It’s Clear: Florida Democrat Bill Nelson Lied About Russian Election Meddling

Earlier this month, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), in a desperate attempt to smear his November opponent with the taint of the 2016 Russian meddling scandal, told the Tampa Bay Times that he knew for a fact that Russian hackers were already interfering in the midterms.

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about,” Nelson said at the time.

Asked by the paper to elaborate, Nelson refused. “That’s classified.”

Voters should probably be suspicious whenever a Washington politician pulls the ol’ “I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” routine, and that goes double for a slimy Democrat like Nelson. He’s been entrenched in the swamp for at least a millennia, and he can’t believe he’s about to lose his Senate seat to outgoing Gov. Rick Scott. To protect it, he’s going to pull out all the stops, even if that includes telling outright lies about the integrity of our voting process.

Nelson’s claim was immediately refuted by Florida election officials and the government in Tallahassee.

“The Florida Department of State has received zero information from Senator Nelson or his staff that support his claims,” said spokeswoman Sarah Revell. “Additionally, the Department has received no information from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that corroborates Senator Nelson’s statement and we have no evidence to support these claims.”

Questioned about his peculiar and shocking claim, Nelson insisted that he had information that election officials in Florida were not privy to. This gave the media, always looking for a way to protect Democrats, a green light to write stories that gave Nelson the benefit of the doubt. These stories were cast in a way to make the reader think about the vast gulf between state and federal government.

Only problem is that now the federal government has come out to say that no, they don’t have any idea what Nelson is talking about, either.

“Although we have not seen new or ongoing compromises of state or local election infrastructure in Florida, Russian government actors have previously demonstrated both the intent and capability to conduct malicious cyber operations,” DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and FBI director Christopher Wray wrote this week. “DHS and the FBI will continue to notify any victim of a successful cyber intrusion into their election network in any jurisdiction nationwide. Every local jurisdiction could be a potential target this election season, whether through malicious cyber operations or influence operations.”

Nelson couldn’t have asked for a statement that went softer on his lies, but it’s right there in black and white. Two of the nation’s top law enforcement officials say that there’s just no way to back up Nelson’s claims with evidence. That’s a nice way of saying: You lied, bro.

Kick this sorry old slob out of the Senate, Florida.

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