Jared Kushner And Ivanka Sabotage Trump?

Donald Trump’s ex-personal attorney Michael Cohen has alleged that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are possibly working alongside FBI informants against the former President.

Ivanka, the former president’s daughter, has decided to distance herself from Trump following his announcement of another presidential campaign in 2024. Ivanka Trump noted in her own statement that while she continued to support Trump “outside of the political arena,” she would no longer be involved in politics, choosing to instead focus on her family. She is one of several high-profile Republicans who are moving away from Trump following the underwhelming midterm elections, which saw many key races being won by Democrats. The GOP also failed to win the Senate while only managing a slim victory in the House of Representatives.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s The Katie Phang Show on Saturday morning, Cohen said that it was possible that Ivanka and Kushner had been the informants that had told the FBI about the classified documents being stored in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Cohen also said regarding the couple not returning to politics that they had probably already “got everything” they could from working in politics. This includes Trump pardoning Kushner’s father, as well as the $640 million that the two had made during their time in the White House.

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  1. Cohen was a registered Democrat until 2017 (if I remember correctly and if you can rely on the media information) when he registered as a Republican, it’s my understanding he was also a Hillary Clinton supporter; any wonder why he’s ripping President Trump apart? Cohen was punished for his actions in his own company, nothing to do with President Trump or the Trump family business. Maybe someone should check and see what his compensation is for all the trash talk he’s been doing ever since he was charged, what do you think??

  2. I think Ivana was done when she begged her Fathet
    to call off the instructionists on January 6!
    Wouldn’t you if your Father blatantly ignored you?

  3. I think Ivana was done when she begged her Fathet
    to call off the instructionists on January 6!
    Wouldn’t you if your Father blatantly ignored you?

    I have never said this prior to this comment!

  4. Ivanka was best friends with Chelsea Clinton. She was a Democrat up until the last day to register in 2016 for the Presidential election. She then change back to Democrat after she left the WH Administration.
    She said and many others agreed, none of Trump Family received any salary or money for their part of their work as part of the Administration.

  5. I think everyone is speculating, trying to make up gossip.

  6. So many people have TDS, and have been lying,framing,trashing,witch hunting,Trump since 2015 and him running for president. He did more for this country than the last three presidents together.He’s hated because he doesn’t take any shit, and his ideas,and policies are what americans want,so he is a little forward,he gets the job done. The election was stolen in 2022, and even 35% of dumbocraps believe it.In fact the midterms were stolen too,with fraud in many places,there still trying to drop votes from the sky, to steal the last few seats.Trump will be president again.People elected a puppet on a string, who can’t even function, and has dementia,that makes him a danger to our countryEverything he has done is to destroy this country,he needs to be run out of office for total incompetence, before his time is up.

  7. This sleaze Cohen is an idiot but I do believe him regarding this. Javanka & her side kick were liberal Democrats for many years. They should have stayed in New York and out of the White House. They were in the middle of decisions in our government and never elected by anyone as far as I know. They wanted to be involved in the political world and on the world stage, which they were. Would not be a surprise to me they were leakers about anything. Shane on her if she has betrayed her Father to anyone. They both held too much power and swayed President Trump on several issues, who to hire, who to fire, etc. This should have been none of their business. I personally do not think Donald Trump will ever be elected again. Who in the world thinks any election will ever be without fraud in our once great country.

  8. They made $640 million while “working” in the WH …. No wonder USA is going to hell in a basket.
    I remember well the words that JFK spoke when I was a boy of twelve and words that I never forgot : “dont ask what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country”.

  9. I think Ivanka and her husband should be ashamed of themselves for abandoning Donald Trump. That’s what happens when
    you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, no respect given to the person who helped you to be productive in life.

    Trump was her FATHER and he would have NEVER did this to her. Poor little rich girl didn’t get her way, boo, boo, hoo!

    If it is true that they ratted to the Justice Dept and the bureau, SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM! GOD NEVER SLEEPS, I wonder if
    they bothered to think about that one.

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