It’s Time for Comey, Clinton, and Barack Obama to Pay the Piper

We’re in a celebratory mood this fine Monday morning, and we don’t need to explain why. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finished his investigation, delivered his final report, and has singlehandedly crushed the media/Democratic Party conspiracy theory: There was no collusion. There was no obstruction. This has all been a giant lie – a hoax perpetrated by Rachel Maddow, Jim Acosta, Chris Hayes, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Margaret Sullivan, anyone who writes for The Bulwark, anyone who writes for The New York Times, anyone who writes for the Washington Post, and many, many others. Trump has been exonerated. The lies have been exposed. It’s over.

Finally. At long last, it’s over.

Except it isn’t, is it?

No it isn’t, because while there’s really nothing we can do about the lying media and the lying Democrats (other than change the channel and vote for Republicans), something must be done about the corrupt administration that generated this hoax to begin with. Back when House Republicans, led by Devin Nunes, were trying to investigate the origins of this sham inquiry, they were called frauds and bootlickers by the left. Now, with Mueller’s conclusions beyond repute (after all, the left has been telling us what a man of honor he is for two solid years), it’s time to revisit those investigations.

It’s time to investigate Jim Comey, who presided over the FBI at the time of this investigation’s origins.

It’s time to investigate Hillary Clinton, who paid for the dossier that played a big role in moving the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory forward.

It may even be time to investigate former President Barack Obama, who cannot have been completely in the dark about what his intelligence agencies were doing while he was sitting in the Oval Office.

Investigations don’t just happen. They happen for a reason. The FBI does not move heaven and earth to investigate a presidential campaign just because some low-level coffee boy mumbled something about Hillary’s emails while drunk at a British pub one night. They certainly don’t go into counter-intelligence overdrive because of a flimsy piece of political opposition research written by a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Russian propaganda and the facts.

And yet, this investigation went forward. And after three solid years – counting Mueller’s probe and everything that happened up until his hiring – they found no one guilty of anything relevant.

Where are the collusion charges against Carter Page? Against Donald Trump Jr.? Against Steve Bannon? Against Kushner? Manafort? Flynn? Papadopoulos? Cohen?

They don’t exist. Some of the above were prosecuted for lying to investigators, yes, and some for crimes that had nothing to do with 2016, but none were charged with conspiring with Moscow against the U.S. Were the Russians and Trump so clever they managed to hide their treasonous work from the most powerful investigative agencies in the history of the world?

Probably not.   

Robert Mueller and William Barr have given us the answers we needed as they pertain to collusion.

Now we need answers as they pertain to the hoax.

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