Jan 6 Panel Targets More Republicans?

The five GOP members of the House who refused to comply with the subpoenas they received from the Jan. 6 committee may not end up included in the criminal referrals that the panel is planning on sending out. However, the matter could still be taken up by the Ethics Committee.

Lawmakers on the panel have suggested that the Constitution guides what their moves are regarding recommending prosecution for the group. However, the committee is still able to refer the matter within the House, as the House has processes in place to deal with the different behaviors of representatives.
Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), a constitutional law expert and chairman of the panel subcommittee has been tasked with finding the specific clause that would determine the allowed penalization of lawmakers for certain actions during their time in the House.

“The Speech or Debate Clause makes it clear that Congress doesn’t hold members of Congress accountable in the judiciary or other places in the government,” Raskin has noted. He added that those in Congress may still be held accountable through Article One but that was something that would need to happen within their own champers

Therefore it seems like the Ethics Committee will be the one responsible for dealing with those who refused to comply with their subpoenas.

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