James Comey: There is “Zero Chance” Hillary Will Ever Be Prosecuted

In one of the most honest comments he’s made since leaving the FBI in 2017, former Bureau Director James Comey told a Sarasota town hall crowd that they would not live to see the day Hillary Clinton is prosecuted for her email crimes.

“There is zero chance – zero chance – on the facts in the Hillary Clinton case, that she would be prosecuted,” Comey said. “You are out of your mind if you don’t think the FBI wanted to make a case if we could. The facts weren’t there. Period. Full stop.”

Sigh. After three years, it hardly seems worth it to go over those “facts” yet again, but no, Mr. Comey is not correct in saying there was nothing prosecutable about the Hillary Clinton case. She violated U.S. law when being grossly negligent with classified information, and that’s the beginning and the end of the story. PERIOD. FULL STOP.

Now, you can question whether or not she did so maliciously or not, but you cannot question the fact that she did, indeed, break the law. And when you get to a level of carelessness that you’re sending and receiving classified material being routed through a server in your home basement? You may not call that “malicious,” but it certainly suggests a level of criminal negligence.

Furthermore, don’t give us this song-and-dance about how the FBI wanted to prosecute Hillary. If that was the case, Comey wouldn’t have been drafting a letter of exoneration months before agents even interviewed the target of the investigation. If that was the case, the FBI would have been busy manufacturing evidence against her the way they were simultaneously doing it against the Republican nominee. If that was the case, you WOULD have recommended her for prosecution as you were entitled to under the law.

Oh, and you wouldn’t have handed out immunity like candy to her State Department buddies.

Water under the bridge, perhaps, but the soft touch the FBI took towards Clinton continues to stand out as a black mark on the Bureau’s reputation. Granted, that black mark is relatively mild compared to the shenanigans they pulled against Trump, but it is still damning evidence of an agency guided not by principle, not by law, but by political winds. We’d like to think things are better now under Christopher Wray, but as long as there are agency resources going towards Mueller’s witch hunt, the FBI will remain under a cloud of suspicion.

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