James Comey Had it Coming

Can anyone outside of James Comey’s personal circle of friends really deny that the (now former) FBI director needed to be relieved of his duties? Sure, the Democrats and the Trump haters can put on their little show for the media, but what are they saying behind closed doors? They can’t possibly be defending the man, can they? They aren’t THAT far off the Cliff of Sanity, surely…

If President Obama hadn’t been concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest, Comey would have been fired last year. Hell, Obama had several occasions on which he could have asked for the FBI director’s resignation, starting with that absurd press conference he gave on July 5. You’ll recall that was when Comey stood in front of the world, laid out an airtight case for Hillary Clinton’s prosecution, and then…simply said, “Oh, but it’s fine, we’re not recommending charges.” Huh?

Then there was of course the October Surprise letter and the subsequent “Uh, nevermind” stunt that Comey pulled – a stunt that Hillary has blamed for her loss. We’ve already been over the sheer ridiculousness of that claim, but it can’t be denied that Comey seemed off the page with all of this. He thought the FBI was his personal fiefdom, and he traveled – again and again – into territory best left to the political establishment.

As the nation’s top cop, Comey had a responsibility to not only ACT as though he was above the political fray, but to actually BE above the fray. He certainly succeeded on the first point, but he failed miserably on the second.

Who knows? Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe, if you get Comey in a room and listen to him speak frankly for an hour or two, he can provide you with reasonable explanations for all of his actions. Maybe he was put in a tough place by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who disgraced her office and threw the Hillary Clinton investigation into darkness when she allowed Bill Clinton onto her plane. Maybe he just did what he thought was right.

But the fact remains that his decisions caused both the president and the American people to lose faith in the FBI and the Justice Department, and for that alone, Trump made the right call on Tuesday. Comey will land on his feet, we’re sure. Now it’s up to Trump and Jeff Sessions to find someone with integrity – and the willingness to keep a low profile – to run the FBI and restore some dignity to the rule of law.


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  1. Of course Comey had it coming, we have all been saying this for months. I think he was trying to get some made up evidence together to blackmail Trump and his administration just like Hoover did to Kennedy. It’s so obvious. Didn’t work out so well did it Comey? He sure had a lot of people fooled that he is so patriotic. Nope !!!!

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  2. Good or bad, all form into the same category in the end!

  3. Joseph R. Davis

    What you see is the beginning of the end of the Trump Administration. Flip-Flop Don might as well pack up his alligators, and get ready to leave the swamp.

    • Sorry dude, Trump is doing a great job, and he is showing thew balls that it takes to do the right things for the good of the REAL American people! He will be president far longer than you want him to be, so why don’t all of you Trump haters just move your sorry azzes to Canada, or Mexico, or anywhere else?!

    • Keep on dreaming, snowflake.

    • what you really see is the democraps party dieing after the swamp is drained

    • You are pissing in the wind dude, you need to turn around.
      Oh I forgot you are propagandist for the Democrat Political Crime Syndicate.

    • So how long you been living in fantasy land? Donald Trump will only be removed from office in January 2025. Get over it libtard.

  4. James in Texas

    They call it “the Swamp”, but, I believe it nothing less than a broken septic tank that just will not be repaired or changed!

  5. Whatever Lynch did or didn’t do shouldn’t have had anything to do with his decision. If he had any integrity at all, Hillary Clinton would be in jail. Glad he’s gone, one more snake out of the swamp.

    • Comey in the end proved to be just another Professional Political ‘hore with No Gonads to do the RIGHT THING!

    • The snakes have been replace by a whale!

    • We need to see all of Comey’s memos and immunity gifts he gave away to Hillary’s staff like Santa Claus at X-mas.All these menos belong to the american people. Just because Comey and his brother’s law firm made million’s from the Clinton Foundation.

  6. Amusing that the hysterical libs think firing an EMPLOYEE is grounds for impeachment. But then again, everything Trump does or doesn’t do is grounds for impeachment, according to the out-of-control libs.

  7. These house members and senate have this illusion that we work for them. They fail to see themselves as our employees. At least with Comey he could be fired and he needed to be. Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest except the ones that know why they are where , also need to be fired and replaced with folks who will actually respect the oath of office.


      • Ooh Rahh….House nad Senate members MUST be made to UNDERSTAND that Americans are IN CHARGE not THEM!!!
        These Elected Self serbving A SSHOLES are nothing but PRO (HACK)STITUTES

        • In government once you’re serving at discretion of a governor or president, you’re at their mercy. You have no rights. You talk your mind and if it conflicts with the president or governor, you’re out. I have seen that in my state too. One long time DOT secretary, was showed the door after he expressed his opinion on his boss – the governor. That is why I have wondering why Trump appointees seem to on their own bosses as head of agencies. When they talk, you would think they appointed themselves to their jobs. Comey, to be fired, must have been serving at the discretion of Trump. He also appeared worn-out for the job. Now he should establish his own law-firm to survive.

      • Lorettaddavidson

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      • Better yet, repeal the 17th amendment. http://www.restorefederalsim.org

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      AMEN and you are so right!! Paul Ryan is a knife in TRUMPS back. BUT I would rather TRUMP bring TREASON charges etc against Obama and Hillary and make sure they ARE found guilty and no retrials. The rest will behave and we WILL have a GREAT country again for they will wonder if they are next!! As these 2 are the biggest piles in the swamp.

      • Music to my ears! Maybe fairy tales CAN come true? Oh God, PLEEEEEASE!

        • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

          We can only PRAYand see what happens. TREASON for both and then the country has the biggest party!!

      • Alexander Seredin


      • Trump is the traitor and needs to be charged with treason. He thinks he is above the law—-has his whole family working for him—he wastes our tax money on golf, trips to Florida, security for Melania and Baron, and other things that he feels entitled to that other Presidents didn´t do. He thinks he can just fire people one right after another just because they don´t suck up to him and agree with him on everything. What he is doing amounts to trying to destroy Democracy.

        • Surely, YOU Jest! Don’t remember ALL the trips to the “cape” & Hawaii, for Obama & kin? HOW about Michelle’s “little excursion” to SPAIN, with 300 of her “closest friends”? AS for Golf, at least Trump has NOT announced the death of an American serving military HERO, and headed to the golf course 15 minutes later (AS Obama DID!). For those who are geographically challenged, Hawaii is a lot further away, than Florida. AND, DON’T forget Joe Biden’s weekly trips to R.I.

          • We´re supposed to be talking about Trump and Comey here. All of you Trump supporters immediately go on a rant about Obama and Hillary whenever anyone brings out the dirty work of Donald Trump and his yes men that he probably pays off. He is a person that should have never even been in the running. You go on and support someone who is trying to destroy Democracy—is a racist and promotes white supremacy, and doesn´t give a flat damn about anyone but himself and the upper 1%. And who thinks he is above the law. And as of this morning, it looks like he is colluding with the Russians by giving information to them that he shouldn´t be—after having them invited to the White House. WHO is the traitor here??? But don´t bother to answer because I will just delete it..

          • NO, it’s simply wondering if U were totally asleep during the Obama years, when U complain about Trump doing something that Obama also did!

        • Delusional and totally IGNORANT of ANY FACTS! Go back into your cave, Troll!

          • You´re the one that seems to have your head up where the sun doesn´t shine. You are IGNORING the facts about Donald Trump because you probably voted for him and are too ashamed to admit that you screwed up. And you DID!!!

          • Another TURD alert…Hello A SSHOLE!

    • Florencejherman

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  8. Funny how cryin Chuck Schemer and the rest of the dummycRATS wanted to get rid of FBI Director James Comey so badly, and now that Comey has been FIRED by President Trump, all of a sudden he (Comey) isn’t such a bad sort after all!!!!

  9. Shirley Riggles

    James Comey was a Wishy Washy Director of the FBI. He played right into Hillary’s play book. No indictment ! He lost a great deal of public respect. He got fired and it does serve him right. Lets look at Trey Gowdy. Now we have a true dedicated lawman in Rep. Gowdy. He would make a Director that has integrity.

    • I must admit Shirley wishy washy is not exactly the term I would use but your point is well taken and I can certainly agree.

      The biggest mistake Americans ever made is electing barack obama in 2008 and reelecting him in 2012. He, to a large degree, destroyed our military. He also destroyed our economy his goal may have been to destroy it all. He promised hope and change but it seems there was no hope in his change whatsoever. Nearly all of his promises turned out to be empty promises at best. He also promised a fundamental transformation right along with a civilian police force just as well trained, funded and equipped as the military. Both to the cheers of thousands if not millions of democrats. However, the accurate terminology is progressive communistic so called democrats. They no longer fall under the liberal terminology at least the dictionary definition of liberal. However no one ever bothered to ask the questions “transform America into what” or “why is a national police force suddenly needed.” Is it because the transformation will require force? Throughout the whole time Comey was there to protect obama. If that were not the case at least some of Comey’s investigations would have come to a conclusion wouldn’t they? No I have my own term for obama and Comey and it involves treasonous acts.

      • Shirley Riggles

        To Don Arizona
        Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to give your input. I see you are a very popular intellect. Way to go.

      • HE also destroyed NASA! Their “prime directive” from Obama was to make Middle Eastern Arabs feel that they too had contributed to science/space program! WHAT a crock of BS!

        • You are absolutely correct however, if I were to list all the things obama either attempted to destroy about the USA and what he did destroy it would take a book and no one would read the post. I have tons of research on obama including lies and broken promises as well as many other things dating back to 2009. I no longer know everything I’ve got regarding obama. As a matter of fact I have nearly all of Glenn Becks early research on both barack obama and george soros on hundreds of DVD’s. Much of his research turned out to be absolutely correct.

          I am convinced his promised, unexplained, fundamental transformation (that so many progressive communistic so called democrats cheered so wildly) was a promise to destroy the constitution and the constitutional Republic. His promised civilian national police was also the way he intended to impose his transformation. He failed there as well. His most not admitted and unnoticeable failure by the main stream media was the transformation. Furthermore, it is no secret george soros has said for decades the United States of America is the only thing standing in the way of the NWO. Even George Bush 41 supported the NWO. It is now george soros who is creating much if not all of the unrest at the rallies that are in truth riots in this country.

          The propaganda in the MSM including magazines like Newsweek and Time picturing him with a halo and claiming America is now socialist is just further proof of bad intentions recognized (even though their intentions were in support of obama). His main problem as it turned out was Americans began to wake up and see his intentions and did “NOT” approve.

          obama is, even now, attempting to complete his fundamental transformation with the help of the puppet master george soros (obama is and has been the george soros puppet) however, he shall fail again. His efforts are the reason and cause of so much abusive from the MSM regarding President Trump. In the final analysis he was behind the fake news that targeted Bill O’Reilly and there will be more. We are aware he intends to go after Shawn Hannity. However, I do believe this will backfire on these progressive communistic so called democrats and they may commit political suicide. But it is time that will tell that.

    • Shirley Riggles

      I am grateful for an intellect to take time, not only agree with some of my
      analysis, but being on the same page as most of America.
      When Obama could not even help Hillary win the election, that said a lot about his political clout. I do realize there was more about that than has been printed.
      He is a Muslim who wants to flood America with Sharis believing people and he has gotten a good start.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Connie Valdez-Gallas

      I agree 100%

  10. If Trump has pancakes for breakfast, ….grounds for impeachment…..Green tie instead of red…..impeach!…AS incredibly nuts that sounds…I imagine Maxine will raise some kind of hell about it….All this bs really points to Convention of States, Art V. Its the only way to reduce the slavish hold on the God given freedoms defined in the Constitution . Term limits is just one of the many items that need correcting

    • People on the Left were crying about Firsy Lady Melania Trump not covering her head in a Muslim country. Why doesn’t it bother the libs that women are lower than dirt under Islam?They’re not allowed to leave home unless escorted by their husband or father. Women aren’t allowed to drive,and MUST submit to their husbands, no matter what hubby orders them to do.

  11. But the Democrats loved him. He punished Hillary for defeating The Bern. they only wanted him removed from office, until he was.

  12. Amazing. Is this author and the commenters simple uninformed or are you all really that blind?

    • Actually we see just find. Apparently it is you that are blind. Get off it and get over it. Trump won’t be leaving until January 2025.

  13. Comey “had it coming” and IF Obama the Vain Sissy had a set of GONADS he should have FIRED HIM!!

  14. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    AMEN and may TRUMP get the rest of them. Time to bring Obama and Hillary up on lot’s of charges and TREASON should be #1 and make sure they are found guilty!!

  15. The minute I heard the news of Comey’s firing I told my husband that if any competent person had been leading either the Clinton home server scandal or the Russian interference into the election both would have been resolved by now but this guy LOVES the limelight and knows that as long as he juggles all this in the air he controls the government. “He’s a show boater” were my words exactly! …and a loose lipped one at that! He should have been dismissed after overreaching his powers in determining what should be done about all the lies and corruption he and everyone else knows Clinton is/was and will always be guilty of.

  16. RCQ157@yahoo.com

    And Comey should be charged with treason just like Lynch.

  17. They be the Masters and we be the slaves……or so they think. Down with the owners of Fake News!

  18. The former FBI director James Comey had it coming? Of course he did. He has not pursued any investigation of any democrat to a conclusion since taking office. He applied politics to his office and gave politicians a get out of jail free card for their transgressions rather than prosecuting them. He usurped power form the DOJ and after making a case for prosecuting hillary clinton regarding her personal server and risking national security inserted a false reason, namely intent, for not pursuing the case against her. There was never a report issued on any investigation done by the FBI that involved any democrat. None on fast & furious, the IRS scandal, Benghazi or any of the most recent clinton, scandals. In some of these scandals lives were lost. But then what difference does it make now?

    He needed to go and he is now gone. The FBI itself will be better off with him gone. Consequently, President Trump did the right thing. Furthermore, as President Trump said there was never going to be a “best” time for his firing. It turns out James Comey was a part of that swamp that needs to be drained. There should be many more to come if, in fact, the swamp is going to get drained. The progressive communistic so called democrats will try to create a problem with each of them. It is their swamp that needs to be drained.

    • Didn’t you just love how Comey’s assistant McCabe (A PAID by Killeryite) went on the air to tell how the entire FBI LOVED ol’ Comey, respected him and said he was the best director EVER? I just LAUGHED and LAUGHED. This was after I watched all kinds of current and former FBI agents in the know DENY McCabe’s LIES totally!. His ORG (all but Obama’s boys STILL there!) WANTED him O U T! He destroyed all their credibility, and for those who worked so hard getting all the evidence for Killary being CONVICTED then he IGNORED (and likely DESTROYED all those documents for her!) they DESPISED him for that as they are PATRIOTS and GOOD FBI people wanting the TRUTH to come out!

      • You are soooooo right. Comey was and is even now bad for the FBI. We do know they did destroy some laptop computers. I suspect we may never know the whole truth. But then almost everything obama touched was bad for America. The remaining federal judges are a great example of how bad.

  19. Comey’s mouth and appointing himself the self righteous Clinton judge is what got him fired. Amen to that!

  20. I think Comey was, still is, basically a good man, but when you get tangled up with people like the Clintons/Democrat party, they can, and will, destroy you, as we’ve seen.

    Hitler caused a lot of good people to do some bad things they would not have otherwise done.

    It requires some Education they don’t teach in school or college to recognize when you’re being pulled into quicksand pit along with these kind of people.

    Too bad lessons in History, Civics that results in “Common sense” aren’t taught today so things of the past are not repeated.

  21. Term Limits.One six year term and then out the door.Look at Joe Biden and the nepotism of his brother.As VP Biden’s brother’s company got a job rebuilding houses in Irag,Say it is not so Joe, your brother can’t even drive a nail.There are so many other with sweet deals.The american people are sick of this madness.

    • and Dianne Fein STAIN ‘s hubby when she headed that Sub Committee got NO BID CONTRACTS to Build in US Military bases reported by the San Jose Bee … FIRE those AS SHOLES! But NO they stay and get wealthy!!!

  22. Comey didn´t do Hillary right, and at the time, Trump was praising him for it. But now that Comey was investigating him—things were getting too hot for him so he had to get rid of him. That is WRONG!!! If anyone is hiding anything, it has to be Trump. He is not a KING like he seems to think he is. And he shouldn´t be firing people one after another just because they oppose him in some way. That´s what s Democracy is!!! But Trump is doing the same kinds of things that Hitler and Stalin used to do. We the people of the US can not allow him to undermine Democracy–which it seems that he is trying to do.

    • How about the (D) Party Anarchists who wanted him Skinned and now …well WHINE???
      Comey did say that ” Hillary unprotected servers allowed SECRETS and Strictly confidential Material ger Hacked” Was it Russia?? wiki Leaks?? HS kids?? REAL CRIMINAL ACTS that went “CRICKETS” from DUMMIE C RATS and WAPO and CNN etc


    • There is no Russia Gate.This is all fake news.Let us investigate the Clinton Crime Family. We can start with Brother Roger selling pardons and then Bill selling Influence to the Office of Sec.State and the turds keep rolling down hill.

      • Shirley Riggles

        What ever happen to the investigation of the Clinton Crime Family?
        While we are looking into the Clinton’s, look at one of their main, big donors, Soros! They all should be in prison.
        If the Democrats had not fought tooth and nail to stop Trey Gowdy from the Clinton Benghazi investigation, we would not be still waiting for a indictment.

  23. Trump should’ve fired him on day one!

  24. Yes, Mr. Comey had it coming……My question is what was his connection to the Clintons and did he ever represent them in any way….Arkansas maybe???

  25. Oaths or oats, one can deliberately take a wrong turn to a dead end whereas a horse pulling a wagon is not that damned stupid!
    The Creeps and the Spooks keep sneaking in the exit wall in D.C. largely full of lushes and scoundrels!

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