James Comey Had it Coming

Can anyone outside of James Comey’s personal circle of friends really deny that the (now former) FBI director needed to be relieved of his duties? Sure, the Democrats and the Trump haters can put on their little show for the media, but what are they saying behind closed doors? They can’t possibly be defending the man, can they? They aren’t THAT far off the Cliff of Sanity, surely…

If President Obama hadn’t been concerned about the appearance of a conflict of interest, Comey would have been fired last year. Hell, Obama had several occasions on which he could have asked for the FBI director’s resignation, starting with that absurd press conference he gave on July 5. You’ll recall that was when Comey stood in front of the world, laid out an airtight case for Hillary Clinton’s prosecution, and then…simply said, “Oh, but it’s fine, we’re not recommending charges.” Huh?

Then there was of course the October Surprise letter and the subsequent “Uh, nevermind” stunt that Comey pulled – a stunt that Hillary has blamed for her loss. We’ve already been over the sheer ridiculousness of that claim, but it can’t be denied that Comey seemed off the page with all of this. He thought the FBI was his personal fiefdom, and he traveled – again and again – into territory best left to the political establishment.

As the nation’s top cop, Comey had a responsibility to not only ACT as though he was above the political fray, but to actually BE above the fray. He certainly succeeded on the first point, but he failed miserably on the second.

Who knows? Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe, if you get Comey in a room and listen to him speak frankly for an hour or two, he can provide you with reasonable explanations for all of his actions. Maybe he was put in a tough place by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who disgraced her office and threw the Hillary Clinton investigation into darkness when she allowed Bill Clinton onto her plane. Maybe he just did what he thought was right.

But the fact remains that his decisions caused both the president and the American people to lose faith in the FBI and the Justice Department, and for that alone, Trump made the right call on Tuesday. Comey will land on his feet, we’re sure. Now it’s up to Trump and Jeff Sessions to find someone with integrity – and the willingness to keep a low profile – to run the FBI and restore some dignity to the rule of law.


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