James Comey Has Tarnished the Good Name of the FBI

We’ll admit it: For a long time, we really wanted to give former FBI Director James Comey the benefit of the doubt.

The man’s career was above repute. Washington insiders talked about him like he was the last living Boy Scout, a figure of honor and integrity that would have been played in the movie by Jimmy Stewart fifty years ago. He was a Republican, but he wasn’t the type to let politics get in the way of the truth. When he saw wrongdoing, he called it out. For instance, when he raced to the bedside of Attorney General John Ashcroft in the Bush years to prevent White House officials from illegally re-authorizing a domestic surveillance program. Wow, what a guy! This is truly a man who puts the needs of the citizens – and the LAW – ahead of any political allegiances he may bring to the table. Hell, he puts them ahead of his own career ambitions.

When Comey took to the podium last summer to deliver a scathing rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s email escapades, we were of two minds. In one respect, we were pleased to see him explain in great detail to the American people that what Clinton had done was reckless and irresponsible. On the other hand, we were baffled to see him reach the conclusion that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against the former Secretary of State. Was Comey compromised? Was he “just following orders?” Or did he really believe that, after describing Clinton’s crimes, that Clinton had committed no crimes? It was a hard nut to crack.

We have to imagine that Donald Trump watched Comey’s career with the same dual-minded observations. That’s why he endeavored to keep him on for the first few months of his presidency. Was this Comey a man who would retain law and order…as long as he didn’t have the likes of Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch breathing down his neck? Or was he hopelessly lost in the weeds, having either instructed his FBI to go on a full-bore Trump witch hunt or having lost all control of a once-noble federal law enforcement agency? Trump ultimately decided that Comey was not the boy scout he’d been made out to be.

And now we’ve been forced to come to the same conclusion.

This was obvious before now, of course, but the memo released on Friday put it beyond all doubt. Comey was the man in charge of the FBI, and he either actively participated in the fraud that was the FISA court application or stood by while it happened on his watch. Either way, he’s had plenty of time to repent and he’s chosen not to, so it comes to the same. He left the FBI’s reputation in tatters and sowed the seeds of distrust in the hearts of the public. It may take a generation for the Bureau – and the DOJ at large – to win that trust back.

James Comey’s name will live in infamy. Maybe, in a way, that’s what he always wanted.


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  1. When Washington insiders started talking about Comey as the last living boycott, was the first sign that he wasn’t.

    DC is in despirate need of credibility, it is as if they tried to project credibility onto someone else that they control,

    • Comey & McCain definitely are Bipolar…………..they sincerely need help………..

      • Though i feel sorry for McCain & his brain cancer. He would have done the country a favor if he had stepped down immediately & had the Governor of AZ.. a Republican to the Senate who could fully represent the people of Arizona. His later years he has been a very Big disappointment & has done much harm to the the American Taxpayer & the Republican party & the people of AZ.. That is how he will be remembered

  2. Comey was compromised, and he was just following orders.

    Yes, that level of corruption is happening in the United States… And what do you want to bet that the entire Russian Collusion ruse was created to divert our attention away from the REAL voter rigging done by the Elites within our Government on both sides of the isle.

    “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”
    —-Joseph Stalin

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    • Comey was compromised?????……….He was the Clintons BFF before & during the Clinton ERA……He only scratched the back and looked the other way for the Dirty 25 Dozen in DC………He is corrupt and evil as the Clintons/Obama, and he has shafted the USA and its legal citizens with his lies and deceits……..

    • Yeah! Heard all about “following orders” after the holocaust That is what all those charged with war crimes in the prisons kept saying. They had no moral code either.

      • Good point. After re-reading my post, I should have worded it differently.

        Comey is as guilty as the guy that pulls his strings. If he had any type of backbone he would have stood up against the corruption…

  3. The FBI Echelon are the culprits in this. The “worker bees” are still serving and protecting for the most part. What with the Obama administration and the lack of oversight for so long on the departments that control our security, liberty, and “inalienable rights” those in supervisory and power positions have made themselves kings, queens, despots, and dictators. And couch potato Americans have quietly laughed and buried our heads in the sand for far too long. We have options and we must take them.

  4. Until the top people in the FBI and DOJ are gone and if Sessions doesn’t take real control of the FBI and DOJ no one will trust the FBI or the DOJ or Sessions agin.

    • In my humble opinion the DOJ & FBI have went the way of the CIA…assets for the globalist’s, the taxpayers are just forced to fund them…and if you don’t they will gun you down!

  5. He’ll live in infamy if he gets prosecuted. P.O.S.

  6. The Democrats, FBI chiefs, Intelligence agencies, and especially our lying corrupt media and newspapers like the roaches they are, got scare when the light switch came on. Scattering in all directions and trying to blame Trump for their lies and fake news. Already like Nazi Germany in May 1945 records are being destroyed, like Stalin’s Soviet Union the media is pumping out tons of new propaganda to protect their leader Obama whom is tied to this mess. Like Der Fuehrer in Nazi Germany, the dictator and the former regime must be protect from the truth being exposed at all costs. This is; ” change you can believe in,” setting in, enjoy it we did this to ourselves our fear of being labeled by the looney left.

    • That is the truth…haven’t seen hide nor hair of Sessions while they destroy the evidence either…???

      • Sessions might appoint state, county, and city police professionals to be US Marshals with search warrant go inside the corrupt FBI leadership Headquarters and seize all records before they can be destroyed. The FBI is not above the law, they played their cards and lost, now does Sessions have the walnuts to do this or something similar? I would bet my left coconut that Congress is terrified to tell orvexpose Obama and Hillary’s role in this.

      • Sessions was a poor choice. An alligator is needed in that position. Trey Gowdy or Chris Christy. would have been excellent.. You do not have to like them . But that job is not for Mr. nice guy.
        Right now we have too many attorneys in congress that would not make good ambulance chasers in the work a day world

  7. BUT, he didn’t do it all alone, he had LOTSA HELP!!
    How many idiots can we HANG at THE SAME TIME
    from THE SAME TREE?? GET the nooses ready!!

    • Let’s start with Hitlary, Lynch, Holder, and Osama.

      • RIGHT, but you forgot sorass,
        there are too many to list!!

      • It’s a “start”. The bird on the treetop making the droppings was Obama and sadly, still is with “resistance movement”. In my pea brain that is illegal to form an organization to resist a seated president, with removal or worse. Feds should investigate it and go for the top bird big time. Expose him for what he is.

  8. I guess I was also taken in by the press clipping surrounding Comey going in. What’s not to like? Choir-boy appearance, solid GOP credentials, supposed crime-fighter extraordinaire, straight-shooter. This supposed ‘Batman’ turned into the ‘Joker’ under the clammy meat hooks of Obama, Hillary, and the creepy AG, Eric ‘the Red’ Holder. What was left, and perhaps there all the time, was this sanctimonious twit, James Comey, who lacked the back bone to stand tall in the face of true evil and corruption. He had to recognize it, but didn’t have the gonads to face it. He ends up just another faceless casualty in the war of The Clintons V America.

  9. Mueller and Comey have ushered in the new level of integrity at the FBI.

  10. It is the Obama suckups that have ruined the reputation of the DOJ and the FBI! They should all be made to pay for their crimes and mis-deeds! Thank God Hillary did not win the election! Queen of the Dirty Dogs!

  11. The only collusion I see in this mess was between EX- President Barack H Obama & HRC. I am sure they will have covered themselves enough that others will take the fall for them.
    It is unfortunate that the American citizen voter in general is so trusting or in some cases lazy that they do not vet their candidates.
    That is how the countries that want to do harm to the USA place them in high places.
    It is not over night it takes years of planning & they place these destroyers of the USA in place when the American citizens are complacent .
    This mess if far worse than Watergate could ever have been.
    So America watch our because there are those out there who will invade & destroy.
    The only hope is to guard & follow the constitution as our founding fathers set it up. along with the following laws that were passed safe guard our nation in who we will allow in the nation.
    We must safe guard & follow those laws to preserve this nation,

  12. What you really should say is that Trump stained the spirit, the ideals and the laws of this great Country.

    • You mean President Trump is Slaying the Evil spirit that has and is trying to destroy the laws and the Constitution of this Great Country.

  13. Richard Bagenstose

    well unfortunitly it’s not only the fbi , that was corrupted by the oboma presidency , it’s every government agency including congress , and his dogs are still there , they all have ties to the corrupt clinton family and that speaks for it’s self , why would you idict anyone who made you a rich man

  14. Tarnished?! Comey is a criminal!

  15. Liberal Tears Are My VICTORY!

    Comey The Clown needs to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and that’s includes federal prison if its warranted! Along with about a half dozen of his closest ilk that “colluded with him…💀🔥

  16. How the hell is Comey’s career beyond repute? He has NEVER been involved in an investigation regarding the Clintons that did not come out in the Clintons favor. He made almost half of his net worth from one bonus working one year with Lockheed Martin – his “reported” net worth is $13,000,000 – not bad for an FBI man – he got $6,000,000 of that the year Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by the Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton. He was also involved along with Robert Mueller in the HSBC scandal where HSBC was busted for laundering drug cartel and terrorist money – in which HSBC received a slap on the wrist. I’d bet if you really dig into his career – there is NOTHING reputable about James Comey.

    • THAT IS FACT……………Too bad we sat back and did nothing……….Seems the liberal media has been shafting us as well……………There are no good reporters any more………..

      • The Lame Stream Misledia.
        There is a report that just came out today by Telemundo – revealing the Mexican governments involvement with the so called U.S. “liberals”. Don’t forget the majority stockholder of the New York Times is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Any wonder they have such a left wing slant?

        • Remember Obama’s staff had connections to the media (most all networks) which made it easy for them to keep things from getting reported.

          • They had the Chicago mob and George Soros backing him too. Also anyone who disagreed with “the anointed one” was immediately a racist A lot of the media were intimidated against saying anything

      • Only biased ones that don’t even conduct proper research to educate THEMSELVES with all the (historic) facts!
        I.E. – the New York Times and CNN!

        • Paid Puppets dont care about facts, John Swinton the editor of the New York Times admitted he and everyone in the news business were controlled puppets, he said this and much more during his retirement speech in 1914 yes 1914 Look him up, it’s well worth the time.

      • The MSM was taken over at least more than a hundred years ago, look up NYTs editor John Swinton’s retirement speech, he gave this speech in 1914 yes 1914.

    • It seems according to what you say if all true. that Comey is beholden to HRC
      Where was the so called national media for not reporting all this to the American taxpayer when vetting this man for the job, or when this scandal arose. This is really a “Good Ole Boys & Girls Club” & you know what on the American taxpayers

      • All of this is available online. I have been researching it for a long time. The further you dig into it the worse it gets. Just the evidence now coming out. What is really scary is this is the known – what is in all the unknown? Hopefully as people start to look at some serious federal prison time they will do what it takes to save themselves – cut some deals and start talking. That window of opportunity for them is closing quick

  17. Any time the word Secrecy is mentioned, to me, it means they have something to hide. Secret Fisa warrants and secret Fisa Judges. J.F.K.’s murder findings kept secret till now, Why? Obozzo said he wanted to be transparent and had all his prior past records hidden.

    • LOL……….Just the BO Brain was transparent……….BO was an illegal muslim dictator, should never been allowed to run, and so many of the politicians KNEW he was born in Kenya, as he himself stated he was back in 2001………..Politicians are the corruption that has been taking place in our USA………..

    • Yes I agree. The heads of state should & must not be allowed to hide any of their records from the American Taxpayer. Why have we been so stupid to allow this. What is this all about that their files are sealed for 25 to 50 yrs. Have they committed treason

  18. The Nunes Memo released to the public of the DOJ and FBI actions involving actions disclosed and undisclosed and the predatory actions of the Clinton campaign which paid for such actions, are filled with the filth and corruptness of people in our highest legal positions and show the cut throat actions and deception that is so common at times of the political arena.

    The institutions this country looks up to are more deceptive than any American knows. It is only RIGHT and JUST that the actions of these people in our government be exposed and they ALL should be fired and stripped of their expected Pensions that are funded by taxpayer money!

    This is part of Donald Trump describing as “the swamp” needs to be drained.

    So glad the American people (the ones who read!) will get the truthful story behind the Democratic Party of Clinton and how certain high officials in OUR government went to unlawful lengths to try and obtain dirt on their political opponent.

  19. Led by a stalwart cadre of retired FBI stalwart leaders who are absolutely beside themselves with rage and shame over the filthy actions of their successors, the rank and file of that formerly proud organization should rise up en-mass in protest over the disgrace heaped upon them by their criminally bent leaders.

  20. Before President Trump, and in the BUSH ERA, everyone wanted to get rid of Comey………Then because he was fired by the DEMS Playhouse destroyer (OUR POTUS), they now seem to Love him and think he is the best…….He is as corrupt as the Clintons & Obama………..He was their BFF, and enjoyed the deposit that SOROS made in his, (Comey’s) pockets…….

  21. It’s not just Comey, it’s the rest of the commie progressives that feel it’s perfectly alright to weaponized the FBI, IRS, whatever against your opponent. All per Saul alinsky, Ends justify the means!

    • If you have never heard of a small cult called – SUBUD – look it up. This is a link to a photo of the founder of SUBUD – doesn’t he look familiar?

      • This goes beyond some small cult, what we are witnessing is the result of decades of country hating Marxist college professors, poisoning minds of millions of people.

        • Have you looked at SUBUD? The cult originated in Indonesia – and has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. The Hawaiian official who certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – Loretta Fuddy – was a member of this cult. So was Stanley Ann Dunham. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. That’s a lot of coincidence.

          • I have never heard of this organization. . It certainly explains a lot.
            National media do your job & dig this organization could be a kin to Watergate
            Now you chance for the moment in the Sun

  22. Perhaps you should do a LITTLE research on the first 50 years or so of the FBI and it’s leader (dictator.)
    JEdgar was the only person LBJ met who was a much of a snake in the grass as himself! Both accomplished whatever they wanted due to HUGE dossiers of “personal” information on their opponents! This is ignoring many accounts of JEdgar’s questionable personal life that have came out since his death.
    JEdgar figured anyone had “rights” son long as they followed his direction and/or supported his public views.
    I am not saying anything negative about MANY fine agents who have worked in the FBI over the years but just asking you be cautious when trying to place the organization on a pedestal!

    • I agree with you about the sordid double life of J.E. Hoover that came out after his death, However, it must be said in his defense, that while he was head of the FBI, there was no hint of corruption and double-dealing now associated with Jim Comey.

      Hoover was made Director of the FBI in 1928 under similar circumstances that now exist with the public perception of the FBI’s reputation. Of course, this applies to the top leadership and I think we both agree that the rank and file people in the FBI are truly ashamed of what the top leadership has done to put the FBI’s reputation into a less than favorable light.

      I think, President Trump needs to clean house there or Jeff Sessions needs to do something and if he is, then he needs to make that public rather than sitting on his back side, apparently doing nothing.

      In any case, someone needs to take over the FBI with the same dedication and ideals that have always been the hallmarks of the FBI. Hopefully something will happen to bring that about.

    • I too thought there were ” MANY fine agents ” But – where the hell have they been? Hiding behind their desks protecting their retirements? A GOOD cop is a GOOD cop and BAD one is a BAD one. No good cop has any use for a bad cop and should have no qualms about exposing them.

  23. Corruption usually begins at the top! The people there have the authority and the capability to do things that folks down lower do not! The regular folks in the FBI have done a remarkable job in law enforcement and are to be commended! Those up above who have brought this shame on their own people and on the regular citizens need to be prosecuted to the limit of the law!

  24. Apparently the spoilers were able to get to him for political reasons.Namely the Clinton cartel and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.This is a sorry Nation when a few rotten apples can contaminate good men.

  25. What a load of crap! James Comey’s image problem stems from his refusal to pledge personal fealty to Fuhrer wannabe Donald Trump, and attempts by Republicans to throw dirt and doubt on the FBI’s investigations of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The Hillary affair turned up nothing; the Trump matter had, and still has, legs as the special prosecutor zeros in on the Center of the Russia investigation, which would seem to lead to the White House. It was Donald Trump himself who politicized the investigations while trying to cover his tracks.

    • Your freaking blind if you believe everything you just spewed out there. Do I think Trump is squeaky clean? Probably not but had nothing to do with Russian collusion. Get your head out of your azz

  26. The good men & women are tarnishing the FBI just as badly as Comey and the rest of the DOJ employees…when you just sit there at the doughnut table, as they have for the past nine years. Then you don’t have a leg to stand on!
    For the twenty years the criminal investigations have gone to the FBI to be forgotten about…period!
    The only thing the FBI is good at is gunning down citizens!

  27. He had lots’a help from a corrupt Demon-Crap President and Presidential candidate and other lefty scum, Of coarse we can’t forget the fact that the Republican (leadership ?) sat by and let them do it

  28. Let’s not forget his buddy Muller …. they’re both asshole … they’ll do anything to cover Killary butt and to save their family life … they all should go to Gitmo for TREASON against America and the American people…enough of the Cabal control of the American people time to set us all free so that we can take control of our own lives….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…..

  29. Just what makes anybody think James Comey was ever honest and above repute. Fact is many distrusted him as always looking out for himself, and thinking he was capable of walking on water. Fact also is he for some bizarre reason sided hugely with Hillary Clinton and Barack OBAMA. There were huge warning signs that should have made him distrust them! Why then did he have it out for Donald Trump? Because he was convinced he was the law! That law he distorted, and may have permanently disgraced the FBI. There are many who now distrust the FBI about almost everything! Clapper did a huge amount of that djsconnect. He came across like a racketeer! Also Clapper served a number of years and distinguished himself as a BUREAUCRAT! But Comey was just too cool for school, and he had assigned himself as chief of the FBI and choose to ignore every cheating move the OBAMA administration was making….
    Whereas he should have taken their activities as criminal!

  30. the lying pukes never had a good reputation.

  31. J edgar Hoover the first director totally abused his power, the FBI is tarnished by a few bad apples !!!

  32. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve


    • Would love to see it happen but im beginning to doubt that the right has the spine anymore to do it. Personally just from what I know and have seen Hillary and all those involved should have already been indicted and tried . Here we are still screwing around while evidence is getting destroyed. We all know they are trying like hell to cover their azzes everyway they can.

  33. If comey is looking at jail time ,he will flip.

  34. They want to go after Trump and that BASTARD and the rest of them are getting away with BULLSHIT!!!

  35. William L. Ramsburg


  36. Broadus G Rollins

    The FBI had a good name? Who knew?

  37. James Comey was bad for the FBI! He was not the only one and not the first. My father placed the FBI on a pedestal and i am probably guilty of that as well. After recently released documents about the JFK assignation i am fairly convinced that some FBI members hid evidence.
    A thorough housekeeping and future safeguards are needed

  38. Comey has destroyed the FBI and most major LE agencies…….He’s a pervert NO better than a weinstein…

  39. Hmmm – I still don’t get it – Rosenstein threatens to investigate congress ( which is a rookie mistake ) —- it’s a threat of MALICIOUS investigation – prosecution – OBSTRUCTION – Misfeasance – Malfeasance…..etc…all of them

  40. Ya’ll didn’t hear yet – Mudd of the CIA promised to destroy trump and his supporters at all costs…
    I’m wondering if this is the same Mudd family going back to Dr. Mudd ( the Dr. that set Booth’s leg after he shot Lincoln ) The same family that started the old adage ” Your name is mud”.
    Hmmm – I still don’t get it – Rosenstein threatens to investigate congress ( which is a rookie mistake ) —- it’s a threat of MALICIOUS investigation – prosecution – OBSTRUCTION – Misfeasance – Malfeasance…..etc…

  41. I worry more about how Trump has tarnished the international reputation of the United States of America. Educated residents of other nations must be wondering how there could possibly have been enough ignoramuses in this country to have placed the buffoonish Tweeter-in-Chief in the White House.

  42. help_us_survive_this

    Comey is a dirty cop. So is McCabe. But one must remember that there were others who had access to the investigations they worked on and tainted. These agents should have taken the bull by the horns and gone to DOJ and complained. Yes, DOJ is tarnished also, but sooner or later someone had to be honest and they appear to have made no effort. The integrity of the FBI is no longer solid nor is the honor. Most people on the street come and go and do not pay attention, they should. A tainted FBI is not good for anyone especially the honest hard working individual who the dirty cops laugh at. Comey committed treason among other crimes. He should go down for allo of them. The FISA Judge also must have been tainted or he would have stopped the warrant process at some point the truth did come ut – no probable cause. then we see the investigation going into the presidency. BIG mistake. Trump ceased being an individual and became an entity. That in and of itself made the treason as the investigation now was and the Mueller investigation still is on the office of the President and that investigation was based on fake dossier prepared by a British Spy paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. These are the facts of the case and they cannot be denied. Back to Comey. He of all people should have known what he was doing was not proper nor legal and protecting crookedHillary was his downfall. He should also loose his license to practice law for these crimes. One would hope he will remain behind bars his life long or face the firing squad or gallows. We the people prefer the latter. Same for crooked Hillary and Obama as they too committed treason and worst against not only the country but against the people. Thank you.

  43. There is no excuse for the way Comey behaved in all of this. In retrospect we can all see that he was clearly compromised by the Clinton Machine. A good FBI leader would have called it the way it was at the time with all the evidence on the table. It was criminal, with criminal intent and should have been called as such. He did not.
    He has to go down in history as being one of the ones with less integrity. Not worthy of the position he had.
    He too should now be indicted as a collaborator of the evil left that populates the swamp.

  44. Commie is still a free man goes to show jeffe Sessions is a swamp rat Russian stooge . MrPresident fire sessions now

  45. I still believe there’s more to this story than we’ve been told or that any investigation will uncover. Granted there’s plenty to question, but I would hate to be party to dissing Comey without full knowledge. Clearly, crimes have been committed, but was he duped by the past administration? Politicians are just so shifty, none of them have my complete confidence.

  46. There is no such thing as an Honest Government Lawyer. Cardinal Comey is proof of that. I can’t wait to see the chrome bracelets clapped on his arrogant a**!

    • He’s trying to influence the present media’s narrative. And for him it’s not too difficult if he stays anti Trump.

      • He is referred to as “Cardinal” Comey behind his back by the rank and file FBI. Because he is so arrogant and self righteous. He has also been described as vindictive and vengeful. In other words, he thinks he is the gift to humankind and cannot be wrong. Give him nice chrome bracelets and see how almighty he is. LOL

  47. No Justice until the doj is replaced and rosenstin is in jail no Justice no country MrPresident

  48. If he was truly a boyscout before then it shows how the Clinton’s can corrupt Mother Theresa given a chance.

  49. I never trusted the integrity of Comey from the beginning & questioned the praise being heaped on him. Also, & it continues, politicians vouching for how honest & upright Mueller is? Mueller is also dirtier than dirt & was FBI Director during the sale of Uranium to Russia & covered up the possible implication or the Muslim family in FL who left the USA shortly after 9/11 leaving all their belongings behind. Eric Holder, of Fast & Furious fame, was AG at the time of Uranium One & 9/11. Yet Mueller continues his witch hunt (COUP) against President Trump when a legitimate investigation should be of Killary, the DNC, the FBI/DOJ, the top brass of Intelligence Agency’s, for Russian collaboration. The evidence is there & does not have to be looked for and made up! Many should be charged & convicted of TREASON! One last thing. The news media keep saying the FISA Judge(s) were misled to sign the spy warrant? How do we really know they were not aware of this & just used it it anyway knowing it was not a legitimate reason? They should also be investigated for being complicit. This is not far fetched! P.S. Why is not the Muslim/Commie ever mentioned in these investigations?

  50. Marlene Marty Fowler-helfrick

    The question now is how deep the corruption is and how high did it go? We know the upper echelons are dirty as hell, but how deep? And how high in the government did it go? All the way to Obama?

  51. Comey, Obama, the Clintons, Lynch, and a whole host of other traitors have damaged the FBI, and should be tried for their crimes. But seeing as how they are Demon-Craps, I have little hope of that happening.

    • You filthy Russian pigs need to stay out of American politics. You only know what your murdering dictator Putin lets you know.

      • Huh, WTF, You should remove your head from your a** before you try to read or respond to someone, you filthy Russian Pig You.

  52. The FBI has long been involved in shady deals. In the days of J. Edgar “cross-dresser” Hoover, there were scandals of the FBI falsifying evidence to get convictions of people who were not guilty as charged. This was to create the illusion that the FBI “always gets their man”.

  53. Comey, Mueller & Obie, these people are Not to be trusted one iota.

  54. I started smelling politics in the F.B.I. when they were legally obligated to take charge of the investigation of Vince Foster’s death, and they meekly let the Clintongs put the Washington D.C. Park Police in charge. Federal Law clearly states that the F.B.I. SHALL lead the investigation of the death of a Federal Official. They let the Clintongs walk all over them.

    • You are so full of s**t it is coming out of your ears. You really suck at propaganda and if your murdering dictator Putin did not have such a fondness for humping guys up their s**t chute you would not have your job their in St Petersburg with the IRA. The word is that Putin like tRump is really into Cleveland Steamers and Mongolian Mud Slides. Every one knows that the orange headed fascist maggot likes to get urinated on and roll around in human s**t. Is Putin for the most part the same way? Just asking.

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