It’s Official: Donald Trump to Become 45th President

You couldn’t help but notice a vague feeling of Deja vu in the days leading up to the Electoral College vote. With all of the anti-democratic efforts to get the electors to abandon their pledges and vote against Donald Trump, it felt a lot like Cleveland this past summer when the NeverTrump crowd was doing the same thing to Republican delegates. Hell, the idiots were even namedropping the same alternative: Gov. John Kasich.

Ultimately, these December efforts turned out to be just as useless as those from the Republican National Convention. At the end of the day, only two Republican electors voted against Trump. That was not nearly enough to keep the billionaire away from the magic number of 270 – and thus, it is official: Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

Damn, it feels great to write those words.

Hilariously, while only two GOP electors defected, four Washington State Democrats voted against Hillary Clinton. Three of them cast their votes for Colin Powell (?) and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, the leader of the Standing Rock resistance movement. So…yeah.

A New York elector with some close personal ties to Hillary gave the press some choice comments after casting his vote for the former secretary of state.

“We had the Russians and the F.B.I., and she couldn’t prevail against that, but she did everything else and still won by 2.8 million votes,” said Bill Clinton.

Ok, just stop. What did “the Russians” actually do? Did they hack the election? No. Did they launch a disinformation campaign? No. Did they force Americans to vote for Donald Trump? They did not. At most, they hacked the DNC and the private email of John Podesta and released the messages through WikiLeaks. If there hadn’t been anything troubling in the contents of those messages, Hillary wouldn’t have had anything to worry about.

And it’s the same deal with the FBI. Maybe James Comey’s October letter to Congress was unfortunately-timed from Clinton’s perspective, but why was she under investigation in the first place? Did Vladimir Putin trick her into using her own server to distribute classified material?

Bah, but it’s all good. Democrats can feel free to complain from now until January 2021 if they so choose. It’s annoying, but we can take it. If this is the price we must pay for victory, we’ll do so gladly.

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