It’s Official: Donald Trump to Become 45th President

You couldn’t help but notice a vague feeling of Deja vu in the days leading up to the Electoral College vote. With all of the anti-democratic efforts to get the electors to abandon their pledges and vote against Donald Trump, it felt a lot like Cleveland this past summer when the NeverTrump crowd was doing the same thing to Republican delegates. Hell, the idiots were even namedropping the same alternative: Gov. John Kasich.

Ultimately, these December efforts turned out to be just as useless as those from the Republican National Convention. At the end of the day, only two Republican electors voted against Trump. That was not nearly enough to keep the billionaire away from the magic number of 270 – and thus, it is official: Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States.

Damn, it feels great to write those words.

Hilariously, while only two GOP electors defected, four Washington State Democrats voted against Hillary Clinton. Three of them cast their votes for Colin Powell (?) and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, the leader of the Standing Rock resistance movement. So…yeah.

A New York elector with some close personal ties to Hillary gave the press some choice comments after casting his vote for the former secretary of state.

“We had the Russians and the F.B.I., and she couldn’t prevail against that, but she did everything else and still won by 2.8 million votes,” said Bill Clinton.

Ok, just stop. What did “the Russians” actually do? Did they hack the election? No. Did they launch a disinformation campaign? No. Did they force Americans to vote for Donald Trump? They did not. At most, they hacked the DNC and the private email of John Podesta and released the messages through WikiLeaks. If there hadn’t been anything troubling in the contents of those messages, Hillary wouldn’t have had anything to worry about.

And it’s the same deal with the FBI. Maybe James Comey’s October letter to Congress was unfortunately-timed from Clinton’s perspective, but why was she under investigation in the first place? Did Vladimir Putin trick her into using her own server to distribute classified material?

Bah, but it’s all good. Democrats can feel free to complain from now until January 2021 if they so choose. It’s annoying, but we can take it. If this is the price we must pay for victory, we’ll do so gladly.

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  1. One has to wonder how the loonie dems ended up with crooked Hillary as the candidate in the first place. Jeez, they had the Senate back-bencher, Bernie Sanders, himself a self-admitted, full-blown socialist, who caucused with the cupcake party the past couple of decades, who would’ve kicked Hillary’s rump up around her shoulders if the DNC hadn’t rigged the primaries in her favor. At least Bernie showed some authenticity. People believed in the nonsense Bernie was selling because Bernie believe in it with all his soul. But, Hillary, ever the phony and fraud from the git-go, lied through her teeth and everybody knew she was lying. If any candidate ever deserved to lose an election it was Hillary Rodham Clinton, pathological liar and perpetual cheat who sold her soul to the devil for a sorry, unsecured internet server of her very own that she stored in the basement of the Devil’s Den in Chappaqua, New York.

    • One thing that many people seem to have forgotten and that is when Slicky got elected, he had his couldn’t get ANY kind of security clearance, pals he nominated go through EVERY piece of material that the FBI and CIA had on EVERYONE in D.C.! Ergo the intel gleamed was used for, I’d bet my @$$ on it, “BLACKMAIL”! I did give you a thumbs up BTW!

      • BTW, thanks for the thumbs up, old codger. Let’s hope we’re through with this despicable couple just as soon as one of the Congressional Committees finds that Hillary was guilty of a violation of the Federal Records Act when she destroyed government records stored on HER private server and also that she, with reckless disregard, mishandled classified material that, as Secretary of State, it was her duty to protect.

        • You got it! That was Hillary’s basic job as head of the State Department. If she didn’t know how to protect the information, why not? It was simply malfeasance of duty! She should be prosecuted.

    • Instead, you now have a Communist raised and educated First Lady. America’s #1 enemy now has a foot in the White House.

  2. I live near Seattle. The sound of whimpering, wailing, gnashing of teeth and wringing out of wet bed sheets is nearly deafening and it I expect that it will for the next four years. But then…. maybe not?

  3. Actually, he will be the 44th President, because there is a gap of eight years, where an illegal alien imposter/usurper illegally, immorally and unconstitutionally occupied our White House to destroy us.



    These Mickey Mouse Issues Are A Distraction To Keep Your Eyes From The Real Communist Goal. The Take down Of America. Christians Must Abandon The Democrat Communist Party. Left Means Communist. Right Means Main Stream American. The Democrats Put American Troops In Prison For Serving Their Country. Obama Hates The Flag And The SSB. He Will Tell You So If You Ask Him. The Media Is A Communist Propaganda Tool. You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And A Demo Commo. It Is The Party Of Death To Little Children. No Different Than The Nazis. They Call Child Murder Settled Law. Hitler Called It The Final Solution. Notice They Label Their Enemies Facists And Nazis But Never Say Communists. That Is Who They Are.

    Water boarding Only Works With Music. My Favorite Tune Is Surfin Usa.
    Act 1 Scene 1. The One You Love The Most Is Buried Five Minutes From The Interrogation Room. They Have Ten Minutes Of Air Left. You Have A Gun. Sitting Across From You Is The Fiend Who Buried Your Love. He Is Laughing At You. His Aclu Lawyer Has Three Feet Of Documents To Read About His Client’s Rights. After You Shoot The Lawyer What Do You Do Next?

    It Would Not Take Much To Start A White Exodus From The Communist Party. Followed By Latino Families, Gospel Blacks And People Of The Torah.
    You Can Not Be A Ten Commandments Person And Support The Party Of Death To Little Children.
    The Communists Call Them Fetuses. I Call Them Jr And Sis. This Party Threw God Out By Vote In A Previous Convention. You Can See It On You Tube. They Have Already Divided The Nation By Choice. Jesus Says You Can Not Serve Two Masters. You Will Love One And Hate The Other. Run Christians Run.

    It Is The Miracle Of The Electrical College. God Gave Trump All The Volts. Now He Is Charged Up And Ready To Go. God Also Got Oj 50 Years For Stealing Baseball Cards Plus Another 10 For Stealing Cookies In The Prison Kitchen.
    NBC (NOTHING BUT COMMUNISTS) Just Signed Up Hilary For 10-20 Years. She Will Have Her Own Show. Cooking With Hilary At Ft. Levenworth. OJ Will Do The Cookies And El Choppo Will Do The Veggies. Her Favorite Dishes are Potato Scorn And Veal Salmonella.

    Let’s Get Syriasse. Obama Pardons Drug Dealers And Terrorists But He Never Raised A Finger To Pardon The Gi’s He Put In Prison For Fighting For The USA. He Never Helped Their Families Who Live In Poverty And Shame With No Benefits As Their Main Bread Winner Is On Suicide Watch At Ft. Leavenworth.

    Obommie The Commie Should Pardon Himself For His Murders In Benghazi. He Could Not Get There In 13 Hours But Got Money To The Iranians In Ten Minutes. Then He Covered Up The 2,000 Americans He Lost In Afghanistan Plus 20,000 Wounded. Not One Made Headlines In The Communist Press. They covered it up by saying the dead were NATO troops to be identified later.
    Trump arrived just in time to stop the big sell out.

  6. All Democrats are as much of an enemy of the United States as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Mao, Che, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam. They are all dead. Democrats should join them.

    • The Demonrats do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.

      The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
      To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

  7. Egads come on now the republicans ran 16 of there best and Trump just jumped in on his own wasn’t invited and certainly wasn’t welcomed but did it anyways while the democrats picked two of the most ridiculous imbeciles on the planet. One a crusty old senile commy and border line nut bag and the other a corrupt dishonest old bag with a trail of crime second to none. And even as she staggered around telling lie after lie she was constantly under investigation by the FBI and that in itself was game breaker but yet even with all her baggage the DNC decided to cheat her opponent crusty commie and screw him to a loss. While the DNC was busy plotting to dump Bernie Our man Trump was busy getting rid of the republicans 16 best and it didn’t take long and he never cheated once with no help from the RNC that attacked him instead. When the smoke cleared and all was said and done one man was standing there still smiling and stronger than ever our new champion Donald Trump.
    e r

    • George- well said. I was behind him all along- He was the only candidate who couldn’t be bought. Looking at the corruption in DC he is just what the people wanted. The odds where staggering against him succeeding yet
      He never gave up to the lefts lieing media, and all his opponents to finally
      Win by a landslide. Divine help was present on Election Day to insure he
      Would win with the Meninites of Pensylvania ( Gods assistants) bringing in the Necessary Vote for a victory. George Sorros, Obama, and the Clintons must be indicted for crimes against America. Obamas pardoning of hardened criminals, and opening the flood gates to Muslims must be reversed. Any Congressional vote against these actions should be clear signs of who must be voted out within two yrs. the Media, our School teachers, the FBI/CIA/IRS and AG must be revamped with those supporting our constitution and way of life ( no corruption)- complete overhaul. God has given our country a chance to get back on track- our survival depends on us getting it right again.

  8. Make America hate again.

  9. TRUMP won and the left lost

  10. He may not be GOD but, he has truly DELIVERED US FROM EVIL. The party of “tolarance” are the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet. So pathetically easy to understand. any grotesque name they can come up with to call a conservative is in fact exactly, WHAT THEY ARE.

    Good luck as AMERICA’S 45 TH PRESIDENT. You have my support 110% sir.

  12. After the presentation of evidence in the “public trial” which election campaigns for president have become, it is reassuring to know that the fundamental of the rule of law, the vote of the jury, the verdict, is handed down and all debate ends. The system sometimes allows the guilty to go free, not because the evidence exonerates them, but because the jury is biased, prejudiced, and refuses to honestly vote for justice. When that is the case, we need to be reminded that there is a Higher Power, a Judge, who has the final say, and all mouths are stopped, confronted with the reality of the rule of law. We are thankful for the rule of law. It is a gift of the representation of the minority of One.

  13. I can hardly wait until Social Security and Medicare are slashed. Just imagine all those people left out in the cold. That’ll feel so wonderful, won’t it?

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