities set up of temporary court rooms to process them through and fill up the buses. I’ll drive.

          • AMEN, Hallelujah and a Hosanna tossed in for good measure!! No matter how ya cut it illegal is STILL ILLEGAL today, tomorrow or next year!!

      • 133 MS-13 were deported as of 2 weeks ago. Do you think they want to keep criminals off the street for any other reason that to keep American’s safe ? The accusations of racial prejudice doesn’t cut it with folks that have a brain but the fact that liberals want more votes does.

        • Sessions doesn’t even claim to know whether any of them were Dreamers. If ALL of them were Dreamers, that leaves 99.9% of Dreamers who are not involved in MS-13, and you want to punish them all. That’s just nuts, friend.

          • What RIGHT do they have to DEMAND that we make them citizens, and what do we do with their illegal parents???

          • The whole point of granting amnesty to the Dreamers is not that they were brought here at no fault of their own. They are being used as pawns to get our sympathy, it is so they can give the extended family amnesty some estimates put that number between 6 to 17 million. Politicians are pushing the sympathy issue without mentioning the extended family issue because they know Americans strongly oppose added amnesties. We tried that seven times resulting in we now have as many as 30 million illegal’s

          • Patrick Saniscalchi

            Where did You get 99% out of thé air, You break thé law and lets réf gov pays

          • Yes, Jim, we want to punish them all. They shouldn’t be here. President Trump rescinded DACA, and if Congress gives them amnesty there are probably enough of us who feel this way to vote the current Congress out of office.

            It is President Trump’s duty to secure the borders. Securing the borders does not just mean not letting in the bad ones–it means deporting anyone and everyone who is here without having gone through the proper channels.

          • You are right, and I have very mixed feelings about this issue. I don’t want to break up families, and many of those “dreamers” have grown up and established families who ARE American citizens.

            What are we to do with them?

            I thought the term “Dreamer” only applied to those who came here before 2007.

          • Sorry to keep beating the history drum, but go back to the fact Congress did not pass Obama’s Dreamer legislation. Congress rejected it, and that should have been the end of it. But, Obama then issed an executive order putting the program into place in direct violation of what Congress had just told him was not going to be the law of the land. Of course, Congress didn’t have the balls to challenge him, but that’s a discussion for another time.

          • You’re right. Even his Democraptic Congress wouldn’t pass the dreamer law.

          • Obama was the Shaka Zulu of America. Whatever he couldn’t wheedle out of Congress he just waved his pen like the king he perceived himself to be. Most of us who realized it were silenced with the Racist label that the mainstream media is so fond of throwing at anyone who voices a well-thought-out conservative view.

            Even the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said Obamacare was illegal under the Commerce Clause, but he could enact it as a tax. If President Trump pulled a stunt like that, he would be impeached so fast it would make your head swim.

            We all need to question why Obama got the passes he did from virtually every aspect of our government.

          • I know. I remember the “I have a pen and I have a phone” comment. A**hole. I also remember being targeted by him and losing part of my VA disability because I am 100% and don’t have to pay income taxes anymore. Wrote to the jerk about his “red line in the sand” and my objections to same (my son was in Afghanistan at the time) and two weeks later a huge portion of my disability was GONE.

            I got it back, but not without a lot of trouble.

          • He never mentioned Dreamers because that was NOT the SUBJECT of his speech!!! Idiot.

          • We do not want to punish all of them, just the ones who suck our welfare and taxes. Who do not have a job. Who are crooked and violent and kill people and each other. Get real Get the scum of the earth out of our country. They do not deserve to be here. Willing to work, pay taxes, live a nice life, that is who I believe should stay. They can be sorted out.

        • I saw that.

      • DREAMERS? No read the article:
        “Over the past few months, I have been to ground zero for MS-13,” he continued. “First, I traveled to Central Islip, New York, where the gang is running rampant: killing victims, traumatizing communities, and replenishing its ranks by taking advantage of the Unaccompanied Alien Child program. This program continues to place juveniles from Central America into this gang controlled territory. It is clearly being abused.”

      • You’re so smart, you give us the number.

      • A bit delusional, eh, Jim Dandy? We’ve got 800,000 of these folks, and another 30 million or so of the run-of-the-mill “undocumented immigrants,” more realistically known as illegal aliens on the tax payer tab. How many are enough, dude? I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has done her Christian duty and invited a dozen or so to live with her in her $5 million San Francisco mansion. Democrats have always been all hat and no cattle. Meaning “we’ll do the talking, but you cough up the bucks!” You sound like you just might be one…

        • Plus we allow for over a million legal immigrants per year more than enough to do all those jobs, I guess even they won’t work for slave wages.

        • And even Pelosi had to face protesters at her last town hall.

          They were holding signs that said:

          ALL 11 MILLION!!

          Didn’t see a one that said “ALL 800,000!”

          • Yeah, I was delighted to see that. And old Nancy’s not used to having her illegal base question her on anything. She figures when she lavishes tax payer money on them, she’s buying not only their vote but their love. Time to wake up, San Fran Nan. Identity politics is all about sleaze…they’ll demand more than you have the right to give.

      • Jim Dandy,
        Wait up educate yourself.

      • Does anyone really know the number of Dreamers that are involved inn MS-13? And if it were less than XX it would be OK with you???

        So let me get this right, you care only about the Dreamers that want into the US and back your ideology, and don’t give a shit about the kids that are being abused by gangs like MS13

        I guess the 0bama administration would make up a number that made them look good and you would accept it as if it were gospel.

        Hypocrites like you are the problem.

      • Nobody said anything about Dreamers, who are kids who come here WITH THEIR PARENTS as young children.

        Sessions was talking about UNDOCUMENTED CHILDREN from CENTRAL AMERICA, you moron.

        Besides that, the term “Dreamer” ONLY applies to those who came here BEFORE 2007.

        MS-13 is, indeed, an extremely dangerous street gang. In Texas, where I live, there are interior check points not far from the border where HUNDREDS of MS-13 gang members have been apprehended.

        The gang itself is believed to be at least 70,000 strong.


        In the U.S., MS-13 has an especially heavy presence in Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area in California; the Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas of Fairfax County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Prince George’s County, Maryland; Queens, New York; Long Island, New York; Newark, New Jersey, Plainfield, New Jersey; Jersey City, New Jersey; Elizabeth, New Jersey; the Boston, Massachusetts area; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Houston, Texas. There is also a presence of MS-13 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
        MS-13 appears to use Texas as a stopping point for travel from Los Angeles to the East Coast and for the trafficking of drugs, humans, and weapons between Mexico and the United States. The largest concentration of MS-13 in Texas is in Houston.

        Look up the website. You will see the sheer geography of their infiltration in this country.

      • I was a dreamer once, does that mean I can get free stuff?

      • Drink some more Cool aide and sleep on.

      • There are over 2.4 million American children and their parents living on the streets that these same political so called leaders claim they can not afford shelters for nor do they have housing for, I do not know how many US Vets are living on the streets that these same government officials can not find housing for but it isn’t a problem to find shelters and housing for illegals and imported immigrants. Look up the figures on homeless US children in your state then worry about if the Trump administration knows how many Dreamers are involved in MS-13.or why we, as a nation are taking care of illegals and importing immigrants when our own children and their parents along with our vets are living on the streets. I could care less if they are gang bangers or not. I do care that some of our government officials put their well being over our own citizens.

      • Whether they all are or not DOES NOT matter!
        WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO “YOU” FAIL TO GRASP???? I DON’T GIVE A RATS ASS IF THEY’RE ALL LITTLE CHERUBS!! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!! HELLO?? ANYBODY HOME??Next you’ll want to forgive bank robbers cause the were a little short on cash!!!!!
        Illegal is illegal, hence NOT legal!!

        • Old codger, you are supposed to have gained some maturity and wisdom by the time you call yourself that, but apparently you haven’t picked up on either. You are guilty of one of the hallmarks of adolescent, simplistic thought, and that is BLACK AND WHITE THINKING. Allow me to reiterate a moral equivalent for your benefit. Ever get a ticket? Do you believe a cop has to write a citation every time he pulls somebody over for a violation? Or do you think that sometimes he has a certain degree of discretion, allowing him to issue a written warning instead? Now you may say you think he should write a ticket every time, just to make me wrong (as a juvenile would do), but you’d be lying. And do you believe that a judge is not allowed to suspend a sentence and place an offender on probation, or should they throw the book at them every time. Well, Oresident Obame has the same kind of discretion, and he used it in the case of Dreamers because a) they did nothing wrong by being brought here by their parents, so they shouldn’t be punished for it; b) they are, in effect, on probation after applying and being granted a deferment; c) immigrants contribute far more to the economy than they take; and d) except for having the bad judgment to be born south of the Rio Grande, they are just as American as me and more American than you because they haven’t forgotten every shred of human decency, the way you have.

          • B.S. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!! Next you’ll be be saying we should forgive murderers!! Are you -ucking that “STUPID”????????????????????????

          • You were the one who was fucking stupid enough to think of it. I didn’t have that in mind at all. You see, your need to wildly exaggerate everything says that deep down inside you know your ideas are very small, and if you didn’t drive your mental choo-choo train right off the tracks like that, your argument would be a loser. Like you,

          • Oh Mentally deficient AKA “STUPID ONE”! What part of “ILLEGAL” can you NOT comprehend???????????????????????????????????
            Illegal is Illegal is Illegal Ad Infinitum!!!

          • You still haven’t answered my question: Do you think cops should always issue a ticket and never give a warning, and should judges never suspend a sentence for probation. I’m not surprised you can’t face it, because whatever you answer, you are a liar, a bigot, an ignoramus, or all three. (Hint: Your black and white thinking already makes you an ignoramus. You only need to settle the lying bigot part. See how you paint yourself into a corner by being stupid on purpose?)

          • Cops can issue a warning, I’ve gotten a couple myself BUT “YOU” want a blanket Oh itsy pooh lets forgive the MILLIONS of ILLEGALS!

            They know it’s NOT legal, ICE knows it’s NOT LEGAL, the cops know it’s NOT legal and the Whole of Congress KNOWS IT”S NOT LEGAL!!
            Screw ’em come into the country the “LEGAL” way or STAY THE F— OUT! Some of these ILLEGALS have been caught and sent back numerous times!! Are thet to F—ing Stupid to figure out hmmm maybe this isn’t legal!!
            And I did so answer your question!! ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, AD INFINITUM!!!!!!

          • Not even one million, but 800,000. In a nation of 280 million people, it’s barely a drop in the bucket.

          • You know you just to freaking Dumb, STUPID to reply to!!!!
            They, you are ILLEGAL to bad, so sad!!

          • Dear stupid old fart. You are wrong on so many levels, but I’ll only embarrass you on a couple of them. There are only 800,000 Dreamers. It’s a shame I need to do the math for you, but that’s quite a few less than “millions,” and in a nation of 320 million (That’s the US, in case you’re having trouble keeping up.), it’s a drop in the bucket. We’re talking about the Dreamers, not all the “illegals.” Are we back on topic now? Good.

            Because it is important that you understand, the Dreamers are here legally. They are not “illegals.” I know how this galls your bitter little bigot’s heart, but they, each and every one of them, applied for a waiver on condition of their good behavior and intentions of citizenship, and was granted a waiver by the President of the United States under his discretionary powers as the guy in charge of our immigration policy. As you admit, a cop can issue a warning. Well, the president can defer strict enforcement of immigration rules, intbis case for humanitarian reasons, on account of the sheer cruelty of deporting people who broke no law and grew up as American as you or me—well, me, anyway. They are more American than you when it comes to the values of community, fairness, equality, and playing by the rules. You want to change the rules on them so you can be mean to someone you have no reason to hate, yet hate nevertheless. So shame on you. You and yours are kind of a disgrace.

          • Are you cruising on LSD Again?????????? It’s estimated there are at least 15 million because you have to remember they, the illegals don’t REGISTER or fill out paperwork that they are illegal!!
            Begone “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” and take your family with you!!

      • “Dreamers”? The “number” is of no consequence. You liberals pick over insignificant, nonsense, irrelevant details. The presence of MS-13 in ANY number is an evil presence. Leave your word games back at your safe place.

        • Numbers don’t matter? Using your logic (or lack of it), if one white Republican is a child molester, then white Republicans are all suspect and comprise an evil presence. Pretty stupid, huh? Well, that’s you. I mean, did your brain break, or do you switch it off somehow in order to think you’re right, because you aren’t using a normally functioning brain, and you aren’t right.

          • You just won yourself a block party. Enjoy. I have better things to do than read hate-filled, teen level arguments from liberals. You are now blocked from my screen. The gate is closed. Sayanora!

          • You wouldn’t have to retreat like that if you had better ideas. I accept your surrender.

      • Jim: Sorry, but the MS-13 is growing faster than our veggies and flowers and why El Salvador is lost to this gang. Sessions/Trump know the size and why they must be captured, killed and removed from our soil. Don’t where where you live, but probably they are there as well.

    • They are both!

      • Ouch! Golly, that was a real zinger, Anna Rose!

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          • I “ENCOURAGE” everyone to do the following!

            Flag by clicking on the invisible carrot in the top right
            line of scum puppets post and selecting flag.

            Give it a down vote!

            Also Report it as a spammer to Disqus by right clicking on the scum puppets name and clicking on the three blue dots *** next to the gray private box on the top line of
            the Bio page, selecting Report User, and as spammer.

            3 steps to “hopefully” getting “SCUMBUCKETS” removed!!

            From another poster/ Alvie Taken at face value!
            This POS is nothing but a Rabid SCAMMER! CROOKED as can be! this excerpt I borrowed from Google
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          • I have reported this spammer many times to FB and have also blocked her but she keeps popping up.

          • Well if you’re scamming people, making money by running a con game you will keep “Popping Up”! Keep reporting he/ she/ it to everyone!!
            I only had one person (?) stick up for her and it went by the name/ avatar Joey! The more posts they makes the more money comes in!!
            Blocking DOESN’T do anything except prevents “you” from seeing their posts! Reporting them, while it may take time to remove them is all one can do!!

          • The real question is, WHY ARE THEY ALLOWED HERE? Do they pay to play? Is the site accepting money/bribes to allow their computer-to-computer sales pitch? Moderator(s) please answer. Thanks.

          • It’s actually not the sites fault?? The site ALLOWS Disqus people to post on their site through Disqus! Yes your post(s) show up here but it is via Disqus!
            It’s more of why is Disqus dragging their feet in REMOVING the con/ scam/ spam posts???
            That is why the 3 step “Slap Down” is encouraged. “IF” all 3 steps are followed Disqus is informed and should take steps to remedy it!!

          • I flag and block. I guess FB doesn’t really care or they have too many of them

          • My wife and daughter use face crock, I don’t! I think it’s on my cell phone but is one of those pre-installed and can’t get rid of thingies!!
            Flagging helps, blocking only stops you from seeing their B.S.!! Keep up the good work and keep trying! Lets keep Joey ( first A–HOLE) that stuck up for the scammer, now we have John. Let’s try to keep him(?) working OT to replace the removed spam!! LOL!

          • I used to flag all the time, but somehow my little carrot has disappeared.

          • All I can say is keep trying. Here of late if I flag first the reply button disappears so now I reply 1st, down vote second, flag with the upper right arrow, then report!!
            I don’t know where the Disqus people are hiding but Disqus is getting DEPLORABLE anymore!!
            Takes forever to load comments, sometimes going as far as “do you want to reload”! I’m no typist, I use the 2 finger hunt and peck method. My computer is TOTALLY up to date, my browsers are all current and I’m connected at 190 Mbps and I’m usually waiting for Disqus to catch up on my typing!!
            Keep trying friend, if more people would report the spammers they’d be removed quicker!!

          • I am sure glad that “Old Codger” does not live in my area. He seems very unstable and a firecracker ready to explode any time now. Even more dangerous if he has firearms and bullets nearby. I have heard too much of that on the news recently.

          • Is that you Joey using an alias??????????????
            “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

            P.S. you aren’t a genius by ANY stretch of ones imagination!

          • John, or whoever you really are, you are a liberal who cannot tolerate the presence of level-headed, common sense real Americans who are not out to shred the Constitution and the American way which has survived nutcase after nutcase enemies for 228 years. The “news lately” is mostly fake concocted by the “MSM” anti-Americans.

          • Cry me a river!

      • Why don’t these sovereign saboteurs VOLUNTEER to adopt all these illegals at their expense in perpetuity without any taxpayer expense thus showing ho much they value sovereign suicide while also advertising to all that their doors are always open to anyone at any time while also removing all locks on all doors and windows. PIGLOSI isn’t sane.

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      • Hows about “TOTALLY FREAKING STUPID”??????

    • Helen Hollingsworth

      Naa…She LOVES HAVING CHEAP LABOR AT HER VINEYARDS….the libs are in it for their own profit whether votes or cheap labor…

    • The Democrat propaganda outlets (MSM) continue to cite DACA program youth as volunteers in the military, first responders that died in Harvey flooding, etc. but never mention the vicious violent murderous thugs in MS-13 and rival gangs. These lying Democrats along with their sycophants, the MSM will pay a price for this in this life and that life to come.

      • And from what I hear there are like 900 total out of the 800,000 DACA kids.

        • Yes, roger that. They are there but a small percent of all DACA’s

        • Wonder why DACA’s never applied for citizenship? Because they would lose all the freebies and goodies. If some joined the military, then they can earn citizenship. ALL DACA and chain families down to several generations must be removed to clean up our soil from their garbage. We owe them NOTHING and they know it. Who cares if they don’t speak the language where they belong and is their true HOME! Not I because I am sick and tired of illegals/aliens while I had to have visas and permits of residence and work in other countries and I learned those languages because that is what an honest person does. They knew they were illegals and yet were supported by the democrats and many republicans for the worst reasons. They must ALL go NOW, the House better make it a law that they are to be deported NOW and no excuses accepted, no “let’s be nice”, no more open borders from so many countries and complete removal in any way feasible of their gangs, druggers, etc. This is OUR America and never ever should be theirs, not even one block of it. Compassion is for our people and compassion for other countries we do by charity, but not here for illegals!

          • FABULOUS POST!! AMEN!! Hallelujah!!!

          • There was one talking to a reporter the other day and she was speaking Spanish, looked to be in 20’s. Assimilating?????

          • Was it by any chance a Spanish language outlet? You don’t know, do you? And how do you know she was even a Dreamer if she was speaking Spanish? I assume foreign languages are lost on a good American like you.

          • Where in the H is your “common sense”??

          • jay I know what I’m about to type to you I too should be doing also!! Jimmie is evidently a paid troll! If we say white he’ll say black and throw a temper tantrum! I/ we should just ignore his putrid a s s and rants! He’ll think he won but we know better!!
            You can lead a horse’s ass to knowledge but you can’t make it think! How was it stated in the movie Forrest Gump?? Something to the effect of “stupid is as stupid do” kinda fits wittle Jimmie to a “T”!!

          • Throwing an hissy fit is used to block rational thought. As with children .People are embarrassed by the emotional out burst and know that there will be no rational conversation. It is their way of ending the conversation before they are forced to think. Since the truth and facts are the enemy of the liberal propaganda. Rational thought would expose their lies and deceptions as being irrational hate.

          • Ah YEP!! Right you are!!

          • Who says they “never applied for citizenship”? The path to citizenship takes time. But you don’t know anything about naturalization, do you? What garbage? Do you mean litter, or are you such a bigot that you actually reduce fellowhuman beings to trash? You are one shitty Christian, lady.

          • Are you starring in the mirror again???? The ONLY shitty one here is you!!!!

        • Actually there were a lot more than 900, ten years ago so I would be very surprised if that number was correct.

      • Does Satan supply the shovels or do they need to bring their own???

      • I agree. Someone should grab Trump by his pussy and give him a shake.

    • both…..but the money is good – ya’ll wouldn’t believe the money from La Raza – Mexico and others…..

    • How about the whole truth? Pilousy is anti-American! She is pure evil!

    • Or just don’t care at all because these thugs don’t live in her neighborhood. And she has already shown how much she cares about America. Ha ha ha.

      • Actually she is a San Franciscan and so thugs/murderers/rapists/robbers do live in her neighborhood but she feels safe because she is in DC. We must stop allowing them to be in DC but in their home state/city/district under our EYES and forcing them to represent us or be kicked out as any employee is. No more becoming millionaires from bribes or insider trading, no more junkets, no more wasting our money, etc., etc. Remove the whole of Congress and start fresh, and as I said above confiscate all their assets gained while in Congress. Time to kick butts!

    • Your, typical propagandize Republican comment, proves that you’re getting
      your propaganda from Fox News and right-wing radio. You lost the
      election too, you just don’t know it yet.

      • REALLY? HOW would we ever be able to TELL, when LIBERALS/DEMOCRATS are fighting against making sure that ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT voting in OUR elections? I can’t VOTE in Mexico- WHY the H_LL should illegal aliens be able to VOTE in USA elections?


        With all the claims of Trump and others about voter fraud, they were only able to find voter fraud in 50 states. This article shows examples in the 50 states, one by one. Nothing to see here, just keep moving on. Registering DEAD voters!

        STOP watching the VISHNU channel – The Vishnu channel = I Vish they nu what their talking about!

        Ahh, the blinded left arises ! No facts I see, just your liberal left ignorance !
        Just a small sample:

        Pew Research Center published a report revealing election rolls in a shambles nationwide. They found:

        24 million invalid or inaccurate voter registrations
        1.8 million deceased voters
        2.75 million registered in multiple states.

        Cloward and Piven’s Motor Voter law is responsible for much of this mess.

        A North Carolina group, the Voter Integrity Project, found close to 30,000 dead voters still on the rolls in North Carolina, a state Obama won by only 14,000 votes in 2008.
        Project Director Jay DeLancey said, “Mainly, what we’re concerned about is the potential [for fraud]. Since there is no voter ID law in North Carolina, anybody can walk in
        and claim to be anyone else.”
        Not to mention>OH,PA,FL,CO &IL>>We can go there as well with county’s voting more that the population in the county.

        The DemoCommieSCUMboRATZ were so sure that their fix was in that Newslessweek already had HellBITCHERIES FUGLY puss on the cover and had to destroy all the issues!! LMFAO!

        Good reading for you unlike “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ”!!

        Please remove your head from the place the sun never shines and take a breath of fresh, clean air! Please! The flatulence you’re inhaling has just about destroyed every brain cell you ever had! You’ve smelled your own flatulence for so long it now smells good to you!

        • You sound like one of those patriotic Russians that Vladimir Putin
          talked about. How’s the weather in St. Petersburg Russia. LOL

          Give your brain a chance, stop repeating all that fake news, you did not fact checking any of them.

          • Because the DemoCommieSCUMboRATZ are the cause of ALL problems!!
            P.S. I’m a Red White and Blue PATRIOT Constitutionalist!
            DemoRATZ are the Enemy/ Traitors to the Country!!!! Some, while
            possibly good, will STILL fall on the proverbial sword for their
            party, which makes them just as “GUILTY” as their party etal!!!
            Doing ABSOLUTELY nothing/ asking your party “What Gives?” is the
            same as being 100% behind them! You’re “JUST AS GUILTY” as your
            party!!!!!!! “IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHAT THEIR DOING TELL THEM”!!!!!
            “SWITCH PARTIES”!!! By doing “NOTHING” you’re as complicit as the
            person “Aiding and Abetting” a “CRIMINAL”!!!

            WAKE UP DemoRATZ!!!! Your party is “DESTROYING THE COUNTRY” and yet
            you sit idly by and support them!! WTH over???? Talk about “STUPID”,
            talk about freaking “MORONS” and yet you’ll stand up and “PROUDLY”
            proclaim to be DemoRATZ!!!!!!
            Me?? I’d hang my head in shame “IF” I were a DemoRAT, I would NOT brag
            about it!!
            Wake up, have some coffee NOT MORE DemoCRAP koolaid, smell the
            “roses” and definitely take off the rose colored glasses!! Your
            party has become the New U.S. Communist party! How freaking blind
            are you???????
            No BUT I’ve always believed MOST ALL DemoCommieSCUMboRATZ are like “most” used car salesmen!! They lie, they’re corrupt, they’re vile, evil and would sell their Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters into prostitution to make a quick buck!!
            In other words, MOST have NO REDEEMING VALUE!

          • Always know I have WON WHEN YOU low life REPUGS , resort to the personal insults. Big giveaway of a Russian operatives. What you should be asking how I know?


          • Ah yep, You’ve won!! The ASSHOLE OF THE MILLENNIUM AWARD! Wanna bet Einstein was thinking of you when he penned:
            “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

          • Your critical thinking skills need a serious tuneup, junior. LOL

            YOU know you Racists, Nazis And bigots, KKK, ect., ARE NOT Usually Supported of scientists or JEWS like Albert Einstein, I guess you did not get the Republican party/Russian memo. LOL

          • “Who is paying you today for your trolling comments?? OFA, CTR or Soros?”

          • FBI ! LOL

          • Copied From Girls Just Wanna Have Guns!

            “During the whole Trump Jr. scandal, you would think with the way Democrats have been acting that they’ve never sought the help of the Russkies .

            Turns out their ‘white hats’ are stained with guilty finger prints.

            Here a 5 former leading Democrats who tried to use Russians to leverage them into office.

            1. Former Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA). He reached out to the Soviet Union for election help twice.

            According to Michael Reagan, Sen. John Tunney (D-CA), at the behest of his friend Ted Kennedy, lobbied the Soviet Union “to sabotage [Jimmy] Carter’s foreign policy efforts,” as this was during Kennedy’s primary challenge against Carter in 1980.

            “One 1980 document stated that Kennedy offered to condemn President Carter’s policy toward the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in exchange for KGB help,” wrote Reagan. “News accounts of that period prove that Kennedy did, in fact, openly criticize Carter’s Afghanistan policy.”

            In 1983 Kennedy also reached out to the Soviet Union, attempting to impair Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy and weaken his re-election chance in 1984.

            He even offered to set up TV interviews in America to make the Soviets seem more “peaceful.”

            2. Barack Obama said to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: “After my election I have more flexibility”, in 2012.

            These words were captured on a hot mic, meaning no one was supposed to hear them.

            Obama was communicating to Medvedev he needed Putin, the newly elected Russian President, to ‘give [him] space’ on Russia-related affairs until after he was elected. To which Medvedev replied, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

            Obama even snarked to Romney during a 2012 presidential debate, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

            Once Obama was re-elected, Putin took advantage of Obama’s “flexibility” with invading Crimea and taking lead in Syria.

            His ‘white hat’ is hardly clean.

            3. Jimmy Carter attempted to leverage the Soviet option to improve his chances in the 1980 election against Ronald Reagan.

            Michael Reagan also noted in his column that Carter, through his political ally Armand Hammer, lobbied for the Soviet Union to let “Jewish ‘refuseniks’ emigrate to Israel” to strengthen Carter’s standing in important states, but the Soviets rebuffed Carter.

            Interestingly, Reagan biographer Craig Shirley wrote in one of his books that during the 1976 election, the Soviet Union “had made overtures to the Carter campaign,” even going as far as suggesting “that they could possibly pursue policies that could affect the outcome of the election so as to favor Carter.”

            4. Bill Clinton tried bargaining a deal in 1996. He promised support of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, if Yeltsin agreed “to clear up ‘negative’ issues.”

            The Washington Times found a confidential memo in 1996 that revealed the following: President Clinton, in a private meeting at the recent anti-terrorism summit, promised Boris Yeltsin he would back the Russian president’s re-election bid with “positive” U.S. policies toward Russia.

            In exchange, Mr. Clinton asked for Mr. Yeltsin’s help in clearing up “negative” issues such as the poultry dispute between the two countries, according to a classified State Department record of the meeting obtained by The Washington Times.

            Mr. Clinton told Mr. Yeltsin that “this is a big issue, especially since about 40 percent of U.S. poultry is produced in Arkansas. An effort should be made to keep such things from getting out of hand,” the memo said.

            Bill Gertz, who reported on the memo and is now an editor for the Washington Free Beacon and a columnist for The Washington Times, explained that the memo “exposed the Bill Clinton style of leadership — going to bat for his political donors and other vested interests in his home state of Arkansas.”

            5. Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill wanted the Russkies on the Democrats’ side during the 1984 election.

            Michael Reagan stated in his column, O’Neill told Soviet ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Dobrynin, “that it was in everyone’s best interests if the Soviets would help the Democrats keep ‘that demagogue Reagan’ from being re-elected.”

            “O’Neill warned Dobrynin that the ‘primitive instincts’ of this ‘dangerous man’ would plunge the world into war,” penned Reagan.

            Each of these examples, with the possible exception of the Clinton-Yeltsin one, were easily worse than Trump Jr. agreeing to a meeting with a Russian government lawyer for dirt on Hillary Clinton. Again, this does not excuse Trump Jr’s sleazy behavior, but it does show that the Democrats are more than happy to do the same thing when it helps their side.

            –Daily Wire

            Next time a liberal cries Trump Jr. is colluding with Russians, show them this article.”

          • Your typical propagandize Republican comment, proves that you’re getting
            your propaganda from Fox News and right-wing radio. You lost the
            election too, you just don’t know it yet.


          • “IF” you harm one single hair on My PRESIDENTS head you’d better be wearing your PF Flyers!! P.S. I don’t get my LACK of news ergo propaganda from LSM:
            Lame Stream Media:
            CNN – Communist Nonsense Network or Certified NON-complete Nonsense or Calumny Nonsense Network *** or “Counterfeit Nonsense Network” OR “Childish Nonsense Network” or “Crap NOT News”
            or Cesspool Nonsense Network or Constant Negative News or Communist News Network or ConningU News Network
            CBS – Communist Broadcast System or Calumny Broadcast System *** or Corrupted Bull Sheit
            ABC – Accredited B.S. Channel or Anarchists Bullying Channel or Always Broadcasting Communism
            NBC – No Broadcasting Credibility or Nothing But Conjecture or Nothing But Corruption or Nothing But Crap!!!
            MSNBC – Main Stream National BullChit Channel! Most Stupid Numbed Brain Channel! Many SMALL Numbed Brain Cells or More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks.
            PBS-Premeir B.S.
            NPR- National Propaganda Reporting
            What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about the DimmiWITZ or positive about a Republican WILL NEVER see air time!!


    • Did you read my posting why TPs and Repubs are now whining federal courts are ruling against Trump policies? It is because of Repubs and TPs Trump has appointed as his advisers. They are giving Trump wrong advices. How can Trump or anyone expect intelligent advice from Sessions who is another George Wallace? Sessions is now going around the country campaigning for 2020 GOP WH nomination. President Obama was loved by people of all races and creed because he wanted to give all people a plain playing field–compete as equals. We did not agree with GOPers on social and economic issues because they wanted women and non-Whites to be their slaves again. I have asked Trump to get rid of all Repubs and TPs so far he has appointed in the WH and especially Sessions except the Military leaders. Military leaders are going excellent job protecting us to get rid of NK moron. Repubs and TPs are giving Trump illegal advices so that he loses in 2020 and then will laugh at him.

    • Justin, no, they are basically communists since the DNC published its 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over our country. Pelosi, etc. are just pushers of this, and many in the House as well, along with globalist evil elites. We must close down Congress now, remove each and every one and start fresh with extreme vetting of candidates. We have many registered socialists and communists in this Congress, again making it an invalid representation of us and that is what they are: elected/hired employees and they have failed in every way. There are a few good men/women but not enough so we must remove all in Congress now. They think we can’t, but they are fools and we can. We put them there, we can remove them from there. Let each one know their day has come and gone, and we are confiscating all assets gained since they were elected/hired to Congress since that money was gained illegally in so many ways. WE don’t need them to block us and our President when we are the Republic by, for and with the People as Government and they are mere employees, PERIOD!

  2. she needs a serious sanity exam.

    • No she doesn’t we already know without the exam what her condition is.

      • Her condition is called kindness—simple mercy for the enormous majority of Dreamers who, except for having been born elsewhere, which is NOT their fault, are as good citizens as you.

        • When are they going to reciprocate for our “kindness” of paying for the educations, in other words when do we get the money back we spent on them??

          • Look, knucklehead. An educated Dreamer is a productive, tax-paying member of the community. The notion that Dreamers are taking more than they contribute is just silly.

          • They took more than they will EVER contribute with their FREE school educations, and their anchor siblings that we paid for.

          • You are wrong. According to a Trump administration study, immigrants contribute $600 billion dollars more to the economy than they take out.

          • Well the Immigration places say they COST us WAY more than they contribute. WE are forced to pay for 2 illegal aliens child born on our soil and considered a citizen, to the tune of 350,000 every year.

          • Sorry, you’re wrong. Actually you’re WAY wrong. You’ve got the numbers about backwards.

          • Just wondering.Where is your compassion for unemployed and homeless Americans? Especially veterans? Or elderly people? Or all the millions just making ends meet? I have always found it interesting that liberals love to put themselves on a pedestal and patting themselves on the back for “Helping” people from everywhere else on the planetaryet ignore people in their own back yard.Guess it isn’t as dramatic. I wonder if you were clamoring to help all the Vietnamese refugees that lost everything in the American war? Did you help the former South Vietnamese military and others that were our allies that actually faced death when the country fell to the communists? If anyone deserved any special treatment, surely they did, but I doubt you even gave it a moment’s thought.You sir are a hypocrite .

      • How quickly a roomful of bigots turns a subject into a circle-jerk.

        • Does your mom know that you are still doing this in her basement? You need to stop playing with your snowflake friends and get a job, meet some real working people and get a life.

          • AND quit pushing for an amnesty for criminal invaders.

          • They were children. They are not at fault. They are not criminals.

          • Still WAITING for the punishment of the people that drug them here kicking and screaming, what about the PARENTS, bucko?

          • What about them, bucko? Is there a thought behind that question? You gonna punish a good kid for what his parents did? Bucko?

          • I DEMAND that the people that brought them here be deported and NEVER allowed in this country EVER again. That’s their punishment for leaving us a bunch of people that don’t share our culture.

          • You miss the point completely. The Dreamers DO share our culture.

          • Then WHY when they know English are they dis-respectful when in public and chatter away in Spanish??? When we say “excuse me” do they STILL remain in the middle of the aisle? Sorry, but they don’t give a rat’s azz about the Legal residents.

          • What on earth is disrespectful about chattering in Spanish. When you travel overseas (although something tells me you never have), would you not speak English? Please. Your bigoted self has overwhelmed your brain.

          • Jim, you just make your self look even dumber.You apparently have never been to Arizona or any other state that is over run with illegals.Yes, they are rude, condenscending,arrogant,feel entitled and privileged . And, yes their kids run wild in the stores playing like it is recess bumping into peoplesn stores where there is clothing, they chase each other through the clothing racks knocking down clothes while their oblivious parents continue on like nothing is happening.

          • We’re NOT talking about traveling overseas, you yourself said they were basically American, well the main language of this country is English, and they speak their language when they KNOW ours. To me that is disrespectful.
            I’ve been overseas MANY times, but you see I’m NOT residing there, so I didn’t need to learn all the different languages.
            They may have been hyperactive, but the Hispanic ones that I see in the Rio Grande Valley SCREAM and their parents act like they can’t hear it. OR steal the food out of the bags and eat it without paying for it, I’ve SEEN it many times, so don’t talk about the fat white Lady where there are plenty of FAT taco eaters.

          • Shop in a Mexican grocery store sometime. She has a point. Their manners are somewhat absent. They simply have a different culture.

            I did live in South America for 6 years. I came back partly because Obama was out of office, so I didn’t have to look at his leering face all the time and partly because I realized I didn’t like the South American culture. Having said that I certainly don’t want that culture brought here.

          • Is that why they drape themselves in Mexican flags, give us the finger, curse in Spanish and complain about how much they hate this country? You are really a fool aren’t you? You obviously don’t get out much.

          • How do you know they are “Good kids?”

          • Emphasis on the word, “WERE.”

          • Their parents knew they were breaking the law..I’d say that is child abuse.

          • You know nothing about me except that I am smart and compassionate. What you’ve just told me about yourself is that you are a fool.

          • What a shock, a lib that thinks they are smarter and more compassionate than everyone else. At this point I know all I need to know about you.

          • I don’t think I’m smarter and more compassionate than everyone else. Just you.

          • I understand your compassion. You are looking at the individuals and not at our country. Sure, there are going to be people who are taken from the only homes they ever knew. I get that, but if they are allowed to stay, they will have children and further dilute the western-european society that has made America great. Is that bigotry-probably is based on today’s definition. I think of it more the preservation of a way of life.

          • That is the racist, nativist argument, but I don’t think it supports the cruelty of shipping the Dreamers out.

          • Wanting to see one’s country continue to prosper is not racist. It is the media and special interest groups who have made those feelings a dirty word because it doesn’t advance the agenda of LaRaza (literally “The Race”) or the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). These organizations are all about pushing their race above all others.

            It is big business that wants the cheap labor these illegals provide to the detriment of native-born America workers.

            It doesn’t bother me to be called a racist because it is only through the preservation of the white race as the controlling social construct in the United States that it will continue to be a successful nation. You have only to look at South Africa and its fall from greatness to see what the future of the United States will look like if we allow blacks and browns to run the show.

          • Well at least you’re honest about it. Everybody else in here denies it and tries to give other explanations other than their being a bunch of bigoted yahoos.

          • Jim, forums like this are not courts of law. They should be for honest debate and the free exchange of ideas.

            I have no desire to insult you or call you names. That is no way to try to explain my position with any hope of your at least understanding my point of view.

            Go back to the Braceros program. The poor Mexicans came across the border and picked the fruits and vegetables. They returned to Mexico with their US wages and lived a better life for it than they would have otherwise. The children were able to go to US schools for a couple of months a year. Not great, not perfect, but something.

            Then, either politically encouraged or whatever, they stopped going home to Mexico. I believe Reagan was the first to grant amnesty and said that would be the last one. But, as future generations of Mexicans became better educated, they were no longer willing to pick the fruits and the vegetables, so it was necessary to bring in more unskilled, uneducated Mexicans to do those jobs and the cycle began again. The cycle we have created is unending, so we must put a stop to this illegal immigration before our country is overrun with people who do not belong here and do not have the cultural background to continue the prosperity this country has enjoyed in the past.

          • jim I have a question for you are the dreamers here legally or not, yes or no
            if no then they are breaking our laws and should be deported there isnothing cruel about it
            you see jim the real problem with immigrants most of whom are from mexico is that they
            do not want to become american citizens they want to be mexicans living i america
            they have no real desire to assimulate

          • The Dreamers, contingent upon their good behavior, have been granted a deferment through the discretionary powers of the President of the United States, documenting their presence, tracking their activities, and making them legal residents. Yes, the Dreamers are here legally.

            And yes it would be cruel to deport them. Except for an accident of birth, they are as American as you and me. Despite your stereotype, they are productive student and workers; tens of thousands of them serve in our military. You have no reason to poo poo their desire for citizenship. They are already good citizens—better citizens, I might add, than a lot of the nativists inhabiting this forum. All that needs to happen is for them to be left alone to go about their business and to be sworn.

        • So obeying the laws makes one a bigot? You are a moron.

  3. Funny your little diatribe didn’t mention what numbers are involved regarding M-13 membership. How many Dreamers are involved? 20? 10? There are 800,000 Dreamers. There could be 400 of them in M-13 and still 99.5% of them are NOT involved. The racist Sessions shows an insane lack of proportion.

    • jim your an asshole if you think that the illigels in this country are all good or that most of them are good. there are more illigels in the country trying to kill and destory American than want to help it

      • Well, you are just dead wrong about that, and I defy you to back it up with any fact other than your own stupid prejudice. You won’t do it because you can’t. So shut the fuck up until you have something worthwhile to contribute. How’s that for being an asshole, eh, genius?

    • Ahhh! Like Islamists coming to our country are otherwise good people … except for “a minority” of terrorists who have now set camp in every one of the 50 states as “sleepers”. It’s the minority who caused the 9/11 attack and it’s the minority who attacked and continues to attack the civilized world, here, in Europe, Australia, etc. You forgot that detail, didn’t you? Your “good heart” went ahead of your not so good brain.

    • WHY is he racist??? Because he recognizes that OUR country is a sovereign country with laws that other people think they can just give us the middle finger because they WANT to come here??? I have wants also, but it’s the “needs” that should be dealt with. And we don’t NEED MILLIONS and MILLIONS of illegal alien invaders.

      • Yes, we do, if you want to continue to have cheap groceries. And punishing good people who are here through no fault of their own and who have committed no offense has to be based on some other motive. I submit that it is pure racism and defy you to show me any other justification for such cruelty.

  4. pelosi should be thrown out of the country and sent somewhere that have gangs like m13 all over the streets maybe they will destroy her for us she is worthless as a human being and a politician

    • No, but if you don’t like living in a country that practices the Christian principles of fairness and mercy, maybe YOU can leave.

      • Mexico practices Christian principles, WHY aren’t they keeping the people that they aid in coming here to sponge off of us??? Where’s Mexico’s fairness and mercy?

        • Mexico doesn’t encourage immigration north. That’s Trump’s BS about their “sending” people here. Mexico discouraged illegal border crossing because so many die in the attempt. That is practicing Christian principles.

          • Look Bucko, I LIVE on the border in the winter, and Mexico USED to provide them with maps and GPS devices long before Trump ever “dreamed” of becoming President. We are Mexico’s largest source of income after Oil took a dive. They send home over 32 BILLION last year. We need to tax the hades out of that money!

          • You actually believe that the Mexican government gives them those maps and GPS transponders? Besides, the immigrants would be pretty silly to try to come north without one, wouldn’t they? They get them from their coyotes—the people who DO help them cross.

        • You would think, if these people are so productive Mexico would be building a wall to keep them in and demanding that we return all that are here.

          • Because a wall won’t work, regardless of who builds it. That is a totally different bit of Donald Trump nonsense that has nothing to do with this discussion.

          • If they are so talented and hard working, then they should be helping pull their own people out of poverty and despair .

      • “What does the Bible say about illegal immigration?”

        Answer: Note: We wholeheartedly believe that Christians are called to be compassionate and merciful toward immigrants (Exodus 22:21; Leviticus 19:33–34; Matthew 25:35). We also believe that the United States should have a more compassionate and merciful immigration policy. However, that is not the question at hand. The question at hand concerns illegal immigration—whether it is wrong to violate a nation’s borders and transgress its immigration laws.

        Romans 13:1–7 makes it abundantly clear that God expects us to obey the laws of the government. The only exception to this is when a law of the government forces us to disobey a command of God (Acts 5:29). Illegal immigration is the breaking of a government’s law. There is nothing in Scripture that contradicts the idea of a sovereign nation having immigration laws. Therefore, it is rebellion against God to unlawfully enter another country. Illegal immigration is a sin.

        Illegal immigration is definitely a controversial issue in the United States (and some other countries) today. Some argue that the immigration laws are unfair, unjust, and even discriminatory—thus giving individuals justification to immigrate illegally. However, Romans 13:1–7 does not give any permission to violate a law just because it is perceived as unjust. Again, the issue is not the fairness of a law. The only biblical reason to violate a government’s law is if that law violates God’s Word. When Paul wrote the book of Romans, he was under the authority of the Roman Empire, led by Emperor Nero. Under that reign, there were many laws that were unfair, unjust, and/or blatantly evil. Still, Paul instructed Christians to submit to the government.

        Are the immigration laws of the United States unfair or unjust? Some think so, but that is not the issue. All developed countries in the world have immigration laws, some more strict than the USA’s, and some less strict, and all have to deal with illegal immigration. There is nothing in the Bible to prohibit a country from having completely open borders or to have completely closed borders. Romans 13:1–7 also gives the government the authority to punish lawbreakers. Whether the punishment is imprisonment, deportation, or even something more severe, it is within the rights of the government to determine.

        • Thanks for doing the Bible research. I knew I had never read anything in the Bible saying a rich country was obligated to take illegal immigrants from a poor one. At the time Jesus walked the earth as a man, the Roman Empire was the strongest nation in the world. If He had been trying to teach us this, He would given us a parable or Paul would have written a letter to a church giving us this instruction. The only reference I recall was when he said “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.” I know that was in reference to taxes, but I know of no reference to demands that the population of one country adopt the population of another country.

    • Pelosi praised the dreamers and the parents that brought them here. She should be arrested for promoting criminal activity.

  5. No matter how you cut it, American taxpayers foot the bill for illegal immigration without consent (illegal is illegal). Perhaps re-purposing those funds toward infrastructure and security would be a better use of both $ and consent.

  6. Americans We the Patriots of America Have To Let the Leaders Know That We Want the Gangs Stopped or Removed From America and/or Criminal Charges Applied To Them NOW!

  7. We want the wall and immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants. ‘Nuff said.

  8. Sessions needs to start prosecuting the deep state. If he is not one of them, he will do so immediately.

  9. VET them or deport them, along with their illegal family!

  10. ms13….lol….like a rabid dog…shot’um……PERIOD……

  11. Great job sessions and Trump, keep it up.

  12. The easiest crime to prevent is the ones committed by illegal’s, 22% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal’s that should tell everyone that we need very strong enforcement of our laws. NO AMERICAN should die at the hands of an illegal, NO WOMAN OR CHILD should be raped or molested by an illegal. They are not only allowed to stay but others are encouraged to come because of the failure of politicians to protect and serve the American people. Pleasing the billionaires club and the chamber of commerce with a steady supply of cheap labor to drive down wages and customers to inflate prices gets them campaign money and high paying jobs once out of office.

  13. These so called “dreamers” have enjoyed a free education and all the freebies they could sign up for. Now it is time for them to go home and make their own countries “great again” Americans need jobs.

  14. Secretary Sessions is certainly right in what he says here. I support him. We need to treat illegal immigration as what it is — a CRIME. All those who are here illegally and are adult in age should be facing charges.

  15. Too Nancy Pelosi, those people caught selling grades at school, selling examinations and test answers, and doctoring educational data are doing a good thing for the students who are in college for the party and care less about good educations.
    To Pelosi, the parents who burglarize the homes and small businesses around them are doing a great thing for their kids who benefit from the “loot” of the parents crimes.
    The immigration mess we are in today is the result of people like her who instead of insisting we comply with laws of the country feel they can just let people do as they want (especially if they vote for her).
    America would be a far Bette place today with far less stress, crime, danger, violence and hatred if people like Pelosi was thrown out of congress years and years ago (along with Obama, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnel and Chuck Schumer)!

  16. The so-called dreamers often have no birth certificates or immunization records. We can’t tell their ages or if it’s safe to let them in our schools, homes, or offices. Diseases we in developed countries eliminated years ago still exist in many of the third world countries Dreamers come from. Try smallpox and polio.

  17. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    I want TRUMP and the rest on the HIll to take ALL of the ILLEGALS in our country and send them back to the country they came from. Especially ALL of them that have been here YEARS and did not file to be come LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. They have NO excuse and I do not care if they have not been in any trouble and are working etc. If you are ILLEGAL then you are a CRIMINAL and need to GO!! I am for the LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  18. Call me heartless. Illegals are just that: illegal and therefore criminals. No “pathway to citizenship”, no amnesty, no freebies complements of the US taxpayer. Roundup every illegal that can be found, blind, cripple or crazy, eight to eighty and return them to their country or origin. If they want to become US citizens let them get into the line with others and do things right. Citizens are not praised or thanked for violating our laws and we do nor need to give a stamp of approval to fence jumpers for doing the same. Nancy may thank them for invading; I don’t.

  19. WHY ARE ovomit AND kilLIARy AND sorass, NOT
    WATCH THE unholy trinity PAY WHAT they OWE!!

  20. Here hear! I see now why Schumer & Pelosi were against his nomination. We need more of his kind of thoughts.
    America was populated by foreigners with the same mind set.

  21. Another social engineering of the democrats to give them more voters. It has nothing to do with doing good, or the children.

  22. Josephine Pellegrino

    If they were truly interested in their childrens future why did they not do it the proper way and get citizenship. They brought this on themselves endangering their future. They surely had enough time to correct this but they chose not to. Now the children have to face the consequences.

  23. Just 800,000 right. Then Pappa, and Mama, and Uncle, and Auntie and the other 30 million that will somehow be related to the dreamers. Everyone who has been through the Reagan Amnesty in 1986 will remember that the globalists and dimbocrats promised border security then. We go the 3 million under Amnesty, but never the border security. The same is happening now so the old saying, fool me once shame on you fool me twice.

  24. Just another effort by the Progressives to create discord and civil unrest. Can’t mess with their Brown Shirt Brigades since the drug money gets in the hands of Washington Elites..

  25. Pelosi is every bit the fool we thought she was! She has no more sense that a old dumb mule! California should be ashamed of their stance on these issues and start acting like law abiding citizens instead of lawless jerks!

    • She may be slightly aware, being from California, that the American Southwest was first civilized by Mexico, and that we took it from them by means of an 1846 war of aggression in which we invaded and conquered our neighbor to coerce them into giving us that territory or selling it to us for a song. If you have forgotten your lessons, look up Manifest Destiny. If you’re so concerned about law and justice, explain why California, Arizona, and New Mexico shouldn’t be returned to Mexico.

  26. I wouldn’t call it deportation. It’s repatriation. The question that people don’t ask is why the illegal immigration is one way, and that’s because Mexico is a corrupt society with frayed and failing social and cultural foundations. A million dreamers returning to Mexico could help rebuild the country so that people there wouldn’t have to flee home to have a decent life. This is a fantastic opportunity: Send the dreamers home, but give them support for the move! Work with them to start changing the conditions their parents fled. As it is, those who imagine they are being “compassionate” are in fact enabling continued degradation and poverty south of the border. The Mexican government encourages the illegal immigration because their people end up occupying a foreign country, a soft invasion, and send money back home to prop up the continued corruption.

    • Well, at least you have a constructive proposal. It’s an incredibly stupid proposal, but it goes beyond the unvarnished spite the rest of the racist yahoos dribble all over this site. Having said that, I’ll bet you a dollar that there are more Dreamers in the Peace Corps than in MS-13 or any other gang, doing exactly as you suggest, not because they have to, though, but because they are good people,

      • Your idea of continuing to enable crime and corruption in Mexico and America by rewarding the breaking of laws is probably less constructive than actually trying to solve the problem, but to each his own.

  27. The liberals are not fools. They like the money that goes quietly in their spouses pockets. They have no interest in what America needs. Not just Dems, republicans also have become millionaires on our dime. We have to make sure who we vote into office by forcing our news networks to tell us how they all have voted and how many laws they have broken. With the fake news we have now and the leaders of the internet we could get the real dirt from our small news networks and papers not from the major networks.

  28. Facts are —— they are NOT kids anymore and have taken advantage of the american system and americans….

  29. These grown-up mestizo invaders with thousands of shirt-tail relatives are no more wide-eyed heart-melting children than were the hordes of military-age mohammedan men that inundated Europe in order to bring it under the prophet’s heel. This is hijra plain and simple – the conquest by immigration with which Mad Mo captured the Arab world a millenium and a half ago. The plan is clearly to fill the United States with anchor babies and “dreamers”, then use them as pretexts to admit extended families from Central America. A million “dreamers”, 25 million kinsmen, repeat this a couple of times, and you have complete demographic, cultural and political transformation, and the Estados Unidos de Aztlan joins the club of Third World banana republics.

    • I totally agree it’s an invasion force. The hard question is who is behind it. Who benefits? Is it a Catholic/Vatican thing? I don’t assume to know–just throwing out possibilities.

  30. OK Jeff baby I won’t believe it if you say not to. NOW—please tell us what propaganda are you enthralled with that is keeping you from 1) Stopping the massacre of our president by unrecusing yourself, getting rid of Mueller, prosecuting Comey, Clinton and Shultz for starters.
    C’mon–DO YOUR DAMNED JOB!!!!!!

    • He is doing what he was hired to do. He’s promoting the dotard Trump’s backward agenda.

      • Do you really think that Sessions was hired to recuse himself thereby permitting Trump’s enemies to run all over him ? And/or to refrain from prosecuting all of the democrat criminals? Really??? I think that he snookered Trump–big time. He jumped on his bandwagon and knocked himself cockeyed campaigning for him thereby putting Trump, known for his loyalty, in his debt. He probably spent an enormous amount of time pissing in Trump’s ear about the heroic things that would do if appointed Attorney General–which is reportedly the ONLY position that he would accept when all the time he was and is a pacifistically inclined wuss.
        Now that he is in there, Trump is stuck with him until SOMETHING happens that would enable him to survive a good dump. Perhaps a clear cut victory somewhere for the president like, for instance, a sudden China instigated disappearance of your ‘dotard’ word inventor and a major withdrawal of NOKO from the nuke business–or something equally impressive that would enable Trump to fire Sessions and recess appoint somebody like Giuliani AG who would take care of business and go after all who deserve going after including Obama!!!! Washington and the fake media seems to like special prosecutors so damned much let’s just have a few more to make things interesting and not so one sided.

  31. Round them up and ship ALL of their ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADER ASSES back to their countries of birth.

  32. Well, this has been fun, kids, but I have to get back to promoting globalism and treading on the white race—which, by the way, you knuckleheads represent very poorly with your phony facts and half-baked defenses of your stupidity. Just let me ask as a white American that you do me a small favor, will you, and stay off my side? Don’t worry, though. I get Unfiltered Hatriot every day I’ll be back to spank you some more soon.

    • Jim, I’ve read most of the posts to you today, and it looks to me you totally lost. No converts from this population. I realize this is a conservative board, but you were the lone voice of liberalism today. There are a lot of us who want this brown population sent back across the border. President Trump has given the conservatives courage and hopefully we will be able to elect a Congress that will represent our interests for a change. It may not be possible, but it is going to be interesting.

  33. VET them or deport them…illegal immigrants have zero rights in this country!

  34. They should be thankful that their ancestors were sold by their tribe chief. They would be in Africa and not in this great country where they have the opportunity to make themselves slaves to the taxpayer instead of providing for themselves. The only one holding them back is themselves by not putting any effort into supporting themselves or their offspring.

  35. Being the mental disorder that it is; Liberalism makes people “cult like” and unable to see anything other than the AGENDA of the cult.

  36. It isn’t a matter of any Dreamers being in gangs but that our government claims it can not afford shelters nor housing for 2.4 million American children and their parents living on the streets. Our government can not find housing for a large number of Vets living on the streets. Our government has too many political butt wipes worried about importing immigrants and housing them along with illegals while our own citizen are living on the streets.If we can’t take care of our own we sure as heck should not be taking care of illegals and importing immigrants until we can take care of 2.4 million Dreamers born in this nation dreaming of a home and watching illegals and imported immigrants getting them instead. By the way, most of those children are under 9 years of age. Some government we have.It sure is not by the people for the people and they keep proving it.

    • I thought that the ‘Dreamers’ were the ones that were ‘ born there-brought here’, (so they ‘dream’ of being citizens) and not actually are. The ones under 9 years old were not referred to as the dreamers., but as citizens, being born here … not so??

      • The under 9 years old are American born children living on the street and dreaming of having a real home no illegals being brought here and our government providing for them as Obama did. These children actually belong here because they and their parents are Americans already and always were. Our government claims they can’t afford to house them but we can afford 8,000,000 illegals.

        • If children were born of US citizens, they are not part of the subject. I took it that the ‘dreamers’ were brought here… not citizens and not by citizens… and only can dream of being part of this nation. They, and their parents, should go ‘home’ and help lift their nation up… become productive for a change.

          • Oh but they should be. After all our nation spends billions every year on illegals, Obama found shelters for illegal “Dreamers” but our nation can not take care of our own. We should not be discussing allowing illegals to stay here until such time as we can take care of 2.4 million of our own homeless children. What is wrong with this nation that it puts illegals ahead of American citizens? Why are we discussing keeping them or sending them to their own nation to let illegals own country deal with them when we can not deal with our own? There should be no question of them staying when there is no money to shelter nor house our homeless vets and that many homeless Americans. They are part of the subject because I want to know why they are ignore and illegals are fought for. I want people aware that we are ignoring 2.4 million American children living on the streets and no one in our government is fighting for them. When was the first time you heard about those homeless children? Be honest, when did you first hear word one about any of them?

          • By the way, read instead of scanning. You can clearly see I am talking about our own citizens.

  37. Again, far left vs far right logical fallacies. What percent of these immigrant children are gang bangers like MS-13? No denying they are out there. But come on, lets avoid sweeping generalizations and red herrings and either/or thinking. I would guess a vast majority are law-abiding citizens who know gang activity = possible deportation. They, as many of our business leaders have attested should not be punished for the “sins of the fathers.” That said, we must be vigilant not only about gang members but young Islamic radicals, including college students and a few professionals. They may prove more of a risk than drug dealing gangbangers who usually are more of a risk to each other than non-gang folks, whereas extremists Muslims (yes, Muslims) will target anyone they disagree with, including women and children.

  38. A few years back the government gave Indians land with a promise of life, liberty, and property. Not long afterward in many instances such as the Black Hills, white settlers were allowed to invade their land by the scores, searching for gold. We were the “illegals” back then, a fact lost on many of my white brethern of bigoted temprament. Yes, toss out the radicals, criminals, and better yet, screen better for them before they ever get here, discerning for ruses like “coming here for education” or “professionals’ looking to push an extremist agenda at some local mosques in their off hours, or push drugs or crime in the local hood. But these criminals and radicals are all small fractions howbeit real threats that should not be allowed to ruin it for the “good people” as Trump condescendingly describes them.

    • Well, my complaint is that they are being imported to dilute the western-european population. You have only to look at South Africa or Mexico to see what the future of the United States will be if the white population loses its hold on the reins of power.

      • Forgive me TC for any unkindness. But why should whites be any more entitled to more of the pie than anyone else? Shouldn’t character and not color count more when we dish out power? Love ya. Have a good day.

        • Yes, I agree their personal qualities are very important. However the issue I am addressing is that it seems the only immigrants that are being given these special considerations are the Hispanics and the Muslims. For me neither of these cultures (and I know that’s a broad generalization) will improve the prosperity of the United States. If the Mexican culture were so wonderful, wouldn’t Mexico be a more desirable place than it is? Even South America’s standard of living cannot approach that of the United States. If the Muslim culture were so good, the Middle East wouldn’t be filled with 3rd world countries? You have only to look at the IQ levels by country to identify the most productive races.

          There has been no concerted effort to bring in illegal Germans or French or Italians or even Russians or Bulgarians. This tells me the purpose of this invasion is to weaken and dilute the white race, so we can be more easily taken over by communism.

          I’m tired of caring whether this is racist or not. I want my country to remain strong and prosperous. I believe that is the definition of patriotism, and I believe President Trump feels the same way. He just can’t be as blunt as I just wrote.

        • Go look at the NFL and you will see for yourself!

        • If the ‘whites’ are the ones that baked the pie… shouldn’t they be the ones that decide how much is given away ??

    • A few years ago? Really? You consider 240+ years a few?

      • I can’t find the post where you ask if I was saying DACA kids were under 9 but no it is not what I was saying. I was saying in our nation 2.4 million American born children under 9 and their American born parents live on the streets and they are American born dreamers who dream of a home but our government can’t afford to house them or provide shelters for them, The same government officials like Obama was, that feels we can afford 100’s of billion to spend on illegals And he found shelters for the illegals. The same government officials such as Pelosi, who can not find the funding to house homeless vets but think we have plenty of tax dollars to import immigrants and house them on our taxes along with illegals. American citizens who lost their homes and jobs now living on the street along with their children. . CA alone has over 240,000 American children and their American parents living on the streets and you never hear her fight for them nor our vets.

  39. It seems to me that Mr Know-it-all is suggesting that all Latinos are the same. From where does he get this treasure trove of information?

  40. Great DACA is a homie for ms13…….yep..they all need to go, and then be vetted one at a time AFTER they apply for entry through citizenship!

  41. If a man with a wife and children is sentenced to jail for committing a crime, robbery for example, that sentence is carried out in spite of the hardship to his family. That’s called enforcement of the law. The man knew the risks involved in breaking the law, and he chose to expose to his family to those risks. Now, switch to illegal immigration. If those who enter this country illegally also bring their families, they are exposing their family members to the risks of being punished for violating our immigration laws if they’re caught. If others laws are enforced without regard to family hardship, why shouldn’t immigration laws be similarly enforced? If we continue to choose to selectively enforce our laws, we’ll continue our descent into chaos.

  42. You don’t understand do you, Obama secretly brought in millions of undocumented illegal aliens, of these a million were granted refugees status to get SSI for resettlement finances, and local assistance. Other were just caught and released with a free bus ticket to join illegal alien family members. After 2012, Obama realized we were not going to buy the New World Oder bullshit he was feeding us. He needed to fix elections quick with millions and millions of poverty stricken residents. You woke up one morning and went to the market for a quart of milk,and noticed 85% of the shoppers were Latinos unable to speak English. That should of been your first clue you were getting screwed over by the democrats, Obama in particular. Now we all pretty much agree they should stay, after all Obama illegally invited them, even if no one has the courage to admit it. All we ask for is a wall, but the democrats decided we are not getting one. Thus, it does not matter what we want or fear, only what Obama and his followers want matters. We might be the majority of legal voters, but Obama does not give a shit about that either. There is only one guy to blame and he is laughing his ass off at us.

  43. I think that a bounty should be put on ALL Illegal Aliens!! When you bring them to the border no matter what condition you get 250.00 per Alien!! This will be much cheaper than Deporting and supporting them!!

  44. Forrest Huck London

    she is both and all they are looking for is to control the vote for the democrat party we need to enforce the law on immigration

  45. If the liberals really believe the crap they continue to spew, they would be delusional and in need of close monitoring and serious medication. The reality is, they know exactly what they are doing, the works of their master, who came to steal lives and liberties, kill those who disagree with their policies or try to expose them and destroy America and the lives of those who still want a country that stands for God and his righteousness. That is exactly why I am not sorry to rename their party the Demonic-rats as it suits the walking brain-dead zombies of hell to a tee. Anyone with an inkling of goodness should have already vacated this party instead of re-arranging the DNC deck chairs on this Titanic as their demise is now imminent and fatal. Son they will all be held accountable for their crimes and ungodliness, whether here in courts of justice or when they answer to the true God of this universe. Amen and amen!

  46. Let all the illegals go live with Nancy Pelosi! The true American people are tired of supporting them!

  47. Hooray for our AG Jeff Sessions!!

  48. I think your wrong Sessions, to cure the problem is to fix the entire problem, not just a band aid. Face it we have to start from somewhere, this BS had been ongoing long enough.

  49. This is all a part of the liberal plan for our country. They want everyone to become entitleds, even if it means wiping out the rest of us. The more immigrants (illegals) and the more of those already in our country (legal or not) on welfare and all of it’s programs) the more they have control over. This is why programs like this will expand like we could not even have fathomed if they go through. By making everyone here dependent completely on the government is the way they can take over. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but that is my opinion and I am sticking to it!

  50. Pignosi lives in a huge secured neighborhood, has ALL the $$ she needs to keep herself and family safe, and I guarantee she never goes to the low rent district in Frisco. She can stand on her platfirm of idiocy because she truly has no idea of what happens to those living close to gang infected areas. “WHAT ME WORRY?” she says.
    Anything, and I mean anything coming out of that old rag doll’s mouth is absolute lies. She has no idea what it is like to exist — and survive — in a gang area WHERE MOST OF THESE ILLEGAL LATINO KIDS LIVE.

    I used to live in a predominantly Latino area in Southern Cal. We are Whites, the only Whites living in that neighborhood. TMI. But we got to know the old man of the neighborhood (who turned out to be the Gang leader of that entite area). Because there were people driving/walking in and out of that area we didn’t recognize, bad things started to happen. The graphiti on the block walls that kept appearing after we painted over it time and time again. But that was nothing compared to what followed.

    First there were 3 murders within a football playing field’s reach from our home – the last being a 14 year old innocent boy caught in gang fire rught in front of our house 3 days before Christmas.. Thank God we were not home! There were cops digging out bullets from our outside walls as we returned from a Business Christmas Party.

    Then we discovered the house across the street was selling drugs outside their bedroom window. Couldn’t figure out why all these “high end” cars were pulling up to “that” side of the house all the time.

    Then when we started seeing all these young toddlers appearing outside at the same home, we asked who moved in. No one. One of the sisters was a prostitute in Hollywood and kept getting pregnant with these innocent mixed blood babies, dropping them at her Mother’s for Mom & Sis to raise while she kept prostituting and creating more babies. Evil circle of life!

    One day I saw tiny 14 month old Jesus toddling down the middle of our street with only a sagging diaper on. No one was anywhere to watch him. So I grabbed him and took him back to their house. When they opened the door, they were not shocked nor worried that he got out. I emphasized that the street was the only way in and out of that neighnorhood and Jesus could have been ran over. Still no reaction to fix how he was getting out. Duh.

    We sold our home shortly after a cop stopped while I swept our driveway and asked if I knew where I was living. He told me we lived in one of the biggest gang turf in that area and we should consider moving. We put our home up for sale 3 months after that innocent 14 year old boy was killed.

    Pignosi has no idea abt what she says. She is an over inflated bag of wind just rich enough to think she knows what’s going on…she does not! Do NOT ever believe her — ever.

    Mr. SESSIONS knows why these undocumented kids are bad news! Listen to his words because he has seen what gangs – Latino gangs can do — and so have I, first hand.

    • Having worked in a high school in L.A. county, I became aware of the gang issue. When kids have no family life to identify with, they turn to gangs for a sense of belonging. The gangs become their families.

      All those undocumented illegal kids did not become educated and get good jobs. THE MAJORITY OF THEM ADOPTED THE GANG LIFE STYLE AND HAVE BEEN COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST OUR NATION’S PEOPLE. These are the ones that need to be deported back to their old countries.

      Pignosi refuses to see this issue because she doesn’t have to deal with it every day tucked away in her security neighborhood! Perhaps she needs to vacation in a gang filled neighborhood to understand what her naivete has allowed!

  51. Re this MS-13 trash, ditto for similar others, why not simply “loose” them.

  52. Any and ALL illegal aliens need to be sent packing. I don’t care if they come alone or in family packs. They are CRIMINALS!

  53. In this day and age, and with the shit we’ve been thru already, WHO THE HELL DO WE KNOW THAT WE CAN TRUST????😣☹😢

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  55. I do not know I miss it or not but i never hear Pelosi or Democrat fights or try to do things for AMERICAN KIDS, a lot of American kids need help financially, physically, emotionally, we American pay them to work for us but they keeping working for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, vote all of them out

  56. Every D in Congress needs to be taken out,they all are stupid. People that are there to make laws are the very ones who now break the law. How does that idiot sleep at night? She would rather have people that have broken the law to be here,which means she likes to represent them more than those who pay her salary. They all have grown so arrogant now since they willfully turn their backs on the citizens. It would be good if for every illegal she gets her salary would go down,then she could move to Mexico and work for the people she loves. After the way they treated her at that last rally she held,she should have told them all it was time to go. We don’t need people here that break our laws to begin a life here,we don’t need Congress to disregard the law either.

  57. Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS!
    President Trump is the best president ever and and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! MAGA, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!


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  59. Pelosi is an ignorant hypocrite. Maybe she would like to take in some of these dear children, who would most likely murder her in her sleep. These politicians are so far removed from the real world, that they haven’t a clue what’s out here.

  60. Well Mr Sessions, I’m not going to cop out by laying blame on anyone in particular, but with what this once mighty country has been subjected to, as a result, I DON’T TRUST ANY POLITICIAN any further, no matter which side he’s affiliated with. Sad, after all these years, but repooplicans are abandoning us, right along with the dumbasscrats!! 😣

  61. Pelosi is full ass backwards. She will lie about anything that brings the democrats votes. We MUST get Voter ID with fingerprint passed and E verify. We also must back Sessions on deporting all illegals and DACA must end. Their parents knew exactly what could happen and now our wimps in congress want the kids to stay, I say NO WAY! America must enforce the laws as they read at the time and clean house. We must not have to redo our laws to fit lawbreakers. American live by the laws so why not all illegals having to do the same? Write, call, email your representatives to NOT do immigration reform,,,,,PLUS these are not legal immigrants they are criminal illegals, all of them, including their kids!

  62. Since when the lefties took over this nation every law when to the pot and pans we throw into the dump this country has become like Puerto Ricca who isn’t happy with us since we started to save them claiming it isn’t fast enough!

  63. Peloisi and the rest of her liberal colleagues need to be charged with treason for encouraging illegal immigration.

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