It’s Officially Racist to Be White

After more than a year of squeezing every last drop of injustice out of the subject of police brutality, liberals are now ready to cruise right into the final stage of their demented plan. We’ve already seen what they did to the Confederate flag, one of the most misguided reactions to a mass shooting we’ve ever seen in this country. Now they’ve simply decided that the very act of being white and hanging out with white friends is racist.

Consider the reaction to a sorority recruitment video put out by the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi. The video – which has now been pulled from all official channels – is hardly controversial. Silly, maybe. But it’s fun. It’s a group of young women playing and dancing and laughing together. But you can’t have fun anymore if you’re white. Not without some liberal coming along to tell you how blind you are to your privilege.

“It’s a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing, bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator sunglasses,” said A.L. Bailey in an op-ed piece for “It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives College Edition. It’s all so…unempowering.”

That a feminist would take issue with a video filled with beautiful women is no surprise; these radicals are, by and large, the biological antidote to Viagra. Men are not interested in their muffin tops and unshaved legs, so they lash out at their superior competition every chance they get. Unempowering, indeed. Bailey knows she could never fit in with such a group of women, no matter how many gender studies classes she takes. Or maybe Bailey is a man, hoping to white-knight his way into sexual relations with a mustachioed co-worker. Who can say.

So let’s give him/her a pass on the feminist stuff and skip straight to the racial component. Racially homogenous. A parade of white girls. When did it become okay to say this stuff in the paper? Why is it okay to say things about white people that would get you fired in a heartbeat if you said it about any other race? Alpha Phi didn’t get caught singing racist chants on a bus somewhere. They haven’t been accused of preventing minorities from joining their sorority. These women have only committed the sin of being white without having the decency to feel guilty about it.

Liberals are going to realize something in the next couple of years, and it’s going to be fun watching them wake up. They’re going to realize that the American public has a limited tolerance for bullshit. Granted, those limits are wide and broad, but they exist. You can only stretch your arguments so far before they break, and we’re just about to reach that boundary. White Americans are just like Americans of every other race – trying to get through this daunting thing we call life. That life is hard enough without spending all of your time worrying about who you might be offending with the color of your skin.

Dance on, Alpha Phi. Dance on.

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  1. Liberalism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

    • Damn straight. Hot air is still only hot air.

    • Perfect definition sir. In my life experience I have also found liberals to be those that can’t compete in the game of life and win. They tend to then lean left and topple over into jobs that don’t require actually being responsible for anything. College professors are a favorite. Not because it is or used to be a noble endeavor but because it allows them to further the cause of liberalism filling impressionable minds with garbage. Writers, authors and politicians for the same reason. Employees in any of a number of “social science” disciplines. There is a common pattern here, liberals / socialists / progressives become useless “slugs” full of hatred for people that actually do something great with their lives and if not great at least meaningful.

    • I found this quote on the web, don’t know the original author, but it pretty much describes liberalism.

      Life in the Mind of a Liberal…

      1) Tolerate My Intolerance, You Intolerant Bigot.

      2) Free speech ends where a Liberal’s opinion begins.

      3) “Tolerant” Liberals who cannot tolerate anyone else expressing an
      opinion that differs from theirs.

  2. It seems liberals are trying to outlaw life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    I suppose that is because there is no liberty or fun in socialism,

  3. We’ve
    already seen what they did to the Confederate flag – See more at:

    • The.RINOs bow down to the liberals, as they are liberals in RINO clothing.
      You should realize that but since you are a liberal sheep, it is not surprising that you don’t.

      • Alan West had it right , there are more then eighty socialist in the US Congress . Most are democrats but quit a few are Republicans/Rinos . The lead Rino is John Boehner the golfing buddy of the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama .

    • Just where do you get your so called facts, and other obfuscations? Speaking of pathetic, how is your life in your parents basement?

  4. I wonder what the next thing these racist will try next. Has anyone noticed that the ones screaming wolf are really the true racist? Of course being pushed by that POS in office.

    • And don’t let the Lame Stream Media off the hook. Most of todays so called journalists came up through our socialist union controlled education system, so they have no concept of honesty, integrity and hard work. The best they can be called is “adequit script readers”.

      • Inadequate to people like us that see through the BS

        • For liberals, BS=Bachelor of Science four-year degree. For cons…not so much educated… but full of BS.

          • A liberal education, book and socialism smart, common sense and constitutionally dumb.

          • Just reread what you wrote, you proved my statement.

          • Yep, you proved that your education means nothing to normal people. It just means you have a degree, doesn’t make you intelligent, it just means you memorized curriculum material and became knowledgeable and subjective in one field. It still didn’t teach you to think and be able to look at the world and what is happening around you or outside of your little sphere of reality objectively.

          • See, there you go again, spewing out “facts” that are not even near being true.

          • There you go telling me how wrong I am again.
            You shouldn’t start a conversation with people unless you expect to get their thoughts in return.
            That’s why it’s called a dialog.
            Two people carrying on a conversation.
            A monolog is what you actually prefer but it’s not what you’re going to end up with.

      • Seems that all white liberal journalists should be fired because they are racist.

      • ‘Journalism’ as a degree, is one of the lowest paid trades. Paying off a student loan for being educated as a ‘Journalist’, must be depressing. The USA is now [and has always been] the world’s top consumer of Anti-depressants.

        Reality is so elusive, according to their interpretation. Too bad that the ‘Journalists’ consider themselves representative of the ‘people’. Noting is further from the truth.

        The word ‘manipulator’ such as an unskilled puppeteer, comes more to mind. The naive, low to no information proletariat becomes the unwitting victim… Sad that collateral damage destroys so much during the liberals reign of power.

        • I bet the WH has taken into account how hard it is for the main stream media to pay off student loans so the taxpayers pick up the tab. Wonder how you would go about finding out the truth of this? Maybe Soros pays off the student loans for certain main stream media reporters.

          • The Democrats have talked about free two year college for decades. Also, for American student to be allowed to pay off high interest loans. American young Citizens should be allowed to at least obtain two year of college free or half the cost after high school. The USA should be the TOP country in the world with top educated citizens, that the US Congress will kill the
            H-1B bill. The US should allow college graduates who obtained medical degrees to work off the loans by working in rural towns where there is a shortage of doctor, nurses and other medical skills.

          • According to students, the first two years of college, is being fed political agenda from tenured professors that have Never worked outside academia in real life productive jobs..

            No matter that the courses are to be related to engineering or medical, the first two year agenda is always to have Liberalism programed into the naive, formative young minds. Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School followers depend on this schedule for their self perpetrating existence.

            Rare is the self motivated, self education goal oriented student that can isolate their truly sustainable reality check, from the subtly force fed agenda of ….perpetual dependency addiction..

            Those insisting on ‘two year plans’ of govt subsidized lifestyle, know that the ‘hook’ is then set. The only plan necessary afterward, is to ‘reel in the fish’.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Like the blind leading the blind, or dumb teaching the dumber?

          • The fact of the matter is that anyone with a college degree or a medical technical license, dental, dental technicians, vision or vision technicians, EMT’s, possible even Firefighters and Police, xray techs, chriopractors, DC, doctors, nurses and on and on will have their student loans wiped out with Obamacare. That is one of the provisions. I think that if we are going to pay for this then we better the h_ll put these US Citizens and taxpayers to work ahead of the immigrants that we currently import like it is oil. 17 Trillion is nothing when these debts come due.

          • Huh? Student loans wiped out by obamacare? Do you have a link or site that you can source for me?

          • You can go through one of the over 3,000 pages of the ObamaCare legislation and find it. I have a granddaughter that just finished nursing school. Her student loans will be forgiven over a period of years as long as she files the forms every year proving that she is working in the medical field and signed by whoever she works for. I think it takes 5 years of working in the medical field to be completely forgiven. I have looked over the ObamaCare legislation many times to check different aspects of the legislation, so if you want the info you can check it out.

          • They already do, Sherlock. teachers and nurses, too.


            First we need students who want to learn and work hard to succeed. I started noticing about 2009 that it is rare indeed to have a student who is truly willing to work hard. Most do nothing except to demand an A, B, or C for no work; mostly, because the administration demands that every student pass (like giving every member of the team a trophy even when they lose the game. “We don’t want to hurt their feeling.” Now I teach at the college level and it is just as bad. Students don’t want to work and the college requires precious little to get a passing grade or a degree. They spend tens of thousands to have a good time and get socially connected, but they learn very little. A liberal shame!

          • True Blue, I noticed before 2009. When my kids were in sports both team got trophies . What? There are winners and losers. Don’t want to see the kids cry. For Pete’s sake. Buck up. It started in the late 90’s. The professors are so far to the left it’s sick. You have to teach your kids all of the stuff in between because they won’t learn it at school. I.e. manners, respect, empathy, win or lose, and how to work. The young folks now want free everything. Most don’t want to work. Protests etc.

          • They only want two year free so they can indoctrinate more young minds to socialism .

          • As long as I’m not paying for it my 3 sons didn’t go to college and all 3 have great jobs with benefits. I do agree with students with medical degrees.

          • brenda you’re kidding right, who do you think is going to pay for it?

          • There isn’t anything “Free.” Someone has to pay for it. We the American taxpayer would have to pay for “Free” college. Just another scheme cookie jar to dip their fingers into. Students get a better education at local community colleges. Teachers there are there to teach. “Professors” at universities are there for one thing; for the book deals and much more money from book deals than educating.

          • Steve the government is the one that made college so expensive in the first place so now you expect them the fix the problem, If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

      • Lame Street Media…that’s a good one! You really hit it out of the park with that one! I can’t stop laughing!

    • I have. Liberals portray themselves as the “tolerant” ones, but are totally intolerant of those that don’t march in lockstep with them. That’s why they try to force their agenda down everyone’s throats…if given a choice, most people would respect their Marxist views.

    • I just have to wonder how long it will be before they declare Vanilla Ice Cream & marshmallows to be racist.

    • You’ve pegged that lying treasonous sissified boy barack hussein obama very well.

    • ALL white people should go on vacation for one week AT THE SAME TIME and lets see what happens to this country! These people are trying to bite the one that feeds them, eventually, the feedings will stop!

    • Bobtrhn have you noticed the colored are running by the hundreds of thousands to white Europe and the U.S. Now why would so many want to run to white racists countries, I mean aside from the welfare they will be receiving.

      • I didn’t know that or I would have taken up a collection so that more could go and maybe go to Africa instead.

        • It’s been all over the news, they tried to stop them from heading to Europe but there were so many it was impossible to stop them.

          • Just like rats! F-cking coloreds! What is it about having skin that has a darker pigmentation than us Christian white folks that makes me want to kill them all?

        • Let’s just open camps in the good ‘ole USA and gas those pieces of shit to death!

    • Ask Blacks, Chinese, Hispanics, Native Americans Jews, have you ever experienced racism in America, if you have who were the racist?

  5. the law of unintended consequences. As I am proud as punch to be white, I have to be simultaneously proud as punch to be racist. And what are they going to do about that? Hmmm?

    • very good post.

    • I think that a fundamental fact that we all have to recognize is that nobody has a choice of what race they are.

    • I’m with you.

    • Historical note: One ‘Culture’ obtains a bicycle. within a decade they have built numerous manufacturing facilities, Each producing over a million bicycles … per Year ..for the rest of the world to buy and consume.

      Another ‘Culture’ is ..Given.. the funding to buy millions of bicycles. Within a very short time the millions gone, the bicycles they bought and were Given are gone and the ‘Culture’ is demanding more. Why is that?

      National Geographic insists that the ‘Culture’ in question was The Cradle of Humanity. As such, one would assume that the cradle of humanity ‘Culture’ would have evolved [if one believes in evolution] into the master ‘Culture’.

      Counting the 200 years + of charitable, self sacrificing missionaries trying ‘to save the poor’, nothing seems to ever take hold. The perpetually dependency addicted ‘Culture’ remains perpetually dependency addicted, no matter where it’s spawn settles.

      Worst thing, is they are, with assistance from the politically agenda driven, now spreading their ‘Culture’ of perpetual dependency addiction, using ‘Guilt’ as the tool.

      Enjoy the future. It will, as throughout history, by absolute necessity, have cyclic Reset. Genghis Khan was the ‘reset’ for his time. Genghis Khan had absolutely no desire to preserve parasitic behavior. he never attempted to.. ‘save the poor’. If they were not sustainably productive, they immediately became nourishment ….for the soil.


    • Hey, using facts to back up your assertions isn’t fair. Just tell us how you FEEL, as long as you never stray from the (anti-progress) “progressive’s” line.

      • Good one!

      • In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago! Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census.

    • Michael Harrison

      back in 60s and 70s you could work ,and beable to pay your bills, no help from the goverment you could afford dr bills food and a home. the more goverment the less you have

      • Michael yet that was before Johnson’s great society got rolling big time but after that our taxes just kept going up to support the reward for breeding

    • In spite of the prevailing stereotypes and assumptions about who uses SNAP Food Stamp benefits the most in the United States, the highest usage is not in Compton, Queens, nor the South Side of Chicago. Instead, a city that is 99.22% white and 95% Republican comes in the lead. Owsley County, Kentucky is a community of about 5,000, residents earning the lowest median household income in the country outside of Puerto Rico, according to the U.S. Census!!!

  7. Transforming their own Hate and Envy at everyone else for White Privilege in us!

  8. Wanted: person of color to attend and or hang out with our gun club. experience required being a token participant looking as though you fit in with the other members. this is a nonsalaried position. some interaction with police required.

  9. Yet, look at so many of the “music” videos – “people of color” all dressed/undressed alike, all making similar gestures, all saying, “singing” (vocalizing is better word) the same incoherantcies and we’re supposed to accept this as “art” or choreography?

    • I like that you put music in parentheses. Rap is not music at all, you don’t even need to know where middle C is or even one chord. All you have to do is make up rhymes about promiscuity, drug abuse, criminal activity, subjugation of women , hating and calling for murder of police and of course the hating of all whites for being white. I accept it as racist propaganda that takes absolutely no talent or musical ability.

      • It’s more like “C-RAP” music.

      • I think it may be a requirement to have a five ax- handle wide butt to be in a…musical ? video//

        • When did it become sexy to one have a huge butt and to jiggle the fatness and think it was an attractive thing to behold? Twerking is as much a turn off as those doing it. It is very unevolved and animalistic, not to mention disgusting.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Talk about disgusting! Sit at Wawa some time. Here comes both a man and a woman, each of them so big that you swear they can’t fit thru the door, even sideways. She approaches the door, her boobs come thru 10 min ahead of her and her ass follows 15 minutes later. She actually has to get a swinging motion going or she wouldn’t even be able to walk. He’s having to do the same, and I bet they both can’t understand why their health sucks..

          • You left out the flies trailing closely behind.

      • It has no meter and the rhymes are utterly pathetic. In no universe could this talent-less abomination be called music!

        • The end results of a liberal indoctrination agenda in the public schools, and the most important influences bad parenting and no discipline. Yet rappers are held up as role models, while Ben Carson, Herman Cain Condoleeza Rice are called Uncle Tom or not Black enough. Seems the idea of working hard to achieve success is lost on this portion of the population. I cannot STAND when one pulls up close to me and my car is shaking from that crap! No worries they will have permanent hearing loss very quickly anyway.

    • whoselineisitanyway


    • I heard someone say “Rap is crap” years ago. He was correct. He said rap was the music industries utter capitulation to “the total lack of talent” of people that will scream RACISM if they are not allowed to put this garbage on TV and over the air. Whomever he was, he told the truth.

      • I saw a music show where all these artists were honoring Metalica. They would take turns playing and singing a Metalica song. Then, along comes Snoop Dog? I thought, “What the hell is THIS IDIOT DOING here? He came out RAPPING one of their songs, THEN, TRYS TO ACTUALLY SING IT, and HE CHOKED HARD CORE! His voice started squeaking, so he switched back to c-rappin’ it again. Who was the IDIOT that invited THIS clown to honor Metalica? Like oil & water, THEY DON’T MIX!!! 😀

        • It has to be that the entire music and entertainment industry is being held hostage by the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They pay a protection fee to these two criminals so the Racist Brothers don’t bother the companies involved. Probably cheaper than having your company ruined by being called “racist”.

  10. Proud white American patriotic woman, who deplores the rampant black violence in vogue in the black communities. I worked my rear off all my life, and I am not rich, but I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. Enough with the racist BS, black people. Keep it up and there will be hell to pay.

    • I’m proud of your accomplishment Connie. I started working in a neighborhood grocery store at 10. Got a newspaper route at 12 – 16. Got a job in a supermarket on my 16th birthday. Paid my own way through high school and college. worked full time and then some until retiring at 70. Never received or took a damn thing I did not work for. I’m far from rich but also very proud of what I did with my life so far.

      • I got a special work permit when I was 13. I worked every afternoon, and ran from school to the bakery which was about 2 miles away. Worked there until time for college, and then worked on campus to pay my way. I, too, am proud of what I did and how I did it. I find it shameful that so many refuse to work, while so many are still searching for jobs in Obozo’s amerikka.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Hang in there Connie, the biggest riots yet are in the making.. The porch monkey in the big house has been working on setting it up for years. Then, once he gets the world’s largest racial war going, that’s when he’ll announce “martial law” and try destroying America completely. Boy, is he going to be surprised!!

  11. I am always amazed that the Liberal/Progressive model is so devoid of facts, in all the studies ever done on bias and racism Blacks head the list, Hispanics second, Orientals fall in next, but at a much lower level and Whites are always dead last as racists. Go figure, sure there are the supremecists and fools, by mere numbers, but the percentage is quite low. The real problem is that the FALSE leadership in the Black community in the form of Sharpton, OBAMA, Holder, etc. is poisoning the well and making it more difficult for everyone by trying to create a backlash so thay can say I TOLD YOU SO and reap the benefits; which helps no one but them and will hurt everyone and our nation.

    I think It’s time for the real Black leaders to step up on Mass and take this movement in a diffent direction. Not just the Walter Willaims, Thomas Sole, Ben Carson ….. but the everyday pastors and professors who must stop preaching victimhood and race baiting so the we do not take this situation back 50 years or worse yet to violance especially in our urban areas.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Exactly.. Let liberalism, combined with the shitheads in the media, and your black friend of yesterday will be your staunch enemy tomorrow….and you didn’t do a damned thing to facilitate it. The damned media takes a case of someone slapping the shit out of someone and makes it into a premeditated murder charge! Wanna see change for the good really fast? Get wall st out of politics and totally shut down the media!!

    • What does “progressive” have to do with liberalism? It should be Liberal/degenerates!

      • The way progressive is now being defined and used it makes liberals look benign and harmless, progressive is code for a higher degree of control of the people by the government beyond liberalism and approaching fascism. It is a nice sounding word about going forward that takes you back to central Europe before WWII.

    • Greyguy- good points. A.L. Bailey is complaining about the “white” sorority. Is she also going to complain about the “Miss Black America” contest, or the Congressional Black Caucus, or the Black this or Black that, or the NAACP. I can just imagine the firestorm of criticism and outrage that would erupt if us honkies were to form a NAAWP group.

      • A lot of the peaceful Black groups have been highjacked by the radicals, the 40 plus crowd realize there are problems, but also recognize that violence and making everyone mad at each other is not the way to solve them. The younger crowd who are under educated an underemployed with little work ethic with high expectations and few skills will create all sorts of problems in society. And this goes across all ethnic groups but is far worsr in the Black community.

        • Therefore it is incumbent upon the black community to step up, police itself, set and enforce standards and demand credible performance!

          • That sounds similar to something MLK said after he saw the deteriorating crime stats in the black community. And that was long before the demise the Black community has seen in the last 30years.

          • Wapitiman you are really hoping for a miracle and it isn’t going to happen.

      • NAAWP?? I like that… and a white medical association(move over Obamacare)…just white light bulbs…white cars…white clothes…white notepaper and of course toilet tissue…vaudville may come back in white face…ahh, life, liberty and the pursuit of white…

  12. Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

    Yes we are White ! But we make up 70% of the population of the USA, Are better armed, Have more money and We have better Lawyers, So bring it On !!

    • Tom at the rate they breed and the thousands Obama is bringing in our 70% is disappearing fast. Mexicans alone are now a majority in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas so we really are not 70% anymore. Don’t forget Johnson’s admisistration way back in the 60s decided America was too white.

      • whoselineisitanyway

        LBJ was part of the cabal that ordered Kennedy to be assassinated. DEMOCRATS ARE EVIL.

      • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

        Don’t forget here in Miami, I can go out for several hours and Not see any Americans only Cubans that the State and Federal Government gave Greater Miami to over the last 50 ! Years ! All the Cities (about 46) have Cuban Mayors etc. We had to hold sit ins to keep City and County Commission meetings in English !

        • You mean they vote for their own kind, thought only whites were racists

          • Tom Buyea -- Fla.News service

            Yes and the government under Ronald Reagan allowed them to become Naturalized US Citizens without meeting the requirement to speak English and swore them in as Naturalized US Citizens 40,000 at a time in the Miami Orange Bowl Football Stadium, This gov must be changed !!!

          • Tom yes the democrats convinced Reagan to legalize them with the promise they would complete the wall at the border. The only thing I blame Reagan for was to be dumb enough to believe the lying democrats, he should have know better.

  13. Any person, any color that is ashamed of their color has just called into question their Mother, Father, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters and so on for being a person of less quality than themselves. Why, because this person has decided that He/She is a better, grander person than their entire historical family. Let’s just come to understand that “Color” is not a Race, and no one gets to decide which color they will be except the God they believe in. No family is perfect, but I will remain very proud of the family, race, color, culture and Nation I was Blessed with. As for the “thing” that wrote this so-called article, slip back into the alley and dumpster you crawled out of and learn to hate yourself as much as you hate every other thing, except yourself!

    • James that brings in a problem as many have no clue as to who their daddy is nor does the mother

    • Did anyone ever have the choice of who their biological parents were? I was lucky enough to know who mine are and made the best of what I was dealt. You pack your own parachute so don’t complain if it don’t open.

  14. So, who is A.L. Bailey, and who cares? It’s probably in a state of hormonally induced gender re-identification at this point and doesn’t know which bathroom to use. I, frankly, am tired of this whole politically correct, micro-aggression thing that the wussie left is trying to hang on anybody who is white, successful and decided they are not going to be co-opted by the cretinous “Black Lives Matter” crowd. I personally believe ALL LIVES MATTER. If that gives the BLM crowd heartburn, well, tough. And, more to the point, if you’re black and you get in a row with the police while committing a crime and you get your ass all shot up and end up in the morgue, I couldn’t care less. And I’d feel the same way if it was a white. In this life one usually gets what one deserves. So, get over yourselves. Pull your pants up and go to work.

  15. There can now be no doubt that the goal of the American left is the replacement, dispossession and then extermination of the English-speaking white population of this country. What is needed in the United States is a white, Christian, heterosexual English-speaking national revolution along the lines of the national uprising of the Spanish people in 1936.

    • Certainly is Barry’s goal.

    • In the early part of this century, I was working in the DC area, and had the opportunity to spend some time with a CIA analyst. He told me that based on their analysis, we would see WW3 in our lifetime and it would take one or more of these scenarios: 1. Whites vs Non-Whites, 2. Christians vs Non-Christians, 3. Haves vs HaveNots. Based on what I have seen in the last few years, I would have to concur with their projection.

  16. Hey if being white makes me racist, tough shit. If being black makes you racist, tough shit. Get the hell over yourselves, you haven’t been downtrodden in many, many, years. The only racism I see is perpetrated by the blacks, and certainly not all blacks, but the loud mouthed criminal minority. I am sick to death of the new ACORN or Black Lives Matter. Shut the hell up, you using lazy POS. Get a damn job and quit living off others backs. That goes for ALL races, every damn one. Quit killing Cops, and innocents, or expect to be killed back, and take your Trevon and his criminal ilk out of the conversation, you just can’t fix stupid.

  17. Send your kid to an Ivy league school today and be re-educated in society !

  18. I wonder who the colored think will pay for their welfare once the whites are gone, guess I know the answer to that, they don’t have the intelligence to figure it out.

    • This place will turn into Kenya.

      • Looking around lately it already is, they are like ants on an ant hill. Obama has been bringing them in by the thousands to Arizona as he hates this state along with sheriff Joe. Before that our population of blacks was 1 1/2%. Before that it was rare to see blacks on the north side of town now they are everywhere.

  19. I’m glad God is not racist! God has never differentiated between races in any way. Jesus dies for the sins of mankind and never specified one race above another. All men are created equal. These liberals have a serious mental disease which can be cured!

  20. Amen to the author “admin” whomever that is. You are absolutely right on point with the last paragraph. The tolerance of the “Black Lives Matter” and other black racism has just about hit it’s boiling point. Many white folks that proved they were not racist by voting for Ovomit have been tasting the result of their stupidity for 6 1/2 years now and are tired of living in Mom & Dads house and not their own. Liberalisms damage to America is about to implode along with the political establishment.

  21. I was born European -American Caucasian & I’ll die that way ! This is just plain nuts ! Until this divisive administration, ours was probably the least racist generation ever ! But if the plan is to destroy us as a nation, turning us on one another to create anarchy & civil strife is the (sadly) best way to start !!!

  22. As they say in the South, “THE WHITE SHALL RISE AGAIN”! I am a White American, Volunteer Military Veteran, High School Graduate, Hard Working, Family Supporter, Active Dad, Church Going, Tax Paying, STD Free, Drug Free, Alcohol Free, RACIST! And I am DAMN proud of it!

  23. Do Not Fear — Obama is here and has the solution — do away with White, Black,Oriental Now it is
    YOU ARE MUSLIM or YOU are a slave, a sex toy for Muslim Soldiers or YOU ARE DEAD
    That is Obama’s dream for this country

  24. I watched that video, actually several times, just to see if it was controversial and I found it to be just that !!!!!! I know it made me want TO JOIN their sorority and I’m male and too old for college. It was absolutely rediculous to complain about it. I only have 2 words for these libtard/progressives —- F–K YOU !!!!!!

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    I must be honest with the world! I’m soon to be 71. I’m also a Vietnam vet.
    I had a few blacks as friends in high school. I had many blacks that were damned good friends aboard ship, some who were lost to the Vietnamese fiasco. I’d never really had what you’d call a “racist comment or thought” until all this bullshit started in just the last few years. I am of a firm belief, IF ANY WHITE PERSON ACTUALLY IS RACIST, IT’S ALL BECAUSE THE BLACKS KEEP TRYING TO CRAM SHIT DOWN WHITE PEOPLE’S THROATS CONSTANTLY !! And most here lately are so damned stupid that they’re totally blind to the fact that the little halfbreed commie terrorist in the big house is setting their dumbasses up !!

    • Now be kind Michael, he just hasn’t found a way to ‘show’ his white self….

    • You now have developed sufficient RACISM to make up for lost time, Dimwits!

      • Headonstraight just because you don’t like what people do doesn’t make you a racist. I don’t like what the majority of blacks are doing but then again don’t like what a hell of a lot of whites are doing either so does that make me a racist against whites also?

    • Michael totally agree with you and at 75 have went thru much the same conditions.

  26. Just as blacks are proud of there color, as are orientals and all other races. I hate to disappoint anyone but whites are equally proud of there color,heritage and race. Get used to it.

  27. I predit a national call, to issue hunting licenses on liberal garbage twice a year for a month.
    We will remove much of the hot air cointributing to Climate warming, realize enough money, that we won’t have to pay taxes.
    And it will make socirety much more polite and pleasant.

  28. I’m just tired of being told that any judgment or preconceived notion I may have about a minority group is racist, yet any judgment or preconceived notion someone may have about me for being white is not. We all belong to one single race and it’s called the human race. Trying to define people by anything else is pure and utter BS and only intended to keep people apart rather then bring people together. The only privilege I have in my life is the privilege of working my butt off in the job I trained for many years ago, and doing that work hundreds of miles from home because work dried up there.

  29. Jealousy and hate are overpowering the liberal mind.
    Old frowning and constantly complaining women turn their husbands and boyfriends off by making them miserable on a daily basis.
    Old and mentally dysfunctional men can’t interest young girls.
    So just hate the young girls.

  30. Aren’t we tired of these twisted ,hateful, envious,substandard “progressive”people setting the narrative of what is permitted in our country, they are not only the minority but they are what’s wrong with our country. You can shove your PC BS.

  31. I am WHITE , if you don’t like it , that is your problem,,,,,,,,

  32. I’m white Christian and a member of the ‘MAJORITY’ who work and pay taxes that house, cloth and feed these ungrateful maggots.

  33. Some place along the line someone is going to have to stop this bantering of being white. After the native indian came the white man, white man built this country. No black help was needed. Then came along a so called great president and freed the black man. What a shame he couldn’t be as farsighted as our founding fathers who almost to a man owned slaves. Not one salve or black signed the declaration of independence. So as far as I am concerned they should either be shipped to africa or shut the hell up. You have gotten way to much free stuff without lifting a finger. You get your grades in schools raised because you are black, You get through college although you cannot read or write, because you are a superior athlete. Most of you get welfare,food stamps,housing assistance,and now because of obummer you get free medical insurance. Wake up. One of these days something is going to happen, and the white man will awake and reduce you to ashes…

    • Sorry pissedoff but those in Africa made it clear back during the riots of 1967 that they didn’t want then there as they didn’t want their cities burned.

  34. We all belong to the same race, humanity, so no such thing as racists.

  35. Donald H Sullivan

    All whites should just commit mass suicide. Problem solved.

  36. Somehow within their cradle to grave subsidized, self aggrandized world of today (a rarity in history), the proof of their mental deformity becomes clouded over and they [naive followers of the Fabian’s and the Frankfurt School] see reality as a a fog.

    The sustainability of such a warped, dysfunctional mentality is only possible when the rest of productive, realistic society maintains the parasitic sector’s ability to survive.

    Return to ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and the mental incompatibility with reality proves itself… and their belief ceases to exist.

  37. Seems that all white democrats in congress should step down because they are racist. Hillary Clinton should drop out of the presidential campaign because she is racist. We obviously all need to vote for Ben Carson.
    The term “white privilege” needs to be banned as hate speech. For decades we have been subjected to those Jim Crow laws called affirmative action.

  38. You go girls!!!! Have great fun while you can . Life is a bitch and then you die. To H### with PC and liberals.

  39. independent thinker

    All I got from the video was “come and join us and you can party your college years away”.

  40. Officially, it is racist to be black, or brown or red, or green. What an idiot. if you look at what is going on today, more blacks are killing blacks than the police…

  41. the only racists are the people crying racism,
    and Dr. Carson knows that LBJ said:
    “I’ll have those naggers voting democratic for the next 200 years.”

  42. I am proud of my race. I am of Irish descent. I raise my sons to be proud of their race, ancestry, and motherland since our white ancestors in Ireland, and those who left to find freedom here, went through so much. My son’s carry a pocket Constitution and Bill of Rights with them every day to school. They have been taught to stand up in defense of their race during school and to stand in defiance of unconstitutional rules which attempt to silence them. If they are subjected to any discussions of this false narrative of “white privilege” during school, I encourage and ultimately reward them for standing up against the talk and in defense of their heritage. It is a rule for my sons to fight against this tyranny at their school. I buy them new games and toys and such for objecting to any discussion on “white privilege”. I also teach them that they are part of the strongest race on the whole planet. I teach them how Caucasians have conquered every corner of this earth and every other race on the planet and how our ancestors were the fiercest warriors, the most intelligent race who were responsible for most of the worlds technologies, and how we civilize every nation we conquer. There is no shame in this! We are not racist, just proud of our race and loyal to those members of our race above others. This is no different than how others feel about their races.

  43. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

    The more I hear people accusing white people of being races, the more callous I become too their plight. I’m in my 70s and I’ve seen and heard racist remarks all my life. But I can say that they are very few and in between in the last 30 or so years. I have worked for black supervisors, and never once thought about his color. I blame the media, for most of the negativity of the black community. You have TV programs like hard-pawn. And the majority of people that you see in the pond shop, are predominantly black customers, who have such a foul mouth, every other word is bleeped out. but it’s not only the black people, but the Jews that own the store has just as file mounts as their customers. It’s a family run pawnshop, and they disrespect each other by calling each other filthy names.what kind of a message does that send? Then you have police programs, where the perpetrators are predominantly black or Hispanic. All of this slowly makes an impression in people’s mind, that that is the way they are. For example blacks equal thugs, Hispanics dope dealers, I hope you’re connecting the dots here. I was even dismissed from jury duty because I brought up that point about dope dealers, and I was dismissed. So you see, all of this is the medias bread-and-butter. At least 50% falls on their lap. They are slowly but surely causing white people to hate blacks and Hispanics. I’m not there, but I’m getting sick of being called a racist.

  44. Looks like jealousy is a powerful motivator for liberals of all stripes. Liberals must all feel that they’re too ugly, too fat, too dumb and too dishonest. They just can’t stand for anyone to be better than them. Guess it happens too often, poor babies

  45. Is all too obvious that Black women hate White girls……even a fhat White woman is a hot commodity for the bros of da HOOD.

  46. matthewsailhardy

    Let us now begin considering the racism inherent in affirmative action. Think of Elizabeth Warren, the reptilian junior senator from Taxachusetts. She had to claim ancestry from American Indians to get a job at Harvard Law School. It would have been the same if she had applied to Harvard Lawn School. Cack.

  47. This “common sense” action would put stop to the entire “Black/White” issue, and I know if would never be done because Democrats and RINO’s need the votes. The blacks rallying cry is “kill all white people”,then who would clothe, feed, hold their little hands during their riots, etc.,etc! The solution is to round up all the blacks, with that degree of hate, put them on a slow cruiser to Africa, anchor it within swimming distance and then tell them, “this ship is going to be sunk in one hour”. Those that decide to swim will make it on their own, those that don’t, “welcome to the Promised Land”

  48. So long, Hillary! Au revoir! Aufwiedersehn! Hasta la vista! Ciao!

    Hillary Rodham Clinton, the wife of that impeached
    disbarred felon and master in extra-marital affairs William Jefferson Clinton,
    is slithering into temporary retirement. Justifiably tired after visiting 122
    countries, having eaten some 6×122=722 first-class meals, having stayed in 122
    first class hotel suites (all of the above admittedly just rough estimates),
    having accomplished absolutely nothing of any significance during those trips,
    and having taken the responsibility for the Benghazi murders without any
    consequences – finally left us temporarily by slithering into retirement to
    prepare for the Hollywood treatment of her heroic life and for the 2016
    presidential campaign.

    She will be known for four principal inventions, among many less famous:

    1) She invented a new name for Marxism, i.e., “the Politics of Meaning”;

    2) She organized a perfect “suicide” of her reputed lover Vince Foster, and retrieved compromising
    paperwork from Foster’s office – illegally; an Olympic-type gymnast that guy
    Foster to be able to kill himself by a bullet in the back of his head;

    3) She beat all known records in cattle futures overnight trading (a new name for bribery); and

    4) “What does it matter now?” – She said after trying to excuse the Benghazi murder cover-up.
    Let us ask how they feel the parents of those four men abandoned by Hillary and
    B. Hussein Obama and left to die at the hands of a radical Muslim mob, who
    clearly were supplied with their weapons by … Hillary and Obama. You remember –
    that “April Spring” program.

    I challenge you to name a single accomplishment from Hillary Clinton that isn’t personal in nature. From
    her years as Secretary of State? Accomplishments = ZERO. From her years as a Senator from New York?
    Accomplishments = ZERO. Even her time as a simple lawyer… remember why she got fired from the Watergate investigation? Her employer, Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat said, “Because she was
    a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the
    Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of this Committee, and the
    rules of confidentiality.”

    Asked in April 2014 to explain her proudest accomplishment as secretary of state, Hillary offered up
    some world-class pabulum: “I really see my role as secretary, in fact
    leadership in general in a democracy, as a relay race,” she said. “When you run the best
    race you can run, you hand off the baton.” That’s the type of thing you say when you
    don’t have a record to stand on. The sad truth of Hillary Clinton is that she
    is as empty and unqualified as Senator Barack Obama was in 2008… and remember
    how well that turned out. And then there was the Travel-gate, Whitewater-gate,
    e-mail-gate…and 48 other early unexplained deaths of their collaborators who
    suddenly became unreliable. Let us resume then: “Whitewater-gate,
    China-gate, Travel-gate, File-gate, Email-gate, Benghazi-gate, Hillary-care,
    Pardon-gate, “Pay to Play”, Rose Law Firm billing records, Vince
    Foster, Charlie Trie, Johnny Chung, Renting Lincoln Bedroom, Bosnia airport
    sniper, Bill & Hillary & Chelsea Foundation, H-1B Visas, 3rd section of
    Defense of Marriage Act.” E-mail scandal is the least of her crimes. And now
    that low-life declared her candidacy for presidency!

  49. As any Farmer knows, too much bullshit will kill the crops.

  50. black drug dealer in mo pulls out stolen 9mm and fies at law officers who shoot back and kill the drug dealer and the blacks protest.

    • Speaking of protests, here are a few facts to consider. 1. Black teenager killed in Florida by community watch guard. Result: National medial coverage, riots, looting, burning almost all done by black people. 2. Black teenager killed by police officer in Missouri. Result: Same as Florida. 3. Black teenager :killed by police in Maryland. Result: Same as Florida and Missouri. 4. White teenager killed by black police officer in Alabama. Result: No national media coverage, no comments from Obama, no protest marches, riots, burnings or looting. I leave it to you the reader to draw your own conclusions.

  51. Monkey in the Whitehouse say,
    Stupid monkey followers do.

  52. Every since Black jack as– Muslim got to white house its been Back power out control

  53. I am NOT ashamed to be white.
    Pardon my language, but
    They can kiss my white ass !!!
    Sorry about that, but I’m tired of these PC idiots and their BS.
    I wasn’t raised as a racist,but I’m starting to understand why they feel the way they do.
    Am I turning into a racist? Or am I starting to actually see the truth????

  54. Why do you listen to libtards? “F” them.

  55. Obama & Co. and their brainwashed elites and lowlife masses are the real racists here, throwing gasoline on the subject 24/7 in a corrupt media. Most of the US is still predominately white, but this criminal govt. is flooding the nation with illegals, ensuring more Demrat election wins. Vote Trump-Cruz or Carson in 2016 to reverse this madness, and to keep the US out of the 3rd World of corruption, crime, tyranny, poverty, disease, and general hopelessness under a 1-party system!

  56. Unintended consequences are that once people get unfairly accused of being racist, they will eventually get used to the label, and then the next step is the white population will gradually stop defending blacks from true racists. I could even hear annoyance if Hillary’s voice as Black Lives Matter lectured her with inane statements. White libs will use these silly whiners, but they don’t invite them to their daughter’s wedding parties.

  57. Then so be it. Nothing I can do about being white and nothing they can do about being black although I have no desire to change

  58. I’m white, I love it.

  59. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    Rather odd calling a person “white”. I am pink, not white! Same as calling someone black when their skin is brown!


  61. liberalism is a mental illness. after viewing every thing that hey say anyhow they act you become aware of the illness where logic seems to be vacant.

  62. which color is screaming racist the most? AND who it backing them?

  63. maybe I should start White Lives Matter

  64. So, where does that leave me? I am Hispanic and considered brown. I think. Never really thought about color until, THEY brought it up. I guess I must be a SEMI-RACIST. Well, at least I’m not Assbama a FULL-BLOWN Racist. He SUCKS SO HARD. REALLY. He has and probably still does. HANG THE PUNK ASS NEGRO THUG.

  65. As a person of color, who cares? I don’t see any pseudo outrage when blacks females do the same thing. For example, homecomings for sorority queens in historically predominantly black colleges; or scat or hip-hop dancing by blacks or Hispanics on beaches or streets cordoned off celebrating a festival. This is simply a lot of polarizing nonsense by feckless “journalist” bent on ginning up racism.

  66. I wondered why it was alright to call whites a racial slur of TV, a la the character Jefferson in “Movin’ On Up” and other programs as “comedy”…but let one white character so much as parse their lips to form a word denoting a black or brown racial slur, it would hit the fan. Could it be there’s a double standard?

  67. You know I am too old to worry about moronic liberals and their thoughts and accusations! I personally do not give a care what they think. I wouldn’t mind if there was a witch hunt for liberals and burn them all at the stake for being trouble makers and pansies! In my day you would have been given an ass kicking for even being this weird and asinine! So drop dead and puck off you liberal POS!

  68. Another”reason(??)” to keep racism alive

  69. White is a color too and I am sick and tired of the cry babies who cannot get over not being white….good grief how ignorant it is! God made us all the way we are and that is nothing new…so get on with living and over the blasted chips on the shoulders of those who are so racist. God made more white people so what? Be proud of whatever your heritage is and just be a decent person doing as well as you can where you are….that is what all of us do, it is NO different no matter how says so or makes something of it all. Some people are just ignorant and lazy and that comes in all colors! I tis what is in the heart and the brain that counts not the color of skin…..good grief are we all STILL not past that nonsense? Thanks to all the crap Obama has passed around he has done more to harm the black people than anyone in a long-long time…….we were doing fairly well in that area. That is, for those that CHOSE to. Some just like to beat the drums of discontent no matter what; who or where they are in life. It takes us all to complete the picture and we all have to decide to participate or play stupid games!

  70. If my being white offends you you will have to take it up with GOD.He didn’t ask me what color I’d like to be, Nor where I’d be born or who my parents would be. If he had I would have asked for parents with enough money to give me a good education and 2 dresses & 2pr. of shoes and a few other “priveliges”. But I worked and asked no one for help.God has been so good to me. I had a good husband & great kids.God has provided all my NEEDS and even a few wants . He is awesome & loves me.Every day He pours out His blessings.So though I have little I am truly rich. Did you get to choose your color? God made you & in His eyes you are beautiful.

  71. I pity the people who support Black Lives Matter when the American people realized that this movement is Anti-cop, and apparently Anti-White and 100% racist. When that happens African Americans are going to get really hit with shit by Whites in the worst possible way.

  72. The real racists are the likes of jackson and sharpton and the foreign exchange student etc. With the garbage that is going on in ferguson and with travon martin etc. they think people don’t like them because of the color of their skin. Can’t fix stupid.

  73. Blacks AND whites can’t both be racists. Just look at the extreme difference in their behavior. The list is long – maybe I’ll come to this article to list them. If anyone wants to contribute without a black racial slur against whites, feel free. What? – did you say? I’m white so don’t think i’d encourage it – I get enough from them.

  74. Mark N Starla Traina

    NAAWP NEWS: It’s Officially Racist to Be White!

    After more than a year of squeezing every last drop of injustice out of the subject of
    police brutality, liberals are now ready to cruise right into the final stage
    of their demented plan. We’ve already seen what they did to the Confederate
    flag, one of the most misguided reactions to a mass shooting we’ve ever seen in
    this country. Now they’ve simply decided that the very act of being white and
    hanging out with white friends is racist. Consider the reaction to a sorority
    recruitment video put out by the University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi. The video –
    which has now been pulled from all official channels – is hardly controversial.
    Silly maybe. But it’s fun. It’s a group of young women playing and dancing and
    laughing together. But you can’t have fun anymore if you’re white. Not without
    some liberal coming along to tell you how blind you are to your privilege.
    “It’s a parade of white girls and blonde hair dye, coordinated clothing,
    bikinis and daisy dukes, glitter and kisses, bouncing bodies, euphoric
    hand-holding and hugging, gratuitous booty shots, and matching aviator
    sunglasses,” said A.L. Bailey in an op-ed piece for

    “It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so
    reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives College Edition. It’s all so… unempowering.”

    See more

    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP


  75. Liberal professors taught Us that only Whites were evil all other races were “used and abused”———–WELL, what do They say now about Islamic enforcers of Their Law?——all racist crime is performed as “white on black”, all “black on white” is just the case of “White Girl bleed a lot”.-WAKE THE “F” UP., ya -dummy white boys.

  76. Q. How many Lesbian FemiNazis does it take to change a light bulb?

    A. Eleven. One to actually change the light bulb and another ten to blog incessantly for weeks afterwards about how “empowering” the whole experience was.

  77. I will be any person’s friend. True, loyal, honest, stead fast, and faithful. No bull. I am what I say I am. AND I AM WHITE. I READ THE BIBLE. I TALK TO GOD OUT LOUD ALL DAY. AND I PRAY TO AND PRAISE GOD WHENEVER THE MOOD STRIKES ME. AND I LOVE AMERICA. I am a wounded veteran who loved serving God and my country. I am old and I am tired of all the crap flying in full force across America. I was born here and I live here and I will die and be burying here. BUT before I die I intend to fly my Americans flags whenever I want. I am going to say God bless you and Merry Christmas, and Fuck you if I want. I am going to sing out loud to the Heavens to God if I want. And I am going to tell everybody that abortion is murder and people should be just as nice to people as they are the animals, and none of us do enough to keep the Earth balanced. I am not going to stop being me just because I offend someone who does not agree with me. You do not like me or what I say that is your American right. Mine is to be me. NO ONE is going to tell me I can not be me. God made me and I am here. On this planet. In this universe. And I a now. Deal with it.

  78. IT is natural to want to hang out with your own kind. Negroes have known this for a long time and why they are the most RACIST people in the world.

    This is proven when you put in a Nerogro president and he puts in other Negroes. Then he floods this country with others like him. Mexicans, Meslums and Megroes by the mellions!

    All hail the Nerogro!


  80. It makes even more happy to be a Born Again, Bible Believing, Gun toting, WHITE, natural born citizen, male Veteran, and if that makes me racists then I am PROUD to be RACIST. So SCREW all of you race baiters!!!

  81. I always knew people are incredible stupid but this take the cake .

  82. I’ve been more offended by the all black criminals that have attacked or tried to rob me throughout the years just because I’m not black! By the way, I’m bi-racial native-American.

  83. F–K all these racist anti white pieces of shit. May they all die in a really painful death

  84. OK, I guess that every one of us is now “racist” simply for being born Caucasian. I reckon that there is no longer any need for me to refrain from flying my ten (10) Confederate Battle Flags around my home high up here in the very rural part of the Arizona mountains. In fact, flying those flags should now become a *requirement” at homes composed where those who reside there are all Caucasian, so that other minority douchebags will be warned in advance that our households are not “diverse” enough to suit their demented tastes.

    Yes, I want every race-baiting nitwit around my home to be fully informed and aware that our household is “racially homogenous” and that therefore they should avoid placing a single toe on our “white privilege” private property.

    In other words, if you see my Confederate Battle Flags flying at my house, stay away, Sambo.

    There, that ought to make them all *very* happy, now that they will have a way to know how “racist” our house is.

    Just be careful around my neighbor’s house. He refuses to fly his Confederate Battle Flags even though everyone in his household is “racist” because they are all Caucasian. And every member of his family owns a scary black tactical rifle with a standard-capacity magazine, and they all know how to use them, “racists” that they are.

    What incredible, unadulterated, utter Bovine Scatology this all is.

    If these douchebags have chosen war as the remedy for their grievances, then I say that the rest of us should give them a belly full of it.

    Buy More Λmmo. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty. Support your local Militia and/or your local Oath Keepers. This won’t end pretty, Λmerica.

  85. Want to see some real racist? Then take a good look at barack hussein obama who is a racist and eric holder and loretta lynch and al sharpton and jessie jackson louis farrakhan jeremiah wright , just to name a few that has spread their hate and divided this country.

  86. No matter how annoying this nonsense is or how much it really is irritating to all the Caucasians that feel offended that this has gone this far should just remember one thing. Things could be worse. You could be a person of color.

  87. White is beautiful ! Dance on Alpha Phi you rock ! You go girlfriends !

  88. I’d rather be a “white racist” than a “black protester”living off the white racists taxes.

  89. Well, you know I have been wondering if I was a racist. I wonder if my Black friends knew that I was? How absolutely stupid you Libtards are.

  90. If being “White” makes me racist, then I WEAR THAT BADGE WITH PRIDE AND HONOR! I don’t know about you, but I have had a belly full of the far left wing radicals, regardless of the pigment of their skin, labeling and defining who is who.
    Bottom line you self loathing leftists, I AM AN AMERICAN. If you don’t like that, KISS MY ASS!

  91. Thank goodness I got over my “White guilt” a long time ago but I`m still trying to find me some of that “White privilege”. Know where I can find some?:-)

  92. Awesome article-I could not agree more with it’s writer. We as American’s have been bombarded by political correctness for so longer it has eroded some of our countries good old fashioned sensibilities. I for one will never be made to feel guilty for being born white. And I am sick and tired of the PC apologists that are going around trying to make me and other whites feel guilty for being so.

  93. Social and economic failures always cry racism as they cannot blame themselves for their own failure, incompetence and self-destruction.. BHO fits this profile to a tee along with his two heads of the Justice Department.. No wonder America is in decline as Americans are a little bit of everything and not much of anything.. We can only hang our heads in shame as to what we have done to ourselves..

  94. Dominic Roy Accampo

    In America the truth we ignore is that bigotry comes in every color, size, gender and creed, for if we began to address the real issues we might be forced to admit that most liberal atheists are bigots of the worst kind!

  95. i-Stop all Welfare and SEE How Badass the Recipients are, while they STARVE! They’d have all starved to Death in Africa. It would NEVER occur to Most of these Soft Assed Boons to actually Work for a Living, or Grow some Food! White Fukking Privilege is the only thing feeding them, except for Selling Drugs, and Crime.

  96. There is too much history in this country, written, recorded, video taped you name it, to deny white hatred for Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and any other race that does not have white skin.


  98. Amazing, how did this turn into a journalist story? Did we forget that once again white people are being labeled racists? This time for just being ‘there’. It’s so funny that the other races can’t even look at their ‘home’ countries and see just how uncivilized those countries are? They crap in the streets and their water sources, can’t figure out how to grow their own foods, and there is 0 infrastructure. It seems it should dawn on them at some point that if they were to get rid of us, they would goo back to living in the trees and in mud homes, just like their ‘cultures’ can’t seem to get past. So keep laughin at whitey, and see how long you last~LOL!

  99. Why is everyone making this thread about college? It’s about some group who’s making the most noise, complaining about another. And as a white person who has NEVER OWNED A SLAVE, talking to fellow AMERICANS WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN A SLAVE, please STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t have complaints. So what, someone was mean to you at McDonalds~me too! I got a mean look from some bitch at wal mart too~only SHE wasn’t white. She was black! It happens to white people every day~ALL DAY EVERY WHERE!!! Only we’re not whining about it incessantly! Nor are we killing cops, raping the locals and making a career out of going from town to town raising hell! Give it up, you’re only pissin yourself off, we don’t care!

  100. God looks at all of us as equal, and His children. mans words has no standing over Gods! I am white, and not ashamed of it. God created me, just like anyone else. stop the stupid nonsense.

  101. White Heterosexual Christian Males are the only class of persons who are not protected as victims regarding treatment for hate crimes enhanced sentencing guidelines for the perpetrators of crimes against them. George Orwell’s 1940’s book Animal Farm gives the doctrine of “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”. When “Whites” become the minority in 20-30 years in America and White Heterosexual Christian Males are the only class of persons who are not protected as victims for hate crimes enhanced, the history lesson is that property confiscation and work camps are not far behind. When the mask comes off the progressives it is nothing short of Fascism and Nazism. Nazism learned everything from the America Progressives, Communists first in the early 1900’s and history is repeating itself again 100 years later.

  102. Racist??? I never considered myself a “raciest”! Over my 72+ years I have had friends from all countries, originally, but we called ourselves “AMERICANS”! We all attended schools, were in the military service went to the same churches and lived in the same neighborhoods. When we were cut or wounded we all bled the same color blood.
    During the past couple of years, with all the crap the liberal media has thrown at me, I have , indeed become a raciest! We still do all the same things we did, live in the same neighborhood and still give respect where respect is due. Yet all we see from the black and brown agitators, the truly raciest of us, is hate and disruption. If there is anyone that can be called RACIEST it is the hate mongers that show up at the riots and on the liberal news.
    So until I die or are killed defending this once great community and country, you can call me raciest because I am a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) and I am armed.

  103. Aren’t the young white girls on that video just absolutely gorgeous? Blacks are jealous because their big noses,mouths and nappy heads are ugly. Look at a black baby, I swear they look like baby gorillas. They grow up to act like them too. You go ahead and play and dance like young girls are suppose to. Enjoy your young carefree lives. Bless your parents!

  104. An education is supposed to teach and encourage free and rational thought. What we have today is indoctrination into NWO/socialist thinking to be one of the “herd” and as such, is NOT EDUCATION. Waste of time and money.


  106. When
    did it become okay to say this stuff in the paper? – See more at:
    “When did it become okay to say this stuff in the paper?” When American Marxists (also called Democrats and Progressives) took over the Journalism schools in the 1970s and 1980s.

  107. My baloney has a first name, it’s B-A-R-A-K,
    My baloney has a second name, it’s O-B-A-M-A!
    Oh, I’d like to chuck him in the trash and if you ask me, “Why?”, I’ll saaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy….
    ‘Cause Barak Obama has a way of messing up the USA

  108. I see the racial card in black hands now.

  109. A knock on the door at night could be your end. Unless: Do you want to wait until the government bans every protection against the evildoers? Hillary is coming and it’s no joke, you’re going to be in grave danger soon.
    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Unregistered unknown to the government protection is a must and a good investment. Need protection but don’t want the F.B.I. digging into your past and don;t want a registered firearm in your name?
    THE ANSWER IS THIS: A Black Powder Revolver and a Conversion Cylinder to accept modern ammunition!
    This one is pocket size:
    All legal (for now anyway)–they want you dead you know

  110. How about it’s racist to be black!!! The blacks are the only ones yelling racism all over the place. Blacks are always crying about equality??? Well yelling racist at every one that isn’t black and burning private property and looting and destroying every thing in sight because they don’t get their way….is one sure way not to consider them equal. Blacks,( predominantly the thugs, criminals and big mouth activists) don’t want equality , they just want to yell, scream and blame every one else for their ignorance and stupidity and wanton violence

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