Jan 6 Panel Sick Of Liz Cheney

The staff for the January 6 panel has noted that they are frustrated by Rep. Liz Cheney’s constant attempts to shift the focus of the committee’s final report on former President Donald Trump. As a report published by the Washington Post notes, this constant push to make Trump a central point of the investigation could harm other aspects of the investigation.

The Post has now spoken with 15 former and current staffers, all of whom have noted that the committee’s vice chair, Cheney, has been using her position to control both the investigation and the final report. Some of them have also noted that the focus on Trump feels as if it is personal and a way for Cheney to advance her own self politically.

A former committee staffer noted that all of them had left prestigious jobs in the hopes of joining a committee that would be intent on fact-finding and providing the public with information about what actually occurred, but instead of that it felt like the committee had been turned to “a Cheney 2024 campaign.”

Cheney is only one of the two Republicans who have joined the committee. The committee will most likely expire at the end of Congress and not be renewed under the Republican-controlled House. Cheney’s work on the committee as well as her criticisms of Trump has led to her gaining national attention and support from many Democrats.

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